Ipsy Subscription Updates! Choice + Glam Bag Price Change

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It’s a big IPSY news day! Here are the updates you need to know:

For IPSY Glam Bag:

  • You’ll get to choose a product every month. Starting with your October Bag, you can pick one of the five products you’ll receive each month. Your 4 other products will be personalized around the product you picked, your beauty preferences, and product reviews. You’ll have a chance to pick your product for October at the end of September, while supplies last.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.
  • The price is increasing to $12 a month. New members will start being billed $12 a month starting with the September Glam Bag, and current members will start being billed $12 for the October Glam Bag. For a limited time, you can lock in $10/month for another year with their annual plan. Members must upgrade before 9/30 to get this price.

For IPSY Glam Bag Plus:

  • You’ll get to choose a product every month. Starting with your October Glam Bag Plus, you can pick one of the 5 products you’ll receive each month. Your other 4 products will be personalized around the product you picked, your beauty preferences, and product reviews. You’ll have a chance to pick your product for October at the end of September, while supplies last.
  • Glam Bag Plus will include a makeup bag every month. This starts in October.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

For the NEW IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate:

  • New Membership for even more beauty picks. Glam Bag Ultimate is a new subscription with 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you, for $50/month. You can sign up for Glam Bag Ultimate as of today (8/20); the first bags will be billed at the end of September and ship in October. P.S. You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature! 
  • There will be a makeup bag, every month.
  • You can now add up to 5 Add-Ons for your bag. Previously you were limited to 3.

Any questions about these new changes? Let me know or check out the IPSY FAQ page.

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  1. Wow I would be on product overkill. I think bimonthly or quarterly would be better. If your tight on money, 1 plus and 1 reg bag together would only be 37. Cheaper, just minus 3 products

    • I agree. Paying $37, getting to choose two products, and being only a few items shy of the $50 bag, makes more sense for me. Even paying the $37 and doing 2 or three sample add-ons, or even $37 and one full-size add-on will allow for more choice.

      • Yeah, i think that keeping the regular Glambag and getting the GBP sounds more affordable, for me anyways. Even adding a couple or one full size product would not be that bad either.

      • That’s a great idea! I ordered the Ultimate to try it out, but I’ll probably end up with GP and/or GBP plus add-ons and getting the extra choices. Thanks for your perspective. Not sure why, but I hadn’t really factored in the value of multiple choices for me. I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, so I end up gifting a lot. The FOMO is real. 🙂

        • I think we were all guilty of impulse signing up for this. It sucks signing off without really knowing what’s in there. Hopefully the first box is amazing to reel everyone in

        • Totally agree with you Rachel!

        • I dropped the regular $10 Glam Bag as well as Allure. Allure hasnt made me happy inna LONG time and Glam Bag has me swimming in sample sized product after nearly 15 months as a member. I LOVE my Plus n wont be dropping it however. I DID sign up for the Ultimate because I’d have serious FOMO if I missed out on their launch lol. Hoping they knock it outta the park & blow us all away. 😁
          How long I keep it will depend on how phenomenal it is, or isnt. And if I start seeing a lot of product overlap btwn the 2 subscriptions/repeats etc

          • It’s very hard to cancel ipsy boxy charm is a easy task but trying to get out of ipsy is a crazy challenge

      • Thanks for all the comments and math because I was so focused on getting the ultimate but it’s really not in my budget right now. I’m going to stick to plus and do add-ons. I think Ultimate will make a good Christmas present from my husband later. I just know that first Ultimate is going to be AMAZING!

      • Sorry but I think I’m a little confused with the Ultimate bag. Can someone explain to me exactly what the difference between the GBP and The GBU will exactly be giving us as a difference?. Thanx😊

        • You get 12 products instead of 5. And 8 are full sized. They’ll probably also include things like beauty appliances like BoxyLuxe does.

    • Thats a really good idea actually! Thanks!

  2. It seems as though many dozens of people signed up to try the Ultimate. Let’s see if ipsy can deliver that many full-size products in one month!

    (Hints of Boxycharm’s past fails?)

  3. Yeah. I caved and signed up for the ultimate. I’m weak.

    • I signed up for the ultimate. I love ipsy so much I know I won’t be disappointed.

    • Me too! I canceled the other two bags. I’m excited! I always added stuff on to my other bags. So I though for $13 more I will get this and try not to add on. Maybe that will work since we get to pick one item.

      • Exactly! Btwn the reg bag & plus + add-ons i was spending at least $50 a month anyway! Lol

    • Lol. Me too. Id have major FOMO if I didnt get to try the 1st Ultimate bag offerings. I dropped Allure in August & the ipsy reg. $10 bag yesterday. Cut $25 off right there. I still kept my ipsy Plus & added the Ultimate. I was tired of the sample sizes. Rarely even use them. Excited for the Ultimate. I can just pause my Plus for October

  4. Where does some of this negativity come from? I look at this as a good thing and that Ipsy is listening to their subscribers and trying to make it a better experience for everyone! I guess I always find the good in things, and I’m not a negative person. I also understand that this is a beauty sub that gives an enormous amount of value every month for the price paid. Of course I am not gonna like everything sent to me, but this isn’t a pay $25 and pick your own products sub either. I always, and I do mean always, find at least two things in my box that I absolutely love! This month I loved everything! One of the products pays for the price of the sub. I say go to Ulta or Sephora and find two of the products sent in the box and see if you can come close to the price of $25! Won’t happen. I think what they are doing is awesome! We now get to pick a product every month that we want. That should at least pay for the sub, but I’m sure there’s still gonna be complaints. Well, Ipsy….I’m a very happy customer and always have been! Keep up the good work 😀

    • I totally agree. And my experience has also been nothing but great!

    • I totally agree too! I don’t understand the negativity either. I’ve only had positive experiences with Ipsy and it is by far my favorite beauty sub box. It’s not like they are forcing anyone to do anything and no one has to sub to Ipsy at all if they don’t like it. I love the new upgrades and think the regular glam bag is more than worth the extra $2 a month. I can’t wait to get my first Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate in October! $50 is a steal to me for 8 full size products and 4 deluxe. I’ve read people saying it’s no different then the GBP and the GB put together just more expensive but that simply isn’t true. If you get both of those you get 5 full size and 5 deluxe for $35 a month (well $37 after the changes) and if you get the GBU you get 8 full size and 4 deluxe, that’s 3 more full size and one less deluxe for only $15 more ($13 after changes). I guarantee the value will greatly exceed that $15 or $13.

      I love Ipsy and am also a very happy customer

      • Well, yes it may be good for some people but like me, i cant afford to spend those prices a month for a subscription. I wish i could! But being on a fixed income limits me. If the products in the regular Ipsy bag are better quality then that is great, but they have problems sending me my add on products. Like this month, they didn’t ship all of my add on products, just one and it was not the shade i had ordered, alot of people have had problems with this issue. So imagine being able to get 5 add on products when they could not even get there normal amount out. Also, since the price is increasing, i think that the shipping should be better and faster. I dont get my bag until the very end of the month. Dont get me wrong, i love Ipsy but i kind of think they are trying to add to much at one time. If people purchase the Ipsy bag at the annual cost of $120.00 and they end up not liking the products and wanting to cancel than they will be out the money because Ipsy wont refund any of the $120.00. I am just looking at all sides of all these changes and hope that nobody gets disappointed with what option they choose but for me, I am just sticking with the regular Glam bag.

