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Ipsy August 2019 Glam Bag Spoilers Round #2!

We have more spoilers for the August 2019 ipsy glam bag!

If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

First, we have a look at the August bag design:

Here are some products Ipsy will be sampling this month:

  • Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Trophy Wife
  • Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream
  • Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara
  • Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream
  • IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Gel Lotion
  • Youth to the People Superfood Antioxidant Cleanser
  • belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb
  • Buxom Big Tease Plumping Mascara

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Pixi by Petra Blush in Peach Parfait

SLMISSGLAM E61 Angled Shadow Brush

Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extension in Brynn

Suva Beauty Eyeshadow in Coriander, Turmeric, and BBQ

Ahava Dead Sea Water Mineral Body Lotion

Nanette Lepore Beautiful Times Eau de Parfum

Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask

Vasanti Cosmetics Concealer Buffer Brush

INC.REDIBLE Jelly Shot Lip Quencher

What do you think of the spoilers? If you haven’t signed up for Ipsy yet, click here to skip the waitlist!

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  1. Ipsy has a new customization feature available for many accounts (glam bag AND plus!). Log on & check yours!

    I was able to pick Coco Cabana for my bag!

    • I was able to choose a a product for my August Glam Bag too, that sent me an email. I chose the Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream! I was so glad that I got to pick that because I really wanted it! After I chose that it took me to a 24 hour flash sale page where I bought some Pixi by Petra stuff and a setting powder/setting mist set for only $10! I love their flash sales because they always have such good deals!

    • Last month I had to use a link and go incognito mode. This month it popped up on my app. I am getting coco cabana as well.

    • I chose that one too! Hoping it’s the same size as the little bum bum in stores because that’s worth like $25! I really like the bum bum & this one says it’s a new formula & updated scent so I’m excited.

      • It is 25 ml it says so in details. I think that is $10 size?

      • Oh man! The bum bum from FFF was 75ml so this is going to be sooo small!! 🙁

    • I chose the SR Tidal for my regular bag and the Ahava mask for Ipsy+ 🙂

      For the flash sale I chose:
      Beauty Rest Skincare Set
      Hydrate & Glow Set
      Patchology Sheet Mask
      Both Midflower Sheet Masks
      I’m pretty happy there were finally items I wanted to purchase during this month’s flash sale. For the past two months I skipped it. Oh! and I also got today’s Ipsy offer too! Ipsy sure got my $$$ today!

      • What’s the flash sale? I check the site for ipsy offers regularly but haven’t seen a flash sale. Thanks!

    • Is the customization only available for some accounts (I don’t see it)? Does it matter if you’re using the app or the website?

      • Right now it’s by email only. It might be something they’re testing out before opening it up for all of us to be able to customize 1 item. The only way to do it is by clicking on the link they provide in the email that takes you to their site. The links can’t be shared and won’t work if someone tries to share it.

      • I never got email but it showed up on my app when I went on.

      • I also never got an email, but when I logged into the site I got a pop-up inviting me to choose an item.

      • Does it say “personalize me”? I am on my laptop, and it shows that at the top of my page but won’t let me click it. I never get the emails, but I am on an annual sub, and I think that might be why.

    • I chose the Belif eye bomb. I was really hoping the slmissglam brush would be an option. That’s #1 on my wish list. Really hope it shows up in my bag or at least as an add-on.

      • I’m not seeing that option…

    • Yay, I’m so glad it worked for me this month! I chose the Huda lip contour. I wanted the Tidal Cream and Belif Eye Bomb too, but I’m sure I’ll be able to add those on for $3 (as opposed to the $12 Ipsy charges for Huda products). I’m hoping the shade will be a decent match with last month’s Smashbox lippie (which I LOVE but hoo boy does it need a liner).

      • I’ve logged in trying to get this on my account and I never see a place for me to pick or choose anything. What am I doing wrong??

      • It’s for one day only like the add ons sale, then it’s gone.

      • oh boo. how are you supposed to know when it is?

      • The only way I knew is because they sent me an email for my regular bag to choose 1 product. It didn’t say anything that we could choose a Plus item too. I didn’t know until it was too late. So I didn’t get to pick one for the Plus bag 🙁

        I don’t know if it will be on the same date each month like the add ons are. This one came on the 24th, so I’ll be looking to see if it’s the same date in Aug. They said we’ll be able to choose 1 item from now on.

    • Where do you find it? I’d love to be able to pick something.

      I’m thinking of cancelling birchbox and switching back to ipsy every month. Much better selection. (I just like boxes better than bags, sigh)

      • I have birchbox, allure, boxy and both ipsy bags. I absolutely adore the birchbox boxes too. Just wish the products were a little better… I just can’t seem to cancel! Lol

      • When you go on Ipsy app or website probably as well I just use app it pops up as soon as you go on. But I don’t think it shows up for everyone and it was only up few hours. I suggest you check out Reddit beauty box site people always share when stuff like that comes up.

