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Ipsy October 2019 Add-Ons Available Now!

The October 2019 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, or Glam Bag Ultimate subscription.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ipsy Add-Ons:

Add-Ons are available for 24 hours!

You have to reveal your glam bag spoilers to gain access to Add-Ons. To access add-ons, visit or the ipsy mobile app for your monthly Spoiler Alert. Once you complete the Spoiler Alert, you will see a selection of products that can be added to your bag. Select the products you’d like, confirm your order, and the products will ship with your glam bag

You may choose up to 5 add-on products per month. These items will be added to your glam bag or glam bag plus shipment. And shipping is free!

The Add-Ons will be a small selection of products, some of which are from that month’s Glam Bag assortment. Sample-sized products at $3 each. Full-size products are $12

Here are the Add-Ons!

Full Size ($12 each):

Deluxe Samples ($3 each):

Which add-ons did you pick?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!


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Comments (57)

  1. If you have the Glam bag plus and regular glam bag can you get 5 add ons for each? Or only 5 total? Does anyone know thanks!

  2. I really wanted to get the Farmacy because it’s such a deal but I still have a sample size to use up as well as a million other cleansers. I talked myself out of it but now feel like I’ve made a mistake!

  3. So, Ipsy themselves labeled the lipstick and masks as deluxe samples? Meanwhile telling their Ultimate Customers they’re full-sized?


  4. I am so thrilled about the add on options this month. I paused my Plus and only did the Glam bag and HATE what they chose for me but my add ons made me so happy. My husband is going to be so upset after what I did with the FabFitFun edit sale haha.

    • Haha me too! Alhough, I did tell my hubby about the edit sale in advance and that there were presents but it was also predicated on my saying I had canceled almost all of my subs; which is true, atm, I only have FFF and reg Ipsy but then I did the add-ons and worse still I bought Uggs and a purse and a few more things from Nordstrom Rack so, hmmm..

      • Nordstrom rack doesnt count!!! That’s what i tell myself anyway. Plus the reward program with their credit card is great.

      • Hehehh, well at least with Nordstrom Rack the items that don’t pass muster can go back, so that certainly helps. And yes, their cc rewards are awesome. I keep telling myself, one of these days, I’m going to use that tailoring credit too.

    • Lol about the edit! I used the ‘Christmas gifts’ ploy.

  5. I’m in Canada and I go in through the app every 2nd of the month around 7:45 EST. I’ve never had a problem accessing the add ons and this morning I got the full size Farmacy cleansing balm, Dr. Brandt exfoliating product and first aid pads. No issues ever.

    • Congrats. I’m in the US, go into the app on the 2nd of the month at the same time, and it’s entirely hit or miss if I’ll see the add-ons. I try the direct link and every other thing, but still no.

      I got in around 4pm today and the stuff I wanted was gone. End of the world? No. End of my subscription? Yep.

  6. I added the Soo AE eye mask to my regular and GBP, so I’ll be receiving four masks. Love using cooling masks on hot days… and this one supposedly looks like a panda 😁

    Was tempted to add the Jules lipgloss set, but I saw the list of ingredients and it was made in China, so I passed.

  7. Why cant we do the add ons?????????
    I have been trying since 9am and it is now 2:04 pm

    • It is now almost 8 p.m. mountain time and I still have no email from ipsy… I feel as though I should cancel my subscription they do not act in good faith on my part every month and I just don’t feel like this is the kind of business I want to do business with.

  8. I have been trying do add on’s since 9am this morning!!!!!!!
    I have tried on my laptop and on my phone.
    I am so over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is not fair. Because by the its fixed there will be nothing left.

  9. I have been trying to get add ons since 6 am central time and haven’t been able to get ANYTHING. I am so upset 😭😭

  10. Ipsy needs to fix their website issues. This has been a problem since they started doing add ons. I got on right at 9 est and was able to see my reveal and add my add ons. I made sure to get on as soon as add ons went live because in my experience, if you don’t get on right as soon as it goes live, then it might take all day once the website gets bogged down.

