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Jeffree Star Halloween Mystery Boxes Available Now!

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Halloween Mystery Boxes are available now!

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is offering a limited edition Halloween Mystery Box available in 3 tiers. Each tier contains different items ranging from cosmetics to accessories to apparel. Additionally they will all feature at least one exclusive cosmetic only available in these mystery boxes!


To answer a wide range of questions, this is a true Mystery Box, meaning there is no choice of what comes in them. Also because of the extreme discount on these products there are NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES.

The Box: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Halloween Boxes

The Cost: $40 for the Premium Box, $75 for the Deluxe Box, $160 for the Supreme Box

The Products:

  • Premium Box – 4 items including 1 exclusive mystery cosmetic item
  • Deluxe Box – 8 items including 1 exclusive mystery cosmetic item
  • Supreme Box – 13 items including 1 exclusive mystery cosmetic item

Are you grabbing a box? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. I got my $40 box and its awesome! I missed out on the other big boxes and need to move faster next time. But this is what I got:

    1. Mini Jawbreaker pallet (already have it but that is awesome for the lowest price box)
    2. First Class Velour Liquid Lipstick (beautiful gold and I believe you can use it as an eyeshadow)
    3. Lip Ammunition in Glazed (A gorgeous rose gold tube lipstick, which I already own) and
    4. Soul Sucker Velour Lipstick (A deep purple, glitter lipstick – which I cannot wait to try this week for Halloween). I am guessing this is one of the mystery Halloween items.

    The value is definitely there. For me, sadly I already have two of the 4 items, but I can attest these are wonderful items. I just have some awesome gifts for someone lucky!

    This was way better than some of the other mini mystery boxes I have seen in the past.

  2. Are we able to swap items from these boxes on the swap site? I ordered a small and medium and they’re both coming with a mini Jawbreaker palette that I already own and would love to swap at least one of them but I can’t find a way to load it.

  3. Just got my 160.00 box!! Wow! I’m blown away with how many amazing items are in this!
    -Got a neon yellow Track suite (top and bottoms)
    -Velour liquid lipstick in *Zombie Kiss* (I’m sure this is made for this box)
    -Whole complete set of “Love me. Love me not” set of red lippies!
    -The mini Jawbreaker palette
    -Supreme Frost in Caramel Kiss
    -Velour lip scrub in Cucumber mint
    -Velour liquid lipstick in Venus fly trap
    -Velour lip liner in Blue velvet
    -Lip Ammunition in Yummy
    -Prom Night Star record (w/Prom Night and Prom Night remix)
    -Orange and black hand mirror
    -Orange reusable metal straw & cleaning brush

    Overall, for the $$$$, full sized products, this was sooo worth it! So glad I decided to try a JS Mystery box 🙂

    • My order hasn’t even shipped yet 🥺. I’m so excited to get it!

      I have had the Mini-breaker palette since a week before it launched. he had something that if you ordered it within 20 minutes, you could get it a week early. I absolutely love it. My favorite shade is oral. I use that and the Jawbreaker palette everyday.

      That sounds great! I tried so hard to get the $160 box but ended up with the medium and small.

      • I got order confirmation email on 10/11, order processing email on 10/15, and an out for delivery email this morning 10/17. Delivered by UPS… I think is who rang my doorbell

    • oops, typo meant *Tracksuit

  4. first time buy the box and check out was no problem with me got on at 11:58 and got the #2#3 boxes just a 2 min wait while the page was fixing its self. couldn’t complain but cant wait to get my mystery box.

  5. Ive never had an issue get a mystery box until today. Its common knowledge it usually releases a few minutes early so I started checking 3 minutes before and there they were. I put a supreme and deluxe in my cart double and hop over to checkout. I usually get the thanks for waiting you are in line to checkout page for a minute at the latest and checkout in 2 minutes. Well it just kept spinning and spinning, Paypal wasnt even loading on their page. By the time it was my turn 15 minutes later (ugh) Supreme sold out. To be honest I will be mega salty if it includes a palette or something really good but his boxes have been just ok in the past so Im guessing it will be just like all the past ones with just a small switchup in product. Ill just settle for the deluxe and hope its cool.