  2. I NEED THE PERFUME. I have never gotten perfume with Ipsy and I’ve been with them
    nearly two years!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever received a perfume from them either. 🙁 I think it’s time 😉

      • I get perfumes all the time and wish I would NOT

      • Can you opt out of perfumes?

      • Yes you can. I emailed them asking to opt out due to allergies

  3. Agreed! I have at last count 126 full/deluxe sized mascaras! The one thing I like about Ipsy is if you don’t get what you want, there’s the possibility of it being available as an add-on. I get the regular and glam bag plus and I’m crossing my fingers that I get the It Cosmetics Bye Bye foundation (in the correct shade) If not, I hope it’s available as an add-on…….

    • Wow! I’m impressed. 😉 I love getting mascaras in boxes, and I have a substantial collection of mascaras (both deluxe & full size), but I’ve never bothered counting them. I’d like to think though that I don’t have that many, but I’m too scared to count. Lol! How did you acquire all of those mascaras? Do you still buy mascaras in-store too? I’m intrigued! 🙂

      • These are from sub boxes over about 2yrs between myself and my daughter (she doesn’t use mascara. They’re all in a box, none have been opened, but I’m still concerned about expiration dates. I have about 6 that I rotate through. I don’t buy, nor do I plan on buying mascara until the next ice age lol

      • These are from about 2 yrs of various sub boxes from both myself and my daughter (she doesn’t use them). I can’t remember the last time I bought a mascara!

      • Wow! I knew subs liked to include mascaras, but I didn’t think that many in only two years! (even 2x subs). I think there are some beauty subs I’m missing out on 😉 😀

    • I had two boxes ordered for their glam bag twice.itwas my mistake. I ordered on another email. When I called customer service she said she would like to give me the choice if Huda palettes. I replied right away but she couldn’t do it. So when I found out I had two orders I asked them please do not send me the darkest bronze palette. Well I received two dark palettes and they won’t do anything for me. So I cancelled all three subscriptions today.

    • Holy cow you have that many mascaras? That is one item I have no problem finding a new home for. Bronzers no one wants 😂

    • I’m pretty damn happy with these options, last month they REALLY missed the mark on pretty much everything 😕 I think I ended up actually using 2 items and trying 3. But I’d be happy getting any combination of what I’m seeing so far. But that means next month probably gna suck, I’ve noticed that to pretty much be how they work…

      • Yeah, last month was awful for me. Three items I had marked as “rarely” send me, two of those in shades I *also* had marked as “rarely” send me. Ipsy was asleep at the wheel, it seems.

  4. I had a “one time only” accommodation order from IGBP sent out to me (Huda palette smokey eyeshadow). Unfortunately, it came shattered. They refused to replace my broken palette because of their “one time only” policy.

  5. I love MSA … but, that being said…. why the endless days of a “featured” box long after interest has waned?? …. PSMH summer was an incredibly wonderful box and did not even get 1 day “featured”…. doubt interest in that box has tanked to almost extinct recognition…. as is evident here…. ?? … just curious what makes a box a “featured” over another??

    • What is PSMH?

      • PopSugar Must Have, if I’m not mistaken.

      • Thank you!

    • Pop Sugar MH Summer box is sold out though. Nobody wants to see a featured box that isn’t even available any more. The very name of this site implies how much we all love our subscription boxes.. they CAN be very addicting… which means FOMO runs rampant across these posts.. when something is sold out it kinda feels crappy to see it featured day after day as a reminder that you missed out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I suspect that’s the reason PSMH wasn’t featured

      • Thank you Nina!!

    • I wonder the same thing. Some posts linger as the highlighted “featured” post for so long that now I have a tendency to skip over the featured post entirely, whether its stale or brand new. I don’t even mean to do it, but I think after clicking on the same featured post a few times I subconsciously stopped reading them.

      • I’m not sure if MSA gets paid to have an old box as it’s featured post, but I hope they do because they are getting money for nothing (I ignore them as well).

      • Haha so agree

      • I assumed it was an advertising purchase. Which I’m fine with.

    • I’m tired of the featured box feature, period. But, yeah, it wouldn’t be so bad if they rotated it daily or every other day.

  6. I still haven’t received my July bag. I’m curious why they continue to use DHL to deliver to the post office. My po still hasn’t even received my package and the dhl shows a message saying sorry there’s been a delay and it’s just sitting since the 9th and only moved once on the 17th. I ordered off Etsy from Louisiana on the 17th and that was delivered on the 19th. I’m in Indiana so Kentucky is much closer than Louisiana. I love my Ipsy bags but dhl is horrible

    • Agree!! I’m still waiting on my Ipsy GBP; it shipped on the 9th, sat in NC for five days, finally moved now it’s been sitting in St Louis for three days with no movement and also now says there’s been a delay. I HATE DHL! My Ipsy bag did have a delivery estimate of the 19th, but that didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll get it next week. I’ve ordered from Target, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Ulta in between the time my Ipsy bag shipped to now, and received all those orders but not Ipsy!

