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Boxycharm BoxyPopUp Sale Update

FYI-  Due to technical issues, the BoxyPopUp Sale was postponed. BoxyCharm will post an update about the new sale dates tomorrow Nov 13 at 9am ET. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information!

Here are the details for the sale:

  • Active subscribers can shop the sale for items up to 80% off.
  • Items from the following categories: Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Body, & Tools, Lifestyle.
  • Items will ship separately.
  • Free shipping to the contiguous U.S. only on orders over $25 after any promo codes have been applied.

Here a look at a few of the items available:

PERRICONE MD No Makeup Skincare Instant Blur

MAC COSMETICS Powder Blush – Diva Don’t Care

TOUCH IN SOL Metallist Liquid Glitter Eyeliner – Tanzanite

KOPARI BEAUTY Coconut Lip Glossy

ACE BEAUTE Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette

TONYMOLY Tako Pore Charcoal Cleansing Tissue


AVANT SKINCARE Damascan Rose Petals Revitalizing Facial Serum

GLAMGLOW® GlowLace Radiance Boosting Hydration Sheet Mask (4 Sheet Masks)

PAULA’S CHOICE Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner

DR. LORETTA Anti-Aging Repair Serum

FRÉ SKINCARE Detox Me Post-Sweat Clearing Mask

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

PLAYA BEAUTY Beauty Soft Volume Powder

beaut. LED Teeth Whitening System

KOPARI Charcoal Toothpaste

LIVING PROOF Style Lab T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler

SOLEIL HAIR TOOLS Soleil Rose Gold Ceramic Flat Iron

LEYLA MILANI HAIR The Triple Threat® Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron

RAEN Mason Ash/Green

ELLIE VAIL JEWELRY Delaney Charm Necklace

AMPED & CO XL Cinema Lightbox

AMPED & CO Yass Queen Desk Neon Light

ZAXIE by Stefanie Tyalor ZAXIE Sparkly GLAM Hair Pin

TEAMI LLC Teami Detox Wellness Pack with Black Tumbler and Infuser

Here are the BoxyPopUp spoilers:

  • BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional – Pearl Primer
  • BECCA COSMETICS Shimmering Skin Perfector® – Champagne Pop

  • THANK YOU FARMER Miracle Age Repair Serum
  • QMS MEDICOSMETICS Exfoliant Fluid 30ml
  • SATURDAY SKIN Press Pause Moisturizing Beauty Essence

  • IGK HAIR Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray
  • DAILY CONCEPTS Daily Detox Massage Brush
  • ICONIC LONDON Body Illuminator – (Original)

  • SWIG LIFE 6oz Stemless Flute Set of 2
  • LIVING ROYAL No Drama Llama Ankle Socks
  • HUM NUTRITION Collagen Pop + Vitamin C Dissolvable Tablets

What are you getting from the BoxyPopUp sale?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!


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Comments (117)

  1. Hello everyone boxy pop up is open right now. It’s 11/16 at 830AM CT. I was actually able to shop and place an order for the 1st time. LUXIE brushes yippee!!! GOOD LUCK hope you see this in enough time to get what you want.

  2. POPUP sale is OPEN!!!!

  3. Did this ever happen? I have given up. Not sure if I just missed a narrow window of time…

    • Boxy Pop up is open (as of 8am EST, 11/26). I just ordered two items without the “Circle of Death”. I think the only way this has happened is because they didn’t “announce” it. One of the gals I subscribe to on YouTube (Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget) point-blank asked them, and they said it was happening this morning.

      They don’t have nearly as much as the first (and second) botched launch, but there are a few things of interest, depending on what you’re looking for.

  4. So, I’ve been reading the comments. I’m just a regular basic box Boxy subscriber. If I understand right, I wouldn’t be able to shop the sale until the people with the more expensive subscriptions were done.