      • What’s funny is that I’ve seen so much “Ipsy” math since yesterday putting values and “worth” on Ipsy Ultimate that my head is starting to spin (and I’m a numbers girl!), so since I always put value on what I’ll use anyways and as long as I personally feel I’m getting what I’m paying for then I’m a happy camper, and I’ll no longer give myself a headache trying to see if we’re getting the same or better value. LOL! 😀 Like you, I can’t wait to get my Ipsy Ultimate, and the sub addict in me is hoping that I love it enough to keep it! 🙂

        • Lol I agree! I’m the complete opposite of a numbers girl and the little bit of “Ipsy” math (love that btw) I did made my head spin too.

        • I’m with you guys – my head is spinning. I’m actually good at math and more than capable of figuring out how to get the most of what I want for the best price. But Ipsy and other subs are fun for me. I get to try lots of stuff and I love it, so I’ll be getting one of each of the subs. This obsessing over what I’m getting and if it’s worth it is just a lot of work. I agree – if you’re that concerned about all that, just buy the things you really want.

        • I’m a numbers girl too! 😂 So is my husband, at work anyway… We live on his income. Period. At 1st, I considered Ipsy a total splurge. But it’s not. There’s so much I don’t have to buy or pay full price for because of Ipsy & another sub. Anything that is or will be a major purchase or a monthly bill is something discussed between us as a couple. I mentioned the price increase to him yesterday and the option to lock in my $10 per month if I go with a yearly subscription. It’s my decision and I’m going to elect to go ahead and pay the $12 per month. I’m happy for Ipsy, but I would have appreciated a heads up on the price increase and option to upgrade due to upcoming changes sooner than this. That’s my only complaint about it. School just started. I don’t have the extra cash to pay for the annual right now. Given a few months heads up? Ya, I could’ve done it. If we look at it this way, Ipsy has been in business how long? And just now raising their price? I’m just glad it’s not $15. Putting it at $12 was really smart on their part. Still the least expensive beauty subscription.

        • Luna, I cannot wait til October! IGBPU Is like Christmas for me lol I didn’t get to choose an item this month, but it’s ok. I understand it’s just a trial that is working out the bugs for the launch of Ultimate and everyone being able to choose for GBP next month. I know the sub addict in me is gonna love ultimate. My decision I’m gonna have to make is whether or not I keep my other GBP account I have. I really don’t think I should need it now with Ultimate, but you know those two little things on our shoulders? One of mine is an angel, and the other one is the sub addict. We’ll she which one wins in a couple months lol

          • Lol I love that! I think both the things on my shoulders are beauty sub addicts though😂 I seem to have no self control when it comes to my subs. I can’t wait to get my first GBU in October, it will be like Christmas for me too!

          • I too have no control over my sub addiction! I’ve had them all but the two that have stuck with me is Ipsy GBP and my Boxy & Luxe. And I just added the ultimate! Me and 2 of my daughters get Boxy (no complaints at all ever:) and I get Ipsy. Oh and FFF which I’m not impressed with the box only the killer deal of beauty add-ons. I have as much makeup as a darn store & moved hubby out of the master bath completely my collection is so large! I hate passing up a deal and I consider my subs like a giant coupon! Just on makeup lol I’m at a stay at home mom & when I get bored during the day I go into my space and spend an hour or two just creating beautiful looks for the heck of it. Like a hobby I guess. I love it!!!! I think I’m addicted to all the other soccer moms at practice say’n how beautiful I look on those days 🙂 So Ipsy Ultimate we are counting on you to hit a home run!!!!!

      • I don’t understand any negativity. I’m going to pass on the ultimate only because I am trying to use what I have instead of accumulating more. Thay said, I’ll keep the GB and GBP because I’ve been able to use some of the items to give to my nieces. My husband would not be happy if I spent another $50 per month either (I don’t work….I shop).

        That being said, I might sign up in a few months due to major fomo. lol

        • @Susan I Fell Out Laughing when I read your comment bc
          u described my life to a T!! I said MSA is the Housewives club! I’ve been wanting 2 join 1, bt thought it’d be physical lol

      • Actually the IPSY GLAMBAG gives you 5 sample size, deluxe size, or full size. So I think the ultimate is better since you get the 8 full size and 4 deluxe.

    • I totally Agree as well! Well said! I have had nothing but good experience from Ipsy, and we all get things we don’t like, but there is always a couple that make the bag worthwhile. And the ones I won’t use, either I gift or put up for Swap! And IPSY customer service Rocks! They have always fixed problems and in a timely manner! Unlike Boxy…I am still waiting for a replacement for my broken eyeshadow palette from JUNE! I am excited for the Ultimate!

    • That $25 will pretty much just buy a mascara at Ulta…not much else. I agree that 2 liked products in this box makes it worth it! This month, it was 5/5 for me, 8/8 if we’re counting my add-ons 🙂 Add-ons are the best!

    • I totally agree with Jill M 💝 I am 54 yrs old and would have loved Ipsy back in my younger days when I wasted so much money on skincare & make-up. I actually have 2 of the $10 Ipsy bags (one is a gift sub from a very dear friend who passed away suddenly last fall) somehow her gift bags always have the better stuff 😍 each month. I like the new Ipsy program ideas…and for $2 extra it’s still a great deal. I have eczema and finding new skincare that works has been fun. Ipsy will keep me happy long into my senior years I am sure !!!

      • I’m sorry to hear you have eczema. Check out the spoilers for the September Allure Beauty Box. They are sending out an eczema cream that month.

        • I can’t wait for Allure as I also have eczema! Looking forward to it big time!!

    • Totally agree, sometimes I hate coming on the site because of all the negativity. Have been nothing but happy with IPSY GBP. I’m never going to want 100% of the items I get, but if that were the point, I would just go buy my own items and not do a sub box. I usually like 2-3 things, add ons are an added bonus and now being able to choose 1 item is the icing on the GBP cake.

    • Same! I’m going for the Ultimate & dropping the reg & plus bcuz 4 me, I always would do Add-ons & I think I spent like. $74 last month! So, with being able to pick a product & having 8 full size & 4 samples, I think it’ll be Amazing! Oh & the makeup bag too! Yaass! Ipsy been killing it already! As you said, I did to love everything I got this month! Only up from here! Yay Ipsy!

  5. Seems to me Ipsy just explained why the last few GBP have been lacking, all of their time and attention has been elsewhere. What they are doing now is attempting catch up to Boxycharm. Think about it. GBP 25 Boxycharm 21. Ipsy Ultimate 50 Boxyluxe 50. Sounds like about the same number of products too

    • I have loved my GBP the past few months! Everyone is different I guess, but for the price I’m paying, and the value of what I’m getting is unbeatable! I got a $50 foundation that I love and would pay full price for and four other items that I love too. So “lacking” is not a word I would use, but then again, everyone is different.

      • Agreed!!! 👍👍👍🙌🙌

      • Yes, IPSY glam bag plus is so much better than boxycharm for an extra 4 dollars, I can’t even start.

