Boxycharm BoxyPopUp Sale Starts Now!

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UPDATE: This sale has been postponed until November 12th.

Early access to the BoxyPopUp Sale from Boxycharm starts now for BoxyLuxe subscribers and people on the BoxyLuxe waitlist. (This initially said it was open to BoxyCharm Premium subscribers but it look like it may just be BoxyLuxe right now) This sale will open up to all BoxyCharm subscribers tomorrow (11/12).

FYI – The sale is live now but the site has been having some issues

Here are the details:

  • Active subscribers can shop the sale for items up to 80% off.
  • Items from the following categories: Makeup, Skincare, Hair, Body, & Tools, Lifestyle.
  • Items will ship separately.
  • Free shipping to the contiguous U.S. only on orders over $25 after any promo codes have been applied.

Here a look at a few of the items available:

PERRICONE MD No Makeup Skincare Instant Blur

MAC COSMETICS Powder Blush – Diva Don’t Care

TOUCH IN SOL Metallist Liquid Glitter Eyeliner – Tanzanite

KOPARI BEAUTY Coconut Lip Glossy

ACE BEAUTE Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette

TONYMOLY Tako Pore Charcoal Cleansing Tissue


AVANT SKINCARE Damascan Rose Petals Revitalizing Facial Serum

GLAMGLOW® GlowLace Radiance Boosting Hydration Sheet Mask (4 Sheet Masks)

PAULA’S CHOICE Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner

DR. LORETTA Anti-Aging Repair Serum

FRÉ SKINCARE Detox Me Post-Sweat Clearing Mask

KORRES Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

PLAYA BEAUTY Beauty Soft Volume Powder

beaut. LED Teeth Whitening System

KOPARI Charcoal Toothpaste

LIVING PROOF Style Lab T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler

SOLEIL HAIR TOOLS Soleil Rose Gold Ceramic Flat Iron

LEYLA MILANI HAIR The Triple Threat® Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron

RAEN Mason Ash/Green

ELLIE VAIL JEWELRY Delaney Charm Necklace

AMPED & CO XL Cinema Lightbox

AMPED & CO Yass Queen Desk Neon Light

ZAXIE by Stefanie Tyalor ZAXIE Sparkly GLAM Hair Pin

TEAMI LLC Teami Detox Wellness Pack with Black Tumbler and Infuser

Here are the BoxyPopUp spoilers:

  • BENEFIT COSMETICS The POREfessional – Pearl Primer
  • BECCA COSMETICS Shimmering Skin Perfector® – Champagne Pop

  • THANK YOU FARMER Miracle Age Repair Serum
  • QMS MEDICOSMETICS Exfoliant Fluid 30ml
  • SATURDAY SKIN Press Pause Moisturizing Beauty Essence

  • IGK HAIR Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray
  • DAILY CONCEPTS Daily Detox Massage Brush
  • ICONIC LONDON Body Illuminator – (Original)

  • SWIG LIFE 6oz Stemless Flute Set of 2
  • LIVING ROYAL No Drama Llama Ankle Socks
  • HUM NUTRITION Collagen Pop + Vitamin C Dissolvable Tablets

What are you getting from the BoxyPopUp sale?

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $25 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. I’m confused. I have Luxe and Premium and it says upgrade to shop… Boo.

    • To ALL:

      Boxycharm put up a notice on IG 3 hours ago. Preferred sale tomorrow at 12 est. Regular sale next day. More info on IG. It would have been massively appropriate to send out a blast email to all subscribers so we didn’t spent have of our day being maddeningly frustrated. Communication goes a very long way for customer service.

      • hahaha boxycharm is not known for their customer service…this is kinda on par for what they have historically shown

    • Mine does too! I dont want to push it cause I dont want it to reset and not get my choices for luxe. Someone said it will be back up tomorrow for early access and th 13th for everyone? Maybe we just have to wait? 🙁

    • I’m getting the exact same thing – no access and have already upgraded to Luxe – I’m so frustrated and tired from all this nonsense!

    • Try a different device. It wouldn’t let me on my tablet but it did on my phone. Also it’s not letting me check out. It just keeps spinning. Very upsetting.

  2. I tried five times to order and the site would just crash each time. The furthest I was able to get is to view the items in my cart.

