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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate October 2019 Customization Starts Now!

ByMSASep 24, 2019 | 206 comments

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate
2.6 overall rating
211 Ratings | 10 Reviews

Customization is open for October 2019  Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate!

Here are the options for the October bag:

Which product are you picking for the October Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate?

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

This subscription is $50 a month. Sign up here!

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $12 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes! Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.

Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate is a monthly makeup and beauty subscription box - each month includes 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, in addition to a beauty bag! (Shipping is free to the US, and an additional $4.95 to Canada).
At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.

At My Subscription Addiction, we believe in better living through subscriptions. We help readers discover new and exciting products and services that will help deliver the best version of their lives.
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The farmacy balm wasn’t an option when I picked 🙁


The FAQ on the website states we will be billed the end of the month. Does anyone else find it odd that we won’t have any other spoilers before we are charged? Being the first Ultimate I expected at least the bag shown. Thoughts?


It says the last day of the month we are billed but i always get a confirmation on Ipsy’s main page, on the first, saying that i was successfully billed. You would think that if they billed our cards on the last day of the month, we would get a confirmation as soon as we are billed. Yeah, i dont like that we have not gotten any more spoilers for any of the bags, i keep dabating to either hurry and cancel my subscription this month or take my chances and get the October bag. Either way i am canceling my subscription. I am starting BoxyCharm and keeping Allure.


I see that people have said Ipsy hasn’t responded to them. Is this common? A few months ago I didn’t get one of my FS items in my ipsy plus I emailed twice and never heard anything back… I gave up but am sad that I never got the product.


They have always responded back to me but i have seen where people have said that Ipsy never responded to them, i know that if it takes them longer to respond back to me, they always tell me that they have had a unusual amount of emails and was sorry for the late response, but Ipsy should always get back to you, if they never responded to you over your full size item, i would definitely be either emailing or contacting them through social media, like Twitter. They either owe you a full size item or a refund. There is no way i would just let that go! Tell them everything you said about emailing them and never getting a response and that you didnt recieve your full size product and would like to either get your product or a refund. That is what i did when i was missing my add ons, if you contact them through Twitter, it may take a couple of days but they should get back with you. Keep trying to contact them until they respond back! Hope this helps!😊

Dani G.

I’ve been with Ipsy for around five years. Most of the time I get prompt responses to my emails. During times of major change; like the introduction of the Ultimate memberships along with the option to choose products, there has been a slight delay. It’s typically only an extra day or two but this time it was almost a week, which is quite unusual in my experience.

However, I have experienced the same frustrating issue with their customer service about 80% of the time. That issue is that they typically do not actually read your entire message or at least don’t pay close attention to it. Instead either the employees and/or the software they use scans your message for key words and phrases and generates an automated generic type of response. This might work for a very short, general, and common issue. But if it’s an inquiry that’s new, unusual, account-specific, and/or detailed in explanation or even just lengthy (obviously I tend to be quite “wordy”) you will almost never get a satisfactory or sometimes even a relevant response. I used to keep responding and getting frustrated going back and forth over and over, sometimes never actually having my real issue fixed or even addressed. So now if I get one of their useless responses I reply with a request to forward my message to a supervisor in caps as the first line of my email. Sometimes this works, although occasionally it doesn’t help much because while they may send something that sounds more personal, they’re still sending those pre-programmed responses that may not apply or just still don’t completely address your problem.
The good news is that at least half the time they send me extra products or extra points to try to make up for the confusion and frustration. I’d much prefer they just answer me correctly the first time but at least it’s something.

If I were you I would email again with a request for a supervisor at the beginning or you could try using the contact form on their app/website instead. If I don’t get a response to one way I send it the other way on the second try. This is because my understanding is that when you email a second time you get bumped to the back of the line because their system sees your message as completely new in their queue.

Clearly I am not good at being succinct so I probably have more trouble getting my issues solved than most people, so don’t be too discouraged. But I hope sharing my experience still helps. Good luck!

T Chi

I don’t see the option to choose… is it started?


Customization is already over

T Chi

They didn’t send me any email notification.


So maybe I’m wrong but since we’re getting full sized and sample sized products I’m thinking everything is a spoiler for us- – GB, GBP, & GBU spoilers. Crosses fingers.