        • I agree, I like Ipsy GBP better than Boxy. I am almost always happy with Ipsy products I think it is because they have our beauty profile and Boxy does not, they just sent us random stuff. I subscribed for GB Ultimate – I am gonna see how it goes and based on that decide if I will cancel the GB & GBP. 🙂

      • Very very true. I also added another for 12 which was a great deal too. I do really like the GBP and think its worth it even if you like one item and sell or give away the rest. I did give up on the regular bag though for a bit because getting the GBP and a few add ons that i know I like it better for me.

    • Maybe the people from the warehouse and shipping are doing the curation for the new bag and that is why there has been mistakes lately.

      I am sure that they have different teams working on this.

      • I would love to see the curation and shipping process in action. I wonder how they handle selecting products for individual bags and ensuring that the correct bag is matched to the correct person as all the bags are the same. Hmmm. Ipsy, I’m going to need a behind the scenes video.

        • There’s a short 2.5 minute video on YT called Saddle Creek Ipsy Case Study that gives a glimpse of the behind the scenes action 🙂

          • I just watched that video–WOW! Thanks, Luna! If you know of any others, would love to see them!

          • It’s pretty interseting isn’t it? 🙂 I would be in product heaven if I ever got to tour that warehouse! 😀

    • I’m wondering when Boxy is going to start doing Luxe every month to compete with Ipsy Ultimate? I’m all in for when it starts!

      • Lol I was sort of thinking this too. It seems like one takes a step then the other makes a counter move, and they keep trying to out do each other. Now I’ll be patiently waiting to see what Boxy’s move will be. Although, I’m sure they’ll wait a few months first to see if Ipsy Ultimate is successful or a flop.

    • In the FFF community alls I keep hearing about is everyone disappointed n dropping them like crazy

      • I still really enjoy my FFF. It’s a good mix of body, bath, skincare, makeup and lifestyle (some of these items aren’t my favorite and can be on the cheaper side but I look at those as the bonus items). To each their own, but for $45 per quarter (I’m annual) I think the value is fantastic. Honestly, I think a lot people are on overload and maybe some of the joy of sub boxes has gone away.

        • Oh no! Im sorry for the confusion. What I meant was that people in the FFF community have been talking about dropping boxycharm for ipsy. 😊

    • My last few GBP have been amazing. I’m still using my Sunday Riley CEO everyday.

      • I Wish I could use the Sundey Riley CEO cream. Because it doesn’t work well with my skin it sits on my dresser collecting dust.

  6. For me personally 8 items and 4 samples is way to much of a good thing every month and out of my budget.

    It’s kind of like baby bear, momma bear, and poppa bear lol..

    Ipgb plus is the best option for me

    Love the pick one item idea too!

  7. Does anyone know if the bags count as an item or is it in addition to the items

    • It should be in addition to.

      If it’s not, I’m gone. That’s what drove me nuts about the regular glam bag. I have enough makeup bags to (something creative) from all the gifts with purchase I got over the years.

    • The ipsy ultimate sounds nice but wow 8 full size, 6 deluxe size every month? I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much product. I’m surprised it’s not quarterly

    • It is in addition to the items.

    • It’s in addition to the 12 products

  8. Why not get regular Ipsy and Ipsy Glambag Plus .. pay $37/month, get 5 full size and 5 samples, but be able to pick 1 of each? Seems like enough product variety to try new things, but also receive some good skincare and larger products? $50 per month seems like a lot to spend per month on beauty products that you don’t get to fully choose. Quarterly would be more doable. I may cancel Boxycharm and pick up IGBP.

    • Plus 2 bags too. Totally agree with ya. I wish they would start a skincare box but I’m worried this may be alot of new ideas and add ons and glam this and that may just end up being to much. Sorta like FFF is doing right now.

      • I would love a skin care specific box from Ipsy. I recently started the pearlesque box but it’s more hit and miss than ipsy.

    • I have two regular glam bags and one GBP. Assuming the price of add ons doesn’t go up, I’m seriously considering cancelling all but one regular glam bag. Get to pick one item for that, plus FIVE add ons, which include most of the GBP items. I usually only REALLY one one or two full size items, and just a handful of the regular items.

      So, 2 regular + 1 GBP=$49.

      1 regular sub+ 2 full size add ons + 3 mini add ons=$45, and a much better match of stuff I actually want to try.

      I’m not sure how this makes sense for Ipsy, TBH.

      • The price of add-ons aren’t increasing. 🙂 Ipsy said in their notifications today that samples will be $3 and full-size products will be $12. Whew! I’m glad they’re not increasing 🙂

        • Cool. (I swear I read my email three times and still missed that. LOL.)

          But makes it more likely I will cancel. I do still want to see the bag they offer with GBP for October, though.

      • I like your math and your thinking here! I’m just debating if I should lock down the $10/month price and buy an annual. Yes or No?

        • I just got a email back from Customer Service that said that everybody that subscribed annually on the 20th, the day we recieved the email about the changes, would be locked in at $10.00 a month for a year but if you subscribe now you have to pay the annual amount of $132.00, $11.00 a month. I thought that we had until October to decide but apparently it was just for that day. Only thing is, the email said limited time, not just one day only. I would contact Customer Service to see for sure but i was just giving you a heads up to what i was just emailed.

    • Or 2 GBP bags and get 10 full sized items (2 of which you could pick). I’m sure there would be some repeats, though we don’t really know yet if the products for GBP and GBU will be different, so there might be repeats there, too.

  9. The value for Ultimate will definitely be there. However, between not liking all the products, awesome beauty sales all year round (ULTA 21 days of beauty is coming up again!), Marshall, and the fact that I have all I need in my makeup collection, subscription boxes are looking less and less attractive to me. I look at the stash of unwanted items I have collected from subscription boxes is actually a burden to me.

    I am so happy that I can finally choose a product each month. The last few GBP have not been kind to me. I personally think that GBP is still gonna to be a better option. $25 + 2 add-ons looks much better to me than spending $50 on products that I may not like. Also I think $50 is a lot per month for things that I know I definitely don’t need (no one can even finish 5 products in a month, now 8?).

  10. As it stands right now I’ve selected to get ipsy ultimate ,ipsy plus and the glam bag . You’ll have to excuse me I got a little excited lol . But sitting here now I’m thinking that’s kinda silly . I mean that would be 12 for the bag , 25 for gbp and 50 for the ultimate. That would be 87 .00 a month … where I can just drop gbp and glam bag and keep ultimate ..why ipsy whyyyyy your killing me lol

  11. I caved for the Ultimate. I signed up thru your link Liz so you also get credit. Thank you

  12. Am I the only one who didn’t know there’s a limit on the number of add-ons?
    I always get 2 (1 sample and 1 full-sized) with my Glam Bag.

    On another note, I really hope Ipsy doesn’t end up like Birchbox- increased prices and teeny tiny samples in large tubes!

  13. Seems like overkill. I’ll stick with GBP for now. I wonder if it will be different items than the ultimate

    • This is what I’m wondering. If I can’t add on some of the cool stuff to my GBP that people get in their Ultimate box, I’m gonna have some FOMO. If IPSY is smart, this is exactly what they’ll be doing to boost Ultimate subs…

      • Exactly what I was thinking too. Because if we’re able to still have access to the same products offered in the new “Ultimate” in our Plus bags why would anyone want to pay double for the Ultimate right?

        • Ipsy has already stated the most “top tiered” items will only be found in an Ultimate bag.

