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FYI – Lola Beauty Box Subscription Billing Issues

Lola Beauty box

FYI – several MSA readers have reached out to let me know they were charged for Lola Beauty Box this month even though they canceled their subscription.

I have emailed Lola Beauty Box and I’ll update if I hear back. In the meantime, if you are a Lola Beauty Box subscriber, (or you were at some point), I recommend checking your credit card statement to see if you were charged for a May or June box. If you have been charged for a box you did not receive, make sure to let your credit card company know so they can return those funds to you.

It also appears that they haven’t shipped May boxes yet, so I’m not sure about the status of this subscription in general.

Lola Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I received my $21 refund from Paypal Prepaid today. Hallelujah! It took almost 2 months and I don’t think I would have gotten it if I didn’t have this thread to back up my claims. Thank you.

  2. I just got on the lola site and it’s closed?? I’m very upset because you can’t even get a hold of anyone. So cool. Out 2 months of payment and nothing in return.

    • I know, I cancelled my subscription a while ago and haven’t been getting charged. All of a sudden, on June 3, I got charged and then went to the site and it was fine. I figured I’d keep it for my YouTube channel, but then went back to the site to see what was taking so long and seen that it was closed!!!! Now I’m out of my $21.00. We never got an email either.

    • Same here..filed at my bank and they wouldnt refund me back for some reason either. They are waiting for a refund from them…right. They r prob out of the country by now with everyone’s money


  4. Wow I cannot believe this happened to you guys. I did not subscribe to this box but I subscribe to so many boxes, it could have been me. They shut down all their social media, yet their website continues to be up, most likely to continue stealing credit cards!! What a bunch of crooks. Go to and report them!! Theres also a link for internet fraud, where hopefully if enough people do it, they can be investigated and website shut down. it is NOT ok for these people to be free and get away with doing this.

    • I just went Monday and cancelled my credit card at the bank and got a new one yesterday. I was charged for May and then emailed them to tell them I didnt receive my May box, with no response, and then was charged for June like a day later. So we’ll see what the bank will do. I had Lola for about a year without problems( except for the face mask blow up in the box thing which they never replaced even after pictures. )What a scam..

      • That’s ridiculous. Are they able to close your bank account??not credit card, but complete bank account? And then give you another one?

  5. Pretty little things or whatever it is was affiliated with Lola beauty that already went bankrupted but they are using the name to bill still. They are billing under that name along with Lola beauty box and amazon ship. I called amazon and they couldn’t even find the charge I got on May 10th. I also got a charge on May 31st from Lola Beauty Box. From what I heard they are in the process of filing bankruptcy. I have disputed both of these charges with my cc company. Something must be able to be done. Their website is still up and running and taking orders.

    • The website now says temporarily closed. I had already skipped the month for June since I’m a little strapped AND I hadn’t gotten the May box, and I went in to go ahead and either cancel or skip the next renewal and now it says temporarily closed.

      I emailed them to find out what’s going on but of course no answer back.

  6. Does anyone know the state where there business is located? Florida? If the information can be found, then something needs to be filed with the Attorney General. There are enough people now to file a lawsuit. It doesn’t sound like much fun, but, those [email protected]@holes shouldn’t be able to do this. They probably have all the money from the bogus charges and are in the Bahamas right now! To me, this reeks of RIPOFF by Lola vs. Computer System with passwords/credit card numbers being breached. I’m sorry this happened to all of you and hope the money can be returned.

    • I don’t know for sure but when I went through my old charges to figure out when the last valid/authorized one was I think at that time the location of the charge was Georgia. A quick Google search shows Miami as a hotbed of fraudulent credit card action….

    • I looked up Lola on the BBB website. They show Alpharetta, Georgia as their location, however they are not actually accredited, and the information might not be accurate.

      • The address from their T&C is also Alpharetta Ga too.

  7. I was charged May 10 & June 3. The May one says Amazonship in Miami. The June 3 fly out says Lola Beauty box.

    • Oh wow, I had the same Amazonship charge from Miami and disputed it with my bank as fraud. Got a new debit card but I still get text notifications for my old card and Lola tried to charge me twice the other day. I emailed them immediately and they still haven’t responded. I had Lola for 2 months last fall and cancelled. I logged in after the charge showed up the other day and my account was reactivated without my consent. Sounds like something screwy is going on.

