Box Of Style Flash Sale – Save $25 Off The Summer Box + Free Palm Print Duster

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rachel zoe box of style summer 2019 spoilers

Box of Style has a new flash deal available now!

For a limited time, new subscribers can use coupon code SUNSHINE25 to save $25 off your first Box of Style and get a free Palm Print Duster! (Regularly $99.99)

UPDATE: Gilt City is also offering the Summer box for $70 + a bonus Towel. Get that offer here.

If you sign up now, the Summer Box will be your first box and we have the full spoilers!

The Summer Box includes:

rachel zoe box of style summer 2019 spoilers

Summer is all about travel, friends, and relaxing outdoors. In terms of style, that translates to effortless essentials that can be worn with everything in your wardrobe. From a versatile crochet bag to on-trend lucite earrings, every item in this edition is intended to make you feel glamorous and carefree.

Here’s a closer look at each item:

Machete Kate Hoops in Opal or Tortoise – $44

“Summer calls for playful earrings. This of-the-moment lucite style comes in a choice of opal or tortoise and looks great with everything from a caftan to jeans and a tee.” xo RZ

  • 1.5″ in diameter.
  • Stainless steel, hypoallergenic post.
  • Made in Italy with Italian Acetate

Missoni Home Rufus Terry Beach Towel – $220

“My love for Missoni runs deep. I never have a pool party without draping every piece of outdoor furniture with my extensive collection of Missoni Home towels. It’s a dream come true to be able to share this obsession with you.” xo RZ

  • 63 x 35.5″
  • 100% cotton
  • Made In Portugal

Danielle Nicole Macramé Handbag – $100

“Crochet is a huge trend for summer. The wooden handles on this lined bag are beyond chic, and we added a cross-body strap for versatility.” xo RZ

  • 21 x 11″ (Handle and fringe included)
  • Braided 46″ crossbody strap
  • Hand crafted in India

Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hr Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel – $24

“People underestimate the power of eyebrows, they literally transform your face. This gel keeps them in place flawlessly.” xo RZ

  • Invisible-finish suited for all brow colors
  • Strong, flexible hold
  • 7.0 mL

Glo Skin Beauty Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF 40+ – $38

“SPF is a must year-round but particularly during the summer. This hydrating moisturizer is oil-free, lightweight and boasts protection of SPF 40.” xo RZ

  • Lightweight with broad spectrum protection
  • Cruelty-free (PETA Approved)
  • 1.7 fl. oz.

What do you think of the Summer Box of Style spoilers? Use coupon code SUNSHINE25 to save $25 off your first Box of Style and get a free Palm Print Duster!

Check out all of my Box of Style reviews to learn more about this quarterly subscription box.

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  1. I got my box today and I’m happy to report that it did include two towels and a duster. I’m very happy with everything. Hope everyone else is too!

    • Yay! Me too!

  2. I got my box today and I’m happy to report that it did include two towels and a duster. The towels are pretty and I love the length. And surprisingly I like the duster a lot more than I thought I would. I didn’t buy the Gilt voucher expecting the duster to be included and was prepared to give it away once I received it, but now that I have it, I really like it. The material has a soft, silky feel. I look forward to wearing it. Still not sure if I’ll keep the bag or donate it. But overall, I’m very happy with everything. Hope everyone else is too!

    • I’ve just received mine and it didn’t include either the extra towel or the duster. I have separate order numbers for both of them, but no shipping info for either. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 I hope BoS makes it right for you with little hassle.

        • Happy to say that Joshua has taken care of things, but it took some intervention on my part. I had order numbers for the additional items but no shipments. Since I followed up, both the duster and the additional towel have shipped. So not automatic, and fulfillment is clearly still an issue, but they’re at least making it right this time.

          • Awesome!! Despite the slight hassle, I’m so glad things worked out for you 🙂

    • I also got mine today. I only got the extra towel since I missed the duster but It’s not my style anyway. Love the towels and happy to have gotten two. Super fast shipping as well. Got box in less than a week but I am in California about 6 hours from La

  3. My gilt voucher order has shipped, CS said it included the extra towel and the Palma duster, coming by fedex…yahoo, can’t wait to get it!!

