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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate August 2020 Glam Bag Reveals!

Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate October 2019 Glam Bag Reveal!

We have the glam bag design reveal for the October 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate + Glam Bag Plus! (Thanks, LunaLee, for the heads up!)

This month, both Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate subscribers are getting this Betty Boop bag:

And Ipsy Glam Bag  subscribers are getting this bag:

And here’s a look at the back of the Glam Bag:

What do you think of the glam bag designs?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ha xyu

  2. Why is IPSY jerking me around? Earlier this week, it said I wasn’t getting the October Glam Ultimate because of ‘billing”issues’- despite the fact that I had updated my information well before their time limit.

    Today I got an email telling me that they are sending me the October bag of crap.

  3. I think I just found proof that our reviews are not read much less screened. Lol! I was looking at an item I’m getting in my Glambag & one review is,”This is sh*t!”, but it’s actually spelled out. Another product review is a slew of obscenities! 😂 I would think they would clear those out… 🤷‍♀️

    • They say to make sure to review for better personalization but i know they dont pay no attention to reviews, there is to many things i have said about products and shades(dont like) that if they really did read my reviews, i would not keep getting, like pink!

      • I got lots of purples lol

      • Right? I don’t think I have ever rated a Glambag at 1, plus 4 out of 5 products I rated 1 this month. I rated one product 4 and my add on 5. This part is even funnier! 😂 I will rate one thing and then go delete it from my Facebook and back and forth. Everything we said used to be in those posts including our rating. Now, each one states that I rated a certain product and shows it. The posts rating products at 4 & 5 showed how many I gave that product. But, on the ones I rated 1, those didn’t show my rating. 🤣

      • Lol, that is funny! I dont submit my reviews on Facebook but about 2 months ago every product that i reviewed less than 3 stars and made a negative comment on wouldn’t let me submit my review and give me the 15 points for it. I contacted IpsyCare and told them exactly what i told you and they told me that three of the products were not reviewed and that is all they said, Dah! Lol, i replied back with, that is what i told you and i reviewed all of my products plus the bag as a whole, as i do every month. Do you know that this went ahead and on back and forth for a week? I even asked IpsyCare if they could just submit my reviews so i could get my points, they told me to try different things to get it to submit, nothing worked. I was beyond mad at this point, i finally emailed IpsyCare and put ATTENTION: Please forward to supervisor!, and i told them what i thought about the whole situation and that i was not changing my stars or reviews. Finally who ever it was manually submitted my points, it showed reviewed but i am not sure if my actual rating or comments were on there. I really dont think they want there products that are in the Glambags being rated poorly, it makes them look bad for there personalization and product choices for our bags but ever since that happened, i have not had any problems submitting less than three stars or negative comments on my reviews. It is just craziness on Ipsy’s part that we cant be honest about products or the shades they send us!

      • Knowing it’s our actual reviews and not just a review of the product itself makes it even better for me. I’m just going to keep being honest. If you get bored, go read some reviews on Ipsy Glambag items. You’ll see some pretty colorful ones! 🤬😂 I don’t know why, after all this time, I just now realized that everything we say in our reviews IS the reviews everybody sees. 💡Seriously. 🙄😳🤭😂

    • Oh they get some. One person wrote dog s**t and suddenly her comment was gone.
      They did it to my friend who was using my computer and IP address..
      They are ashamed of that disaster called the Glam Bag Ultimate.
      I emailed and asked them and they answered one of my questions but not the other
      They had one of my bags going to Denver CO

      They are in a mess. Instead of Ipsy live and all the collaborations they need to get back to their customers.

    • If you see a name with no comment just stars they are some that are being censored

  4. As soon as I heard there was no ultimate Boop bag, I canceled the ultimate. I wanted to get all 3 bags of different sizes. Wanted to compare to see what bag or bags I wanted to keep getting. Hope they get the bag thing straightened out.

  5. Just some food for thought for anyone who received the Lasting Smiles lip balm, SAEM sheet masks, and the 2.4 oz Context lipstick (full sized is actually 3.4 oz) in their Ultimate Bag- All of these were also available as $3 add-ons, which means that Ipsy IS aware that they are not FULL-Sized Products! That puts my own Ultimate Bag at having 5 Full Sized + 7 Deluxe.

    My October Ultimate Bag Full Sized Offerings – Only 5, NOT 8!!

    MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

    BETTY BOOP™ x IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner

    F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES Midnight Pro Trio

    REAL HER Do Your Squats Eyeshadow

    BIORACE L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum

    7 Deluxe Sized Offerings – NOT 4!!

    CONTEXT SKIN Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion (2.4 oz on Ipsy, 3.4 oz on website NOT FULL)

    LASTING SMILES Lip Balm in Peach Blossom

    PAPA RECIPE Eggplant Mud Mask 0.5 oz

    THE SAEM Natural Avocado and Shea Butter Mask Sheet Set of 2

    CELA SKIN Crème de la Crème DEWY TREE The Clean Lab AC Dew Foam 1 oz

    REAL CHEMISTRY Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream 20 g

    DEWY TREE The Clean Lab AC Dew Foam 15 ml

    Sorry to be a pooper, but Ipsy did not deliver the promised product sizes in the Ultimate Bag.

    • I got the same — major let down completely! Not the way to start at all! Am canceling my ultimate. They dropped the ball completely! So disappointed! Boo!

    • They have sold full sized Ofra as $3 add ons just because something is $3 or in regular Ipsy does not mean it is not full size . I have never upgraded because I am happy paying $12 for full size products I get usually 2-3

      Although I agree the Ultimate selection was very poor .

      • I know right! I have not upgraded either! I would rather pay for something that i actually will use and want through add ons than paying all that money on products that i wont use and dont like. If i would have paid $50.00 for the Ultimate, i would literally be sick right now! Even the Glam bag Plus to me, is not that great. Neither one has impressed me at all. All the products in those two bags are alot of repeat brands and products., and most of the time you can purchase the products in the Plus bag as a add on. Yeah, i will just stick with the regular Ipsy Glam bag for sure!

