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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate November 2019 Choice Time!

ByMSAOct 23, 2019 | 101 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate
2.6 overall rating
211 Ratings | 10 Reviews

It’s time to pick one of the items for your November 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate!


Which product are you choosing for your November Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

Your November 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate may also include:

Trestique Bronzing Stick – $28

Juice Beauty Stem Cell Serum – $80

Wander Rush Palette – $25

Oribe Scalp Treatment – $48

IT Confidence In Cleanser – $28

In case you missed the previous Ipsy Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus, and Glam Bag Ultimate spoilers:


The Gigi Gorgeous collection officially launches in November and ipsters may receive products in their Glam Bag, Glam Bag Plus or Glam Bag Ultimate. 
Some of the items featured in the collection are:

  • Get Into It

  • The Gorgeous Contour Brush

  • The Sick Scult Bronzer Duo in Turnt & Extra

  • The Only Blush Duo in Authentic & Pride

And in case you missed it, here is the bag design for each subscription:

Ipsy Glam Bag, Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

What do you think of the spoilers?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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Tiffany Schmidt



I never got an email about that it is pick time. They did this again to me!!


I should always come here first! I wasn’t impressed but chose the Juice Beauty and bought an add on. Too late to skip now but those of you who did were smart. Not too inspired by the choices. I like Murad but I don’t like to use hydroquinone.


The Murad site says “without hydroquinone” about the spot treatment


My mistake I’m not sure what I was looking at on the site

Stacie L Strachan

I skipped the second I saw the spoilers!!! I am so sorry!


It’s not too late to skip.


I bought an add on though….can I still skip?


I picked the Murad because of the name brand, but now I am wondering if I made the choice. I am 25 and don’t really have dark spots. Is this something I ought to wear to prevent getting them in the future (like using sunscreen to prevent skin damage later) or is this used to address existing skin pigmentation? Should I just gift to my mother? Please weigh in!


The Murad serum is a spot treatment for existing discolorations or scars. It is not used preventatively. I would suggest you look into how hydroquinone is meant to be used before you begin applying it because it is not recommended that it be used for more than a couple of months at a time and that is the active ingredient in the Murad serum.


The blue series from Murad is good for any type of skin imperfections. The first time I used it, for example, I had some acne scars that were completely gone in a month.


looks like some pretty decent choice for U this month. too bad P is still terrible. i am glad they stepped up their game for U even though I would never pay $50 for a monthly box. I’d rather take my $ to sephora to get something I really want. I hope they won’t skim out on P to make U more attractive.


Am happy to be given the choice of the Murad rapid age spot corrector/serum. If I get it I will be happier with Ultimate. If I get some of the other items I’d like I will be HAPPY with my Ultimate bag. Especially considering it is free of charge for me. Thanks IPSY for doing better. At least in my eyes.

Dani G.

The Murad is what sold me. I wasn’t even signed up for Ultimate. I did sign up with tons of excitement when it first became available. But once the October spoilers were released I cancelled. I was incredibly disappointed with my Plus bag but I stayed subscribed until I could check out the spoilers for November. I definitely wasn’t impressed by any of them posted so far. Today when I logged on for Choice I felt even stronger about unsubscribing. I had already found the Ultimate spoilers MSA posted much more appealing but I didn’t think it was worth a $50 gamble after October’s disaster. But out of curiosity, after I selected my products for my regular and Plus bags I checked the choices for Ultimate and knew I had to risk it. I didn’t get the Murad when they had it in Plus (despite buying two to increase my chances) and I still really want it. I figured that alone costs over $50 so no matter what other crap they send me it’ll still be worth it. I was worried they wouldn’t let me choose since I waited until Choice opened to sign up but they did. In addition to pausing Plus I’m getting a free regular bag this month because of multiple issues with my subscriptions so that makes it easier to justify the price as well. I’m sure this next one will be better than October. Hopefully they learned from the tens of thousands complaints emailed to them and posted all over social media. In fact, it seems to me like they’re putting ALL their effort and best products in Ultimate and completely throwing Plus aside.


I didn’t have the Violet Voss as an option. Maybe I was too late and they ran out? I hope I end up getting it anyways.

I chose the Murad.


Yes, I saw someone on Reddit say that the VV palette “sold out”. You still could get it in your bag, though!


Canceled. Just not worth it for me to pay that much for items I don’t love.