      • If you order add ons, it will take a little longer as well.

      • It doesn’t take longer to get your Ipsy bag if you purchase add-ons!! I purchase add-ons just about every month and my bag doesn’t come later than everybody else’s, that’s crazy people saying there bags come later if you buy add-ons that’s not true my bags come the same time everybody else’s come add-ons or not!!

      • I ordered add ons for both GL and GBP this month and BOTH arrived 7 to 10 days LATER. I dont know if that is why or not. But I do track dates of when I receive my subs each month. My Ipsy GB arrived June 10th but July arrived 07/20 much later
        My Ipsy GBP arrived June 12th but July 07/18 much later!
        For June I had NO add-on’s for July I DID have add-ons.
        My opinion based on these two months is that adding ADD-Ons does make the bags take LONGER to arrive. But that’s all I have to go on as I just started in June with BOTH GB & GBP.

      • I get 2 bags and when I order add ons, that bag has always taken longer–however this month I didn’t order any add ons, and both bags were delayed with DHL and I just got them. I also see people in certain areas get their bags faster than I do, but I definitely get the add on bag (as well as whenever I get a points gift) much later.

      • I believe somewhere Ipsy states that bags with add ons may take a little longer. I can’t remember where I saw that, most likely a comment on one of their social media platforms. Because I’m on a fixed income, I often cannot pay for my bags until the 3rd, which causes delays but this month is the latest I’ve ever gotten my Ipsy (due on the 25th)

    • My GBP shipped July 6…still isn’t here. This happens every month, with or without add ons. I never get to use the products in time to review them for the next box. Apparently, the employees in Hebron, KY are slower than molasses on a cold winter day. I had my Body on the 6th of this month and have never gotten it later than the 12th.

    • I’m wondering the same thing. I wish they would just use USPS instead of DHL transferring to USPS for final delivery. It is now the 22nd and I still haven’t received my glam bag. It’s been this way for the past few months. It’s getting later and later each month. I’m wondering if IPSY really did send it to DHL or if they just sent the notification that it would be shipping since there was no movement for 9 days. It shows in route to DHL on July 8 and then on July 17 it arrived at DHL. It just got transferred to USPS this morning so it will be another day or two before I receive it.

      • Same with the DHL shipping. I haven’t gotten my regular or my plus bag yet (even though they use FedEx for the regular bag). I wish they’d just use USPS for the entire trip for both bags!

      • Agreed. Someone else has already said what I’m about to say, but, I know someone who worked for DHL. Your package will sit somewhere in dhl’s hands, in a bin or truck headed to a certain area until DHL feels it is a large enough load of bulk packages to be cost worthy enough for them to go ahead and move it along. And that’s the bottom line. Can you imagine working for them and knowing your own packages are sitting in the same building as you are and there’s nothing you can do about it?
        That’s how they do things… I’m curious to know if USPS gets any $ out of this?

    • I totally agree dhl to usps sucks. I believe in the beginning of 2018 they used dhl direct and didn’t use the post office. I received my items much faster.
      I have no idea why they changed it to usps after dhl. Seems like a waste of money time and gas. It’s ridiculous

  7. To everyone complaining about too much mascara, did you guys update your preferences? I do it two days before the new bag launches and havent got mascara ever again. Does that not work for you guys??

    Also, has anyone experienced any issues recieving their bag? I’m still waiting for my June bag!! They’ve sent two accommodations yet I never received ANY of them and its mid July WTF 🙁

    • I update. Seems to actually get worse

    • I don’t know about anyone else but that was the first thing I did when the new preferences came out. I also regularly check/change any preference based on spoilers that come out and I still got mascara this month (though it is the only month I’ve gotten it). I haven’t gotten my July bags yet, but if I were you I’d email customer service (I wish they had an 800 number) and make sure they sent it to the correct address. Do you have tracking for your bag?

    • I update and it makes it worse
      I too did not get my June gbp. They’ve sent an accommodation that I still have not received and it’s been 15 business days. I sent another email saying I have not received it and no reply yet. If there’s no reply tomorrow I’m calling

    • I’ve received mascara even after updating my quiz to reflect that I don’t want it. Same with blush, sheet masks, and eye shadow. To Ipsy, “rarely” seems to actually mean “whenever we want.”

  8. This is why I love Ipsy best out of all of my Beauty Box subs! I love every product in this spoiler! Especially the Sunday Riley product and the Wander Beauty peel off mask! If I don’t get either of those in my bag I’ll for sure be getting them as add ons! Ipsy has been hitting it out of the park with my Glam bags! My july bag was AMAZING, I love every single product and add on!