    If that’s the case, with all the talk of things selling out in minutes, what would be the point? It would all be sold out. Especially the items that are actually good deals. My subscription is up in Dec. and I’m overloaded with make-up and skincare, but I thought the pop-up would make it worth keeping. If I’m understanding how it works correctly, I’m canceling.

  5. Sooo… did pop up ever happen? Or did I just miss out entirely?

    • Very few people were able to place an order before it crashed again. I believe it’s postponed until further notice.

  6. Spent my Boxy pop up $$$ on the Elemis site. $10 Elemis Travel pro-collegen marine cream 15 ML

    • And it lets you choose additional 3 free sample/travel sizes. free shipping. Definitely made up for the Boxy poop up lol

      • Sadly it doesn’t offer me any samples no matter what I do. It sounds like an awesome deal for those that got it though 😀

    • How did you get that deal?

      • I went to and ordered a $45.00 15ml “No SPF” Travel Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for $10.00. It also let me add 3 other sample items, so a total of 4 items…free shipping for $10.29. It gives you a 35.00 credit when you go to check out. I went in and placed another order as well. Great great savings. Definitely made my day much better after the whole Boxy poop up mess. I just checked and it is still the $10 deal 🙂

      • Thanks! I was adding the one with SPF and it wasn’t giving me the discount. I got to select 6 free gifts (3 at checkout and 3 with a link supplied by Reddit) and get the Marine Cream for $10.93! I went ahead and ordered 2 more. I got 21 Elemis products for $33. So excited!!

      • I also got in on this! Thanks for the heads up!!

      • went to the site, selected the 15ml “No SPF” Travel Pro-Collagen Marine Cream and went to check out. then you have to select 3 of the pictures of the 3 free items you want. When you go to checkout, it will give a 35.00 credit and free shipping. total is around 10.29
        **make sure to select the one without the SPF or it will be 45.00**

      • Thank you so much! I got mine!

      • You’re welcome! 🙂

    • That is wise. Shop for other great deals! I did the same. Got a great discount at Biotherm on products I’ve been waiting to try for a long time. Waiting on my Tarte custom box, and got my Ofra mystery box which was terrific. Going to be a nice Christmas (and my birthday last weekend!).

    • Thanks for letting us know! Just a heads up for those who placed multiple orders. I received a popup as I was checking out. Stating that it could take up to 20 days to ship because they are checking everyone’s address since it’s for first time buyers only. They may cancel multiple orders seeing that it’s a one per address offer.

    • Christa, you are awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I just spent my $$$ elsewhere that I had saved for Boxy pop up. I went to and ordered a $45.00 15ml “No SPF” Travel Pro-Collagen Marine Cream for $10.00. It also let me add 3 other sample items, so a total of 4 items…free shipping for $10.29. It gives you a 35.00 credit when you go to check out. I went in and placed another order as well. Great great savings. Definitely made my day much better after the whole Boxy poop up mess

  8. I’ve been with Boxy for 4.5+ years. I’ve also had Luxe since the first box. This is happening because they care more about money, than they do about their customers.

    They will NEVER do anything that benefits their oldest customers. It has been mentioned many times. Money is money to them, regardless who it comes from. They screwed over all Luxe and premium members, by allowing all of the waitlist to have early access. Anyone can easily be on the waitlist and gain early access. All they have to do is click “join luxe/premium”, buy their popup items and then remove their name from the waitlist. It’s common sense! Once again, Boxy doesn’t seem to care!

    Another huge topic: why are people allowed to buy 5 or 10 of the same product? Everyone knows that the quantities are limited. People that hop on the waitlist today could go and purchase 10 Mac lipsticks ($3.50 each) in 5 different colors, then sell them for $15 each in a Boxy group. If limits were placed on items, everyone would have a fair chance at getting the items that they want, before they sell out.

