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Ipsy Glam Bag Ultimate Subscription – Available Now!

IPSY has launched a new subscription – IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate! Here are the details:

  • Each bag will include 8 full-sized & 4 deluxe samples, personalized for you.
  • The cost is $50/month.
  • You can sign up for Glam Bag Ultimate as of today (8/20); the first bags will be billed at the end of September and ship in October.
  • You’ll get to choose one of your full-size products with the new choice feature!

Click here to sign up for Glam Bag Ultimate!

And here are some answers from IPSY about this new subscription:

Do I have to be a Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus subscriber to sign up for IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate? No, you don’t.

Can I subscribe to all three IPSY subscriptions? YES

If I do, will I get duplicate products? We strive to send you a wide variety of products, so even though we may feature the same product(s) across our multiple membership offerings, we try to never send you the same item twice.

Does IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate ship to Canada? No, IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate is available in the US only

What do you think of IPSY Glam Bag Ultimate? Are you going to subscribe?


How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (162)

  1. I jumped on it! I already have the 2 and after September I’ll be paying $37 for the regular & plus so it’s only $13 more for an additional 3 full size items & 1 less sample. Kind of a no brainer to me. One full size alone is usually retail priced higher than the $13!😂 I did keep all 3… For now! I feel like I might just rotate pausing if I get product overload or decide to cancel the others altogether 🤔 With them jumping from 45 Add Ons last month to 100 now, I’m going to try the wait and see approach I guess, lol.

    • I did the same thing! Since we can pause or skip months on any of the bags I figure I can rotate them and I’d I can’t afford the ultimate one month I can skip it, or skip the other 2 and get just that one. I love having the option with ipsy to skip which we don’t get with boxy. Also getting to choose one item makes it totally worth it to know ull get at least one product you’ll love.

    • I thought the same thing, it’s only $13 more for 3 full sizes and one less sample. To me it was a no brainer.
      I dropped the other two bags.
      It’s not like we can’t switch around or skip a month.
      I’m excited to see what the first month brings!

    • That was kindly my logic exactly! I was going to cancel the other 2 but then changed my mind. I have FOMO so I know that if I cancel one that one will be great that month!

      • I’m the same couldn’t cancel any for fomo! 😆

  2. I think this is too much money 50 bucks a month . I would like to see what you get and if thats worth it or not ! No body is rich unless you are and dont care to spend your money on that kind of stuff for that price.

    • I think a lot of us probably already spend more than $50/mo on subscription boxes anyway. I probably spend twice that most months. I like the idea of getting rid of some of my other subs and just going with the Ultimate Bag. It’s less to keep up with. Now, whether I actually get rid of my other subs or not remains to be seen, lol.

    • I agree that $50 is a lot, especially since IPSY does not seem to follow the profiles that we put out there. Lots of previous posts about promises made to not send specific products and then customers getting them anyway. I am with you to watch and see for a few months. $25 extra when I am already on product overload seems to be pushing the limits at a couple of different levels.

    • When you remember that one product alone in most of the Glam Bag Plus boxes retails for nearly $50, assuming the GBU will be the same, this really isn’t expensive at all. $50 for a box with a retail value of over $200 is honestly a steal.

  3. I kind of already have this subscription – my GBP + my three add ons every month. And I like this better because i can customize my 3 add ons. I’m often more excited about my add ons! So I’m happy with what i have!!!

    • I was actually coming to say something very similar. I’m happy staying with my glam bag and glam plus because this way I can customize products I really want and not break the bank. And having two bags allows adding on a duplicate you might not be able to access otherwise.

  4. I adore Ipsy and I immediately upgraded to the ultimate box. My only gripe is I emailed customer service asking when I needed to cancel my Plus box and regular bag so I am not billed for all 3 in October, and I made it VERY CLEAR I definitely want to receive the September bags, but do not want to be billed for all of them. They emailed back and told me thanks, we have cancelled your GB and GBP and you will receive the Ultimate box in October. I was like what in the world? did you guys even read my email saying I DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL FOR SEPTEMBER?? this is my first bad experience with Ipsy and I have been subscribing to GBP since October 2018, the very first bag.

