CAUSEBOX Fall 2019 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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We have the FULL spoilers for the Fall 2019 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code FALL20 to save 20% off your first box! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Fall box includes:

  • (MALIN+GOETZ) Recovery Treatment Oil – $82
  •  la beauté Soi 10-Piece Makeup Brush Collection – $24
  • La Lueur Candles White Cactus Coconut Wax Candle – $35
  • Glass Ladder & Co. Terrazzo Travel Wallet – $45 or Underwood Letterpress Felt Letter Board – $30*
  • Known Supply Weekender Duffel in Forest Green, Stone Gray, or Lake Blue – $108*
  • Nashelle Heather Drop Lariat Necklace in Gold or Silver – $38*

*Annual Members can customize these items

Here’s a closer look at each item:

(MALIN+GOETZ) Recovery Treatment Oil – $82

Naturally composed of nine anti-oxidant rich oils, this quick-absorbing treatment is luxurious and multitasking.

la beauté Soi 10-Piece Makeup Brush Collection – $24

A set of makeup brushed for every imaginable use and look. Made with vegan and cruelty free bristles.

La Lueur Candles White Cactus Coconut Wax Candle – $35

A fresh take on autumn, developed using a proprietary coconut wax blend. Hand-poured in the USA.


Every Fall Box comes with the Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co. or the Felt Letter Board from Underwood Letterpress – Either way you can’t go wrong.

The Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co. was developed in collaboration with Australian designed Kristine Lubinski and made to fit all of your travel essentials.

The Felt Letter Board by Underwood Letterpress is Pinterest-perfect. From menus to to-do lists, to love notes and countdowns – it’s endlessly fun, beautiful, and useful.

Become an Annual Member to customize your box. Choose between the Passport Wallet OR the Letter Board. Quarterly Members will be surprised!


Big and beautiful. Ethical and durable. Available in three styles. Meet the Known Supply Weekender Duffel – your perfect getaway accessory.

Annual members choose between Forest Green, Stone Gray, or Lake Blue.


Nashelle Heather Drop Lariat Necklace in Gold or Silver

Wear it long or short, the adjustable Heather Drop Lariat necklace from Nashelle will add the perfect sparkle to all of your adventures – available in gold or silver.

Nashelle partners with Feeding America and NeighborImpact to donate ten meals for every product sold – to date they have donated more than one million meals to the hungry.

Annual members can choose between the Gold or Silver Lariat Drop Necklace.

Here’s a look at the featured artist for the Fall box:

We are so proud to support incredible, independent female artists each season through the design of our box artwork and the rest of our seasonal art pieces. It brings us so much inspiration and joy, and we wanted to take it even further, so we built a residency program. Every season we invite the artist behind the box to our hometown Los Angeles, for 10 days. We eat, drink, and explore the city with her, and we have a chance to get to know her on a personal level, explore her artwork and process more deeply, and learn from her unique perspective. For Fall, we spent an intimate week with Minerva visiting famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign, picnicking in the sun, and watching outdoor movies on a rooftop! We were first drawn to the ​vibrant scenery in Minerva’s work and the diversity amongst the women she creates​. She is passionate about bringing joy through her free-spirited illustrations and wishes to motivate marginalized women to strike their own path. Her designs for the Fall CAUSEBOX tell the story of a woman traveling the world, creating a union between all the cities, cultures, and characters on her journey.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!

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  1. Please causebox ship my box! Wish they prioritized orders to Canada; If shipping takes a long time I might not get my box until November.

  2. I received my Fall box last week and just had the time to really look at all the items yesterday. I think this may be my favorite box yet! I will use every item. Usually there are at least one or two things I add to my gift stash, but this time I’m keeping everything for ME!!

    • I had originally paused this box, then unpaused it, and I received it yesterday. Every item in it, even the ones I did not think from the spoilers would be good quality, is solid. Definitely my all around favorite box yet. Glad to hear someone else is enjoying it as well!

      • I totally agree with you. Very classy and well made items in this box that you can actually use!!! Love this box!!!

