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Birchbox Sale – 60% Off Fall Clearance!

For a limited time – save 60% off products in the Fall Clearance Category! No coupon code necessary, the discount is automatic.

Here’s a look at a few of the available items:


Don’t forget to add a free mystery sample pack!

Full Details: No code required; 60% discount will automatically apply to your cart. Limited time only. Offer cannot be applied to orders placed outside of the promotional window. Cannot be combined with other monetary discounts. Taxes may apply.

What are you going to grab from the sale?


How do subscribers rate Birchbox?

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Written by MSA


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Comments (78)

  1. They have 2-3 products (the same brand and same fragrance of the same size, the same fragrance in various smaller increments, the same fragrance in a very slightly different gift set with identical advertised monetary value) but after making me wait 9 days for any updates on my delayed order, they issued a refund without offering any of those items as acceptable substitutes.

    • Yeah, I’m not impressed with their service either. I have sent emails since Wednesday and no response. I sent 2 more messages yesterday, one to make a return request for a completely gross dried-out product, and the other to ask about why I received none of my promo items. I doubt I’ll get a response anytime soon. Like, even if they ran out of the promo product, at least send a substitute?

      To make matters worse, the promo codes I used are still active & working on the site if I add them to my cart… why wouldn’t they disable them if they are out of products? Lesson learned on BB.

      • Which promo items are the out of… I have 3 packages coming and am concerned 😬

      • The customer service experience is very bad, but the workers don’t really have any power if it isn’t given to them by management and investors. You need to contact directly Hayley Barna (who left to be a vc but was one of the original co-founders and might still care/know people. twitter: @hayleybay), Katia Beauchamp (the other cofounder who is still involved. twitter: @katiawb), Viking Global (the lead investor in Birchbox as of 2018. general inquiries:[email protected]), or the brands that Birchbox is misrepresenting as part of your nightmare customer service experience.

        It seems like many of the customer service people are totally reasonable normal everyday human beings whose hands are tied by incompetent or intentionally bad management where the top priority is profit at all costs – including totally misleading customers and wasting their time even though they have the ability to make things right with alternative items or, in my case, essentially the exact same f-ing item. I even told them that they can forget the extras and just send me the core item. Nada. Just mindless corporate script speak in response. It’s wearisome.

  2. My order still hasn’t shipped 😟 support hasn’t responded to my message. Any ideas what to do? And yes, my card was charged.

    • I bought stuff a week ago.

  3. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a subscriber (only ordered one-off items and ltd. ed. boxes from the shop), but I had zero problems placing 2 orders yesterday. I don’t doubt the horror stories told here, but I have not encountered any issues with it defaulting to “ACES” discount, so YMMV.

    I split into two orders because one was a gift fragrance where I had a SCENT3 code I wanted to use, and they actually allowed the code with the pre-discount price (ex: the code was for $35+ fragrance purchases, but my item was only $26 with the discount and it still applied). The second order was for me, and that one I used a code for the free mystery BB with a $50+ purchase. It applied all the correct discounts; all except one item was 60% and one item 30%. I checked my card and it was charged correctly.

    I keep going back in hoping one item will bump from 30% to 60%, but hasn’t happened yet, lol.

  4. I had items in the cart from the 60 off section. Some weren’t showing up so I did the delete one at a time thing…. And now no discount AND those items are gone from the clearance section! 😡

    • A lot of things are selling out! One helpful tip I found is to click on the above link provided by MSA, and then sort by “Name” at the top of the list. This gives you A-Z what’s available. Then at the end of the alphabet, the list starts up again with “A.” That second batch of alphabetical items (currently starting with Acure then Amika blowout lit) is what’s sold out. Not very scientific but seems to be the best way to browse.

      The only item I tried to add to my cart from this section that wasn’t 60% off was that blanket everyone talked about below.

      A couple items I couldn’t commit to but were in my cart yesterday are there and say “no longer available.” Which is fine by me – I need to stop looking 🙂

      • *kit, not lit.

      • YES! Your way of doing it works perfectly. If you do it that way along with following Monica Cagle’s information in an earlier comment which was, “It seems like even in the clearance section only certain shades are clearance, some are just on sale, and some are full price.” you can win at this sale! LOL 🙂

        For instance, I purchased the Lipstick Queen the Metals Lipstick in Wine and it is 60% off. However, if I add it to my cart in Red it is full-price. I know that is frustrating but if you are willing to just click on your cart every time you add an item it is really worth it! There are some amazing deals and great gifts.

        In reality, you don’t have to check your cart EVERY time you add an item, just when the item is available in more than one color/option. Otherwise everything I have added has been automatically the full 60% off. I ordered 6 different times (so I could get 6 different free gifts) and all of my orders have already arrived. I ordered three times on the 14th and three times on the 15th and had everything by Tuesday the 19th.

