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BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist is Open Now!

The BoxyCharm Premium waitlist is open now! Click here to sign up for Boxycharm Premium! (Thanks, Cathleen, for the heads up!)

Good to know:

  • You will be billed an additional $35 every month, in addition to your existing subscription(s)
    (Additional $5 per month will be applied for shipping outside the contiguous U.S.)
  • Every month, you’ll receive a BoxyCharm Premium box in addition to any of your regular BoxyCharm or BoxyLuxe subscriptions
  • No refunds or exchanges and you may cancel at any time; subscription renews automatically
*You will be billed an additional $35 (on top of your existing subscription(s)), prior to, or during, each BoxyCharm Premium shipping month. Subject to availability and depending on your placement on the Waitlist. For all terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.

The November 2019 BoxyCharm Premium will include:

Natasha Denona Bloom Blush & Glow Palette – $55

What do you think of the spoiler?

Here’s everything you need to know about BoxyCharm Premium:

  • It’s $35 a month
  • 6-7 beauty items a box
  • $175+ Value
  • You get to pick one of the items
  • The items will be different from BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe – you can subscribe to both with no product overlap.

Here are all the details from BoxyCharm about this new Premium subscription and changes they are making to the BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe subscriptions:

Last year we brought you BoxyLuxe. This November we’re introducing BoxyCharm Premium, a
NEW and BIGGER monthly beauty box valued at a minimum of $175 for only $35 a month!

Quantities will be limited. Be sure to sign-up to the interest list here.

That’s not all
You asked. We listened!
(For ALL Charmers – BoxyCharm, Premium and Luxe)

CUSTOMIZATION – Now, this one is huge! From the first beauty subscription that
brought you full-size products, we’re bringing complexion customization out of the store
and into your home. In November, you will receive a complexion pack to test and select
your perfect shade for future Boxys. Stay tuned for more details!
CHOICE – Now, the power is yours! You get the chance to choose one product in your
box each month. You don’t have to wait. Choice for October will OPEN TODAY! Follow
our Instagram Stories to know when it opens. @boxycharm
ADD-ONS – Now, you can have it all! We’re introducing Add-Ons at member-exclusive
prices with free shipping. But hurry! Quantities are limited and will be available first
come, first served. Add-On your favorite products starting Thursday, September 19th,
2019. Follow our Instagram Stories to know when it opens. @boxycharm
BOXYPOPUP – Now, back by popular demand, BoxyPopUp is here to stay! Starting this
November (just in time for Holiday shopping) and returning every 3 months, indulge in
up to 80% off top makeup, skincare and lifestyle products.

VALUE – Now, your BoxyCharm is even bigger and worth even more! We are increasing
the minimum value of each BoxyCharm from $100 to over $125 starting this November.

To Charm you with Customization, Choice, Add-On, BoxyPopUp, and over $125 Value (up from
$100), we’re updating the BoxyCharm subscription price to $25 per month starting November
1, 2019. The price of BoxyLuxe will remain the same.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about BoxyCharm Premium and the Charmer benefits
we’ve been working on just for you. We can’t wait to keep Charming you!

Your BoxyCharm Team

What do you think of these new changes? Are you going to sign up for BoxyCharm Premium?

Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, and our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more about this subscription.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (190)

  1. Honestly boxycharm has been letting me down lately not happy I don’t know how they choose to give who what but Just disappointing I would have loved to try this but not going to jump into.

  2. Their is a full spoiler on instagram. Boxycharmsneakpeek is the instagram name also Boxycharm posted it in their stories. Or you can go on Nikita Dragun’s instagram.

  3. I feel like I must be the only sub box addict sitting this one out because I don’t want to buy-in to the reg box for the chance to get in on Boxy premium. I won’t do it. I abhor that kind of marketing. Sad face. But, wishing everyone good luck with this.

    Also, I told my hubby I cut down (I did) and I’ve been really wanting to try Oui Please and a couple other higher end ones so I’ve got to be good. So just sitting here on my hands hoping for bells and whistles in November and December. 🙂

    • Nope, I’m right there with ya, I want nothing to do with their regular sub so I will pass on this, even though I really wanted to try it😭

      • Well, just to let y’all know that it DID NOT seem to matter that I have been a LOYAL subscriber to reg BC (& Luxe!) but apparently I am ‘waitlisted’ until the next go around(DECEMBER!) and I am MORE than BUMMED, to say the least! I am going to hold on and see if it does come thru next month but if NOT I will definitely be reevaluating my sub ‘line-up’!

    • You are not the only one. Me too.

      • *Hugs* Del and Lori, lol. 🙂

      • Me too! Me too! LOL. I seriously considered it yesterday but ultimately decided I didn’t need any more stuff or subs and I didn’t want to deal with having to rejoin and manage all of the different levels (assuming you really can quit the regular box after one month and still get premium…even just trying to sort all that out and the arguments was too exhausting for me). I’m getting to the point where it’s only worth it to me if it’s easy to manage the subs like being able to skip months instead of cancelling and re-subbing.

      • Lol, welcome. 🙂 I agree, I’ve gotten to the point too where things that are a hassle just aren’t worth it.

  4. They have made it soooooo convoluted and so confusing, it’s ridiculous. I wonder how long this will last. How long will someone want to pay $60 a month for this!

    • You can cancel the base box after November.

  5. Can’t wait for Nov 1st! I’m going to be so mad I have to wait next 2 weeks to find out if I’m not getting BCP. I signed up BC early this month so I can get BCP.

  6. So I’m a little confused about one thing. Why are some people on IG saying they “got it” and are not on the waitlist? Doesn’t everyone have to wait until the billing starts to find out if they are off the waitlist? I thought I got it too when I got the confirmation email until I read the entire thing. I really just wish all this misinformation would stop 😭

    • That confirmation email got me too. BC congratulated me to put me on waitinglist. I thought I was in it until I scrolled down and saw I still need to check on my status from my account.