What is going on with Ipsy ultimate not show much spoilers? Not to happy with that. 50 is alot of money. Typical business ploys. This company just stated that it’s a $500 million business so just show us at least 4 of the products they can handle some people canceling


Ipsy just released spoilers on a Facebook live video… possible ultimate items are a makeup geek highlighters in one of two shades, huda eyeshadow pallet in warm brown or topaz, farmacy cleansing balm, and stilla body lotion. 😕


Thanks for the update! Too bad we already knew about the Farmacy and Huda since they were among the products we got to pick 1 item from. C’mon Ipsy…we need more than two new items.


The body lotion (which looks more like a deluxe size sample than FS) is by CeLa


Agreed! I signed up for Ultimate with the expectation that we would get spoilers (like we do for Plus and regular).

I sent an email to Ipsy Care on Monday asking if we were going to be getting Betty Boop items in our Ultimate bags, and if so how many. I got the confirmation mail saying they got my message and will reply in 24 hours, but 3 days later I still have no response.

This, plus the lack of spoilers and the unexciting choices we saw yesterday has me rethinking Ultimate. Since the weekend is coming up I plan to cancel tomorrow afternoon if there are still no spoilers.

This has me sad, because I loved both my Plus and regular bag very much this month!

Dani G.

I’m in the same boat. I only signed up for all three subscriptions because:
1.) I could get 3 different BB bags
2.) I could compare Plus to Ultimate
3.) I naively thought Ipsy would really bring it for their very first Ultimate month. That would be the smartest business strategy to get more people to sign up. Especially with their biggest competitor (Boxy) stepping up their game (well…sort of 😄).
But apparently they’re okay with just throwing something together with almost no spoilers. Perhaps they can afford to have that attitude considering that there is no way to skip or cancel October Ultimate like you can with your regular or Plus subscriptions. They have to do it. I could deal with that except THEY’RE NOT RESPONDING. I’ve contacted them through the form on the website two days ago and through a regular email (despite what some people are saying up until this week that method of contact still worked fine) about five days ago and all I got were automated confirmation emails saying they got my messages and would respond shortly (24-48 hours I think.)

At fIrst I was just trying to get clarification on the bag designs. First I heard there’d be one for regular Ipsy (the one we saw in the spoiler email) and the same identical bag for Plus and Ultimate. That’s not what they said initially. Then someone said they’re sending that one little bag with all three subscription levels. Well that takes away my first reason for ordering Ultimate and seeing almost no spoilers greatly jeopardizes my 3rd reason. Since they didn’t respond to my first message almost a week ago, in my next one I instructed them to either skip or cancel Ultimate for October. If I don’t hear back from them and they still charge me I will definitely dispute the charge. I understand that they’ve gotta be super busy with this launch but that’s not an excuse to just stop communicating with your customers.


Every subscription will get at least one Betty Boop item, that is what is says on the Spoilers regarding Betty Boop


Would think Ipsy would give a few spoilers. Especially with a new level. Tempted to cancel without more information.


I was given the choice of the Huda Topaz not the Warm Brown. If I had the choice of the Warm Brown I would have selected that. Oh well. I selected the Farmacy Cleansing Balm. Maybe I still have chance to get the Huda as one of my other 7 full size products. I would like that. I’m not a fan of the Real Her palettes. Poorly pigmented to me. I threw a way the Do Your Squats. I sure hope I don’t get Her again.


People are discussing the pros and cons of an Ipsy tier that is new and unknown and trying to decide if it’s something they’re interesting in subscribing to.

Personally, I like seeing comments from all sides here because it might be something I haven’t thought about or considered and will aid in my decision making process. If you only want to see happy and positive, go watch Leave It To Beaver.


That is hilarious RubyWooWhoo!😂” Go Watch Leave it to Beaver!” I agree with you! Every body has a opinion and that is what MSA is for, to post both positive and negative opinions. The comments help me too!

Dani G.

I’m the opposite. I picked Warm Brown but wasn’t too enthused about it. The I was really bummed when I found out other people were offered the Topaz one.
Oh well I can live with a few “unfair” variations like that. It’s much easier to accept than to be subscribed to Boxy (like I was for over 4 years) and every month see almost no one but Influencers and You Tubers getting all the good variants they promote everywhere while you end up stuck with overstock and discontinued products and colors. 😄

Stormy Meadows

i chose the 39 dollar murad cleanser never tried it before, it almost pays for the whole box. I cant see why people are complaining so far they are going to be 11 other products in the box. I see value

Betsy Wetsy

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Amen! <3


Thank you! That’s how I feel too, I also chose the Murad and it definitely almost pays for the box itself and then we still get 7 other full size products and 4 deluxe sample. That’s more than worth $50 to me. People will always find something to complain about though


Yes! Any complaints, well, they should just go buy what they love.