  3. It’s all about the Benjamin’s Baby! Underhanded, Shoddy and deceptive. Just a way to get Boxyluxe subscribers. Not, playing that game at all. Too long in the tooth for that 🙂

  4. See…this doesn’t surprise me. I’m new to the world of Boxycharm and all its deception and scams; however, in a short two months of my sub tenure with them, I’m quite a pro at receiving the wrong items, not receiving promised items, not receiving my choice item, and being subjected to horrid customer service (when there is any at all). They are very happy to take my money, though. I did get my promised October, new subscriber gift item that was not sent. However, I’m still waiting on a shipping answer for 1) my missing November choice item (they sent the wrong item); and, 2) my missing courtesy choice item for November, stemming from the October mess of a box. I’m a Luxe. I didn’t get any email notice on the start of the pop-up, other than knowing the date from the card in the November box. Now, they want us to believe that they will be able to ‘customize’ foundations and concealers? Hah! THAT is beyond comical. Boxycharm needs to begin to improve with installing a live customer chat. (Boy, Box of Style and Dermstore have that down pat; hats off to them.)

    On a side note — I took a peek into some of the sub sales groups on Facebook. I was amazed at the side hustling private businesses some of these people have created by purchasing multiple boxes and selling the contents. Some of these gals were selling MANY multiple Premium boxes! I really feel sorry for the people who wanted to purchase a Premium subscription and were ignored.

    I’ve said it dozens of times here…caveat emptor…when it comes to Boxycharm. They are one of the shadiest ‘businesses’ I’ve ever had the displeasure of patronizing. Good luck to all who continue to deal with them. After I receive the items I’m owed, I’m done. They’ll never see another cent from me.

    • I am done this little bait/switch is transparent as a glass of water.

      • Indeed. Boxycharm is NOT going to change. I refuse to support such incompetence and shams.

    • I didn’t get Premium. I would like one. How much were they selling them for?

      • Ashley, the group I checked out had specific pricing rules. I believe entire/whole boxes could only be sold for a maximum of their original cost, so 25 for regular or 35 for Premium. However, individual items could be priced any way the seller wished, up to a maximum of 35 per item. For example, the ND palette could be sold anywhere from one dollar up to maximum of 35. Shipping was various depending on seller and number of items purchased, of course.

    • Yeah, resellers RUIN so much for everyone and makes things not fair and clogs it up for legit humans that just want a box for them and to share with friends here and there.

      • True!

  5. Did anyone on the waitlist (my luxe choices were confirmed in an email a while back) get in to shop or did it say that you needed to upgrade for early access? I thought this started tomorrow so I didn’t check the site until after it crashed I guess. But the site is still saying to upgrade, which I went through and did again (and I’ll be extremely upset if it messed up my choices for luxe). Then, it says I’m already on it. And it still shows the same thing at the top, to click to upgrade.

  6. when I try to access it it says upgrade to boxy luxe even know my account settings says I’m a boxy luxe members did have been for awhile. Why would they open it up to Boxyluxe and not Boxy premium anyways. Isn’t premium more expensive ?

    • Premium is more expensive on a monthly basis, but on the month of luxe, luxe would be considered more expensive than premium if that makes sense.

  7. Well I managed to get 2 items in my cart…and it won’t let me checkout … It says the items are no longer on Sale and the website now shows “early access” starts tomorrow now and All access starts on the 13th… I think I’m giving up on “Boxy Popup” for sure, but keepin the boxes 🙂

  8. I get a message saying I need to upgrade to have access to the sale. So I click on it to upgrade and then I get a message that I’m already upgraded, which I am. I have been a boxyluxe subscriber since the beginning. I guess I’m glad because there wasn’t anything that I felt I really must have.

  9. If I was them , I’d be giving us an appeasement (free item, more options, SOMETHING) tomorrow due to the frustration, time waste, and cancels they’re about to get. Won’t hold my breath tho

  10. Anyone know what time tomorrow? Or do we have to wait around all morning again to find out.

    • I just saw 3:30 on Instagram.

      • 3:30 PM Eastern

    • Per their website:

      Follow @boxycharm for opening time updates. We will post an update on Nov 12 at 12pm ET.

      • Now I have to get up at 9am , just to be toyed with again (sighs)

    • I refuse to sit around stalking Boxy anymore. I find leaving us in the dark insulting, and stressful. I’m close to canceling this subscription.