    • I absolutely love Ipsy but they do the same thing to me in my emails they only skim through them or read a couple words or a couple sentences and I’m like WTH lol they didn’t even read

      • I noticed they barely skim our emails and give a lame response. What I have found is that when you get the email asking you to rate the service….they respond to that one! Its sucks to have to keep trying but both times I gave a 1 on the service quality, I got a quick and actually read response.
        I buy the regular ipsy and GBP for a niece and she gets all of those …you get to select an item emails.
        Meanwhile I have subscribed for years and have a lot of people subscribe off my referrals and I never get those emails. Chaps mh arse

  5. So, no. I don’t have money to waste and there’s no way I could use that many products each month. That being said, I now have a subscription to all three Ipsy boxes/bags. 😂 I figured I will go for broke for one month and then see which one(s) I will drop. If the GBU is amazing, I’ll keep that one and drop the others. But if it’s filled with things I don’t use (i.e. blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeliner) I’ll keep my GBP and my GB. I absolutely love the ability to pick one item and that alone would be enough for me to hold onto GBP and GB (which is what I have regularly, but do a lot of skipping). I’m also curious to see what kind of bag the Ultimate will be.

  6. I never even signed up for Plus too expensive and I usually only get one add on sometimes none so only thing I am excited about are getting to pick one of my items every month. The only time I get a lotion or eyeshadow shade I like is when I pick it myself.

  7. $50 is a lot of money. You guys must have money to waste, primarily those who are keeping all three. Too much for me, but good for you.

    • I look at it as a way for me to try new things and build a stash. I can actually use palettes for the safe amount of time (3months-1year) and toss and then start with a new palette

    • Some people do have the money, and it’s not wasteful to us if we enjoy getting it. Some people donate stuff to shelters, and some people gift stuff out for bdays/holidays and end up actually saving money by doing that.

      • Yep. I just filled a $3 “Bride” bag (Target) with various make-up, skin & hair care products for an extra happy gift for my daughter at her bridal shower.
        I also cohostess a yearly get together with family/friends where we all bring our extra unused unwanted items from sub boxes & samples/bonus gifts from Sephora. Using all those extra IPSY bags, we make beauty bags & donate them to a DV shelter. They are always a huge hit & very much appreciated.
        *And I’m STILL putting money in retirement.
        **And I think donating to dv victims is a pretty important thing to do with my money.

    • Agree. I would put that money toward retirement!

    • I agree. So many more important things to do with money.

  8. I may be one of the few who didn’t cave. $50 is a lot. At least when I add on products each month, I know I get to choose. I’ll keep my GBP. 12 products is way too much for me each month and would probably last me for 2 months (skin care) to 2 years (makeup).

    • I didn’t either. I have much better things to do with 50.00 a month than throw it away for yet another box of makeup. I must be a rare person who is actually happy with my 10.00 Ipsy bag and doesn’t need more more more. Sigh.

      • I’m with you!

      • That’s fine if you don’t want more than the regular Ipsy bag. But acting as if you’re somehow above it all simply because some of us do want “more more more” is extremely silly and pompous. Let people have things. It literally does not harm you in any way.

    • I do a full face of make up every day, and I still don’t use up my regular ipsy bag. I wear lotion, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlight, mascara, eyeshadow and sometimes eye and lipliner and bronzer. I get my foundation and a couple lipsticks from the store, and everything else comes from ipsy. I don’t even need to buy powder, blush, etc, but now I’m on overload on even those. I’m only keeping regular ipsy because I wouldn’t possibly use even what I get from that every month. I give away close to half of what I get, and I still have to purge often. I have a handful of mascara samples, which is great if I like them, because I use them up before they expire. The samples are sometimes a little dried out; so they don’t last long, and I like trying new things. So l love ipsy, but even the regular bag is a splurge for me not because it’s too expensive but because it is more than I need-and I love it!

  9. I added Ultimate to my other two bags just to test because all three will be way too many products for me and there’s no one I would gift them to. If Ultimate is as good, I’d rather keep that although now that we get to choose one product for each bag and then I do love addons which is now 5 per bag… I’d probably save the most money by doing Ultimate and limiting myself to those 5 addons. Plus with 8 full size products I’d be less likely to spend $12 on full sized addons… yes I’m way too excited have been thinking about this all day running numbers and playing Tetris seeing how many eye shadow palletes can fit in my bathroom drawers lol

  10. I caved too. I went to ipsy site 6 times today. Each time I said, nooo I don’t need this, and left.

    But on the seventh time, I signed up!

    Like I need more. But I really didn’t want to look at the unboxings and wish I had signed up.