  5. It’s too frustrating shopping the Fall Clearance. Some items are coming up at 30% off instead of 60% (Coalatree Kachula Blanket). Contacted Birchbox. Waiting for a reply. Gave up. This has happened before. Not going to bother anymore.

    • C02, I ordered a bunch of those red/blue coalatree blankets last year for Christmas gifts. Every one of them arrived in evergreen/brown instead. There was no option on the website for any color, just that photo of a red & blue blanket. They said I was out of luck & they were sold out of all of the blankets and couldn’t exchange them for the red/blue (which I needed for gifts). They didn’t care either, and I had purchased alot of them. I contacted Coalatree and they told me that Birchbox didn’t buy the red/blue ones, only the green/brown so they didn’t know where they got them or why they would even have the red/blue photo on the listing. The strange thing is that the red/blue listing is back up now which makes me mad.
      I just wanted you to know so the same thing doesn’t happen to you. You can’t trust the Birchbox website.

      • Thanks for sharing! That’s good to know since I already have the green and wanted the red/blue combination.

      • You’re welcome! I also specifically wanted a bunch of the red blue last year. I even emailed them this year to ask them to exchange the wrong ones (which are still new & sealed) for the correct ones… if they really do have the red & blue ones now since they are advertising them again after knowing it was completely false advertising last year. They haven’t responded & I expect them to say they are out of stock again even though I put 23 of them in my cart to test their availability.
        If they tell me they are indeed red & blue this time, I’ll come back on here and let you know!

      • Thanks for mentioning this, otherwise I may have ordered that blanket!
        May I suggest you enter a review on BB for that listing, so people are aware of the color difference? There are currently no reviews and if I hadn’t looked here I would have wasted a bunch of $$!

    • I was also trying to buy a couple of the blankets, sent a note to customer service three days ago asking for help and have heard nothing. Birchbox customer service used to be so great, but this experience has really changed my mind.

      • I agree. Last year’s experience changed my mind & I used to order from them often.

      • Yes, CMB, that’s a great idea! I will do that today. I have emailed them recently again and asked multiple times if it really is a red/blue blanket that they have in stock now & they have avoided the question each time. They also are still refusing to exchange the brown/green blankets for the red ones now so I assume they really are not red & blue this time either, but that’s just my opinion. They have offered to refund my money if I send back the blankets & they told me to buy them again myself at the current price but won’t confirm if they are the correct color this time either. I still have my blankets sealed but not the sample packs or gwp’s I received plus I stacked discounts & used points so I’m afraid they are just going to pull something and deduct all of it from my refund and give me very little back. Then expect me to buy them again for more money & receive brown/green again. Since they are refusing to exchange the blankets for the correct color I ordered and paid for, I assume something fishy is going on because that doesn’t make sense to me. Especially for an issue that was entirely their fault to begin with, was completely false advertising and they claimed they were out of stock at the time & couldn’t do an exchange but still won’t now that they are advertising them as in stock again. It’s just boggling my mind tbh. What kind of company would refuse to send me the correct items in exchange for the wrong items they sent me?

  6. I had no issues purchasing with 60% off a few days ago. I got 2 items: EIR face oil and Natura Brazil scrub. It also let me add GWP. I selected an eye pencil and the gift pack as well. Added some points I had and all came out to $24 + change. Pretty good as the oil regularly $45. Wonder if some items are not included in the sale even though they say that they are since so many people are having issues

  7. I’m so sorry so many people are having trouble with this. I’ve been able to access the sale through the link here every time I’ve tried. I’ve got 5 boxes on the way. I like to break mine down into $50 each per order (before coupons and discounts) so I get a free gift with each one.

    There is a separate Sale section where things are 30% off. I’ve shopped from there and I’ve shopped the Fall Sale and I don’t see the items intermixed. When I place the items in my cart the appropriate discount was applied automatically.

    I’ve used both the app on my IPhone and my computer at work and haven’t had any issues either time. I use Google chrome at work and plain Google on my phone. I will mention that i couldn’t find the sale on my own without the link at first. To solve that I simply typed “Fall Clearance” in the search bar in my app and a list of items came up. There was no indication that they were the sale items but each time I placed an item in my cart the discount did apply. I hope this helps the people having trouble! 😊

    • I forgot to mention, I am not an ACE, just a regular member and I was able to purchase again this morning. Thanks! 🙂

    • I’m glad you got it to work properly. I used Chrome on a desktop and regular access to my birchbox account on my tablet. Neither would apply the discount automatically at checkout. I’ve tried through the MSA link and through typing Fall Clearance in the birchbox search bar. I was able to properly select items into my cart every time, but no discount applied. I purchase from birchbox frequently with discount codes. This us the first time it has not worked. I’m weary of trying on this sale.