    • i canceled my ultimate box as soon as i seen what was gonna be in my box BS items not even wort 25 if u ask me, I’m just gonna keep the plus for now and see how that goes for a bit and maybe looking into different beauty boxes i’m keeping boxy and allure for sure.

    • I agree! Once I saw what I was getting I canceled my ultimate also. Very disappointing!

    • I emailed them about this, telling them I got minis and not full sizes as promised. They sent me an automated response saying “Thanks for emailing! The Glam Bag Ultimate provides 8 full size products!” Uh, not helpful. I replied again and heard nothing. My guess is they’re overwhelmed with disappointed customers rn.

      • They just offered me 800 points, which is laughable considering…I just told them to keep them because as a former Ipsy customer, I won’t need them. I just went shopping online to make it up to myself. I made my own Ultimate Box, and it’s legit 🙂

        So to all you MSA people who wonder why “I don’t just cancel Ipsy if I’m so unhappy and go pay full price at the store”, Beezy I did. But I took my coupons and redemption points with me and got a big old discount. BaM! lol

      • Did you know that there is a petition to try to get Ipsy to refund everybody’s money for the Ultimate? I got a update on the petition today and the Ipsy Customer that started this petition said that it has been verified that Ipsy is refunding now, you just need to email them until they refund your money, like they offered you the points, tell them that is not going to work for you because you cancelled your subscription, and that you want your money back.

      • I did sign it, and have bugged them like crazy but my CSR is stubbornly hanging on. I just send Olga an email, 2 actually. The offer grew into an offering of 1 FS product, but she’s still saying she can’t refund me. I have sent quite a few emails, but they’re being so stubborn with me. They don’t answer me on facebook and twitter at all.

        Seriously, They have never ignored a question so hard. If they’d just refund the money for this fiasco, I would have used it to downgrade back to the regular bag and plus.

        Since they won’t, they lost a customer.

        They could have just put the excess products of the cancelled boxes in add-ons/offers and mystery bags/boxes in combinations that made more sense to their customer.. Still moved product.

      • I know this has to be frustrating! I would try to get another CS Representative. I would not reply back to Olga, she has never helped me either with anything. If i was you i would go through IpsyCare again and put Forward to Supervisor and on the subject part i would put Better Buisness B. (I dont know how to spell the last word) Let them know that you will be contacting them if you cant be refunded, since Ipsy is giving other people refunds and they wont give you one, that is not fair or right how Ipsy is doing you! Hang in there girl! Keep emailing!

      • Where is the petition?

        I want to sign!

      • You can go on and look up Ipsy Petition or even Google ” Ipsy Petition on refunding for Ultimate bag. Hope this helps!

      • They also offered me 800 points. My question was why they don’t send 8 fullsize products. I sent them three email asking about that, but they don’t give an answer.
        I agree with Annie.
        I could downgrade back to ipsy plus if Ipsy gave me a refund, but they were stubborn. I canceled all three subscriptions. Ipsy lost many customer royalty.

      • Keep emailing Ipsy! Make sure to put Forward to Supervisor and let them know that you know others have been refunded and you want your money back. Keep emailing until they refund you!

      • well, they just sent the tracking # 🙁 Soooo very disappointed.

        but i’m going to keep emailing them. Can’t stop now!

      • They may have sent you the tracking number but you know they never actually ship it until they get so many ready to actually be shipped to DHL. No, dont stop now! Tell them that since others are getting refunded and they wont refund you, that you will just contact the Better Buisness Beau to get your refund. Hang in there and dont give up!😊

      • Thank you for the encouragement Miss Sherri 🙂 It has given me a 2nd wind! Heck yeah I’m gonna keep at it!

        I just cracked up, they sent me another email just now that said I had a free gift in my account if I resubscribe. And it’s an Ofra highlighter that I’ve already received, and also requested to opt out of. I’m dead!

      • I’m going through the same thing with a clothing subscription. I went through every single account imaginable around the time Ipsy was making changes because I was too. Any clothing subscription I had was canceled or only at my request. All of a sudden, last week, boom! Your shipment is on the way! Which will cost me a $20 styling fee! It has not actually shipped yet but regardless of what I say in emails, they’re sending it! I have made a call to the bank and I will actually have to forward these emails to someone or go in and show them… 🙄

      • Your Welcome! I cant believe they actually was going to give you a item that you are completely opted out of! How crazy is that?😲 Like that is really going to help the situation, they made it worse! Idiots! I swear! I tried cancelling my regular Ipsy bag and was offered a free bag for October if i would stay, i was like, sure, they owe me and i still plan on canceling once i get my bag this month and i didnt order no add ons either, so Ipsy didnt get NOTHING from me this month. You would think that they would have tried to make sure this bag was awesome since i am wanting to cancel but nope, i got another pink stupid highlighter that i have marked RARELY on and i have told them every month, No pink anything! And i seriously thought, well i will see how this bag is this month and make my decision, but the highlighter answered for me! I am done! I hope they go Bankrupt from having to refund everybody’s money for the Ultimate! 😂 I am not paying $12.00 for a crappy bag when i pay $15.00 for Allure and they usually send 2 to 3 full size items plus send a extra product sometimes. I know i am complaining about $12.00, when, bless your heart, Ipsy owes you $50.00.(sorry) Ipsy has just really let everybody down, the Ultimate and price increase on the regular Glambag may be the end of Ipsy, i know and seen online every body canceling there subscriptions with them. They literally screwed there selves with all the changes. I hope they refund you soon! Let me know what happens!

      • I agree. Even though I didn’t upgrade, this month was disappointing. I honestly feel really bad for everyone who did go ultimate. I’m ok with the fact that they raised the price to $12, but I agree that they are definitely making bank big time and getting really greedy. There’s a lot of rewards points available but 600 points for lip balm?! WTH NO! Those were 100 points, then 300, now 600?! Companies give them these products to promote. So, why the drastic increase there? People have also been talking about their past mystery bags. Well, Ipsy used to sell out, and now they don’t. They’ve raised the prices of those when they should be offered at a discount. I also remember when they were turned into Ipsy offers.