    Where am I going to put all of this stuff? I’ll be on an episode of hoarders next!

    • hahaha that is EXACTLY what I did. Kept saying no, no I dont need this, but then I signed up bc I knew if I saw the spoilers and reviews I would be sooo bummed I didnt sign up. I’m calling it self care and mental health care lol. the FOMO is real!

      • I went back and forth as well, but caved. I was not entirely happy with my IPSY Plus and some of their curations, so hope that the Ultimate is better. Regardless, I just could not resist.

    • Ha ha! I agree, I can resist now until I see the unboxings then I will wish I had it!! I think they have been picking pretty good products lately.

    • Hoarders: Makeup Edition :o)

      • Hoarding is actually a really serious mental health problem not something to joke about.

      • Agree. Folks joke, but it’s serious. I don’t like to see people joke about others’ issues.

  11. I signed up. This may be the push i need to cancel boxy. Ipsy GBP has continually been great for me. Boxy hasn’t. But, you know.. FOMO lol.

    I’m curious to know if the Ultimate includes the glam bag plus items you already would get for the month you buy and then adds some more full sized items w/ bag and sample sizes. I love the fact you can customize 1 item (for 50$ i wish it was 2 items) and loving the fact you can get 5 add ons (hoping it’s still 5 per bag like the reg Ipsy bag and GBP monthly). Though, adding add ons to a 50$ bag will be pricy for sure.

    But, i already normally add 2-3 full sized items to my current GBP which means i already normally spend over $50 just for GBP monthly.

    • I am canceling Boxy after Sept as well. I upgraded to the Ultimate Ipsy. I feel that Ipsy has been on a roll & Boxy had been just okay.

    • It is 5 add ons per bag.

  12. I got the email this morning and came so close to signing up. But I think I’ll wait and watch for a bit before committing. I already get regular Ipsy, GBP, Boxy and Allure so that’s $83 a month. Do I reeeaaally need to make it $133? Nah. If it looks like it’s good though, I may cancel Boxy and regular ipsy bag to sign up.
    Also, soooo stoked about the fact that THEY REALLY ARE OFFERING CHOICES NOW. I honestly thought it would never happen. That, along with the return of GBP makeup bags and more add-ons. It was a good day

  13. This is the last thing I need, so I was first in line. Lol! I used the “new math” to justify it. I swear this is how I’m gonna go out. Some guy in a van is going to lure me in with subscription boxes.

    • This made me laugh! The struggle is real! It’s so addicting haha

    • This is SO funny!!!

    • Bwahaha

      • I dont plan on signing up for ultimate ipsy until I see a few unboxings… if it is any good i would sign up and pick and choose which months I plan on purchasing and let go of my boxyluxe subscription. I plan on keeping my boxycharm box. Yet I’m still eyeing the hank h henry… so many good boxes and deals coming out this year… between boxy,ipsy glam bag, GBP, Lipmonthly,love with food and allure … I’m good.

      • Toni Marie you just know that FIRST BOX is going to be incredible! Go for it! I wasn’t going to do it either- I get regular Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus and I didn’t cancel either….that first box is going to get everyone crazed and wished they went for it!

      • I shouldn’t come here and read these messages! LOL This comment was enough to make my FOMO go nuts and I signed up, despite my resolution to spend less and cut some of my subscriptions down. Ummmm thank you Valerie?? 😛 😉 JK!

      • I agree and that’s why I did it even though at the moment I have 6 moisturizers and I think 7 eye shadow palettes lol. The first box will be the wow box because they have to prove that it’s worth it so people sign up. Addons are my favorite part of ipsy so I plan to intermittently pause between all the bags, depending on what I need and what the spoilers are. I’m hoping for more body and sunscreen products because there’s only so much makeup I can wear!


      Funniest post I’ve ever read about subscriptions.

    •…first post on here but she is right …we all would be in the van with you looking over our

    • “Some guy in a van is going to lure me in with subscription boxes.” TRUTH!!!

    • And if that guy tries to take away our subscription boxes he’ll be the sorry one lol.

  14. Now we need SPOILERS!!!

  15. I was charged for a regular glam bag and a glam bag plus when I confirmed adding ultimate for October. Reached out to IpsyCare and they misunderstood, thinking I wanted to cancel my whole subscription. Still waiting on their response to my reply 🙁

    • I just checked my cc and I was charged $10 when I added the premium bag.

