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CAUSEBOX Fall 2019 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

We have the first spoiler for the Fall 2019 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code WELCOME10 to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Fall box includes:

Nashelle Heather Drop Lariat Necklace in Gold or Silver

Wear it long or short, the adjustable Heather Drop Lariat necklace from Nashelle will add the perfect sparkle to all of your adventures – available in gold or silver.

Nashelle partners with Feeding America and NeighborImpact to donate ten meals for every product sold – to date they have donated more than one million meals to the hungry.

Annual members can choose between the Gold or Silver Lariat Drop Necklace.

Here’s a look at the featured artist for the Fall box:

We are so proud to support incredible, independent female artists each season through the design of our box artwork and the rest of our seasonal art pieces. It brings us so much inspiration and joy, and we wanted to take it even further, so we built a residency program. Every season we invite the artist behind the box to our hometown Los Angeles, for 10 days. We eat, drink, and explore the city with her, and we have a chance to get to know her on a personal level, explore her artwork and process more deeply, and learn from her unique perspective. For Fall, we spent an intimate week with Minerva visiting famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign, picnicking in the sun, and watching outdoor movies on a rooftop! We were first drawn to the ​vibrant scenery in Minerva’s work and the diversity amongst the women she creates​. She is passionate about bringing joy through her free-spirited illustrations and wishes to motivate marginalized women to strike their own path. Her designs for the Fall CAUSEBOX tell the story of a woman traveling the world, creating a union between all the cities, cultures, and characters on her journey.

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Comments (87)

  1. I originally chose Causebox over other lifestyle boxes because I thought the contents would be eco-friendly, artisan-quality, and ethically made. Sadly, just the opposite is true. Really disappointed with the lack of quality of the items I’ve received from Causebox. Most I just give away or donate to charity. The wraps, ponchos and scarves are awful – horribly cheap fabrics that shed, pill, wrinkle, unravel and fall apart (ALL of them!). I don’t care to support ANY enterprise with such poor standards. And the useless stuff like the macrame plant holder and hair scrunchies are just a waste of space and money. I actually rather like the jewelry — and I would be thrilled to get the Nashelle necklace in the Fall box IF it was a) actually made in Bend, Oregon and b) if it was real silver or gold filled and not the cheap plated metal the “made for CB” version will be. Seriously, Nashelle’s price points are reasonable. Can’t CB spring for one of their actual products? Then it would be a member perk. Now it’s just bait and switch… My other biggest frustration with Causebox? It takes forever to get my box (although they bill me promptly) and and I have to repeatedly email CS to get a ship date/tracking number. I’ve given it a full year and I’m sorry, but there’s not even $55 worth of value in it, forget the value they claim is there.

  2. I love the design of the box as well as the necklace. Be realistic there will not be real gold or silver jewels in these boxes. Nevertheless I love the simple current design.

  3. I like the boxes for the most part ( though summer was awful. Scrunchies? They seem more self aware than that and should know it’s not the 1950s and women don’t all have long hair. Poncho? Denatured alcohol in the skincare?) but I’m considering cancelling my annual bc I find their canned and patronizing answers on social media to be infuriating. Why won’t they just give us more spoilers in advance? By the time they actually release any I’m just irritated. “Stay tuned” for my cancellation! “Xo”!

  4. I am thinking to go annual when fff ends. This box is beautiful, mindful, and colorful. They cover more variation of products for lifestyle. And I really enjoy them.

    I also like Box of style, so might jump to any of their box if I am particular interested.

    For PSMH, i definately like their boxes, but they usually sold out fast.

    I might still keep fff, just for add on.

    Will see.

  5. For those of is that joined with the last welcome box, this is the second box in a row with a necklace in silver or gold. Why not vary the type of items or at least offer more color options like rose gold?

    • Awhile back they didn’t offer variation at all. They would only offer one color (mostly gold plated or brass) and since I don’t wear gold tones, they were all a “waste” to me or became gifts. Causebox took their customer feedback seriously and then started offering customization and options….and I couldn’t be more pleased. Maybe as they continue to grow they can offer more options.