  11. I logged into my account and all my items are still in there but it says sold out. I think it says sold out because it’s not letting anyone purchase anything until tomorrow or at least I hope so. Wonder what time they’ll start the sale tomorrow. I’ll keep checking Instagram and here. After December’s box I’m canceling.

  12. Could not get through. Now this is the message showing:

    Early Access for BoxyLuxe Subscribers and Waitlisters opens Nov 12.
    Want Early Access? Upgrade to BoxyLuxe now
    All Access opens Nov 13.
    Follow @boxycharm for opening time updates. We will post an update on Nov 12 at 12pm ET.

    Also – they just changed the date from Nov, 11 at 3:30pm to Nov. 12 on the BoxyLuxe page.

    • They had initially sent a Email that early access was for Premium And Waitlisted Premium and Boxyluxe. Now they switch it in order to get more subscribers to Boxyluxe. I am sorry that is shoddy and unethical.

      • It was the opposite of that. Boxyluxe was always supposed to have early access then he did a video saying it would include premium.

  13. I managed to get 3 items before it crashed. I figured I should get enough items for free shipping and check out and then go back for another round. It wouldn’t let me login after I made my first purchase. I got Perricone MD instant blur, Korres Rose Oil, and Paula’s Choice toner. It was $36 after tax.

  14. They sent an email with the LIE that I would have access to the Pop Up TODAY, November 11th, 2019. That is clearly a LIE. Deception. Incompetence, contempt for customers’ time and trust, just absolutely despicable. The final straw. Been a BC subscriber for years, BoxyLuxe since it started, and signed up early for Boxy Premium, but was denied, while others after me got in. Their behavior and disregard for me as a PAYING customer has reached the point of no more trust. Good bye, BC, for good, once and for all!

  15. I can’t believe there are all these issues this time around. At the first pop up, I had no issues at all. Now this one…I couldn’t even log in and now it’s delayed by a day!? Really stinks. I hope not everything is sold out like some who were able to get in says. Last sale there was a max of 3 per item which I thought was fair. This time, I didn’t even get an email about it! I understand that there is a high volume of people but just as someone else said, they know exactly how many people are Luxe/premium, unless a ton of people all of the sudden upgraded to get access, they should have the bandwidth to support everyone. Just sad, I really had hope since the first pop up went to well. Hopefully they get things fixed for tomorrow. (Sigh)

    • Max is ten this time. Logged back in and everything was in my bag with a no more than ten error message and you can’t buy this message lol

  16. This has probably been asked 900000 times but I haven’t paid attention. Can someone please explain to me if I am subscribed to all three boxes boxycharm, boxy premium and boxyluxe will I receive all three boxes in Dec. Or two? Boxy premium and boxyluxe? Hello 😫

    • Just Premium and Boxyluxe

    • If you upgrade to luxe, on luxe months you only get the luxe box, you don’t get the base box on luxe months since the luxe is an upgrade. So if you’re subscribed to all 3 tiers you will get a total of 2 boxes in December, totaling $85+tax. Hope that makes sense🙂

  17. HAHAHAHAHA!!! What a complete and utter joke and waste of time that was!!

  18. Time to cancel Boxycharm, they say one thing decide another, while you waste your lunch time refreshing trying to get into a site that is only open to a select few? I am furious at the lies by boxy! Good-bye Boxy my dollars will spend elsewhere way more options than you!

  19. Couldn’t make a purchase but i managed to get a few screenshots on instagram as the site was crashing.

  20. After much of the site crashing and constant logging in and out, I was able to make a purchase! But now it looks like the pop up is postponed until tomorrow 11/12 for luxe/ premium and the 13th for everyone. This was my first pop up, it was interesting to say the least.

  21. What makes them think they won’t have the same problems tomorrow?!!
    I kept checking and constantly all morning until they finally announced when it was going to be, wasted morning.
    They make you wait wait wait to even find out a time, then when Finally get on. Take over an hour to try and get things in your cart and kick you out.
    I have to work tomorrow, and I won’t have that much time to play around with them. Thank you boxy charm. I’m not one of those that complains all the time in fact I’ve never complained about them before
    They planned this, and have had time to prepare for it, and even had experience with this with last Boxypopup, so why weren’t they ready. That is what is so frustrating.

  22. First I start to shop = I get cut off – then I think maybe I should login even though I seem to be permanently logged on – so of course they say they I have a problem logging on – all the info I gave is correct – tried 8 times – it says to contact THEM – OH! that will be a huge help – so much for the sale – I;m aggravated and mad. Just venting. You would think they would be prepared for the sale – obviously not

    • It did EXACTLY the same thing to me!!!