      • I had an account for most of the time they existed until the end of May when I hadn’t received my box , then I cancelled . I went in when they charged me again for June and found they had also charged a years sub and a years Gift Sub was in my Cart ..I had only ever been month to month the whole time ..I noticed when a few of my auto pay things were saying they couldn’t be paid I went into my account and sure enough ..I have Direct Express card so I can’t just tell my bank not to cover a charge and return my money could be up to a year for them to return it . So I am screwed .

  8. I just wanted to provide an update in case it helps anyone else. I called my CC company and filed a dispute against my $21 charge from PRETTYLITTLETHINGS in Miami. They didn’t seem very interested in my story about this thread or the Lola drama and they had no explanation of how they would have gotten my new replacement card number since I haven’t done business with them for over a year and my old card is still showing in their system. They just filed the dispute and shut off my card. They did point out that the “random” numbers attached to the charge were a phone number. There was no address. I looked up the number and it appears to be a landline for a woman in a residential neighborhood in Miami. Needless to say I’m not going to post it here since I suspect she’s another victim of all this…but also doesn’t give much support that this is NOT blatant fraud.

    • Oh…and they were able to verify it was not a recurring charge at least.

    • I had a $21 charge that said “Amazonship” from Miami. Said the business type was a “religious organization”. I disputed it with my bank as fraud. Lola also tried to charge my old card twice the other day.

  9. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING! I have read all the comments and honestly it looks like some of the more well known members of the community (Luna and Svetlana for example) had even higher charges than the $21, and it seems more than coincidence. What I’m getting at is it looks like they targeted the sub box “addicts” that post here on getting several of these boxes, and I believe it was with the hope/intention that these ladies subscribe/purchase so much they wouldn’t notice $80 and higher charges!

    I truly appreciate MSA for posting this, and I would love for this post to be like a “sponsored” post so it shows up at the top and I think there should be an “Alert” written out with the post to make sure it is very very visible. Please continue to post about this!

    And I am so sorry for all of you that have been involved.

    • I could definitely be wrong but I think the amount charged is based on how your sub was set up. For example, someone mentioned they had a prepaid 6 month sub and was charged that amount again. I had a monthly one and was only charged $21. However there were also people with multiple charges too. What horrifies me is that this is more than a year after some of us cancelled!!

  10. In reading all of this and seeing that the charges came from multiple sources it sounds like this company had a data breach and all card numbers were stolen. Does not in any way alleviate the company from the responsibility as they should have notified customers as soon as it happened. If it was them then it is also stealing.
    I feel so sorry all of you went through all of this. Best of luck!

    • If this is the case, they should sent e-mail to people and give them an option to delete CC information, like Marriott did. I go to Lola account and I cannot delete my CC nor can I delete my address information. This is just wrong.

    • I’d be more likely to believe it was a breach of they hadn’t shut down their social media and limited comments and not shipped boxes.

      • It wasn’t a data breech that caused them to not send out Mays box right ?

    • Or they sold their customer lists w our financial info attached.

  11. Sorry this happened to you guys. So horrible what they did. This company always seemed shady to me

  12. All of you who watch unboxings on YouTube (I know there have to be a few here) need to go leave comments for those channels who at one time unboxed Lola. Not only will you be helping them out by making them aware, they have an even further reach to their audience’s. Let’s try and make as many people aware of this as possible.

    • If you search Lola Beauty Box on YouTube, you will see several videos up about what’s going on.

  13. There are so many of you! They will hopefully get in trouble for this right?! This is insane and they should be taken to court

    • They have definitely violated the Restore Online Shopper’s Confidence Act, specifically:

      It is illegal for subscription services to bill you without your permission unless they:

      1. Clearly and conspicuously discloses all material terms of the transaction before getting consumers’ billing information;

      2. Gets consumers’ express informed consent before charging their accounts; and

      3. Offers simple ways for people to cancel and stop the recurring charges.

      More info here:

      FTC Complaints can be filed here:

      • Thanks for the information, I wasn’t aware of this. I have been having issues with Bolzano Handbags charging me left and right and not acknowledging my messages.

      • Thank you for the info. They need to answer and pay for this. Now I get to loose my credit card while I wait for a new one to be sent. I’m the meantime hoping I don’t have a recurrent charge I forgot about. This is despicable and gives sub boxes a bad rap. Not cool.

  14. I’m sorry that people are being charged for nothing (the company is not sending out any items to back up the claim of being a subscription service). I can see charging current customers once by accident. These things happen and a honest company would admit their mistake and reverse that charges or at least offer something in return.

