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Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2021 Spoiler #2

Margot Elena Discovery Box Fall 2019 – Spoiler #3!

We have the latest spoiler for the Fall 2019 Margot Elena box! (Thanks for the heads up, Amber and Wendy!)

Each box will include:

We are such a tease! Take a glimpse at an exclusive autumn delight. A gorgeous surprise to warm your home and heart this season.

Can you guess what this beauty may be?

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Lollia Always In Rose Perfumed Shower Gel


The Cottage Greenhouse Sea Mud Clay Facial Masque 

100% natural! Give your skin the spa treatment it deserves with a new delight in our Fall Discovery Box- our Sea Mud Clay Facial Masque from The Cottage Greenhouse! A beauty-boosting go-to for centuries, clay’s powerful properties naturally draw out dirt and impurities for a rich, radiant glow. A fall-proof pick perfect to mix & mingle with other natural ingredients for added benefits!

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (64)

  1. I may be in the minority when I say this, but I do not care. The very tiny “mini” bubble bath is not what was promised in the beginning when this sub 1st started out, and I am extremely dissatisfied by it. Look at all the other boxes, which I’ve been with since the very beginning, and this box is a major downgrade from what last falls box was. That bubble bath should be full size like the rest. It seems like the boxes have been going downhill for the past 6 months and now I KNOW they have for sure. Also, I love the subscription addiction community, except for those who feel the need to bash the members here who express their discontent with certain subs. The people/customers who buy/purchase these subs, have EVERY right to express their discontent and opinions/views on these subs, because we know that they are read and looked at by the curators, and creators of said subs. Anyways, I love Margot Elenas products and appreciate the art and time put into it, however, I do NOT, appreciate the last 2 boxes pur out by the company. You shouldn’t wow your customers, and then turn around and disgust them after almost 2 years of service. Theres a reason you were sold out immediately, compared to now where you are not. Like I said, I MAY BE, the minority here, but I’m saying what others are thinking regardless, and if it doesn’t go back to being as awesome as it was when I 1st signed up, then I’ll be canceling both of my subs, which is unfortunate and I’ll hate to have to do. Anyways, here’s hoping for a great winter box, with FULL SIZED ITEMS/PRODUCTS… ✌🖤💙💙💙💙💙🖤🥶🥴🤨😘🤗💙🎼💙

    • I completely agree. This box was so disappointing! I’ve only been a customer since the Spring 2019 box, but this is a complete downgrade. This box is not $201 in value. I did not sign up for deluxe sample sizes and that’s what I got…a deluxe sample of the perfume, a deluxe sample of the bubble bath and a deluxe sample of the clay face masque. I was already iffy with the spoiler #1, but I thought the rest of the box would make up for it. I was wrong. I should have gone with my gut instincts to cancel this box after that first spoiler. I really want a refund on this box. Sorry Margot Elena…this box was an epic fail.

  2. Got mine box today. Lovely stuff, as always, and plenty of it. Can’t say it feels like Fall at all, though.

  3. When will we get all the spoilers?? Iam so excited for this box! Cant wait!!

  4. Ill PROB wait and stick around for the winter box to use for gifts/stocking stuffers, but will prob cancel after that. I do prefer natural body products for myself and natural smells…but I actually like when there are soaps in this box to use on my fancier soap trays for guests.

  5. I got my box and absolutely adore it. Everything. The scents, curation, whole thing-total win for me!

    • I agree! I got mine today, and it might be my favorite ME box yet!

  6. Got my box today. This will be my fifth box from ME and the first time I only really like two items out of the entire box! And one of those items was a tiny “mini” bubble bath. I also really like the rose scented shower gel. The rest of the scents were just meh & the perfume scents were not my thing. I cancelled my sub and I think in the future I will just spend my money on scents that I know I will love (and I’m also not a big fan of the filler home items).

  7. I just received my Fall box and I am seriously SO excited!! I LOVE this subscription, I hope they never stop making boxes. I went into my box with no spoilers and could not be more impressed with the quality, the curation, the VALUE! Love It! Made my whole day ❤

  8. There is a picture of full spoilers on Instagram under the account BoxObsessed!

    • Thanks! I just looked. I know on her sight it says anything that is not sample size is considered full size. I’m still bummed to be getting a mini size. Everything is super cute though.

      • Thanks just checked her account and not all that impressed. I think 2 of their boxes have really missed the seasons. This doesn’t scream Fall to me. I’ll probably cut down to 1 box for Winter and then may take a break.