    • SO I decide to change my password to kick start getting in and it worked – yay – I had one item in my cart and it says sold out – sale seems discontinued till tomorrow – I’m so disappointed in this whole frustrating mess – I’ve only been with them since late Sept and I will be writing them a love note – maybe they’ll listen to me as of now I have had no problem with CS – with quick replys – but I’m going to ay it on thick – as should we all – let’s annoy them as much as they annoyed us.

  23. This sucks..the site crashed completely. It didn’t even log me in..gave error message – an unspecified error occurred….total disappointment!!!

    • I am so pissed off and frustrated. I tried to check out twice and then all of a sudden everything in my cart just disappeared and now it’s saying everything in my cart is sold out. This honestly makes me wanna cancel all through my boxes. Just super disappointing 😫

  24. Soooooooo, some have made it in and already made purchases? I’m still getting the oops message. This is so not cool. They should’ve brought it all down and waited until we could ALL start at the same time. I’m not mad at the people who were able to get in, but I am FURIOUS with Boxy. How could they not be prepared? The sale sounds awesome, but it’s not worth sitting here 1.5 hours continuously refreshing while everything is being bought by a few who can get in. It will be a sellout with a select few, just like the number of people who get the best spoilers in their boxes. Good luck to all of you…..I’m officially quitting. Hopefully I’ll find the will to quit them altogether after the December boxes.

  25. I was able to get in at 3:31. After clocking and clocking over 1hr 45 min, I was able to have $150 of stuff in my cart, and only needed to add 2 more things on my list when it completely kicked me out & wont let me log back in.
    They knew how much traffic they were going to get. Now of I ever get back on I have to start over?!?

    • Typo, 1 hr 15 min … still.

  26. Now it says tomorrow for early access and everyone else on the 13th.

  27. The site now says that the sale will begin tomorrow’s for Luxe, Premium and wait listers. Everyone else has to wait until the 13th.

  28. How can this be????? I waited all day for 3:30, then their site crashes. I keep trying for 45m, then go back to working. I just logged in and EVERYTHING IS SOLD OUT.

    Extra Disappointed in Exton

  29. They *know* how many people are Luxe or Luxe-waiting-list. There is no excuse for announcing a sale without ensuring that the site could handle the traffic of this number of customers. Amateur, amateur, amateur. Instead of hiring people to post inane nonsense on social media every three seconds, hire IT professionals who know how to run a website properly.

    I’ll say it again (not that Yosef is listening): AMATEUR.

    • You’re right but they/he does not care one bit. He will still sell all the items. This stuff has been happening with them for over a year and they haven’t done a thing about it. And pretty much every one of their problems leads back to their totally outdated computer systems and apparently totally inept IT people. But why spend the money on it when you can just pocket it and your bottom line doesn’t suffer one bit?

      I really wish Ipsy hadn’t dropped the ball so badly with the changes they were trying to make. Because the ONLY way Boxy is ever going to fix anything or treat people equally and fairly is if they have to compete with another comparable sub box company.

      • Personally, this was the last straw. To send an email with a promised date and then handle it this way was awful by even their standards. I’ve cancelled so many boxes, and now I finally am ready to cancel BC and BL and opt out of BP waitlist. Their ineptitude went too far this time. The outright lie about the date of my access to the sale also played a part in my decision to cut the cord, for good. I have had ENOUGH of their shenanigans that benefit only their fat wallets, and not even a simple written promise to the paying subscribers.

      • I absolutely agree with you abt ipsy vs boxy. Ipsy by far has the best customer service too.

  30. Ugh Boxycharm your IT infrastructure sucks! So much for early access… I could only get two things in my cart and never got to checkout. Took forever to even load page and then I got logged out. Also items are already sold out! I can’t get back in and get my stuff. At this point, I just want what’s in my cart?!? I logged in at 3:39 EST.

    • Same here can’t login and I have 3 items in cart so frustrating – have to move on with real life ..

    • I can’t even try. Even though I have been Luxe since August and have Premium, it continues to ask me to upgrade before I can shop! It happened with Choice as well.