    Boxy disgusts me sometimes. I also got to pick an extra item for November. I had the choice of DOC or Becca. I chose DOC and the email that they sent me stated that the color would be based on my beauty quiz. It stated that twice. My beauty prefence is pink. I received bright red. Their CS reps won’t even honor the email that they sent me. 🙄

    • You echoed my sentiments exactly. I literally told my husband those exact points yesterday. I’m really disappointed in this latest debacle.. plus still no updates, it’s just rude. It’s like they don’t care at all because they are such a good deal, if we get fed up and quit someone else will sign up and fill our spot. Still I’m ending my subscription out of principle. I can always go on resale sights and buy the boxy items I really want, after I use up all the products I’ve accumulated. Sad because I really liked boxy every box had something I was excited about. I just can’t support a company that does business in such an unprofessional manner.

  9. During the sale they had hackers attacking the site trying to steal peoples info. I screen shotted emails I received and sent to boxy..seems others got it too.

    • Really? Wow. If that’s the case then I really hope they get it together for this popup when it does open. Does anyone know anything about when it might open up again?

    • Dont know when it will open. The very “first ” day of the sale and I got a few items in my cart, but when It just kept spinning….well, I got an email the next day that said “you left somethings behind in your cart, check out now” (of course boxy had cleared everyones cart) in my email it had a huge red box saying it was malware and trying to steal info and card info. It the header was different, but the email font and everything looked legit. I screen shot it and sent it to boxy security. I also seen 5 other people posting on Facebook asking boxy if their info and credit card /payment info got hacked as well. So I dont know if this is why they shut the sale down or what…but this whole thing is a mess and not fair to subscription holders that have been loyal, and they let waitlist people jump on.

      When tribe beauty started up as small as they were, the OWNER set up a system where people got emailed a link to follow and use so the site didn’t get shut down and everything they did was orderly….so if they can do it, boxycharm most definitely can. They just dont care too, which is sad.

  10. Did anyone else not get an email with your choice selection? I thought it was today but I don’t have an email from them.

    • I have never gotten the email. I complain and they apologize and offer a choice and I don’t get what I picked. Still no email for me…

  11. My inner conspiracy theorist is whispering that they know pop up items are not uber exciting so they are creating scarcity as a sales tactic.

    • isn’t choice supposed to be open right now

      • Check your email, mine just came. you need to click through it to choose!

      • Sadly, no email for me …

  12. Is it just me , I can’t even connect or get on boxycharm page :/ had things in my cart this AM and then kept spinning when trying to purchase .

    Can you guys keep updating if pop up goes back up , I’m at work and can’t connect or look at my phone often at work ?

    Thanks 😊

    • It’s been postponed again. I dont think it’s coming back up today. Same thing happened to me this morning @6am! Can’t say I’m surprised. They royally suck at special sales. Always have.

    • I haven’t been able to access the Boxycharm website at all. Not even on Monday. All I get is an oops page that never changes.

      • I was happily shopping (albeit slowly) when the whole thing crashed. I won’t be trying again. I have been sleep deprived all day because I got up early for a shot. I should have just kept sleeping. It’s more important than some cheap deals.

  13. If they can’t manage the popup, they should at least put some of those items in the charm shop… throw us a bone!

    • Exactly!!!

    • I saw a few items in the charm room just now. I bought Ciate London Glitter Storm Lipstick – Flash. They also have:
      Dr. Brandt – No More Baggage
      Manna Kadar – Bloom Mascara
      FARSALI Jelly Beam Highlighter – Rose Goals
      Grande Cosmetics GrandeLIPS Plumping Liquid Lipstick (3 color choices)
      Lilly Lashes – Lash Glue

  14. The reason I shop at Target VS Walmart and Publix VS Winn-Dixie even though Wal-Mart and Win-Dixie are cheaper, guess who has better customer service and more checkout folks?
    My time is worth paying extra. So with that being said I would much rather pay more for the products I want somewhere else than waste time messing with this Chaos. The time that I spent messing with this I could have been doing something productive. Like Yoga, spending time talking on phone to my Grandchildren etc…etc… Is stuff that we probably don’t need worth all this hassle?

