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Ipsy August 2019 Add-Ons Available Now!

The August 2019 Ipsy Add-Ons are available now! These are additional products you can add to your Glam Bag or Glam Bag Plus subscription.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ipsy Add-Ons:

Add-Ons are available for 24 hours!

You have to reveal your glam bag spoilers to gain access to Add-Ons. To access add-ons, visit or the ipsy mobile app for your monthly Spoiler Alert. Once you complete the Spoiler Alert, you will see a selection of products that can be added to your bag. Select the products you’d like, confirm your order, and the products will ship with your glam bag

You may choose up to 3 add-on products per month. These items will be added to your glam bag or glam bag plus shipment. And shipping is free!

The Add-Ons will be a small selection of products, some of which are from that month’s Glam Bag assortment. Sample-sized products at $3 each. Full-size products are $12

Here are the August Add-Ons!

Full Size ($12 each):

Deluxe Samples ($3 each):


Which add-ons did you pick?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is $25 a month. Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to learn more!


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Comments (53)

  1. I really was hoping they’d have the Trophy Wife contour as an add on since I passed up on it a few months back. Got the Belif eye gel for a trial run.

  2. I missed the Huda Obsessions Mauve the first time it was available and then added it last month, but it was missing from my bag. When I emailed them, they told me they were out of stock and refunded me. But now it is in the add-ons for this month!

    My last three Ipsy shipments have been missing an item and each time they just refund me, but I really want the product if it is available.

    I didn’t even bother to add-on the Huda this time around because I picked one up from Ebay that may or may not even be real and I’m just over it 🙁

    • Carol, I saw your posts on Reddit, too. That really sucks. 😕 Did you contact ipsycare again with receipts?

      • Yeah, I’m kind of salty lol.

        I did email ipsycare back on the original response that I had received saying it was out of stock. I haven’t heard back yet. Usually they reply pretty quick, but I’m sure customer service gets swamped on spoiler day.

        There’s really nothing that they can do since they did refund my charge, and I don’t usually even complain, but it seems that so many people have had shipping and fulfillment issues. I guess I just wanted it documented.

      • You should be salty, lol!

        We deserve to get what we pay for! I don’t like loaning Ipsy my money. I’m gonna have to start charging interest.

  3. I got the touch in sol cream, I LOVED this! I was so excited to see that I could get it as an add on for only $12! I use this every night after I take my makeup off, it’s great! I also got the thrive cosmetics mascara trial size, I really like the full size so I decided to get the trial one for when I run out. Hopefully, at some point, they’ll have the full size as an add on.

  4. I was able to both see my bag items and add-on at the right time this morning. The add-ons weren’t nearly as exciting but I got the Coco Cabana – it’s supposed to be a new formula after all the complaints about it smelling like popcorn , Hey Honey peel mask, and touch in sol glow cream (which I was really on the fence about but it gets good reviews. I am also getting a better bag overall this month than the last few. 🙂

  5. For the first time I was so happy with my box, I didn’t add anything on!! 🙂

  6. My glam bag was on point this month. It seems to be getting better and better. I never bought any of the add-ons until today. Bye Bye Foundation in Fair, the Suva illuminating drops and Thrive mascara. <3 Now if I can get them to ship it to me as quickly as possible. 🙂

  7. I bought those naisture sheet masks last month and they were so nice, very hydrating and new faves. At $1.50 each, I almost bought them again but went for the fruity sheet masks instead since I haven’t tried them yet.

  8. Anyone know how long the wait is for GBP? I can’t wait but don’t really want to do the regular subscription

    • If you post it on facebook like they ask you to you skip the line immediately.

  9. I just got the In the Balm of Your Hand palette (not pictured in the caps, must be in Liz’s box!).

    I know I’ve been saying this on every post, but in case someone hasn’t seen it yet: the Instain blush featured in the ItBoYH palette has been discontinued, so I’m guessing that the ItBoYH palette will also be dc’d soon! So if you’re thinking about getting one, now’s the time!

