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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Limited Edition J-Beauty + K-Beauty Allure Beauty Box Available Now

Allure Beauty Box October 2019 Spoiler #1 + Coupon

We have the first spoiler for the October Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The October Allure Beauty Box will include:

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

We also have FULL spoilers for the September Allure Beauty Box!

The September Allure Beauty Box will include:

*New subscribers will receive a gift with subscription. This lists a mini Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb as the gift but check this link to see which new member gift is currently active. Right now, it’s Sunday Riley A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum.

What do you think of the September spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the August Box.




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Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (97)

  1. Have you ever tried storing creams in the fridge, until you are ready to use them? I do this and my creams last for months on end.

  2. Just got an email from Allure with spoilers for October. Along with the Bum Bum cream, they have Blue Mercury M-61 Power Glow Peel (looks like 3 pack) and the “latest product from Sunday Riley” which says “Ice” on it so probably some at home version of their in-salon facial.

    • I got an e-mail from Allure also showing those products. Was your e-mail trying to get you to re-sign? Mine was but the thing is, I never cancelled. Hope everything is okay with my account.

    • Oooh, I was thinking of cancelling since I have so much makeup and skincare backlogged, but I really like how the Sunday Riley products work for me. Might wait to see more spoilers. 🙂

  3. September looks good, I’ll use everything in there. Curious about what else will be in October. I love the original bum bum scent.

  4. Very smart, Allure! You know how to get your old subscribers back!

  5. I’m not sorry for saying what I’m about to say about the Allure Beauty Box. Nothing against MSA. But since when is allure sending out new and exciting brands or products??? This year, it’s been leftovers, the crappy shades companies can’t sell and stuff that’s already made the rounds in every other subscription. If there is something new, it’s tiny or ends up being a variation that new subscribers get and loyal subscribers get the crap. I can’t even begin to count how many subs I’ve seen this bum bum cream in and for me personally, I think it reeks! 🤢 I wish Allure would go back to the good days… Please! Enough of laritzy and cargo! Please! Can’t sell it. Can’t swap it. Can’t even give it away. Hygiene products have a donation bin but I’ve started another bin for makeup. I’m not sure if every area has a Christmas Bureau or Holiday Shop for lower income families but that’s exactly what I’m doing this year. Each family gets X amount of food, coats, clothing, etc… They always have an area where children get to and pick out items for parents and gift wrap them too! As much as I may complain about the allure curation this year, I am humbly reminded that I am blessed enough that I can afford to spend the money on this every month. I know about the Christmas program because it was offered to me in the past when I was down and out. The joy on my son’s face that Christmas when he was 4, was priceless! He picked out a hair scrunchy and a lipstick. That lipstick was PINK! But I rocked that lipstick almost every day!
    No, I’m not thrilled with Allure right now, but trying to look at things from a different view point. I’ve decided not to skip, instead, I have a donation bin to fill. Nope, I’m not a saint and I’m also not a super nice person either. It’s just that I remember not having anything and how very quickly it can happen. If you are interested in something like this in your area but aren’t sure where to go, call your local school district. They will know.

    • This is one of the best things I’ve read on a subscription box post.
      It really puts things into perspective. ❤

      • Yes it sure does!!

    • Plus around me, they dont have domestic violence place, or schools wont take items, and nor will churches etc, so I have not a clue what to do with stuff other then throw it away.

  6. I don’t care for BUm BUm, I even had their shower gel and do not like the smell too sweet, everyone has their own taste . One of my favorite creams smell and quality is ODE olive oil body balm omg smell like a soft citrus and super absorbing and great quality . That’s just my preference .

  7. Question- did anyone yet try their Laritzy beams in this month’s box? I did last night on my lids and I got an immediate allergic reaction. I also used it as a highlighter on my cheek and it didn’t do anything there. Just my lids were on fire and I had to put antibiotic balm on. I’ve never had a reaction with any product. Has anyone experienced this with the laritzy?

    • No problems with the Laritzy and in fact I like it quite a bit. The one they sent a couple of months ago, though–the one with larger metallic chunks in it–gave me an eyelid milia that I still haven’t gotten rid of.

  8. Regarding the use of spatulas for jar cosmetic items.

    Amazon sells a sealed package of around 100 tiny cosmetic application *disposable one use each* white spatulas for under $10.

    I use them with EVERYTHING in jars and I never ever put my fingers into a jar, nor do I reuse the spatula.
    Nurses know the last thing a person wants is a staph infection from sticking hands into a clean product, even with good handwashing.