    • I think everyone is on the waitlist but because they sent out that email saying you are on the premium list people didn’t scroll all the way to the bottom and see that it says in tiny print that it’s still a waitlist. You won’t get off the list till they take the money out and they don’t take money out till the first. It’s just like when boxyluxe started. Boxycharm just posted a video about getting off the list on the first of November. They will pull people off in the order they signed up. So don’t lose hope yet.

  7. I emailed them a week ago requesting a confirmation of my November customization choice since I never got an email. They finally got back to me and totally ignored my question. All they said was I can add them to my address book so their emails wouldn’t go to spam. Cool, thanks. Maybe I should cancel because that choice was why I signed up as a new subscriber. I don’t know why they even bothered to email me back.

  8. Don’t we get to choose one product for this box? That would mean that we should know before November 1st if we’re off the waiting list. Or is that not an option on the first box?

    • I think because you would be receiving both the Premium and the Base box in November, you would receive both the choice products. One in the base box and the other in the premium box. I think this is the case because they have said if you have both you will not receive duplicates.

    • It is not available for the first box. You will be able to choose one product for the second box.

  9. I signed up within 5 mins of the email. I think my chances a high. If I don’t get it that means they didn’t do it in the order in which people signed up for it.

    • There was 30 seconds in between me getting the email and then my email confirmation, so I also feel my chances are pretty high.

      • Do you know what time you signed up? I signed up 30 min after my subscription addiction posted, and was wondering about the time difference?

      • Diane, the email came through from Boxycharm that the waitlist was open yesterday (10/16) at 3:36 PM EST time.
        I got my sign up confirmation from them at 3:41 PM EST time so I’m hopeful!

      • Oh really? Ok so I signed up yesterday at around 4:30 pm est, so maybe I’m still going to be high enough on the list to get it! Thanks for letting me know 😊

      • I would love to have the upgrade, the premium box

      • You also have to think about the countless thousands to millions who also joined the waitlist before you, Good luck, I am also waiting .

    • What time were the emails sent?? I didn’t get one, but I was still able to sign up early like at around 4PM central. Lol

      • My email came through at 3:36 EST and I ignored it for about a min and then signed up right away. My confirmation email came in at 3:46 EST so here’s to praying!

    • I got off the waitlist!!!!

  10. When does next boxyluxe come out? Please don’t tell me November bc then that will be one hell of a bill 🙄👀👀

    And are you telling me we could have BC, Premium, and boxyluxe in one month ?

    Even so boxyluxe and premium in one month is a lot cash – sighs

    And would I actually be able to use all that beauty stuff ? – well skincare I would bc I’m a skin care fanatic , but I do not need 3 different eyeshadow palettes for all that is holy I’m drowning in BC eyeshadow palettes 😂🤣🤣

    • No, you will never get 3 boxes, only 2. December is the next boxyluxe. November you would get BC and Premium for $60 and December you would get luxe and premium for $85.

  11. No ones even gotten this box yet and here you guys come with the negativity already. If you hate boxy so much why don’t you just cancel ? If you hate the ceo so much, stop giving him money! It is just mind boggling all the misinformation that’s constantly spread. Even when it’s made aware that something is factual, some of you will literally convince yourself otherwise to have a reason to be angry and upset. It’s very unhealthy and a waste of energy to be this mad over a $20 plus box every single month and to keep subscribing. Just let it go and find something that actually makes you happy!

    • Wow I read the same comments as you and yet I didn’t find them negative at all. People asking questions, sharing their experiences. Expressing their worry. Helping other people with advice. It’s funny how two people can look at the same thing and one see negativity and one see conversation from differing viewpoints.

      • Debbie that’s because almost all the time when someone sees something always negative is because they themselves are negative, and people are allowed to share lackluster experiences with their boxes, it’s their money 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I haven’t noticed anything negative. I never get why people post about all the “complaining” when it’s just people stating their opinions. Those commentors are the ones who end up sounding like they are whining!

      • There is a comment from someone saying that according to the legal terms, you have to keep both subs active despite evidence everyone was saying and showing otherwise, that you could cancel the basic box amd keep premium after the first month. She was pretty rude. Seriously, its already so confusing spreading misinformation and being dramatic like this is a huge scam is not helpful at all. It was like she was trying to stir up trouble. I get what this person was saying about it.

      • Boxycharm literally said it in their stories today on instagram. That you only have to keep it for Your first box. You can probably still watch it if you go to their instagram.

      • Believe me I know! xD exactly what i was trying to tell this other person with the crappy attitude who was spreading misinformation

      • Sorry I probably tagged the wrong person lol I do that a lot 😂🤦‍♀️

      • Well that’s just your opinion, it’s obvious that some people post on every single boxycharm post on here to complain over and over about the same thing. Whether you choose to acknowledge it, I really don’t care. I come here for spoilers and to see other posters experience with the box, not the same old miserable post’s about how some people hate boxycharm but stay subscribed. I’m pretty happy with my box every month and if I find something I can’t use it’s gifted. I’ve never been swindled or lied to by boxycharm so maybe my feelings are different.

      • Exactly, LaylaB. It’s the whiners whining about whining that is inscrutable and a complete lack of self-awareness on their part. It is especially comical considering the person is stating their opinion about something that they paid for, so what does it matter to someone else, to have to jump on the person.

    • Isn’t it maddening? If you contact them about not receiving an email, or multiple emails that’s their response. It’s so typical based on my experiences with them over the many years I’ve been a subscriber for them to put the responsibility back on the you. They’re constantly making so many mistakes so any time there’s an opportunity to find a way to blame the customer they jump right on it.