  3. I got my box today but was missing the candle and necklace! I’m so disappointed. I emailed customer service and hope they send it.

    • Causebox was beyond helpful and are sending the missing items ASAP. Such a lovely contrast to FFF customer service.

  4. Ordered this. Got the Paypal receipt but zero confirmation that I will be getting the fall box w the M+G oil despite reaching out to customer service.

  5. I got my box yesterday and LOVE it. The necklace is simple, delicate and pretty, I am wearing it today and already collected jar of compliments.
    The bag is really nice. I am going to use it to take as carry on to upcoming trip. The brushes are fantastic. Cause box did it again!

  6. I received my cause box today. This is my third and I love every one. This box is always the best. I love everything in all three boxes. I became an annual subscriber this time. I got to pick my colors and there was a nice add on sale. I love everything! This is the box to get

  7. I really wish my box would ship already! 😬

    • Same!

    • Same here! I’m in Canada so it’s still going to take a while once it goes out the door.

      • Agreed – I check my email everyday hoping that it’s shipped but not yet. My marketplace order hasn’t shipped either.

  8. I have been thinking about this box and finally ordered. I am crossing fingers for solid colored duffel bag so that my husband can use it. I am fine for either color of necklace (I prefer gold, but I have many gold ones, so silver will be nice to change up) and if I get passport folder, I will gift it to someone who would love it. I travel often, but I don’t use anything special as I am usually in charge of all 4 passports for the family and typical set up won’t fit that many passports. I also felt it is nice to purchase this box knowing that I am contributing for good causes.

  9. Finally got my box and super happy about everything! The box was very well packaged, every item is individually wrapped. And I absolutely love the sticker of the wrapping paper that I hesitated to tear it apart LOL.

    I won’t be able to use the brush hopefully could resell it other than that everything is great. I love the scent of the candle although it might be a little bit too strong for me (but regular American standard)

  10. Got my box today. I like the bag- smaller than the pics but good quality. I’ll use the letter board for my office. Don’t care for the candle scent and the silver necklace looks kind of dull/tarnished not a sparkly silver. Mixed on the box but happy about the bag.

    • That’s odd about the bag – mine was as pictured, and the measurements were listed. I got the striped one.

  11. Just got my box and am very happy with everything!

  12. I just got my box! I’m very pleased with this one. The bag is sturdy and just as nice as I imagined. The necklace will look very nice with some of my fall sweaters. The candle has a unique scent, but not in a bad way. It’s not your classic spicy fall scent, it’s fresher but still has warmth to it. The minimalistic look of the candle looks very nice on my mantle among all my ceramic pumpkins. The brushes are lovely and seem to be high quality. The face oil is a previous sub-box favorite of mine and is arriving just as I’m starting to struggle with dry skin again with the season change. The letter board is cute and will look nice in my office.

  13. Well I caved and just subscribed to an annual. Instant buyers remorse as I should have just went with one box and used the 20% off. The last three boxes have been decent but if you get into early 2018 they are not worth the price at all. So hopefully they stay with the current trend.

    Since I am annual I chose the gray striped bag, gold necklace and the sign with the letters.

  14. I just got my box and I have to say this is one of the best subscription boxes ever! The bag is super high quality, the oil is amazing, candle smells great and is subtle, my kids have already spelled out trick or treat on the felt board, and my son had the great idea of using the brushes for painting (I never would have thought of that!). Everything will be used, probably with the exception of the necklace.

    • Totally agree – can’t wait to get mine! Glad you found fun uses for everything!

    • Oh good idea about painting with the brushes!

  15. So excited to get this box! Causebox usually does a great job of having a good and high quality assortment of stuff and this is no exception. If I don’t like something in the box I usually love almost everything else.. The bag especially looks great. Hurry hurry and ship my lovelies, Causebox!

  16. Please start shipping, I’m having sub box withdrawals!

  17. Anyone know when this one ships?

    • Mid to late September!

    • Just got my shipping notice.

