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CAUSEBOX Fall 2019 Box Selection Time + New Market Open!

It’s selection time for the Fall 2019 CAUSEBOX! If you are an annual subscriber, you can now pick your products!

And CAUSEBOX just launched the Fall Market – if you are a subcriber, you get access to the Market for prices up to 70% off:

If you aren’t familiar, CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

Use coupon code WELCOME10 to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

The Fall box includes:

Every Fall Box comes with the Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co. or the Felt Letter Board from Underwood Letterpress – Either way you can’t go wrong.

The Travel Wallet by Glass Ladder & Co. was developed in collaboration with Australian designed Kristine Lubinski and made to fit all of your travel essentials.

The Felt Letter Board by Underwood Letterpress is Pinterest-perfect. From menus to to-do lists, to love notes and countdowns – it’s endlessly fun, beautiful, and useful.

Become an Annual Member to customize your box. Choose between the Passport Wallet OR the Letter Board. Quarterly Members will be surprised!

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Big and beautiful. Ethical and durable. Available in three styles. Meet the Known Supply Weekender Duffel – your perfect getaway accessory.

Annual members choose between Forest Green, Stone Gray, or Lake Blue.


Nashelle Heather Drop Lariat Necklace in Gold or Silver

Wear it long or short, the adjustable Heather Drop Lariat necklace from Nashelle will add the perfect sparkle to all of your adventures – available in gold or silver.

Nashelle partners with Feeding America and NeighborImpact to donate ten meals for every product sold – to date they have donated more than one million meals to the hungry.

Annual members can choose between the Gold or Silver Lariat Drop Necklace.

Here’s a look at the featured artist for the Fall box:

We are so proud to support incredible, independent female artists each season through the design of our box artwork and the rest of our seasonal art pieces. It brings us so much inspiration and joy, and we wanted to take it even further, so we built a residency program. Every season we invite the artist behind the box to our hometown Los Angeles, for 10 days. We eat, drink, and explore the city with her, and we have a chance to get to know her on a personal level, explore her artwork and process more deeply, and learn from her unique perspective. For Fall, we spent an intimate week with Minerva visiting famous landmarks like the Hollywood sign, picnicking in the sun, and watching outdoor movies on a rooftop! We were first drawn to the ​vibrant scenery in Minerva’s work and the diversity amongst the women she creates​. She is passionate about bringing joy through her free-spirited illustrations and wishes to motivate marginalized women to strike their own path. Her designs for the Fall CAUSEBOX tell the story of a woman traveling the world, creating a union between all the cities, cultures, and characters on her journey.

Check out all of our CAUSEBOX reviews for more information about this subscription box and sign up for notifications to get spoilers!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (86)

  1. It’s BS that only annual members get to customize! Monthly members pay more!
    There should also be add-on options. They are missing the boat.

    • You pay $5 more, but we annual members pay for the whole year upfront. There has to be some benefit for us or no one would do it.

  2. Bamboo sheets are the BOMB but I don’t sub to this.

  3. Does anybody know when this box ships?

  4. Does anyone know if the market has the Glassladder portfolio clutch and how much?

    • All three colours come in bundles with some other items for $38.

      The black and pink each come with a scarf and a bracelet. The grey comes with a few sleep masks and earbuds.

    • They currently have all 3 clutches for $38 each + shipping. They are in bundles.

      Chic & Classic Bundle: Black Clutch, Cleobella Silky Scarf in Marigold Dot, Marina De Buchi LUXE Bracelet in Moon & Stars

      Travel Essentials Bundle: Cloud Gray Clutch, bamboo lyocell mask (colors vary) from Ettitude, Crescent Bluetooth Earbud Set in Marble from LSTN

      Pretty in Pink Bundle: Blush Pink Clutch, Cleobella Silky Scarf in Rose Bud, Marina De Buchi LUXE Bracelet in Unlock Your Dreams

  5. I have been trying to reach Causebox to upgrade to annual. They have not answered my email or facebook message. Any other ideas?

    • They are a small company and yesterday was a holiday. I bet they are swamped with messages and requests right now. No ideas, but they might get back to you in a day or two.

  6. Is the Fall Box sold out. Last couple of days after people gave signed up they are getting a message that their upcoming box will be Fall Edit available in October. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • There was a post by Causebox, stating there was an error for customers signing up that there box would be the Fall Welcome box but it’ll be the regular Fall Box.

      • Thank you!

  7. Hoping to see the full spoilers soon 😊

  8. So much better than FFF! The items are quality and not dollar store witlrtjy quality with over inflated prices like FFF. I just joined Causebox as an annual now that my FFF subscription is finally up 🎉

  9. I give up, I had some items in my cart but wished to delete some. Of course I could not, so no matter how many times I tried to delete something it didn’t work.
    . I’m done with Causebox and their technical difficulties. I am so disappointed. Another one bites the dust!!!
    Causebox you need to fix your glitches.