Well this is a skip for me. I do not want anymore collab items (I’ve reached exhaustion on that front) unless it’s from someone I really love and connect with, but I don’t think Gwen Stefani will be doing any collabs in the near future. 🙂

Juice Beauty has been the most worthless brand for me, I’ve used so many of their products and nada, they’re lackluster. I don’t need another cleanser for pribably the next two years I have so many and the Murad I got in a recent box. The bags are another reason I decided to skip, I am not into animal print. This is the first time I’ve ever skipped an Ipsy in the many years I’ve been subscribed. Makes me kind of sad.

I would like the VV palette, but I can pick it up for $18 at Sephora and their sale is next month, so it’ll be another 20% off for me.

Laura C

I wish I could have selected all three skin care products. I chose IT Cosmetics because I have the full-sized cream. If they send me an eyeshadow palette, I would prefer the Wander Beauty.

I’m still waiting on my October Ultimate Glam Bag. It shipped on the 9th and just sat at the distribution center. I contacted customer service and they responded within a few hours.


I picked the Murad. The sub pays for itself right there. The rest is icing.


The Murad is $72 and I have been wanting to try it as I am older (56) so I am going to keep Ultimate for November. I didn’t receive my choice (The Farmacy Cleanser which I love) in my October bag and complained to Ipsy and they are going to send it to me. So for October I will get both the Farmacy and the Murad Cleanser which they accidentally sent – so even though the rest of the bag was Meh – I don’t feel like I was totally ripped off. The Betty Boop was crap, so I think subscribers views are clouded by how awful some of the products were, versus the fact that they do include premium brands like Murad and Farmacy.

Ipsy Plus and Ipsy for November look really good. I am super happy that Ipsy had IT Confidence in a Cream as a selection.

Ipsy Plus is still knocking it out of the park and I really believe that is part of the reason that subscribers are disappointed in Ultimate. Ipsy Plus is the perfect price point and the boxes have been spot on for me. I just think subscribers like myself expected to be wowed by Ultimate, and we have not, but the value is there in November for me with the Murad. So I will keep subscribed.


I chose the Murad lightening serum. I also enjoy the IT cleanser, but I haven’t started my full size cleanser from October 😂


I complained about the October box and explained why most items are a miss for me.
They gave me a list of products, all lackluster, to choose from as a compensation freebie. I explained to them that the list represents exactly what is wrong with the ultimate and that I’m not excited about any of those.
I chose one product.
They never offered me a free box.
Anyway, I cancelled ipsy altogether.


Customer service seems inconsistent. I complained several times and never got offered anything – even though I specifically opted out of brushes and they keep sending them to me. Glad others got better results but bummed they aren’t consistent.

FL flip flop gal

I contacted Ipsy Care the day my actual box was revealed to me the 2nd. I had both the GBP & Ultimate (very disappointing) because I had 2/3 eyeshadow pallets & all I wanted was the 1 I didn’t have. They were supposed to send me a full sized Tarte Rainforest face wash & Lip gloss. What I got instead was a 1 ML MAAPILIM face cleanser & fluid deluxe sample gloss. I’m very unhappy I can’t simply get this fixed. I’m not a complainer. I spent $75 in boxes from Ipsy & did 5 full size add ons. I also have Boxy & Luxe. Think I’m going to switch to the new Boxy because I’m just always thrilled with them. There is never a fuss. I don’t have time to be complaining about these things let alone repeating follow ups. I have always enjoyed my GBP but ultimate was definitely a disappointment and I spent a lot of $$. I get excited to get my ME gifts monthly and also buy for my 2 daughters but only Boxy. That’s a lot of $$ to be disappointed.


If you accepted a lesser deal, they are not going to offer you a free box. Those of us who got free November boxes kept rejecting their pathetic offers of 600 points and sample sizes items.


They never even offered me points. Canceled and returned ultimate.


I was able to select something and think I am getting a GBU but Ipsy says my last bag will be this month I contacted the but they never answer.

I had better not be charged for a GBU.


