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Laurel & Reed Mystery Box Sale!

Laurel & Reed is having a mystery box sale! (Thanks, Marion and Carol, for the heads up!) Plus use coupon MSA15 to save 15% (Thanks, Elaine!)

  • Mini Box – $29.95 (Includes 6 items with a retail value over $169)
  • Deluxe Box – $69.95 (Includes 10 items with a retail value over $284)
  • Total Haul Box – $99.95 (Includes 15 items with a retail value over $470)

If you aren’t familiar, Laurel & Reed is “a luxury-curated, cruelty-free and non-toxic beauty, wellness and lifestyle box. Every month we will delight your doorstep with a mix of 4-6 full-size products with a minimum total value of $100+. Enjoy a mix of makeup, hair care, body & skincare and wellness and lifestyle items.”

Check out our Laurel & Reed box reviews to see the types of products you can expect to find in the mystery boxes.

Laurel & Reed

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Bought the mini on Friday and got it today! It’s perfect and will use everything (though I might gift the floral bath but only because they would like it better than me). I calculated a total value of $171, though I honestly wouldn’t have cared if it was short because I’m excited for everything!
    Lather body wash $22
    Sarisha flower bath $22
    Sarisha deep cleansing mask $35
    Terrene Orchid Dew $35
    LXMI Creme du nil $58

  2. So I was a bit bored last night, so I went to laurel & reed website and saw that mini box was available, so I had to get it of course. They are sold out now again. I already have tracking for my mini. On a Saturday. Wow! Impressive!

  3. Don’t know if this is the right place to put this, but Revolve has a natural beauty box on sale.

    If you sign up for their mailing list you can get 10% off.

    The box contains the following and the price per item is as follows:
    kai Original Perfume Oil (0.13 oz), $50 value full size 1/8 oz.$9.87 pd.
    Herbivore After Sun Mist (2 oz), $12 value travel size $2.37 pd
    By Terry Baume de Rose Face Cream (1.7 oz), $85 value full size $16.78 pd
    By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum in Immaculate Light (1 fl oz), full size $91 value $17.97 pd
    Stila Huge Extreme Mascara in Blackest Black (0.44 oz), full size $23 value $4.54 pd
    Stila Matte ‘n Metal Eye Shadow Palette(0.42 oz), and $49 value $9.68 pd
    RMS Beauty Master Mixer (0.17 oz) full size $38 value $7.51 pd

    • Thank you for the info.. Did you get the box and if so how did you like it? I’m thinking about it and added it to my cart with 10% off.

      • I ordered it last night. I really like the By Terry products that I have tried before and I have very little will power. I think a $50 1/8 oz Perfume Oil that I will never use is a little nuts (I am loyal to Prada Infusion d’Iris) but overall it’s a good deal.
        So far I am loving my Laurel & Reed Mystery Mini boxes.

  4. I received my second mini box and added up the prices which comes to a $193 value . That is amazing! Tomorrow I will post what I received. Included the Ursa Major deodorant too.

  5. I received my mini box earlier this week and it contained:

    Cocovit hydro-mist
    Sonage NMF Hyaluronic Serum
    Provision Nourishing Body Oil (Manifest)
    Ursa Major Deodorant (mint & eucalyptus)
    Sarisha salt & floral bath with pouch

    I calculated the RV at $164, but that’s pretty close to $169, and the values for a few items varied a teeny bit amongst retailers. I’m interested to try the Provison body oil to find out what makes this a $75 oil!!

    • After re-reading the Mystery Box post, I realize I was supposed to receive one more item (it wasn’t hiding under he squiggles—I checked), but since the value is pretty close I’m satisfied with my mystery box.

