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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Pusheen Box Spring 2021 Spoiler #3

Pusheen Box Summer 2019 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the Summer 2019 Pusheen Box

Each box will include:

Source: franksnowshoe

  • Mini Keychain Flask
  • Pool Float
  • Salad Cup with Fork and Dressing Cup
  • Can Coolers – 2
  • Magnetic To-Do List
  • Bandana
  • Photo Holder
  • Sailor Pusheen Shirt
  • Sailor Pusheen Vinyl Figure

Here’s a closer look at a couple of the items:

Pusheen Box Summer Spoiler Long Sleeve Shirt with embroided pusheen sailor



What do you think of the spoilers?

Pusheen Box is $43.95 + $6 Shipping to the US.

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Pusheen Box

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Comments (31)

  1. I love Pusheen boxes, but it’s hard to justify needing everything in the box. But the things I do use, I use them very frequently. My popsicle molds are sitting unused from Summer 2017, but I use the coasters and the shirt. I ended up getting this one after the spoiler released because I felt that I can use everything in the box. I’m surprised I can still order this summer one, but pleased nonetheless.

  2. The photo of your cat wearing the bandana is so darn squishy delicious cuteness!! That got should be on the company website. A dor a bul!

  3. This is so great!! I love the bandanna!

  4. I used to love this box, but this box was kind of meh. It mostly felt like cheap dollar store junk. I was excited about the flask, but it holds 1oz. So I’m not sure what to put in it.

    The shirt is straight up hideous. The salad cup is the quality of something bought at a dollar store. The photo holder also feels cheap, and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do with a bandana. The cup holders are cute, but also kind of useless.

    I like the pool float, to do list and vinyl.

    • Agree! Box was full of dollar store junk! I could have just gone to the dollar store and then put Pusheen stickers on what I bought.

      I liked the shirt but have less than zero uses for the pool float. I don’t have a private pool and the city pools don’t allow any objects to be brought in. Considering what % of the population lives in cities, that makes a pool float useless to all of us. Big waste. Also, I can swim and wouldn’t use one anyway!

      That salad cup sucks so bad. Why send things for food that can’t go in the dishwasher? And where you have to stick your hand way into a dressing coated cup to spear some salad? Not a clean or easy way to eat salad. More garbage. Useless.

      The cap on the metal flask is some straight up cheap plastic that’s going to break and fall off a keychain. Otherwise I’d keep Advil in it. More garbage.

      The vinyl figurine is cute but after two full years I’m done with this box.

      • My response to “That salad cup sucks so bad. Why send things for food that can’t go in the dishwasher? And where you have to stick your hand way into a dressing coated cup to spear some salad? Not a clean or easy way to eat salad. More garbage. Useless.”

        It is supposed to be hand-washed, as well as many other cups and bowls and cooking supplies. And you don’t stick your hand all the way in. The fork is the perfect height to put it in without it getting dirty, and I know this because I tested it myself. Maybe you don’t even have to use it for salad!

        Think past what is in front of you before calling things “garbage” and “useless”

  5. My salad cup had a gross bug sealed inside. I’m not sure what to do with the flask. I can’t have anything like that on my keychain since I work at a prison. I can’t think of another use for it. I like everything else though. I will probably wear the shirt tomorrow to the movies since it gets chilly, and my daughter will like the float when we go swimming

    • Id love to take your flask from you! Trade or buy!

  6. My 10 yearold loves pusheen and has begged for this. For a good report card for the end of the year daddy bought a year subscription. I really wish they had smaller sizes, and what about those who don’t drink? Or kids, I mean it is Pusheen. This is her second box and I feel bad for her because she’s so excited to get it. I guess we should have researched it better. Her first box was filled with “out of the office” gear and desk supplies etc. THIS IS NOT A BOX THAT IS FOR KIDS. If you have a pusheen crazy kid (makes sense right, it is a cartoon/emojii/stuffed animal) save the money and them the crushing disappointment and just buy them a stuffy or figurine in the store.

    • It’s not really a box for some adults as well. I am in the same situation as your kid and I’m 40. I am a dress size 2 so all of their apparel swamps me, I don’t drink liquor, I don’t work in an office and as far as the pool stuff goes, I don’t go in pools or out into the ocean. I still think the stuff is cute though and I always swap out or sell things I don’t want/need/use. IMO the box ends up paying for itself even if you only keep a couple of things. Understood though it can be disappointing for a kid. You could always make your own seasonal box 🙂 Amazon & Claires I believe sells Pusheen stuff.