      • I know right! Those mystery bags are a joke at $14.00! I doubt they can sell them at that price, i know i wont buy one! I am like you, i didnt upgrade but i feel bad for the ones that did. Ipsy is refunding for the Ultimate for some people but other’s they are offering crap and no refund. There is a petition online for Ipsy to refund everybody’s money for the Ultimate bag. If they are refunding for some, they should refund for everybody! If they don’t have the bags actually shipped, they shouldn’t be raising heck to refund. If i would have upgraded to Ultimate, i guarantee i would be getting my money back. Ipsy is really doing alot of people wrong! And there increase on bags and mystery bags is just ridiculous. My bag is no different this month than what it has been. You would think they would at least give us one full size product!

      • I heard about the petition. So I google searched it even though I was pretty sure which website/organization it was through. I’m actually pretty impressed with how well it’s put together.
        After all these years… Ipsy was on top of the world and then they got greedy and way too big for their britches!
        In 2016 is when my sis & I started subs. Started with Ipsy & Birchbox, thinking that I only had room for 1 sub in my budget. 1st month, Birchbox nailed it, Ipsy didn’t. So I canceled Ipsy and missed one month. I ended up canceling Birchbox after 5 months of sunscreens. (I recently did their bogo deal and although I’m happy with the price,$15 for 2, I got some good stuff but I also got some repeats from ‘16! What?!) After Birchbox, I found Beauty Box 5 (thieves no longer in business) and I loved it. Thankfully I got out before they went under. After that, I tried Play by Sephora and that lasted 4-5 months. It never made any sense to me. Every month I would look at the versions available and wonder why the version I got never matched. In between all of these, I was getting the seasonal Walmart box, not anymore. I used to set an alarm for the Target box, not anymore. I had a hard time spending $15 a month on a subscription so when Allure had a box I wanted and the coupon for $10, I signed up. After the April box this year, I became an every other month customer and have now canceled. Leaving Ipsy as my only monthly sub.
        I have noticed how many subs have so many different sign up deals going on and have for quite some time. That tells me that they need customers. Ipsy doesn’t offer any incentive to sign up. I’m waiting to see if that ever happens and at this point, I’m guessing, if they don’t fix their algorithm, start listening to their loyals, change the ridiculous rewards points prices and fix this mess, they’re going to need to do a bogo to get new subscribers.

      • Oh yeah, Ipsy has definitely messed there selfs up with being greedy. I have also noticed lately that there Ipsy Offers and have went up from last year when i started buying them, since the Ultimate bag products have been revealed i have noticed that alot of there offers dont sell out like they used to, just like the mystery bags. Ipsy still has May’s bag for sale. Ipsy and Sephora is the only subscription boxes that didnt give me a gift when i joined. I dont get Sephora no more either, it was constant repeat products and they dont care about trying to improve and sending me different products and i agree with you about Sephora, there spoilers look good but i rarely even got any spoilers. I always got products that were never mentioned for the month. I subscribe to Allure and just signed up to BoxyCharm. Allure gave me Sunday Riley At Retionol for a gift and is featuring Sunday Riley Ice Moisturizer this month. This is my first with BoxyCharm and i am getting a Tarte Pallet for a gift with my box this month. I am excited to get both of those subs. this month. They both have products and shades that i really like. Ipsy was my first subscription and was my only one for a year and a half until i was just tired of there personalization for my bag. I was gave a free bag this month so i wouldn’t cancel with Ipsy but again, was disappointed. I am really looking for one subscription of full size products a month, so i am in the middle of deciding which subs to stay with. Just trying different ones right now. I have a feeling that Ipsy is going to have to give some type of promotional offer and gift for joining, they have done so many people wrong that there is no fixing it. I was also impressed with the way the petition is set up, i wonder what Ipsy thinks about it?

      • I was finally offered Novmeber’s Ultimate box for free I let them reactivate my account for it. That’s the fairest offer I’ve been given considering. I’d love to know who actually got refunded. I have a long chain of emails. So much back and forth. Olga finally took it to her supervisor, I think she realized I was not going to stop emailing until she did. It has taken me since the 2nd for them to actually hear me. That should never happen since I made my complaints VERY clear.

        I guess this is the best solution they’re offering. I’m so tired of emailing, so I just sent my final thoughts to them.

      • I seen on the petition where one of Ipsy’s replys was to offer the November box for free, but i am like you anf would like to know which ones got a refund. I know that there was something on the petition about if they refunded you, you had to cancel your subscription completely. Well, girl at least you will get a free Ultimate bag next month, you can get that and then cancel if that is what you want to do, i was giving my free bag this month a chance but was let down so definitely canceling. If November’s bag is just as bad as this one was for the Ultimate bag, i seriously wouldn’t order any extra from them(add ons), that way you could get some of your money back in products. I mean, if you want to buy add ons, that of course is up to you, i just know that there was no way i was giving them any more of my money, i just stuck with the free bag. Who knows, Ipsy may not have no choice and actually try to make the November bag really good since they bombed this month, but honestly, and i hate to be negative, i seriously doubt it. I dont think they have all the hook ups with brands like Sephora or BoxyCharm does. We will see! I am glad you got offered a free bag instead of the stupid highlighter and worthless points!😊

      • Hey Miss Sherri! Thank you, and I appreciate you had my back and kept me going. You must be an awesome friend to have for real 😉

        They’re going to have to work hard to gain customer’s trust again. The email they sent in response to the survey was something. It should have been a real apology, but it was certainly lacking. Again, they ignored the true issues at hand.