    • I am so happy I got the total haul. Happy with all the stuff I got and cannot wait to use it.❤

  6. I got my Total Haul box today!

    Here’s what I got:

    1. Cardea AuSet Activate Mood Mist (2oz) – $22.80
    2. Cela Crème de la Crème Body Lotion (2.5oz) – $30
    3. BKind Green Clay Konjac Sponge – $7.56
    4. Dirty Lamb Turkish Coffee Mask – $44
    5. Dulce Earth Matcha Scrub (4oz) – $24
    6. Graydon Skincare Superfood Mask + Scrub (15 capsules) – $39
    7. Lauren B Beauty Nail Polish in Pale Sand Paradise (lilac) – $18
    8. Loli Prickley Pear Seed Oil (.24oz) – $28
    9. Midnight Paloma Body Lotion (4oz) – $19
    10. Provision Connection Lip Rescue (lip balm) (.5oz) – $55 (wow!)
    11. Sahara Rose Luminous Clarifying Cleanser (3.4oz) – $48
    12. Sarisha Salt & Floral Bath Soak (4oz) – $20
    13. Sonage NMF Hyaluronic Serum (.5oz) – $36
    14. Ursa Major Hoppin Fresh Deodorant (2.9oz) – $18
    15(?). Wooden spoon and empty mini burlap bag (both in separate parts in box) – priceless (I kid! 😀 )

    Total value: $409.36 (promised value: >$470) (prices were pulled from brands’ sites)

    While I feel I may have been shorted one product (and I went through the shredded paper VERY thoroughly) & it’s below the promised value, I still feel like I got a really good value for the price paid, and unboxing it was a real treat. It looks like there was virtually no overlap to the mini box, and since the mini box looked pretty good to me I could totally see myself getting all of them (of course, we still have to see what’s in the Deluxe Box) if they come out again sometime next year (I’ll probably not indulge in any more if they come in stock this year due to other planned purchases like advent calendars). This actually felt a lot like unboxing an Indie Beauty Expo box, and those are usually my most fun boxes to unbox!

    • The spoon and bag goes with #12. If you look at prior boxes reviews(don’t remember which month it came from), it explains how to use it

      • I figured it was supposed to go with that or one of the other items in a jar 🙂 I guess I really did get shorted one item then.

      • I only got the burlap bag w/ my bath soak. Maybe the spoon was #15?? LOL

    • My comments not posting, so not sure if this will go, but I got all of these except 1 and 9. Instead I got Power Down Powder detox powder face mask, Midflower 001 Peel Mask and Skin Owl Beauty Whip mask.
      15 in your box goes with 12. Look for reviews of prior boxes and it explains how to use it.

    • Hi Luna

      It sounds like you are missing an item from your box. The Burlap bag and spoon are not actual items, just enhancements to items that are included. The little bag is for the Sarisha Floral Bath Soak and the spoon is for the Dulce Matcha Scrub. So sorry for the confusion. It sounds like an item was either hidden in all the crinkle paper or you are missing something as every Total Haul box came with a minimum of 15 items. Shoot me an email and we can discuss fixing this for you – thanks for the post!


      • Hi Corrine, thank you for the offer. I will be in touch 🙂

      • You got an awesome box Luna and the other Large box that someone listed the contents was as well!! I really wish the other boxes had been in stock when I ordered, I would have jumped on the big haul one in a second and would have been soo soo happy with it I bet! That deodorant is on my list of MUST orders but I always end up forgetting when I place orders for other stuff. lol

        If you ever post your items on the swap side Luna, PLEASE let me know. lol I bet your listings would be beyond awesome!! We seriosuly need a “Luna’s Picks and Tricks” facebook page or instagram or SOMETHING! lol I bet I could get a huge amount of people who agree here on MSA. 🙂 You rock Girl!!

