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Ipsy Mystery Bag – Available Now!

Ipsy has added a new mystery bag to their Shopper section!  (Thanks for the heads up, Luna!)

The Box: IPSY 5-Item Necessary Neutrals Mystery Bag 

The Cost: $12

The Products:

Fall back into the swing of things with a mystery mix of skincare and neutral colors. Your limited edition bag will be filled with 5 totally suprise products that can be used separately or together to create a subtle sparkle or natural glam day or night.

Want a hint? Your mystery bag may contain products from these ipster-favorite brands:




• & more …

Are you going to grab a mystery bag? 

FYI – you must be a current or previous ipsy subscriber to buy through Ipsy Shopper. If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!


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Comments (76)

  1. Hot diggety dog! Finally, an Ipsy screw-up that went in my favor!

    I received the mystery bag with the Sugar blush variant today… and another identical bag with the exact same items!

  2. This is why we all get these sample bags! Surprises!
    Mine was

    • Tarte base tape hydrating primer
    • Goldfaden MD vital boost daily moisturizer
    • Meech and Mia eyeshadow in “Taupe”
    • Pixi endless silky eye pen in “RoseGlow”
    • Sugar mini blush in “Peach Pink”

    I would never have bought the Pixi eye pen, but I tried it and I loved it!!! The Meech and Mia was the matte taupe I have been hoping for forever. I love anything Goldfaden and Tarte. I will give away the blush, but it was an amazing haul and the bag is super cute. Win!!

  3. Got mine in today and I love the bag!

    I got:

    • Tokyomilk Blush oil stick (full size I think)
    • Goldfaden MD vital boost daily moisturizer
    • Meech and Mia eyeshadow in “Taupe”
    • Pixi Glossy lip plumper in “Sheer Rose”
    • IBY Beauty mini highlighter in “24K Magic”

    • I got the same! LOVE IT! And the bag?! LOVE!

    • I got the same and love it too!

    • Finally got mines today with the same products. I’m happy with it. The items are good for my work drawer.

      • I got mine in today and I absolutely love the bag. Here is what I got

        Goldfaden MD moisturizer
        Tokyomilk blush oil stick
        Pixi by Petra sheer rose glossy lip plumper
        Meech and mia presses eyeshadow I think in taupe
        IBY Beauty highlighter in 24k magic

    • I got the exact same bag. Meh, it’s ok. The IBY made my skin itch and burn so that was a bummer since the color was so pretty.

  4. I got mine today and love the pearlescent pink bag! It is beautiful and seems sturdy. Really nice. I know it’s funny, but half of what I love about ipsy is the bag. I would not have gotten a neutral set otherwise. Here’s what I got: BELLÁPIERRE COSMETICS Translucent HD Finishing Powder, TARTE Double Duty Beauty™ Base Tape Hydrating Primer, LAURA SANCHEZ Moods Eyeshadow in Nude Bodysuit?, PIXI BY PETRA LipLift Max in Sheer Rose (pretty, very sheer mlbb minty gloss), IBY BEAUTY Radiant Glow Highlighter in 24k Magic

    I am wearing the Sheer Rose Pixi gloss now, and it is a very very sheer, almost mlbb (but so sheer!), minty gloss that tingles. The layer of sheer color really looks nice for a simple look and would look great over liner or lipstick. I won’t use the MOODS beige eyeshadow or the IBY gold highlighter. I have a similar color from IBY and it’s decent but not my favorite. So I will give those 2 away. I’m curious about the powder and primer and will give them a try.

  5. Got mine yesterday and while I love the dusty rose bag, I already had one of each product. Tarte base tape, pixi lip plumper gloss, IBY hilighter, LS moods eye shadow and bellapierre finishing powder. Kinda bummed because I expected all makeup in neutral colors not translucent powder and primer. My bad for assuming I guess.

    • I’m actually pretty disappointed. I got the variation with the pixi eyeliner, meech/mia taupe eyeshadow, Sugar blush, base tape, and Goldfaden moisturizer. I expected…. ya know, a full face of neutral makeup. 🙄 This is following my disappointing skincare bag too. I love both actual BAGS tho, so what can you do? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Just got mine today:
    Tarte base tape hydrating primer
    Pixie lip plumper in sheer rose
    IBY Beauty radiant glow highlighter
    bellapierre HD finishing powder
    Laura Sanchez nudes eyeshadow in nude bodysuit

  7. Someone put up an unbagging on YouTube but it’s ASMR style (ugh). Looks like she got an IBY highlighter, Meech & Mia taupe eyeshadow, pixi by Petra glossy lip plumper in sheer rose, Tokyomilk blush stick, and Goldfaden MD moisturizer. If you can stand whispering (I can’t), go check it out. It is certainly a very neutral bag

    • Thanks!

    • Thank you Melissa for the info! I watched that video and nothing annoyed me this much before 😳 Terrible this so called style. The products are ok nothing special, I have most of them. But the bag is cute.