  14. Right now I think I will be sticking with my regular glam bag and the glam bag plus.. I like that I get the option to upgrade… I will wait to see what the box looks like. It’s great that they offer 12 products (8 full sized andn4 deluxe) because I noticed that boxyluxe has been removing product from their boxyluxe box.. theybstarted out with 11 and now theyvare only including 8bin september… Bocycharm better watch out. Because ipsy is gaining on them….

  15. Tha k you for answering my question .. I was wondering if I had gotten the wrong email…

  16. The only problem that I have with all of this is that I’m tempted to subscribe to all three tiers (I’m currently just subscribed to the Glam Bag; I just cancelled my GBP and Boxycharm last week), despite the fact that I’m trying to cut down on beauty subscription boxes because I’m trying to save money AND I’m on product overload. Stop it, Ipsy.

  17. This is perfect timing. I just cancelled several other subs last week because I (like everyone else here) am on product over load. But, this, I could not resist – I signed up immediately at 5:30 this morning! I think it will be a really great value, especially since I share everything with my Mom and daughters – so excited to see what we will get in October!

  18. I upgraded to the Ultimate from Glam Plus. I really have enjoyed Glam Plus and I just love beauty products so much. I figure I”ll try it for a month or two and then if anything downgrade if I am not a happy. I can always use the products for gifts for the holidays if anything. Excited to see what Ipsy offers in October !

  19. ok, I have never seen a GBP that good. Sunday Riley, Murad Retinol Eye cream, It cosmetics foundation brush and palette and Benefit…all in one bag?? I’m going to look out my window for flying pigs right now.

    • I have received every single one of those items from GBP, but not in the same box. I love GBP so very much.

  20. That’s what I’m thinking. I’m just hoping the Ipsy Plus quality doesn’t go down because of the Ultimate and them including a bag.

  21. I signed up and went to cancel the regular bag and was sent an e-mail that the next glam bag is on them?? Anyone else get this? I clicked through it so fast I couldn’t tell if they’re sending a random bag now and I pay for next month, or if my September bag is really free?

    The price point is exactly right for 8 full and 4 deluxe samples. If $25 for 5 full- size, then its $5 per full size product. At the new $12 for regular Ipsy, it’s $2.40 per deluxe. 8x$5 is $40, plus $2.40×4 is $9.60, or total $49.60.

    • Ya, I was thinking it felt about the same value (the visual helps solidify it though! 🙂 ). I guess I’m wondering if it’ll be worth it to me product-wise… like will it feel like too much product, and will it feel like I’m just getting two regular Ipsy bags and two IGBPs (which I don’t want). I’ll give it a 2 to 3 month run. If I feel like all I’m getting is two bags/boxes, then I’ll just cancel Ultimate since keeping the other two will cost less, and I’ll be fine (more than fine! lol) with missing out on the extra full size products.

      • I will be canceling the regular bag. No point in paying $12 just for sample size. I was told if I have both the plus and ultimate on the same account i won’t receive duplicate items. Depending if I like the ultimate i may cancel plus as well

    • I thought I was saving when I once tried skipping GBP for one month but I ended up adding two full and one sample with add-ons to my GB. My big concern is discipline with the new 5-add-on limit.

    • I went to cancel my regular bag and got the same message. I decided to keep it and a pop up showed that said my next bag (which I assume is September) is complimentary. I took a screen shot before it disappeared. I emailed them just in case to confirm. Waiting to hear back.

  22. Oh dear. When I read my Ipsy email this morning I failed to notice the “while supplies last” part. I guess I was just too excited about getting to choose that I blocked it out.
    I’m still excited about the changes, especially getting a choice for each sub. However, I am concerned that there will be certain items nearly every single subscriber wants (Sunday Riley for example) which may cause those pesky website issues that cause you to spend hours trying to place your order (choice) and then you still might not get it. Hopefully since we’ll be picking the month before, they will have ample time to order as much product as needed to give as many people their first choice as possible.

    I’ve always considered myself (and am considered by everyone who knows me) to be a true beauty product addict. Even before the days of subscription boxes whenever people would visit me they’d see the amount of beauty products I had and be blown away. I was constantly told I should just open a store since I had plenty of inventory and couldn’t possibly use it all before it expired. And if those old pals could see my current apartment now they’d probably be struck speechless since my “hoard” has quadrupled in size.
    I have to say, after reading all these comments I feel so much better about my obsession/addiction. I never even considered having all three subscriptions! I assumed everyone would choose to just keep Ipsy Plus (and possibly the regular sample bag as well) or upgrade to Ultimate. It honestly never occurred to me anyone would choose to get all three! That’s at least 13 full size products (and let’s not forget they often send full sizes in the classic regular little bag) and 9 more travel/sample/possibly full size products as well, every. Single. Month. Especially considering most of us have multiple subscriptions and are getting quite a few products elsewhere every month already.

    🙏🙏🙏 Many thanks to all of you that are maxing out this opportunity on a much higher level than I would ever consider. 😄😄😄 Now whenever I’m looking around at my collection that’s beginning to take over my apartment I won’t feel nearly as bad as I have been.

    What a fantastic day! Great changes to my Ipsy subs and a major reduction in the amount of guilt I often feel (even though my addiction is not hurting or depriving anyone else of anything at all) about buying copious amounts of beauty products as if they’re collectibles that will one day be worth a fortune! 😁

    • You’re amazing! AND definitely not the only one 😉

    • Dani-you are definitely NOT the only one! I have LOTS of product!! I stock up also with fff sales and I was receiving almost every beauty sub there was just a couple of months ago. I finally reigned it in a bit though! I love having lots of backups for my favorites and I’m always making “gift beauty bags” to give to family, friends and co-workers! I love sharing!

    • You’re not alone! 😂

    • Amen…..! Girlfriend! Amen!

  23. Does anyone know if the pink bag (the bag, not the products) shown in the pictures has been a bag they already sent out a previous month? Or is the bag a spoiler?

    • That bag was the ipsy offer mystery bag a few weeks ago. It sold out so not sure if that will be one of the bags coming up or not

      • I got that mystery bag, and the ones in the Ipsy FB rollout video don’t look like the same bag to me.

        • I got it too, and mine is not like the picture above either. I hope the pink bag is coming soon! I’ve been subbed for years and didn’t get that bag yet. We can hope! 😉

    • I tried to resist but of course, I caved!😂. I signed up for ultimate! I’m gonna keep my regular glam bag subscription and I have my glam bag plus on pause. I’ve only received one glam bag plus (July) and it has been paused since. I am very interested in the ultimate though! I will have to decide if the ultimate is actually worth it-for me. I’m sure the retail value is there but I’ll have to try it a couple of months to see how many of the products I’ll actually use. But I am VERY EXCITED! The only other beauty box I receive right now is Allure. I’m on a special deal right now for $10 a month that I believe will end in October.

    • That’s what I wondered too. It’s like a white/pale pale pink glittery looking bag, I’m pretty into it tbh. It looks like it’s in the regular size AND the larger size so I assume it’s an October spoiler. 😍

    • It looks like each option now includes a bag but if you look at them they all are a slightly different style but the same color so those who subscribe to all 3 will end up with a full set each month! That’s pretty cool.

      • That would be cool!