    In the case of the RDJ cream, I’d not consider it high risk in the full sized jar because that cream is NOT supposed to go on the face at all. However, because of the way the jar lid threads are, I have had one jar evaporate. It was freaky funny to see. 😉

    • Perhaps transferring the cream to a bottle with a pump would be a better and more hygienic way to avoid contamination. And that way you don’t waste as much plastic, so its better for the environment.

  9. I personally find the scent cloying but the formula is outstanding. My legs felt like silk the one time I sampled it. I just couldn’t get over the scent, which lasts and lasts and is uber sweet and heavy.

    • I find it cloying too! I swapped for a Bum Bum sample after seeing so may people rave about it and just found it way too sweet.

    • If it’s too sweet for you, try the açaí version. Same super moisturizing and tightening effect. Totally different scent. I find it lightly berry with rose but very subtle.

      • Thanks for the suggestion – that sounds like a better scent for me.

  10. Do you know that they changed the formula to the Coco Cabana cream? I’m so happy we’re getting the Bumbum cream and in my birthday month. Yippie 👍😘
    Excited 😜

    • Yes! It’s no longer supposed to have that buttered popcorn smell, and it’s supposed to smell more coconutty. I think they also reformulated the actual lotion itself too, not just the scent.

      • I got one in my ipsy, it smelled like coconut popcorn to me lol.

      • Lol! Well, it’s a start!? 😀 I chose it as an add-on, and I should be getting it soon so I can’t wait to see what it really smells like. 🙂

      • I’ve tried recent samples from Sephora, too – still smells like popcorn. I guess it’s possible that they are old samples.

        Lot numbers on the bottoms of the jar reveal mfg date…if it starts with a 19, it’s probably the new scent

  11. ok I want the bun bun cream but I do not want the August box so when should I subscribe to get the September box only?

    • Not sure if you want the September box AND the October box, but I thought I’d mention that the Bum Bum cream is going to be coming in the October box, and not the September box. 🙂

  12. So excited to get this! Running low on the one I have this is my ultimate favorite cream.

    • Does everyone get the bun bum cream? I would subscribe if I was assured of getting that.

      • They haven’t revealed if this will be variation or not. We have to wait and see

  13. Very happy with this spoiler. I was on the fence about canceling after September but I think I’ll stick around 1 more month..

  14. Will the sol de jeniro be a mini

    • It’s most likely the smallest mini size…worth about $10. That same size was in the Allure box spring 2018.

  15. I can appreciate that many people really like the bum bum cream, but it will never be a hero item for me. I can’t stand it.

    • Sam here I don’t care do it either first off it’s in a jar which I find unsanitary , and I don’t like the smell . I just got the August box it was a bust . I’m only staying for now bc it’s $10.00 once that price is over I’m out ! This box is no way in heck worth $15.00

      • May I ask why you find it unsanitary for being stored in a jar?

      • Constantly digging your fingers in and out of an open jar is a less clean than a tube to me as well. I prefer a tube but since I only put products like this on after a bath or shower, I can live with it

      • I bought a bunch of tiny spoons/spatulas and use a clean one each time I use a tub of cream or moisturizer. It is a bit of a pain to wash them but it at least the cream stays cleaner.

      • I always use a clean applicator to remove products from a jar/tub. The vast majority of creams come in jars etc. For “Bum Bum” in particular I utilize the silicone surfboard applicator. Wash when done, easy peasy

      • Buy a small spatula and clean it off after use. I use one for my face creams that are in a jar.

      • I dislike jars since the shelf-life is less. I got some great Algenist samples a while back (they had three deluxe sized samples for $5 a while back, an eye cream a face cream and I think a moisturizer?) – but the eye cream and face cream seized up after a couple months as I wasn’t using the products every day. Finally I just started using the eye cream as a targeted fine wrinkle cream to use the rest of it up.

        And that happens to me with a lot of products in jars – it seizes up, or the oil spoils, or the scent fades, or it stops working, or for some body butters they even mold! I do like that I can usually access all the product, but it’s not worth the shorter shelf-life.