      • Oh my gosh, yes. I kept it muted until she pulled out a new product. Painful. At least we know there are variations, as there weren’t any Tarte products in her bag.

    • Whoa, TokyoMilk stick! Nice!

      Here’s a variant posted by ColdStoneSweet on reddit:

      • Tarte base tape hydrating primer
      • Goldfaden MD vital boost daily moisturizer
      • Meech and Mia eyeshadow in “Taupe”
      • Pixi endless silky eye pen in “RoseGlow”
      • Sugar mini blush in “Peach Pink”

      • I just got mine today and got the everything!!

      • Great! My shipping just said my package moved. Hopefully I get it soon.

      • I got this version 😁 perfect mix of skincare and makeup! Cute bag!! Tarte and Goldfadden MD are great products!

      • I got this version today and I love it! Especially the eyeliner & the shadow. I just wish I got a neutral lip product instead of the Tarte primer but it’s still a great bag!

    • Omg I can’t do asmr I’d have a nervous break down I have medical condition I can’t have the whispering or repetitive noises or sounds so thanks for the info I really wanted that bag sounds like it sucked lolol

    • I’m so bummed this sold out SO quickly! I check this site multiple times a day, as well as the ipsy app, and I still missed out. I love almost all of these products and 2 of them I buy on a consistent basis. I wish they would limit it to one bag per person or something, it wasn’t even available for one full day!

      • That’s probably because they allowed “6 per order” for a limited edition product. So stupid of them.

  8. Or was it dilliards ? Lol I’m out of the loop

  9. Can someone please tell me why I keep missing these exclusive deals ? Does MSA send out emails ? B/c Ipsy doesn’t ?

    How do you guys find out about these ? Do you get emails ? Or just check some website ?

    I hate missing them but not for sure how to know when their released

    Thank you 😁

    • MSA posts about them. I think a lot of us see them because we can’t help ourselves but check MSA multiple times per day EVERY day! Lol!!!

      • Ok lol thanks 😂 I’ll try but get so busy at work :/ hate missing out on great deals ! Luna when is the nodstrom box the one you were talking about awhile ago? I think they team up with dermastore or something? You always know the best deals lol, wish you had a blog then I really wouldn’t have to worry checking on here 👍

      • Guess my comment Didn’t post Luna thanks for that answer , also I know a while back you mentioned a dilliards and I think dermastore collaboration box comes out like twice a year , do you know when next one will be released ?

        You mine as well start your own blog , you know it al chica 😂👍

    • I check the Ipsy Shopper page every day for the flash sales and this wasn’t a daily offer but if you scroll down it shows mystery bags. These are usually just the old monthly bags but twice I’ve seen a limited-edition bag there. I’m fairly new to sub boxes — just a few months in — but I’m beginning to understand the use of the term “addiction.”

    • You can see the on the ipsy site under shopper. I saw it there, but usually I see things here first. 🙂

    • I got an email from ipsy and I check the app every morning.

  10. Has anyone received the bag? Mine hasn’t moved since the 6th.

    • I got my shipping confirmation on the 6th and I checked tracking today and it just left Kentucky today. Ridiculous

    • Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow!

      • That’s great! I’ll keep checking on mines. Thanks!

  11. I accidentally ordered two. I’m hoping there are ten different products.

    • Hello Lisa,

      If you ordered two by mistake and you are willing to part with one, I would gladly take it for the price you payed plus shipping and handling?

  12. I already got my shipping notification last night. That was quick. All in the same day as purchased!

  13. Darn! I really wanted this one. I got the May mystery and loved it so I tried the June mystery, shoulda known better though. I didn’t like anything that I got… But that’s mystery for you so I can’t complain. It did only have 1 Tetris single eyeshadow in it so maybe this neutral one won’t be Tetris heavy. Wish I had ordered it when I first saw it, that was a fast sell out!

  14. Wow! That sold out quick!! If anyone was able to order it, please let us know what you got? 😊

    • I’m so bummed I missed this, I can’t believe it sold out in less than a day! 😞 I love the bag! And the neutral theme 😭

  15. Looks Like its sold out now.

  16. Sold out already 🙁 Will they restock?

  17. Dang! Already sold out:(

  18. That bag is so cute I might have to order one.

  19. Bought one, then realized it’s probably Tetris lip and eye single products. Oh, heck!

  20. I grabbed one… I looooove makeup bags and I like when they offer the mystery sets with bags I don’t already have.

  21. Caved! Bag is cute and neutral look is my everyday go-to.

  22. I had to purchase this 🙂

  23. I picked one up. I like the bag design, what can I say? I think it’s funny how they say it’s free shipping but the bags are $2.00 more than the monthly bags. Do they think we can’t add?

    I wonder how they end up with surplus items, since they rotate products in the bags… I don’t see it happening a lot currently, but in the past, I’d get the same product, maybe in a different shade, in 2-3 bags per year.