  10. My add ons..

    2 x Coco Cabana cream
    Suva eyeshadow in Corriander
    Jelly Shot Lip Quencher
    Eva satin hair leave in treatment
    Rose gold blush brush

    Really wanted to try the Color Pop palette but I know I’ll never wear it.. Lol.

  11. I added Estate highlighter, Pixi blush in peach parfait, and the Luxie brush. I got the slmissglam brush in my bag. I am so happy that I was able to add on to both of my brush collections this month. The Luxie was a surprise to me!

  12. I added the medium IT foundation because the light will be too light and mixing them their the fall transition is the way to go.

    I also bought the palette I couldn’t pick because I don’t read my email. And four other things. I got a face scrub with rubies in it, though I know I’ll use it while sitting on the toilet. Well, I guess I’ve come a long way from when I was a kid on welfare. Now I scrub my face with rubies while pooping. Yay.

    • That made me laugh.A good point at that.

    • Hahaha I never thought to scrub my face while on the toilet. What a time saver!

  13. Is there no way to get ahold of customer service for ipsy??

    • Twitter.

  14. None of the heavily advertised items, like Murad cleanser, S&C nail polishes and Farah brushes were available as add on and none make it to my bag. Disappointed with this month, I wish I skipped.

    • Probably one person got the S&C nail polish, just so ipsy could advertise it. I got nail polish in my glam bag and GBP and neither were S&C. (I love both the shades more than the one advertised for S&C, but I would have liked to try the formula for S&C. Hard to spend $18 or whatever on a nail polish if you don’t like the formula. I have nail polish that costs more than $18 but it’s Chanel, and I know I love it.)

      • Sometimes next month they will be add ons.

      • I got the smith and cult. Funny since I always say please as little nail polish as possible. I will try this though.

  15. I wasn’t overly tempted by anything. I did add on The Balm’s lip stain in Namaste, because I had received the Konichiwa one a few months ago, and quite liked the texture.

  16. I added the Papa Recipe Cleanser, Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb and Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Body Cream. Excited!!

  17. I picked up the AHAVA body cream – there are so many things on that list that I’d have been happy to have as a bag item (though I’m very happy with my August bag!) but don’t want to spend the money on for a sample size. Still, great selection this month!

    I really waffled on the IT Bye Bye Foundation, but ultimately decided that, even though it was a steal, I already have too much foundation/tinted moisturizer to buy another.

  18. Last month I didn’t get my notice until 6 p.m. on July 2nd I have Tweety dumb I have emailed them I have done you contact Ipsy I’ve done everything imaginable to try to get this on track and I don’t think it’s right or fair and I want to know exactly how it is that they select how they do their emails I mean come on we paid for the darn thing why should not we be able to have the same benefits as others. I really hope that others do not diminish this frustration because it really is a frustration this is something that we get excited about we look forward to when we don’t get that opportunity it is a really let down

  19. Super excited! I am new to IGB…
    I love this website. It gave me spoilers so I already had a wish list…also Ipsy had a couple live videos yesterday…

    In my bag I got..
    Concealer brush, EM matte primer, wander beauty mask, thrive mascara, and feel facial oil…
    For add ons I got..
    IT CC cream, the eye bomb, and a Suva eyeshadow…

    One other item I really wanted to get but I promised myself only one full sized…

  20. I was actually pretty disappointed in the add-ons this month, esp. the $3 ones. Oh, well, at least I saved myself some money. The only thing I added on was the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation cream in Fair.

    • Same thing here, i’m very glad I skipped. The only thing I was even semi-interested in was SR’s Tidal, and it wasn’t even available as an add-on!

  21. The Colourpop palette is the same price on Colourpop’s website so they are charging full price on that.

    • I was sort of thinking the same thing about the Pixi Glow Tonic. That size sells for $15 at Target, so only a $3 savings. I guess it’s better than nothing.

      • The glotonic is the travel size that sells for $4 at Target. I paid the $12 for the add on and was pissed when I opened my box and it was the 3.4 oz size. I contacted Ipsy and they pretty much said too bad that is what I paid my $12 for.

