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Kinder Beauty x Plantioxidants: The Generation Collection Available Now!


Kinder Beauty Box has a Limited Edition Box available now!

In celebration of Kinder Beauty co-founder Daniella Monet’s beautiful new baby, Plantioxidants founder, Josh Wadinski, has put together this fully organic, sustainable skincare set!

Now you can take care of yourself while also taking care of the planet for future generations!

The Box: Kinder Beauty x Plantioxidants : The Generation Collection

The Cost: $38 plus free US shipping

The Products:  

  • Plantioxidants Toning Essence ($95.00 value)
  • Plantioxidants Hydration Treatment ($85.00 value)
  • Plantioxidants Brightening Eye Cream ($75.00 value)
  • Plantioxidants Reparative Serum ($110.00 value)

Are you going to grab a Kinder Beauty x Plantioxidants: The Generation Collection Box?

If you’re interested in the subscription:

The Subscription Box: Kinder Beauty Box

The Cost$24.00 a month + free US shipping, $22/month for a 3 month subscription, $19.95/month for a 6 month subscription.

Coupon: Use code MSA_KINDER to get a free bonus item with your first box!

The Products: Over $65 value of 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free products including skincare, haircare, makeup, and other accessories.

Ships to: US & Worldwide

Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

Check out our reviews of Kinder Beauty Box to learn more about this subscription.

Kinder Beauty Box

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Comments (51)

  1. I got my box last night! It was packaged really nicely and nothing was leaking or anything. The smell reminds me of the Elemis superfood products. The mask was surprisingly thin and tingly (was not expecting the peppermint extract), and my face is a bit tacky after all the products even after it should have dried down. I think it’s better for PM even though the products say to use both AM and PM

  2. Dang so busy at work didn’t get back to this.. SOLD OUT.. oh well, not for me.

    • Look at it this way…you saved $38 (plus tax)!

      • I know.. I should be happy about that… instead I bought the Viserart Dark Edit mini palette… .. I blame Boxycharm because I never was palette obsessed before I subscribed to them. I’m thinking of resubbing this month.. We will see. I surely need more eyeshadow and skin care.

  3. Hi MSA,

    Since it seems like you may have a pseudo-business relationship with Kinder (I see that boxes are sent to MSA for review), for everyone’s peace of mind (both for us non-subscribers that have purchased this box and for those that would like to, but don’t want to subscribe), can you reach out to Kinder to confirm whether the purchase of this LE box will start a subscription? Maybe they’ll respond quicker to you/MSA than to us. 🙂


    • Second it!

    • I posted a similar message earlier but it doesn’t appear to be visible … you can go to FAQ – “How do I change email address” and find a link to the login page. I only see a one-off purchase on the Order History page and nothing under Subscriptions – meaning this purchase does not start a subscription.

      • Haha…I also did the same thing & it doesn’t appear.

    • Hi Luna! I checked the information on their website and would say this does start the subscription. They usually have at least one “one-off” box available for purchase (i.e. Spring Collection, Summer Collection) through the year which would not begin a subscription.

      • Thanks for replying MSA. I know based on the verbiage on their site it states it will start a subscription, but I was wondering if MSA could actually reach out to Kinder via email to confirm if that’s true. As mentioned in earlier comments, there may be a chance that they just copied the verbiage (or rather didn’t omit the verbage) for when one purchases a subscription onto the order form for this one-time box…. sort of like how Glossybox does on their LE boxes…. when a Glossybox LE box is purchased there’s a statement that by submitting the order the purchaser is starting a subscription, but that’s not true…. and I (along with other purchasers of the box) were wondering if that’s not true with Kinder too. Do you think maybe someone at MSA can contact someone at Kinder to confirm? 🙂

      • Yes, I will contact them now. Sorry about this!

      • Thanks Liz! 🙂 Like Tarrah said below, I also emailed them yesterday, and got the same reply (which I figured was what they’d say), so all’s good!