  9. In case anyone is interested, I got the 5 piece mystery bag that looks like the green one above. It is a soft coral and the bag is made of slick, flexible material-great for a beach bag! I hope to get the green or another color in August. The bag is nothing like the black September bag from a couple years ago we were comparing it to. That one was thick with structure, with defined studs. This one is more of a huggable feel and they aren’t really studs like the black one. The black one seemed like better quality, but I love this one too.

    • Yea it’s def diff than the one I was comparing it to from awhile back. For whatever reason, this one is so satisfying to the touch. As soon as I brought it out of the package, I knew I’d keep it around somewhere. The color and texture is also summery to me. Wonder if this bag will be same but matte instead of shiny…

      • Yes, it does look kind of matte in the green! I love the summery bag too.

    • What came in your bag?

      • I got the same bag someone shared on Reddit. I gave some of it away so I will try to describe from memory. 2 sheet masks, Avocado Honey water balm (SUCH a nice night cream! Really rich and creamy!), Purlisse watermelon face polish, spirulina clay face mask, and a sunscreen moisturizer.

    • Not to put you on the spot, but do you mind sharing what you got in your mystery bag? I know everyone’s contents would be different, but I am a newbie to Ipsy and so far I have been so impressed especially at the cost.

      • Do you mean July’s bag?

      • If you mean the coral 5 piece mystery skin care bag, I posted right above you. I gave all the masks away, but I love the avocado water balm for a night cream. It would be great for dry skin, but even though mine isn’t, I love it at night. Very rich and so moisturizing! I want more! I’m also going to use up the tiny sunscreen moisturizer sample.

  10. I’m still waiting for my June gbp. They supposedly sent an accommodation box but that tracking has not updated same with my July gb and gbp.
    Ever since they switched from DHL delivering directly from them instead of the new way where it gets shipped by dhl to my home state then switches to usps there has been long delays in shipping and arrival of my bag and boxes.

    • OMG I’m not alone!!! I havent got my June bag either and have been shipped TWO accommodations bags which have NOT arrived either! Shipping hasnt updated since the day they were first processed. B/c of that I opted out for July. I hope they fix it b/c I’m SO looking forward to August bag. I feel like I missed out on all the HUDA goodies this month :'(

    • Omg mine said it was delivered today and it wasn’t!!! Freaking out!!!

      • It may show up tomorrow. Strangely enough this has happened with packages that say delivered. The were delivered to your local USPS and will hopefully be actually delivered by your carrier tomorrow. That’s what is happening with mine just fyi. It didn’t say delivered today it says out for delivery tomorrow. But if your case lets hope it shows up tomorrow and wasn’t stolen. Good luck…

      • I’ve had that happen where you think it’s going to be delivered but it’s actually delivered to usps. I got 4 other people’s packages… One was definitely an Ipsy Glambag delivered in a locked mailbox by USPS. The other 3 were tossed at my door, UPS, FEDEX & Amazon. None of them had my name and they each had a different name and address. The only common thing is the apartment number and zip code. I delivered one because it was just one building over. The other 3 I took to the clubhouse. I’m going to blame this on the heat! 100 + 69% humidity?!!!

  11. My Glam Bag Plus said enroute since July 6th and zero tracking info available on it either. Ugh. I can usually track my bag. N my Plus shipped a week prior to my regular ipsy which arrived TODAY. Sounds like my Plus is lost. Ugh

    • Mine was the same way and finally says it updated to processed today.

      • I finally got my GBP today. THANKS so much

      • Carla,
        Did it ever show tracking movement or nothing and just arrived?

      • I did finally see an update but it was the day before the item arrived. My regular GB is suppose to arrive tomorrow. So hoping it does make it to me and that yours also arrives.

    • Same here, til yesterday. Now it says my GBP will come on the 20th and my regular bag will come a few days after that. But they want me to hurry up and review my products now!! Gits!

    • You should get it today, Sat. Same thing here but received today

      • I finally received my GB today. Had finally also received GBP two days ago.

  12. Hello, should I be concerned that my Ipsy Glam Bag has yet to arrive? It says en route since July 9th. I did add a few add ons on wonder if that is where the delay is and should worry about it. Thanks for any responses. Carla

    • Delays are normal. Where DHL is involved, nothing gets anywhere promptly.

    • I also hear that delays are typical when add-ons are included. It varies by person, but the general consensus is this is the case.

    • Mine said the same thing until today. It finally moved one state. I did have one add on and a rewards points item. I’m hoping they all arrive this month. Last month, both were missing.

    • No.mine was shipped on the 7th and still isnt here!! Smh!! Love Ipsy but come on with the shipping issues?!!