  16. Yay.. another thing Ipsy is excluding Canadians from..

    • Agreed. If Boxyluxe can ship to us then there’s no reason Ipsy can’t.

  17. just ipsy ultimate worth boxyluxe better…please let me know..

    • I’m getting both and cancelling Allure and Glam Bag plus and Glam bag!!!

    • No one knows if it’s worth it yet. They just announced it as a thing.

  18. I’m so glad Ipsy got my email request for a special surprise for my big 4-0 coming in October. Hahaha! Probably just a coincidence, but I did upgrade and will switch back to GBP if I don’t see good value. I usually spend at least $24 on add-ons, so if I can stay away from those, I’ll get more stuff for almost the same price.

    • Happy Birthday Christie!

  19. I’m wondering if this is ipsy’s way of just combining both boxes and only having to ship one package 🧐

    • But you can subscribe to all three.

  20. I dont know if its because I am a new GBP member, getting my first box in September, but when I log in to the Ipsy site, there are no options to sub to the ultimate. I can go to the faq, click the sign up “here” link and am just rerouted back to the main page.

    I tried the sign up link in this article and it took me to a checkout page that was trying to charge me $120 and I assume thats a yearly sub to regular GB?

    I finally logged out of my account and THEN saw an option for GBU, used a different email and made a new account and got an email saying I’m good for October. Insane process! I didn’t want to wait and miss out on the first month and be put on a waiting list or something. Hope you guys had better luck than me!

  21. I upgraded to IGBU. I want foundation as a choice every month to pick. 😁

  22. Me too! 😂 I love the glambag plus. I can’t wait for this and overloading my home with products.

    • I love it 😀 Keep keeping it real girl 😉 😀

  23. Well well well Ipsy…checkmate!

    Looks like Ipsy is set to dominant the subscription business with their latest offering. Why get another box when you can get so much in one box. The fact that you get to choose one product is a huge bonus for me. Plus 5 additional items is a huge win also because I get to buy exactly what I want.

    I’m going to just stick with IGBP but I’ll be excited to see how this new option works. I mean does it offer products that aren’t available in the other boxes? Does Ultimate get to choose first before everyone else? Personally I wish this option would be quarterly as I can’t image the overload of product.

    • Agreed! I think as a quarterly option this would be great, but it’s a lot to get every month.

  24. I subscribed as soon as I got the email this morning. I live at home and what started as me giving my mom items from my glam bag and gbp that I didn’t want turned into her claiming some of my stuff off the bat and us basically sharing the products equally. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I wasn’t getting much out of it, so I’m happy to spend the extra $12 (with the price increase) to cancel my glam bag and gbp and get the extra product out of the ultimate.

    • Odd–I didn’t receive any email announcing this and I subscribe to both GB and GBP.

      • I also didn’t receive any email and also subscribed to GB & GBP.
        My profile was tailored toward skincare, maybe this GB Ultimate has more make ups so I didn’t get any email?
        Not sure….sometimes their emails could be very random

      • Nope… my prefernces are all skin care on both my regular bag and plus profiles and I got an email for each acct. I had signed up for Plus from the very first month and back then you couldn’t get both so I had to sign up for regular with a second email acct. Both my acts received emails with the Ultimate offer.

      • I didn’t get an email yesterday explaining all of this (but I saw it here) and I never got an email confirming that I upgraded to Ultimate. However, I got both emails in the middle of the night last night. So maybe they were held up or “clogged” in the system somehow.

  25. If we switch over from Ipsy plus do we still get Ipsy plus in September then it upgrades to ultimate in October? Or by switching do I miss ipsy plus for September?

    • I was nervous about this part, so I just did the upgrade, leaving everything else alone until after my Sept bag/box ships. I also put a reminder in my phone to cancel or skip before the end of September.

    • We will still get the GBP for September according to when I signed up.

  26. Feeding my make up addiction for sure. I am excited to see what we get…. I hope the come hard with the first box!!!!! It’s like combining the Glam bag and Plus together! I hardly ever disappointed with my Ipsy but lets see if it’s worth the upgrade!

  27. I signed up, when I finally could get on the site — major crashing this morning! I switched to the Ultimate, but I may re-add the GB and Plus for at least a month because the FB video shows matching bags in three sizes, and if the first bag is that cute one in the video, it would be nice to have a matching set for travel.

    • PaulaC, you had to point out three matching bags! 🙈

      • Betty boo bags small med large

      • I’m ultra excited !