      • Hi Carey! Dang girl, you sure know how to make another girl blush (tee-hee 😀 )
        I really did love my box as is, and I actually had no intention of contacting them regarding the missing item or value of the box, but since they graciously reached out and offered to fix the issue, how can I resist? lol However Laurel & Reed decides to “fix” the issue of the missing item will be fine with me. 🙂

        Unfortunately, I’ve never partaken in swaps before. I still remember all of the swap threads I read on the MSA forum and my head would truly spin with all of the spoken & unspoken rules of swapping (plus the time commitment, cost, etc.) that I quickly decided swapping wasn’t for me. 🙂

        I was actually super excited to see that Ursa Major deodorant in my box! I don’t doubt I already have one in my stash somewhere, but I’ll always take another because I’ve only ever heard good things about it. I also got really excited when I received the Graydon mask tablets (truthfully, I think I reacted to each product with the same level of excitement. lol) because I recently finished using a sample of their Aloe Milk Cleanser, and it was LOVELY!!!!, so now I’m super excited to try anything from their brand. 😉 That cleanser is now on my wish list to buy the next time The Detox Market has their next bundle that I really like (I think the Fall one should be out mid-October, so I hope it’s a good one!), and I just hope I remember about it when the time comes! lol

    • 15 and 12 were in March box

  7. These are what I got in my Mini Box: (price taken from the brand’s websites at full price)
    – Moonlit Power Down Powder 2-in-1 Mask from Nov 18 – $34
    – Skin Owl Maqui Berry Beauty Whip from Jan 19 – $68
    – Sarisha MARCHÉ AUX FLEURS SALT & FLORAL BATH from Mar 19 – $20 (come with muslin bag + wooden spoon, but somehow mine doesn’t have the wooden spoon)
    – Ursa Major Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant from Apr 19 – $18
    – Inna Organic Myrrh Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask from Jun 19 – $8.99
    – Ogee Gentle Glow Cleansing Clothes (10 cleansing clothes) from June 18 or older – estimated RV $6.33 (pack of 3 x 10 cleansing clothes was sold for $19 at Ogee website)

    So my total RV is around $155.32 or $156 which is $13 less than the promised $169 RV.
    Other than the RV issue, I’m not happy getting 3 masks in 1 box, though they’re different type of masks.
    And I also didn’t get any serum/moisturizer at all which is one of the main reason I decided to try this mystery box.
    Overall, considering the price, it’s actually not bad. I’m just not happy with what I got, especially after looking at what others are getting. I guess it’s just mystery box jealousy

    Asking for everyone’s opinion:
    Do you think it’s a ‘norm’ for a mystery box to have less than promised value?
    I know sub boxes often have inflated RV, but since it’s a mystery box & there’s no listed value I was just wondering.

    • I don’t know the answer to your question, but just curious was your Moonlit Power Down Powder over half empty? I got this in my large box and it was maybe 30% full or so. LOL, they should of just used a smaller container for it. I mean it’s a pretty big container it came in. Anyways, I contracted them and they assured me that it’s brand new, but just in case they are sending a replacement item. I know I don’t want to put this on my face if it’s been compromised.

      • No, mine is like 80% of the container’s volume.
        Maybe it’s a production defect?
        One time I bought some lotion, I forgot where & the brand, it’s only half full but it’s sealed. And when I check the others, they’re full.
        But just in case, better do patch test first

    • Hi

      So sorry for the mixup – it looks like Moonlit decided to change their pricing on their Moonlit Mask from $42 to $34, which is where pricing difference is. Thank you so much for pointing that out to us. We 100% didn’t want provide you with less than what weWe 100% want to make this right for you – our intention was never to dupe you and provide you with less of the value than what we marketed and what you purchased. If you wouldn’t mind sending me and email, I would love to provide you an additional product to make up the difference 🙂


      • Thanks for verifying, Corrine!
        I’ll send an email.

    • I don’t know if you will see this, but I love the beauty whip and use it each night as a moisturizer.