  6. I would think if there is any customization it would have been done awhile back. I only just realized that I never saw an email about it. I’ve had a subscription to Causebox for over a year now. I also have a subscription to FabFitFun & they did their customization weeks ago & were just shipped and they’re on a similar schedule as Causebox. I guess the Fall box is a total mystery!

    • Customization has not opened yet. This is the first spoiler and they don’t open it until all the customizable spoilers are out. Billing is not until Sept. 1.

  7. Not a fan of the necklace. It has no spark to me. 🙁

  8. I love it!

    • Me too!

  9. I just went to the website of the necklace company and it look super great quality.
    Really impress

    • But this particular piece was designed specifically for CB which means that the name will be there but the quality wont. I hate to say it but this is a Chinese made cheap item with a designer name attached.

      • That’s a bit pessimistic.

      • That’s an observation based on empirical evidence.

      • Does Causebox have a history of including “Chinese made cheap” items with designer names attached?

      • On top of my head at least 3 items in the spring box were made in China and had poor quality: the Cleobella polyester scarf, the gold plated brass bracelet by Marina de Buchi and Glass Ladder fake leather laptop holder.

      • Hopefully it will be made in USA like her other items 🙂

  10. Hope I like the rest of the box better. This doesn’t look high quality. These necklaces are pretty in theory but they never stay adjusted to where I want them to be (longer). They shift upwards into choker style. I move alot so maybe that’s part of the issue.

    • That style of necklace does the exact same thing to me! I have this same necklace and I’m pretty sure it was from an earlier Causebox.

  11. It’s pretty, but I don’t want to go annual for customization. How many spoilers do they usually get in before you can’t skip? If I like a second spoiler I’m sure I can trade for gold if I get stuck with silver.

    • They usually release 3 spoilers before customization

  12. So far, not good. And I think I’ve spent too much on Fall boxes that came out already haha.

  13. Why are my posts being filtered???

    • Because it’s definitely personal and the world hates you!

      Just kidding. You’re probably ok and it’s a tech glitch somewhere lol

  14. Seasonal dates are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. I got this info directly from CB when emailing today inquiring if there sre any skip/pause limits if I get an annual subscription. I was told I can skip/pause any box (no limit as to how many) as long as I contact them before the seasonal renewal dates above. 👍

    • That’s good to know. They used to say you could only skip one box a year. That makes the annual less of a risk.

  15. Seasonal dates are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. I got this info directly from CB when emailing today inquiring if there sre any skip/pause limits if I get an annual subscription. I was told I can skip/pause any box (no limit as to how many) as long as I contact them before the seasonal renewal dates above.

  16. Pretty…and I love the length. I wear both silver and gold so either option will work for me. Keeping my eye open for the next spoiler…might be time for me to try this sub.

  17. I don’t like this necklace: it looks cheap and is packaged cheaply. I also don’t like the fact that seasonal subscribers cannot choose even one item.

    • Yep

    • Customization is the benefit for being an annual member. If they let seasonal members customize, there would be no point in being an annual member especially since seasonals can get discounts every month.

      • They are missing out on potential customers due to the lack of customization options for seasonal. It’s ridiculous. Want to reward annual subscribers? Send them an extra gift with each box or something. Even if you are seasonal, you still should be a valued customer… valued enough to have choices. I have stayed away from this box for that reason alone.

      • JourneeBox does that – allows seasonals to customize and sends an extra item to annuals…I totally agree that that is the best model. Seasonals are happy they can customize. Annuals are happy they get something extra for their commitment. And JourneeBox is happy because they have happier customers and in all likelihood they get more customers (as you said they get more seasonal subscribers that might otherwise have opted out due to a lack of customization). Everybody wins.

        I feel like these sub boxes should employ avid sub box subscribers as consultants to weigh in on what does and doesn’t appeal to the customer.

      • I totally agree.