    • I checked the Colourpop site, but shipping was almost $6 for me. Could get free shipping, but would have had to spend $30.

  22. A brush is a full-size item, not a deluxe sample, ipsy!

    • The full-sized items are $12, and the deluxe samples are $3 – would you rather pay the extra $9?

  23. I cant see what I am getting or the addons yet… why is that????

    • Neither can I and it’s really frustrating! It just says product match on my account and nothing is changing. I’ll be so upset if I miss out because this month’s add ons are so good!

    • Same here so annoyed!

      • Me too. I thought I was the only one.

    • I can see the add on options and what’s in my GBP, but I can’t see what’s in my little bag and I want to know before I just buy stuff that could be in there. This happened to me last month too, it’s really not okay.

  24. I was really hoping they’d have the Murad cleanser and the S&C nail polishes available fir add-ons but that’s okay. I added:

    Sol de Janeiro body cream
    Pixi by Petra blush in peach parfait (I feel like that’s a weird name, the other one looks more “peachy”)
    Purlisse blue lotus face moisturizer SPH 30 – yay almost out of coola

    In my reg bag I got youth to the people cleanser, inc.trdible lip quencher, adesse lip creme in Thames street (I thought I opted out of lipsticks but idk could be cool), jonteblu eyeliner, cuccio colour nail polish in gaia (really dunno if I’ll like this color, I usually don’t like reds).

    Pretty happy!

    • I’m getting the Purlisse and will never use it – I could have sent it to you! Oh well.

      • I love Purlisse moisturizer. Every version I have tried has been really good. I added on two Purlisse Green Tea moisturizers this month. Seemed too good of a deal to pass up.

    • Will trade you almost anything for that Thames street lipstick

      • I will totally trade you, I got Thames St. and don’t want it.

    • I added on the blush, too, and thought the same thing. I watched the Ipsy video and they said the peach one had shimmer while the other one was matte. So, I choose shimmer.

  25. Is it possible to get back to the add ons page if you only chose two add ons and want to add one more?

    I chose the Belief Eye Bomb and the superfood cleanser but now I want to get the It Bye Bye under eye foundation but I can’t get back to the page. Is it like a one time shot thing?

    • You only get one shot once you check out you’re done.

  26. I added
    Blush brush
    Luxie blending brush
    Pixi tinted lip balm

  27. My add-ons for both Ipsy & Ipsy+ are:

    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation in Medium (added on both bags)
    My mom loves all of IT’s foundation/complexion products that she’s tried, so I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity to either introduce her to this foundation if she hasn’t tried it yet or replenish her stock if she already has this.

    INC.CREDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher in Ex Revenge
    This just looked like fun to try. Plus, I think I recall hearing that it’s a good moisturizing lip product.

    Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Face Primer Matte Primer
    I love trying new face primers, and I know I don’t have this one in my collection yet.

    Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Body Cream (new formulation)
    I actually liked the original scent of this as buttered popcorn was never a predominant note to me like with others when I smelled this, but I’m still looking forward to trying the new formulation which I heard is supposed to smell more coconutty with no more trace of the buttered popcorn smell.

    Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb
    I was torn between picking this or the Sunday Riley Tidal Cream as my sample pick for the regular bag, because I know I already have quite a few samples of that SR cream, and I don’t think any samples of this eye cream, but SR won out, and I was crossing my fingers that this eye cream would be an add-on. Yay!

    There were actually quite a few other add-ons I would have loved to get, which was a nice change from last month’s for me. Hopefully, Ipsy will do their Last Chance Add-Ons like they’ve done in the past so I get an opportunity to get the other items I couldn’t choose (but I don’t think they did the Last Chance Add-Ons for the past couple of months… it seems kind of sporadic when they do it).

    • Ugh, I didn’t know they reformulated the coco cabana body cream! I got the first batch and it smelled like butter popcorn lol. I wish I saw this before I did my add ons lol.

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