  8. I ordered 2 of the mini mystery boxes and 1 item in my 1st box was broken, but Corinne with customer service was amazing! Honestly, I think she provided the most polite and quickest response of any company that I have dealt with. I received the first box on Wednesday afternoon and the replacement item today (Friday) along with the 2nd box. Here’s what I wound up with:
    Box 1 $179.99 value
    Glow Skincare Cold Facial Roller $24
    Honey Nourishing Lapcos Daily Skin Mask $3.00
    Provision Purify Deodorant Spray 50ml $35.00
    Akar Skin Pure Lip Restoration 5ml $30.00
    Pure Elements Youth Exfoliating Botanical Mask 2oz $19.99
    Loli Purple Corn Grains The Grains Cleanse and Treatment 40gm/1.4oz $32.00
    Sonage NMF Hyaluronic Serum 15ml $36.00

    Box 2 $176.20 value
    Vegan by Dr. Botanicals Champagne Radiance Cleansing Bar $14.50
    Provision Purify Deodorant Spray 50ml $35.00
    Lhamour Natural Mongolia Repairing Hyaluronic Acid Serum Nettle Lavender Extract 30ml $60
    Cardea AuSet Calm Moods Mist 2oz/60ml $30CAD $22.71
    Dulce Earth Matcha Scrub Anti-inflammatory and Hydrating 4oz. $24.00
    Pure Elements Youth Exfoliating Botanical Mask 2oz $19.99

    A couple of the items are repeats, but I am very impressed with the boxes and far more impressed with the amazing customer service. I can’t wait to try everything out! I highly recommend trying out the mystery boxes, especially if you can get a coupon code. All of the products appear to be a great quality.

  9. I posted what I got some time ago, but it’s not showing yet. Maybe it will take some time. But anyways, I looked over past boxes, and the items I got were 2 items from November box, 1 item from December, 3 items from Jan, 1 item from Feb, 3 items from March and the entire Apr box plus a lip balm that I didn’t see in any boxes

  10. Dear Laurel & Reed, I went to your site a few minutes ago and the mini was available, now when I went to check out it is out of stock. Would you have any more available?

    • Hi Claire

      We just added a few extra right now. If you happen to get this too late and they are all gone, shoot me an email and I can get one added for you.

      • Hi Corinne, I just got your message and ordered one. Thank you so much. I loved everything in my previous box; the box and contents speak to me of luxury, high end and clean. Opening the box and viewing the products spoke to me of simplicity and timelessness. The ingredients entice me to use them in the knowing of their wholesomeness and highest integrity. I could go on in my musings, but just want to end saying that the experience was like a cool, soothing breeze. Thank you.

      • What a beautiful sentiment Claire. I am so happy you loved everything! I’m so happy you were able to order another!

      • Thank you Corinne, I was able to order it.

    • I ordered two mystery mini boxes to see what to expect from Laurel & Reed as a company. They arrived yesterday and I am very underwhelmed, lip scrubs and what looks like a brush to clean floors…? Ugh…

      • Hi Missy

        I am so sorry you aren’t happy with your purchase. The brush that you are talking about is actually a dry brush for your body. It is a wonderful addition to your daily self-care ritual. You can use it prior to a bath or applying oil and it is known to be one of the best beauty routines to add for your body.

        Here is a great article from Goop regarding the benefits of Dry Brushing.

      • Those brushes on goop I cannot comment on, but the brush I received from Laurel & Reed is very abrasive to me and my daughter’s skin.

      • Did you get any ‘big ticket’ items?
        Does the total value exceeds the $169 promised value?
        Usually ‘small items’ like that are ‘additional items’ for the high value ones & others been getting good boxes with good mix of products.
        For me, personally I’d prefer the lip scrub + brush than the 1 pc sheet mask + 10 pc cleansing wipes (clothes) that I got.
        I’ve been eyeing this sub because the items in the reviews look good & ordered the mystery box to see what to expect from Laurel & Reed as a company too.
        Looking at others got good boxes, the problem could be my luck, but since I’m feeling ‘salty’, I guess for now I’ll just stick with the other clean boxes.

      • I will for sure be following along for what this company has to offer in the future, their customer service is imepccable!

        While my two mini boxes were mostly a bust for me, the value was there no doubt about it. I’ve ordered soo many mystery boxes over the years (Popsugar was my weakness, I’ve ordered as many as 10 at a pop!) it’s been hit or miss as far as RV overall but I’d say 80% of the time it’s a win.