    • I work for usps , dhl will sometimes hold packages for over a week because they don’t think its worth the gas or man power just to deliver 20 or 30 small packages a day. So they wait till the have enough to fill 2 large shopping carts worth and then bring it all at once. This is pretty standard especially if you live in a rural town. Hope that helps explain things a little. USPS will then deliver them the next day.

      • It’s nice to have some inside info! Thank you for sharing that!

      • Thanks Adeline, I’m in Chicago. BIG CITY so they wont need to wait that long. Perhaps its cause I did have add ons in each my GB and GBP. Thanks for kindly replying.

      • Hi Adeline 🙂
        I agree 100% with what you said. DHL had my GBP sitting a 5 hour drive away from the main postal hub here in Michigan for 12 Days…no movement at all. On the 13th day, they finally drove it to the main postal hub in Grand Rapids, MI and got it there at about 11:45 pm. Guess What ????? That postal facility had that box on their truck within an hour or 2 and had it delivered to my local post office around 7 am.

        My local post office got it on the delivery truck and I had my package by noon !!!!!

        The problem is definitely DHL. None of us should have to wait 2 full weeks to get a package once it’s in their hands. Ipsy got it sent out & the 2 post offices in my State got it to me 12 hours after they had it. They also kept up with tracking notifications every step of the way. Very Much Appreciated.

    • My Glam Bag Plus said enroute since July 6th and zero tracking info available on it either. Ugh. I can usually track my bag. N my Plus shipped a week prior to my regular ipsy which arrived TODAY. Sounds like my Plus is lost. Ugh

  13. Got my July regular glam bag yesterday, the Hempz lotion had exploded all over the inside! I reached out to IpsyCare with pictures of the carnage and they’re sending replacements, so I’m super pleased with the customer service!

    Also, the lotion smells AMAZING. I’m excited for August! I’d be happy with any of these spoilers!

  14. Just got the July ipsy bag. Two of three add-ons I requested and paid for are missing. An item I didn’t ask for was enclosed. No good, ipsy! I emailed and asked that they either send the two missing items or refund me $6.42. I also offered to send back the unrequested item if they supply a mailing label. The five regular items they selected for me are fine and I’m happy about those.

    • Update: ipsycare replied and said they would send the missing items. A shout-out to Dana Leigh for being so prompt and nice!

  15. Ugh I just got my Ipsy glam bag plus box and it’s missing the add on. My Huda pallete looks like it may have been swatched as well. Bummed. I emailed Ipsy care to check on my add on. I don’t need more highlighters so I’m not gonna ask for a replacement it sucks to see this box decline.

    • They totally messed up my add ons this month too. I bought a $12 and two $3 add ons. I got two totally different $3 add ons than what I ordered that I will never use. So $18 extra for nothing. Yup, emailed Ipsycare. Thinking they are going to be VERY busy this month.

    • I got my bag today and was missing all three add-ons. Emailed Ipsy and they’re sending out a replacement order. I was missing a lip balm last month and didn’t bother to contact them about it. I think I might lay off add-ones for a while.

      • Wow they must have really screwed up shipping this time around. I opened my glam bag plus to find a $3 add on I never ordered. I went into my account because I remember looking at the add one but I didn’t order anything. Sure enough… I didn’t. I wonder how many got add one they didn’t order and how many didn’t get theirs at all.

      • Update: My accommodation order has been shipped so I should be getting my three add-ons soon. Or, at least before my August bag arrives. Good customer service.

    • I received an ipsy offer that had obviously swatched products, and a lip balm had the seal removed and had been used. They must have gotten a return and then sent it on to me-which is not sanitary! I asked if they resell returns, and they would not disclose either way. So I would return your swatched product and ask them if they do re-sell returns. Gross! Sorry that happened to you!

    • I had two boxes ordered for their glam bag was my mistake. I ordered on another email. When I called customer service she said she would like to give me the choice if Huda palettes. I replied right away but she couldn’t do it. So when I found out I had two orders I asked them please do not send me the darkest bronze palette. Well I received two dark palettes and they won’t do anything for me. So I cancelled all three subscriptions today.

  16. I went to sephora this past weekend after seeing a spoiler for the coco cabana, I wanted to check it out. It smells like buttered popcorn to me. I thought it was gross. To each their own, that’s why there are a million perfumes cuz everyone likes something different. But this is something I would never put on.

    • I personally prefer the scent of this one over the original scent (which is disgusting to me).
      As you said- to each his own!

  17. I just love subscription boxes i currently only subscribe to 3 different ones hope to try out more!! So excited for ipsy for this months t o arrive and excited every month to see whats next i just love surprises sin e i signed up i learned new things about myself that i didn’t know so now im e pressing my self more!!! S o glad that i signed up thanks fabfitfun ipsy boxycham and singles swag love all you products

  18. I’m excited for August

  19. Soo tempted to join Ipsy just for the Sunday Riley and coco cabana cream

    • You aren’t guaranteed those items, but I’m guessing they might be available as add ons. I’ve been with Ipsy for almost 3 1/2 years. I’ve tried other subs as well and this is the only one I have not cancel or skipped.

