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Ipsy Glam Bag X August 2021 Curated by Halsey – More Spoilers

Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the September 2019 Glam Bag!

The August 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:


What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

Here are all the items Ipsy is sending to subscribers this month. (You’ll receive 5 of them in your glam bag):

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

And check out our list of the 31 Beauty Boxes To Try, and all reviews of Cheap Subscription Boxes to find other subscriptions with similar price points to Ipsy!


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Second month in a row when I am finally able to log in, I can’t view the items in my bag nor view the ad-on’s. I wrote CS last month about it and by the time they got it cleared, it was too late to do any ad-on’s. I have a feeling it’s going to be the same thing again this month.

    • As of 5:15 pm east coast time, I was able to see all add ons; none were sold out.

    • It’s about 415 CDT and I was just now able to get in to both of my accounts, including one that earlier today said they were still preparing my bag.

    • I was FINALLY able to see my Glam Bag & add-ons by opening my Glam Bag page (which said they were still putting together my bag) & scrolling down to the section that said “September Add-ons Are Here”; click on that & it will open up to directions & a link ( I clicked on that link & not only was I shown what was in my Glam Bag, but I was also able to pick my add-ons for my Glam Bag. Good Luck!
      FYI, for some reason, I ALWAYS have an issue opening the add-ons for the Glam Bag but not the Glam Bag Plus.

      • Still not working for me.

      • Second month in a row where I can’t see my products or add ons so stupid !!!

      • If you’re on desktop, clear the site data for Ipsy (or empty cookies & cache from your browser) then it should work! In my experience, Windows coupled with my browser settings cause these problems more than the sites themselves.

  2. I got the Too Faced mascara, the Madison highlighter, Purlisse scrub, Hanhoo Overnight Serum and hydrating primer.

    I added on the IT cleanser, IT sensitive cream and HARUHARU cream.

  3. Murad hydro moisturizer
    Farah Contour brush
    Skynn Icelandic Youth Serum
    Ofra & Maidson Smiley for Riley lip gloss
    Phase Zero eye-shadow in Velvet

  4. I’m very happy with my bag this month…
    I got…
    Murad moisturizer
    Contour brush
    Lock moisturizing primer
    Skyn Iceland serum
    Lipgloss in buttercup

    I added on the gimme brow, glamglow cleanser, and eye cream because I needed those products.

    It seems my glam bag has better personalization than the gb plus does.

    • Agreed !!!! My regular bag was way better then the crap in my plus 🙁

    • My first ipsy and i have no complaint. Im receiving the watermelon serum, ofra highlighter, truffle shimmering oil, smashbox foundation and unicorn glow hydrating primer. Added on 111Skin eye gel, watermelon sleeping mask, and farah mini brush. So happy to not get mascara, lashes, lipliners, and eyeshadow palettes. I dont use mascara, lashes or lip liners. And eyeshadow palette I just got Butter London in boxycharm and that will last me a year. I canceled boxycharm bc it seems each box has a mascara or lashes and eyeshadow palette tho i stated I do not want lashes or mascara. Hoepfully Ipsy stays like this. Birchbox also sent me mascara 3 months in a row. Why? I marked as i do not use.

  5. This is my first bag so I’m not really sure what to expect yet. I’m happy with the picks though but I’m also really easy to please since I really don’t know a lot about make up but as self care I’ve been eager to learn. Look good feel good right!

    My bag has…
    Benefit eyebrow gel
    Haruharu aqua bomb cream
    OFRA lip gloss in sugarcup
    Phase Zero eyeshadow in velvet
    111skin eye gel

    Added on
    Too Faced mascara

    I feel it’s pretty well rounded.

    • You got some great stuff Marlo! Yes, looks like a well rounded bag with awesome products! Be sure to “rate” your products when you receive them so that Ipsy can better tailor your bags as you move forward. Besides our profile, your ratings will greatly help what they send or do not send you each month. I have found my bags get better and better over time. Sometimes I get a “miss” but that is to be expected and that is ok by me!

