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Boxycharm Mystery Boxes Available Now!

BoxyCharm has Mystery Boxes available now!

Each BoxyCharm Mystery Box is $21 and includes 5 items from the specified months variations:

Each BoxyLuxe Mystery Box is $49.99 and includes 8 or more items from the specified months variations:

Are you getting a BoxyCharm mystery box?

If you haven’t signed up for BoxyCharm yet, it is $25 a month.

For a limited time, click here and use coupon code SUPERSTUFFED to get a free Tarte Be you. Naturally. Eyeshadow Palette AND Dr. Brandt Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask (valued at $88) with your first BoxyCharm box!

Details: Valid for new subscribers only, or those who canceled before October 1st, 2019. Must use coupon code at checkout. Valid while November’s box and Tarte and Dr. Brandt gift supplies last.

FYI – From Boxycharm: “Don’t worry, NEW members that participate in a gift with purchase promotion still have a chance to receive a box variation that includes the sneak peeks of the month for existing members. Although they can’t guarantee which variation NEW Charmers will receive, you can rest assured that the Boxy Team all variations will be equally amazing.”

Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Comments (44)

  1. Always cracks me up when subs offer “mystery” boxes. Isn’t that what a sub is – a mystery box or bag?

  2. POPUP sale is open!!!

    • Boxypopup is for BoxyLuxe and Premium subscribers and those on the waitlist🙄
      You’re out of luck if you’re a basic subscriber.
      Is it just me, or isn’t that just ridiculous?
      A subscriber is a subscriber!

    • Thank you! I was able to get everything I wanted but boy did I have to move fast. Things were selling out left and right.

      • Your welcome! I was lucky enough to just check their website this morning and was able to get everything I was wanting too!

  3. Do you know where these mystery boxes will start shipping? When did they start shipping last year?

  4. Caveat emptor ON ANYTHING Boxycharm.

  5. I’m wondering the same thing? So it never happened?

  6. I know this isn’t a post about the pop-up so I apologize for hijacking, but what was up with that? Boxy was supposed to have it the 11th/12th, then the system crashed, then it was postponed, and…? I haven’t heard anything else about it, but the Boxy site said there would be details on its FB or IG, where I also haven’t seen anything. To be fair, I stopped looking for updates after several days. Does anyone know? Is it just canceled?

    • Haha, Who knows! That was an annoying couple days! People keep asking them on instagram, and it’s always the same automated message saying pop up will be returning very soon. I don’t believe half of what they say though.

    • I think issue is alot of people got in while it was closed through a backdoor link and Boxy honored those sales and now stuff is out of stock.

      • You think so?! What’s a “back door link”?

      • The sale page itself was down, but people still had the url addresses for individual items from when the sale page was up, & if you went directly to the url rather than the “shop”, you could add the items to your cart.

      • Ooooh wow. Just wow.

        Do you think boxy is working on another, or do you think they are not answering questions because all the people that signed up for the waitlist are still waiting around and Boxy makes more money?!?!

        Wow. That’s just wrong if they let that happened.

      • Oh man, that’s so not cool. I need to think about canceling Boxy if this is the case, even if I mostly like my boxes so far. I have no patience for these shenanigans.

      • Is anyone else getting really frustrated with Boxycharm? They were requiring people to upgrade to Boxylux or premium to have early access to popup and then it never got offered to regular subscribers. I am a bit tired of eyeshadow palettes and they just get bigger in the upgrades. Don’t see a huge added value. Now they’ve made things so crazy they do not seem to be able to support their regular customers. Am I wrong?

  7. Sadly, you have to be an active subscriber to purchase these boxes….

  8. It doesn’t seem right that they continue to keep customers waitlisted for Luxe anywhere from one to three months and yet they obviously had enough product to go ahead and sell them to customers they’re already making money off of.
    I swear they never cease to amaze me in both good ways and bad. I’m super excited and impressed with the content and value of my December Luxe but also disgusted at yet another shady, unfair and unethical business practice. Subscribing to them is like dating some gorgeous and charming guy who often makes you feel amazing and lucky but then you catch him lying to you, cancelling plans at the last minute, flirting openly with other women etc. So you decide not to take it anymore but somehow he senses you’re at your limit and surprises you with an expensive vacation or thoughtful gift or just charms and seduces you in *other* ways you find difficult to give up.

    But as happy as I am with my December Luxe and finally getting good variants in my October box for once, I am still livid about the pop-up sale when it’s the biggest reason I resubscribed after finally leaving after five years. The pop ups, choice, Premium and customization fully seduced me but after the pop up mess, getting waitlisted for who knows how long for Premium, still no customization, and now this (I quit once this past Spring and less than a month later resumed and re-upgraded to Luxe 2 months early but still didn’t get off the waitlist) they’re making me feel dirty about keeping them around. It’s a bit like finding out there’s been a lot more than just flirting going on with your man and realizing why he’s back to making ridiculous excuses for canceling on you. So are the great products at such amazing prices worth being deceived, pushed aside for new customers or customers lucky enough to successfully place orders despite their pathetic servers they refuse to upgrade no matter how much they grow and prosper tremendously from us worth staying for?Then there are the broken or majorly delayed promises and now the flagrant disrespect of refusing to sell to you under the guise of not enough inventory only to find out that wasn’t the truth. Is it worth all the fantastic and affordable pampering and beautifying products taking all of this into consideration? Is it time to respect myself enough to finally stop practically begging them to take me money and putting up with broken promises, deceptive promotions, dishonest excuses/explanations, etc etc etc? If not for myself perhaps for all the other beauty sub companies out there that would treat me so much better and actually appreciate my business. I think I’ve just decided on my first resolution for 2020. 😄. Oh the strength and willpower it will take….😔

    • I feel like the whole the pop up thing was just a huge scam to trick people into coming back to boxy and/or to get more people to upgrade! I mean they haven’t even fixed it yet so that says alot to me!