      • My account still says awaiting shipment. Do they all ship simultaneously?

        • No, they ship based on when you order. They also just opened their new warehouse so orders had been backlogged. Hopefully they’re all caught up at this point.

          • That “new warehouse” line gives me flashbacks to the absolute FabFitFun mess. I cancelled FFF and now I’m going thru the same sub box withdrawals that someone mentioned above.

        • They ship in batches based on when you ordered, but the order doesn’t always make sense. There were times my random seasonal boxes would ship before my coworker who is an annual member. Sometimes, now that I’m annual, my box seems to arrive long after everyone else.

          But the good news is that they’ve started. Now I’m just waiting for my market purchase to ship. I wish I had read the FAQs first. Waiting up to 5 weeks for shipping is a little nuts.

  18. The website for Causebox isn’t working today. When you try and pull it up to see if your box is in the process of shipping it just spins and spins. You can see anything under my account

    Love causebox anyway. I became an annual member this quarter.

    • I haven’t been able to get into my account using my computer since they updated their website. I have to use my phone.

    • I have had no problem today! Maybe it is your browser or cookies?

      • What browser do you use? Thanks.

  19. Just Saw Those necklaces on a Clothing site being sold for $1.80

    • Really? Did they donate 10 meals to the hungry for every one sold too?

      • You could do that yourself in any local city to help people. It doesn’t mean the jewelry should be so cheap.

        • Even if they were selling them for $1.80, if they are donating 10 meals for every necklace sold, wouldn’t them selling them for a low price be a good thing….However none of this is probably even the case, because you most likely saw the same style necklace and not the same brand. What sight was it on? Just because they are the same style doesn’t mean they are the same quality. As someone who had to rely on donated food to survive as a child I find it in extremely poor taste to bash an item that is simply for a good cause and label it as “so cheap”. You’re right they should make it super expensive and only donate 5 meals instead of 10 to cover the cost, so that people can get quality expensive jewelry because that’s really what’s important.

          • I wish we could have like buttons on the comments section, because I would like your comments. 🙂 I 100% agree with what you said.

          • The above comment is for Jessica!

          • What about the people that cant afford the box, but yet might like to buy a item similar or close to it for cheaper to make their day a little brighter?! Some people might not have almost 60 to spend on a box, but could come up with 1.80 for a necklace (or any item they see) … the people that cant afford the whole box, (on any box, not just this) might like to treat themselves to a little something and not have the money for a full box…..there is nothing wrong with that either.

            I appreciate comments like this so maybe someone could find a deal on an item..not everyone (especially with holidays coming up too) has the money to splurge. So while they might feed people, there are also people whom dont have the money, but could come up with a little something to buy for themselves (or friend/family or both) to make themselves feel good or treat themselves.

            There are always two sides to everything, and ways to look at them.

            Plus, it seems (not this box particularly) but it seems ALL boxes inflate prices of items at some point..some more then others, but it’s always nice if someone shares deals and Info with others.

            Just my .02

            My comments are not posting right away like they usually do…..also, I DO agree with we NEED like buttons here!!! There are several times I go to look for one and then realise it’s not there!! Hahaha. I wish other sites would bring back the down votes too.

          • Let’s be honest most of the jewelries are relying on inflated prices and that’s how companies make a profit. Attaching to a brand will make a jewelry piece way more priced than without a brand. Companies caring for the good causes are for sure better than those who don’t tho. It’s just personal choices. I personally don’t have a problem seeing a highly priced item being sold somewhere way cheaper because to me that’s just how it is.

            For example, Korean sheet masks cost less than $1/piece in Korea but is priced $5-$10/piece in the States even with the same brand. I can buy Japanese sheet masks from even with shipping it’s still 1/3-1/2 the price it’s sold in the U.S. – and delivers to my door in three days via DHL.

        • Agreed. Sick of boxes over inflating prices (not just this, many many do) and a lot of people are on a budget themselves, so value and quality does kinda become an issue for most/some. Yes, it’s nice they serve some meals, but I enjoy comments like this where people are informed and share the knowledge.