      I emailed them the same day I read the post on MSA about the foundation shade email we were all supposed to receive. I told them I hadn’t received it along with other important emails like the ones with product selections. After about a week I got a response where they gave me the same nonsense about the spam folder. I politely replied that I have known to check Spam for missing emails for many years now and that I wouldn’t waste my time or theirs if there was a chance that was the issue. It’s just amazing to me how often their first reaction to a problem is to not only blame the customer, but to completely ignore or disregard the possibility (more like FACT) that the problem may well be in their end. It’s such a bizarre way of doing business. “The customer is always right” is by no means always the case, but it is how most customer service representatives are trained to approach the situation. The other common response to receive from them is one where they just copy and paste certain portions of the FAQ section from their website. I assume they believe both of these tactics are to save time and answer as many customer emails as possible but that’s just not logical. Most people are going to respond to their insufficient reply and be even more upset thereby creating double the work. Just read the initial message carefully and respond appropriately and completely. It’s just not that complicated. Or at least it shouldn’t be.

    • Whoah whoah whoah. You want to talk about misinformation? It’s typically Boxycharm throwing that out causing confusion and leading to customers spreading the misinformation. Facts? Do you know how many times the CEO has personally presented something as a fact only to change his mind and not bother explaining or even acknowledging it? If you’d like examples I am happy to provide several over this past year in particular.

      I’ve been subscribed to Boxy and many other subs for years now and I can say that it’s a fact that there is a tremendous history of extremely questionable, unfair, inconsistent, confusing, misleading and even downright dishonest business practices where Boxy is concerned. MUCH more than any other sub I’ve ever had or heard of. Is it intentional? Maybe not. Perhaps they’ve never been prepared for their exponential growth and still don’t know how to manage vital aspects of their business like advertising and customer service. Is it all bad? Of course not. Do you honestly think people would stay subscribed to a service or company that had no redeemable qualities or benefits? No. They’re great at many things, especially providing tremendous deals on a great selection of products you just won’t find anywhere else, especially when it comes to makeup, and lately with skincare as well, including new and exciting brands even beauty junkies/addicts like me haven’t tried before. Plus their latest ventures into higher tier subs, add-ons, choice and (maybe one day) customization are highly commendable and very in touch with what customers want. But the bottom line is that they do many things in a very nonsensical and frustrating fashion. They engage in some shady behavior when it comes to advertising and promotion as well. And their lack of consistency in multiple areas is quite honestly just astounding.

      What I and I imagine many others do is weigh the pros with the cons. At one point my frustration became too much to be calmed by the perks of the subscription and I left. I wasn’t able to stay away more than two months though. 😁
      Currently I feel like I will get more positive than negative by being a subscriber. But it’s still very frustrating and disappointing to deal with all their issues. Maybe it’s all been smooth sailing for you and that’s great. Tell us all about it because it gives new and current subscribers hope. But I also have the right to share my frustrations and commiserate with other subscribers that have had negative experiences. And potential subscribers also need to be informed about both sides in order to be prepared for the almost inevitable aggravations that come with this subscription. They already get to see the amazing products, prices and advantages. They may also want to know that they could end up in my position and not get extremely important and time sensitive communications from Boxy. I for one never got the email that Premium sign ups we’re open despite being on the notification list (and being a customer for half a decade). Luckily I saw it on MSA but unfortunately not for several hours so I probably won’t get off the waitlist for November. You don’t think I and the others have a right to complain about that?
      Even after I signed up after seeing the post here I never did get a confirmation that I was added to the waitlist. I also didn’t get the email about foundation shades or the ones confirming my product selections. And it has nothing to do with my Spam folder, much as they’d like to believe that. This was never a problem in the past. Now it’s a big one and they’re offering no solution whatsoever. So yeah… I think that’s BS and that a $20 million+ company needs to get it together and treat everyone as well as you’ve apparently been treated.

      This notion that this site is only meant for celebrating, promoting and strictly positive comments is ridiculously small minded. And not only are people trying to censor comments they don’t agree from being posted, they won’t stop trying to tell people to unsubscribe. No one is on here telling Boxy’s biggest fans or members of the Positivity Police to shut up about their strictly positive experiences or feelings because it’s a FACT that it’s not like that for everyone. I don’t see someone’s comment full of giddy excitement and praise for Boxycharm and reply to their post below about how wrong it is to just be happy and ignore the fact that TONS of people have been mistreated by Boxy.

      We’ll continue to let you sing their praises as we’ve always done. Now it’s time for you to respond in kind and respect our opinions and decisions about our subscriptions. Otherwise it’s you that is engaging in unhealthy behavior and energy expenditure. Unless you can prove that something negative I or someone else shares on here is not true, how ‘bout you just do you and let me do me.

      And actually, venting your frustrations among people that share your feelings and experiences is in fact a healthy behavior. Especially if like me, once you get it out you can let it go.

  12. I would really like to know how many people are going to be accepted off the waitlist on November 1st. The boxy charm premium box for November is worth $340 as an introductory box to stir up excitement. After that, each box is guaranteed a value of $175. Which even at the minimum is still amazing value, but I want to know what the chances of getting our hands on that introductory box is! Are there going to be 1,000 … 10,000 or 100,000 to just start with? LOL

    • since there’s a waitlist, there’s no guarantee that you will getting premium at all…so Boxy could technically keep you on the waitlist for months with hopes of eventually being upgraded. Not sure if I like that to be honest.

    • Is the 340$ combining the values of both the regular and premium (since you have to get both the first month) or is that the value of just the premium box alone?