    • To find out that there was a back end approach to buy the Pop Up items and that Boxy Charm is ACTUALLY HONORING those orders is infuriating. I have already chosen the December BoxyLuxe, on the waiting list for BoxyPremium, and had to put a dispute on my November BoxyCharm because it still has not been received, despite being charged October 31st. The honoring of those that placed orders by cheating the system truly was the last straw. I am no longer charmed, in the least. They do put new subscribers ahead of loyal subscribers, like myself, that have paid for boxes for years, sometimes items that I wound up donating. Enough is enough.

      • I’m a fairly new subscriber. They’re screwing us, too. I’m infuriated.

      • Do you mind giving more details on the cheating thing? I was not aware of this? I thought it was just “luck” by refreshing? I don’t have social media acc at all, just MSA to follow. I refreshed on 3 screens before and after starting time and did not get any luck, not even a glimpse of what was offered for sale.

      • There was a link posted on some beauty group to take straight to pop up items on first day of Pop up someone shared to Reddit . People are already posting that they have received their backdoor orders although I think limit to 1 even if they ordered more so now they have to wait on refund so there’s that.

      • Thank you. I did not know about this. Not sure what to think.

      • Are they fulfilling those orders? I know people were getting order confirmation emails, but I wonder if they are canceling orders? They really ought to.

      • I have to say that for those 2 days i got to the site exactly when they opened- the first day i was able to fill my cart and go through all the items but was not able to check out in the end (mind you it took forever with refreshing, about 2.5 hour till they took the store down).
        The second time they opened the shop i was there from the beginning and knew what I wanted already so i was very quick about building a cart, i had 3 glorious minutes were the site was working fast before the masses started to slow it down and then I spent an hour trying to check out with the site throwing me out, but in the end i was able to make the purchase before they shut it down again.

        So yeah, some of us were able to make a purchase but it sure wasn’t easy, you had to be quick about it and very patient.

      • I ordered mystery boxes and stuff from pop up like right away. I just went on the site randomly and it was there.. then I saw it announced on IG. So luckily I got to browse a bit.. but even at that add stuff was selling out freaking fast!

    • Girl Preach…. I have never seen such a shady company that people flock to so hard. Its absurd.

    • They had enough products, BUT more then likely it wouldn’t be the spoiled products for luxe. So that ,means if someone lurked here and seen spoilers and them they signed up and got a box and yes, it had products, but not the product promised people would flip out.

      Heck, I dont even think they know what they were doing. I was told by a customer service person that they had to get bigger warehouses and then hire and train more people and are still in the process of doing this and that’s why there are so many issues with shipping, and missing items and issues. And once they get the warehouse and a lot more people trained they will be able to provide better service….but hey, its Boxy….who knows. Lol.

    • Well said👏👏👏👏

    • ummm are you OK??

  9. I just ordered the March 2019 box. I’d be happy with receiving any of the options for that box. Everything is super romantic and girly, just like I like. I’m happy to get to treat myself to something special after such a rough week.

    • I’d love that color fx palette but do u think they will send it according to our profile? I mean these r leftovers boxes, will they follow our profiles?

      • Lucy, these are labeled as mystery boxes, so I am sure they are just going to send a random one they already have packaged.

      • I would agree..Mystery means you never know what you ate getting. I’ll keep posted on what I get on the 2 I ordered. Would order more but my hubby will kill me..bc I hit sales at FFF with add ons plus a mystery nah supposedly worth 400 dollars.. so I have another one in my cart waiting so we will see bc 87 bucks is a lot of money but was tired of giving my girls a bit of make up and clothes.. fingers crossed hopefully third Erik all work kit between boxy FFF and ipsy.
        Happy holidays y’all!

  10. Be careful ladies. These are the FOMO boxes, not the actual boxes for that month. Make sure you research what was in them before purchasing!

    • I think that’s the case for the February box but not the others?

      • I’m missing the joke!! Can someone PLEASE explain it ?!,! Lol been a hectic night.

      • What’s the difference with a regular box and a fomo box?

      • I’m fairly new to BC, so take my response with a grain of salt, but my understanding is that the FOMO boxes are what BC used to put together and sold to new subscribers when they ran out of their regular boxes for a given month . So they had different contents. I haven’t seen them promote a FOMO box recently, though.

      • Ooooh okay, thanks 🙂 you never know with Boxy, and it’s always nice to read others thoughts/opinions/experience etc because you just never know. Lol.
        I had no clue there was a difference.

        I also am wondering because the 2nd day they tried for the “pop up sale” they added these mystery boxes I seen in the few seconds the page loaded….and now reading about “back door links” and such and no word on the pop up, and the boxes for sale I wonder if they will have the pop up or maybe they should just throw things up as add ons at this point.

        Hope everyone is having a great day/night!! And happy holidays to those that celebrate:)

    • Is there a way to see what was in the FOMO boxes? I definitely need to see what’s in each box before I order. I don’t dare leave things up to BoxyCharm to “surprise me.” They’re not doing so hot with that right now…

  11. Can a non-subscriber buy these?

    • What they said⤴

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