        “Glam Bag Ultimate was designed for beauty lovers who want more of the newness, discovery, and delight that you’ve come to love about IPSY—we did not intend for it to be premium or luxury.” – IPSY

        Umm, I personally never expected premium or luxury products, but I certainly did expect them to send 8 FS + 4 DS products, and they did not. I expected this Ultimate box to follow their past standards/differences that the GB and GB+ have had. That’s why it’s called an UPGRADE (Did I get that right? I’m tired and can’t word) I didn’t even expect to like everything in this box, considering the first GB+ wasn’t that great. I was ready to ignore this first month, and wait for it to get better. I don’t know how to make it any clearer that my expectations were very low to begin with…But this letdown went above and beyond. Someone had to try really hard to make it so terrible lol Who is in charge of curating Ipsy’s boxes? Are you mad at your boss? lol

        The way they’re handling this and avoiding ownership of the issues, well it truly baffles me. That email made a lot of us even more annoyed. But I’m gonna drop it. I can’t fix them lol

      • Sorry for late reply Annie, i have a new baby that is keeping me extra busy and tired! Lol, Awhhhh, thank you for your kind words! I try to treat people the way i want to be treated. I am glad that i was here to help you girl! Any time! No, nobody can fix Ipsy but Ipsy and if they dont see the problem with there subscription bags/boxes than nobody is going to be able to tell them different, they dont listen to there loyal customers(the ones that they do need to listen to) Ipsy will be the one that will suffer in the end. I can’t believe they sent that in there email to you, they are the ones that advertised that the Ultimate would have a higher tier of different products than the other two bags, meaning that the Ultimate would have products that you could not get in the regular and Plus. They are the ones that made the Ultimate bag look like it was going to be this awesome bag with higher end brands and products. This is there fault completely! They never said anything about repeat and never heard of products! Oh, it just aggrevates the crap out of me!😠 But like you said, this will have to be dropped for now, Ipsy done showed us all they were going to do for there screw up! Stay in touch and have a good weekend!

      • Hey Miss Sherri, congrats on the new baby! That is amazing to hear! 🙂 Both my girls are grown, and I’m sitting around here waiting on some grandkids, but somehow I seemed to have raised very career oriented women. Probably a blessing lol

        The Ipsy sitch now is that they offered to reinstate my subscription and offer next month’s free, and I accepted but no answer in a week, and my account is still not reinstated. Meanwhile, my girls cancelled their Ipsy’s due to my situation, and subscribed us all to Boxycharm. Between the 3 of us, we already subscribed to 6 tiers, and were planning on upgrading to all tiers, so their loss. The girls really don’t appreciate how Ipsy seems to be ghosting me after their offer (Hey what’s up MARIE! Did you go on vacation?), so they’re done with Ipsy at this point. They feel like it’s only a matter of time before something crazy happens to them. (Also, my daughter ordered fair shade of the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, and was sent medium gah) I wasn’t going to subscribe to any boxes yet, but my daughter insisted we all try Boxycharm, so we did the TrickorTarte thing. They’ve also been taking me on shopping trips this week to make up for the terrible “Ultimate” box. They call it retail therapy, but I think they needed a good excuse to justify some spending on themselves as well lol

        I hope you have a great weekend too, enjoy your little tater bug 🙂

  6. I totally agree with you Deb. I am so disappointed with the Ultimate bag. Wishing I had stuck with the Glam Bag Plus. Don’t want the blushes, eggplant mask, single eye shadow or sheet masks. So I basically spent $50.00 for a bag with only two items, that I will actually use.

    • i AGREE! There are like four recognized brands. I’m all for discovering brands, but out of all those products only two were a brand I’ve ever seen before. It’s literally like dollar tree had a baby and named it Glam Bag Ultimate. PLUS i got TWO and cancelled my regular ipsy and plus for that crap!

      • I am the same. I paused my glam bag and glam bag plus this month to try glam bag ultimate which was a really bad decision with two reason.
        1) The customization was terrible. I will get eyeliner and sheet masks duo which I chose “rarely” in my profile since started my membership in April.
        2) I will be getting 8 samples and 4 full-size product instead of 8 full-size and 4 samples for $50.

    • It’s such a joke right? I can’t believe the items in the first bag was such crap. Ya think they would’ve blown it out of the water…..garbage….

    • sounds like the box i got,i know a lot of ppl had to cancel.

  7. I really like this bag for the most part. I will be getting The Trestique Starlight Powder which I am not sure about and the Glossier Milk Oil also not sure about. I would love to hear everyone’s opinions as to if they like these products or not.

    • Wow….just looked at my Ipsy Ultimate bag contents, and I am so disgusted I paid $ 50.00 thinking they were going to blow everyone’s minds with this first box….I am cancelling this is the worst subscription box I ever got and I spend a lot of money on subscription boxes…Ipsy needs to get their s**t together such a rip off

      • So agreed! What a waste! The full size products I got were all marked on my ‘rarely’ list! It’s like they gave no care at all to what your preferences were and at $50, a costly mistake-especially when there are more than enough other competitors out there,uh-ehm… COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT

  8. Totally dissatisfied with this months Ultimate box !! Other than 2 products, I’m receiving a hodgepodge of total crap. So 10 out of the 12 items are an epic fail.
    Sheet masks – valued at 1.99
    Eye shadow single – 4.50
    Cheap light beige lip gloss
    Eggplant mask- 12.99
    Unicorn primer – 12.99
    Makeup geek highlighter – 14.99
    2 face moisturizers
    I’m sorry Ipsy I just dont see the value here. I’m a really easy going, flexible person but this to me is a classic bait and switch. This Box does not have over $200 in value.
    In fact if you’re paying $25 for Ipsy plus and its 5 full size items, why are we not getting 10 full size items for double the price in the ultimate ? The sample size items in this box are a total joke and insulting for the price.
    Again other than the Huda & Farmacy products I will be receiving, there is nothing else but cheap filler..
    I feel like Ipsy took advantage of my loyalty as a customer and hoodwinked me. I work hard for my money and cannot justify $50 for chintzy items I will never use.
    Boxyluxe has nothing to worry about – I just received their Box and it absolutely had more than a $350 value – full of well known & trusted brands & on trend items.
    I’ve seen better items in the clearance section at TJ Maxx.

    • Completely agree!!

    • I agree! I am swapping more than half… I cancelled the Ultimate and went back to the Plus because if you look at their list, there were better items for that bag by far. I REGRET the $50 i spent this month. This is a true disappointment because the Plus was so great that I assumed it was going to be the same for the Ultimate instead of these brands and fillers I will not use. If I am disappointed again I will downgrade to the regular Ipsy and rather do add-ons and pay for things I would use or like better.