  15. I was on all day today and the shop was never there, it just said an announcement. Now it doesn’t say anything about popup! What is going on? Did I miss it?

    • It crashed again. Only a few people were able to place their orders.

  16. Super bummed that they have canceled the sale after all that wasted time and energy. I was really hopeful to get some great items for our donation tree for our local women’s shelter at reasonable prices. Now there is no chance they can deliver for the holidays.

    It is fascinating to see this company continue to grow, despite business practices that would normally put a company out of business. I feel frustrated with myself for continuing on this shady Boxy roller-coaster. If Ulta was smart, they would swoop-in and offer a beauty subscription service that actually has customer service. They already have the brand connections, and they have the best rewards program in the industry. I have confidence they could do it right.

    • I love that idea and have thought if it myself. Maybe if enough if us contact them they will do a survey and gather interest in a make up, beauty and or skin care sub box. Whose IN to send them the suggestion? I would..

  17. Cheap tricks, Boxy! There was supposed to ba an ANNOUNCEMENT about the sale at 9 am est. I just happened to log on to their site and it said that Pop Up was open! This was supposed to be an announcement. I got in and was able to purchase four items. The only sold out items I saw were two Juice Beauty products, a hair product and I can’t remember the 4th item. Some items had great prices; some were just ok. It was taking a long time to load a page so I checked out with my four items and then went back to where I stopped on the site. It finally got through it all and I didn’t try to buy anything else. I can’t be sure but I feel like there was more hair care and skincare than makeup. There were also miscellaneous items like jewelry, bath sponges, socks, sunglasses, purses/bags, etc. If my order is dumped, I will not go back. It’s a great sale but just nothing that was a must have. I have way too much already. I bought the Becca pink powder for $10, It Mascara for $6, a Paula’s Choice toner for $6 and a Konjac sponge for $3. Shipping was free for $25 and over. I did get an email confirmation. Good luck to everyone…..I’m never doing this again. I’m exhausted!

    • I’m even more angry now to see that I set my alarm to wake up two days early for NOTHING. Then today I’m up before 7am and dont even bother to log in cause it wasnt suppose to start til 9am. This has been an enormous waste of my energy and frustrated me needlessly. SO many EPIC FAILS on their part. Ipsy Ultimate Fails. Boxy premium is a fail for all the hype and barely anyone was able to even get it. Whats up with all this unnecessary HYPE??? STOP taking peoples time with stuff you can’t get right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry but I’m shocked at the sheer level of disappointment after all their claims of greatness and don’t miss out propaganda. Too draining and exhausting for me. It was way worse than Black Friday shopping all three times!

      • I’m not saying this to be mean at all because I really do get the frustration, so please don’t take it that way, but it’s really the consumers that create the hype over these boxes. I feel like Boxy has a worse track record for this stuff than Ipsy, but they both have a history of screwing up on a monthly basis. They both use manipulative advertising, both send generic responses and call it customer service, both fail to provide what is promised and both ignore unhappy customer’s. Yet we all scramble to purchase their next latest and greatest. 💁 Why would they change a thing when we all tell them we are on board with their practices by giving them our money? Further, why are we all so angry and inconvenienced when we already know to expect disappointment? I personally don’t appreciate the business practices of either of these companies and have moved on from them because of it. I’ll put my money into a sub box that delivers what’s promised with some ethics or buy a product from a reputable brand. Since finding out both Ipsy and Boxy have sent brand products made specifically for them, but with a cheaper formula/ingredients, it just doesn’t seem so worth it anymore. It’s pretty deceptive when you’re receiving a certain brand in your box and the formula isn’t the same as what you would buy in the store.

    • Are you on the east or west coast? Because they said it was going to open 9 am eastern time which is my 6 am, I’m in California.