      • It’s supposed to be for the premium box alone

    • Hi Bess, I wouldnt be surprised only a handful of us will get the Premium at the end. By promoting the Premium with the ND palette, their basic box subscription must have sky rocketed already (guess thats their whole point). Like Samantha mentioned below, BC can keep us waiting for a lonnnng time. Anyhow, we wont get charged until we are off the waitlist, so I am ok with that. And when Im tired of waiting, I will just cancel. Oh btw, I recently stumbled upon a youtuber (subbox lover or something) rating her boxes (she has tons, no idea how can they afford to). I find it a good way not to focus on items that we are less satisfied. In general, I got 3 out of 5. So not all bad after all. Of course it would be nice to get all my preferences in the boxes. And I never subscribed for a whole year, less repeats, less disappointment :).

      Have fun with your subscriptions you all!!
      Ps. Any Canadian BC subscribers here?

      • I’m Canadian but canceled a while back…just too many palettes!!!

        I am not even going to bother with all this nonsense. Sounds far too gimmicky. “Hurry! Act now! Supplies ate limited!” Everyone’s gonna end up on the waitlist and then get the lower valued box.
        That’s what in dislike about BC.

        I am quite happy with my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus!

      • saving grace is that we won’t get charged until we’re off the waitlist so here’s hoping the regular box has a good couple of items I can enjoy in the meanwhile.

  13. Clearly, one has to be a current subscriber to the OG BC, as BC refers to the original, to be able to sign up for the Premium this first month, and then people can cancel one after the first time they have paid for the original and Premium. What has surprised me, though, is that only a few people are asking about BoxyLuxe, and BC is stating that one must be subscribed to the OG BC, reactivate for the BoxyLuxe months. I hope the website makes it easy to do that. I’m assuming it is the fact that the original BL agreement was adding an extra second charge on top of the original box charge. My head is spinning a little when it comes to the BL situation. That will become a lot of money and a lot of products.

    • I see what you mean. In other words, if you have to resubscribe to Luxe because of the way they’ve insufficiently set it up on their end, there’s a chance you might end up waitlisted again. They still waitlist people for Luxe almost a year later so I’m pretty certain if everyone that chooses to keep Premium and give up the original sub gets automatically kicked off their Luxe subscription and has to resubscribe, that will be too many people at once. That’s definitely a major glitch and quite unfair (AGAIN.)

      I know they’ve been saying for months they were going to fix the billing so that there’s only one charge for the Luxe months but they haven’t been able to do that. Maybe this issue is the holdup? They’re keeping it separate so that after they implement Premium you can remove the regular/original Boxycharm without removing the Luxe? It would be great if that’s what happens but I’m not too hopeful. I’ve been saying that a key area Boxy really needs to invest major money in is their IT staff and software/systems. I think they outgrew their current resources a long time ago. It’s caused pretty much every problem and broken promise they’ve made, from customers unfairly not getting the first BoxyLuxe to the over-a-year personalization delay. They have ineffective IT resources for nearly everything including the over-reliance on auto-generated responses from customer reps that fail to resolve the problem or sometimes even address the correct issue.

      I’m excited about Premium, although not too much since I didn’t know sign ups were open until three hours after the announcement, but overall they probably should’ve revamped their systems to better and more completely manage their original and Luxe subscriptions first. That being said, their strategy to add yet another subscription despite the many kinks with the current ones worked better than they could’ve imagined after the epic Ipsy Ultimate fail. So many people including myself ran from Ipsy and back into Boxy’s tempting new Premium arms. 😄

      • They have fixed the double billing. My last luxe box was a single charge instead of the regular charge and the upgrade charge.

  14. I signed up even though I don’t use blush or highlight! Argh, I hope it’s an awesome box. Do I need $60 in beauty products a month? No. And I’m still mad at Boxy for the Tarte palette deception. But The timing works well for those of us disappointed with Ipsy’s so-called Ultimate box!

    • I feel the same. I just got my October box. The Tarte palette was in there, but I only received 5 total items, no free gift for new subscription (and, of course, no eyeshadow palette). According to my box content list, I was supposed to receive a primer as the ‘free gift’ (their words). I’ve emailed and have yet to receive a reply. I don’t believe I can trust Boxycharm. Until they rectify my missing item, I can’t move forward with them.

      • If they would establish a live chat, I might consider staying. Their CS stinks.

      • YES! Boxycharm and IPSY need a live chat like Birchbox does to address concerns and answer queries!

        If they did, customers would be much more satisfied instead of waiting hours or days for a response

    • I actually recieved the tarte palette, 6 items and the dose of color shadows. I was happily shocked. Hope they make it right for you.

      • I’m glad you got what they promised. Thank you.

      • So 8 items total? Definately not what they sent me.

        I’m gonna pass on this one. Not sending them any more of my $$$ for a while.

      • What did you get exactly in the 6 items?

  15. Due to the stockpile of sub box goodies, I wasn’t going to do this but FOMO got the best of me. So I signed up, I’ll probably cancel the base box or premium when November rolls around and spoilers for December come out. I’m good with one account per sub.

  16. This is confusing… so I have to receive regular boxycharm to get the premium box ?? That is way to much for beauty boxes for me in a month. That’s disappointing, I was hoping to only get the premium for $35.

    • I thought that too but when I signed up it indicated that you can just have premium and cancel the regular BoxyCharm so that you’re only getting one box at some point.

      • Thanks ! I think I have to wait to be off the waitlist to cancel the regular right ?

      • Yes you have to have an active BoxyCharm in order to get the premium so I would stay on until the premium has been made available to you. I’m planning on canceling the next month after we get our first premium.

      • Yw, I hope this helps it is very confusing but this is what I’m getting from what I read when I signed up.

      • Very helpful ! They make their subscriptions confusing.