  6. I am thinking about subscribing to Ipsy. If you get the $12 a month glam bag do you get to pick all of the items that are in it or do you only get to pick a certain number of items and then there are items that everyone gets? I don’t wear much make up and I see a lot of skin care and hair care spoilers that I would be interested in. I just do not want to wind up with a bunch of products that I’m not going to use.

    • Honestly, it might not be the best bag for you. There is quite a bit of makeup in it, maybe 1 skincare or hair care a month. Starting in October, you will get to pick 1 item, the rest are random and LOOSELY based on your profile

      • My profile states mainly skincare and every month so far I’ve gotten all skincare except like maybe one or two makeup. So still mainly skincare 🙂 I love all of the skincare I’ve samples so far so I would totally recommend this for $12 😊

      • What answer do you have on the preferences quiz for the “how comfortable with makeup are you?” question?

      • Very comfortable you?

      • I think mine is either the first or the second lowest comfort level you can have, and I’d say my bag is a pretty even mix.

        But I’ve also checked off actual make-up items I’m interested in getting, so I do get make-up. But generally only stuff I’ve said I’m interested in.

        I find ipsy MUCH better curated than BirchBox (shame. I like little boxes better than little bags), and I like the new option for add-ons. Also, unlike BB, you can actually e-mail ipsy and tell them: “Hey, I don’t like x product at all”…and you won’t get that. (I think maybe it’s just two. I nixed nail polish and mascara and have never gotten either. Contrawise, did BB for about half a year, and kept. getting. mascara. no matter what I said or reviewed.)

        I’ve found two of my favorite skin care items from ipsy

      • Little trick, if you want skincare heavy, up your age on your profile. I’m 30 and have mine set to 45 and I get like 3 skincare items in every bag. I know someone who has hers set to 50 and gets mostly skincare

      • You are lucky then. I have not had that experience at all.

      • It is now 3:30 my time. Add on’s were at 9 a.m. my time. I still haven’t seen what’s in my bag or the chance for add on’s. I thought they’d be down for a hour. 6 hours later… I don’t have social media. Can I get an update?

      • Same message on ipsy facebook for 5+hours now “Hi Ipsters! is currently down right now. Our engineers are working on a fix for the site and app. If you haven’t purchased Add-Ons yet, you’ll be able to once we’re back up and running. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you updated!”

      • argh. driving me batty!

    • You get to only pick one item

    • You only get to pick 1 product a month. Ipsy will choose 4 other items for you (yes, Ipsy is makeup-heavy. I have seen people try to do skincare-only Ipsy bags with varying success on Reddit posts — search r/BeautyBoxes for more info on those).

      The time when you really get to pick which items you want in your bag is during add-ons. You can pick up to 5 different things, but you have to pay for each one.

    • If you prefer skin and hair items, Birchbox might make you happier than ipsy.

    • I have had ipsy for over a year and have been trying to customize for a skincare heavy, makeup light bag, and I have achieved that exactly one month in all of that time. I have makeup marked as rarely wanted and skincare marked as always wanted and always review makeup as a 1 and skincare as a 5. Last month I recieved three pieces of makeup and only 2 skincare items which is typical, so their bag customization does not work for that purpose. My subscription is up in December and I will not renew due to this and will be looking at either beautyfix by dermstore or new beauty test tube for skincare boxes.

      • Beautyfix is excellent and is mostly skincare.

      • Yeah, it seems to be, it’s just more $ monthly than I had wanted to spend. I have found that none of the formerly $10 per month boxes are great for skincare wants, and now that they are all going up in price (except for Sephora play for now), there is no reason not to try out the $25 per month boxes. The only thing holding me back is that ULTA has been doing great this year at bringing in new brands and having sales and gwp offers, so I may just stop the boxes altogether and shop there to get exactly what I want.

      • Agree. It’s always best to simply purchase exactly what you want. Beautyfix will probably be my last box standing after next month. By the end of the year I won’t need any of them. I only subscribed to sample new products and find my favorites. I’ve accomplished that.