    • I totally agree. I feel so ripped off. Most of the products in my ultimate are a let down. They aren’t good quality stuff, just a couple nice product with cheap fluff added to make it look like a lot.
      I got multiple items that I have reviewed that I hate and don’t want. Which I also put on my preference as wanted RARELY, yet I get them every month. It doesn’t even feel like there are 8 FULL SIZE items here. Total disappointing month. If this happens next month I will have no choice but to cancel and get the boxy charm premium.

      Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm (I chose this) Weighing in at 3.4 oz full size #1

      Highlighter in Lit (prefer to rarely get) Weighing in at 0.25 oz full size #2

      Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Brown (I love this) Weighing in at 10 g full size #3

      L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum (MEH but will use) Weighing in at 30 ml Full size #4

      Midnight Pro Trio (set of 3 cheap brushes one of which I got in last months bag) Full size #5

      Cheek To Cheek Blush Palette (prefer to get blush rarely. I just got a blush set last month in my GBP.) Weighing in 8.4 g full size #6

      Eyeshadow in Champagne Life (I got this last month in the basic ipsy bag, left a bad review, but STILL got it in my ultimate just a different shade.) Weighing in at 1.6 g sample size #1… This can’t be full size

      L.O.C.K. COLOR
      Unicorn Glow Hydrating Primer (prefer to get rarely. I my skin as oily, I don’t need anymore glow to my skin.) Weighing in at 10 g sample size #2

      Crème de la Crème – The Very Best Cream (small 1oz size) Weighing in at 1 oz sample size #3

      Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask (second mask product in one box) Weighing in at 0.5 oz sample size#4

      Reflect Lip Gloss in Opulence (cute but small) Weighing in at 3.4 ml full size #7 …that’s a stretch

      THE SAEM
      Natural Avocado and Shea Butter Mask Sheet Set (prefer to get rarely) are they considering this to be a full size? I get these in the 12.00 bag and that’s deluxe sizes so I don’t consider it full size. Sample size #5

      • The SAEM masks are on Amazon in sets of 13 and 20…for about a buck a mask. And we get 2. I also got the lip balm. I went all day pretty happy with my box spoilers before I actually checked the sizes on what I’m receiving. Now I’m like Really, Ipsy?

        I was trying to be positive about this whole thing, but it’s hard. I was so hopeful, and kind of still am. I’m going to wait until I get my box to make sure about the product sizes before I write them, but you know what? I think it’d be nice if I didn’t have to for once.

      • Same! Cool they counted the Betty Boop eyeliner as a full size, when its also offered in the regular $10 glam bag. I am so disappointed.

      • In addition to the mask and lip balm, I also got the eyeliner which I’m opted out of. I wasn’t even going to complain about that. Was going to let it pass this time. I can understand how an eyeliner is considered a full sized product, but being opted out, honestly I shouldn’t have received it in my bag. The personalization is a crock of poo, just like their promise of 8 Full sized products in this bag.

        Buncha little tick turds!

      • Tick turds?!!! LOL!!! I’ve never heard that before! 😂

      • It’s what my brother used to call me when I was little lol

      • I’m still laughing and I can’t wait to use it! Thank your brother for me! Sorry he called you that but I’m curious how he came up with it…

      • I was a very small child, and I loved him very much so I was stuck to him “like a tick”. And apparently I’m a turd lol

      • That’s awesome!

      • Tick turds? 😂 I love that! I would email IpsyCare and tell them that you recieved a product that you were opted out of, that is what i did and they sent me another product through a accomadation order and gave me points towards rewards. I am not saying that this is what they will do for you but they should accommodate for it. If you have a IpsyCare team member that doesn’t want to do anything about it, make sure you keep emailing Ipsy Care until somebody resolves your problem. Yeah, i am so glad i didnt pay $50.00 for the Ultimate, i honestly had a feeling this is what was going to happen, with all the problems that i have had with personalization, missing add ons and shipping, there was no way i was giving Ipsy $50.00 for unknown and repeat products. I signed up for BoxyCharm this month! They are offering Tarte pallets as first time Customer gifts this month and the two they are offering Ipsy has not featured. I just hope there personalization is better than Ipsy’s. I know that everybody pretty much gets the same products every month but there are different shade variations that you can recieve. I hope Ipsy makes up for your opted out product you are getting this month, like i said, keep emailing them! They should make it right!

      • I second this! I got something I was opted out of once and they sent me something. I can’t remember what it was. But you should definitely say something to the tick turds about this.

      • This is not a excuse for Ipsy but they have sent full size products in the regular glam bag before and since it is a Betty Boop product, everybody can recieve it or purchase it as a add on, but i know what you are saying about the regular Glambag being $12.00 and having to pay $50.00 for a product you could have just gotten in a regular bag, i think that Ipsy really did everybody dirty with this Ultimate bag!

  9. I’m not over the top thrilled with my bag, but I did get some good picks, including the Biorace hydrating serum and the Farmacy cleansing balm. I got the Huda Warm Browns palette. I’m a little sad about that because I don’t do many warm shadows and the colors are all pretty dark for me. It will make a nice gift. I will use all the rest of the items. I think this is it for Ipsy, though. I will cancel, work on using items in my stash and save some money!

  10. I’m in CST too. Add ons were available when I looked around 7am. I’m not exactly happy with this months curation. I’m getting benefit Cosmetics mascara, this is my 5th mascara this year. I changed the 2 categories that I was opted out of in February and I always rate mascara very low and send rarely. I’ve already gotten benefit mascara from them before, so I would have preferred the Betty Boop mascara if anything. Instead, I’m getting the Betty Boop eyeshadow brush. This makes no sense either as they keep sending me eyeshadow brushes and I rate them very low. I don’t use them at all. Could use the concealer brush though. The other 3 items match my profile to a certain extent. Haircare, skincare and blush, just not the type of items or shade that would actually match my profile. If that makes any sense? I did look at all the products available and I can honestly say that they could have done better. I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch over it either. I have noticed that once in awhile, I get a Glambag of HUH??? Looking back, this is almost a repeat of a past Glambag, just different brands. 😂 I have updated my profile, and I think I will change what I’m opted out of and ask Ipsy why I only get the beauty tools that I rate low and won’t use. Some months Ipsy nails it, sometimes they really don’t. 🤷‍♀️ Looking forward to the bag.