    It seems as though this company is reactivating accounts that were closed and canceled for the purpose of deliberately charging former customers. They were probably hoping that a- people wouldn’t examine their statements close enough to wonder what the charge was or b- they would assume that it was something that they ordered from Amazon.

    This seems to me to be a deliberate criminal act and not accidental. I wonder if charges can be brought against the company for fraud or theft.

  15. I was charged $21.00 and om disputing the charged and had to get a new card issued. My card company suspected fraud a d had suspended my card without me knowing g because I was having a bunch of weird transactions that they were catching and did not pay out to the company except the May 30th. That I k ow of so far. I will have to get a printout and check and see if they charged me at another time. I quit my subscription back in November 2018 when they sent out those broken diamond face madks and never replaced them.. They said that they would but they didntn so I cancelled. I went to their Facebook and IG pages and they havent posted a thing since April. I seen a few videos and the customers were charged 2 times and one received 1 box and they didnt know which .in the it was. I sent 2 messages to Lola and asked for my money back or the box that they charged me for but I havent heard a word from them.. I think they might have “Ghosted” their customers..

  16. This company was shady from the start, I’m not suprised they did this. I had issues with them from their 1st & 2nd box. They deleted social media comments, they ignore your emails. I posted about it numerous times on these Lola review threads. Now this. Not surprised at all and I hate being like ” told ya so”. I hope everyone gets all their money back. These people should seriosuly go to jail for this much theft.

    • Against my better judgement I tried Lola. I cancelled after my second box when they sent me a box of dusty, obviously old and expired items the month after they were supposed to. I am honestly surprised they lasted as long as they did. I don’t understand what people saw in Lola, but to each her own!

  17. They got me twice as well, 5/13 Amazon Ship in FL $21 and 6/3 under Lola Beauty Box $21. I haven’t been subbed in about 8 months.

    They’re not responding to emails, and have disappeared off of social media. Will be contacting my bank tomorrow, hopefully I can get the charges reversed, and a new bank card issued.

    • Me too. Had both the same charges and didn’t know what the Amazonship was so I disputed the charge as fraud and got a new card. Lola reactivated my subscription without my consent and tried to charge my old card twice. I had them for two months in September and October of last year and cancelled. This pisses me off honestly. I’m going to call my bank again and let them know the Amazonship charge is related to the Lola charge

  18. It’s good I read here. I went back and looked at my May bank statement. I found two charges from Amazonship. So now I’m up to a grand total of $84.00 that these crooks stole from me! I just got off the phone with my bank after filing another dispute. These criminals need to be caught and thrown in prison!

  19. They billed me TWICE on the same day for a total of $42.00! I reported that to my bank, as well as to Liz. My bank is investigating. Now I see that they also billed under Amazonship. I guess I’ll be looking at my statements and probably calling my bank again!😠
    When I went to the website I saw my account listed as active and due to renew again this month. I canceled my subscription back in October 2018 and have an email to verify that. They must have reactivated my account. What a horrible company. This is a terrible experience.

    • Same

    • Thank you for the info. They need to answer and pay for this. Now I get to loose my credit card while I wait for a new one to be sent. I’m the meantime hoping I don’t have a recurrent charge I forgot about. This is despicable and gives sub boxes a bad rap. Not cool. Now when I log into their site it says I’m active member again. I cancelled in November last year.

  20. This is so frustrating. I can not remove my Cc nor address at the account. My account says “canceled” since June 2018 but they still were able to charge my CC.

  21. I’m relieved to find this thread! I got the AMAZONSHIP charge on my prepaid PayPal card last month. I thought it was some kind of scam from a hacker trying to look like

    I contacted PayPal and they are giving me a run around. First, they said they would be through investigating the charge at the end of May, now they are telling me sometime in July. I’m definitely going to refer them to this thread. I already had the card cancelled. I’m done with PayPal prepaid cards after this too.

    I only got one box from Lola. So mad at these jokers! Thank goodness I didn’t use my debit card.

  22. This whole situation is really unbelievable. I’ve never subscribed to this box. I’ve been burned by sub companies that have gone out of business and then didn’t send prepaid boxes, but for them to actually keep hitting up the credit cards of even former subscribers is really disturbing.