I went with the vv fruit sorbet because I missed it when it was in the points shop. I also picked the vv because I was worried that if I didn’t I would end up w/the wander beauty one(I haven’t liked anything from this brand) like how last month I chose murad instead of the huda palette and got stuck w/real her 😞
But either way Nov gbu was offered for to me for free,I’ll care more in December lol


Picking the VV was probably smart to avoid Wander, since you don’t like it. My first introduction to Wander was good. When Sephora first picked it up, I got a set of 3 things. One thing was so lackluster that I don’t even remember it. Another product was just ok. However, the sangria lip balm was a hit with me. I meant to get another one this summer, but never did. I just kept scraping out what was left in the old one, lol! Maybe Wander will just be a lippie brand for me.

Christa H.

Skipped, skipped, and skipped again…🙄

Jill M

I chose the Murad. I received the Juice Beauty product in my first Boxyluxe and did not see Any results whatsoever from a full size bottle. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen results from any JB product lol everyone is different and has different skin types so hopefully it works better for others. I have always wanted to try the Murad and have plenty of dark spots from the sun this past summer.


JB is is more of a preventative measure to aging. so you wouldn’t notice/see the results like you would the murad product, which visually improves the look of damage that a preventative product may have kept at a minimum. so both types of products should be used for best results. along with daily sunscreen.


Ashley Marie.

I hope they honor their word too. I just wanted to share with you that I wrote them back thanking them and confirming what they offered me … And they answered me this way:

You’re welcome, Jeice!

We strive to give Ipsters the best customer service, so I’m glad I was able to help you with your concerns.


Some say Murad serum gives more instant result compare to Juice? I don’t know much about Juice, but this particular Murad serum contains 20% Hydroquinone, it’s a banned ingredient in some countries. I can understand it if doctors prescribe it for medical purpose. Murad is a good brand, but this one is probably not for people that have no dark spot concerns.


It is such a tiny sample I doubt you will be able to use it long enough to see results, unfortunately.


That is typically a spot treatment anyway. Not typically something you would spread all over your face. I had a trial sized bottle and liked to never used it up. I noticed basically no effect on the spots I used it on though.

Jill M

These are full size products

Megan Moret

The one in the Ultimate is full size bottle not the travel size.


Kind of off topic, but I wonder if this happened with anyone else’s October box: I got mine and most of the stuff was different from my reveal (some of it I liked better lol, but for the full sizes it angered me obviously). I emailed ipsycare with a picture and they let me keep the wrong box plus sent me a replacement mostly-right box (got Huda Mauves instead of Warm Browns, which I prefer anyway). It was a godsend for saving up Christmas gifts lol.

Kathy Piccini

Same thing happened with mine. Didnt even receive the correct “choice product”. BUT, I was allowed to keep all of the incorrect product initially sent, was given 800 points AND today received a pkg from Ipsy witha Huda palette, Farmacy, facial serum, face masks, Ofra highlighter n blush palette, BB blush palette etc. Can’t say they didnt make it right


Haha, same correct products as me! That’s why I was so upset with the wrong version. I still never got the MG highlighter or a replacement though, I guess since I already got the Ofra palette last month, but oh well.


Exact same here i’m actually very happy with the madison miller cheek pallet instead of the highlighter I was supposed to get and in the end I ended up with an extra 7 products since my bag was messed up and i’m getting the november bag for free great customer care

Donna Chauncey

I received 8 out of 12 different ideas, than whay the reveal showed. I liked the orignal one much better than what they changed it to


That happened to me a few months ago with the regular glam bag. They have three million members, so mistakes are bound to happen once in a while. I box I mistakenly received was not too bad, with only the nail polish I didn’t like, so I just kept it and didn’t inform Ipsy.


That happened to me once with my GBP. Unfortunately they were out of stock of the wrong items so they gave me a partial refund which I was fine with because the items missing weren’t super exciting.


Ultimately that’s a NO from me. At least this time they stated what the box is so no one can get mad a second time.


If they count $1-$3 as full sized again there will be plenty of angry people.


I’m super disappointed in the add on’s. There were no full size choices. The samples were bundled but nothing I wanted both of the items or willing to pay $5 to try a single sample product. This is the first time I haven’t ordered a single add on.

Tiffany Schmidt

Those weren’t add ons, they were flash sale items. You cannot purchase add ons until the 2nd of every month


These are just flash sale items. Real add ons are not available until your bag reveal on the 2nd.


Thank you. I had forgotten about add-ons until it was mentioned. Now I won’t be disappointed when I get to that page.


Wow, I don’t have any of these options.