      • Thanks. I’m getting 3 boxes with my other sub if I get BCP next month. I don’t even know what am I going to do with all these makeup &

      • The first month you have to buy both boxes. After that you can cancel the base box.

  17. from the disclaimer on Boxycharm waitlist authorization:

    You will be billed an additional $35 every month, in addition to your existing subscription(s)
    (Additional $5 per month will be applied for shipping outside the contiguous U.S.)
    Every month, you’ll receive a BoxyCharm Premium box in addition to any of your regular BoxyCharm or BoxyLuxe subscriptions
    No refunds or exchanges and you may cancel at any time; subscription renews automatically
    *You will be billed an additional $35 (on top of your existing subscription(s)), prior to, or during, each BoxyCharm Premium shipping month. Subject to availability and depending on your placement on the Waitlist. For all terms and conditions, CLICK HERE.

    So this is ONGOING…YOU WILL BE BILLED $60 plus tax per MONTH. They say nothing about being able to opt out of regular Boxy for the upgraded version as someone earlier in the thread said you could just get the Premium in December. NO YOU CANNOT!

    This is too much product for me. I would be happy with Boxyluxe every three months. I don’t need regular Boxy, Boxy Premium and the quarterly Luxe. I loved the Boxyskincare, and have been waiting for that again.

    • Yosef has said so many times in so many videos that after the first month paying for both boxes, you could cancel the basic box and keep the premium….like so many times. I dont think you are right.

      • well what Yosef said does NOT match with the legal disclaimer. I will wait and see as this is too much to bite off right off the bat.

      • Sigh…the legal disclaimer doesnt say you cannot cancel either after the 1st month.

        “If you successfully come off the waitlist, you will be charged $25 for your November BoxyCharm and $35 for your November BoxyCharm Premium. You will be billed for both subscriptions on this month and may then modify your BoxyCharm or BoxyCharm Premium subscription as you wish, any time. You should receive separate tracking emails for your BoxyCharm and your BoxyCharm Premium within 5 to 10 business days from the date of purchase.” – copied from boxycharm faq page

        Sure, be as careful as you wish, but I doubt every month is going to be a $340 value

      • I agree with you, Kate. You are right about the disclaimer. It says nothing about being able to cancel regular after one month and still receive Platinum. I don’t trust anything Boxycharm says after the fraud of October.

      • What was the fraud of October?

      • This is on the Boxycharm website under the FAQs :”November 1, 2019, active Charmers will be activated from the waitlist in the order in which they joined.* If you successfully come off the waitlist, you will be charged $25 for your November BoxyCharm and $35 for your November BoxyCharm Premium. You will be billed for both subscriptions on this month and may then modify your BoxyCharm or BoxyCharm Premium subscription as you wish, any time. If you cancel your BoxyCharm Premium subscription and then change your mind later, you will need to join the BoxyCharm Premium waitlist again.” So it does say you can cancel either subscription after being billed for both in November.

    • I think their posted facts are poorly written. It’s only for November that you have to sub to both boxes. You can cancel the regular box for December and going forward unless you want Luxe.

    • Wait what boxyskincare??? Is that a separate BC just for skincare ? Where do I sign up stat please

      • That was a 1 time box that came out several months ago. Yosef has hinted at doing another one and some of his polls have been to gauge interest in a skincare sub, but neither have been “put on the books” so to speak

  18. Hmmmm I wonder how charms will work ? Since they are seperate, will the charms all pool together or separately??

  19. Okay…. I’m a little confused. What was the point of that initial sign up if it was just going to be first-come-first-served anyway? So basically they did this just like the first BoxyLuxe and there was no advantage to signing up after the first announcement? 😳
    I just saw this and even though I signed the waitlist weeks ago, if someone else that’s only just now hearing about Premium signed up before I was able to read this latest announcement and re-sign up, they have a much better chance of getting a box than I do? We all know it was a matter of seconds plus total luck fighting the technical issues that determined if we got a Luxe or not.

    Please tell me I’m wrong and there was actually an advantage to signing up weeks ago versus signing up for the first time today. 😟🙇‍♀️

    And if this has already been addressed here in the other comments please forgive me. My health issues are acting up and one of the major symptoms is my eyesight. My vision gets extremely blurry and I find it very difficult to read. Thanks!

    • The advantage I believe was being notified when the waitlist was open via email.

      • 👍

      • Okay. Yeah that’s what I was afraid of. As someone that doesn’t check my email very frequently (only once or twice a day typically) I guess I should’ve been prepared not to be at the front of the line. I guess it’s just a good thing I do check MSA many times a day or I might not have known to sign up until tomorrow. 🤦‍♀️

      • Same here and I usually check MSA often but today I was quite busy at work and did not check it to see this until three hours after I received the email from BC 😒. I agree with the person above what was the point of signing up for the interest list and still having to sign up for the waitlist?

      • Also the Boxycharm website said you will be taken off the waitlist and billed according to the order in which you signed up on the waitlist. So if you signed up weeks ago you are definitely more likely to get the Premium box in November

      • How do you figure that? I don’t think the first list was any sort of official waitlist., just an email notification sign-up. The waitlist was what people signed up for today and I assume they’ll go in order based on the time stamp when you hit the submit button. I doubt the list from the other week comes into play at all here…

    • Pretty much no advantage. I don’t know why they didn’t just make the first list the waiting list and why they opened it up in the middle of a work day. I wasn’t able to check my phone until an hour after it opened. Goodness knows how many people signed up before me.