      • Thanks for the info, Carey!

  11. My big haul arrives tomorrow. I initially wasn’t going to get it. Was glad when it was sold out, but then they released more of them, so I took it as a sign from universe

    • Oooh, if you don’t mind… can you post what you received? 🙂 Mine is still in pre-shipment status so who knows when I’ll get it, but I’m dying to know what’s in it!

      • Sure. Although USPS tracking still says it’s in LA as of yesterday eve, but I am on the east coast. I guess all they got to do is put it on the plane. LOL. They do have tomorrow as expected delivery.

  12. I’ve never tried this box before, but went all-in on the total haul version. I have yet to see it, but I’m hopeful it will arrive soon.

  13. I got mini and love it!

    • So happy you are enjoying everything. It is so wonderful how many new members were able to try Laurel & Reed out with this special Mystery Box Sale!!

  14. For those who are not following the Laurel And Reed current review post, here is what I got in two of the mini boxes. They were identical. 🙁 Great value if you like all the items and the presentation was outstadning!

    FYI- I tried the blue corn powder cleanser and it was beyond awesome! I hate powder masks and cleansers but figured why not give it a go since I have two . LOL I used 2 tsp which was the perfect amount with a splash of water and it turned into a purple goo and my skin has not been this soft in forever. 🙂

    Here are the contents of the mini-

    Revival Grapefruit & Mint Body Scrub Pouch – Good size
    Ogee Seeds of Youth Serum- 20ml
    Provision Purify Spray Deodorant-Full Size glass bottle @ 1.7oz VERY weird lol
    Nebula Face oIl- Small glass vial
    A thoughtful but cheesy little plastic bowl and spoon for masking
    Selia & co Geranium and White tea skin tonic- full size @ 2 oz
    Loli Purple Corn Grains powder cleanser- small glass jar

    I have most of my haul listed in swaps, it should pop up when you mouse over my name.

    Thanks and hope veryone loves their boxes! Please post if the larger boxes are similart please!! 🙂

    • OMG thank you for posting. I got identical items but would’ve MISSED the Nebula oil had I not read your post! I didn’t see it in there. Luckily still had the box!
      thank you!

    • Thank you so much for posting this.
      Just wanted to alert everyone though that not ALL items will be the same within the Mystery Boxes. It depends on when it was purchased, what items were available, etc. So please note that you might have differing items from what others have posted, but the surprise and mystery is all the fun 🙂

      Hope you all are enjoying some fabulous self-care with your L&R Mystery Boxes!

    • The cheesy bowl is from Loli, the purple corn grain mask makers lol
      I would call it thoughtful, over cheesy, to include something to mix their product in.

      • Haha I did mention thta it was thoughtful AND cheesy. The value of the box was clearly there with or without the little plastic bowl. I happen to use a littel ceramic bowl myself for masks, like the ones you get at a restaraunt for a side sauce and would have been an uber option as well though I do understand about shipping weight.

        I’ve had contact wiht the company and I have to say they might have some of the best customer service I have ever run into as far as subscriptions and I have subbed over 100!! yes 100 boxes over the last couple years. The packaging was truly special as well, I felt excited removing the big black bow to unveil my goodies. lol

      • Thank you so much for your post Carey. Made my day! Hope you enjoy all of your new products!!


  15. Oh my!! I got my 2 boxes today and they are awesome, they just happen to be the same which is fine with me. I will swap some it !!!

    I figured out that each box had a value of $183, with a promise of over $169. My 6 items were items from 3-4 past boxes. Really happy with this!!!

    • Hi Annette

      So happy you like your Mystery Boxes!
      Enjoy your pamper sesh.

      Laurel & Reed

  16. As of today they have the mini box available. The others are sold out.

  17. What a fantastic deal! So sad I missed out. I don’t know how I didn’t see this post seeing as how I stalk this site many many times a day. 😄

    • Hi Dani

      No need to fret – we just added some additional ‘Mini’ and ‘Total Haul’ boxes on our site.
      Hurry, they are going fast!!