      • Beautyfix sadly has really gone down they used to be amazing for my skincare fix – now there just tiny travel sizes :/ TT is so- so sometimes great tunes , sometimes not .

      • The sizes in BeautyFix don’t bother me at all. I like that we receive a lot of items. And we usually do get 1 or 2 full size items. Skincare is SUPER expensive, so it’s not really that realistic that you’d receive multiple deluxe of full sized items in that box.

      • I know but about a year ago believe me it was much better even if you read on here MSA beautyfix is not what it used to be just saying – go to their store and see the difference in boxes months ago to now you’ll see what I’m saying

        I still purchase there old boxes if I’m running out of skincare but omg I’m not lol

      • And now that the site is working again, I know that I have 60% skincare this month, so not really to my liking still given my customization settings, but better than last month at least. My bag;
        SKIN&CO. ROMA Therapy Shimmering Oil
        HANHOO Watermelon Illuminator – Overnight Serum
        L.O.C.K. COLOR Unicorn Glow Hydrating Primer
        OFRA COSMETICS OFRA x Madison Sweet Stuff Blush
        THE BEAUTY CROP Eyeshadow in Halcyon

    • Your best bet is to pair up with a friend who lets you use her add ons, then buy the samples you want.

    • Hey Rachel! Mid 40’s woman here. I have been with Ipsy for 3 1/2 years. In that time, I have tried Birchbox, Play by Sephora, BB5(no longer in business), the Macy’s bag, Walmart, Target, Allure & Fabfitfun. The only one I have never canceled or skipped is Ipsy. At this point, I skip every other month with Allure, but lots of skincare there! Target? Eh… The others, nope! But, having skipped Allure this month, I decided to go for the Birchbox sale right now. You can get your 1st box for $1, or get 2 for $15. Might want to check that one out. My bestys issue with Birchbox is the small sizes.
      I used to wear a full face everyday. Not anymore. I am definitely much more focused on skincare, haircare and a more natural makeup look.
      If I get items I’m not going to use, I check with the girls in my life 1st. 2nd, MSA has a swap site & 3, I donate the rest to a local women’s shelter.
      Truth be told, if it were not for Ipsy, I would not even know about my holy grail of concealer. But, then again, there’s always going to be something in my bag that I don’t want. Part of what Ipsy does is tries to send you stuff you will use and stuff you might want to try. That’s how it’s always been explained to me.

  7. Glam Bag:

    -OFRA x Madison: Ollie Need is Love Blush
    -Hanhoo Watermelon Illuminator – Overnight Serum
    -Haruharu Wonder Honey Green Aqua Balm Cream
    -SMASHBOX COSMETICS Studio Skin 24 Hour Wear Hydrating Formula in 2.16 Golden (Medium)
    -The Beauty Crop Eyeshadow in Halo


    -BABE LASH Essential Serum
    -111 Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel NAC Y2
    -Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara

    • I like your bag! The 2 skin items you got were the 2 add-ons that I purchased. I would’ve gotten the Halo eye shadow, too, if it were available as an add-on.

  8. Site still not working not that the add ons are stellar at all , but would like to see my bag –

    It’s probably gonna implode

    • Site still isn’t working for me either. I’m irritated but hopefully it’s just saving me money lol

  9. I psy Facebook says “Hi Ipsters! is currently down right now. Our engineers are working on a fix for the site and app. If you haven’t purchased Add-Ons yet, you’ll be able to once we’re back up and running. Thank you for your patience and we will keep you updated!”

    Haven’t seen my reveal yet.

  10. I ca t see my reveals or get an add ins because the website is down for maintenanace… this sucks.. I wanted to try the lip gloss. I skipped this month glam bag us… just wanted to see how boxyluxe was going to turn out 1st… I’m thinking about cancelling the luxe also..