    • what doesn’t make sense is I got on at 7:45am est and was able to see mine and pick my add on’s. It’s weird it was open early for some and still not open at all for others. Trying to control the flow to their website maybe?

    • Yes, I think you are right. This has happened to me 2 months in a row, and yes, it happened when I logged in later than 6 AM PST. One month, I just couldn’t see my add ons until late afternoon and of course, the hot items were gone.
      It’s so frustrating that we, on the West Coast, are always penalized by some companies that operate with Eastern time. I mean, come on, why not set a reasonable time for the people on the West Coast? Like 8 AM PST at the soonest, which is 11 AM EST, that way everyone can get in.
      6 AM to start buying beauty products seems so nut and unreasonable.
      On the same note, the West Coast got penalized for voting on TV shows too: we can never vote on live shows like The Voice, voting are always already closed for us when the show is on air, how fair is this? If we want to have a vote count, we need to remember to get on our app and vote for a candidate before we even view their performance? How silly is this?
      Sorry, this is not Beauty subscription, but I needed to vent re timing.

  11. Well I can’t access any add-ons and my choices haven’t been revealed. This is the second time in a month…last straw.

    • Did you try the mobile App also? Sometimes one site will work even if the other isn’t.

      Sorry to everyone who can’t access their bags and add-ons properly, that really stinks! I feel for you.

      • I tried everything. Direct link. Mobile app, browser on a laptop. Nothing. Got in at 4pm CST and the stuff I wanted was gone. Now my subscription will be gone.

  12. I still can’t see the contents of my GBP (I just re-activated it yesterday, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it), so I took a chance with a couple full-size add ons for my GB in case they aren’t in my GBP. I chose:

    Labratories Filorga Optim-Eyes Eye Contour Cream
    Biorace L’eau Treatment Serum
    Derma E Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer
    Aphrodite Skincare Olive Oil Deep Cleansing Face Mask

    I’m regretting a bit not adding the Purlisse serum too. Hopefully it’ll be in my GBP.

    • I don’t think the items you chose are options for GBP this month so you should be good. Hopefully you get the Purlisse serum though and everything works out!

      • Oooh, thanks LB! Fingers crossed 🙂

  13. Only did Glam bag this month. Getting:

    AMELIORATE Smoothing Body Exfoliant, BASIC BEAUTY Jelly Blush in It’s October 3rd, BETTY BOOP™ Blink and Wink Mascara, CROWN BRUSH CB202 Pro Chisel Fluff & Precision Crease Brush & BELIF The True Cream – Aqua Bomb (my pick)

    Added on: THEBALM COSMETICS What’s the Tea?® Hot Tea Palette
    JULES SMITH Power Gloss Duo in Namaste All Day and Serene Queen
    KVOSSNYC Raspberry Lip Treatment (Wish I could have got more of this)
    BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY Butter Lip & Cheek Balm in Peach Blush
    DERMA E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum

    Super excited about my add-ons, hope they all arrive and intact. Doing it like this I get less retail value than if I had kept my Plus this month but I love all my picks and if I had had to add them on to a lackluster offering I would have spent way more and been kinda unhappy. If Ipsy would get back to better personalization, everyone would be happier and probably still spend money on add-ons.

  14. I don’t like my plus bag items this month and will most likely gift them but I did score the Dr. Brandt add on. I really wanted the ultimate bag but couldn’t justify $50 and now I’m happy I stuck with plus.

  15. I only snagged the sigma e25. Talked myself out of getting the farmacy green clean because I have more than enough oils/balms right now. Disappointed that the murad aha/bha cleanser wasn’t offered.

  16. I don’t have them yet! What gives? ,*Pout*

  17. Purlisse Brightening was also a choice on th 12.00 I bought the Farmacy melting balm but my finger hovered over the Purlisse.
    I am just not real thrilled with this months choices.

  18. The only thing I added on was the Private Doctor serum. I was bummed because I wanted the Kaleido eye shadow & the Space Case highlighter… but in the OTHER shades Ipsy sent out this month! I wonder why they only put 1 shade of each in add-ons?!