      Laurel & Reed

      • Great! I saw the date and didn’t think you’d have any but it looks like you do. Yay! Thanks for the update. Glad I just happened to check it today!

      • rats, missed the window. Sold out again. :/

  18. Mini is available now.

  19. The Total Haul box is now sold out too.

  20. All the three size boxes are now sold out.

    • The haul is still available as of this post.

    • Total haul is still available as of this post:)

  21. The mini box is sold out, too. That left the “haul” box. I’m giving it a try! I can gift anything I won’t use and I love their mission. If I like what I get, I’ll subscribe. Excited 😁

    • Here is what I got:
      Dirty lamb Turkish coffee mask
      Bkind konjac facial sponge in green clay
      Ursa major hoppin fresh deodorant
      Dulce earth Matcha scrub
      Cela cream
      Loli prickly pear seed oil
      Graydon mask + scrub 15 capsules
      Sonage hyaluronic serum
      Lauren B nail polish
      Midflower peel mask
      Sarisha salt & floral bath
      Moonlit skincare mask
      Provision lip balm
      Sahara rose clarifying cleanser
      Skin owl mask in maquis berry

      Very happy with this

      • wow! Nice box! I wish one of my boxes had the deodorant and a few other items you got too! I got two dupe boxes and wont use but one item between them. lol

  22. I caved and ordered the Total Haul. With discount and shipping only about $6 per item. I couldn’t resist! This is a box that I’ve never subscribed to so everything will be new to me!

  23. New20 worked for me.

  24. The 10FORLABOR code doesn’t work for me, only the MSA15 code works for me

  25. I ordered the mini. Super excited!!

    • Mini and Deluxe are sold out.

      • I’m glad I jumped on this! I had a feeling that it would be sold out fast.

  26. Use code 10FORLABOR for $10 off $60 or more! WILL THIS CODE WORK FOR MYSTERY BOX ?

  27. Some of these boxes are so great! (July!!!)

    • Oh, I know! I’ve only received 3 of their boxes (including the July box), and they were all great! I know the last thing I should do is take advantage of this offer, but this is a really great deal (especially with the discount!) and there are so many products that have been featured in their past boxes that I would love to try. 🙂

    • Unfortunately July’s box has sold out so those products will probably not be in the mystery boxes.

  28. I am surprised that the price per item gets more expensive. Seems like the first box is the best one. Have they done these mystery boxes in the past?

    • No, I think this is their first time doing mystery boxes.

    • It said on their site that this is their first mystery box. I got the mini box and think this is an excellent deal. I used the code toxicfree and I think it took off 7.48 which more than covered the shipping expenses. Using coupons is a love hate relationship for me as it saves me money but then I think I am also cheating the company!!

    • Cassandra, I also noticed this. It would be more cost effective to order three mini boxes than one ‘super haul’. Some of the past boxes have sold out so I assume the products will be from those available: August, June, April, March, February, January and November. Also there will be six products but the sub boxes contain four, so it may be that boxes will be created from that stock.

  29. I ordered, sounds fun!!! I hope this doesn’t start a sub and is 1 time only!!!!

    • Hi Annette –
      I can confirm that by purchasing any of the Mystery Box options: The Mini, Deluxe or Total Haul, you will only be buying the 1x box, it will not start a subscription.

      Laurel & Reed

      • Hi Laurel & Reed! Can you confirm if there could be any overlap of products between the mystery boxes? And thanks for curating such great boxes! 🙂

  30. The MSA15 code works on top of this! Excited to try this box! Thanks!

    • Oh thanks for letting us know! I’ll add that to the post!

      • So tempting. I got July box and so impressed with this box. I am going to sleep on it and if it’s not sold out by tomorrow I’ll get mini one. Deluxe is already sold out

      • As of now, I’m adopting your philosophy for special sales and boxes. 🙂

    • Thanks Elaine, I’m getting one.

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