          Plus, if someone might not have the money to splurge for the box, but maybe likes the necklace or whatever item and they can go out and buy something like it or same for cheaper then the box, then that’s a good thing as well and helping someone else by sharing the info.

          Just my .02

        • This is called “Causebox” for a reason though. The customers are purchasing knowing that proceeds are helping a worthwhile CAUSE…. 🙂

    • Wow, you saw that exact brand and style for $1.80? I assume you verified prior to posting though, what a deal!

      • I have seen necklaces with similar styles as this one. I haven’t received mine yet so I can’t attest to the quality of the jewelry. In fact, I have seen similar items to ones in this box on other sites as well so really there is nothing new under the sun. What is new is that the companies involved employ local craftspeople and return a portion of the profits to local charities or otherwise try to benefit the world. These facts may be just as important to some people as the items that they receive in the box.

        • Right? Someone more concerned about getting the most bang for their buck really isn’t in the CauseBox demographic. Part of the value of this box is in the values and causes (hence the name) that they support.

          • I’m hesitant to believe the necklace spotted on another website was the exact same brand Causebox is including (especially because I thought it was an exclusive item). However, I wanted to throw in my opinion that just because you buy an item for a good cause does not mean its okay for it to be “cheap” because that suggests it is unlikely to hold up well over a reasonable time. In my opinion a “cheap” item defeats half the purpose of me spending money on an item benefiting a charity rather than just donating directly to a charity. The first purpose of buying an item from which the proceeds go to a charity (or meals etc) is to donate. The second purpose is to raise awareness and encourage others to buy the item as well, and perpetuate the donations. Perhaps this even encourages someone who wouldn’t otherwise donate outright to contribute towards something befitting a charity.

            For instance, I have worn a certain bracelet, its lovely and not cheap looking (but not real gold either), and a portion of the proceeds goes to a charity. While wearing the bracelet, three friends, separately, admired it and chose to buy one for themselves. If it had been obviously cheap (such that it looked damaged or the clasp situation was spotty etc.), likely, those three people would not have spent money on the item…and in turn that charity wouldn’t have benefited. Also, although this piece doesn’t say anywhere on it what charity it benefits, some pieces do, and I prefer things I wear to be presentable, not obviously falling apart, AND still a conversation starter for spreading awareness about a particular charity.

            My point is, quality matters a little because I think it can encourage more sales and thus more meals (or whatever). Having said that, the quality of items I’ve received from Causebox has always been pretty great, so I don’t think we have anything to worry about from this company.

          • Agree! I feel like this box does a great job supporting causes and also delivering high quality, well-curated items. You get so much more value in this box than the last Happy Rebel box for example. I like the fact that I’m supporting a good cause and I also feel like I’m getting a good value from the box. <3

    • I’m thinking it might have been a necklace with a similar style but not from the same company. Nashelle actually sounds like a pretty special company. Their jewelry is all handmade (so just based on that alone it would be hard to see it at Alibaba-level prices). Plus they are super charitable. They partner with local charities and Feeding America and donate a plate of food for every piece of jewelry sold.

      The style of this particular necklace isn’t totally my jam, but I love the idea of the company so much I’m thinking I’ll still wear it and it will almost surely put a smile on my face whenever I do🙂

  20. Going to give this a try. While I would have liked to personalize my choices, I feel ok with all and I want to wait until Black Friday before making any decisions about annual subs for the next year.

  21. This looks like a good box to me, but I wish they had revealed the face oil before I skipped this season! I didn’t care for the necklace, already have a passport holder (pusheen!) and don’t need a felt board.. but I like the rest of the items. oh well!

    • I’d be willing to swap the oil.

    • Maybe email them since it’s not sold out yet

    • I skipped, too, and then thought the exact same thing! I emailed them when the full spoilers were revealed to ask if I could un-pause, but I haven’t heard back yet.

