Ipsy Glam Bag Plus July 2019 SPOILERS!

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We have the first spoilers for the July 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus! Thanks, Linda, for the heads up!(These are some of the items that Ipsy is sending in July. There are different box versions every month, so you may not receive it in your Glam Bag Plus.)

Here are the first spoilers for the July 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus:


HUDA BEAUTY 3D Highlighter Palette in Pink Sands

PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer

What do you think of the first spoilers?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the July Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The last 2 months of ipsy plus product seem not worth it until this bag. I really hope to get those two products otherwise I will probably cancel my subscription.

    • I’m not trying to start anything, but I’m just wondering how 5 full size products and one of them guaranteed in the box is a $60 or I think $160 value is not worth it? I understand how you may have different preferences than others do, but I just don’t see how it’s not “worth it?” I know I cannot go into a beauty store and even come close to what I get every month from GBP

      • I guess it’s the difference between the retail value / worth , and the actual ‘will I use it’ worth – i.e. if I’m swimming in moisturizers, highlighters and setting mists, and need let’s say a bronzer, I’d rather skip this month and invest in a good bronzer instead 😊 hope it makes sense!

      • Something only has value if you like or will use it. No matter what the RV is, it’s not worth it if the items aren’t of interest or use and will just take up space.

        • Exactly! My glam bag plus have been filled with the opposite of my preferences and it’s frustrating to rarely get the items that match my preferences. They offer these items that fit and send them to other subscribers, they just don’t include them in my bag. I’ve emailed CS about this and they were not very helpful in the past 2 months. At least they fixed the April problem. Receiving 5 items I can’t use yet again makes the value zero to me.

      • If I will use nothing in the box then it has 0 value. Just because a company prices something at $60. doesn’t mean the value is there.

        • Michelle, subs are meant for trying new things and are not meant for being able to pick out what one wants. I have gotten many subs that have sent me boxes that were filled with products I initially wasn’t interested in, but I tried them anyways and loved them sometimes. Sometimes I didn’t love them. That’s the luck of the draw. Maybe taking the $25 and going to Sephora or Ulta and paying for half of a full size product in most cases is a better idea then.

      • I couldnt agree more. Not to mention whats not to love about THIS month’s (June)? Im thrilled to be getting that Sunday Riley personally. That one product alone covers the cost of 2 months. Ipsy Plus is probably my favorite sub

        • I agree I’m thrilled with SR! The other items are just frosting. What I don’t like I gift 🎁

        • The Sunday Riley made this worth it for me. I loved my first 2 boxes. I hope it continues.

        • I agree! I’m so happy I canceled my Boxycharm subscription for this one. I love skin care and Ipsy’s GBP delivers in that department. Even the things I’m not thrilled about are much better than the over-inflated retail prices of Boxycharm items. The filler items in that bag had me swimming in makeup I couldn’t get rid of. This subscription is everything I want from a monthly bag.

        • The Sunday Riley and Gen Clay Mask Alone made the June Bag for me. They are Incredible Skin Care Lines. If its Something I wouldn’t Use, I simple give it to a Friend I know Will Use it, But in Most Cases I can usually Use everything in my Box.

        • The Sunday Riley was the only good thing in my box. I can overlook everything else because the value to me is in the SR. That said, had I not gotten the SR June’s box would have been a waste to me. I love Tetris, but cute packaging does not indicate a good product. Everything else was opposite day to my profile.

          The value in the GBP, to me, is my ability to skip without canceling. This makes it pretty easy for me to look at the spoilers and decide if I want the GBP or Boxy, or some other sub that month. Especially now that they are doing addon’s and I can get the things I want, and add them to a regular bag.

      • Regardless of the RRP- if it isn’t something I want/use/like then it’s has zero dollar value to me. So it’s worth is based on my preferences not the dollar amount. If something is worth $5 and I love it- then it’s worth far more than $100 product I won’t use.

      • Amen! There boxes are definitely worth the $25 compared to the prices of products received. Whether you like or use those products is unique to you. But it definitely delivers the ‘bang’ for your buck!

    • Agreed! I was totally ready to cancel and then I saw that palette! Omg! I love it♡♡
      & Pixi!

    • same here! Agreed!

  2. I’ve had glam bag plus for two months now…I don’t know if it’s me ,but I don’t feel like this bag is worth 25.00 dollars. I’m not getting good stuff..and they don’t have a big selection..oh we’ll just thinking out loud..

