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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

SlutBox by Amber Rose – October 2019 FULL Spoilers!

SlutBox by Amber Rose – July 2019 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the July SlutBox!

Each box will include:

  • Custom Makeup Bag – $12
  • Custom Bucket Hat – $15
  • Leven Rose Jamaican Black Castor Oil – $11.97
  • Perfectly Posh Dew Me Right So Soapy Bath Bar – $12
  • Rude Cosmetics Pickle My Face Hydrogel Mask – $3.50
  • Manna Kadar Cosmetics Long Wear Mineral Powder in Iris – $12
  • Doucce Ultra Precision Eyeliner – $22
  • Sexxxy Surprise (two mystery items) – $20

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: SlutBox

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code SLUTWALK to get $10 off your first box

The Products: Each SlutBox includes everything from beauty and body care to safe sex tools and useful activism how-to’s.

Check out our SlutBox reviews to learn more about this subscription box!


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Comments (50)

  1. I love Amber but they really need to restructure and flip this to a quarterly box. The quality would be so much better if they gave themselves more time to curate items and get deals together.

  2. I’ve always ignored the posts on this box before- didn’t know what I was missing, lol. You guys are hilarious.

    I’d love to get a movement going to get like 100,000 people to all agree to slam this box with new subscriptions all on the same day, then immediately cancel the sub and then have everyone flood Insta with pics in their orange bucket hats and pasties. I just want to see what happens, lol.

  3. This is one of the worst subs out there. I religiously come to read the comments. Unless someone decides to start virtue signaling, the comments are hilarious.

  4. I never read the copy under the pictures, but for some reason I did today…under the “soap” (soapy bath bar?) it says, “Don’t forget to wash your legs! :)” Is that something people routinely forget?

    • In May a twitter poll went viral asking people if they wash their legs in the shower. Over 850k people answered and 20% of people said they don’t. 😬 a bunch of other pop news websites wrote articles about it with funny twitter replies etc

  5. There is a lot of reviews on here I don’t read. I don’t have to read them all. Just the ones I’m interested in. Every time I see this box I immediately have to read it. I gotta see! 😂 So I enjoy reading these reviews. Thank you for doing them.

  6. I’m.not a big fan of the box or a customer.I do like some of the products that they have in the box, but what I I like most about this box is the beautiful pictures that are on the inside and in the product brochure, I like that it has women being powerful, artist and embracing their femininity. I think if Amber Rose took time to really listen to her subscribers and the former subscribers those box could really go somewhere.. but until then it lacks the spark that some hoped for… Great pictures though

  7. Maybe the people that like the box won’t speak up for fear of being shamed?? Just a thought 🙂 To each their own and all that.

    This isn’t my kind of box, but I still like to read the spoilers and reviews, just as I read the other boxes that I won’t ever purchase. Simple human curiosity keeps me reading, but I won’t judge anyone that does like this box. You do you boo! 😉 lol

    • It’s not what the box is about, it’s that this box has historically just had horribly cheap products, and not really even on theme. This looks like one of the better months, tbh. If you ever watch unboxings, check out Just Anne on YouTube for some really funny unboxings of this. 😂

  8. I was just thinking “wow no pasties” but then I saw that there are two mystery items and I bet one is going to be pasties 😂😂 they just can’t resist sending pasties EVERY. SINGLE. BOX.

  9. OMG, what a let down!!!! I decided to sub since there was a Groupon deal for $16, I since cancelled due to shipping/billing misleading. This box is Not worth $29.99. I didn’t receive the eyeliner or the second sexxxy surprise. Hopefully they will fix since I emailed them. What a rip off!!! Glad I only spent $16

  10. No lube, no condoms, no pasties – just an orange bucket hat. I feel cheated.

    • If only she thought to include bucket hat shaped pasties.

  11. I was happy with the first box that came out but I canceled after that one. I am glad I did. I found some of the items at the 99 cent store. They had a Smokey pallet one month at it was at the 99 cent store at the same time. So glad I cancelled.