      • Don’t feel bad. I’m usually on this site compulsively. Like, an unhealthy amount. 😄
        But I was not feeling well and after several nights of almost no sleep ended up taking a nap. I checked MSA as soon as I woke (of course) but I was THREE HOURS late seeing the announcement. I scrambled to sign up but I honestly cannot imagine I will make it off the list. The one day I am not on here waaaay too much would be the day I legitimately needed to be. 🤦‍♀️

      • This also happened to me! I didn’t feel well at all today and could not even use my phone because it makes my migraines worse and I didn’t check my email until a couple hours later. Hopefully we make the cut, lol! And I hope you feel better soon!

    • More Boxycharm smoke and mirrors.

  20. So glad I signed up to be notified by email when the waitlist for Premium went live & I could sign up right away & not actually get waitlisted!

    Oh… wait… no, BoxyCharm did not send me an email & I DID get waitlisted. 😒

    • Everyone is waitlisted. Just like with the luxe they will start pulling people off the waitlist in the order they signed up on the first.

    • Everyone is waitlisted. We wont know until the 1st of the month if we got it or not. Make sure you are subscribed to the newsletter as I received an email.

      • I didn’t get their email either and signed up to be notified weeks ago. I’m really not surprised.

  21. Be CAREFUL I confirmed with a rep that this means you have to be subbed to BOTH boxes on this first month-so you will get charged $25 and $35. Not either or. If you cancel your reg box you won’t get premium according to their CS rep.

    • Good to know. Thanks for the info! Would love to at least get the first Premium box. But after that, I think $60 monthly is going to be a bit much for me.

  22. I am signed up for boxyluxe now and feel I really need to know the difference between the boxes before I decide. Luxe is only $35 every three months vs $35 every single month so premium will have to prove its contents pretty spectacular in the next few months for me to switch over. I definitely can’t afford them all.

    • Luxe is an upgrade to the regular box – it’s $50 every 3 months, but replaces the base box – you get 8-10 ish products. Premium is a separate box for $35 with 6 products, although starting out you have to add it in addition to the base box – total for both boxes is $60 and it’ll be 11 products.

    • Luxe is a “lifestyle box”, premium will be “beauty”. They haven’t really specified yet whether beauty will be just makeup or include skincare

      • That’s good info! Not sure if I want a “lifestyle” box. Gong to have to check for spoilers for sure on Luxe month. I can buy those type items at TJ Maxx and get exactly what I want. I have never been a FFF girl. Totally about the skincare for me, with makeup on the side. I don’t need water bottles etc from boxy.

      • I love my FFF (you get quite a lot of skincare, body care and some beauty in it) but I haven’t been super wowed by the luxe lifestyle items so far. They’ve come in the form of branded tote bags, phone bank, travel case, water bottle etc. I’m guessing they considered the higher end tools (hairdryer, curling iron) as lifestyle as well. I’ll be dropping luxe because I am on overload. I find the lifestyle items in FFF to be more practical, although not always the highest quality. I’d rather have a cheese board and nesting bowls over branded cheapo items any day.

  23. After signing up to the waitlist, it stated to check my account and it would state either active or waiting, which mine shows waiting. Sounds like no one has active yet, though, unless there was that much of a limited quantity. Fingers crossed that I made the cut. It would be fun to get it. I really like my BoxyLuxe so much.

    • Assuming the status is done the same as Luxe, it won’t change to active until they successfully bill you. So no one will know until you’re charged.

  24. Intrigued, I think I’ll try it.

  25. I had already paused both my Ipsy GB and GBP for November and then signed up for regular Boxy a few days ago. I went ahead and signed up for the Premium waitlist. Assuming I get a spot, $60 is more than I wanted to spend for November but I figure I can drop the regular in December and then decide going forward if I want Ipsy GBP, Boxy Premium, or regular Boxy. I was afraid if I wait until next month the wait list for premium will be so long it could take months to get a spot like it did when GBP started.

    • I’m pretty much doing the same thing as far as evaluating all the options. However, based on past experiences with Boxy, especially with the first BoxyLuxe, I’m not sure signing up for Premium today will even make much of a difference unless you signed up IMMEDIATELY following the announcement. Unfortunately I was a few hours behind so I’m definitely not getting my hopes up about making it off the waitlist the first month. Which would be such a bummer considering the only reason I jumped in without waiting to see what the first box looked like before subscribing was to get that Natasha Denona palette. I REALLY REALLY want that and it’s not often Boxy gives EVERYONE such a new and popular hero item in any given month. Oh well… I could end up being wrong about not getting off the waitlist for the first box. Here’s hoping! 🤞 🙏 ☘️

      • I was two hours behind, since I was busy today and didn’t have emails up, so I’m probably not going to get it. However, seems like a lot of people were caught by surprise, so don’t get discouraged. Some people might not even see it until getting home after work. Someone posted on their Instagram that they should give preference to the amount of time people have been subscribers, to move them up to the head of the list, and the BC response was that they would pass it on to the team to discuss for future events. Having been a subscriber for years, it would be nice to be given some extra treatment for being loyal.

  26. I don’t use blush so I’ll see how next month looks. To me, blush and lipliners are things are mothers used to wear. I don’t see purpose for them.

    • I look like a ghost without blush. It matters how you wear it and the color. Wouldn’t leave home without it. Never have used a lip liner. Hate the outline look.

      • Ghosts unite 😂 I look sickly without a little blush.

      • Agreed , it depends on how you bighlight I love it and really gives a face dimension, I think it’s a fun art and if you practice and do it right it really makes a difference , it actually relaxes me to contour and highlight my face , I don’t enjoy my face as a blank canvas 🥰
        I do not use lipliners
        Either to 1982 😂🤣

    • 🙄

    • I use blush as eyeshadow. And those colors would make a gorgeous eyeshadow.

      • Totally agree, that blush color looks like it will be too dark for me to use as intended, but blended with other colors it could make a gorgeous holiday eyeshadow and the rest of the shades look great too.