    • Almost all the things I get in mine have a retail value of at least $25 which pays for the box. Some of the things have a rv of twice the box or more. I make sure my profile is up to date on my preferences. I make a list when I see the spoilers on the five things I want the most. My list for June was almost spot on. I picked the ciate London lippie but ended up getting the trio. I pick mascara and got the pixi one. I picked the green palette and got it. I knew I would get the Sunday Riley because I had already recieve the 111skin product. And the last thing I picked was the clay mask. And I was so excited because I got the pink one. I’m already getting the purple one in my fff. What kinds of products do you get in yours if I may ask?

      • You can pick your items?

        • I see spoilers on here and I make a list at my house on a piece of paper. Then on the second of the month when we get to see what’s in or box I look to see how many things on my list matched up. So I’m picking the things I really like and making myself a list. I got really lucky last month but usually I get three to four things that were on my list.

      • How did you “pick” you items for your June box?

        • I see spoilers on here and I make a list at my house on a piece of paper. Then on the second of the month when we get to see what’s in or box I look to see how many things on my list matched up. So I’m picking the things I really like and making myself a list. I got really lucky last month but usually I get three to four things that were on my list.

    • I agree. I wasn’t happy with my bag either.

    • I left Boxy for the Glam bag plus. I had to sign up for the regular glam bag…get put on a ‘wait’ list for the Plus bag…which I got charged for both the same day. I’m fine with what my box will have for June but not looking forward to July. Since the Plus is $25 and plus tax…makes it a little over $27…I might be going back to Boxy.

    • I agree. This is also my second glam plus bag. I see the spoilers and I never get any of the high value items or brands I like. I will likely quit next month.

    • I agree. I was so excited to finally get off the waitlist because I saw the past boxes and well…. since I have gotten then box, it is not that great. I had a feeling that would happen, I said to my husband “watch I am going to get off the list and the box is going to be not as great as past boxes” and well that was true. I am going to give it another go though, an honest chance to wow me I guess.

    • Same here. So far I don’t see the value at all, I waited so long to get the glam bag plus. In my upcoming June box, I will get the Tetris eyeshadow palette with orange/ blue tone, instead purple one. Although I marked only purple color in my beauty quiz. This palette will be use
      Useless again. They just don’t consider your preferences. I will see what’s in July glam bag plus, but I am on the edge of cancel both of my subscriptions.

      • For those of you who aren’t happy with what you’re receiving, try changing up your profile. It can’t hurt. I love the Plus and the value I get for my box is amazing. But…I think if you like a makeup heavy box, Plus may not be for you. I’m a skincare addict but still don’t mind when we get another eyeshadow palette because they were in every box.
        If I had to choose between Plus and FFF, I honestly don’t know which I’d pick! 💁🏻‍♀️

      • What also worked for me was the reviews. I made sure to indicate that some items I wasn’t excited about or liked in order to try and trick whatever method their using to sort the bags. I also think the bags now might be variations instead of %100 personalized since we get the cards with the exact items of the box.

    • This month there was 16 different products that they could customize our boxes from. I think that’s an amazing selection for full sized products! That’s wya better than boxy selection imo.

  3. I was going to cancel my plus until I saw the spoilers!!!

  4. Loving it!

  5. I would be happy with any of these three!! I really like the highlighter palette, even though I definitely don’t need anymore haha!! Those pink colors are beautiful! I would like to try the Pixi mist, and I am always excited for anything green tea – especially a moisturizer!!

  6. For the GBP, June was my first month but I am most definitely skipping this month, I have 2 out of the 3 products. The product I dont have is the highlighter, and I do not need anymore highlighters lol. I have wayyyyy to many right now!!! Skipping a month wont hurt amyways, A break will be nice lol. And i have been getting regular Ipsy for 4 years now.

  7. Really liking these spoilers. While I don’t need any more highlighters, that palette looks as though it has at least one color that I could use as a blush. And, I’m always excited for a Purlisse product.

    • I feel the same. And I’ve never owned a Huda palette so I’m looking forward to it. Fingers crossed I get that.