  24. Birchbox increases their prices and gives more choices: Everyone screams bloody murder.

    Ipsy increases their price and lets you choose one item per month: *crickets*

    • But their choices suck — and after 5+ years, they are still sending most of the same brands/samples as when they first started. Birchbox has zero variety, whereas ipsy crushes it with new and different brands/samples every month — just my opinion.

      • I agree. Plus Birchbox samples tend to be tiny and I got a lot more haircare samples than anything else (I prefer skincare and makeup).

      • Ash… YES! I agree. Birchbox has been sending out the same products for years now and very rarely brings anything new to the table. Ipsy definitely stays current with new trends and branches out to offer new and up-and-coming brands.

      • Agree 100%. Birchbox has done NOTHING new except offering more curated boxes (with the same old stuff) that many people miss out on because they sell out. Or getting ONE full size product for $15 (vs. $5 per at ipsy) or points.

    • Ipsy is far superior to Birchbox is so many ways.

      • Ipsy is definitely superior to Birchbox in every way possible! In my opinion Ipsy is by far the best out of all the sub boxes I get that’s why I don’t mind the $2 price increase and why I signed up for Glam Bag Ultimate.

        • Well, to each their own. Ipsy is pretty much at the bottom of my list of all the beauty subs I get.

    • Honestly, I must be in the minority because I think this is pushing me over the edge on cancelling Ipsy. It’s just been kind of blahish since the add-on’s appeared. I’ve picked my item the last two months and the rest of my bag has been boring af. I’ve been really into Birchbox lately though. Shrug. To each their own.

      • My subs to both ipsy and Birchbox are done in December and not being renewed due to both price increases and dissatisfaction in general. I agree with the point that Melissa is making here that ipsy is the fan favorite and gets credit for things that birchbox did first. It’s just hard to defend Birchbox based on tiny samples, lack of variety and all the haircare samples that dont work for my texture. I have enjoyed the greater choice in curated boxes there though. As far as ipsy goes, they skimp on skincare which is what i really want and send me makeup thats unusable due to color (gold, snot green, and purple sparkle most recently, gee thanks ipsy…). For awhile, i was rewarding them for it by buying the skincare addons that i really wanted but no more. Plus I’m not really wanting to gamble on their shipping and warehouse fulfillment issues recently. It would take some amazing black Friday per box prices to get me to change my mind on both subs.

        One thing to note is that the only $10 box that’s left now is Sephora Play. Just imagine the heartburn once they increase their per box price since they also aren’t the fan favorite. In my daydreams, ULTA comes out with a $10 beauty box and wins all the raves, but I know it won’t happen. 😉

      • This is exactly my view. People act like it’s going to be mind blowing and soooo different but it will be exactly the same. Like a GB and GBP mixed into one but more expensive. I love both but these people who weren’t satisfied but signed back up for this are fooling themselves. I plan to wait, watch and let them work out the links before I give them my money. Just like I did with GBP

        • I am not sure about the different products in the bags but more than likely since some of the add ons are products that are in the GBP every month. I know that ever since they have had GBP and the add ons, i have purchased at least one item as a add on, that was a product in the GBP for that month. I dont really see them sending any different deluxe size samples in the Ultimate than what is in the regular Glambag. I have also seen full size products that have been in the regular Glambag, end up being a product for GBP. Who knows? I am happy with my regular Glambag, plus add ons and being able to pick a product. This way, i dont have to spend the extra money on products that i wont use and i can pick add ons if i choose to. For right now, this is the best option for me. I am wanting to wait and see how the Ultimate does for the people that are subscribing to right now and see what kind of changes, if any for the GBP products. If it was me, before you spend all that money on all three subs, i would wait, at least a couple of months to see what products and brands are in the Glam bags. You could just do the GBP for now and wait to see how the Ultimate turns out? Then if you decide you think you would like it, subscribe. You can always change your mind and cancel a sub, if it is not working for you! Please dont think that i am trying to tell you what to do, this is just my opinion and what i would do.😊

    • Birchbox was my first. I really enjoyed it at first but then I started to get crazy items, like two tea bags. A granola bar. And the item that caused me to cancel. Two vitamin C pills from hum. More like ho hum.

      I moved on to ipsy and kept them for a year before cancelling them. This was back in the old days.

      Fast forward 6 years and I now get:
      Boxy charm (and lux)
      Look fantastic
      Test tube
      Ipsy (both glam bag and plus)
      Glossy box.

      My stash running over.

      I am not going to renew glossy box or look fantastic when the year is up. Love the boxes the products are small and meh. The main item from last months glossy box was a full size hair mask that stunk of old lady perfume it gave me a migraine just carrying the package from the mailbox.

      Allure is looking like I’m going to cancel. Not very alluring lately.

      I love test tube the best because they have new brands that I have never tried and a lot of skincare with all full size items. Although this next one is a total dog. Woof.

      I’m going to go to ultimate on ipsy and keep all three tiers for three months and then decide.

      My reason for that is that it has been my experience that when sub companies roll out something new to catch subscribers, they hit it out of the park, to hook you. So I think the first three months are going to be great so everyone will stay subbed way too long. Allure, I’m looking at you!

      After year of subscription boxes I have figured out that I really only like boxes that offer full size. Add on’s for 12$ when it could have been $5 in a box? Hmmm what is the incentive to give me good items in my box?

    • I think the difference in the price increase has a lot to do with it. A 20% increase is a lot easier to take than a 50% increase.

  25. I caved in and signed up for GB Ultimate out of curiosity. I’m thinking of giving it a try for a month then pause it for couple of months. I agree that 8 full size + 4 deluxe size products are too much for a monthly sub but I was hoping that since this will be their launch, they will try hard to impress their customers. I sure hope it won’t be like how they launched GBP though! The PR boxes were almost perfect but the first month’s box for the customers were total bleh!

    • I caved for the Glam Bag Ultimate too. I want to see what it’s gonna be like and if I want to keep that and my other glam bag Plus, or just keep my two glam bag Plus accounts. One Pro of ultimate is no duplicate products, so I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking like you and hoping they will have an awesome first month for a launch to get more people to sign up for it. I’m really happy they are letting all of us pick a product every month now though!! Yayyyyy 😁

    • Any items I don’t want to keep for myself I sell on Ebay! I make tons of money! I sold several items from this month and made over $180!

      • I need to start doing that. I’m starting to get to many products. LOL

      • Do you sell them just below regular retail value?

      • I would love to know your secret!! I have a huge stash of products that I want to sell. I looked on eBay today and the prices listed by others are incredibly low. If you add eBay fees and PayPal fees (and shipping, because everyone offers free shipping), you MAY make $1.50. I looked into Mercari and Poshmark but it appears they have issues of their own (dishonest buyers, fees, etc,). Has anyone had any luck with Facebook sales? I’m not talking about established buy/sell/trade groups but your own personal store. I’ve got to do something….my stash is simply ridiculous. I’d love to sell some of the leftovers of my “lifestyle” boxes too.

        • I tried listing things and that’s what it’s been like for me. There’s a lot of items from subscription boxes, marshalls, and TJ Maxx, and all priced really low.

        • I live in Canada, so it costs me even more to sell on ebay because shipping costs me 2-3 times as much. But I still make money. Here’s how:

          When you have so much product, you can often bundle your items by brand, sell 2 or 3 of the same items at once, or put a unique sub box lot together to intice buyers with the incredible value. Often including “Ipsy” in the title, including a bag, or selling complete Ipsy subs can be very appealing to buyers.