    • That is how i feel about the products in my bag this month too! They did but didnt match my beauty profile, i think they went by products that i chose for add ons and award points items last month because again, i have products in my bag that i have marked RARELY on and have rated low in the past. Just because i pick a certain product for a add on or awards point item, doesnt mean i want it in my Glam bag every month. If that makes sense? I picked the Eby highlighter for 600 points last month, and this month i am getting a pinkish highlighter in my bag. I have told Ipsy again and again that i dont like or want pink anything in my Glambag. Last month it was a pink lipgloss and this month a pink highlighter! Huh! But i did receive the Betty Boop mascara, i have mascara marked as Frequently so this one should be interesting. I have gotten the Benefit mascara before. I really was not impressed with the add ons either, i just purchased one, the full size eye serum. I wont say that i am totally dissapointed in my bag this month because there is a couple of products i am excited to get this month, a whole lot better than last month for me!😊

      • Hmmm… I did order a $5 hair mask duo but not a leave in conditioner. I have thin, fine, double processed hair. Although I live in a humid climate, leave in conditioners are just nasty on thin, fine hair. A touch of light hair oil is much better. A leave in conditioner just does something funky in the humidity. For me, sometimes when I do purchase an Ipsy offer, add on or redeem points, it’s usually something I wish they would send me. Lol!

      • Yeah, usually if i purchase a Ipsy Offer, Add On or redeem my points for a reward it is something that has a shade in it that Ipsy never sends me. I wish they would send some of the products i actually purchase in the shades or even close to the shades i purchase. It would not bother me at all if they would even do that instead of the shades that i dont wear or use. You would think that Ipsy would notice my pick on shades that they would at least send me one item with that shade in my Glambag.

      • I doubt it’s configured in with their ipsymatch algorithm. I hadn’t thought about that until now. It’s possible for them to do though. They’re making enough bank to afford that.

      • Did you know there is a petition to get Ipsy to refund everybody that paid and received the Ultimate glambag? I seen it online yesterday, a person that recieved the Ultimate glam bag started this and is asking for everybody’s signature on this petition. I dont think i am aloud to discuss what site this is on through MSA but you can always Google it and check it out. I am curious to see if anything happens over this petition. I agree with you about Ipsy having enough money to consider using our purchases to help curate our products in our Glambags, i just seen where they raised the price of the Mystery Glam bags to $14.00, to me, they should have just left them at $12.00. I know the Glam bag went up but Ipsy could of least kept them the same price. They have increased the price of the Mystery bags 3 times now since they started selling them in the Ipsy Offers. There is no way i am paying that much for a mystery bag! When i have purchased them in the past i usually get the same products that i already received in that months bag, i have purchased three and was disappointed every time with the same products. I dont see why they charge more for a bag that we already received, that has random products and shades that are not matched with our profiles, i think Ipsy is getting more and more greedy.

  11. 6:45am CST, ADD ONS ARE LIVE FOR ME…

  12. Anyone know what time the add ons are up today?

    • I’m in CST and they are up for me right now, 6:45am

      • Live for me too!

  13. Hi! A quick question for people who may have gone through cancellation and reactivation before. I cancelled my GBP a few days ago, because I have accumulated too many products and was underwhelmed with the spoilers. Here’s the question: if I reactivate it, I will be charged right away, correct? i.e., let’s hypothetically say that I decide to reactivate it tomorrow for the month of November. If so, I will be charged on October 2 and then again on December 1 — is my assumption right? If my thinking is correct, then it obvs makes sense to wait until the first spoilers for November get released and reactivate closer to customization day… Any input from experiences Ipsters? Thanks!

    • I believe if you reactivate now, you’ll get the October bag; but, you will not be able to customize. Someone correct me, if that is wrong.

      • Yes! If you don’t want an October bag, you need to wait and sub 11/1. You do not have the option to skip the month you sign up during.

      • Thanks! Would you actually wait until 11/1 though? That makes it too late for customization. If my reasoning is correct, based on my experience when I subscribed years ago, then I could reactivate it around October 20 and would get the November bag. But let me know if you think that’s not the case!

      • I actually signed up in early Sept and they charged right away and said I was getting Sept bag. But then they emailed me last week and said sorry you are not getting the Sept bag and gave me points to make up for it. They also said that I won’t be charged again until the November bag. Because I paid for a bag already which ended up being an Oct bag.

    • Emilia

      Had you thought about pausing your subscription next time? You can pause up to three months I believe without actually cancelling it. Just an idea

      • I had the every other month subscription. You can’t pause with that, only with the monthly membership 🙂
        I like the option of shopping their daily offers and it says that if you pause you won’t be able to access them, so I opted for the every other month solution.

      • I had the every other month subscription. You can’t pause with that, only with the monthly membership 🙂 I like the option of shopping their daily offers and it says that if you pause you won’t be able to access them, so I opted for the every other month solution.

  14. The other thing I do to prepare for addon shopping is look at the shopper tab…toward the bottom is shop October items…
    Also check out the “news articles” at the bottom of the glam bag page..
    Also 5pm pacific time Facebook video from Ipsy…

    • You are awesome! 🙂

    • Thank you for the tips! I had no idea they showed some of the add-ons on FB.

  15. Kind of sad that ultimate is about half full of repeat product/old inventory. Also odd that the same lipstick is in the $50 and the $10/12 bag.

    • Renee since Ultimate is Full size and deluxe samples there will usually be repeat items in the regular bag and the Ultimate. There will also be repeat items in the Plus and Ultimate. Your getting 12 items, 8 full size and 4 sample.