  28. I will get 1 month of this and then there’s no way I need more. SMH 12 products plus add-ons. It feels gluttonous and sooo good at the time.

    I wish I had some self control lol

    • I’m planning to pause for 2-3months after I receive the October. This is so bad for my “beauty budget” I caved in to GB Ultimate out of curiosity and FOMO! lol

    • Yesssss! I was all “why do I spend so much on makeup?!” Then I was all “because I want to and I can!”

  29. It sounds like Ipsy Ultimate will get all or most of the full-size offerings for that month or will Ipsy broaden the new full-size offerings per month? I wonder.

    • I’m hoping it will basically be the new items sent out by GBP each month.

      My worst case scenario is that the “full size” items will be stuff that would normally go in the regular glam bag -eyeliners, lip balm, etc. (Like how Sundays nail polish used to be in the glam bags, but last month it was sent in GBP), & the regular glam bags will become purely sample sizes. H

      • Oh, I hadn’t considered that; you are probably right that they will be including some lower value but technically full-size items.

      • There will be some instances of that I’m sure, but I doubt they’ll play like that too often. They are directly competing against BoxyLuxe.

      • They are saying it’s an over $250 value for $50……the Ultimate I am referring to…

  30. I signed up. First thought it was too much, but then considered I spend quite a bit with the add ons.

  31. The backlash will start soon.

    Seems like a bit of a glut.

  32. I will wait for spoilers, $50 is quite a bit for me without seeing anything.

    • I should probably do that.

  33. Do they guarantee no duplicates if you get both Plus and Ultimate?

    • Here’s the text from above (I’m guessing pulled from their FAQs):

      “Can I subscribe to all three IPSY subscriptions? YES

      If I do, will I get duplicate products?
      We strive to send you a wide variety of products, so even though we may feature the same product(s) across our multiple membership offerings, we try to never send you the same item twice.”

      I think the operative word is “try”, so I don’t think it’s a guarantee from them that you won’t get duplicates.

  34. Anyone else unable to subscribe? I think the site is being bombarded with requests.

    • Yes, can’t seem to get on the site.

  35. It’s official. I have no self-control. Welcome to my home, Ipsy Ultimate. When their exciting new ‘Ipsy Beauty-Bag-for-a-Kidney!’ sub box comes out, I’m sure I’ll be at the front of the line. Sigh.

    • LOL…same…at least I have 2 kidneys!

      • That’s good for 2 months!

      • You and me both! I’ve been bamboozled by boxycharm more times than I care to admit! And the water bottle situation is absolutely absurd! You CANNOT compare a water bottle to a 50$ palette! It’s not right or fair! and to make matters even worse they coincidentally add a too faced palette to the variation AFTER everyone already customized so it’s looking like those who already got the tarte palette and choose the water bottle bc they informed us you wouldn’t get it again and it was the ONLY other option at the time so they felt like they had no other choice but to pick the water bottle and what good could have the “surprise me” option done for them when they’ve already received the palette in the past???? It truly makes boxycharm look like they done it intentionally to cut corners to save more money so they can make a better profit!

      • That’s just way too much stuff on a monthly basis. I have GB and GBP, and I skip my GBP about 50% of the time as is.

      • oops, sorry. I didn’t mean to post this as a reply.

  36. I have been getting Ipsy and Boxycharm since 2017 and Ipsy Glam Bag Plus for about 6 months. Lately I have started to get subscription fatigue and was debating whether to cut BC or IGBP. I think this helped me decide to let go of all my current subs and just get the Ultimate. I will go from 10 full and 5 samples to 8 full and 4 samples and my cost will go from $58 (with new pricing) to $50. Instead of three packages a month I will get one, which will help keep it special.

    I will wait until after my September BoxyLuxe, though.

    • I think I will do exactly the same.

    • Precisely! I currently get 3 GBP subscriptions and one regular glam bag so I paused everything but one plus and the ultimate and we will see what happens ! Since two of my boxes are always exactly the same I’m hoping that this actually improves the diversity of products I receive and saves me some money. It felt a bit spendy to agree to a $50 a month subscription until I realized I’m already spending 100 LOL how did I not realize that before ? I’m also really hoping they send out some spoilers or are we just supposed to assume the spoilers from plus are the same for ultimate ?

  37. I saw the email on the way to work at 6 a.m. and had to get it!! Overall I’ve been pleased with Ipsy for nearly 5 years so I’m incredibly excited!!!