  19. I’m just about over the add on thing. Every month I’m super excited to see them and get some stuff and it takes half the day for it to come available to me. I live is EST so I should be able to get it as soon as it goes live. Yet here it is 9:30 and I haven’t got the email invite yet nor does my ipsy app take me to my spoilers and then to the addons. I’ve even logged in through my normal internet browser and still nothing. I never get in until late in the afternoon at which point the stuff I want is already gone most of the time.
    I dont get why i can access them when they first come on. Super irritating.

    • Same here!! Its now 10:30 est and i still cant see the add ons. I have both ipsy regular and plus!! Ridiculous some people can see it at 4am and we still cant!

    • Discrimination… I am tired of being a bottom feeder

  20. Grabbed the Context Lipstick in Come Clean and the Betty Boop in Mauve It Baby.

  21. Cancelled GBU and stuck with the other two. I’m happy. Nothing I already have, both bags have completely different products in them, so that’s a plus. And I added on the IT cc cream, sigma brush, and The Balm palette. I’m pretty happy with my choice 🙂

    • I cancelled my ipsy glam bag ultimate right after I saw the spoilers and add ons. It’s just horrible. I’m going back to BoxyCharm.

      • LOL, same I cancelled my GBU as soon as those spoilers came out. I kept plus which I regret because I only like ONE ITEM. I’m waaaay happier with boxycharm been with them for 2 years

  22. Glam bag ultimate was absolutely horrible this month 🙁
    Out of the 12 products I like 3 of them so disappointed ☹️

    • I completely agree with you about GBU. I am so disappointed in Gram Bag Ultimate. It’s not worth the price unfortunately.

  23. Got the Sigma and crown brushes, as well as the First Aid Beauty radiance pads.

    • I didn’t see First aid Beauty radiance pads!

  24. I added the Farmacy and Tarte chrome pot in Park Ave Princess (just bought Martini from Sephora last week darn it!) and the sigma brush. My add ons are better than my bag!;)

  25. Thanks to an early AM doctors appointment, I scored the Farmacy and Dr. Brandt’s microdermabrasion exfoliator. I don’t usually do full-sized products, but $12 is a steal for those! I got the Farmacy product from Sephora Play! and loved it.

  26. It seems like I had more options to add on (like the Purlisse serum and Dr Brandt)…maybe because I skipped Plus this month. I ended up getting the Purlisse serum, the Optim-eyes (on a mission to find anything to help my dark circles and bags) and the Sigma eye brush.

    • Since MSA received those items in her bag, they don’t appear as add ons for her account.

      • I chose the FARMACY Green Clean as my GBU choice and then it showed up in my add-ons so I snaggged another one. I went to check my add-on for regular GB and there it was again.

  27. I’m on the east coast and saw them at 730. So the west coast people that wanted any chance of the few good things would need to be up at 4 to have a chance? I feel bad about that. They should do one set at different times for them. That brush will be long gone before they get up. Not really fair to our west coast buddies

    • I am west coast and was up at 4:15am. Took my time getting coffee and guess I shouldn’t have. Two of the add ons I see here and would have wanted were alrrady gone. Oh well, saves me money. Very considerate of you to think of us. Thanks.
      If they say 9am est… they should stick to then it’s at least 6am here.
      It is really not a good system they have.

      • I am just now checking and still see all of the addons as available that are posted on here. sometimes not everyone gets the same add on options which I do not love.

      • that’s when I said you guys actually can have the opportunity to do that because there’s so many of us who don’t even get an email regarding it until like almost 4 in the afternoon terrible

    • I set my alarm for 4:25 am on the second of every month. I’m in Arizona and have a serious case of fomo.

      • lmaoooo I’m in AZ too, I’m gonna have to start doing this.

    • Thank you for being considerate. It’s really sweet to read your positive post when so mant are negative. Much love in Alabama

  28. I just added the fair and light cc cream

  29. What a waste of $$ the ultimate bag is! The plus is just as bad this month, but at least it’s half the price.

    • I think the Plus is great this month. The only thing I would change is to take Betty off the bag.

      • Same here. Last months bag though I really like.

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