    • That’s great & I’m happy for you! Unfortunately my gilt voucher order arrived without the extra towel that was included on my gilt city voucher, I had to email BOS to ask for it, it still hasn’t shipped and they sound like they are doing me a favor by sending it to me at all. They couldn’t care less that they didn’t send me what was promised until I noticed and contacted them. They had told me the duster was sold out and now that it’s back in stock they basically said ‘ too bad’ so I’m not getting one. I referred a friend for the gilt deal and luckily she is getting the duster even though I am not. It’s too much work for me to keep track and fight to make sure I get what was promised on the gilt voucher so I’m canceling.

      • I can one up you on that- my box arrived yesterday with NO towels in it. I had purchased the Gilt voucher, and did confirm via email with BOS Joshua that the extra towel would be included since it wasn’t showing up when I checked out. (I got the “sorry we’re out of stock” run around on the duster.)

        Anyways, my box arrived yesterday, and while it was barely taped shut it didn’t appear to be tampered with. No towels inside (also no tissue paper or any of the usual packaging fluff sub boxes like to use…). To me it looks like someone forgot to put the towels in the box.

        BOS is claiming that my package was the “proper weight” when it left their warehouse and it’s “just so strange” that the towels weren’t included. I’ve agreed that it is strange, sent pictures of the package and items I received, and politely insisted 3 times now that they send out my missing items ASAP.

        I don’t appreciate the implications from BOS that I’m lying, and I’m really kicking myself for ordering this box in the first place. I have zero interest in the other items in the box, so at this point I’m afraid I just flushed 70 bucks down the drain. We’ll see what Joshua has to say tomorrow, but I’m so disappointed that this deal is turning out to good to be true. =\

        Also, is anyone else getting the impression that BOS only has one lonely customer service rep… and his name is Joshua H.? 😂

        • what was the weight suppose to be?? Mine says 10.5 lbs on Fedex tracking info..I haven’t received it yet and it should have the extra towel and duster too.

  4. Looks like the duster bonus is back. I’m glad to see that. Maybe they got an earful from Gilt City customers. I hope everyone who wanted the two towels and the duster is able to get it now.

    • Thank you for posting that the duster was back!!! Really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would definitely confirm with customer service chat if you order with the gilt code. It didn’t show my second towel when I checked out and the customer service chat representative said they have to “manually” add these for GILT members. They also asked for my code. If you had 2 towels in your checkout, you should be good. Wish I hadn’t missed out on the duster, but I am super happy to get two towels!

  6. For anyone wondering, I confirmed with customer service that the extra towel is included when using the Gilt voucher. Also the duster if you signed up during that promotion. Joshua from customer service is extremely helpful.

    • I’m so glad you posted this because I noticed my invoice didn’t show the extra towel and I was worried. It was the reason I purchased the voucher.

      • Send them an email. They processed mine as a separate order.

    • Thank you for posting this.
      The extra towel + duster is such a super deal that I was starting to wonder if we would actually get them. My receipt from BOS shows the duster and the receipt from gilt shows extra towel.

    • I just wish Gilt didn’t stop sending out vouchers Saturday afternoon- I ordered mine at 1pm CST on Saturday, and didn’t get my voucher till Monday morning. BOS customer service did confirm I’ll be getting the extra towel (it wasn’t showing on my invoice when I checked out at BOS), but I completely missed out on the duster deal. ☹️ Part of me wants to send a nasty email to Gilt City, but I’m not quite sure what my argument would be… 😂

      • I have exactly same situation! I want to send that mail too, becauseI was “catch” on duster+ towel promotion and now I feel fooled

      • Same – the duster was one of the reasons I pounced and also had a delayed voucher.

        • Maybe we should fight for our dusters? And by the way, I need to cancel my subscription, right? I don’t want autum box for full price

      • The duster is still showing at checkout as of right now.