      • I obviously don’t know all the details but I assume at least part of it may be that since some of these items come straight from artisans or overseas you have to place an order a year or more in advance. So they “guess” at a split of variants, give priority of customization to annuals and then split up the rest of stock to seasonals. That way they don’t have overstock or have to worry about running out of one style if it is in high demand. They could, of course, just do first come first serve and say there is limited of each style but that is going to upset people too if they are out of town, miss the notification/emails, etc… Lose lose.


      • Hopefully they will move towards a model similar to other companies, where seasonal members can at least customize a few options. It does almost feel like seasonal members get “punished” because we can’t afford (or maybe are nervous about) paying for annual memberships. Personally, I’m a single mom & can’t afford annual memberships. I have to check my budget each season to see if I can spare the extra money for sub boxes.

  18. I like Nashelle jewelry and this is a nice, versatile piece. I’m happy!

  19. I love it. Going for the silver 🙂

  20. Customization is September 1!!!

  21. Anyone else getting Sansa Stark vibes from this necklace?

  22. I’ll be swapping mine…I’m annual so I can choose a color. My name links to my swap page if interested.

  23. So I really want to sign up for this box but I was wondering if they still have issues getting out the boxes to people because I use to read many many unhappy subscribers not getting their boxes. Please give me a sign people….lol ! 🙂

    • Causebox does a GREAT job of getting boxes out. I think you may be thinking of FabFitFun which has had a lot of issues.

    • They also have excellent customer service if there are any issues.

      • I would have to disagree on the “excellent customer service” by Causebox. I may be in the minority, but I had problems with their customer service…so much so that I refuse to purchase an annual. Be aware that even if you skip a box, they may “accidentally” send it anyway. This happened to me, and became a real hassle. It took a long time for CS to respond to me, and then when they did they said I needed to return the box that they wrongly sent. This wouldn’t have been an issue (well, a hassle, but not an “issue”)…except the reason I skipped was because I was out of town for an extended period and didn’t want a box to arrive! So the box that wasn’t supposed to come in the first place was at my house, with no way for me to return it since I wasn’t there. I had the emails showing they had confirmed my skip, but when it arrived and I couldn’t return it they said too bad for me, that was going to count as a box towards my annual…even though it was their mistake in sending it! (To note, by law, if a company sends you something you didn’t order, it is yours to keep as a “gift.”) They held firm and I ended up returning the box 2 months later when I returned to town…but what a hassle…they lost a formerly loyal customer over their mishandling of a $50 box…

      • Wow that’s super disappointing to hear. Thank you for sharing, food for thought…

    • There were some issues with a mid season box awhile back because the kimonos were held up due to an emergency in the supplier’s personal life (from what I remember). That was an exception, not the rule. And CS is fabulous as others have said.

      • They had issues with the 2018 Summer 2 box as mentioned above (the kimonos got held up for quite some time) and then issues with the Fall 2018 box as there were cheeseboards damaged in shipping that had to be swapped out for another item. I had an annual subscription that started with the 2018 Summer 2 box, so it was 2 boxes right off the bat that had shipping time issues. HOWEVER – the Winter box, the Spring 2019 box, and the Summer 2019 box were all on time and I’ve seen in the Causebox group I’m part of that the Summer Welcome (2019) boxes were also going out in a timely manner. I had no problems after the Fall 2018 box and can say that they really seem to have fixed the issue!

      • Same for me.

    • You definitely must be confusing this with fff. I’ve never headd of CS issues with Causebox.

  24. Ugh, I’ve been anxiously awaiting spoilers but I’m a bit bummed by this one. IMO, jewelry is such a personalized choice. I wear jewelry but it’s very hit or miss with these boxes. I don’t really care for this necklace in either color. On the other hand, I loved the ring in the fall PSMH box. For this box, even a choice between two totally different pieces would have been better. I subscribed as an annual with the summer box. I wonder there is a waiting period to skip a box like with FFF?

    • There is no waiting period to skip a box with Causebox. It was super easy to do, just send them an email. They might ask you for some feedback on why you decided to skip.

      • No, but I think you can only skip one box during your annual subscription, FYI.

      • Not true! I just emailed CB today to ask if there are skip limits and there are not!