  16. The Ultimate full list:
    LASTING SMILES Lip Balm in Peach Blossom

    REALHER Do Your Squats Eyeshadow Palette

    REALHER I Feel Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette

    NANETTE LEPORE Beautiful Times

    FARMACY Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm

    THE SAEM Natural Avocado and Shea Butter Mask Sheet Set

    PAPA RECIPE Eggplant Clearing Mud Cream Mask

    DEWY TREE The Clean Lab AC Dew Foam

    MURAD AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

    PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer

    C’EST MOI BEAUTY Reflect Lip Gloss in Opulence

    CELA SKIN Crème de la Crème – The Very Best Cream

    COLOURED RAINE COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Champagne Life

    COLOURED RAINE COSMETICS Eyeshadow in Glamour

    IBOM Lemon Verbena Clay Mask

    KALEIDO COSMETICS Obsidian Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

    L.O.C.K. COLOR Unicorn Glow Long Wear Primer

    L.O.C.K. COLOR Unicorn Glow Hydrating Primer

    REAL CHEMISTRY Environmental Rescue Essential Day Cream

    BETTY BOOP™ X IPSY Cheek To Cheek Blush Palette

    BETTY BOOP™ X IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner

    BIORACE L’eau Hydrating Treatment Serum

    F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES Midnight Pro Trio

    CONTEXT SKIN Matte Lipstick in Sweet Emotion

    HUDA BEAUTY HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Topaz

    HUDA BEAUTY Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Warm Brown

    MAKEUP GEEK Highlighter in Midnight Sun

    MAKEUP GEEK Highlighter in Lit

    The Glam Plus Full list:
    PURLISSE Blue Lotus Brightening Serum

    DR. BRANDT SKINCARE Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator

    JOLII COSMETICS Spektra Stick in Stella

    EYEKO Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black

    REALHER I Am Adaptable Matte Liquid Lipstick

    LOVECRAFT BEAUTY Bronzer Palette

    LOVECRAFT BEAUTY Blush Palette

    TARTE Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Park Ave Princess™

    TARTE Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Martini

    TARTE Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Fire Dancer

    TARTE Chrome Paint Shadow Pot in Steel the Show

    TOUCH IN SOL No Poreblem Priming Water

    TRÈSTIQUE All Over Starlighter Powder Stick in Ultra Violet

    PURLISSE Blue Lotus Essential Daily Moisturizer SPF30

    BETTY BOOP™ X IPSY Cheek To Cheek Blush Palette

    BETTY BOOP™ X IPSY That’s So Betty Eyeshadow Palette

    BETTY BOOP™ X IPSY Drawn To You Eyeliner

    F.A.R.A.H BRUSHES Midnight Pro Trio

    GOLDFADEN MD Doctor’s Scrub

    GLOSSIER Milky Oil

    JULES SMITH Power Gloss Duo in Namaste All Day and Serene Queen

    • Thank you for posting this list. I can now look up the colors and get a better idea when I pick my add-ons tomorrow!

  17. It seems there was a glitch this morning & some people got to see their Ultimate Glam Bag reveals (not I, alas!). Check out r/BeautyBoxes on Reddit.

    • Some people managed to access the full spoilers for all 3 bags & have posted them on Reddit.

      In my opinion, seems like there is going to be a pitifully small number of variations for Ultimate.

    • I was reading that list over there. Now I am sad I didn’t go back to Plus. Ugh.

      • I subscribe to all three… this will be interesting…..haha!

    • I checked it out and SO GLAD I skipped Plus and cancelled Ultimate this month! Regular GB looks awesome, so many products while the other 2 are all repeats or meh stuff.

    • I have all three glam bag, glam bag plus, and glam bag ultimate . And it only lets me do one round of add on but I got to pick 5 🙂 hope this helps!

      • They are so inconsistent with how they treat people. Some people have commented that they choose 5 for each subscription they have.

      • I would be contacting IpsyCare because it says that we are supposed to be able to pick 5 add ons for every subscription we have. You should have been able to pick from the other two subs. That is one of Ipsy’s excuses for the price increase, that we get to buy more products for every subscription, which dont make sense, since we are actually buying these products but definitely get ahold of them so they can fix this for you. Hope this helps!😊

  18. The regular bag is so much cuter than the one for plus/Ultimate. Why didn’t they just do a bigger one of her face.

    • Yeah, I’m really bummed about the Ultimate bag. We aren’t getting the promised value in the bag either.

  19. Hi guys, I just saw all the products in the app and it’s really bad. I only kept for the Murad which almost covers the cost for me

  20. Did you see that they are selling the full Boop collection as a set in Ipsy shopper for a reduced price? Must have heard all of the negative feedback and want to unload it ASAP!

    • They did that with Tetris too, I don’t think it means anything

    • It’s not a reduced price. That’s the same price as the Tetris collab.

  21. I’m glad I stuck with the regular GlamBag.

    • So not happy that plus and ultimate are getting the same bag.

      • I feel the same way

      • Also weren’t they supposed to be different sizes??

      • It was a glitch for this month. In following months there will be 3 different bags.

      • So where’s our compensation for their glitch?

    • Me too! They should have left that gbp bag for Valentine’s Day with the cute red heart on the zipper❤️

  22. Even uglier than the regular-ipsy Betty Boop bag.

  23. I guess I’m the only one that’s not looking forward to getting a bag! lol I can really deal without it, I have enough bags from subscription boxes.

    • Me too. Bag overload. Ipsy kinda stuck their foot in their mouth promising a bigger and better glambag now that they didn’t have to waste resources on bags but then never really delivered anything different so I’m guessing people want the bags back because they haven’t seen the products really change.

    • I am not thrilled either, so there are at least two of us?

      • Three. The bags are not really important to me.

      • The bags are not important to me either! I am more worried about what i am getting inside the bag, not a cheap makeup bag that i dont even use.

      • The pencil case size bags were a total waste for me, but I was looking forward to the ultimate bag!

    • Even if it’s not a design I personally find attractive, I love getting the bags because I use them for donations. I love having a nice ‘container’ rather than a zip lock bag in which to place small items. It’s very well-received. Find the Good.