    • I cancelled luxe but ya had to do it by 8/31/19

  11. Fifth time attempting to comment.

    Benefit Brow Gel in 3
    OFRA x Madison Sugarcup lip gloss
    Hanhoo Watermelon overnight serum
    IBY eyeshadow in Fire & Ice
    111Skin eye gel

    I added on:
    Benefit Brow gel in 4.5
    Briogeo leave in treatment
    Too Faced mascara

    Not too shabby! I honestly would have been happy with a bag full of lip gloss, there were several pretty ones this time!

    • All five are showing…comments don’t always show up immediately. If you give it a little time, your original comment will show up (as long as it doesn’t break any guidelines)

      • Oops! Thanks. I’ve actually had comments disappear to nowhere land that didn’t break any guidelines, and I did wait for 20 minutes before posting again. Very frustrating! I guess next time I will wait a few hours before trying again.

    • Ooh, your bag is so similar to mine, but I like yours better! I got the IBY highlighter instead of the IBY shadow, but the highlighter looks too dark for me. I got the First Aid Beauty moisturizer instead of the Hanhoo serum (which I purchased as an add-on). Everything else is the same.

  12. Fourth time attempting to comment.

    Benefit Brow Gel in 3
    OFRA x Madison Sugarcup lip gloss
    Hanhoo Watermelon overnight serum
    IBY eyeshadow in Fire & Ice
    111Skin eye gel

    I added on:
    Benefit Brow gel in 4.5
    Briogeo leave in treatment
    Too Faced mascara

    Not too shabby! I honestly would have been happy with a bag full of lip gloss, there were several pretty ones this time!

  13. Third time attempting to comment.

    Benefit Brow Gel in 3
    OFRA x Madison Sugarcup lip gloss
    Hanhoo Watermelon overnight serum
    IBY eyeshadow in Fire & Ice
    111Skin eye gel

    I added on:
    Benefit Brow gel in 4.5
    Briogeo leave in treatment
    Too Faced mascara

    Not too shabby! I honestly would have been happy with a bag full of lip gloss, there were several pretty ones this time!

  14. I got 2 bags this month because I skipped the Plus. I’ve skipped 1 of the bags for 4 month’s. I have 2 different profiles 1 is age 18 and the other 50. Everything including skin shade is different. Am getting the same items in both bags. I Don’t understand why this happened.

    • I’ve had this happen too… two bags, two very different profiles, same exact items. I contacted customer service via email. The first person I talked to was awful and dismissive and literally told me “maybe you should cancel your account.” I replied and told them this was a disappointing and unprofessional response… somehow customer service must have caught wind because a different person took over and after some back and forth they gave me the following month’s bags for free, which kind of shocked me after all the hassle.

  15. I love Ipsy, but they really need to get it together with their site performance. The crashes happen every month. So frustrating.

  16. Benefit Brow Gel in 3
    OFRA x Madison Sugarcup lip gloss
    Hanhoo Watermelon overnight serum
    IBY eyeshadow in Fire & Ice
    111Skin eye gel

    I added on:
    Benefit Brow gel in 4.5
    Briogeo leave in treatment
    Too Faced mascara

    Not too shabby! I honestly would have been happy with a bag full of lip gloss, there were several pretty ones this time!

  17. I was able to review my products this morning. Maybe that’s part of why the ipsy site is now down.

  18. GB:

    -Murad moisturizer (Like)
    -HanHoon watermelon serum (Like)
    -Ofra pink gloss (Wish I received a blush)
    -Beauty Crop gray purple eyeshadow (Receive tons of purple singles fr:Ipsy)
    -Farah contour brush (Got LuXie lookalike contour brush last month)


    -Benefit Gimme Brow -blonde
    -Benefit Gimme Brow -light brown
    -111Skin undereye gel
    -Farmacy yellow&blue masks
    -IT Cosmetics BB redness moisturizer

  19. I’m just….. mad! I cut down all my subscriptions to just IPSY this month, thinking it would be fun because I’d be able to have some surprise picks and then do add ons. But I wasn’t able to get on the site to do add ons, it kept crashing, and it’s probably either too late or everything is gone. Plus my bag looks really boring this month. I think I must have overloaded on the subscriptions and this isn’t even fun any more. I just want to see my bag, go on and spend more $$$$ on add ons, and have a happy experience.