  31. goddd, just when i had my cart ready after it took so long to pick what i wanted it logged me out and not i can’t get back in! 😫

    • It did the same to me after waiting since 7 am and when I was finally able to get anything in my cart it logged me out. I finally got back in and it wouldn’t let me purchase anything in my cart it said it was all sold out. I contacted customer service and their response was “sorry do you need to reset your password” that would be NO. Your website doesn’t work on overload. Terrible customer service response.

  32. Ugh. I resubsribed to Boxycharm a few months ago and remember now why I quit the first time. There are one or two quality items in each box, the rest is junk/fillers from China and palettes with questionable ingredients. I really wanted the Kypris but if course ended up with the juice beauty. I’ve never received a lipstick shade that works for me (always nude shades that make my teeth look yellow), and 2 months now I’ve been on the waiting list for luxe and premium. Now I go to this sale and I’m not allowed to buy because I’m not a premium member. Unsubbing right now, never going to be tempted again… these subs are supposed to be fun but everytime with Boxycharm I just get aggravated and annoyed.

    • You can still purchase from the popup. You get access after the luxe members.

  33. It let me in but wouldn’t let me add anything to my cart so I took screenshots of most of the items!! Who wants me to email them so they can plan ahead? (Is this allowed?) They’re not the best quality screenshots, but I was moving fast; the prices are RIDICULOUSLY GOOD!

    • Me! Please

      • Where should I send them? I can’t post pics here.

        • I’m not sure since I can’t post my email in this section . I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out. Thank you anyways!

          • i Posted a few on alwaysthriftynevercheap on instagram. It wouldn’t let me add to cart but I figured I’d hopefully at least know what I want.

        • I totally need those screenshots!!! Karpadm76 at the Yahoo place. Thank you!!!!

    • So contemptible that I was logged out of my account..NOW I can’t log IN …NOT unlike fabfitfun they must have the same people working for boxycharm

    • Me please!

    • Me please

  34. I was able to place a small order before the site completely crashed. There were more items I wanted to buy but maybe it’s a good thing it crashed when it did.. saves my wallet lol

  35. I was able to place a small order before the site crashed. I got a confirmation email. Fingers crossed it actually processes.

    • Me too! My credit card was charged so I’m hoping it doesn’t get cancelled either!

      • My card was charged, too! There’s so much more I want to buy. I could finish a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping from this sale.

  36. Managed to actually place an order! I hope all goes well and I actually get it. Those are some great prices! I ended up purchasing the Perricone instant blur, Superhero mascara, Staturday Skin Essence, All 3 Korres body butters, Living Proof Styler, TonyMoly Peach cleaning tissues, zaxie hair set, Cover FX Blurring primer and Solde Janeir Bod Buff. Fingers crossed!

    • Yeah I was able to add 3 but wanted more and then it crashed even when I try to edit bag :/

      • Same with me. I thought I’d check out with what I really wanted and go back later for sorta wanted! No luck though with checking out. Booted me right off and now I can’t even log into my account.

    • I was able to place a small order yesterday as well. I didn’t order everything I wanted because I wanted to finish my order of the things I wanted the most before the site crashed again. I ordered the Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder $10, the Ace Beaute Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette $9 and the SkinRX Lab MadeCera Cleansing Balm 3.4oz $7. I got the confirmation email for my order and these products are showing up in my “my items” section on the site. I really hope BoxyCharm actually honors this order and sends me the products

  37. According to their Instagram stories the sale is delayed.

  38. Wow! Lost out last time and now it’s over with nothing but a busted website and pissed of customers. I was actually reviewing my cart when the site went down🤬If they don’t get the site back up today I doubt they will tomorrow. They made such a big deal about Luxe and Premium being able to shop today, I guarantee you many, many, people upgraded just to shop today. They hyped it too much and made it too easy to have access. IMHO they should somehow be able to let Luxe, then Premium and finally Base shop the sale. I’m so disappointed. The prices were amazing. Maybe I’ll cancel Boxy and go with FabFitFun. Any thoughts??? Thanks ladies! I know we’re all feeling the pain. 😢

    • I do not recommend FFF over Boxy. They have SO MANY shipping problems and inventory count issues. Just because you pay for something with FFF, absolutely does not mean you will actually get it. They oversell so many items and its infuriating.

      • Thanks for the info!

    • I agree! Letting people go on the waitlist for premium to get to the sale was not smart. And I would have been sad but completely understand why luxe would get first crack then an hour later get premium on maybe.