Ciate london stamp eyeliner
Ciate london dewy stix
gigi bronzer duo
seraphine botanicals blush palette
murad spot acne treatment (no acne/breakouts)
murad skin protecting lotion (I have 2 already)

I would have loved the option of Oribe, Juice Beauty, IT, Murad age spot. If they truly took the profile in consideration I would have been offered the age spot instead of the acne treatment.

Does anyone know if the Seraphine blushes are decent? It looks very similiar to the Ofra blush palette I received recently and use daily.


I have a Seraphine Ginger & Gold blush I got from a subscription box 1 or 2 years ago (maybe from Ipsy) and I really like it. I chose the Seraphine palette for my GBP.


Those are the options I had! It was a quick and easy skip for me.


Nix what I said above. I do get both ultimate and plus but for some reason I was not able to choose an item for ultimate, only plus. It might be because I skipped last month’s ultimate. I sent an email.

Tiffany Schmidt

Definitely Glam Bag Plus options not Ultimate


Those are the Plus options (listed in a separate post)


I get both Ultimate and Plus. The options you listed showed up for me in Plus, not Ultimate. Do you get Plus instead of or in addition to Ultimate?


Your options are for the plus not the ultimate, I get the plus and the options you listed are what i had


I chose the Murad because I’ve gotten it before so I assumed they wouldn’t send it to me again otherwise. LOL. I love it so I’m perfectly OK with that….and I’d be OK with the rest of the spoilers too. The Ultimate choices seem to be a better fit for me than Plus again so I assume I’m going to skip Plus and keep Ultimate for November again. I love that they provide these spoilers before billing and allow you to skip months so easily.

Tiffany Schmidt

I bought it in a bundle too, its amazing and doesnt stain! That palette and my violet voss essentials palette from boxy are two of my favorites. The mini sorbet palette is insanely pigmented and the quality is amazing!! I’ve used it with and without primer and I’ve never had any issues with staining

Michelle Whitehead

Interesting because I feel the opposite about the VV palette. Mine was powdery and did stain my lids. I threw it away.


Oh man! I emailed and complained (nicely). A chapstick as a full size item, and such. No free bag. No points. No nothing. I have all 3 tiers and am a loyal customer. I’ve dealt with a lot of Ipsy glitches, etc. This kind of makes me feel sad. If they’re giving out free bags they should be doing it for all who were unhappy with their bags.


That’s so weird, I love mine and use it often. I didn’t find it powdery either but everyone’s different.


Anyone know how IPSY are billing November bags for free? I am afraid that they will not honor my choice at check-in. I deleted my credit card as a form of payment to avoid being charged for the November bag, since it was offered at no cost.


I locked my card because I was able to choose for 2 GBU and I do not want them unless they are free.

I choose the Murad on both.


I did that too, I updated my payment method, so they wouldn’t charge me. But my concern is that they say clearly, that they only guarantee the product chosen if they can invoice you successfully in November first … So maybe all of us who have the Ipsy Ultimate bag at no cost … Maybe the product chosen does not reach our hands. It all depends on how they will process the payment for us …. I don’t know. Anyways, we’ll see what happens … I will be happy with whatever they choose for me in that case.


How were you able to delete your credit card? I was trying to do that and couldn’t figure out how.


Here is what I did:

I locked a credit card so I cant’ be billed and used that one instead of my debit card.


Where was it offered at no cost? Thanks!



It was offered at no cost to me, when I expressed that I was not happy with my October Ultimate bag. I only have an email from the customer service telling me that the November bag was going to be free.


If people complained enough about their October box some were offered November for free.


Picked the Murad though the Juice Beauty serum was tempting.

Dani G.

Same here. I ordered two Plus subscriptions when the Murad was featured and didn’t get it in either one. So when I saw it was back as a choice for Ultimate I went ahead and joined Ultimate. I would love to get the Juice Beauty as well but I doubt I’ll get two serums in one month. I’m taking a risk by subscribing to Ultimate after October’s rather sad offerings, but if I purchased the Murad serum alone it would be over $50 so I’m not that worried about the rest. Although I also REALLY want the Oribe scalp treatment.

Ultimate choices and spoilers are so much better for me personally than the products being included in Plus. I’ve had terrible luck with personalization of my Plus bags for a while now anyway so I will probably skip November. I’m sure whatever I get in Ultimate will be plenty.


Picked the Juice Serum! Really want the Fruit Sorbet palette and Oribe treatment too! Wouldn’t mind the blush either.



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