  8. I’m skipping the month because these are rather bad choices for me down the line. Already initiated the ” skip” feature for both bags.
    Product overload is the underlying cause. You know how it goes. 😉

    • I think I’m gonna do the same for both boxes. After getting FFF, two Ipsy GBP boxes, Boxyluxe, Beautyfix, and two Allure boxes this month alone, I think I am completely overloaded right now. I really don’t “need” anything right now and I’m really trying to separate my “wants” and “needs” right now lol….notice I said trying? 😂

  9. Better than June’s box! I skipped June’s box and I think I’m going to give it till the end of summer. I am realizing I love the $10 bags so much more.

  10. This is the very first time that I do not want one single thing from the first round of spoilers. The huda pallet is just like the IT cosmetics pallet from a few months ago, pixi is a drugstore brand, and I just got the Sunday riley moisturizer, a different purlisse moisturizer, and the son and park priming moisturizer (which is AMAZING) but I dont need yet another one. Hopefully they roll out some other spoilers really soon that make me have that rush of excitement and like “OH I WANT THAT”

    • I know what you mean but it’s so hard to predict from the only spoilers they show. Especially now that Plus keeps increasing the number of product possibilities each month. You might only like one or two and decide to skip like I’ve done, then regret it when you see several of the options they didn’t advertise. That’s been the case with the regular bag for me lately too, even though they typically release several more spoilers. At least if I skip a month of Plus but still get the regular bag I have the opportunity to add on some of the Plus products. I’m so glad they added that feature.

    • So, I was getting a lot of moisturizers as well. One every month at least. I went into my beauty profile and changed the preferences and voila, no more moisturizers. If you start getting too much of something just update your profile to say you don’t like/use whatever product and it usually helps your box not have them anymore unless it’s an item everyone receives

      • Agree with you!! My customization has been spot on!! I’ve been loving I’m everything I’ve been receiving. I have no mascaras, no eyeliner, no foundation, and plenty of moisturizers, brushes and eyeshadow and has been really good!

  11. I got to pre-pick from these three because of getting eyeliner for June despite being opted out of it. Luckily I can’t resist highlighters 😍

    • That’s encouraging! I’m opted out of eyeshadows but got the Tetris palette anyway. I was wondering what they might offer to make up for it. I’m not sure they’ll see it as the same thing since EVERY subscriber got a palette but I have the email where I was clearly promised no more eyeshadow in either my Plus or regular bag starting in June. I was kind of hoping once I emailed them my complaint they’d offer to send something else either in it’s place or in addition to. But getting to pick an item for next month is pretty good too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Shawna, I did the same. I hve enough highlighter to pain lines down the 101, but I couldn’t resist the Huda palette. I was offered this because they sent me an eyeshadow palette yet again after asking them to refrain. IPSY is terrific most times…

      • Yeah, I like eyeshadow, but I didn’t like how they made everyone get a palette this month. Same for guaranteeing the Sunday Riley or 111skin for everyone; I’m sure some people didn’t want either, even though I did. Ipsy is supposed to be all about personalization.

  12. I already have too many highlighters & I’ve only ever gotten them from sub boxes or gifts with purchase from Ulta. I’ve got it marked rarely. Never tried the other products but I’ve liked previous Purlisse items I’ve received

  13. Loving 2 of the 3. My luck I’ll end up getting neither and being stuck w the 3rd. Who needs so many highlights?

  14. Love them all, finish the glam bag strong

  15. So far, I’m really liking July!

  16. I love that Ipsy has a skip function

    • I am thinking the same. I’ve got the GBP since their first box, but so far, this will end up being a skip for July. Hopefully some more items will be revealed before the end of June. Not knocking Huda, but I have enough highlighters to last me a lifetime. I don’t care for anything Pixi. I’ll really have to evaluate this later since I’m supposed to get an extra item in my July GBP, if I skip it, I probably won’t get that extra – ever.

      • If you end up needing to skip, reply to that email and tell them you just can’t use any of those items in July and can you please get your extra item in the August box because you are going to pause July. I think they probably will do that for you! Their customer service is wonderful. Tell them how much you love Ipsy and want to stay that you just have too many of those but want to stay and appreciate the offer and do not want to lose their generous offer of the extra product. Be sure to itemize what you have a lot of and tell them two items you want to opt out of so they won’t send you something extra you don’t want. I know you will get a positive answer.

        • Thanks, Becky. I have already opted out of brow products and bronzer. If I do end up pausing, I’ll email them and give that a shot! Appreciate the advice!