  18. Was at the end of checkout, had clicked to pay and it just froze. Only thing I saw limited quantity was one of the lifestyle items, a light up word that was purple. I could not even make out what it said.

  19. They should have at least made our choice for the December box today putting that with the sale just is going to cause more crashes

  20. Pop up was going on @ 7:05a MST this morning and sadly crashed again… I managed to get 5 items in my cart, but I’m sure they will remove them and start all over again. I wonder how much they get paid for us even visiting the site or refreshing over and over again?? Anyone in IT? Is that possible?

    • No one would pay for this level of incompetence. It is not good advertising. I can’t imagine how many customers they have lost in three days.

      • Probably a lot!!

    • Haha. I had that thought too. Like do they get something from IG stories?! I never get why they use stories to give us info, and they are just annoying to watch. The owner reminds me of a salesman, “oh boxy pop up is down because we are such a big company” or “pop up will be shut down while we fix things to give our users the best experience” it’s always like everything is a favor they are doing for us. We are paying customers!

      • And that thought happened. Bye bye to the 5 items I had in my cart… 🤪😫

  21. I 100% agree. I left🏁 FFF for very similar reasons. I tried everything last time to get into the💄👛Boxy👝 sale🛍 and I couldn’t⚠️ get anything hardly at all. It was so picked over so fast. The only way to do that is with tons of 😶people😶 or 🤖bots🤖. Either way it’s not fair to the customer👨🏻👩🏼🧑🏻👩🏻‍🍳who👨🏽‍🏭👨‍🚀👨🏾‍✈️🕵🏼‍♂️👩🏼‍🚒👸🏼all🤴just🧔🏻🧕🏽🤱🏽👩🏾‍🦲👨🏿‍🦲want to 👰🏻🤰🏻spend their 🦸🏻‍♂️hard 🦸🏼‍♀️earned 🙍🏻‍♂️cash🙎🏼‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️on fancy👷🏼‍♀️👷🏻‍♂️ things🧞‍♀️🕺🕴🏼🤼‍♂️🤱🏿 💇🏼‍♀️💃🏼 to👨🏻‍🦱 make👩🏻‍🦰👨🏻‍🦰 us all 👩🏻‍🦱feel 👩🏻‍🦳👨🏼‍🦳amazing. Boxy should make that easier. 💯📢
    I was able to catch a 🔍glimpse🔎somehow of the current sales page for Boxycharm popup. There’s going to be a ton of mystery boxes👝💋 from the entire last year🗓. So trying to figure out what month was great is like🙄🙉👨🏻‍🏫strait up 🧪science⚗👀prayers🙏plus a bunch of 🤯🧚🏻‍♀️wizardry📜 🧝🏻‍♀️and magick🧞‍♂️!!! A lot of all that stuff 👩🏼‍💻and maybe I come back here and 🧠📚read📕the old reviews?! Lol 🤣😎

  22. Okay, what happened? I forgot to “check in” at 9:00, because I have a career and a life, and I checked their site and it said it’s just now postponed… did it open briefly and crash again? My theory is that they got everyone on the waitlist for Boxylux and now are going to push the popup into December so they get lots of people to pay for the box.

    • Yup, it sure did. I think it was up and going for less than 30 minutes before it short circuited again 🙄

      • I wish they would grace us with an update; like are they honoring the lucky few who were able to get orders in, or are they going to give everyone a fair shot? I mean if you got it honestly, I don’t care, but all the buzz about people finding back channels into the sale after closing it. I dunno, I guess I just would like to know what they are thinking

      • So far they seem to honored the few who were able to get through and order. Thats left a bad taste in my mouth, personally.

        Also allowing access to people on the premium waitlist is an absolute crock. And I think it deservedly came back to bite them on the nose.

    • I was thinking the same thing. It wont actually help since they cant control the traffic. I’m not luxe but if this was my site I would reward the people that have had boxy the longest and send out links in batches to people and not reward those that sign up for the waitlist to get in the popup early and then cancel which is what is going to happen. I’ve wasted at least 2 hours now when it opened both times but I really want that spongelle mani-pedi! Grrrr both times I got to cart and it would stall out.