  10. So excited for this box.i went Seaonal but my first box and cant wait! No longer with FFF as this felt much more worth it and with sustainable items that give back! Already looks amazing!!!

  11. I am not able to remove products from my cart, I press remove and nothing happens. This so frustrating as one of the items in my cart is sold out. I emailed Causebox but of course it’s a holiday weekend. By the time it is fixed the items I want will be sold out. Is anybody else having issues with removing stuff?

    • Same here! I can not remove the item, which is already sold out item. The problem is I can not check out for my other stuff. So sad!

    • Can you change the quantity to 0 and then update your cart? That is so frustrating. I am subscribed to FFF as well and I feel like they have spoiled me with there edit sales that I can select it and leave it in my cart and they just automatically charge.

      • I’m having the same issue. Can’t remove anything and everything that was sold out is still there but has the wrong price. So frustrating.

      • I did change it to 0 but still nothing happens, so very disappointed.

    • At least all of you got in, I’ve been trying to log in all weekend and all I get is an hour glass spinning!!!

  12. I love Causebox, and the market, but this new market definitely needs technique improvement, there were too many web bugs.

  13. are the items in the market section extra items you can buy , in addition to what comes in the fall box. if so are are they shipped separate .

    • Yes and yes

  14. How is their Market compared to FFF add ons? Do things go in and out of stock or is it once their sold out of an item there is no chance of getting it?

    • It’s not like FFF where you add and delete items until the sale ends. You have to go though a check out and your order is placed as soon as you make the purchase. So I don’t think things can come back into stock.

      • Thank you!!

      • Is the fall box sold out? Online people are saying their upcoming box will we Fall Editors after they have signed up (very recent). Thanks!

  15. Are these 3 items all that come in the box or are there more mystery items that haven’t been revealed yet? Just trying to decide if I want to purchase a membership or not. Thanks!

    • These are just the three spoilers we have so far – more to come! 🙂

  16. Opinions Please! How does this box stack up in terms of quality in non-beauty products? I quit FFF because the quality was really lacking and the prices way over inflated. Plus their shipping and honesty was sorely lacking. How is quality and shipping?

    • I really like it much better than FFF. Items are very nice and things I want to use. The quality is definitely there. When my current year is up, I will be renewing for another year. 🙂

    • I find that the quality is usually much better compared to FFF (which I usually feel like belongs at the dollar store). Typically items are handmade, which normally means it has character and is better quality. However, there’s always the chance of human error. Last fall I received a very pretty tote, whose handle fell off after 1 week of use. Causebox made it right though.

    • I’ve experienced really nice and quick customer service and they went above and beyond to help. It seemed like they were located in the US so they actually understand the problem.

      The items are really nice quality, I’ve been using the portfolio clutch daily for months and it looks brand new. The cause is great and I do recommend this box.

    • I think it varies. The jewelry is artisan made and I had a necklace that came kind of scratched and dented that I ended up donating. Their beauty stuff is solid, as well as the scarf I got from them. The portfolio thing is decent. I’d say it’s better then fff except the jewelry quality varies.

  17. Feels like FFF all over again, all the good stuffs gone. Between work and family I have little time. What’s one have to do?

    • Many of the items are from past boxes. Check the swap site. Maybe you will get lucky and it will be available for swap.

    • There’s an option to be waitlisted. If it’s like FFF, people are reserving things in their carts that they’ll drop later.

  18. Blue bag, gold necklace, passport holder!!

  19. Strip bag, silver necklace, passport case. I purchased three more items, ever eco cutlery set, round nesting containers, and BKR kiss kit. Some of the items already sold out. I want more than these, but I will keep my budget.

    • That’s good! I wanted the stainless steel containers but thought they were a little $ considering I can get a 15 pack of glass containers at Sams club for $20-25.

      • I love glass container as well, but my kitchen is so small.

  20. I bought quite a few Christmas presents. They have lots of things from former boxes at good prices plus discounted BKR bottles that I was going to buy at full price as presents because I love mine.

    I spent $123 but feel great about all the stuff I got for gifts.

    For the selections, I got the green bag, the silver necklace, and the passport cover.

    Pretty happy with this box.

    • How much are the bkr kiss kits in the marketplace? Debating joining to get for me and presents!

      • $28 for the 500 ml and $36 for the 1L. It looks like all sets come with the bottle, lid, and a lipgloss.

      • Thanks! That’s a great deal.

  21. Gray stripe bag, silver, letter board
    No marketplace items

    What did other annuals select?

    • Almost the same but I picked the gold necklace, grey stripped bag and the letter board. Figured I could use it beside my alarm clock for early morning inspirational gym messages, hahaha.