  12. What exactly is “custom” about a plain, pink makeup bag and an ugly orange hat? WHO IS BUYING THIS BOX?

    • Custom made, courtesy of Alibaba. I found the exact same hat online for $4.57 and with a little more searching I bet I could find it for half that.

      This box just makes me scratch my head!

      • Oh wait…I misspoke, you actually get 2 hats for $4.57.

        So this one is worth $2.29 (I’ll give them the round up penny).

      • I suppose that 2 dollar hat could be considered the “hero item” too. It’s supposedly worth the most after the Doucce eyeliner.

        Good stuff. Where do I sign?

  13. Nothing says “slut” like an orange bucket hat.

    • Yes haha!


    • Especially when you wanna get with Gillian.

      • Gilligan. Dang my slutty thumbs.

      • I nearly spit out my coffee.
        I LIVE for the comments under this box. Your comment just made my morning!!

    • So if we all just bought the cheap 2 hat and put a slut tag on it but it’d be like we all have our own secret club and people would be like where did you get that awful awful hat. It would be great.

  14. I think it must be a tax break or something, because I can’t believe that there are enough subscribers for the box to break even, even when you take into account the lousy, low-quality and low-cost items on offer. I used to read the reviews (and comments) for a laugh, but I think I’m over it now. I think MSA should concentrate on some of the really good boxes out there that don’t get reviewed here. There are lots.

    • Agreed. The community has spoken, MSA: we are not interested.

      Time to move on.

      • Did I miss where we voted?

        It’s so annoying when people post for MSA to not review something because they personally don’t want to read it. There is no blood oath to read every post. In your words, time to move on.

      • Thanks for the diatribe. Time for YOU to move on.

      • Wow that was a bit mean, just cause she does not mind seeing boxes reviewed that you want removed. MSA gets the box for free so why not review it for our entertainment, some are hilarious like the beloved Oreo box. I don’t get this campaign for MSA to stop reviewing some boxes. Just skip the post no harm no foul.

      • You’re welcome!

        It’s not fair for you to have them all 😉

      • As for your question in regards to where we “voted”: read the comments — there’s an entire year’s worth.

      • Ok Tammy I hear ya, but lets look at the hundreds of negative comments about FFF this term, if there was a real tally our 40+ comments here are nothing in comparison. Common my friend, look at this as a comedy piece. Where else do you get to giggle at pasties and over valued no name makeup bags of which all us sub’ers have hundreds lol! Gimme a laugh 🙂

      • I actually love these reviews. No wait…I NEEEEEED these reviews. Whenever I get a crummy box that I regret spending money on, I just run over to MSA and pull up a SlutBox post and I instantly feel better knowing that things could be way way worse!

      • Karen I couldn’t agree more 😂 it’s a shame tho, because it really could be better. I sub’d for the one good box they had, and if they were all in that same ball park I’d still be a customer. Crazy box and all….(don’t think I could do it tho if I lived in an apt complex 😬)

    • 100% agree!


  16. Custom bucket hat…. this box must be a hit with someone or other because it’s STILL AROUND. Even after they stopped pretending this box had a theme or a real point, its just filled with randomness at this point.

  17. I would be happy with this month, actually, and I don’t think I’ve ever said that for it. lol.

  18. It’s a no from me.

    Why is this box still around?

    • Not why but how?? Who is buying this?!?

      • People who need to fill their junk drawers? 😂

      • Likely Amber Rose fans and people who purchase anything feminist related.

      • But is she really a feminist? I guess I just don’t see it.

      • The same people who bought the Trish Paytas box…

      • I had to look up who that was and whoa…..scary lol.

    • Dunno, guess there are folks out there who like being called derogatory names like slut and ho. Yes I get the concept of trying to make those words ok, but do they need to be? How about a campaign to remove those words from vocabulary across the board!
      My guess for the mystery items are samples of lube and pasties lol.

      • Haha or lube and condoms.

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