  22. If anyone wants to swap this bag for the one from box of style or pop sugar must have box let me know😊

    • I’m interested, but I’m not on the swap site. I selected the striped bag. Which color bag did you select with the Popsugar box?

      • I’m getting dapple and the olive colored would be my top choice

      • Hi I would love the bag from box of style! I am getting olive bag

        • Okay how do I get ahold of you are you on swap?

  23. I actually really like this box. The necklace is not my style but I’m sure I can gift it and I REALLY want the passport holder! I have been doing a lot of traveling and it will go great with the clutch from the past box keeping me organized.

    • Have you gotten your box yet? I ordered mine and am still waiting. If I get the passport holder/wallet and you get the felt letter board, would you want to trade?

  24. Okay, I’m in!! Fingers crossed for the striped bag, silver necklace, and letter board!

    • The bag would be nice but I got the green one, ish ish, I look like I’m going off to the army. The letter board would be nice but it came with only 2 Y’s
      And I needed several more to create the saying I want. O have looked everywhere on the internet where the company is listed and can’t find out how to order more.
      So, basically it’s worthless too.
      I won’t subscribe to anymore boxes!!!

  25. I’m not disappointed! This looks like a great box. I can’t wait to try that oil.

    • The oil is a favorite of mine. I received it previously in Box of Style and am not disappointed with this unoriginal repeat.

      • Thanks for your comment, Denise. That makes me want to try the oil more.

        • Jinx…I just posted the same thing. I have been swapping for this oil since I first tried it in a different box and it’s hard to find so I’m super excited to see it in this box.

    • I got one from a Popsugar Fall box awhile back when they did the limited edition boxes. I normally don’t like oils but I really liked this one.

    • I got the oil in the Zoe box of style awhile back and loved it. It’s good stuff!

  26. I’ll give the neckless to my mom. I hope I get the green bag and felt board!

    • Me too!! 🤞

  27. The only thing I like is the bag which I don’t need 🤷🏻‍♀️ At this point, I wonder if I’ll ever resubscribe. I love Causebox’s mission but the last several boxes haven’t been my taste.

    • Did you know you can pause shipment of your box?
      I paused the Summer box because there was NOTHING in it I would use or regift. I waited anxiously for the Fall box and, guess what? I paused it too.
      Causebox was courteous about my request, and actually asked what would make their selections more appealing to me.

  28. Why do I subscribe to Causebox?
    Go to:
    And you’ll see why.
    A decent wage, a safe place to work and caring people.
    Plus, an awesome bag! !

  29. So I got this box because I really wanted a weekender bag, and I’m not exactly excited for the box, but I know that’s the risk you take with sub boxes. I don’t wear makeup, and that necklace is far from my style. I’m happy about the oil, and will probably use either the letterboard or passport holder. I have a stash of candles that I’m too anxious to burn (very forgetful, would prob set house on fire). I can likely gift these things I won’t use.

    Can anyone weigh in on whether makeup brushes are good tools for applying facemasks? I have a couple of silicone face mask applicators that I’m quite happy with, but curious about this.

    • Yes, that’s what I use to put my face masks on and it works so much better. The rounded dense flat foundation and concealer brushes work the best.

    • I do that! Especially when applying clay masks because they are so messy. I got the idea when I received the This Works evening detox clay mask which has a brush attached…you just squeeze the tube and the clays squeezes directly into the brush – i think it’s the best mask applicator on the market. So now I use some of my “lesser” brushes to apply other masks. It’s totally saved my nails! 🙂

  30. I only like the candle.

  31. This might be weird, but I prefer my makeup brushes in black, so I’ll gift these during the holidays… anyway, decent box, looking forward to it.

  32. I an trying to decide if I should switch to this when my FFF sub runs out. It seems more expensive with less products. When I look at this box, it reminds me of FFF, the bag, candle, oil, lariat, and letter board are all things I got from FFF in a specially designed box. It’s a difficult choice.

    • Oh, also have a makeup brush set and passport holder. It’s so weird how similar these boxes are.