  23. The popup sale for November has been indefinitely postponed. They said to watch for updates on their Instagram

  24. They didn’t even update on Instagram, only facebook, which I never look at. I just so happened to go to their site when I got up (which opening at 6 am Pacific time is not cool, especially when they said they’d update us at that time, not that it’d open at that time) I mean it got.postponed so it.doesnt matter, but seriously. They were clesrlymtrying to limit the flow of people by hiding that it was open and opening it so early for people not on the east coast.

    • I agree it was really shady. It was 7 am in Mountain time and I happened to be up and not working today or I would have missed it. Not that it matters because it still crashed again!!! But shady business practices non the less

  25. Quick! How fast can you name 10 strategies that would prevent bc from crashing? Well you are overqualified for bc

  26. Come on BC get your SH*T together already. Stop wasting hours of peoples time for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHows what a sh*t show they really are.

  27. Ugh Boxycharm! Your pop up sale has been a nightmare!$&!

    • Anyone know whether there was a Korres toner and QMS Medicosmetics Exfoliant Fluid left?

  28. it is closed now after wasting another hour of my time. i had two items in my cart and it wouldnt allow me to even check them out. BC SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I dont think anything is actually sold out- now the site says the sale is postponed.

    • 🤞🤞

    • There are items that are sold out. I saw a couple of mac lipsticks that were sold out and a few other things but I was trying to find the vitamins I saw yesterday.

  30. So annoyed, had an item all the way to the shipping screen and pay now and the whole damn site went down.

  31. I am not sure how it is opening today, the login servers are down still. I stayed subscribed just for access to this sale, so disappointing.

  32. Entire website crashed at 0919 am. Ugh, so annoying. Every time I shop these sales it crashes 😒

  33. Its OPEN and of course NOT working 8:24AM Chicago time.

    • I just can’t. I’ve never commented on a forum before. I spent all day Monday, a holiday I should have been relaxing, stalking social media to see when I could shop. Crashed within minutes. Spent all day yesterday waiting, to be let down again. Now this. I’m so over it. All I want is the sweat mask. Lord have mercy, it’s not even worth it at this point!!

    • Omg same…it broke down not too long after 1025 Atlantic time!!! Wtfff!!

  34. All of the items are sold out within 15 mins. I can’t with this! So annoying

  35. Here is my issue..boxy has been LYING for years….starting with the FIRST limited edition box they came out with. They said it was “special ” limit 2, and that each subscriber would get an email with a link that could not be shared and through that email each subscriber would get a chance to buy a box and then the next 24 hours it would be open to any and everyone…..when it came time for this…

    Surprise one got an email, people whom were even subscribers were able to buy (the site crashed of can still see Yousef “were so sorry , we are working on something it wont happen again”) crap…while subscribers didn’t get ONE box, and people whom did not even subscribe to boxy ended up ordering 25 plus boxes (they posted screen shots bragging and trying to sell them, some 100 more dollars then boxes price)

    Then they restock and same thing happens.

    Fast forward now a FEW YEARS…..they KNEW a lit of people were going to show up. The thing is, they should have opened it for an hour for premium (or luxe) or luxe and premium for an hour, limit 2 of each item per ADDRESS, and then open for another hour for the other, then open it for regular monthly boxes for an hour, then waitlist, then everyone.

    That’s how it should fairly be done to allow traffic and also not have a cluster mess. They KNEW.