    • Cartoons stopped being just for kids ever since the Simpsons came out decades ago. I think this box is too expensive for kids and I’m always surprised to see anything for children in it. That being said, I think there should be a children’s box separate from the regular box. I’m in my 40’s and don’t want jump ropes or pool floats. There should be a box with plushies and toys for children, too.

      • Yes, the skipping rope in the last box was a head scratcher. I’m 48. This is a box for adults. Not sure if it’s lucrative to create a child’s only box.

        I’d love to see Pusheen hangers, wallets, bags, totes, collector glass cups, collector pins, larger plushies, larger vinyl figures (summer 2018), tech items like the USB fan, cable figures, chargers, Puffy or foil stickers, blind figure boxes, table mats, bento boxes, winter gloves/scarf set, q tip holder/dispenser, little cute notebooks…

        I wasn’t keen on the shirt, pool float, photo holder, plastic cup, Bandana…so it was a pass this season…

      • I would have loved if the banana was larger and satiny, a dressy scarf. Especially with the sailor theme. I’d have worn it to work then, if the fabric lent itself to office wear.

        I’d be happier with fewer items if they were better quality.

      • But it would also be “lucrative” to make an only adult box on something like this. Pusheen was created to be for all ages. I know how every box does not have to be a child’s box, but why can’t it be both?

  7. So we don’t get a cute kitty in each box?

    I is sad. 🙁

    • We get a plastic figure. I thought we get a plush but I guess not each month. Though I do have a cute collection now.

  8. Ohhhhh, so sweet! I just love Pusheen! Cannot wait to get my box!!! The Salad Container looks adorable! My two favorite subscriptions are Pusheen Box and Margot Elena Discovery Box!

  9. I just got my box and it’s too cute as usual. I can not quit this box. The shirt is really nice and the little flask is adorable. Everything is.

  10. Gosh, I really wish I could justify getting this sub! Every time, it’s cuteness overload!

    • I always think the same thing 🙂 I really want this box cause everything’s so cute, but for me I just don’t see myself really using a lot of it, but yet I still want it. lol! Well, I do have a few Pusheen related things on my desk at work, and I love what a kick those who are familiar with Pusheen get out of seeing everything. 🙂 I’ve mentioned the subscription box to a couple of co-workers that love Pusheen, but I think the subscription box model is something they just can’t get their minds wrapped around. lol!

  11. This box is the cutest thing!

  12. I was looking for the pool float! Lmao…That’s a good value box – look at the size of the float!

  13. I’m constantly impressed with the creativity and usefulness of items in the Pusheen boxes. Not to mention how unique and super cute they always are.

    I was planning to cancel to save money and I forgot. Glad i did! 🙂

  14. This is an amazing box! I don’t have a pool, but everything else is great! I love that shirt. The kitty in the picture is soooo cute!! I got my shipping notice so I should have this any day now!

  15. I like the spoilers, but the cat is not looking thrilled. “I hope no one I know sees me in this getup” LOL.

    • Lol! My first thought was “Kitty!!!”, but then thought how it looks exactly like how my cat looks when I put her Santa hat & beard (with mouse stuck in beard) on her during Christmas. She looks pissed off in every Christmas photo. lol!

    • I think the kitty is super cute!!

  16. Cutest cat ever!! Don’t tell my cats.
    I’m mehhhh about the boxes lately.
    Sad that I’ve lost interest. Hopefully next quarter.
    Also, who else is perplexed my the long sleeve shirt in summer.
    I live in Miami and it’s in the triple digits!! Hot, Hot, Hot!!

    • I am guessing since it is a “sailor theme” being in the open water gets cold, that a my guess at least.
      I’m excited for it, just because it gets cold where I live so I’ll be able to wear it later, and I didnt have a Pusheen long sleeve shirt

    • From Georgia, I agree, Lisa! It’s the Cape Cod look, I guess. The last time I was in Massachusetts, the time of year was August, and I was still too cold to wear shorts.

    • It is a long sleeve for protection from the sun

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