        • *sigh* here we go again with these folks. They told me yesterday the dusters sold out on Sunday. Now they’re promised again, right on the home page. I emailed to ask about it. But then my extra towel was processed as a separate order, and from what I can see one order shipped but not the other. I’ll believe in the extras when I see them.

      • Same thing happened to me:(

    • I did the same thing. It was such an amazing deal I really couldn’t believe it! I was lucky and got my voucher on Saturday so I was able to get the duster making the total RV $746 for $70 which is pretty incredible.

  7. I swear, coming on this website is like putting candy in front of a baby. I robotically seem to want to subscribe to every good deal posted.

    I had so much trouble with this box in the past I vowed I would never ever ever subscribe again, but after reading about the 2 towel Gilt deal I found myself on Gilt adding this box to my cart. What is wrong with me?????

    I came to my senses in the nick of time, but jeez…I need help. I just bought a couple of those holiday Glossybox deals and then an annual sub to Causebox because their Welcome Box just looked THAT good. I don’t need any of it. 2019 was supposed to be my Marie Kondo year to trim the fat and I am going in the wrong direction. Why why why?????

    • Same here! I’ve sent for the Naturisimo (?) because – it’s British! And it sounds like a Good Deal!
      I try to avoid any with questionable customer service or many complaints.
      Currently, I try not to get any which aren’t single box offers, but there sure are a lot of those – mystery boxes, limited editions, two for one, clearances.
      Admitting we have a problem is the first step!

    • I am exactly the same wa. But, I did worse than you, I went ahead and ordered lol.

  8. I went to Gilt City and ordered the box, I got an email with the code with no mention of the extra towel and duster. Have I missed something I should be doing something? If I don’t get the towel or duster I will be disappointed.

    • Palm duster was promotion on box of style site, it doesn’t look like it is on the site anymore. The extra towel looks like it is still part of the gilt city deal from the description, but it was stated on the voucher that I received yesterday.

      • Of course – the duster was what I most wanted and I just got my voucher today. Well, I’m stuck now – better get that extra towel or I’ll be even madder at myself for getting sucked back in.

      • When I entered the code it showed 1ea next to each item. I screenshot the gilt deal and emailed BOS making sure I’m getting 2 towels……OR I’ll be mad since I already purchased the box at full price earlier on.

  9. The duster isnt automatically adding to my cart… and i already purchased the gilt deal. am i doing something wrong? HELP!

    • Free palm duster might have only been 7/13. Doesn’t seem like it’s there anymore.

  10. Did anyone get the bag and notice that when using as a crossbag the strap was super short?

    • Yes! It needs to be longer.

  11. I am sorely tempted but already am an annual subscriber and don’t really need more beach towels.

  12. Were you guys able to use the voucher with an existing box of style account or did you use a new email address? Does it work on an older one?

    • You have to use a new email address to create a new account.

  13. Okay, so how does gilt work?
    Do I add BOS to my cart and pay?
    Then they will send me a voucher and I go to BOS to order a box?

    Can anyone help? 🙈 I really want the 2 towels and the duster for $70. Please help me?

    • Yes, that is how it works.

      • I ordered through Gilt last night – how long does it take for a voucher to arrive via email? Still waiting – thanks – 😉

        • I got my voucher within 30 minutes, you may want to check your spam folder.

          • I ordered mine on Saturday morning and didn’t get a voucher until Monday morning.

        • I haven’t received my voucher too. I made my order more than a 7 hours ago:((((

          • Did yours ever show up??? I ordered 12 hours ago and nothing…

          • Still waiting as well …

          • Me too. I sent an email to Gilt City last night but have yet to get a response. I ordered around 3pm CST yesterday, so I’m wondering if the deal had already sold out, and now they’re dragging their feet… ☹️

    • Thank you!

      I ordered at GILT for $70 and received the voucher 30 minutes later. Then I went over to BOS website and ordered a box with the duster using the voucher. I was able to pick the earrings in Opal which is great because I don’t wear animal prints, not my style.

      If they really deliver on what was promised of 2 towels and a duster, this is an incredible deal. The duster will be a cute style for a resort!