Donna M Bridwell

That’s exactly how I feel. 😎

Jill A Miller

Is anyone else getting nervous about Ipsy not releasing any confirmed spoilers for Ultimate?? I sure am! It seems like they only gave us choice of one new product we haven’t seen before, and I’m wondering what the big secret is and why they won’t release spoilers?


Yes, yes, yes! I’m signed up for all 3, but based on spoilers, I’m def not keeping all 3. I really need more info so I cancel one or two! What’s the deal??? It’s def fishy…


Same here. I’ve had no luck getting information on anything regarding October subscriptions (and I don’t mean just spoilers) from IpsyCare. And now here we are down to the wire without any more spoilers. I finally ended up emailing them and telling them to just skip or cancel my October Ultimate since they set it up so we can’t do it ourselves like we can for the regular and Plus subscriptions.


Are we getting any more spoilers?


At this point I honestly don’t expect to see any more spoilers, but on the bright side it’s only a few more days until we get to see what’s in our box 🙂


I chose the murad,I had wanted to try this when it was offered in a previous box but didn’t get it.
I already own the farmacy balm-it’s good.
I don’t want anything by real her- many palettes and lippies from bc left me not impressed.
Huda is great-I only had the warm brown option but even if I also had topaz option I would have picked neither because I like color!
Farah brushes- are OK if not overpriced but I already have what like 3 sets from ipsy now


I can’t decide which is the less of all evils.
I’m not a fan of Real Her products and already have one of those palettes, not a fan of Huda but especially not those colors, I don’t need any brushes since they send me a set of FARAH brushes literally every month, and I’ve always had reactions to both the balm which I have 3 of and all Murad products.
Anyone have any guesses to the most swappable?
I was really hoping for a nice high quality palette this month!


Most of the commenters are picking the Farmacy balm, so I predict a high demand for that.

Huda palettes are always easy swappers, too.

Kelly Finken

Not impressed with a single choice. Three eyeshadow palettes? Canceled until I can see some unboxings.


Can anyone tell me if the Murad cleanser is still an option? I want to sign up for Ultimate but only if it is not sold out already. Thanks!


I picked Huda Warm Browns (did not have Topaz as an option). Not sure if I will keep or swap.

Now I’m a little worried I messed up in the Boopening department… the only Boop thing I was interested in was the shadow palette. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that I get the blush!


So you have the Ultimate and the Plus? The Betty Boop eyeshadow palette is for the Plus box. If you have Plus as well, you can make one choice for that too and can select the Betty eyeshadow palette.


I assume that the larger Betty Boop items will also be in Ultimate, though ipsy hasn’t said yet. It also could be that Ultimate will be Booped more than once per box. 😭


Does anyone know if by signing up for Glam Bag Ultimate, does that automatically cancel your subs to Glam bag and Glam Bag Plus? I signed in today to make my selection for Ultimate and it showed the other 2 as successfully cancelled. I did not cancel them myself.


I opted to upgrade and not keep my Plus. They automatically cancelled for me.

Melissa Brownlee

They kept my glam bag plus. I ended skipping a month in case I canceled the ultimate bag.

Dani G.

This actually happened to me. When I logged in the other day my other two memberships were showing inactive. I knew I hadn’t cancelled them so I contacted Ipsy Care and they said when Ultimate was first offered it was phrased something like, “Would you like to upgrade from Ipsy/Ipsy Plus to Ipsy Ultimate?” It just wasn’t worded very clearly so when you selected yes to Ultimate their system automatically cancelled the other two subs. I didn’t have a problem resubscribing to them on the app but if you have any issues they will fix your account for you. Hope this helps!


It is supposed to ask you if you want only the Ultimate or if you want to add it to your other subscriptions. Can you resubscribe through the app?


I would contact IPSY, I have all 3 accounts open and made selection for all today.