    I actually own a beauty company that sells online and I just can’t think of any way this could have been inadvertent. We never keep credit card info stored (and I’m surprised this company does since they should be protecting customer financial info.) If it was a mistake, perhaps everyone would be charged once, they’d send an apology e-mail and refund those charges. But clearly old accounts were reactivated without permission. This sounds downright fraudulent, perhaps even criminal. It might be worth it if those that are affected contact the Better Business Bureau and the police.

  23. They charged my account for 60.00 under Pretty Little Things. In the process of disputing as I haven’t been subscribed in well over a year! This is absolutely criminal and just sad!

    • I had a $60 charge from Pretty Little Things on my card last month, and I also haven’t been subscribed in over a year. It was on the card that I use solely for sub boxes, and at first I figured one of the beauty box companies computers got hacked or something, but then I noticed in the detail it said it was a religious organization. Right away I searched “pretty little things fraudulent charges”, and sure enough I found complaints. When I called my cc company the rep stated that it was showing that my card “was present” at the time of purchase. I told him that was impossible since I only use it for online purchases, plus I let him know I searched them and they’ve already hit others. They refunded me, and issued me a new card. I actually feel a bit of relief knowing where the charge came from.

  24. This is so weird. I noticed a charge from may 9 from “prettylittlethings” in Miami for exactly $21. I could not figure out what it was and it did strike me that it’s the amount of a Boxy or Lola sub…neither of which I’ve been subbed to for awhile. I never disputed because I wasn’t sure what it was and that i hadn’t authorized it (I order alot…sigh). I just logged into my old Lola account and it says cancelled and has old CC info for one I dont even have anymore, thankfully. I didn’t see anyone else with fraudulent charges against this name…but does anyone know what shows up like that so I can stop being paranoid now?? Lol

    • I had a charge from pretty little things as well. It’s definitely connected to this. The company name behind it turned out to be L Beauty, just like the AMAZONSHIP charge. I would make sure to dispute the charge and talk to your bank because it might be set up as a recurring charge as well.

      • Thank you! I will call them tomorrow and see what they say. It’s so weird that the card this charge is on is the replacement of the one they have on file (but that one was cancelled because of a different issue). How did they get this number??? Creepy!

      • I called my CC company because I suspected my card had been compromised because of this situation and I was told that even though I was getting a new card, recurring charges would continue to go through. Evidently the company doesn’t need your new card number to continue to post recurring charges. I asked them to block charges from Lola Beauty Box, L Beauty, and the AMAZONSHIP company located in Miami. I plan to continue to monitor my card even though I am getting a new card number…

      • They can! Merchants can get new card info on recurring charges!
        They are using a service of “account updater” with vendors so they can keep on billing with your new credit card number.
        That means authorized recurring charges can go on regardless of whether a card has expired or been replaced.

      • That is insane! My CC verified this charge did not show as recurring. But I guess if I get any more charges on my new card, yet again, I’ll just have to call back and see if they can block. Ugh. Hopefully whoever is doing this is in jail by then…

      • Adore me did this to me. I had a credit card expire and it was replaced with a new card with a new expiration date and new 3 digit security code. Adore me was inactive for a year and then out of no where they somehow got access to my new credit card without me ever signing it and charged me. I was pissed.

    • Same here, on the bill it shows Amazonchrge and when I clicked on details it was “pretty little things” . It was for $190. I canceled the card. I never connected to Lola because I have not subbed them for a year now

  25. Oh wow. I had fraudulent charge on my CC for $190 and it was under aMAZONSHIP and company was in Miami FL. I used to sub to Lola beauty. I did 6 month prepay subscription. I filed fraud report and AmEx canceled my card and removed charges.
    I am kind of shocked that this fraud relates to beauty box

  26. I also had the issue with the fraudulent charges, on two cards I used with my Lola subscription in the past. A fraudulent $21 charge from AMAZONSHIP and another from L BEAUTY. I haven’t been subscribed to Lola for almost a year. I wrote to them saying I thought their security was compromised and they never wrote back. I had to dispute the charges and get new credit and debit cards with new numbers. Also as a heads up, the credit card company said it was listed as a recurring charge, which means they would have kept charging month after month if I hadn’t caught it. So if you’ve ever subscribed to Lola, check your credit card statements. My charges were within a few days of May 15. I don’t know if it’s Lola the company doing this or if they had a security breach.

  27. I had this issue and had to call my bank! I took off my credit card info from the site so hopefully it doesn’t happen again! How terrible. I’m glad I was not the only one though.