    • Keep an eye on their Instagram. There’s lots of people complaining about the site being down in their comments, so I’m guessing they’ll update once the page is back up.

    • The site is down for everyone, stuff can’t be sold out if no one can get on. They are working on it, it’s going to be okay.

  20. I was able to access my GBP and select add-on’s. The problem is I can’t see the other bag at all so I might end up with duplicates. My fear of things selling out made me do it. I hope Ipsy is ready for the rollout of changes next month but I don’t think they will be.

  21. Benefit Brow Gel in 3 (probably too light, if so will give to my sis)
    OFRA xMadison Sugarcup lip gloss
    Hanhoo Watermelon Overnight Serum
    IBY Eyeshadow in Fire & Ice
    111Skin Eye Gel

    I added on:
    Briogeo leave in spray
    Benefit brow tint in 4.5
    Too Faced mascara

    Not a bad bag for me! Although I was irritated to find out I could have chosen 5 items for add ons instead of 3. I would have added on the Smashbox foundation and another lip gloss. Oh well, saved money.

  22. Not that the product list shown here is exciting, but ipsy won’t let me see my bag, even when I can access the site. “We’re still preparing it – come back on 9/2”! Um, I’m pretty sure that it’s 9/2 in all planetary time zones now, not just here in Atlanta.

    Ready when you are, ipsy.

    • Happens to me with 2 bags every single month.

      I’m lucky to get a glimpse of my GBP.

    • Same for me. Really disappointed. And they want me to upgrade?! No, thanks. They can’t even maintain their site.

  23. Did Ipsy’s website crash? I went to look at what’s in my Glambag and nothing comes up. Not even in the app…??? The only thing I’m actually excited about is the bag itself. I can’t remember everything, but I know I’m getting the foundation in a much darker shade than indicated in my profile. I think I’m getting some kind of truffle spray, a moisturizer?, a contour brush but I don’t contour… 🤷‍♀️ I can’t remember what else….

    • Maybe try again? It looks like it’s working now 🙂

    • It’s still down for me and it’s after 3 o clock. I’m so mad just cause of add ons

  24. I have that same bag 😀

  25. I’m pretty pleased with my bag this month. I’m getting the FARAH contour brush, Glow Recipe watermelon sleeping mask, LOCK Color unicorn glow hydrating primer, Purlisse watermelon peel & polish, and the Ofra blush in Sweet Stuff (my choice).

  26. I’m getting
    111 skin eye gel
    Murad ultimate moisturizer
    Ofra lipgloss in Sugarcup
    Love craft bronzer
    Smash box foundation
    Overall not too bad of a month for me. At least I didn’t get highlighter!

  27. I got a very weird, unbalanced bag this month. It completely disregards my profile.

    Anyone else think they didn’t follow match-up protocol this month? I thought something was off already–no additional spoilers after showing a small handful of things…

    • I’m right there with you. I received all products that I had either opted out of or have them marked as rarely on my profile. Worst month for me hands down!

    • I don’t think they did. I think they were trying to save money for next month or trying to save good products. Lets hope next month is better.

    • I’m agree with you they picked items that I have as rarety, so I hope a better bag next month for $12 ,I really dislike my bag

      • I will probably cancel if the lack of personalization continues. I am not going to pay for a subscription that offers “personalization,” but does not follow my profile.

    • Literally everything besides the one thing I picked myself was things I said I rarely wanted! I’m so disappointed with my bag I do t even want any of the stuff I’m getting!

    • I thought the same thing. Almost only skin care except for the eyeshadow when I said I don’t want eyeshadows… And they let you review already? Weird

  28. I bought Hanhoo overnight serum when Ipsy had offer with it and the day serum. I really like it. You can smell the apple extract more than watermelon. It smells like beautiful day from Bath and Body works . It is not sticky and makes skin soft.