      • Reviews I’ve seen say it applies far less intensely than it looks in the pan…

  27. I am really looking forward to this, especially after ipsy has been such a let down the past few months. I have both ipsy accounts on pause for November.

    • Me too! Signed right up. As long as I get two recognizable brands a month whether you can find them at target or Sephora I think that is value for my $25 and I do not complain about it at all. Boxy has kept to that so I am happy to try boxypremium. At $55 for both regular and premium, it’s like ultimate without all the cheese. And full sized products as well!


  28. So, everyone’s account will say, “Waitlisted” until the 1st, right?

    • Yes, but probably first come, first serve unless your an “influencer.”

  29. Alright, I wasn’t going to get the premium, but with Ipsy being horrible this month, and another collab next month, I skipped and if December is another fail, I’m breaking up! So now I have all boxy’s Levels! And I’m excited 😜

  30. I’m excited about this box and I’m on the list. I’m curious why they would make their first box worth so much. $340 for 6 products is going to set the bar high, when they only guarantee $175 going forward. My second thought is that the $340 may be the two boxes combined in the first month.

    If you look at what happened this month with people receiving boxes worth just over $100, many complained on their youtube channels about the low box value (even though this is still over the amount they guarantee). Just my two cents. I not mad about it expecially if I get it, I’m just worried they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  31. I’m so confused rn! I don’t get Boxycharm but too tempted to get Boxycharm Premium. Is it possible to just sign up for the Premium? I’m willing to leave Ipsy for this!!! LOL

    • You need to be a Boxycharm member now to get on the wait list. After the billing for both November boxes (premium and regular) you can drop the regular Boxycharm and only have premium in December.

    • You have to be an active subscriber. That means you’d have to subscribe this month then you could potentially join the waitlist. That also means that even if you subscribe to Premium that you’d end up with a regular box for October and November.

    • I would try MSAs link above. Couldn’t hurt. Boxy premium is a separate subscription. They say you have to be a regular subscriber to get on the waitlist but why not click the link and give it a try. Might work! We all know what sub boxes say and what they do are different 😹

      • Yay!😊 Now you are giving me hope! LOL
        I was thinking of waiting for the hype to die down then maybe, just maybe they will allow people to subscribe to Premium without the need to subscribe to their Basebox too. I’m willing to leave Ipsy anytime if that happens! 😆

      • You have to be an active subscriber and receive both boxes the first month. It’s says it right on the site and when you sign up for the waitlist. Chances are they aren’t going to change it. This box is super anticipated. So I wouldn’t wait long to sign up. Even if you wait till December to sign up they are still going to want you to be an active subscriber to get it.

    • Now I get it. Thank you both so much for clearing this up for me. Really appreciate it! 🧡

  32. I signed up as soon as I received the email, but my status is waiting instead of active. This means I’m not receiving the first one according to the pop up after I submitted

    • I think they all will be listed as “waiting” until they try billing on the 1st of the month….thats what happened with my first boxyluxe. When they bill successfully, then its listed as active.

    • We all say Waitlist right now. They will say that until we are billed on Nov 1

  33. So it’s 60$ + tax??? I’m hella confused. Are we getting 2 boxes, a combined box l🤔🤨

    • Premium is an additional box for an additional $35. For now you also have to keep the original box too at $25. So, yes, $60 for 2 boxes, 11 items total.

  34. I think it was a little foolish of Ipsy to send such a disappointing ultimate box the month before Boxy Premium launch. That coupled with another colab makes letting all three Ipsy boxes go for boxy and boxy premium a no brainer. They would have to let out a HUGE sneak peak to compete and even then I doubt I would trust them.

    • Does anyone’s status for premium say active?

      • Everyone who signs up for the premium box will be listed as waitlist until November 1st. When they do the billing, those who signed up first will be listed as active. Everyone else will have to wait until the next round in December when some people have canceled or more subscriptions have become available.

    • Agreed! I think they could have really hyped the Ultimate box to pull subscribers. I know I’m not the only one to skip Ipsy for November and sign up for this.

  35. Just joined the list! Fingers crossed!!!

    Super easy this time.

  36. Thank you for letting us know.

  37. Yayyyy…I joined the waitlist! I already own the nd bloom pallet and I’m excited to have another one. Is it possible to have only the boxycharm premium? Or do we HAVE to have both regular and premium. I really don’t want both. Anyone have any insight? Thanks

    • You have to have regular to buy the Premium.

      • Huh? I think you have to have the box to get Luxe but premium is available by itself.

      • I’ve been looking around other threads here and there is also a price breakdown somewhere on their website but I can’t find it again.

        When you go to join the waitlist it says “Your 1st month: charged $25 for BoxyCharm + $35 for Premium” and the chart I mention backs that ups.

        It seems like you CAN cancel the regular box after you have gotten the premium box once, but if you have a multi month sub, you have to get both until the regular box sub is up and will be paying for both that whole time.

      • As of right now you have to have regular boxy to get premium. They said in the future itll be available on it’s own

      • You have to have regular Boxycharm in order to get Premium. It’s all spelled out in the detailed instructions.

      • I see now. I’m new to all this. Today (about 4 hours ago) was literally the first time i Ever heard of boxy premium.

    • You need regular to get boxy luxe. You don’t need regular to get premium.

      • Pretty sure you do need basic box to even get off the waitlist and have to pay for both the first month, THEN you can cancle the basic

      • THat’s not too terible. I’m totally cancelling ipsy and going premium. 🙂

      • Oh, sorry, it’s confusing. Guess it is worth getting both for one month.

