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CAUSEBOX Winter 2019 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

We have the first spoiler for the Winter 2019 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code WELCOME10 to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Winter box includes:

Luxe Jewelry Box by Samara

Keep your jewelry beautifully organized on your counter or in your suitcase with the vegan leather Luxe Jewelry Box from SAMARA.

Gold Serving Spoons by Artisan Direct

Serve up something special over the holidays with this gorgeous set of gold serving spoons! Each set was ethically hand-crafted by artisans in India.

Cozy Convertible Mittens by Siizu

Keep your hands cozy (or free) in the Convertible Mitten set from SiiZU. Sustainably made out of 100% recycled materials.

Annual members can choose between the Jewelry Box, Serving Spoons, or Mittens.

Which one will you choose for you Winter box?

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Comments (75)

  1. That’s a bummer that as a seasonal subscriber I’ll be “surprised” with one of the 3. The only item that I need/want/could gift would be the serving set. The throw is ok, but reminds me a lot of the cover up from the summer box and the wrap from the winter 2018 box….

  2. I just joined and I do not want the mittens and since I can’t customize, I’ll probably end up with them.
    I really like the serving spoons and can use the jewelry holder.
    Winter will be my 2nd box if I stick around that long.

  3. I actually really like all the items but I think I will go with the serving spoons as I do not have anything pretty to serve with at my house!
    I am so excited to see what else is in the winter box, I have always been very happy with the Causeboxes I received. I did skip the box with the Portfolio though, I just had no use and figured it should go to someone who would love it.

  4. This obviously isn’t the hero item so I’m not going to jump ship immediately. There’s usually what 8 or so items per box? So $6 per item roughly? Still an awesome deal and it’s that time of year where little things like ANY of these 3 spoilers make great last minute gifts so I’m going to keep it positive and bet they have some really great items still under wraps.

  5. I am a seasonal subscriber every box I have received I always end up with what seems like leftovers. My first box was great the others not so much! Will see the rest of the spoilers if the same as the others I’m done. Love the causes tired of getting the crappy leftovers because we can’t choose!

    • Oh no I just recently got the fall box for 25$ bc causebox contacted me with a discount bc of a comment I had made on a fff insta post. I’ve had NOTHING but issues with fff since becoming a yearly member and I am absolutely 100% done with them and was considering keeping causebox but this right here is what I’m afraid of.

      • I’m a seasonal subscriber and this hasn’t been my experience at all! Last box I got exactly what I wanted: the olive drab duffel and the makeup brush set. I didn’t feel like leftovers at all 🙂

      • I just finished an annual subscription with Causebox (last box was Fall 2019). I only do annuals because I really don’t like not being able to customize at least some of the items. Overall, CB is a good company and I’ve found their customer service excellent (if a little slow – be patient). Their biggest fault, in my opinion, is that they don’t allow ANY customization for seasonals. Every box is a grab bag. On the plus side, the quality of items is generally quite good and they don’t do a huge amount of variations, but if you like some control over what you’ll receive I think you’ll be frustrated.

      • I certainly wouldn’t say it’s a “grab bag.” Typically there’s only 2 or 3 customizable options that historically were the same thing, just different patterns or colors. I will say that I’m not overly fond of this new, FFF-type thing where you have to choose between 2 or 3 totally different items with different values. I get that it might be to appeal to more people, but somehow it always ends up feeling a little cheap. This sort of thing will make it seem “grab bag” like. Hopefully they keep it at only one selection like that. I’d hate to see Causebox lose the awesome cohesiveness they’ve always had.

        That said, I’m disappointed in all 3 items. I’d like and use all 3 items, but not in their current colors. I’d like to choose between different colors of the mittens or jewelry box (if only it were black, gray, or white). Or choose between gold, silver, wood, or any other type of spoons. So far I’m going with the spoons I guess.

      • I agree. I like all three but the colors are all wrong for my taste. I would prefer wood serving spoons, a classy looking wood. The gloves in a winter color, like black, maroon, etc… And the jewelry box in black, white, rose gold, etc…

  6. Kinda ‘meh’ about the items, but extra ‘meh’ about the fact that I can’t find ANYTHING about the jewelry box brand online. Feels sketchy for a company that aims to “do good”

    • You can find their website if you search for “Samara Bags”

    • Not sure if this is the same company but I think it is. Check out Samarabags(dot)com. There is nothing like this on their site but possibly something they are testing out.

      “As we grow, we are committed to creating impact. We’ve collaborated with The Soular Backpack, a company that provides children who don’t have access to electricity with solar powered backpacks so they can do their homework every night without the carcinogenic and environmentally dangerous kerosene lamp. Every purchase through Samara covers the cost of a Soular Backpack for a child in need in East Africa, so that they have access to light every night. It’s safe to say, when you buy a Samara product, you are lighting up someone else’s life.”

  7. I normally love fingerless gloves and have a zillion pairs, but that pair seems pretty thin and plain in comparison to a lot of the fun wool ones I own. They are pretty neutral which is nice, I guess, and I like the mitten touch, I just wouldn’t wear that pair.