      • Me too, Dawn! It’s my favorite box and now I’m looking for a few more! I told myself 3-4 subs and that’s it! Haha (I I hope it is)!

      • Lol! Which ones do you get?

  20. Awesome!! Thank you!!

  21. I would Love Wander Beauty and Thrive Mascara and bum bum cream the original, not the new scent! Please, thank you, and I really like the Bag especially because they will prob have it in different colors, I hope.. as I have the Black one and would like ❤️💙💚💜💗🧡💛

    • Ipsy goes by your profile, my subscription addiction has no control over what you get hon.

      • I think she’s talking to Ipsy, not MSA, hon.

      • Hi Kristen, Where you posting about me? I’m not sure who hon, is? And if you were, I was just posting what My Subscription Addiction asked us to post.

  22. I am so bradley wanting the cocoa cabana cream, the teal brush and the lip quencher. I hope I get all three. Hate the bag. Worst bag ever.

  23. That Wander Beauty mask is awful! Hoping for the Sunday Riley cream or the Coco Cabana and that Jelly Lip looks interesting. Love the leather bag!

  24. There are literally only five things on this list I would even want: the two brushes, belief eye bomb, the perfume, and the Wander Beauty peel off mask. But I love the bag, soooo……… I already have the Superfood cleanser; it left my skin feeling gross, sorta slimy. And I already have the Huda Lip Contour in Trophy Wife. Hopefully there are some other items or good add-ons!

    • At this point, I am keeping the sub for the potential add ons.

      • Too bad you can’t just buy the add-ons. It sometimes seems silly to spend $10 plus tax on stuff you’d never buy otherwise.

      • I absolutely love the add ons, it would be awesome if they did it more frequently and let us pick a couple more!! ❤️

  25. Please more spoilers for the GBP!!!

    • I second this!!!🙌🏻

      • I agree

    • Me too! At this point the regular bag looks more impressive than plus. Tidal cream, coco cabana, hoping for one of them but know it’s a gamble with so many variations.

  26. That coco cabana cream stinks so bad 🤢

    • Hahaha I so agree with you! It smells like fake buttered popcorn! Like I rubbed buttered popcorn jellybeans all over my body. I did not like it! 😂 So glad I’m not alone!

      • Oh it’s the worst. I tried it and it was terrible. I wanted to toss it but a friend wanted it and I passed it along. A few days later she confessed to throwing it away 🤣

      • Omg that is priceless! Made me laugh! Thank you!

    • I think it’s snells delicious! My boyfriend always compliments me when I wear it. He picks up the subtle coconut notes. I feel like it smells better on than in the jar as well. Somehow the body chemistry brings the scent to a higher level. Just my opinion tho 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • *smells lol.

      • I love it too!!!

    • I think the Bum Bum stinks but I have been wanting to try this.

    • I agree! I thought I was the only one who hates the smell! It literally gives me a headache! 🤮

  27. I am pausing my GBP and just get the Glam Bag. If there is something full size I want, perhaps I can buy it an add on!

    • I wish I had your strength, Amy! That seems a smart way to do it, but so far I have let FOMO get the best of me!

  28. WOW! Amazing selection this month. I would like the Tidal and Huda lip.

    • Me too!!

  29. Is it me or is there some Pixi by Petra in every box? I am not a fan… maybe because you can buy it at Target but it doesn’t seem high end.

    • That’s funny you mentioned you can buy Pixi at Target because I didn’t realize Target sold it until I saw it there last week.

    • Pixi is pretty expensive even at Target I love the Glow Tonic but have found it for less at their website than at Target.

      Other than the Glow Tonic I am not a Pixi fan.

    • I noticed that too. But since I’m a huge Pixi fan, I’ve been loving it! lol I didn’t really think about it until now, but now that you brought up Pixi’s frequency up, I think I have received a Pixi product in my last 3 or 4 bags (including this month’s Ipsy+).

    • I’m not a fan of Pixi and wish I could opt out of the brand. It isn’t because its sold at Target (or anywhere else) I just haven’t liked anything I’ve tried from them. I am getting the glow tonic, in my GBP and ugh!

  30. Hope I get the Thrive mascara and Jellyshot lippie!! I really wish they would quit with the Benefit Rollerlash mascara, it’s not new and really not that great and seems to be in every other month, I’m so over seeing that one!

  31. Tempted to pause my glam bag plus and do the regular bag for August. Hopefully I can do add on’s of any of the other good items. love the bag!

  32. Really wished Ipsy had some super flash sales today with the Boxy Pop-up Shop. Boxy pop-up items and prices were stellar!!! Kept checking Ipsy but there was nothing.