      • Totally agree, it is confusing! But i understand why. They wanted to give current, loyal subscribers first dibs I think, which I like. I’ve been reading it over and over again since the announcement just to make sure I had it right 🤦‍♀️

      • Yes, that is a nice perk and since I know I’m getting a serum that I want in regular boxy anyway, I would probably get both anyway 🙂

      • This is correct!

      • You only need the regular right now and for November to get on the wait list and get your first premium box

      • You DO need regular to get Premium. Just read the info.

    • That was my question, too. There’s an FAQ on Boxy Premium on their site, but it’s not totally clear. They describe them as separate subs (rather than an *upgrade,* like Boxyluxe, for which you must have a monthly boxy sub.) But they also state that you must have an active Boxycharm subscription to get first priority for the Nov Premium waitlist.

      I’m hoping that once you have an active Boxy Premium subscription starting in Nov, you can cancel regular Boxy. Does anyone have a definitive answer?

    • To get on the waiting list now you must have the base box, so in November you’ll get 2 boxes…now after you have both you may cancel the base box and keep the premium and in dec you’ll only get the premium…. I think this was done so that base box members would have 1st dibs on the premium because the premium waitlist is only available for current base box members.

    • You need to be a Boxycharm member now to get on the wait list. After the billing for both November boxes (premium and regular) you can drop the regular Boxycharm and only have premium in December.

    • Can you tell us about the pallette? Just curious if you like it etc. is the red really that red? I have never used a blush so dark, does it go on that color?

      • From what i understand, the red shade is a cream blush, not a powder, so it would go on very sheer and I assume you could build it up. Correct me if I’m wrong.

      • I don’t know about that but I watched a video on one of the boxy instagram pages doing swatches of it and it looked super pigmented to me.

      • Both the blushes are cream, and yes its very pigmented when swatched, but you use a little bit of cream and diffuse it into your cheek, so it comes off very sheer…we are getting clown face here if you use it properly. The two bottom shades are powder. The top has a flip up lid to protect the cream shades from the powder

      • Aren’t*

      • Clown face 😂😂😂 No i get what your saying. I’m going to use it as an eyeshadow anyways. I’m not a big blush fan.

      • If you have instagram Boxypreview has swatches on her page too and it looks pretty pigmented and creamy.

      • It sheers out into a pretty pink color. There are some videos on YouTube that show it being applied

  38. 340$ value?!??! Im sorry, this 35$ box is going to blow the 50$ ipsy ultimate out of the water. Thats almost double the promised value and is up there with boxyluxe….wow!

    • Yes! I wasn’t going to, but the FOMO was too strong. I def don’t need 11 items for November, but at $350 just for premium I couldn’t not do it. 😬

      • Same. Really need to sell some of my excess.

  39. I was excited about premium but realizing I have to still pay for my regular boxy subscription now through January + $35 for the premium and will be getting two boxes during that time period isn’t workable. I can’t afford it and I don’t NEED that much stuff a month.

    I really thought we just got to switch over to the different box if we got in, not be forced to pay for two.

    On top of that since i can’t find where they address the price break for subscribers that don’t pay month to month – they just blanketly say we’ll be charged $25 + $35 in November when I have paid $59 for 3 months.

    • Look on your account details. Your 3 month regular, since you subscribed before the price increase, will still only be 59 for the next 3 months.

    • Why not go month to month with the regular for November and also get premium. You can then drop the regular box for December and just do the premium after that.

      • She definitely could do that!

    • If you already prepaid for your regular box then you would just be charged $35 a month for the premium.

    • I would really like to know how many people are going to be accepted off the waitlist on November 1st. The boxy charm premium box for November is worth $340 as an introductory box to stir up excitement. After that, each box is guaranteed a value of $175. Which even at the minimum is still amazing value, but I want to know what the chances of getting our hands on that introductory box is! Are there going to be 1,000 … 10,000 or 100,000 to just start with? LOL

  40. I signed up, figured I’d give it a try.. can’t be worse that Ipsy ultimate right? Lol

  41. Every time I try to sign up it tells me to agree to the terms but there is no where to do that,can someone help me with this.

    • There should be a box you can check – it was grey for me. Hope this helps.

      • I am not getting a grey box at all,just the link to confirm my subscription,but when I click on that it tells me to agree to the terms first.

      • Try logging out and log on again.

      • Maybe try a different browser
        There should be a faint grey box at the top left of all this writing ……”I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cancellation Policy, and that I consent and agree to all these terms and conditions provided by BoxyCharm. Furthermore, I agree to the additional monthly automatic renewal payment of $35, plus applicable taxes, fees, and shipping costs, in addition to my other subscription costs, for BoxyCharm Premium to be billed to my card prior to, or during, the monthly shipping date, subject to availability, and depending on my placement on the Waitlist. I understand that during the months in which BoxyPremium will be shipped, I will pay for both my BoxyCharm box and BoxyCharm Premium box until I cancel my BoxyCharm base box. I understand that I may cancel my BoxyCharm Premium or BoxyCharm subscriptions at any time by logging in and editing “My Subscription(s)” in “Account Preferences” under “My Account” on”

  42. So, premium is monthly? And BoxyLuxe remains every few months? Trying to understand all the various upgrades. Help! 😛

    • Yep, premium is every month and luxe is every 3 months!

  43. Finally!!! So excited and can’t wait for premium, love boxycharm and everything they send!

  44. I’m on the waitlist and super excited! Definitely pausing all Ipsy for this! 🤗👍❤

    • Me too! I’m giving Ipsy one more shot but the Natasha denona palette alone is better than my whole ultimate box haha.

    • Same!! I didn’t want to subscribe since I already have the regular box and the BoxyLuxe, but I’m so excited about that ND Palette! ^^♥

    • If I get Premium then I may just cancel Ipsy. I’ve skipped 3 months in a row for the regular and plus bag.

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