    If the serving spoons were wood and bone I’d be interested – I’ve got some amazing fair trade wood and wood/bone spoons and salad forks before. Unknown metal alloys are less exciting.

    And the jewelry box looks serviceable, but the fake-leather could be a problem. I canceled Causebox a while ago when a tote advertised with the same rv as it’s leather and canvas counterparts came and turned out to be cheap vegan plastic and thin cloth that was crumply and creased. Admittedly that was only one item, but I’m not sure I trust the quality control on their choosing fake leather stuff.

    But even if the spoilers aren’t for me, I will say it’s great that they are showing actual items and not giving an ‘art’ or ‘artist’ spoiler. This way it is a lot easier to see whether I would be personally interested in the box or not.

  8. Ended up canceling my seasonal subscription because I wanted the gloves and have no need for the other two items, but I don’t NEED it enough to upgrade to annual. Oh well!

  9. As a seasonal member I wouldn’t be given a choice, so these three spoilers are worthless to me as a result. The discrepancy is much too big among these items. I wear leather gloves, don’t use serving spoons and I don’t care for a tiny fake leather jewellery case.

  10. Love the gloves, but gotta echo the comments about the color here–why would Causebox go with white? Unless you touch literally nothing with them, they’ll get dirty so fast 🙁 I’ll wait for more spoilers before deciding whether to skip this box.

    • how do you skip your box? do you cancel your subscription? they don’t seem to just have a “skip” option?

      • Great question, RR! According to the FAQ on their website, to request a pause on your subscription, please send an email to [email protected]. Hope that helps!

    • I’m considering skipping too. I don’t need servings utensils and lint in FL so no need for gloves. The jewelry case is nice but can’t be sure what I’ll get!

  11. The gold serving set is pretty, however, I’ll be interested to see what the rest of the spoilers are before I decide to get the Winter Box.

  12. Glad my sub ended with Fall. I won’t be renewing for a 3rd year after what they did to my dad last Christmas. He wanted to renew my sub as a Christmas gift. They forced me to get 2 Winter boxes or they would keep his credit card info on file until March, then charge, since my current sub’s last box was Winter. Besides that, I’m not looking forward to another poncho, cape or whatever they want to call it this box. I have like 20. As I see it they still owe me a box for forcing me to get a 2nd Winter box which I had no use for. I wasn’t putting my dad’s info up for months in the case of a breach, if anyone was wondering. I’ve had enough issues with my card being hacked due to sub boxes over the past several years.

    • How does a credit card get hacked with sub boxes? If the vendor charges it as you allowed them it’s not the same as getting hacked.

      • I’m not sure if you remember but Live Glam got hacked into and everyone’s info was stolen. I had to close my card. Plus they had my address and password. So, I would never put my father in a position where could he could have his info stolen bc of me. I’ve had my card hacked into 3x on Amazon, 2x by Google and my bank has stopped my purchases from going through to certain subs for fraud protection. I’ve tried probably 40 different subs. Your info saved on any site is not guaranteed to be safe.

        Also, you missed my point. When someone wants to buy you a Christmas present, they should be able to pay right away. The CS was rude to me and refused to work with me. You don’t pay for a Christmas gift in March. Forcing me to get 2 Winter boxes made me lose out on this Winter box unless I want to renew. And for that I will never resub to Causebox.

      • It’s never OK for a company to be rude to people, but it’s pretty common for sub boxes to only offer gift subs starting with the current available box or to not extend an existing sub with an offered deal (but to have them run concurrently instead). I’ve had to get duplicate boxes from many companies in order to jump on a great deal if I already had an existing sub and only once was I offered to extend my current sub instead (by a small company that I don’t even think is in business anymore, unfortunately).

  13. Still waiting on my fall box to ship

    • Same. It’s my first one. I went ahead and canceled because I didn’t want to risk paying for a second box before I even got the first.

      • I’ve been trying to decide if i should do the same. I ordered FFF about 5 days after ordering Causebox and it was delieverd yesterday.

      • Same. Ordered 3 weeks ago, still no tracking info.

    • Same here. I would like to compare with my FFF before I decided which one I stick with it but I haven’t even got my fall box yet.

    • Does anyone know the actual dimensions of the travel box? It’s come down to the box or the spoons for me, unless I gift the gloves to my sister in Montana! For the first time ever since I started with Causebox, I’m not really excited about any of the choices for round 1.

    • Me too! Ordered first week in October and haven’t received anything!

  14. Flag my annual sub ended with Fall. I would like the spoons but the CS was horrible to my dad last year when he went to buy me an annual sub for Christmas. They made me get 2 Winter boxes since my sub was up with the Winter box or they wanted to keep his credit card info on file until MARCH! This year I’m staying away from this box. Don’t need another poncho, cape or wrap anyway. And we all know that’ll be in here.

  15. Luckily, I wouldn’t mind any of the options. I don’t get to choose

    I Would love the spoons because I do have coordinating gold flatware.