      • This is exactly what I want to get in my box but I am not wanting to sign up for yearly…so i won’t be able to choose. Does Causebox let you add additional choices to your box…like an additional bag, letter board, and necklace for an additional price?
        I’m wondering if I can get someone to add the specific items I want and I can just pay them dmfor those items instead of having to do. Full
        membership cause I already have a FFF annual membership.
        Is that even possible to purchase extras like that?

        Thanks for the help you guys!! 😀

      • Sadly no, they don’t let you add additional items to your box like FFF does. I wish they did though. The Marketplace is new where you can buy extra things but those will ship separately and they aren’t items that are in the current boxes but I did see a few things from past boxes.

    • Box twins! Although I did make some marketplace purchases. 😂

      • Make that box triplets. Lol.

    • I picked the Lake Blue bag, gold necklace and travel wallet. I bought the Pretty in Pink bundle in the marketplace because I’ve been wanting that pink clutch sooooooo bad.

      • I love the pink clutch and get many compliments on it – wise choice! I was just saying 2 days ago that I wish I had more colors to use for other clients, and today I have this amazing offer to buy the black and grey for just 38 each. Done and done! Squeee!!!

    • Gray striped bag, gold, travel wallet. A few market items but may let them go. I highly recommend the “wine” tumblers for anyone who doesn’t have one. I use mine for my coffee every morning and it stays hot much longer. Wouldn’t use it for wine!

      • I love the wine tumbler for white wine because it stays cool and keeps the fruit flies away. And I use it for coffee too! An unexpected fave product I wouldn’t have bought otherwise.

      • I love my wine tumbler, keeps wine, water, and tea cool and the cover is so handy! It’s been my new go to tumbler.
        As far as choices: Blue, silver, and passport. I love all three totes but figured blue would show less dirt than the striped one. Silver, because while I like the gold I have a similar necklace from Your Bijoux Box in gold. Passport because I’m not going to use that letterboard (would prefer a chalk one but those are said to be overdone).

        Looks like a good box, last one in my annual as I skipped summer. The marketplace items look great, I picked a few things but stuff I would’ve loved was already sold out! 🙁 need serving spoons badly.

    • Gray stripe bag, silver, letter board

  22. I just upgraded to annual earlier this week and was assured that it was in time to be able to customize my box, but it won’t let me pick my products. 🙁 Has anyone else been able to choose yet?

    • I already selected this happened to me over the summer season when I upgraded I emailed them and the fixed and I got my selected items no problem

    • I was just able to select my choices. I went to my page and “customize my box” came up.

  23. Do you have to be an annual subscriber to be able to shop the extra items?

    • Great question, Rachel! Based on their FAQ, you need to be a Member with at least one active Quarterly or Annual Subscription. Hope that helps!

      • is the current market it? because that’s just depressing… a bunch of kitchen items, jewelry, and a handful of sold-out bargains. FFF had a WAY bigger selection, however you feel about the quality.

  24. Can’t get the site to load. One star.

    • You may wish to consider loading the CAUSEBOX site on a different browser or device to see if that fixes it for you, Steph.

      • I’ve tried that already but thank you!

  25. It has a more than five items and I found for the most part the discount was better than fff

  26. What’s the price on that gray sheet set and the black backpack? Also wondering if it’s just those 9 items or if there are more?

    • There are over 100 items. I just check and only 2 are sold out.

      • *checked

      • Oops only 3 items are sold out.

    • Sheet sets are $98 for queen and $105 for king. The black leather backpack is $105.

      • Thanks

      • You are welcome!

    • The backpack is 47 % off at 105 and the ettude bamboo Loyocell? Sheet set is 45 % off at 98 dollars hope this helps also it is very easy to cancel your subscription I have done so in the past with no issues

    • There’s more, over 100 items. I just bought three bags!!! The Parker Clay Layla in Rust for $72 was a must have for me.

  27. Does anyone know how much the Merkato Signature Tote is being offered for, in the Fall Market…or how much it’s discounted? 🙂 I may join just to buy that tote at a discount 🙂

    • Yes,it’s $123, marked down 35%, from $188. It definitely didn’t get the 70% discount..

      • Thank you! You’re right…it’s not much but I may still consider it…I just wish it was the 70%

    • $123 which is 35% off $188

    • I remember it being $125. There are other totes/ handbags in the market as well.

  28. Are those nine items the extent of the fall market? Seriously uninspiring. Then again, that’s pretty much my take on all of CauseBox lately. I miss the days when Causebox tried to have its own unique identity. Ah well, another day another dollar, right? I assume CauseBox received some sort of funding that encouraged them to be more like FFF.

    • There are over 100 items, last I saw.

      • Yep I couldn’t believe how much stuff there was. Ended up spending more than FFF…

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