      • I emailed them and this was their response:
        “ I’m sorry for the confusion, you haven’t been signed up for a subscription, you’ll only receive the Plantioxidants Collection and you won’t be billed again in the future. ”

      • Hi there! Andrew from Kinder Beauty here. Sorry for the confusion!! To answer your question, purchasing the one-off Plantioxidants Collection will NOT start a subscription. It’s a completely separate, non-recurring purchase.

        Also, worth noting, our subscribers had a 24-hour head start vs. non-subscribers to take advantage of the Plantioxidants Collection offer.

        Just sayin’!

      • Andrew, thank you for clarifying it. I got e-mail from Javier yesterday and he confirmed same thing. Now I wish I got a second box 🙁

      • Thank you for responding! Very excited to receive this box!

  4. Be sure to read the fine print before you click the place order on this. If you do, you’re agreeing on an automatic subscription renewal (if you’re a former subsciber), or you’re becoming a subscriber, with an immediate charge to your card for that in addition to this $38 purchase. Why do companies play these games?! I was going to purchase yesterday, got an early email, until I saw the disclaimer on the order page.

    • I just checked my account, and I’ve only been charged for this LE box… so far, and I have never subscribed to Kinder.

      • I’m glad you had success with a one-off order. Others did not have that same success and were charged for a subscription, and then had to cancel.

      • Dang, that’s too bad 🙁 what a hassle. They must have fixed their site by the time I ordered.

      • Was thinking if people used the code in the post “Coupon: Use code MSA_KINDER to get a free bonus item with your first box!” this may have started a subscription? I didn’t start a subscription with my purchase using code WELCOME5. Looks like this is the same company as Facetory and they have wonderful customer service, just tell them you didn’t mean to start a subscription and they will refund you.

      • Iris, this is not true. Purchasing the one-off collection runs through a completely separate billing system from Kinder Beauty’s subscription plans. We haven’t heard of anyone mistakenly being charged for a subscription when they purchased the Plantioxidants Collection or Fall Collection. The only way this could seem to happen would be if you somehow signed up for a subscription thinking you were buying the Plantioxidants Collection.

        And if that’s the case, I’m certain our support team helped you out with this error as quickly as possible.

  5. I ordered and it says that it started the subscription. Kind of annoyed with it. Happy with the purchase, but now have to deal with headache to cancel the subscription.

    • Nice catch. I didn’t notice that verbage before hitting Place Order. I emailed them to confirm whether I truly did sign up for a subscription in addition to this box, and to let them know my intent was to only purchase this one-time box. We’ll see what they have to say. 🙂 I wonder though if it’s just carryover verbage for when people actually do purchase a subscription… like how Glossybox has when a LE box is purchased. It always says you’re starting a subscription, but that’s not true.

      • Luna, I hope so. I e-mail them as well, because when I went to their web site, I cannot see where is my profile, where I can cancel the subscription or where I can remove my credit card. The website is bare bones, I dont even see where I can log in.

    • Btw, do you see a way to log into your Kinder account? I wanted to log in just to double check, but I didn’t see an Account Log In link.

      • Nope, there is nothing. No log in, no profile, nothing! So frustrating. I wish I did not order it. Very shady.

      • Sometimes I’ll see three little horizontal lines flash for a sec in the upper left corner of the screen, and I’m pretty sure that’s the menu that would show where we could log in, but it disappears after being up for a nano-second. I tried other browsers, but it still flashes, then nothing. Definitely a site glitch.

        I’m not regretting buying this box… I just should have been more careful with reading the text right above the Purchase Order button, so if I’m subscribed for this month or the next month, I’ll just eat it due to my own oversight…. although of course I’d still prefer to only get this box…. however… even after thinking about it, I may have still bought this box even knowing I was subscribing because this box is such a great deal, and it’s a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while, plus I’ve thought Kinder’s boxes have been pretty decent in general… but again, ideally I’d only like to get this box. 🙂 However, what I would love most is to be able to log in to my account! lol

      • Luna, go to their FAQ page and click on how to change my e-mail account and password ( https:// kinderbeauty. com/ account/login) – remove the spaces. it will take you to your account. I click on “manager subscription” then go to “subscription”. When I do it I do not see that I have active subscription, which makes me feel little bit better 🙂

      • Ya, I kind of figured it doesn’t start a subscription. 🙂 Just make sure to still monitor your account to be sure they don’t charge you sometime this month or next month… just in case. 🙂

      • You can go to FAQ – “How do I change my account email address / password?” and find the log in link there. I see the order under my purchase history, but nothing under subscriptions. I think this is a one-time purchase and does not start a subscription.