      • Many people prefer jars! That is why the REALLY $$$ stuff comes in jars- La Mer, Sisley, Tatcha, Sunday Riley, Lancome, Chanel. My Mom likes them because she can use every little bit of the product easily. 🙂 There are jars where you push down on a ‘cap’ to get the product out but they do not work well with many formulas. IMO, if you will be using something fairly quickly, a jar is fine. Active ingredients suffer the most in jars-think BHA’s, AHA,s, Vitamin C, Retinal. If I have a product like that I use it consistently as soon as I open it. Not liking jars for sanitary reasons is IMO is also personal preference. If the jar of cream is next to my bed or at work, I stick my fingers in it. In the bathroom I will often use a Q-tip to use a product in a jar. I am an Aesthetician so I cannot resist these questions!!

      • Infection Control Nurse here! The only problem I would have with something being in a jar is if it is being used communally, or if you aren’t washing your hands before each use, or leaving it open. I use the big jar of Cetaphil cream daily and I use clean hands each time. It’s mine. Nobody else in the house uses it. As long as hands and finger nails are clean prior to each use, contamination and/or cross contamination should not be an issue. Everyone has their particulars…

      • Based on your professional position, I am surprised to hear you say that you love jars, and then point to expensive creams…. Light and air RUIN the effective ingredients quickly!! Don’t all beauty gurus know the good stuff comes in a bottle void of light, with a pump?

      • Sarah, I actually feel the same as you 🙂 I know it’s all personal preference on how we choose to use our products, but products in jars have never bothered me for both keeping their efficacy and for sanitation purposes. In fact, sometimes I prefer jars because I feel I have better control in how much product I use as opposed to a tube or pump where it’s possible for me to get too much product, which I find wasteful since I want to use the product for its intended purpose and not the backs of my hands/neck/etc..

        I tend to stick to one product at a time resulting in me using them up in a reasonable amount of time before they go off due to air exposure or any other reasons. Plus, I always apply my skincare with clean hands to a clean face, and I’m the only person who uses my products, so no worries from me about contaminating myself. 😉 Also, I never scoop out my products, but rather just dab my finger in the jar so whatever product my finger touches attaches to my finger and immediately gets applied to my face.

        However, I do always use a scoop for thicker products in jars like masks or balms, but only because I feel like I have more control on getting the product out that way since these are types of products I’d have to scoop out. I prefer not too scoop out products… not for sanitary reasons but I just can’t stand it when product gets under my nails and I prefer not to use the back of my nail (regardless of how clean it is) to scoop out product, plus the heat from my finger can sometimes melt the balm making it hard to get out and thus frustrating me. lol

      • Jars are sometimes unavoidable…but anyone who spends $$ on anything with active ingredients are flushing it down the toilet.

        Skin care companies (like Paula’s Choice) who never use jars for any of their products are the ones you can really trust. Any comedy that values quality over marketability is one you want to give your money to!

    • Omg I feel you. I fell for the sol de Janeiro hype and bought the açaí body power cream as an add on on fabfitfun. What a mistake. Is the worst cream I’ve ever purchased. No joke. I’m hoping the bum bum cream is better.

      • I think they’re discontinuing the acai version. They’re not making new stock and the stock they are selling is OLD. It also smells like Grandmas cold creme…lol

  16. test

  17. Interesting the box is like 1” thick so this has to be a tube not jar. Either way I like it.

    • They’ve never put SDJ Bum Bum cream in a tube. This is most likely the 1-2 time use sample sized tub which WILL fit in the box. Super teeny sized

      • They most certainly have. I’ve gotten small tubes of the bum bum cream in, I believe, an ipsy bag or as an add-on. I squeezed it out of the tubes into the tub I had

      • Ipsy sends 25ml Bum Bum in a tube . I have got twice. They did sent coco cabana in tub though.

      • Not true Kathy. I have definitely received tubes of Bum Bum. Check the swap site, the tubes are on there.

      • I have 2 tubes of this right now. So it does come in tubes.

  18. I may need to get more than one box in October depending on the other spoilers!

    • Same here! Crossing fingers this isn’t a variation!

  19. Doesn’t everybody have it yet? I, for one, have at least 3 jars and while I like it, I don’t understand the hype. There are many others just like it.

    • It smells like nothing I have ever tried. Smells like heaven

    • Not everybody can afford to spend $135 on three jars of body lotion like you.. in fact $45 for ONE jar of body cream is pricey for a lot of people. I remember the days of not wanting to spend $13.50 on a bath & body works lotion. The smell is amazing and the quality is exceptional… which is why people love it..but it IS EXPENSIVE.. which is why the hype is still there

      • She could’ve gotten 3 sample jars at Sephora with points or in subscription boxes. There are also small ones that are sold for $20. Just because she has 3 tubs doesn’t mean she spent $135 on it. I have 4 (none full size) but didn’t pay full price for any of them, I’ve never even tried it. I have tried the body wash, it’s too heavy to swap! I do like the scent.