  9. Anyone get a shipping notice yet?

    • I got a shipping notice today.

      • I also got a shipping notice today!

      • Did you get the box yet?!

      • No I haven’t. It just says shipping label has been created. I’m so impatient. It’s so hard not knowing what’s all in the box!

      • Same here, I’m going crazy waiting for a shipping update!

      • I just received an update. Says should be here by the 20th. I’m in Spokane Wa. so this sounds about right. Hope you get an update soon!

      • Ugh, I got shipping today and says my box will be here Friday. So I was hoping that some of you that got shipping Monday would get yours today!

      • My shipping label shows was created Monday also but hasn’t moved 🙁

    • I just got mine today.

    • I just did today !

    • I did, too!

  10. For gods sakes spoil the box already!!! It’s sold out now, I want to know what is in it!!!

  11. Well, I was a bit ‘meh’ at first glance, believing it was an apron and my apron-wearing time is 0% ever… BUT as an art teacher/crafty gal – an ART SMOCK APRON?!? 😍 Now I’m over the moooon!!

  12. I thought it looked like pajama bottoms

  13. This box is sold out. So glad I bought it yesterday!

  14. I think I’m the only person not excited for it to be an apron. I cook all the time, but I never wear an apron.

    • Nope, not the only one. Let’s imagine it’s something else.

  15. I think it’s sold out.

  16. Is that an apron? That’s really cute! reconsidering signing up

  17. YAY!!!! Looks like an Apron! I LOVE my Margot Elena Discovery Box! Getting excited for our goodies!

  18. I’m thrilled if this is an apron!

  19. This will be my second box from my annual subscription. I have not been disappointed yet! Everything is so pretty.

  20. I need to learn how to cook so I can make use of that apron! BTW, that flower is an hibiscus. I am from Hawaii originally and they are beautiful and plentiful there.

  21. I hope it is a bib apron!

  22. I was thinking pillow case

    • A single pillow case would be very odd… what would you do with one?

      • I have 9 pillows in 6 varieties. So, one pillowcase would work for me, but I’d think they’d send a set

  23. I really hope the quality is there!

  24. Pretty print….nice and something different for a box.

  25. This is such a great box. Cute apron!

  26. I’m so happy! I need an apron really bad, I love to cook but I can be a little messy!

  27. OMG. I was hoping everyone else saw an apron. I’m so excited!!!!!

  28. Oh, God, I’ve never had an apron! I was so close to getting one as a Nespresso offer, but ended up not pursuing it due lo lack of femininity in its design. This one is so adorable!!! I skipped FFF and Causebox this season, but Margot Elena and Popsugar make up for the disappointment. Can’t wait!!!

    • Me too! I cancelled Causebox and FFF and am just sticking with Popsugar and Elena this fall. I’m loving the spoilers for both So far so can’t wait to see full reveals. FFF really missed the mark in my opinion this season which is a bummer because fall is usually my favorite as far as boxes.

      • Oh! Im getting Sunday Riley fall too and I’m checking daily to make sure I dont miss a spoiler. Anyone have any ideas how far in advance they usually send a spoiler?

      • I’m dying for a Sunday Riley spoiler too, I have no idea when to expect one.

      • Ooooh, same! I skipped Summer, but all the other boxes were stellar! Fall is usually my favorite season for boxes, too! 🙂

  29. Dang I need to seriously consider whether to cancel. This will make it hard as I own zero aprons and have always wanted a cute one.

  30. An apron is such a fun, sweet addition to the box! I love that they are usually curated with some sort of theme or colorscape, this one looks to be shades of red/orange/etc. The boxes are so stunning to unwrap, can’t wait for fall!

  31. That’s an apron!!

  32. Oh, this may suck me back in….

  33. I love aprons and wear them all the time this is PERFECT!

  34. I order catering with love.

    • Dea – LOL 😉

  35. Yes! Can’t wait!

  36. Definitely an apron – Made with Love would be the feast for the holidays

  37. An apron is such a cute idea, especially before the holidays.

  38. Apron?

    • LOVE this!!

    • Didn’t mean to reply under you, lol…guess I got too excited 😂

    • Ohhhh, I think you are correct, considering the “made with love” phrase especially. I love this box. Sometimes the individual spoilers are not a huge wow, but when everything comes together in the end, the box is pretty spectacular.

      I hope there’s a yummy fall perfume.

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