        • Yeah their customer service is spot on if you communicate with them even emails , that’s one reason I also stay with Ipsy , good customer service is super important plus love that skip button

        • i complained how i was soo bummed I didn’t get a single item from one of the months’ spoilers (really zero out of 5 spoiler items!) and all they did was offered me to pick out 1 item for the following month. not as an extra item but just 1 thing they will put in my next month. that month sucked so I told them i want to skip that month but they didn’t bother giving me any offers for future months. really, they have offered extra items for you??

    • Same! I skipped may and june but getting excited for July.

      • If we want to skip a month, when do we need to request it by? Then does it automatically start back up the following month?

  17. Oh gosh! Can’t use any of those!

  18. I’m not excited so far about July and didn’t really care for May or my June spoilers for the most part. I don’t need any more highlighter, hate the smell of matcha, and since I wouldn’t mind the skin glow as much I probably won’t get it in my bag lol.

    I was super excited with the personalization I was getting before I got the plus, but it seems to have gotten worse since I joined plus.

    • For now they only have 8-10 products in the plus to choose from for you unlike the glam bag which usually has over 40 different products. Guessing it will be at least a year before they can build up enough inventory to truly customize the box. I still prefer this over boxy which gave everyone the same brown lippie month after month.

    • Agreed. Even my regular bag has gone downhill since starting the +

      • I used to have 5 regular glam bags for my cousins to play with for their birthdays or Christmas presents. But lately the quality and range of products is just so uninspired that I now switched it to a couple glam plus accounts with 2 glam bags. Though the glam plus accounts are not all mine we share between multiple people in my family depending on the products. It usually works out because we all like different things.

        • This month, they had 20 possible options for GBP, and I only got two items I’m interested in trying. I received YET another mascara and lip product, both of which I’ve said time and time again I’d prefer to not receive.

          The regular bag, which I kept, was great before I also got the GBP. I was getting about four items I wanted out of the five, which is pretty great. In the last two months since also getting the GBP, I usually only receive two items I actually am excited to try and the rest is underwhelming. I don’t really think that should happen in either bag, but ESPECIALLY the regular where they have SO many products they sample.

          I know Boxy doesn’t really customize yet, but I’ve been much happier with that sub than this one and I was so looking forward to GBP. I’m going to keep looking at spoilers for Ipsy and determine if I skip next month all together.

          • Did you write in and specifically opt out of lippies and mascara? That’s what you’ll have to do to TOTALLY stop all of them. help.ipsy.com

  19. This is already shaping up to be sooooo much better then June. I usually don’t like Pixie but their Glow mist and milky mist is nice and Hydrating. I use it as a moisturizer before my primer and it nice and light. I never tried a highlighter from Huda so I’m intrigued, even through I have so many highlighters. I usually like most things from Huda. Also that Purlisse moisturizer I believe is a new release. I haven’t seen it on their website. I do need new moisturizer so I’m interested. So far this is shaping up to be a good month. 👍

    • I’m not a big Pixi fan either, but good to hear their mists are good, because I am actually hoping to get this one.

  20. Hard pass! 0 for 3.

    • Agreed. I can’t believe how disappointing this is

  21. That Huda looks awesome! I am not the biggest Pixi by Petra fan, but I would be happy with the glow mist as well.

  22. I need to change my beauty preferences so I don’t get this Huda palette. It’s useless for me as I have so many other highlights I love.
    The glow mist would not work on my oily skin.
    So I guess it’s this moisturizer.
    Not super thrilled.

    • You can skip a month with GBP without cancelling. That’s what I did for June as I wasn’t interested in any of the spoilers.

  23. Third month skipping.

  24. I had a severe allergic reaction to the Purlisse Blue Lotus moisturizer, so I’m hesitant to try another moisturizer by that brand :/ I also REALLY do not need any more highlighters. However, I have never tried a Pixi product, so I actually would like to get the mist.

    • I had a bad reaction to Purlisse too, and it was the reason I ended up canceling. So many Purlisse items 😬

    • I had a bad reaction too! I liked the Purlisse Orange Creamsicle Body Butter so I was sure the Blue Lotus would be fine, but I literally wanted the scratch the skin off my face.