    • How did you get your CC information off? I keep trying, but it won’t remove my info. If you know a way I would love to get mine off of their site as well. Thank you! ⚘

      They got me twice

      • I subscribed to Lola beauty box for one month into thousand 18 and then canceled. I had two charges show up for $21 both in May and June. The June charge was from Lolli beauty box, and the one in May was from L-Beauty. It’s my understanding that this company is in the process of bankruptcy and has obviously held onto everyone’s credit card information and is now fraudulently charging. They have shut down and remove themselves from all forms of social media with the exception of Facebook which has not shown any recent activity in like forever. What I did was went in at the suggestion of a blogger on YouTube, went into my account and changed all my information to a fake name, fake address and used an old reloadable Visa debit card that has I think three dollars left on it! lol
        The day after I changed all the information I went in and tried to delete all the fake information I had just entered and it wouldn’t let me. But, all they have on me now is a debit card that they basically cannot use and a fake name and PO Box number.
        This is just a nightmare and I have never experienced anything like this from any other Beauty subscription. Boxy Charm/ipsy/allure beauty are all fantastic, but there was something from Lola from the beginning that just didn’t seem legit to me from the beginning, and that’s why I canceled after one month.
        Good luck to everyone and be sure to check your bank account/debit card information and or credit card statements for charges under those three names they seem to be issuing charges under
        amazonships (which sometimes has HTP following the name)

  28. Sure does seem like a company gone under trying to steal one last time while they have people’s credit card info. Horrific.

    • I completely agree. The fact that they tried to name the charge “Amazonship” further supports this theory. It’s completely insane and like you said “horrific”.

    • Rhonda I agree…. I dont know why they would do something like this except for greed. Its terrible because we have lives and Bill’s also. What makes this company so special 5hatbthey feel like they can steal from their past customers. I’m sure that is way alot of us left thei subscription was because of poor customer service and business practices…. so sad

      • I just thank goodness for sites like MSA that we can take warning from. I thought about subscribing to Lola but, read ladies comments like these way back about deleting negative comments from their social media and that the customer service was horrible and owners were rude. Just maybe wish some would have got warned like this a tad earlier. Wishing all the ladies get their money back and this company held criminally liable.

      • I agree. I am so thankful for MSA and the great readers for giving warnings about things like this. It has served me very well in the past. However, I feel like this time is a bit different. I only subbed to Lola for a couple of months and cancelled in May 2018…I believe way before most of the more public and widespread issues and warning signs. Now, suddenly, a year later they are charging a card they don’t even have in their database somehow (it was the replacement for the one I did use)?!?!?! This whole things screams of extreme fraud and shadiness…..even more than just a sub box going under and not delivering on boxes to current subscribers, which is bad enough.

  29. These smaller subs make me nervous. This is not the first I’ve heard of billing issues with them. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my credit card and billing info with them, so I stick to the large, well established subscriptions. Good advice I think.

  30. I had this issue as well. One charge on 5/14 showed up as L Beauty in the statement summary and when I checked the details, it was listed as AMAZONSHIP with a location in Miami. It was also listed as a religious organization. I disputed this charge and was refunded by my CC company.

    The second charge was made on 5/31 and was listed as Lola Beauty Box. Since I recognized the company, I reached out to Lola Beauty Box directly, but haven’t heard back. After hearing about all this I will go ahead and dispute that charge as well.

  31. I finally received my April Lola Beauty Box at the end of April. I had fraudulent activity on my card. My bank cancelled my debit card & sent me a new card. Lola never responded to my email. They deleted their Facebook page. They shut down their comments on Instagram. They didn’t show any spoilers for May or June. No email updates, nothing. I think it’s a wrap with Lola Beauty Box. I was only with them since September 2018. Sad, I really liked their boxes. But extremely unprofessional service.

    • They shut down their website too

  32. Several people have said the charges are listed “Amazonship” and potentially out of Miami, FL- so make sure to check carefully!

  33. I had a charge last month fot exactly $21 on the same card I had subbed to Lola like over a year ago. The merchant showed up as Amazonship (nothing to do with Amazon) now I am beginning to think it was a charge from Lola….I got my funds back eventually….

    What is everyone else’s charge showing as?

    • It showed up as amazonship FL

    • Yes! I also was charged in April under Amazonship. I called Capital one and reported it and they said it was a religious organization that I donated to which I did not. Capital one sent me a new card and reversed the charge. Be careful people.

  34. Liz, also in May 2019 they billed their exsubscribers as AMAZONSHIP – check your card statements and contact your bank

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