          At the end of the day, I need to make at least $10 on a listing to justify the work involved (photo, listing and trip to the post office).

          I find that most bundles I sell from sub boxes have a retail value of at least 3 times what I’m selling it for. But if I’m not using them, and they’re just sitting there, my sales are all gravy!

          • As someone who often browses eBay for ipsy bundles to buy, you definitely sound like you know what you’re talking about, Paula!

            I have to admit I am pretty picky about what I buy, though. It’s impossible to tell if things like lip glosses & mascaras have been opened.

  26. I signed up for Glam Bag Ultimate and kept my regular glam bag as well (really didn’t want to miss out since it says there are limited spots). I already spend about $70 a month on subscriptions and Ipsy has always been my favorite so it seems like a really great option for me. I’ll see if it’s worth it and if it is I’ll cancel my other subs.

    Don’t mind the $2 increase on the regular glam bag and I’m super excited for 5 add ons instead of 3 even though I’m going to go completely broke because of my Ipsy addiction lol

  27. I think I’m just going to stick with IGBP and glam bag. The question for me is whether I want to go month to month or lock in the yearly rate — which technically has also gone up because you used to be able to get the glam bag annual subscription for $110 (right?).

    I’m not surprised the regular glam bag price went up, seems like it was due to happen and seems reasonable. Personally, I need to do better about not buying the sample add-ons. Except for the lippies, the sizes to value are lacking, imo.

    • I considered upgrading today to keep the $10 rate until I saw that we have until the end of Sept. If I upgrade now, that means my annual (and presumably the lower price) will expire a month earlier. Plus, I want to see Ultimate spoilers and see which subscription(s) I want to keep.

      • I went ahead and upgraded my regular bag to the yearly rate and realized I should have waited till they billed me for September. Oh well. I haven’t decided about the other bags. I just recently started GBP. I tried it in the beginning when you couldn’t get both and missed trying things in the smaller sizes. I know I don’t need all three. It would be too much product for me.

        • I am upgrading to the annual after September is billed. I prefer the $10 bag since I purchase add ons that I will actually use. I don’t need 5 full size items that are useless to me. Actually 4, since I would get to select one of them. I have SO much stuff just sitting in my house. No one wants this crap on ebay, or I would try to sell it. I sold a box with 50 items, full size palettes, deluxe samples galore, 6 sheet masks, all new… final price 16.99… lol. Better to just give it away. This stuff is worthless unless you will use it. And it has a shelf life.

          • Wow, Beccah commented above the exact opposite–that she makes a ton of money selling on ebay. I wonder what the difference is.

          • I’ve had good luck selling things on a local Facebook marketplace site. But then strangers come to your home or you meet them somewhere , they change the time, never answer you… I wish there was an easier way.

    • I’m puzzled by the math. I read that email, the annual fee for the regular Glam Bag is $132 (or $11/per month) up from $110 ($10 per month with one month free).

      If you are regular annual subscriber, then will renew you at the old rate when you annual subscription is up for renewal—mine its up for renewal till next year June at which time they will renew it at the rate of $110 as a courtesy.

      Not sure where the Sept 30th date is coming from?

      “To continue creating an IPSY experience that keeps getting better, we’re updating the Glam Bag annual price to $132/year. Because you have been a loyal IPSY member, we’re offering you a special promotional price of $120 for the next year. You’ll see this price starting with your next renewal date.”

      • Well, if they make an exception and renew you at $110 that’s awesome, I totally would do it if I could. My understanding though based on the info they put out is that annual renewals will be $120. *shrug* Good luck. 🙂

      • I was also told I would renew at the old price. Did your email have conflicting prices?

      • I think the price might be different for those who are not current annual subscribers. I’ve been paying month-to-month. The email I received from Ipsy says I have until the end of Sept to switch to an annual sub at the rate of $120/year (that’s for 12 months):

        IPSY–> If you want to lock in your current Glam Bag rate, sign up for the annual plan at the special price of $120/year. To sign up for our annual membership, please log in to your account and select the “Account” tab in the upper right hand corner of your homepage. From there you can select “Glam Bag View Membership” and “Upgrade to the Annual Plan”. Be sure to make the switch and sign up before the end of September. You’ll pay $120 at the end of the month for a yearly membership until your renewal in 2020—then your annual membership will increase to $132/year. The one month free is not available for the lock in price.

  28. Yay, glad we will get to pick an item always & I’m glad we can get more add ons. I’m sticking with the regular bag & then just adding on items I want from the others. It’s worked well for me so far! I have too much stuff as it is anyway so I’ll probably start skipping some months again depending on Bag design & items available.

  29. For the NEW glam bag unlimited they should have did 12 FULL SIZE ITEMS FOR $50. Just like boxycharm.

    • Boxyluxe isn’t 12 products. September luxe has 8 items soo…

  30. I’m a GBP subscriber and I think I’m going to wait to see the review of the GBU to decide if I’ll upgrade to it. I do wish Ipsy offered the option to request the percentage of what you receive in you box as I would request more Skincare over Makeup

  31. Like others said, i would rather NOT have more makeup bags. I almost always end up donating them, or if they’re nicer I fill them with stocking stuffers/makeup to add in gifts. More plastic waste is not needed. I wish Allure would do the box and padding only too. Their plastic bags are so cheap.

    • Agree! I’m curious how many people must really like getting 12 or more makeup bags a year for them to add them back to all subscriptions.

      • Agree! Definately do not need all the make up bags. Opting out of the bag would be nice.

      • I can see how if you don’t need the bags it isn’t a plus. I love the bags but that’s because I organize everything in little bags, and the pretty colors make me happy. However, I only keep the ones I really love looking at. The rest are used as gifts. For gifts, I use them as stocking stuffers, gifts for students filled with school supplies, care packages with samples I don’t want, filled with tissues and cough drops or candy, etc. As soon as I get a bag I don’t want, I think of someone that will love that color and pattern and fill it up for them. That part is really fun. The ones I enjoy, I switch out to compliment my purse and use them to organize small things in drawers.

        • I use them a lot too. Much more than I ever thought I would. My travel bag has about 6 of them? 1 has shower items, another morning skincare, another night skincare, makeup in another, medication in another, pool or beach stuff in another… I made a first aid kit for my car and one in my travel bag. I have 2 in my kayak. The way my vanity in the bathroom is set up, there isn’t much room. I went shopping for a decorative box to put makeup in. I used the Glam bag in my purse to make sure they would fit. Each category of makeup in use has it’s bag and they are in the order I use them. I don’t like leaving personal hygiene items just sitting next to the toilet on the floor. There’s another decorative box there. It holds extra tp and then there’s Glambags with different items in each of them. The bags I don’t want are gladly scooped up by my daughter. I get it that some don’t like the bags, but it is called a Ipsy Glambag…

    • Thank You!! I don’t want all those junky makeup bags. I wish we could opt-out of the bags.