  8. MSA: Your posts says “Now through 930…”. Old sale somehow got reposted? Could you check the dates please?

  9. Is Alzheimer’s kicking in? I can’t find Fall Sale or Clearance anywhere on Birchbox. I tried using the app, then using web addresses. I am using an IOS device but I tried different browsers. Between this and Boxy’s Add On Sale that went like the Emperors New Clothes, I am not having much success finding any deals at all this week 😕.

  10. I shopped only the Fall Clearance section. NOTHING in my cart had the 60% discount applied. I’m an ACE, too. I expect to have better service from my Birchbox. Disappointing. Dumped the cart. Money saved this time. Time wasted.

  11. I rarely order from Birchbox because the 2 times I placed an order in the past 2 years, I had issue with either placing the order or not receiving correct GWP and their CS one of the worst out there. This time around, I have again problem placing the order yesterday: kept receiving error message that some items were not available, but would not show which item(s) exactly. So I wasted over half an hour removing item by item and tried checking out and then adding other, same error message so I gave up and I thought I would try reaching CS today to see. And of course all my items are now showing full price. That’s really great!
    What a waste of time.

  12. Birchbox charged me the full price of my order at check out, even though it showed me the discounted price. Now I’m trying to reach out to cancel or get a refund, but no one is giving me a solution. I’m really mad!

    • Do not blame you. Good luck!

    • Same thing with me. I’m waiting on a call back!😡

    • It’s all been fixed now, apparently. After reaching out PERSISTANTLY (since nobody seemed eager to sort this out), I got my money back and the order has been cancelled. Regadless, this experience was too displeasing and I don’t feel like placing my order again. Or ever. How naive of me to think Birchbox could do something right for once.

  13. Is the 60% over? The page doesn’t come up 🙁

    • Hi, Maria! The sale is still on. You may want to try a different web browser to see if that works for you. 🙂

      • Thanks – it has a “60% off” statement now!

      • Still not working on multiple browsers. Just shows the same error page over and over. Is this actually a sale or just a mixup?

  14. Msa- do you know the actual end date for this sale? The above date says 9/30. Thank you!

  15. Mine worked! Though when i added a sample pack it got rid of the 60% off so i gave up and ordered. I got the Davines powder, Fabme set and Kiehl’s micellar water for 32 something. Great deal!

  16. I did two separate orders of a bunch of stocking stuffers and they wound up costing about $16 each, each one with the 2 mystery samples and then a mystery Birchbox with $50 purchase total before discounts. They had a few other GWP options but I’m on primer overload and a total sucker for a mystery!

    Order 1 had a $90 RV + Mystery Birchbox and 2 Mystery Samples
    Order 2 had an $82 RV + Mystery Birchbox and 2 Mystery Samples

    So over $200 worth of product for $32 which is crazy impressive!!!

    • Some items in the 60% off category are definitely only coming up 30% off. Not going through the aggravation of chasing sales that are wrong.

    • Wow what coupon code is is that?

    • Can I ask if your items arrived, and if so whether the mystery boxes were there? The way my shipping confirmation looks, it doesn’t show the mystery box as a line-item.

      Normally I wouldn’t panic, but I received my first box today (where I ordered just a full size fragrance + added a sample cologne pack with the SCENT3 promo) and the shipping confirmation didn’t show the sample pack…. and sure enough, it wasn’t in the box! And it definitely was in my cart because I took a screenshot.

      So I have another box coming with more beauty items items which I added the MYSTERY code to… and I’m just looking for guidance or even hope of getting the mystery box here 🙂 TIA!

      • Don’t panic! 🙂 I actually did panic at first and emailed them because just like you said, my mystery box/GWP wasn’t showing up on ANY of my 7 orders on my confirmation email, invoice, or anywhere else other than my cart when I checked out. But every single order arrived with my GWP even though it wasn’t listed on the invoice. I got the brush set, three mystery boxes, a rosy pits deodorant, the This Works Deep Sleep bath soak (before it sold out) and an eyeliner. So don’t worry, your GWP should be included even though it is not listed.

        I will mention though that my 2 piece sample that came with every order had a Dr. Lipp’s miracle balm in it as one of the items! So now I have 7 of those! That is fine by me though because I LOVE that stuff and use it every night at bed so I was actually pretty happy. The other items I got were an Acure White Willow sheet mask, a Tati LOC lipstick, a regular LOC lipstick, a LOC eyeshadow single (very pretty color!), and a Purlisse sheet mask. I got a repeat of the sheet masks twice so I have 2 each of those now. I have been very pleased with everything and I am making my FINAL purchase today (I swear, LOL 🙂 )

      • Thanks for responding!
        Unfortunately my box came and 1) no mystery box included and 2) one of the items was completely dried out and gross!
        I am planning to send multiple items back because I’m pretty disappointed … I will keep the “steals” but definitely 3-4 are going back on principle.