    The gloves would be a welcome choice as well since I live in MT where it is going to be -30 for three months straight beginning in December.

    and the jewelry box would come in handy as right now I have a bunch of overflow jewelry stashed in a beauty tin underneath my bathroom sink. Pulled it out the other day and all of the necklaces were tangled….. of course.

  16. I’m getting the gorgeous spoons! Love Causebox.

  17. It seems they are off as a value though. The gloves look like $5 to $10 at the most while I can see the jewelry box go up to $30 or even $40. Not very fair to seasonal subscribers.

    For myself, I’m obviously choosing the box… duh

    • $10 on amazon FYI. Exact same one but with many color options

      • I was going to say the same. I bought this exact jewelry box in light pink, off of Amazon, for about $10. Some value!

      • You bought this exact case from Samara bags which donates money so children in Africa can have solar powered backpacks to do their homework by at night? The reason this box is called CAUSEbox is because they partner with brands and companies that give back and have a positive social impact, not necessarily just to save you some money.

  18. Road warrior here. Love the idea of a small jewelry box that can keep my necklaces from knotting up! But like those spoons a lot.

    • This reminded me of a quick DIY solution I’ve used for several moves–you can thread the chain of a necklace (as long as it’s thin) through a straw (plastic, metal, whatever) and close the clasp. Keeps the majority of it straightened and if the chain is long, you can thread it through twice.

  19. Blah. That’s a tiny jewelry box. I don’t really wear earrings or rings and my necklaces tend to be more statement pieces and wouldn’t fit. White gloves? They’ll look good for a few wears. And gold serving spoons? I’m sure most people do not have gold flatware to coordinate. I’ll be glad when my subscription is over. Oh dear. I’m one of those complainers that I can’t stand. Lol

    • They should advertise it as a travel jewelry box. I have a similar one and use it nearly every time I go out of town.

  20. I cancelled after my annual sub ended with the Fall 2019 box, but if I were choosing I’d go for the spoons. I have a $20 account credit but these spoilers don’t tempt me to use it so far.

  21. I want the spoons but don’t wanna take the risk of getting one of the other items. I guess I’ll just try to find & buy the spoons somewhere.

    • I’m sure you will find them on poshmark and mercari after the box comes out. I had decided to skip the fall box as the spoilers were all things I already had but then they came out with the full box and I loved the face oil and was almost out of my previous bottle so I actually bought like half a box from someone online.

  22. Hahaha white gloves, those would stay white in NYC for 5 mins. I want to like you Causebox, but you make it difficult. Glad I don’t subscribe all 3 items are dreary and overdone.

  23. Really wish I could choose without paying a year in advance. I really really could use the jewelry box but the others are very meh

  24. Not excited. I’m not an annual subscriber so I guess I don’t get a choice?

    SoCal doesn’t lend itself to mittens. Could probably use them to prune the cacti.

    I really don’t care for any of them.

  25. Jewelry box, it would make a great gift.

  26. Nothing makes me go ‘squeeeee’. The gloves are worthless living in Florida, I don’t need the serving spoons and the jewelry case is..there. I’ll probably get that, unless I can work out a trade ahead of time for something else.

    • Same. I know the rest of the US is probably excited but any time I see cold weather accessories it’s an immediate skip for me. Zero use for them in Miami Beach lol

      • As a Minnesotan, I wish I had this problem 😭❄️

      • I’m “only” an Ohioan and wish the same…winter just came in like a wrecking ball. LOL.

      • I live in Phoenix and still get use out of my winter stuff. Thin blood + no humidity means it’s cold when it gets in the 60’s here and if I have gloves and such I don’t run the heater at home as much.

  27. Jewelry box! I’m a traveler so this will definitely come in handy.

  28. Looks very FFF to me. Random choice items! I hope next spoilers will make it up because I have an annual subscription and I do not want to cancel or skip it. At the end, I love all causes they’re supporting!

    • I wish all subscribers could choose– I want the mittens but don’t want the other two spoilers. I have never tried causebox before and the fact I can’t choose the item I want will keep me from signing up. I get only letting annual subscribers choose something like color or pattern but these are vastly different items.

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say. Feels very FFF to me, which is sad because I think Causebox’s excellent curation in the past is part of what makes them special.

      • I agree the thoughtfully curated life style products are what keep me coming back this feels a bit tossed together

      • Ah nothing like the FFF box. No comparison. This box is way more classy.

      • Ah nothing like the FFF box. No comparison. This box is way more classy.

  29. Likely the gloves but may choose the spoons if they are dishwasher safe (I doubt it). The gloves aren’t really in a practical color.

    • Oooh, good point. I am not about hand wash-only stuff–be it kitchenware or clothing. One of my biggest pet peeves, along with cups/containers that aren’t microwave safe!

  30. What a great variety to choose from.

  31. I don’t get to choose but I’d be happy about any of them.

    • meh…

      • I agree. Don’t need any of these but will pick the spoons.

  32. Loooooove those spoons.

  33. Jewelry box for me!

    • Jewelry box for me too! But the mittens are really nice…

      • I’m going for the gloves, just moved from California to Illinois and I’ll need lots of them.

    • Me too!

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