    • I use the ALLURE plastic bags for my car to hold insurance info, car registration, stuff like that. I actually find many uses for the make up bags too. I just bought a new car and am putting those make up bags to good use in my car. They are so helpful and perfect for organization. One bag is holding mints and gum. Another bag is filled with hand cream, eye drops, hand sanitizer and a few sample perfumes. A third bag holds make up for the car in case I’m out and (don’t want to come back home to freshen up) Perfect for a quick touch up of brows, a lip etc. I know exactly what is in each bag too, this keeps my car fresh and organized. You can also use a bag for all the cords we end up needing now a days.

      • I have 2 in my kayak! 😂

      • I love this! I know this is weird, but I want to see an Instagram with pictures of uses for ipsy bags! #howiusemyipsybags 😉 Just in case I haven’t thought of something yet. I haven’t left any in the car…so you already gave me a new idea. I just have them in my purse and house.

        • Where do you want me start? Lol! I have zero suggestions on the Allure bags… I only have 2 that have not torn quickly and they are just sitting on my daughter’s table empty. The Glambags get used by both of us. I have to travel some, so there’s several in my travel bag. Shower items, after shower items, morning skincare, night time skincare, medication, items I might need for the pool or beach, first aid, makeup… There’s one in my purse, one in my car, it’s first aid. I have a pool bag for at home, there’s one in there too. I have 2 in my kayak and might add a 3rd. I use a decorative box for my makeup. I used the Glambag in my purse to make sure the fit. Each makeup category has its bag and I put them in order of use. Next to the toilet is another decorative box with Glambags inside that hold personal hygiene products. I have a few in drawers too and some are used to store overflow items.

      • I give all my plastic Allure bags to my husband. He uses them to organize small tools, nails, screws, all that type of stuff. He loves them and gets a lot of use out of them. I personally don’t like them for holding makeup or skincare items so I’m glad he’s able to put them to use

    • Allure has done away with the plastic bags.

  32. Does anyone know if you can skip the ultimate if you sign up? I’m going to get rid of FabFitFun and want to do the Ultimate in its place every three months.

    • I’m wondering the same! I currently get Glam Bag Plus every other month and really like this pace.

    • From their FAQ (not sure if you can skip multiple months in a row though…there is another FAQ that there is no seasonal option yet, but they will let us know if they create one):

      I don’t need this much makeup every month, can I get it every other month?

      Yes! After you’re signed up for a monthly membership and decide you want to change the cadence, you’ll be able to switch in your Account.

  33. For anyone who has upgraded to the Ultimate Bag, does it give you the option to manage the frequency? If so, is it just every other month like the regular Glam Bag?

    This sounds like a great deal, but the price point and amount of product is something I’d only want quarterly.

    • I switched to Ultimate and it didn’t give me that option right off the bat. Plus it seems like most of the Ultimate features on their site are locked until October anyway.

      • Thank you for the reply! Apparently the info was in the FAQs. lol.

    • From the FAQ:

      I don’t need this much makeup every month, can I get it every other month?

      Yes! After you’re signed up for a monthly membership and decide you want to change the cadence, you’ll be able to switch in your Account.

      • I looked through the FAQs and obviously missed that! Every other is better than every, but I would like to see more options for this price point. Thank you!

  34. I’ll just stick to one, GB plus. My Aug box is still unopened. $50 is pretty steep for me and Im overload with beauty products so im just going to stick with plus.

    • I’m with you! I get product overload with my one GBP and occasional Allure when they put out a good box. I can’t even imagine trying to go through 8 full size and 4 deluxe samples monthly. It’s excessive and I’m just not that girl that has to have it just because it’s a great deal. I do understand why others are excited though, everyone is into sub boxes for different reasons and those who like to try a lot of different products will be thrilled with this. It’s just not for me.

      • My thoughts exactly. I already get more products than I can use. I hope Ipsy manages this change well. I did not get my three add-ons for this month. It will be great to add 5 products of my choice but only if they actually arrive.

    • GBP only here too. I am pretty excited about being able to choose one item though. I don’t need more than 5 full size plus add ons 🙂 If I did need more, I would just get 2 GBP, just not a fan of the GB sample sizes.

  35. Another makeup bag with IPSY PLUS? What on earth are we to do with so many blasted bags? Between ALLURE and regular IPSY, I get a bag each month…now another one? sheesh.

    I figured a price hike was in store for the regular IPSY bag, so that’s not a surprise and I do LOVE the idea of being able to pick an item each month for each bag, so all of that is good but I can’t but feel we are in for another surprise in all of this…color me skeptical for the time being.

    • Unfortunately almost all of my Allure bags have been split as soon as I took them out of the box so those have been a waste for me and go straight into the trash.

    • My daughters are working with a charity that collects unwanted ipsy bags… they are then filled with tampons and pads and given to schools in underprivileged areas for young girls who do not have what they need… the teachers can then give them a bag with what they need…. and it doesn’t look like just being handed pads…. save up a box full and then mail them to a group like this… believe me they are extremely appreciated…

      • I have a box full I could send!

      • This is a wonderful idea! Can you provide more details?

      • I love this. Can you provide a name of this charity?

  36. Does anyone know for sure if we have until September gets here to lock in the $10 a month by paying for an annual subscription? I don’t want to do it until after I am charged for Septrmber. This is the ONLY sub I am keeping. Job went away, so all this stuff has to be halted. I like Ipsy mist of the time. I am excited to select one item each month. I am anxious to see it the value even comes close to the $50 they indicate. And I am sure that I will just have to have a few add ons each month.

    • Dawn: so sorry to hear that…best of luck with finding another soon!

    • Well, I’m already an annual subscriber and I just checked my account, which isn’t due for renewal until March 2020, but there is notice on there that when my renewal is due in March, they will renew me for $120. So, I would say it’s probably true, but you can probably get a direct answer from their customer service, which is pretty fantastic.

      • I signed up for the yearly plan, and it said I would be billed for $120 on 9/1. I hope that helps!

  37. I’ve been pausing my regular glam bag for several months now I think I’m just going to drop it.
    I can’t afford to spend $50 a month on makeup. I think with the problems Ipsy has had with the Plus we’l just have to see how the Ultimate plays out.
    A makeup bag every month? Not excited about it but at least they’re not counting it as one of the 5 products.

    • I’m actually looking forward to receiving a makeup bag again for Ipsy plus

      • Agree. They are perfect for so many uses!

  38. I like the new options. If you’re new to makeup and skincare and want to build your stash, the new Ultimate option sounds great. For now, I’m happy receiving the classic ipsy bag and the Glam Plus. I’m not bothered by the $2.00 price increase towards the classic bag, either. As long as the sample sizes are generous. Also, I’m glad to see Glam Plus will once again be receiving makeup bags. Lots to look forward to.

  39. Well I’m going to get plenty of products come October 😂 , but I had to add Ultimate to try!

  40. I’m probably in the minority, but there’s no way I can use 8 full size products + 4 deluxe size products in one month. I also don’t wear makeup, so that eliminates most products for me. Are they going to include eye shadow palettes, mascara and blush every month? No thank you. I am happy with my 5 samples every month, and I typically add on 2-3 more samples per month. That’s more than enough for me. Ipsy has my profile mastered after several years of reviewing and tweaking — I get more skincare than makeup now. I do see the value in spending $50 for 12 products, but I feel most of mine would go to waste, thereby taking away most of the added value. I don’t swap because of all the shipping costs. So I’m not getting GBP or Ultimate — I will stick with my 5 little samples and stay content. I’d rather spend the extra money on my baby boy.