  38. I learned my lesson the hard way. I look for the letdown of “ships to: U.S. only” before getting excited. Hope they change their mind on this.

  39. I had to upgrade.. I love Ipsy and have total faith that it will be a great box, if not I can always cancel. 🙂

    • AGREED!! 🙂

    • Agreed! I like that they addressed that if we’re subbed to all three that we shouldn’t get any duplicates. 🙂

      • I got duplicates and they caught it b4 I did.but since all 3 of my bags had been mailed out.Ipsy emailed me telling me they had credited 120 points to my account to use in the shop.that was so nice of them to do that and a win win for me!

  40. I signed up. I figure the first month will probably be one of the best. I love that we have a choice, and Ipsy really does seem to do a good job of personalizing and carrying reputable brands.

    I think I’ll keep my BoxyLuxe for September, but so help me if I get one more bad variation box with nonsense like water bottles I am over them for good. I have a lot of faith in Ipsy, and am really tired of Boxy’s shenanigans.

    • I agree, I have this love hate with boxycharm and boxyluxe. But I’m gonna get the glam bag plus and ultimate and o guess we will see who does it better

    • I am with you. I’m really tired of all the variations of boxycharm and the boxy luxe and If I end up with the water bottle sticking with this. At least they go off my beauty profile and I can actually use it.

    • Ha! Those same lame bottles have been on Sephora’s Sale page for 8 months at least.

      • Tbh, most products we receive in BoxyCharm/BoxyLuxe are either discontinued or on sale bc of a surplus. (ie- Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty.)

  41. Upgraded instantly! If the retail value (supposedly at least $250) isn’t there I’ll go back to Plus, but for just $15 more compared to regular and Plus together it’s definitely worth a try.

    • Really just $13 more because the regular bag price is going up to $12.

  42. I’m subscribed to all 3! Let’s see if Ipsy is going to give repeats with the Ultimate or if it is going to be different/more exciting!!

    • IPSY accidentally sent me the thrive mascara in my regular and plus bag. They caught it and gave me points to get a sample. So I’m sure you may get a duplicate, but atleast they do something to fix it.

  43. FYI when I was under my regular IPSY membership details it said “FYI: Starting October 2019, the Glam Bag price will increase to $12/month. You’ll continue receiving Glam Bags at your current price until 09/30/19.”

    Just wanted you guys to know!

    • Once Birchbox increased their price I bet this influenced them to do the same. With tax mine will end up to be nearly $15. Hmm haven’t been happy with the glam bag plus for 3 out of 4 boxes so probably not gonna blow $50 taking the risk.

  44. The FOMO is REAL! I immediately signed up..the first few months will tell me if I will keep it! I have been thinking of canceling others for all the variation..I always get stuck with the worst ones..ugh. Now I just have to come up with a Secret hiding plan between my mailman, UPS and Fedex..HAHAH!

    • LOL! Let me know how you manage that. 😅

  45. Notice how sample Ultimate bag has no new products(!), Ipsy learned from their initial GB launch and dont want to promise products they wont be including.

    Looks unimpressive. Looks like leftover zombie products. Pass.

    • Lol. Zombie products- love it!

  46. Upgraded from IGBP to ultimate so let’s see…😊

  47. I’m going to need to see some spoilers before I cave. $50/month is a lot… the products better be worth it!

    • Ditto

    • I REALLY hope we get some spoilers soon! I hope they have really upped their game and will send out new brands, bigger products and bomb items! And..with 5 Add-ons now..wowza…they better have some good stuff coming! I’m gonna need a side

  48. I have serious FOMO, and immediately signed up..LOL I was just debating on Canceling some subscriptions..I’m on the fence with BoxyLuxe..I hate the variations, I always get the worst ones! Now to come up with a secret hiding plan with my Mailman..HAHA!

  49. Holy mother of makeup samples. I wonder if you get the same makeup bag as with the regular glam bag.

    • It’s supposed to be an $18 value bag

    • I’m wondering the same thing, I get both and definitely don’t need 2 of the same bag..I wonder if Liz could find out.

    • They posted a video on their fb page. It shows all the bags.
      The video shows that the 3 types are matching but (as I expected) each bag get’s a little bigger with each bigger membership type.

    • I heard each subscription gets a different size bag, I’m guessing the design will be different for each as well.

  50. I caved and subscribed even though I definitely do not need more products…

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