    • Yeah Ipsy should take note of boxy pop up sale that was one amazing sale !!! Which Ipsy would take note

    • Ipsy has a sale every single day, of the week! Check the ipsy offers, some great deals.

  33. It’s funny, but I have found that the regular IPSY bag ends up having a far better curation (for me) than the IPSY PLUS. But I so love the full size products I get in the Plus…lol, I guess I will just have to keep both bags!

    IPSY has been killing it lately!

    • You sound just like me 🙂 I re-subbed starting in February this year, and with the exception of one bag (that was a 4/5 for me), all of my bags have been 5/5! But, my Ipsy+ could use some improvement since I average either 2/5 or 3/5 each month. I don’t think I’ve ever had even a 4/5 box yet. 🙁 But despite that, I’m cool with it since I always do really love the few items that I do keep. So I see myself sticking with my Ipsy subs for a while. 🙂

    • I agree that the GB tends to have better curation than GBP – every time I log into my Ipsy app, it tries to get me to upgrade, but I just have not seen anything in GBP that tempts me to spend the extra $15/month. (But I’m also not interested in getting full-sized items in a subscription box. I don’t mind disposing of samples I won’t use, but I don’t want a full-sized product of something I’d never use or, worse, try once, hate, and then not be able to swap/sell it because it’s used.)

      • I completely agree with you. I’ve been watching the GBP, also, and haven’t been impressed enough to add it. It seems like there aren’t that many products so there aren’t that many personalized options available. I’m sticking with the regular glam bag. I’ve been very pleased with mine every month and feel like I’m getting the exact products I want.

  34. SO many good items this month! And SO many ones that I really do NOT want. I really miss the feature that let us tell them which we wanted and which we don’t. It didn’t always work but it did seem to help.

    • My thoughts exactly! If the curation works, this could be an AMAZING bag! If not, then it could be a huge disappointment. And as far as hoping to get some of the products as add-ons, I NEVER receive all of my add-ons, I’m charged for them and get confirmation emails for them but the most popular products are always missing and I have to contact customer support to receive a refund because of course, they’re out of stock by then. 🙄

  35. The Superfood Cleanser is really good. I got it as an add-on a few months ago and really liked it. I would love to get another one. August looks really promising, so far. My favorite item is the slmissglam brush though. If I only get one thing off this list, I hope it’s that.

    • I love it too, but it’s so tiny in itvs little glass bottle!

      • I have a few of those samples I haven’t used yet. Does the cleanser pour out of it okay? Or do I have to store it upside down to get it out… even when it’s new?

      • You do have to shake it out. Storing it upside down is a good idea.

      • Thanks for the heads up. 🙂 I

  36. I love the Coco Cabana Cream so I hope I get it or at least as an add-on. Most people seem to dislike it but it smells great on me.

  37. The only things I am interested in at the moment are the SR Tidal Cream and the INC. Credible Jelly Shot Lip Quencher. I also love the bag, it will be great for fall! I have enough summery bags as it is.

  38. looks great, minus the lip pencil

  39. Think I’ll skip August. Since my stash is so big, I’ve been going by whether I want to keep the actual cosmetic bag. Not this one.

  40. I would be thrilled to try the Coco Cabana cream, Sunday Riley Tidal, and that jelly shot lippie!

  41. I would love to get any of these items, except ahava lotion, already have it…

  42. I hope I get the Sol de Janeiro Coco Cabana Cream.
    Love their Bum Bum Cream

  43. I hope that I get a better selection of products next month, or I will have to start skipping a month or too.

    • Same

  44. I hope several of these will be add-ons!!!

    • Same here! I’m really liking most of these spoilers!

    • Me too! I’m getting the $25 box, but 75% of these items look great. Sunday Riley in a $10 bag? That’s unheard of.

      • I don’t think the Sunday Riley offering is that unusual. I’ve gotten SR samples in my Ipsy GB and two different SR products in Sephora’s $10 offering. Allure also had them late last year. They seem to be working the subscription box circuit pretty well, even on the lower-priced bags.

      • I’ve also received SR samples in my Birchboxes too! 🙂

      • Yes, it was suddenly very ubiquitous in sub boxes after the faked reviews scandal.

        👀 I see what they did tgere.

    • I am even thinking about signing up for a 3rd bag! I just can’t help myself lol!

  45. I like the IT Gel Lotion and would welcome more. I’d love to try SR Tidal, too.

  46. Hopefully we get some nice GBP spoilers too – right now the regular bag is looking very “girl walking the other way while you’re already a guy with a girl picture meme” right now…

    • 😂

    • Lolz

  47. So hoping for the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a gel cream and the INC.REDIBLE JellyShot Lip Quencher.

  48. I just want a cleanser.

  49. Coco cabana smells like popcorn. Yuck

    • It smells like coconut, and my daughter noticed that it is also smells like pineapple. Smells great, maybe not on you.