  29. I am pretty happy with my bag this month. I’ll be receiving:

    Ofra x Madison Miller Lipgloss in Sugarcup.

    F.A.R.A.H. Contour Brush 218 M. (I received this exact same brush 2 months ago. The only product I am not happy to be receiving).

    Skyn Iceland Youth Serum.

    HaruHaru Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream.

    Coloured Raine Eyeshadow in Glamour.

    Skin&Co Roma Truffle Therapy Shimmering Oil. (Add-On)

    Hanhoo Watermelon Illuminator Overnight Serum. (Add-On)

    Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Leave-In Mask. (Add-On)

  30. For the love I get highlighters every month and can’t opt out as I’m opted out of lipstick and lip gloss.

    • That’s how it is for me every month with masks. I always rate them as 1 Star, yet every month there they are. I’m also opted out of lipglosses and lipsticks and this month I got two along with the mask 🙄

    • Have you all tried taking the new beauty quiz? I have opted out of mascara, eyeshadow, bronzers, highlighter and nail polish and I haven’t gotten any of those things. Essentially I’ve turned my ipsy bag into a skin care bag so I’ve been mostly happy with them. Of course I do get the occasional item that didn’t fit my profile. This month it looks like they have lots of foundation and eyeshadow to get rid of so I’ll probably end up with one of those. I can’t check though cause the site is down. Anyway, if you haven’t taken the new beauty quiz, I would highly recommend that and writing reviews on your current and past bags. That really helped customize my selections.

  31. In my GBP
    Ciate London powder
    Pomegranate mask
    Eyebrow pencil in taupe
    Glam glow cleanser
    OFRA Madison Miller highlight/blush palette

    Excited for the cleanser and powder. I never use highlighters and rarely use blush. Emailed to opt out of highlight, was told they did it and yet there it is:/ Not my favorite bag

    • app down this is ridiculous

  32. Site is down for me as well as of 11 a.m. I hope it’s up soon I would like some add-ons

    • Yeah.
      I’m still waiting for my add-ons from last month’s I’m so disgusted

  33. I’m dying. The site is down so I can’t see what’s in either my GB or GBP! SO many potential stinkers (for me, anyway) I would very much like to know what I got!!

    • It’s up!!

  34. I got:
    Ofra lip gloss in sugarcup
    Benefit gimme brow
    Iby highlighter
    111 skin eye gel
    First aid beauty coconut water cream

    Added on:
    Confidence in a cleanser
    Ofra smiley for ryleigh gloss
    Glow recipe sleeping mask

    Overall I’m pretty happy.

    • Wow! That is a pretty awesome bag!

      • Yeah the only thing I’m unsure of is the gimme brow. I’ve never used a brow gel and I’m not sure if the shade will be right for me. But other than that I’m happy.

      • I received one too in my bag. I don’t use brow products, but I’m willing to give it a try. That’s why I like getting the regular GB, because I can try it before purchasing full size.

      • The gimme brow product is one of my favorite products ever! I use warm golden blonde bc it’s perfect for this red head:)

      • Thanks! I’ll definitely give it a try!

      • I dislike gimme brow you can’t control it and it goes outside the brow line , I prefer powders . I use KAT D Von eyepowder it gives eyebrows killer definition with the anasthesia Beverly Hills brush #12 & #14

    • Bag twins! Unfortunately it doesn’t work as well for me, lol. Even though I had the ability, I didn’t pick an item this month bc they were mostly the OFRA items, & I was really hoping NOT to receive an Ofra item since I am not a fan of the brand. (Or of Madison, lol.) A sheer lipgloss is pretty inoffensive, though. Maybe I’ll hold on to it until reviews come out & try it if it doesn’t have a scent. The IBY highlighter looks too dark for me, I haven’t yet found a FAB product I like (maybe this will be the one?!), the Benefit is OK (received in Birchbox) but I like my current product better, & I like eye treatments but I don’t have a positive opinion of 111Skin based on what they’ve sent out via Ipsy.