    • I don’t think you’re in the minority; I feel the same way. I have so much stuff to use I’ve canceled everything but Ipsy GBP and honestly I should cancel that one, too. I do still want one piece of happy mail every month, though.

      I also have a 13 year-old daughter she’s already very into mom’s stash. She gets my overflow of eyeshadow palettes to play with at home, so I’ll probably keep my GBP just for her.

      I never in my life thought I’d have so much makeup and skincare products. Lol.

      I always thought it would be FFF that would outlast every other subscription box, but they are tanking at an unbelievable rate. So far Ipsy has been good to me, so I’m sticking around and hoping they don’t go the way of FFF by expanding too quickly.

      • I have Ipsy, Ipsy plus, Boxy and Allure and my daughter gets so much. Every time I go to cancel one, I just see the excitement she gets from the subs. I also take what I know her and I won’t actually use and stick in in my birthday/Christmas bin for the 80,000 makeup loving girls in my family. Am I saving money or at least breaking even? No. But it makes me and my loved ones happy so it stays. That being said, there is no room in my budget, life or bin for Ultimate. Maybe if it turns out to be amazing I’ll cancel a couple others and get it but for sure not now

        • I Know!!! These huge corperations know how to “play us” like cheap violins!!!! Everyone wants what the others members have. This literally is a type of addiction. I love my little regular Ipsy glam bag. The price increase was inevitable, and to me, acceptable. My three subs will need to go down to one. Boxycharm, Allure, or Ipsy? I’m thinking Ipsy. Hmmmmm

          • I am in the same situation! Huh! What to do? What to do? 😂

          • I totally agree that it’s an addiction — FOMO is real, and it causes people to spend spend spend without thinking of the consequences down the road. There’s only so much product you can use, and these things have expiration dates! It’s a huge temptation to “keep up with the joneses,” but I have other long-term goals I’m saving for and don’t want to waste it on a bunch of beauty products I don’t NEED. I’m a single mom of a one-year old boy. Do I WANT to get 12 packages every month in the mail for me filled with goodies?! Of course!!! Do I NEED to — NO! I was in a very bad financial situation several years ago, and my credit went from 810 to less than 500. Now I’m in subsidized housing trying to dig myself out of the hole I got myself into. The point being, I made bad choices without thinking of the long-term consequences. Now I’m paying for my mistakes, and the repairs don’t happen overnight! I’m on the road to recovery, but now one little regular ipsy package per month makes me more than happy!!!!

  41. I signed up for the Ultimate, but having both it and GBP will result in so much overload, plus who needs so many makeup bags? I guess I will have to drop one of them, but Ipsy knows we have serious FOMO issues.

    • I cancelled GBP and enrolled in the GBU. I am keeping my regular GB for now and have it paused.

      This could run into serious money!

      • I agree that this could run into some serious money, that i unfortunately do not have to spend on all of the Glam bag changes plus the add ons. I think that once this starts in October and people are seeing how much money they are spending, between all of the Glambags and add ons, people will be changing there minds about getting more than one full size product Glam bag.

  42. I just subbed to the Ultimate. It’s 50.00, but I am really enjoying my glam plus even more than Boxy. I might have to get rid of Boxy😢.
    I like the fact that I can pick one full size item. I like the fact that we will get 3 deluxe sized items( usually the delux items last a while.)
    Now, hopefully I will be able to be able to pick my item before they run out.

    • Same here, may have to get rid of Boxy as well

      • I really want the ultimate but that $50 price tag is steep. Worth it I’m sure, but steep. I already do boxyluxe which I love and this world force me to choose. I think they knew that though lol.

        • You could always wait it out and see what the reviews are like for the first few months. If you think about it, Plus is $25 and you get 5 full-sized items, but Ultimate is $50, yet you’re only getting three more full-sized items, in addition to the 4 deluxe size, so while you’re being exposed to more and maybe new brands and products, the value is probably less and you’re not getting as much of a potential product you may love in the Deluxe sizes. That’s why I am choosing to wait at least; to see how this actually plays out and what the curations look like.

          • This is exactly my view. People act like it’s going to be mind blowing and soooo different but it will be exactly the same. Like a GB and GBP mixed into one but more expensive. I love both but these people who weren’t satisfied but signed back up for this are fooling themselves. I plan to wait, watch and let them work out the links before I give them my money. Just like I did with GBP

    • Thinking of canceling my Boxy, too… the upcoming Boxyluxe is disappointing….

      • Yeah I’m waiting to see what happens with Boxyluxe and all the variations

  43. Dang. I’ve been a loyal Birchbox subscriber since 2014 but after seeing this and the spoilers for Ipsy next month… I think I’m finally taking the plunge and switching to Ipsy! Sorry Birchbox… it’s almost like parting with an old friend, haha.

    • I did the same thing about a year and a half ago. I get more, better, and bigger products with my regular Ipsy than Birchbox, and I signed up for Glambox Plus as soon as it became available and have absolutely loved it. No regrets, even though I’d been with Birchbox since late 2011.

  44. I had to sign up for this! So excited to see what it is about! Then I will decide whether I’m gonna keep it or not after the first box….

    • Same here. Didn’t want to miss out and regret it, but can’t wait to compare the 3 because I’ll definitely need to drop at least one.

  45. I upgraded and left my acct as is, for now. I can’t afford all 3 types, so I’ll end up cancelling my Plus box & probably the regular bag, before the end of Sept. (Or at least putting them on pause) I’m happy about the bags being included, in all 3 memberships!

    They have not raised the $10 bag price in many years – if ever? $2 more is not a big deal!

  46. LOL! The site is being SLAMMED. I’ll try to log on in a while.

    • I added the premium. I’m not doing the annual for the regular bag because I like the option of skipping a month or 2. Let’s see how it goes.

  47. I’m pretty excited. I don’t think I’ll keep all three though. Will take them all for a month or two to see which one has to go. $100/month on makeup is a lot for my budget.

    • EXACTLY. I know I will keep one (maybe 2!) but definitely not all 3. Too much!

  48. I had to sign up for Ipsy Ultimate out of pure FOMO. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s any overlap with regular Ipsy or IGBP. I’ll give it 2 or 3 months to see if it feels worth keeping.

    • Same! (even though I canceled my GBP because I was unhappy, lol)

      I’m hoping the Ultimate will solve the biggest problem I had with the GBP in terms of the “zombie” products that kept reappearing months after they first debuted in the sub. I’m hoping that the 8 full-size products will pretty much be the new items that GBP has each month, & that the variants will be more “red lipstick or neutral lipstick”.

      Worst case scenario, the Ultimate has full-size products that were previously sent out in the regular glam bags (nail polish, lip balm, etc), & the Glam bags become exclusively sample sizes.

      It’s worth the $50 gamble to me to see what it’s like.

    • Me too! I hope it’s worth it, I couldn’t pass up the option though. I subscribed to that and kept my regular glam bag. I spend about $70 on subs monthly right now as it is and Ipsy is my favorite so after I see if it’s worth it I’ll prob end up cancelling all my other subs.

  49. Can’t wait! Good bye Play!, Kinder & allure!

  50. I like the changes. There’s no way I could use as much product as their new Glam Bag Ultimate subscription, so I’ll stick with Plus. Glad that I’ll get to choose an item each month, too!

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