Betsy Wetsy

What am I doing wrong? I thought we had an option to choose the Betty Boop palette, but the only palettes I have the option to choose are the real her or the huda beauty ones, along with some farrah brushes or the facial cleanser. I have upgraded to the Ultimate so i have no clue what I’m doing wrong…. any ideas? Thanks <3


The Betty Boop choice is only for the Glam Bag plus. So it won’t be a custom item for ultimate


The farmacy balm has plastic micro beads in it, which is harmful to our environment. Please make choices that reflect kindly on our planet, the thing that houses and feeds us.


This is not true. The polyethylene in it is not microbeads. It is a solid form that melts when used.


Whaaaaat? Not true. I have used this many times and no beads in it.


I just canceled thru the app since it won’t allow you to skip the first month. I looked up swatches on Sephora for the Huda warm brown pallete and can’t imagine wearing most of those colors. Not a good start for ultimate with these spoilers. I’m actually looking forward to my regular glam bag with the cc cream in it 🙂


Just out of curiosity does anyone know how Ipsy classifies cleansing balms? They’re my favorite and I thought perhaps it falls under the oil cleanser on the Ipsy quiz, but since rating oil cleansers higher I’ve never received a cleansing balm so I’m wondering if it’s grouped under the more general cleansers category on the quiz?


I canceled 😐


I had ‘cleansing oil’ on ‘sometimes’ and ‘cleanser’ on ‘often’, but never received any cleansing balm either. Maybe they rarely sample cleansing balm?


I chose the huda topaz as I got the mauve a while ago and i love it. happy i get another pallate from huda.
plus I look at it this way, that one product alone is worth $27 which is half the cost of ultimate and I know I will actually use it. so the rest is just the sugar on top.


I love the Huda, too.


It’s Warm Brown not Topaz. I chose that too. I love Huda Beauty.


I had the choice of either the Topaz or Warm Brown. I chose the Topaz one. Maybe they sold out


Oh, disregard my comment. Someone else said that they had that option too. Hmmm. I wonder why only some people got the Topaz option and other people the Warm Browns.


Huh…I wonder why I didn’t have that option. I would of picked that one.

Dani G.

Me too! I was disappointed after reading comments and finding out some people had the Topaz option.


Currently signed up for all 3, but these choices are disappointing. Waiting for spoilers for all 3 so I can decide which to skip or cancel, but as of now, Ultimate will be on the chopping block!

Crystal M Zavala

I wouldn’t wait too long. The good stuff is being picked up already


Oh, thank you, but I already made my choices, just will cancel before 9/30, depending. I chose the Farmacy Balm (which is fabulous) if anyone is interested.


I also had the choice of choosing the Huda topaz palette, please overlook this comment if already posted by someone else.


Cancelled IGBU $50.00
Saved , and IGBP paused – lackluster of spoilers and no BB collab for me
Hopefully November will be better 🤞🤞💫💫
Kept regular Ipsy for add ons


I originally signed up for the ultimate and them emailed to cancel. I’m so glad I did. Really disappointed with the lack of new products. Especially for a $50 box. I would expect some newer products that people don’t already have or haven’t already tried. Hopefully November will be better.


I think their will be new products. I just think they only showed us from choice bcuz they want thr reveal to be a surprise! Bcuz there’s been 2 different pics of spoilers but it was also updated to say thst these are items that msy be included instead of these ARE the spoilers.


I noticed that too! The options we were given for the GB Ultimate were not impressive and stuff we’ve either RECIEVED already or things that aren’t that new or good.. I’m giving the Ultimate 1 chance. If it’s crap,I’m cancelling and going back to Plus. They have the potential to be able to top Boxy Luxe so let’s see if they squander it…


Oh, i dont think Ipsy can beat BoxyLuxe! They sent out a curling iron here recently and they feature more top of the line products than Ipsy. Ipsy had featured products and add ons that were on clearance at my local Wal Mart, products that nobody was even buying on clearance! I dont see Ipsy sending curling irons or other styling products in the Ultimate. I could be wrong and Ipsy surprise everybody. This is just my opinion!😊


I cancelled recently, too, and seeing these options, I do not regret it one bit. Glad I just stuck with GPB.

Crystal M Zavala

I cancelled mine just now. Not because of options but because $50 for only 8 full size and 4 deluxe sample… I don’t want to out money towards more samples period.

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Our reviewers research, test, and recommend the best subscriptions and products independently; click to learn more about our editorial guidelines. We may receive commissions on purchases made through links on our site.