  35. GB & GBP BOTH disappointing this month. I don’t like several of my items in each bag this month. Hoping some replies from others here will make me feel better. I feel like so many of these products are for teenagers. Please chime in if you have any of these and your feelings about them. Thanks in advance, Carla

    Also add on’s are sold out. Wanted Murad for months and unfortunately I’ve never received any Murad items. Bummer on that.

    GBP I dew care disco kitten. Not the least bit excited about this. Can anyone help by sharing some insight as to if these are good products? I have masks as rated low don’t want/don’t need nor use but of course I got this.
    Same for Ciate London translucent powder. Does anyone like and use this?? I welcome comments. Thanks
    I’m not overly excited about the other items either but I suspect I will try and use the rest.

    GB has stuff I dont even recognize any of the names. I get kicked off the site so fast to even see what stuff is. Hanhoo watermelon illuminator overnight? ANyone tried?
    Unicorn Glow longwear primer? any insight? Haruharu wonder honey bomb?
    What is all this stuff?????????????

    NO name brands or anything I recognize? Hope I’m not stuck with a bunch of duds!!

    • I bought Hanhoo overnight serum when Ipsy had offer with it and the day serum. I really like it. You can smell the apple extract more than watermelon. It smells like beautiful day from Bath and Body works . It is not sticky and makes skin soft.

    • The disco kitten is one of the best make I used , so easy to peel off leaves your skin glowing and baby soft I use it twice a week !

  36. I got the
    It cleanser
    Lipgloss in sugarcup
    Eyeshadow in halo
    Unicorn glow primer in all day wear (wish I would have gotten hydrating, I have the driest skin ever)
    And I can’t remember the final item and their site has crashed.

    I’m excited to try the cleanser. Not the best bag but not the worst either and way better than my GBP which totally sucked this month.

  37. Getting IBY beauty eyeshadow, Skyn youth serum, Wonder honey aqua bomb, Smashbox foundation, and Ofra blush. Pretty happy, but it was annoying that the site kept crashing.

  38. For my bag, I got:
    IT Cosmetics confidence in a cleanser
    L.O.C.K. Color unicorn glow hydrating primer
    OFRA x Madison smiley for Ryleigh gloss
    IBOM lemon verbena clay mask
    Nature’s Cartel polish in bro’s gold

    I’m not excited about the cleanser because I already have a sample of this one and I have two full bottles of pur-lisse cleansing milk to go through lol. Oddly I was really hoping for nail polish and this one seems like a perfect neutral but special fall shade! I added the other Madison lippie and the two c’est moi lippies because they looked so pretty in the video. And I’ve been wanting to try that bye bye redness cream but 100000% not willing to pay 50 bucks for it so I’m excited about that as well!!

  39. Love the cute bag. Feeling meh about my items:
    Farah contour brush- will swap
    Purlisse Watermelon Exfoliating Mask- meh
    Ofra blush- will swap
    Glam Glow Sleep Pack- my pick
    Lock Color Hydrating Primer- always love a primer
    Add ons:
    Farmacy Mask set- yesss
    Skyn Iceland Serum- love all things Skyn

    This is definitely my last month. Just haven’t liked my bags lately and therefore can’t justify the price increase.

  40. Liz,
    Can you get my comments on Plus reveal out of purgatory please?

    • In my bag I’m getting:
      -Ofra Highlighter in Sea Shimmer(I picked this and I’m super excited as I dont own an Ofra highlighter)
      -Natures Cartel Nail Polish(I’m kinda tired of nail polish and did opt out as of today. But this is a beautiful color that I’ll definitely use)
      -Glamglow Watermelon Sleep Mask(was really hoping to get this)
      -leave in hair treatment (was hoping for this as well)
      -IBY eyeshadow(not totally thrilled with the dark brown shade but I’ll give it a try)
      All in all it’s a pretty ok bag. Not my all time favorite but I certainly cant complain. Plus I added 4 of the $3 items. So I’m good😀

  41. I’m getting:

    – Ofra Cosmetics Ollie Need is Love Blush – Yay! Love Ofra and blush.