  25. Can someone explain to me how the swap works?

    Just curious as I have never done it and I already have that huda palette. (hoping I dont get it in the July box)

    • On the swap site you can search for whatever product you are interested in posting and are able to write descriptions including retail value if you would like. Then your posting is listed and others are able to search under either your profile or the product itself and if they choose your item, they can also choose other items you have listed to include in the swap. Those proposed items are sent to you and then you are able to choose from their listings to what you believe is a fair value. That proposal is sent and they can either approve it and you both send the items to one another or they can counter the offer either removing or adding other products. I hope that made some sense!

      • What an excellent explanation, thank you!

  26. i didnt get any of these 🙁

    • It’s for next month😊

    • They’re for July

  27. I must be on some sort of MSA watch list or something.😂 Every other comment I make does not post…it’s ok MSA, I’m not mad at you, I’m just sayin.💁

    • The same thing is happening to me. No cussing, no rudeness or personal attacks or arguments, no sneaking my email address in for non-MSA site swaps. The only thing I can think of is that I was critical of Sephora in one or two of them and gave the brand/product names of a certain type of product when discussing it (in a very friendly way) with another MSA reader under comments. It’s not like I was affiliated with any of them so I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I’m used to a comment or two not posting once in a while but the rate has definitely gone up and I don’t get why.

      • Hi Danielle,

        So sorry about this. Can you email me details so I can investigate? I’m seeing all of your comments from this email address as visible to the public, and I want to figure out what happened.

        [email protected]

  28. So excited! Ipsy plus is killin it! Love this months as well! They actually gave me the variations I wanted and went by my profile. Unlike boxycharm where I always get the items I don’t want.

    • Must be nice. They ignored most of my quiz this month! At least they’re sending me the Sunday Riley moisturizer and not the serum I can’t use.

    • Lucky you, this month has been the worse by far. They are sending me the eyeliner and I have opted out of eyeliners. 🤷‍♀️ They offered me an additional Huda lippie for re-subbing to June regular bag that they didn’t send either.

  29. I’ll wait to see the full July spoilers before passing too much judgment, but why do I get the feeling that Plus is changing into a sub where they spoil a few really good products and throw in a bunch of filler around them? I want to see my box next month, but where I used to get 4 out of 5 items I was really happy with, now I get 1 product I really want, 1 product I’ll at least use and 3 products that are either crap, or they go completely against my profile.💁 For me, it is still worth the value, because what I use at least pays for the box. Thank goodness I can trade, otherwise I don’t think I could justify all of the products that I don’t use. I am the least picky swapper ever, because I am always just so happy to trade for something…anything I’ll actually use. Lol! Thank You MSA for maintaining a swap site for us…Well, let’s be fair, it’s the least you can do to make up for the way you enable all of us.😉😂

    • I w been on this site 5 months and still have yet to be invited to the swap site on here ? How long does it take ?


      • have you applied to be on the waitlist for swaps? After that it doesn’t take too long.

        • Thanks and yes I have I emailed but it says on waitlist 🙁 seems I’ve been on waitlist longer then others sadly maybe I’ll try to email again

          • Hi Dot,

            It took me about 3-5 months to be off the swap waitlist. It definitely takes a while, so dont be discouraged. I thought I’d never get off the waitlist, but it was awesome when I finally gained access!

      • Dot, it took me around 4-5 month’s to get added. I think I sent 2 requests to be added, but I don’t know that it made any difference. One day out of the blue, I received an email that I was added. I personally think they periodically go through to remove inactive user’s and add new ones. It’s worth the long wait, but it’s a bit frustrating till then. Kate, thanks for the info, that’s good to know…maybe it will get better for July. 😊

        • Thanks for your help ! And how do I apply through email to subscription addiction ? I mean it just keeps saying your on the waitlist :/

          • Oh, no…that’s what I meant. I was on the waitlist. I’m sorry, it’s been so long I forgot…memory isn’t what it used to be.😂 What happened was I signed up with 2 different email addresses. The first one I sent went through, the other never did, so it probably got filtered out. I would think you should be added soon.

    • If it makes you feel any better I don’t think these are official spoilers that Ipsy released, so they may not be the best three products. We know about them because they’re the three choices they gave people to choose from if they made a mistake in there June box.

    • Omg yes. I started getting my Ipsy glambag plus in December and I loved Almost every item in it up until May. Now for the last couple of months instead of me loving 4-5 items I only love maybe 1-2 MAYBE. It feels way less tailored to my profile than before.