      • Or go by how long you’ve been a customer. Something. SMH

        • God forbid they use that. I’ve been a subscriber for over five years and I get jipped every single time. BoxyLuxe, Premium, every one of these sales. And I’ve contacted customer service but they simply do not care. Their #1 priority is always new customers. You’d think they were a cable company.

          • Ha! You’re right. I bet if we tried to subscribe it would be just fine.

          • KC, no, lol. I’m a new subscriber and you wouldn’t believe all the crap Boxycharm has done to me in a mere two months! New subscribers are being scammed, too. As soon as they send me what they owe me, I’m gone.

      • Especially when the waitlist for Premium was already HUGE. Tons of people said they signed up immediately but still didn’t make it off the list for November. I naively thought the early access was some kind of consolation prize for those of us that didn’t get off the waitlist. I should’ve known it was just another marketing ploy. They’re SO lucky they have such great deals on their boxes, add-ons and sales. Otherwise it really don’t believe most of us would put up with this. Especially given that it happens over and over and they never fix the problem. Why? Because they don’t have to. We’ll keep coming back no matter how many times we get burned.

        I swore I wouldn’t try for longer than 30 minutes but unfortunately I was able to see all the items and amazing prices. I just couldn’t buy anything. I wish I’d just never been able to see any of it. 😩🤦‍♀️🙇‍♀️

    • I love Fabfitfun but it is a lifestyle subscription. There’s hardly ever any makeup in the quarterly boxes. The add-on and edit sales are amazing but again there’s not a lot of makeup if that’s what you’re looking for.

      • I got 2 palettes in my winter fabfitfun box 😍 I love it!

    • Agreed. They should have left it for luxe and left it at that. Then maybe premium the next day and so on, and only allow limited of two and no waitlist people on anything….that’s what ruined it..but that’s what boxy likes..its all they ever do.

      The very ever first limited edition box they said that they would email a link and you couldn’t share and had to follow the link and use it to shop for the box and only 2 per house….come day of, they even let people whom weren’t even subbed to them but 20 or more boxes.

      This company dont care and will come out about how sorry they are and blah blah blah and we are working hard…smh.

  39. Hard to know how long this could take. A few minutes? A few hours? Do we give up our whole day waiting, refreshing our email box so we can be first in? Thanks so much, Boxy!

  40. I’ve been messing with the site (refreshing it, checking it on my phone, etc) for a while now. The site won’t let me put anything into my bag. 🙁

  41. I would love to get 1/2 these items depending on the price; but it’s not open to me until tomorrow 🙁 Sure they’ll all be gone by then.

  42. Well I saw things , added things then kept spinning and kicked me out 🤬🤬🤬

    • Did you notice how much the teeth whitening system was?

      • 49 bucks !

    • What were those

  43. Ugh I wanna know what the prices are like. If anyone was actually able to see before it crashed haha

    • Saw Mac lipsticks for 3.50 , glow recipe avocado sleep mask for 29.00, it cosmetic mascara for 6.00… I can’t add a thing to my basket…

    • The prices were amazing, like $6.00 for paula’s choice BPA…I thought the low prices caused the crash. Everything was initially showing as sold out.

    • Don’t want to know what the prices were. I They were sick!

    • reddit beauty boxes has screenshots of the pricing! really really good. will they all be there tomorrow or the site even ready for the traffic? who knows. i’m so irritated i wasted so much time today on this. most of the stuff i wanted was for xmas gifts.

  44. Can’t get anything because the site is a mess. Waited and waited for this sale. Unbelievable.

  45. 🔥🔥🤪🤷‍♀️ site has officially blown to pieces

    • Did any one get to place and order I was kicked off so much had 7 items in my cart and wouldn’t let me check out…

  46. And it’s over before MSA could even make this post. Boxycharm teasing most charmers AGAIN 🙄
    I’m not going to bother paying attention to ANY spoilers for this company any more. That’s the only way not be disappointed because the next step is just cancellation.

  47. Either they’re not ready or it would seem we crashed the site…!

  48. Lies , lies still won’t work

  49. Except, like always, the site is down.

  50. Having some issues? That’s putting it mildly. This ALWAYS happens with them and so many of us get cheated. One of these days I will find the strength to stop giving them my money. Funny thing is, I’m trying to give them more of it and they won’t let me.

    • Hahaahaa spot on! 💛

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