    Eyeko mascara/ black liquid eyeliner ( Stila as well as Eyeko) are the worst offenders for repeats. Wander gold eye masks are right behind…

    • I don’t think $2 is the shipping though. They also sell past months’ bags for $12 with free shipping, and it’s very common that if you want to buy a subscription item outside of the subscription, you will pay more than the subscriber price.

      • I disagree. Many ” older” boxes from other sub. boxes are LESS expensive when past their month of issue.
        There’s usually a REASON the older contents didn’t sell out. People didn’t buy them, LOL.

        Oh, just realized. This likely has the Tetris products from mystery company which were made in China. I know many people who skipped the Tetris month’s GB.

        I still think it’s a shipping charge. Those mylar envelopes with the weight of the product are probably around $2.00 to ship out.

      • Hmmm. I’ve never seen old boxes cheaper, always more expensive, sometimes up to 10% like Happy Rebel and Sunday Riley or 20% more expensive like GlobeIn. I’d love to know some boxes that are cheaper so I can check them out!

      • Glossy box does I believe. They just had 2 boxes for $20 deal.

      • I don’t think these are filled with stock they couldn’t sell… as most of us know, people received damaged Huda highlight palettes and were told they were OOS only to see them pop up in the Summer Haul. I think they keep stock specifically to use in these mystery bags and whatnot. And yes, they have been more expensive, they’ve had the monthly mystery bags out for a while for the same price.

  24. Ok I bought this. I got the skin care mystery bag. The skin care bag itself was a cute pinkish coral color and products themselves were ok. Only one brand I knew which was belif. But this bag here I like the actual bag, and I like neutral color makeup so why not, it’s cheap enough. I like fun mystery stuff. Can’t wait to see what I get.

  25. Noooo, not more Ofra! I still have 2 of the giant highlighters from past bags that I can’t offload in swaps. I even sent one to someone as an extra in a swap, & I swear the next one turned up like clockwork in my glam bag that month.

    I’m excited about the potential Smashbox foundation.

    • What. How did this comment get in this post & not the other Ipsy one? 😂

      Just gonna failboat my way out of this thread…

  26. Altho I wasn’t wowed by the skincare mystery bag, and I certainly don’t need any products, I bought one bc the price is worth the fun of getting a surprise to me.

  27. I’m not going to spend any more money with Ipsy because of the problems I’ve had the last few months with getting my box. Cancelled point purchases, repeat products twice in 3 months, not replacing a broken item because it’s “out of stock” then seeing it offered that same week as a shopper bundle.
    I still love my GBP but I’ve been pausing the regular bag. I have a whole drawer of bags taking up space.
    I’m crossing my fingers this month will get here soon & not have broken items.

  28. Love this colored bag. I’ll wait to see spoilers from other first!

  29. I caved and ordered it. I love the bag and I’m a neutrals girl so figured I can’t go wrong with whatever they send. Excited to see what I get!

  30. I don’t NEED another ipsy bag, but I really like this one… The products will be hit-or-miss… But I really like the bag… OK, cut out two fast-food lunches this month. Done.

  31. I like the bag. I wished they had sent out this color for August instead instead of the green bag.

    • Agree. At first I thought this months bag was black then realized it’s green. Not a fan.

    • I knew the bag looked green! The description definitely said black before! They’ve been messing up a lot of their descriptions lately!

  32. Anyone purchased any of their past mystery bags? What’s in them?

    • I purchased the last mystery skincare bag they offered, and I did not receive one brand I recognized.

    • The last mystery bag was skincare and there were two face masks, a face wash and a few other things. It’s usually things they have given out already.

    • I got the skincare bag and had great brands and products. Not everyone received the same thing. Jessica reviewed it (posted within the past 24 hours), and she and I only had one item in common.

      Of course it’s about getting rid of leftovers – that is always what a mystery bag is about. For me, it was a positive experience, and I just ordered this one. I really like the bag. If I didn’t like the bag, I wouldn’t have ordered.

      • I got the last mystery bag and was okay with the products. I did skip August bag so I’ll get this one. Hopefully I get a nail polish. Looks like the picture has some liquids so liquid lipstick and nail polish 🙂

    • This one they say is neutral color themed, probably some eyeshadows and lipsticks and nude nail polishes.

    • I got a May Ipsy mystery bag mostly because I loved the bag but I ended up loving the products more than the ones in my normal monthly bag. I can’t really remember specifics but I know I got at least 2 full size items including a nail polish. I’ve been with Ipsy for years and didn’t get a single item I’d ever received before, although I’m sure that was just luck. I love surprises when it’s only a $10-30 gamble. I’m thinking of ordering a June mystery bag since I wouldn’t mind another Tetris bag.

    • My stuff came from another she got a bag didn’t like what she got so I guess traded it was like a swap cause I got a thank you

    • I’ve gotten 4 mystery bags and all of mine were skin care heavy: cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, masks and sheet masks, face oil etc. I got (2 )March, May and June. The June one did have a tetris shadow. My profile is makeup heavy, but I liked some of the skin care.

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