      I can never have too much sunscreen because I am treating my melasma with prescription hidroquinone 4 . Brow gel is useful. I am just not seeing myself using that black macrame fringy bag but that’s okay. i can always donate.

  14. Are both colors of the earrings still available? I already got this box and paid for an add-on towel, but I would consider getting the Gilt offer if I could get the ivory earrings. Can’t have too many towels.

    • Both were available.

    • yes as of today, i was able to select between the two options.

  15. So I just got the box through the Gilt City voucher (thanks again BG!) and it’s a much better deal. Not only do you get an additional $5 off plus an extra towel, but you get the duster too! The duster is included as soon as you add the box to your cart. You don’t even need a code.

    • Wow, so cool. Now, if we receive everything promised, that will be the icing on the cake 🙂

    • Do you get a voucher from Gilt to apply to BOS? Because I purchased and received an email from Gilt stating I should receive my order by July 24, with no voucher and no duster mentioned.. first time purchasing thru Gilt! Thx u

      • I got the voucher about 30 minutes later.

        • Thx u!

    • Hi there! How do you get the duster as well with the gilt city deal?

      • When you redeem the Gilt city voucher, the duster will be added.

        • Sooo, if I get the duster and an extra towel for $70 , it’s a done deal. But I added the BOS to my cart and absolutely no mention of a duster , so I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

          They (gilt) send you a voucher for the duster after you purchase the box? Anyone can help me?

          • If you put the box in your cart and then head to the checkout page, the duster will show up in the list of items you’re supposed to receive regardless of whether or not you use a code or a voucher.

    • Is that how Gilt works? You pay for items through Gilt and then they email you a code to use at the manufacturers site? I bought a quarterly BOS through Gilt for $70 a few hours ago, and received an email saying it would be delivered on 7/24, but wasn’t given the option to customize the box and haven’t received any vouchers for the additional towel or duster yet. I followed the link from MSA, but I’m hoping Gilt’s pop ups asking me to set up a new account didn’t interfere with the offer somehow… 😐

    • So happy that worked for you!! I would have totally done this if I realized I would get the duster too!! (I didn’t hit the button to get email replies, boo!!!)

  16. There’s a deal on Gilt City for $70 with an extra towel.

    • Thank you for making me take another look at that! That deal has been up for a while but my eyes must have skipped over the part about getting an additional towel.

    • How do I find the deal for an extra towel? I’m unfamiliar with gilt city.

      • Google Gilt city, go to the website, search for box of style.

        • Thanks!!

    • Completely missed the extra towel portion of this! Thank you!!

      • You have to purchase the year membership for $299 for that deal. Just a heads up 🙂

        • If you click on the quarterly option it still says you get an additional towel. That’s the voucher I bought and it was included in the item listing at the BoS checkout.

          • Yes, says for quarterly too, I checked before purchasing, thanks!!

          • Did it show 2 towels? I think mine only showed one and the duster.

          • Mine showed the same thing. I’ve never order from BoS before, so I don’t know what a regular item listing looks like. Like you said – fingers crossed that we actually get everything promised! I’ve heard a lot of different reviews about the CS which is the main reason why I’ve always stayed away, but I decided to take a chance on this one.

          • Thanks Sammee, I emailed them to confirm we will be receiving the extra towel. I will let you know when I hear back.

          • Please do Jackie. Thanks!

          • Thx u! Just looked at Gilt voucher and it’s written 2 Missoni towels for the summer or Annual memberships, but when I checkout on BOS, it only shows 1 towel..🤔well, I have Gilt voucher that clearly states 2 in case I have to contact BOS .. I hope it all goes well; I only ordered for the 2 towels!

          • I didn’t get a voucher.

          • Sammee, Box of Style just confirmed two towels!! Yay!!

          • Awesome!! Thanks Jackie!

        • I purchased the quarterly and just hot my voucher email. It specifically states I should receive two Missoni towels.

      • Missed it too 🙁
        got the one with the free $100 bundle and would have preferred the towel.

    • Omg I love you! Thank you so much.

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