  17. I didn’t have any problems with my order – managed to replace a stolen bottle of Hollywood Royal (not a joke, someone broke into my house and, among other things, stole all of my perfume) and get a bourbon gift set for my husband, a mystery sample pack, and thisworks bath soak for less than $40 after applying points. Thanks, MSA!

    • Happy you were able to replace that perfume at a fraction of the cost. So sorry your house was broken into…wth is wrong with people, if you want something, work don’t steal. Damn!😲

    • BeccaA, you are not alone, i was broken into and alone with–many–other items they stole over $1500 of perfume; some nearly empty bottles. ?!? who does this? why? are they re-selling them? gifting them? and just who wants these? i am so sorry you had to deal with that. people are [email protected]#$%$#s. glad you replaced something though. i’m rebuilding a very small collection.

      • I was totally puzzled about it, too! Many of my bottles were mostly empty. The thief was clearly on drugs (we have some camera footage); my hypothesis is that he saw the words “Black Opium” and got confused…

  18. The “no checkout” thing might be a web glitch if you were able to add the item(s) to your cart in the first place. Try chatting or requesting a call to see if they can place the same order via the back end.

  19. Anyone else having issues? I tried several times to place an order but got multiple errors and I thought the orders never went through. However, I got a confirmation email that was not itemized. I checked the site and it is what I was trying to order, however, I was charged full price!!!

    So just a heads up for all of you 🙂

  20. It won’t let me check out.

    • Happened to me too. I just deleted one item at a time and then added it back until one item said it was out of stock (Amika and brush set). Then I could check out.

  21. Something is definitely wonky about the sales and coupon codes. Some of the items in the 60% off section are coming off 30% off (and I test a pricey perfume listed on the page, and nothing came off at checkout). Sometimes an additional 30% off for Aces is added. Not sure what is going on!

    • So I reached out to CS, and they said they can manually adjust the discount after purchase. I did so and got the Bobbi Brown for 60% off 🙂

      • I’m trying to get the Bobbi Brown foundation and am having that problem.

      • Same problem, no discount applied for the foundation stick

  22. I just put what I wanted (from the Fall Clearance section) and the 60% showed up as a discount already applied to my total. End result… $241 for $111, not a bad day of shopping..
    And much better than Boxy for others that wanted goodies……

    • It’s only giving me a 30% discount on all items under their fall clearance section….I keep checking back but its not changing

  23. How do we find out how long the sale goes? I couldn’t see anything on the site and post says 9/30

    • Also wondering this

  24. Just got two of the full-size herbivore rose quartz body oils for a grand total of $38! Also was able to add on my mystery sample pack and a full size this works salt soak as my GWP. STOKED- two people I love now have really nice Christmas presents

  25. It’s not giving me the discount either, one item was 30% off and the other was full price. Will check again later.

  26. Won’t let me check out. Says not all products available in the requested quantity. I only have single items. Checked and they are still in stock. What a waste of my time.

    • Fixed. I deleted one item at a time until I found the out of stock item that was keeping my order from processing.

  27. Thank you for the notice! Snagged a full-size Liz Earle cleanser with two muslin cloths for a grand total of $9.17. I wasn’t going to do it if they charged me for shipping (I’m not an Ace), but they didn’t. I had the zero-dollar shipping option.

    (Anyone else notice how the Liz Earle brand babbles about being “natural” but the cleanser smells really “medical”? No matter – I like it.)

    • How did you get free shipping?

      • Never mind, I figured it out. Free was on of the shipping options.

  28. My favorite primer is normally $45 and came up $19. I’m not even close to running out yet, but it was too good to pass up.

  29. I second that. Particularly for the Bobbi Brown foundation stick. Discount is only 30%.

    • When I add the Bobbi Brown foundation stick to my cart it’s full price lol

    • It seems that only certain shades are discounted.

  30. This post says now through 9/30. Maybe that’s why there was no 60% off.

  31. FYI, I tried this and the discount is only showing 30% in my cart though the page displays 60%

    • Make sure you are in the clearance section and not in the sale section.

      • I am. The top of the page says 60% off but the items in my cart say 30.

      • Oh, okay. Some did work for me at 60, but the BobbiBrown mentioned above was only 30.

      • Yeah, I chose the Bobbi Brown and all my other selections still showed 30% off too despite being on that 60% page :/

        Ah well, guess my wallet is safe!

      • It seems like even in the clearance section only certain shades are clearance, some are just on sale, and some are full price. I tried several products with multiple options, and in each one if I added different colors, there were different levels of discount. So I started adding one item at a time, checking the cart, making sure that the color that was want had the sixty percent discount, and if not, deleting then.

      • Yes, I think that is the only way to do it. 2 of my items showed up full price, so I deleted them from my cart and reached out to customer service to see if those items are indeed on sale or not.

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