    My thing is, I get things happen, but it should be fair. I also think people that resell stuff should get last dibs because they ruin things for everyone buying lots of product to make more money vs someone that might not have money in the first place and could really use 2 products for those prices.
    Some of us have been with boxy for YEARS without skipping or missing a month, and I dont think it’s right they let people sign up just for the sale and then to cancel. That’s totally uncool to do and keeps way more traffic on the site for their loyal people that have been here. Sure, let them have a chance, but AFTER everyone has gone, but also make sure to limit 2 items per address. So people dont switch up and get lots of product. There are lots of people out here that dont seem to mind cheating and using the system, and it runs it for everyone and boxy dont care. As long as they get their money, they seem to talk all nice and they are sorry and working on it, when they are making millions and can pay good IT people, and they can set codes up to run their system differently and a lot better. They just dont care.
    Had to vent. Sorry.

  36. I work IT for a living. Maybe I should send them an email saying “Will upgrade servers for free subscription” lol

    • Please do. Although they’d still probably decline. It simply does not matter to them. They make the same amount of money and sell out all of their products every single time whether it takes hours or days. This type of thing has been going on since the LE box nearly two years ago. It happened again with Boxyluxe. Apologies, we’ll make it up to you, we’ll fix it. Didn’t make it up to us and didn’t fix it. May not have had the same tech issues with Premium but they knew they waaaaaay oversold it. Only a very small fraction of people actually got the box, which they absolutely knew would happen. Again, sorry, we’ll make it up by giving you early access to the pop up sale. Aaaaaand another epic fail. Some lucky people got some great deals and the rest of us wasted hours just trying to get the store to load. It’s such BS.

      As of about two years ago Boxycharm was worth nearly $20 million, and I’m sure that number has probably gone up significantly. Yet they have the kind of computer systems and IT people that you’d only expect to find on your Aunt Judy’s Jam website that’s on a shoestring budget and hired your 12 year old cousin to set up and maintain the site. It’s pathetic and worse it’s GREEDY.

      I left after 5 years because I was so sick of the way they treated the customers that got them to where they are now. And of course these tech issues were beyond maddening and only added to the unfair treatment. I came back because Ipsy Plus kept failing me and admittedly I was lured back by Premium and the pop up sales. Of course here I am not even close to getting off the Premium waitlist and didn’t get to shop the sale at all. I really just cannot in good conscience keep giving my money to a company that’s just devoid of ethics, morals, honesty, fair and transparent business practices, halfway decent customer service and of course all the tech stuff. I know losing my business won’t make a bit of difference but it will definitely bring my stress level down and allow me to redirect those funds to a much more well deserving company.

  37. I canceled, as an older lady I have started to feel my time is my most precious commodity. Not too mention the chaos is unnerving. I found a new subscription that has stellar products, 19.99 and free shipping. One box had a Kim Kardashian product. I have really been wanting to try. 6-7 full size products, great customer service boxes are worth 80 to 150.00 dollars.

    • the box by fashionista?

      • Yes, my friend has been getting “The Box” since it started, she has had zero issue’s. I have waited to pull the trigger as I don’t like change. The package presentation is beautiful as well.

      • I have The Box as well. FYI, November 1st the price goes up to $24.99, but those with existing accounts are grandfathered in.

    • Shari ~ Thank you for expressing what I have not been able to articulate! The chaos is unnerving! I keep telling myself I am going to cancel but then Boxy reels me back in. My October box was HORRIBLE but I am enjoying my November box. Now, I’m waiting to purchase from Boxy Pop Up. While I understand technical issues are beyond their control, this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME! They continue to launch new programs while being unable or unwilling to responsibly handle and respond to their existing subscribers. I’m proud of you, Shari, and hope I will follow your example.

  38. So what about December choice?

    • Tomorrow for regular, 18th for premium I believe.

  39. They had one of my favorite mascaras IT superhero for $6.00 if no one gets it just so ya know QVC had it online 3 back for $20.00 with free shipping 😊 I ended up getting that deal so I don’t have to worry about missing out

  40. Sort of a bummer, but yeah, I’ll try back tomorrow.

  41. I’ll also be back , it’s frustrating but can’t beat the prices just hope it’s not all sold out and they have enough products to go around :/

    • I’m actually PISSED. I cancelled Luxe in Dec of last year and only upgraded to get this sale and i got an email from Boxy last week due to an issue with my box and they told me Id be able to shop on Tues 11/12 bc of the issue and it was not open. I’m done with their stupid ass BS!