    • I paid $47 a box for Causebox with a coupon for 20% off my first box, so the price was $188 for annual. FFF is $170 for annual, so it is very close. But their curation is better, and FFF seems to be taking a major head-dive, it does not seem to be heading in a good direction at all.

      Look into Journeebox too!

      • Me too!

    • Causebox = Quality > Quantity
      FabFitFun= Quality < Quantity

      To be fair, I've gotten some stuff from FFF that I love and use regularly, like those nesting bowls from the Spring box. But more often than not, I find myself really disappointed in the cheap nature of the products. Textiles are always flimsy and the jewelry tarnishes after one wear. The products from Causebox are typically made of better material. I'd rather get less products that will last longer, than a ton of stuff that fall apart quickly. But some people are more gentle on things than I am or just prefer more "bang for their buck", so I can easily see how someone might not share my views.

      • I agree with you! I’m still enjoying and wearing two favorite jewelry pieces from Causebox, and several of their items have proven to “stand the test of time”. FFF items, not so much. I agree about the stacking bowls, those have been terrific, but unfortunately that’s the exception with FFF and not the rule. I’ve decided not to renew my annual subscription to either box, though, for this year and just buy seasonally as I want to based on spoilers.

        • I know exactly what you mean. I canceled FFF a few seasons ago, and I’m not sure I can justify another Causebox annual. Have you ever checked out Happy Rebel though? It’s a bit pricier, but high quality items with a really unique curation. Its my other favorite.

    • I just re-sub for another year. Yes, there are less product, but they are much much better quality. I canceled FFF due to cheap, poor quality items.

      • Agree! I also sub these two boxes. I feel like I could use stuff from fff, but I do feel love stuff I got from cause. The feeling is totally different.

        I put the ladder co profolio in my stash for a long time, thinking I would not be using that. Until recently I start use them for the workshop and seminar. I totally fall in love with them, so practice and high quality.

    • I’ve subbed to both, and enjoyed both. I think FFF has very good quality beauty and body items, and you get more of them. I think Causebox has much nicer clothing/home/non-consumable items. Their bath/body products are also great, but you get fewer of them. It really depends what you value most.

    • If you think they are similar, remember that this box supports all good “causes” and ethically sourced items, companies that pay fair wages, etc…. at least your money helps support good causes!

  33. That recovery oil is my number 1 skincare find from all the sub boxes I got in the last 3 years or so that I have been doing this.

    • What is so great about it? Unsure if I want to try it or just trade it

      • It just very hydrating and softening for my dry, sensitive late 30’s yo skin. When I use it I layer a moisturizer over it and the combo works very well for me. Keep in mind though it has no retinol or hyaluronic acid or other active ingredients like that.

    • Is it a serum? Do you mind sharing why you like it? Thanks!!!

      • It’s moisturizing and doesn’t irritate sensitive rosacea skin.

      • It’s a facial oil.

    • Same here. The one I got from PSMH was a skin saver that winter. I’m so happy to get another.

  34. I recently left my FFF box because I felt the contents were getting a bit junky and I was spending an excess on low quality add ons I didn’t need. (Not everything, but to much for my taste.) I loved my causebox from the winter and spring but opted to skip over the summer box since it seemed really off. But I am soo exited for this fall box! The grey bag, gold necklace and letter board were my picks. But I’m really exited for the candle and brush set and I hope it is as good quality as they all look!

  35. I think I am gonna sign up for a year come Black Friday deal and Bombay and Cedar i believe it’s called. Taking a break from FFF after winter box.
    I have a question for subscribers that have gotten the last few boxes please….Is shipping and getting your box a month late still an issue? Many posts have scared me off in the past. Thanks MSA peeps!!!

    • I know that it was an issue a while back, but I haven’t had any problems with shipping for the last two boxes, and it’s been much faster than FFF for me

    • I’ve been a subscriber for years and there was a bump in the road just for a couple of boxes about a year ago, although I’ve never had a problem. I think there was an issue with sourcing one of the items (shipments were delayed from the supplier due to a personal emergency) which then delayed shipments to new subscribers. That carried over to the mid-season box, I think. And then there was an issue with one of the items meant to go into the next seasonal box so they had to do a last minute replacement (to avoid sending musky/water damaged wood items out). But, again, overall that was the exception to the general rule, from my experience with this sub. Someone posted a similar question on a different thread and a few others agreed….