  24. I just get the ipsy and ipsy plus….but, loving these bags…can’t wait for my products tomorrow..

  25. Well I just re-activated my GBP (already subbed to GB). I know my mom will be thrilled to be getting these bags. 🙂

  26. If they would have had the Ultimate cosmetic bag, I would have gotten all 3 boxes. But since they only had the 2 different bags, only getting regular box and the plus. Somewhat disappointed. Really wanted the big boop bag …..

  27. That reminded me of the Calvin and Hobbes car sticker where calvin is peeing.

    • Yes! I thought the same thing.

    • I’m going to use black perm marker to block out that logo.

      • You could glue a patch over it of something you do like. Hobby Lobby has tons of patches.

  28. I absolutely love the GBP and GBU bag! After seeing the GBU spoilers I cancelled that and subscribed to GBP instead. So I’ll be getting the regular GB and GBP. Super excited for my first GBP and how adorable the bag is! Wish I would’ve changed before choice though so I could’ve chosen the Dr. Brandt product. Hopefully they’ll have it as an add on.

  29. Both bags are adorable. I’m glad to be receiving one of each. I wonder what colors the interiors of the bags, are. Either way, super cute!

    • Hope it’s red!

  30. I thought that each sub tier was supposed to have a different bag.

    • I got an email apologizing that gbp and gbu would have the same bag this month and that they normally would not. It also said I would get an extra full size product to makeup for the duplicate bag.

      • When did you get that email?

      • I cancelled yesterday at 12pm PT/3pm ET and I never saw that email.

      • I received that email on Sept 23rd. Which was odd, since I paused my Plus box for Oct., so it wasn’t relevant for me.

      • I hope so! It doesn’t seem fair to get the same size bag in both when we were to receive a different size bag.

      • Good to know. I forgot to switch over the card info on my Plus so I’ve only been charged for the bag and Ultimate and now that I know the bags are going to be the same, I’m going to pass on the Plus. I hope next month has a really cool matching set.

  31. I really like the regular glam bag bag! Just kind of eh on the GBP, but not bad 🙂

    • Same. I thought each would look like the glam bag bag but each tier bigger. Very disappointed. I skipped last month for plus but kept it only for the Bag got reason above. Now hoping my reveals are worth it 🙄

  32. I’m happy that the GBP/GBU has a larger bag. I always use a makeup bag to keep small things in my purse findable but the regular GB bag is a little small. Sequins and a ruffle are cute, I’m just going to have to ignore the Betty Boop on the corner as it’s not my thing at all.

    • Does it say that the bag is bigger? I would this that it was but didn’t see that anywhere in writing.

      • They showed pictures somewhere where the test bags were distinctly different sizes. Possibly instagram.

    • They did show three different size bags but not for October (they were pink). I read somewhere that they would all be the same for October but it appears that they did come up with a second design. Also I am pretty certain that is not a ruffle (thankfully) but rather the sequins showing from behind.

  33. Agree. It’s cuter than I expected. Ipsy sent a similar dark blue one last year that I really like. At least there are 2 different bags instead of all 3 alike.

  34. Darn it! I am getting two of the same bags! I wanted the cute face one!!!

    • That would annoy me lol. I wish they had done 3 different bags so if someone gets all 3 bags there wouldn’t be duplicates, but a whole set instead. I’d be much more likely to order the other Glam Bags just to get the set.

      • Agreed! Now I am considering getting the regular ipsy just for that cute face bag.

      • That’s what I just did. As I mentioned in a comment above I was under the impression that that was the bag and each tier would be a bigger version. I know they can’t please all but I never would have expected the black bag when the regular one is so cute. I only kept this months plus bag for the cute bag otherwise I would have skipped. Can’t wait to see my reveals tomorrow….I have a feeling it all won’t be worth the $$ this month

      • That’s what it was supposed to be. I was really looking forward to the three bags being a nice set! This is only meh.

      • It was a glitch for this month. There will be 3 different bags in the future

  35. I think it’s pretty stupid that the glam bag plus and ultimate have the same bag. I thought the ultimate was going to have a BIGGER bag. I do like the design, but it should be bigger than the plus bag.

    • That would make more sense. I’d like it better, too.

      • I love the bags n think they are super cute. Ipsy is NOT going to be able to please everyone every month because everyone has different taste, different aesthetics. What one person finds cute others find ugly. It’s the same with the products. Some people want more makeup some want more skincare. Some want neutrals some want colors. I think they do a good job of trying to please everyone. They definitely can’t please everyone ALL the time.

      • Me too. The main reason I switched to ultimate was because they showed the ultimate bag being really big…that was on Instagram, when they first showed what the bags would look like.

    • It was suppose to be bigger. I read that November’s bag will be bigger

      • I’d like my bag to be organized like Boxy and all my products to be able to fit in whatever bag they give with the GBP & Ultimate. Boxy does that when they give makeup bags. It just shows more organization & thought process goes into the subscription other than BAM here’s a bunch of products that don’t even go together to make or complete a look! Which is what sets Ipsy & Boxy apart for sure! Boxy usually makes sure you can get a look or semi (when face care is added) out of their box. Ipsy is more like BAM this is what we could get for this month & nothing goes together and it looks disheveled compared to Boxy. J/S

      • That’s good to hear. If they don’t do a bigger bag I’ll have to go back to GBP.

    • Ipsy said last month that this ninth wa athe only time the gbp and the ultimate would have the same bag. After this month they will all be a different size for each subscription.

  36. Cute!

  37. I love it!

  38. Can you get 5 add ons for each bag or just 5 total?

    • Five for each bag.

    • Someone said last month it was only 5 total, if you only had one account.

      • I got five for each last month, and all on the same account.

      • Same here. I got 5 each with only one account.

      • I got five last month for my regular bag.

    • Under the ultimate info it says 3 add ons, but the others all say 5.

  39. Glad to see a different bag!

  40. This bag is pretty cute.
    Since many subscribers get the regular and the plus, I do appreciate that they’re doing two different bags for October.

  41. Woo hoo🤪

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