  42. I’ll be back tomorrow then. The deals are worth it and it’s not like they’re doing this on purpose, it’s technical issues.

    • I like your style. I’m with you.

      • Same. Not bothered by this at all. I work for a huge worldwide company and our network sucks pretty bad. I’m used to it

  43. How many times are they gonna do this? We are supposed to watch their Instagram page all week now? Grrr.

  44. Yeah.. this is a colossal mess. It has turned me off completely from buying anything this time around. I spent well over a hundred dollars on the last one. Just kind of over Boxy and will be glad when my annual is up after next month. Also tiring of Ipsy and their mistakes as well. Time for me to look at some of the other subs or limited edition boxes with other companies.

    • Agree. Take a look at Kinder and Tribe.

      • Thanks.. I’ll check em out.

    • I cancelled Ipsy and Boxy and now have Tribe and Petit Vour. Thoroughly enjoying both.

  45. I totally understand what they are going through. When you have thousands of people trying to access your site at one time youre going to have issues. Yes… they should of had it figured it out before they launched but sometimes with servers is hard to predict. We’ve seen it with fabfitfun so I’m use to it. What’s another day or two to wait. Its not making or it breaking my day. Sometimes things are not in or control and the best thing to do is chill until it’s fixed.

    • They should improve by using AWS. Millions of people shop on Amazon at the same time, but the site doesn’t crash.

      • It’s not about AWS, their IT Dept needs to take note of their previous sale and forecast the amount of traffic coming to their site during this time. Traffic surges can inundate all their servers and without auto-scaling capabilities the site basically crashes. It’s always a challenge in retail but I imagine a lot of bottlenecks in the check out area, adding items to peoples carts and their inventory system. Maybe BC will learn from this mistake.

      • Yes, this! I doubt they will learn though. It’s happened every time they try something new, for at least the past 3 plus years I have been a member. They know how to schmooze to get us decent products, but when it comes down to the technical backbones of running a business, they fail in execution.

  46. I’m honestly done and will not even attempt to shop

  47. These pop up sales might tempt me to sign back up if the spoilers had prices. Without prices, it’s easy to skip

    • Check instagram I had posted spoilers from yesterday’s sale, I’m sure there’s more out there. Some prices were great like 3.50 for a mac lipstick others were like 18 for benfit pearl primer. Also depends on what will be in stock whenever they fix it. There were things sold out before most of us could even get anything to add to cart while the site crashed.

      • Could you please let me know how to check? Do I need to know your instagram id? Sorry, I’m clueless as I don’t use social media, can only do google search.

      • If you click on my name in the comments it’ll come up or my instagram name is alwaysthriftynevercheap . There are a few great deals but if you don’t love the coming box spoilers take into account the money you will spend to gain entrance to the sale.

      • Thank you so much. Never knew about this option to click on the name. Not everything is 80% off. So far I am safe from your screen shot, nothing I really want/need. Let’s see tomorrow. If anyone else has more screenshot, please post. TY.

    • Liz, I have screenshots of most of the items with prices. Would you like them? I took them while I was waiting to add items to my cart and used them to plan what I’m going to go after in the sale (if it ever opens).

      • Please please get screenshots Liz! I want to see if this is worth any more of my time. Thanks Kate 🙂

      • I posted them in the Facebook group “all things ipsy” I will email Liz. They’re not the best quality, I was moving fast, while trying to throw things in my cart, which of course wasn’t working! But you can clearly see the product and price. Great products, ridiculously good prices!

      • Thanks Kate! I requested to join.

      • I hope the people who claim to be done stay true to that. Then maybe I can get something when it is live, lol.

  48. Shame on them !!😠😡

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