    – Coloured Raine Eyeshadow in Glamour – Meh, eyeshadow overload.

    – Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in 3 – I swear this is a repeat, but I can easily give it away.

    – Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – Picked this! I love the Watermelon Glow Moisturizer so of course I had to try this.

    – First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream – More moisturizer is always good.

  42. Won’t use what they picked for me. I literally paid for the Madison Miller lippie items that I actually wanted. I’ll be giving everything else away. 🙁

    • Same , the worst bag ever ,they don’t use the profile

  43. *MURAD Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturizer A lot of people seemed to want this but seems boring I only like scented skin care.

    *SKIN&CO. ROMA Truffle Therapy Shimmering Oil I was hoping to get this

    *LOCK Color Primer I said rarely to primers

    *PHASE ZERO eye shadow in velvet finally purple eyeshadow

    *OFRA liquid lipstick in Oh my Ry Ry. – I got to pick a product this was my pick. I collect Ofra lipstick.

  44. I dislike everything they picked for me this month. Eye and lip colors that are way too dark for me. A mask that I was pretty sure I “disliked” on my profile and even the blush I picked isn’t all that great but there were only a couple things left to choose from. At least the bag is cute. The last 2 months were so good and getting to choose a product was great but somehow this month is a complete bust.

    • Anyone else just getting 500 errors on the page when they open it?

    • I was able to select a product for a couple months before it was rolled out to everyone and what I’ve come to realize by doing this is that when you pick a product you drastically limit the amount of bag matches. I’m no longer picking a product since my bags are far better when I don’t. A little food for thought 😊

  45. The site seems to be down now so can’t wait to check! If it’s like your bag Liz I will be super excited! great products 🙂

  46. Meh. I’m getting 2 items (mascara, highlighter) that I’ve marked Rarely. Won’t use either. Just got highlighter last month.

  47. I feel like my bag is boring this month, but looking at all the available options… everything seems kind of boring (at least for me – I like fun colors!)

    111Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel
    Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturizer
    Ofra Cosmetics Ollie Need is Love Blush
    Nature’s Cartel Nail Polish in Bro’s Gold
    Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow + Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in 3

    I won’t use the eye gel (I feel like they don’t do anything for me anyway) and I only do brows and blush occasionally. The moisturizer has really good reviews and the nail polish is pretty so I’m happy about those. I just wish there were a little more of a pop of color in here somewhere! I put down adventurous for almost all color options but other than eyeshadow they very rarely actually offer what I’d think of as adventurous color options.

    • I got the Too Faced mascara, the Madison highlighter, Purlisse scrub, Hanhoo Overnight Serum and hydrating primer.

      I added on the IT cleanser, IT sensitive cream and HARUHARU cream. 😍

    • I feel the same, Lauren! When they announced the North Star theme on an Insta live, they mentioned iridescent and purple shades, which was exciting! The only color products in my bag are a sheer pink lip gloss & a champagne highlight. Not as advertised, lol. But looking at the full product list, there’s not a whole lot of other colorful choices.

      • I feel the same. I do go look at all the items available for the month and then decide if it’s a bad match or just the best match they could come up with. That’s how I feel about this month. Nothing exciting to me except the bag. It’s my birthday month and for some reason, it always seems to be a sucky month for subs. The September Glambag is usually bland. Thankfully, this one isn’t.

  48. Resigned up because I loved the bag. But realized when my products were revealed why I unsubscribed. Products I got were meh and really don’t follow my likes and sillies from the survey.

  49. I got the same as you, except instead of the Smashbox foundation I’m getting the Coloured Raine eyeshadow in Glamour. Super excited for this bag, because everything are things I would have picked out 🙂

    I also added on the OFRA x Madison Miller Squad Palette and Oh My Ry Ry liquid lipstick.

    Can’t wait for this month’s bag to get here!!!!

  50. Not very excited about this month but I do love the bag with crystal!

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