    • It has happened to me twice with the mystery boxes. I do the same as you, start refreshing 3 minutes before lunch time. I had everything in my cart and ready to go and the traffic on the site is so heavy that it bogs down. I only wait 3 minutes or so and it tells me that the biggest Bach was out of stock. This is the second time now that this has happened to me and I am so upset LOL. I do agree that the price point was pretty high this time. Last time, they were $25, $40, and $75, so this time I just got a small and a medium. Both of those will end up having just one item short of what the big box would and it’s a good bit less money. I’m just not sure what the items were going to be. I’m not sure though but I don’t believe that he ever puts palettes in his mystery boxes. It does surprise me though that he does not order more to be available in certain sizes because he knows how fast they sell. even though I don’t get to choose what’s in the boxes, I like that because it’s kind of like Christmas LOL. I never wore lipstick before and when I got the last mystery boxes, I ended up with four liquid lips and one liquid ml and I fell in love. I also got a liquid Frost, which is fantastic, along with popsockets. I definitely think that it’s a very good value. I can’t wait to get mine but it doesn’t even show that mine has shipped yet. I know that there have been fires and such over in the area and I believe the internet was down as well, which means no shipping.

      • I have never tried any of his products, but am intrigued by all the hype. What are his products like (extremely buttery and blend able, etc.??).

      • All of the boxes had the Mini-breaker palette, so I got two, and I had one already. I also got a small and a medium. The small ended up being $82 (I think) worth of product and the medium $161 so I am NOT mad at all.

        The products are absolutely worth it!! Blendable completely, and awesome colors. Even the liquid lips that I never thought I would wear, I do… Bright orange glittery, frosted purple, black with glitter, etc. I’m amazed at colors that I never thought I’d wear I do.

        I LOVE mystery boxes for that reason. I try stuff I never would buy myself

      • All of the boxes had the Mini-breaker palette, so I got two, and I had one already. I also got a small and a medium. The small ended up being $82 (I think) worth of product and the medium $161 so I am NOT mad at all.

  6. will it have Taco Bell in it lol

    • Yassss!!!!!

  7. I decided to pass this time. Delux and Supreme boxes have clothes in it, and I definitely not wearing JS clothes. I have all his pallets. Last mystery box I dot green highlighter, still has not touched it. Two of three lipsticks were unwearable colors for me. Also, I do not do lip scrub, and seems like it is very popular product and often show up in mystery boxes.
    Happy and proud of myself!

    • I had the same issue last time I bought his mystery box. I got 3 different shades of bright &baby pinks I’d never wear. They are still up for sale-untouched on Poshm*rk. I told myself never again would I buy a mystery box. I own a good bit of his stuff and love it. Just cannot do pinks of any sort. I’ll just buy directly the products I want and avoid this whole hassle.

      • I would love for either one of you to get in touch with me about any items that you did not like out of your previous mystery boxes. I would definitely be interested in possibly purchasing them. I can be found on Facebook since I can’t post my email address here. I can tell you that I have blue hair so that can give you an indication of who I am if you’re searching for me. I am definitely interested in finding out what you have and possibly getting it.
        Stephanie Fink

      • I have an extra Mini Jawbreaker and an extra Thirsty palette.

      • Apparently I’m getting two more Mini-breaker palettes since I ordered a small and medium and I already have one. If there is a Thirsty palette in one of them, I will have one too.

  8. Just bought the supreme box using the Afterpay option 😍

    • Me too! Super excited! 🤗🎃🍁😱

  9. Welp that was short lived. I was going to get the supreme but 2 and 3x sold out before I could get to checkout. I was excited to get it because I like JS and have none of his stuff but I def don’t need more makeup. And it loaded slow as it did because I’m on 3G at the vet about to spend $1200 on my fur baby so logically it’s probably good it sold out I was just hoping for some retail therapy to cheer me up.

    Gratz to everyone who got one. Can’t wait to see spoilers and maybe swap for my first JS stuff.

    • Hope your fur baby gets well soon!

    • Hope your fur baby gets well soon!!!

    • This is the second time in a row that I was not able to get the biggest box. It was in my shopping cart within 30 seconds of them being available and by the time the site got me to check out, they were sold out. They definitely need to have more of them available and I don’t think it’s just the 2X and 3X. Because when I went back she would pick the biggest box again, nothing was available. So I just got a medium and a small box this time.

  10. My first time buying a JS mystery box

  11. That supreme box looks fun. Too salty for me considering I don’t know what’s in it.

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