      • That wasn’t very nice.

      • It wasn’t supposed to be “not very nice”. We all know that spritzes, sprays, and perfumes are very dependent on how it reacts with a person’s body chemistry. Try not to look to be upset when there is no reason to. Hope you have a better day.

      • you know ac…I been watching your post and what you say , and you don’t say of lot of positive things..i don’t know what ac stands for but you need to watch your words of wisdom a little better…take it from an older woman..

      • Well, *I* knew what you meant. I totally get it. Bought my hubby a cologne that a friend of mine wears.. It didn’t smell good on my hubby. Body chemistry is just different.

      • Ya, I love the way it smells too. My boyfriend loves the subtle coconut smell and compliments me whenever I wear it.

      • I bought the full size as an add on with FabFitFun… I like it. I hope I don’t get Ahava or Rollerlash…I have 5bof each of those. Anything else will be great. Fingers crossed for the Thrive.

      • I think Bum Bum stinks but other people love it. I have been wanting to try Coco one cause I heard it smells like popcorn YUM!

      • Lisa, I’m one who prefers Coco Cabana to Bum Bum!

        Bum Bum doesn’t smell bad to me, but it is just not what I want my skin to smell like, if that makes sense.

      • I have same issues with Bum Bum that I have with a lot of Bath and Body lotions that there is like a masculine musk scent on dry down. At least on me.

      • I got the popcorn-smelling one from Play! last month, and it smells terrible. I feel like a Buttered Popcorn Jellybelly – it’s a very artificial scent.

      • definitely smells like buttered popcorn. There’s an entire reddit discussion about it. Such an interesting smell.

      • I hope to get it! I love the Bum Bum and will probably like this buttered popcorn one too, but when I wear that kind of coconut/vanilla/buttery/sweet scent, people always either love it or can’t stand it at all.

      • It is really funny! When I smell this kind of smell or when I’m wearing it, there will always be “What is that amazing sweet scent?” and someone else will ask, “Who is wearing fake vanilla?”

      • I do not want to smell like buttered popcorn so I only use this at night to moisturize before going to bed. Smelling like food really isn’t my thing and it DEF smells like gross movie theatre popcorn butter! YUCK in my opinion.

    • It is SUCH a weirdly polarizing scent! I kind of like it, but my partner haaates it and it reminds them of buttered pop corn jelly beans. (Theater popcorn being popped in coconut oil is what’s possibly causing everyone to have the weird nose reactions to it?)

      I think it makes an awesome layering base scent for “beachy” type fragrances though – and even my partner grudgingly agreed worn that way it was “nice-ish.”

    • I agree! I received a foil packet sample of Coco Cabana and applied it after a shower. Within a minute I was GAGGING, it smelled so terrible. Had to take another shower just to wash it off. Gross!!

    • I heard all the hot goss about this lotion smelling like popcorn, so of COURSE I had to try it! I found a kind soul to swap with me so I could try it, & I really love it! I definitely get buttery popcorn notes from it, but it also has a sweetness.

      What it actually reminds me of the most is Main Street, USA at Disneyland, where the scents from the popcorn stands mingle with the smell of the freshly-made waffle cups from the Gibson Girl ice cream parlor.

      The Coco Cabana Mother’s Day set is currently on sale on the Sephora website for $32. It has the mini size of the cream ($20 version), a hand cream, & the body mist.

      • Great description! Good to know! Thank you! Lol!

      • Awesome!! Thank you!!

    • I agree that it smells like popcorn ish, but i like it lol

  50. My fears of getting mascara are increasing with each round. :^)

    • Haha. The rest of the spoilers look pretty good.

    • Why? You mean always having a back stash of 47 mascaras isn’t your thing?? Hehehehee!!!!!! I feel the same way you do……oh goodie, more mascara! Just what I needed! Haha!

      • Ha! Exactly! I think I estimated 12-15 mascaras in my makeup bin, and that was *after* throwing away a bunch of them that I thought were just awful. Sephora has sent me two of their terrible, clumpy store brand mascaras that take forever to dry – thanks, I’m good on mascara, subscription boxes!

    • LOL! Hey at least we’ll never in our lifetime have to buy another mascara! Love these spoilers, and really really hoping for the SR Tidal!!!!

    • I have too many mascaras at this time.
      But, I sure am interested in the perfume and the coco cabana cream 😉

    • I agree, no more Mascara for awhile. 😕

    • That Roller Lash mascara is amazing! It curls and lifts my lashes and is weightless! Usually mascara weighs my lashes down and feels heavy. It is amazing! I can’t wear heavy mascara; so I also like Loreal Lash Paradise/voluminous, and Better Than Sex, Urban Decay Perversion, and Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes, but nothing curls my lashes like Roller Lash!

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