    • This box is definitely worth it and better than FFF, I’m pretty done with them after the fiasco of the add-ons (which I still don’t have). I also get Bombay and Cedar and absolutely love that box as well.

    • Last year I swore off of CauseBox after the shipping issue with the Summer 2.0 box. But I’ve bought every box since then because they’ve been too good, and have even taken the plunge with an annual subscription. Since this past fall, I haven’t had any issues with shipping delays.

  36. causebox knocked this one out of the park – i’m super excited for my box to ship!

  37. Kind of glad I pressed pause on my sub while I was moving homes. I really love the idea of this box, but I don’t need any of it (got the most amazing weekender a month ago).

    Can’t wait to see what Winter has in store, though!!

  38. I can’t wait!!!

  39. The only things that I really want are the candle & recovery oil. Hopefully I can trade for those, soon if I really feel like they’re “must haves”. I was planning on giving the duffel bag to my son because I have a ton of bags, but don’t feel like spending $55 just for half of the box.

  40. This box just never did it for me… but wow I’m pretty impressed. Starting to really consider this sub!

  41. My annual sub was up and I briefly considered taking a break for awhile just because I’m accumulating so much stuff with all of my sub boxes. I’m glad I didn’t…love this box and so excited. I also scored some great things I’m excited about from the Marketplace. Budget and space be darned….lol. Guess I won’t have to buy any Christmas presents this year…I can just shop from my stash.

  42. Loving this box so much better than Fabfitfun, and their customer service team is lovely. Although it’s not super fall I don’t see anything I won’t use except the brushes.

  43. Wow, I love everything! So happy I signed up!

  44. I’m glad I skipped except for the recovery oil. I have it from a different sub and love it. Hopefully some people will have it for trade/sale.

  45. This is a great box! I’ll be signing up after work. Awesome!

  46. The make-up brushes I’m not super pumped about but tbh consistently CauseBox is always a hit and I’m fine with having a cute brush set to gift to a friend.

    • I’m going to add them to a full size make up collection with case and gift to a teenager from a giving tree this holiday.

    • That’s a great idea! We do an angel tree every year at my work and we often have teens asking for makeup.

  47. Yay! Very happy with this box. It’s the last in my annual sub. Nice to go out on a high note!!

  48. I may just have to re-up my annual sub before the Winter box. Currently, the Fall box is my last box for this past year, and I have to say, while I’ve enjoyed ALL of the boxes this year, the fall box is what really hits it out of the park for me. I LOVE that Malin and Goetz oil, and I’m super impressed with Causebox for including it.

    I ended up choosing:
    – The travel wallet (let’s be honest, this will just become my passport holder, but it’s pretty!)
    – The striped weekender bag (I wish the other two colors had patters or stripes as well, but the patterned bag called to me more than the solid colors)
    – the gold lariat

    So excited for this to be my last box for the annual sub I had .. but like I said above, I may have to re-up when the holiday deals come around. 🙂

    • Was there holiday deals or Black Friday before?

      • I think they offered mystery bundles with any subscription last year….

  49. Everything except spoiler 3 is a hit for me and that is rare in subscription boxes.

    • Ugh. So annoyed mine hasn’t even shipped yet, and im a seasonal subscriber who has had causebox for over a year! Is this something I should contact them about, or just be patient?

      • Mine was supposedly shipped on 9/19. It’s never updated in tracking and they’ve never answered a single email inquiry, so I disputed the charge and cancelled my account.

        • good idea. As much as I’d love that bag, this is ridiculous – at least yours supposedly shipped on the 19th; I’ve heard nothing (even though I was charged).

  50. Sooooooo happy signed up! My first box! Love this company

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