      • I think all three of us are in the same confusing place. I also sent them an email after reading the comment about it. In theory it shouldn’t start a sub because I’m pretty sure their “Collection” boxes (like the Fall Collection that’s still available) don’t. Luna, I’m hoping you’re right and it’s just an oversight. As for logging in, I’m baffled. Once my order was placed it said something about confirming my account setup but when I tried it said I was already registered. So I left the site then went back to it through my confirmation email and looked everywhere and couldn’t find a way to access my account. I’m guessing they’re a really small company and their website isn’t fully formed yet.

      • I also emailed to ask about whether it started a membership and how to go about cancelling if I don’t want to be charged next month. Haven’t gotten a response yet, but hopefully it’s a simple fix or just a miscommunication that buying this box started a membership.

      • Maybe it’s just me being the optimist, but I think it’s just a miscommunication, and that it’s like how Glossybox has their order page when ordering their LE boxes.

      • go to FAQ and select “how to change my e-mail account and password” there is link to log into your account (MSA blocked it in my previous comment)

      • After reading these comments, being one who didn’t read the fine print about this starting a subscription, I checked my order too.
        Couldn’t find anywhere where I can login into my account. I checked FAQ & found this link: under the tab “How do I change my account email address/password?” and managed to login into my account.
        The account has 3 tabs: Subscriptions / Billing information / Purchase history
        In FAQ where they show the screenshot sample of the Subscription tab in account, there’s some details about the subscription type & auto renew thing.
        And when I check my ‘Subscription’ tab, it’s empty. I only saw my purchase in the ‘Purchase History’ tab, so hopefully it’s a one-time box.

      • Thanks for all of the log in tips! 🙂

    • And they charged you immediately for that subscription.

      • Did you get charged?
        I saw FAQ about they charge subscription on 8th of the month, but my CC only get charged for this box. I never had subscription with them though…
        I managed to login through account login link I found in FAQ & didn’t see anything in the Subscription tab.

  6. I need to stop checking out MSA every day because I keep getting tempted!! I definitely don’t need any more skincare for at least a year but I couldn’t pass up this deal.

  7. Used code welcome5 for $5 off for new customers

    • It keeps telling me that’s an invalid code but I am a new customer. I just created a new account and everything. What a shame.

  8. I ordered the Fall box from them on September 25. On October 2 they created a shipping label. Today, October 7, the label finally shows that the package moved away from their warehouse. Order this deal and get it by Thanksgiving!

    • The website said: “ships the week of 10/21”, so it might.
      But I order anyway since I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while 😊

  9. I got one! I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while, and seeing one of these products as a spoiler in a recent box really had me considering subbing. This is such a great value, and I’m really looking forward to trying everything in this box! 🙂

  10. I’m so excited for this box! I skipped September’s and regretted it after reading Abby’s review.

  11. This looks amazing. I love green tea in skincare and they all have hyaluronic acid. Great value for $38. I’m all in.

  12. Couldn’t resist…. ordered one…

  13. Wait…are these full sizes? $38 for $365 worth of products? If so, what a deal! I don’t need any of these products currently, or even for another year or two probably, but if that value is correct I can’t pass it up.

    • I would also like to know if these are full size. They look like it in the photo, but I’m curious if that’s just for the picture or if we actually get full size items for all of these. It seems too good to be true.

      • It says in the description: 365$ worth of vegan, clean, eco friendly, and cruelty free beauty… for just 38$. The values next to each item are for the full size also. I’m expecting them to all be full sized items too.

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