      • When is the last day to skip?

      • Have to contact them before Septmber 1st.

    • Same. I’m just not thrilled by this necklace. Unsure if I’ll skip this box or not but if I opt to go with it, i’ll Probably be gifting this item

    • There is no waiting period. I just emailed CB today because I am considering an annual subscription. You can skip any box as long as you contact them before the seasonal renewal dates, and if there are other boxes during your subscription you decide you don’t want, you can contact them to skip those too. So no skip limits! FFF should take note!

    • There is no waiting period and no skip limits. I just verified this with CB today. Just have to contact them before seasonal renewal dates (September 1st for Fall box).

  25. I had a similar necklace from FFF Mystery bundle once upon a time but it’s in a very bad shape since I love wearing it (and you know the quality of the FFF jewelry). With a V neck this type of necklaces looks so hot!
    Anyways, I’m really excited (which is strange as I am never excited for jewelry)!!!

  26. You can pause or cancel the fall box before Sept 1st.

  27. meh

  28. It’s unfortunate that seasonal can’t customize anything. If I was guaranteed the silver I might be impressed by this spoiler. Hoping for something amazing from Causebox this fall but, bummed I can’t customize!

    • Agreed!!!

    • In the same boat.

  29. That’s an okay start for me, but definitely not a knockout. I’ll get the silver.

    • I feel the same. I’ve actually been looking at necklaces just like that recently and really want one. But I only wear silver and this is such a hit or miss subscription for me, I just can’t bring myself to pay for a year. I love what they stand for and I definitely believe their boxes have good quality items but some months I only like one or two things and it’s usually not the hero item.

      • Agree. I really want to like this box, but I don’t usually like enough items to commit.

  30. I like it and I can see myself getting use out of it in either gold or silver. I also love that it’s adjustable. Do I already have a lot of necklaces? Yes. Can I always use another. Also yes 🙂

  31. Just canceled. The past couple boxes just haven’t blown my skirt up.

  32. Is it too late to cancel Fall? Looks like it starting selling yesterday.

    • I think billing is Sept 1.

      • Oh, okay good. It’s showing an order yesterday on my causebox account, but nothing has hit paypal. I inactivated paypal payments to them just in case. Thank you!

  33. Cute necklace but not exactly a stand out piece. And I think it’s ridiculous that you get zero customization unless you’re an annual subscriber. I’m not going to commit to a year of a box having never tried it. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. I wouldn’t mind jewelry if it was real and not plated…

    • Agreed. This looks a little cheap imo.

  35. I was just thinking I could use a new necklace. This is perfect. Great start!

  36. Man, this is disappointing. I have SO many lariat necklaces from Your Bijoux Box and don’t wear any of them. 🙁

  37. When can we start to customize?
    You’d think I’d know being an annual subscriber for 2yrs.

    • They’ll send a email from Causebox when customization opens.

    • I don’t think there is a set seasonal date because it varies on spoilers and how many customizations there are. They wait until all of the spoilers have been given for the customizable items. I haven’t seen a set date yet but I’m assuming not until next week?!?! I usually try to see if they say on social media or just check my emails.

      • Seasonal dates are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1. I got this info directly from CB when emailing today inquiring if there sre any skip/pause limits if I get an annual subscription. I was told I can skip/pause any box (no limit as to how many) as long as I contact them before the seasonal renewal dates above.

      • Yep, those are the set billing dates for each season but they usually open up customization a bit before that to give people time to login and customize ahead of time. Those are the dates I don’t think are set. So be sure to pay attention a bit before those dates so you don’t miss customization!!

      • Thanks for reminding that we can skip! Unlike FFF where one has to be a member for two years and can only skip one box. CB is very easy going and customer oriented. I’ve contacted their CS in the past – they’re awesome! FFF CS is absolutely horrible in comparison.

    • I was looking for this information on their site last night. I did not find an exact date, but I did find a section of the site that said customization would open approximately one week prior to each seasonal renewal date (which for Fall is September 1st). So, it should be soon.

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