      • Thank you, Jackie. You are right – I have small jars from subscriptions. They are represented in almost every beauty box.

    • Yes. I havva ton of the SDJ creams. Even have the “biggie biggie” sized Bum Bum practically full. An Acai almost full. And a new Coco Cabana still unopened. Easy pass for ME personally

    • I have never received it in a sub box so I have never had the opportunity to try it.

  20. I don’t like the bum bum cream but my niece loves it! So, that will be worth it me. Hoping it’s not a switchbate item where they show a spoiler and then change it to a variation.

  21. Bum bum cream in October?? But, I’ll hours it for vacation & next summer. Cool

  22. Oooooh Yum Yum Cream! This smells delicious. I love the Coco Cabana Cream too 😋

  23. Brings to mind the Lynyrd Skynyrd song… “ooooh, that smell…” Yucch.

    • Thanks… now I have that song in my head 😉 but it’s a good one, so I really can’t complain. lol

      • 😂

  24. Seriously hoping this doesn’t wind up being a variation…

    I’ll be signing up for October if it isn’t.

    • When will we know of it is a variation of not?

  25. Dang it! I may have to resubscribe for the bum bum cream!

  26. Cool! A little goes a long way w/ this product, so I don’t mind it being a mini size. Allure, you’re doing great!

  27. Love it, but it will be a mini size

  28. Nice!

  29. Does anyone know if we can skip months on this subscription?

    • Sure can. But you have to call them and be very specific that you want to skip or they might cancel you subscription all together

    • I have successfully skipped several different months just by emailing them and my subscription resumes when I asked them to.

    • I just email them it’s easier at [email protected] dot com

      It’s so much easier to email that’s how I skip and cancel 👍

    • I chose to cancel with the August box. No regrets to this minute. Next time they have something of interest I’ll order via Amazon. Mucho Easier to cancel there

    • Yup, just call Allure. It automatically ships the following month. However, I would be very specific in stating I only want to cancel the one month. I just did it for the July box and August came as expected…actually earlier.

  30. Looks like I’ll be back for October 😍

  31. Hmmm. Bum Bum cream in October? I associate it with a different season, I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️. Still—it makes a nice, rich hand cream, sized for the bedside table! I like it! 👌

  32. Yes! I’ll sign up in oct just for this 🙂

  33. I’m excited for the Bum Bum cream. For me that’s worth the box. I received very small tubes of it from other sub boxes & love it. I’ve bought the large size jar & the fragrance spray.

    Now, sadly I received their Coco Cabana cream in a large jar from another sub box & I can’t stand that scent. The green jar smells line buttered popcorn. The cream itself makes your skin very soft but the smell of butter popcorn shod be reserved for eating, not smelling like it.

    • For me, it’s the other way round- I hate the smell of the original but love the Coco Cabana!

    • 😂 I received a single use sample and used one morning last week. I thought it smelled good, but then all day I kept wondering what that sweet smell was. I was in a meeting where they served hot granola, and initially thought that was what I smelled. By lunch I realized it wasn’t the granola, it was me!

    • And to me it smells like coconut, vanilla and marshmallows. I love it!

      • I alternate between thinking it smells like buttered popcorn and toasted coconut. Works for me either way.

      • That’s so funny, I didn’t know anyone else that smelled marshmallows and vanilla! I never smelled buttered popcorn

      • I think I only smell buttered popcorn because of all of the comments I’ve read prior to smelling it (power of suggestion, I guess), but otherwise I don’t think I would have ever thought it smelled like buttered popcorn. I actually don’t even pick up on that smell anyways unless I think about it. lol

  34. Yes, please. This is best body cream I’ve ever used. Please don’t let it be a variation item

    • I totally agree, Nat!!!!

  35. I’m excited for this purely on the basis that it swaps well.

    • I agree with the fact that this is an easy swap! I have three sitting waiting patiently to find their happy home

  36. And all the recent Allure haters change their minds in 3, 2, 1…

    • I haven’t, however I don’t doubt it Laritzy quality in their products are poor . It just gave me really dry eyelids. I dislike their products wish they stop sending them

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