  30. I ordered my Glam Bag in May.
    I was charged and never received anything.
    Now we are in June and ive been charged again and still haven’t received anything!!!
    I sent an email out on Saturday with no response.
    A friend who introduced me to this also has tried to reach someone with no luck.

    Im very upset that no one has got back to me or the fact there is no phone number to contact anyone.

    • It’s just now Monday. A lot of sub boxes don’t run customer service on weekends and only offer support on business days during business hours. Also, if May is your first box it sometimes takes longer to process. I think my first Ipsy took 5 or 6 weeks and my second Ipsy bag came soon after. Once you are in the rotation it will be regular delivery every month. I’d at least give customer service another day or two to contact you back. Hope that helps!

    • I ordered my first Glam Bag on April 9 and didn’t receive it until May 29, so about 7.5 weeks. I think if you sign up past the 5th, you automatically get next month’s. It took so long I had forgotten what my welcome gift for subscribing was supposed to be!

  31. Like it😍👍

  32. I wonder if the Purlisse is a new item that has not been released yet?
    Can’t find any information on it?

    • I meant to be more specific. My apologies. It’s way too early!
      Does anyone know it the Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer is a new product, or maybe discontinued?

      • For anyone curious about the Purlisse Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer.
        I asked Ipsycare and received this reply.
        “I wish I could, but the description of the product has not yet been updated on our end. This is one of the new featured products of PURLISSE and we’re excited to help them introduce it to the community.”

        • That’s cool, glad we get to try new products 🙂

        • That’s wonderful! New product woop can’t wait. I hope I get all these 3 hehe

    • My guess is it is a NEW release as it doesn’t match anything I can find online. I was offered it for July, but I didn’t choose it only because of not knowing much about it AND I have so many primers already. However, I think Purlisse is an incredible company and trust their items will be top notch.

  33. PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer
    what is this?

    can we have more spoilers pleaseeeee? so far loving it!! skipped my june plus box hehe

  34. Please please no more eyeshadow palettes ! I’m so over them :/ anything but more palettes I can’t even give away !

    • Supposedly, I have it on file (after chats with IPSY) not to get any more eyeshadows, but will be getting one for this month. Expect to cancel this sub as they don’t seem to follow the personalization or their promises.

      • Everyone was to get Tetris eyeshadow palette this month.

        • Yes, but that being the case, they need to stop promising people they will “no longer receive eyeshadows.” I happen to be one of them. If they can’t make that happen they need to change their wording to “whenever possible” or something similar or say that eyeshadow is just not something anyone can opt out of. “Everyone is getting one.” is not a legitimate excuse to break a commitment to a customer with no other explanation. It’s like getting in trouble when you’re a kid and saying, “but everyone is doing it!” 😄😄😄

          • I was just explaining why you are receiving the eye shadow palette, it was not optional for anyone this month. I do not know where these promises are coming from, my personal profile just says I would you like to receive certain categories either “often, sometimes or rarely”. It is nice that they are offering to assist you beyond that on a personal level, but that should be looked on as something extra they are doing, not required, especially if they aren’t doing it for everyone.

    • Oh!!! I know!! I do not wear eyeshadow I told them numerous times and they started sending more palettes! Plus way too many eyeliners! I cancelled my glam bag plus and joined boxy , I want more hair and skin products will have first luxe box next week the spoilers are every thing I will definitely use esp the travel dryer with attachments! Keeping Ipsy glam bag. The whole Tetris thing not diggin it

  35. The Huda pallette looks interesting but not the other two. Hopefully we get a few more spoilers before I have to decide if I want to skip.

    • Is everyone getting the Huda?

  36. The way better. I might won’t skip if the rest of spiikers wont be mascara or shadows

  37. No thank you to all three. This is a skip so far.

    • Yeah, probably a skip for me too this month. The Huda highlight palette looks nice, but I’ve got 2 great highlight palettes already from Cover Fx and Hourglass that I can’t seem to even make dents in. The Pixi and Purlisse aren’t doing it for me either. Might be a good month to skip GBP and go with the regular bag plus any good add-ons that pop up.

  38. No more mists!! And no more Pixi by Petra while were at it.. I’m fine with the rest of the spoilers.

    • I agree with you on the Pixi. If I want to try anything from that brand, I’ll just go to my local Target and buy it. If they want to put a brand that Target sells in this box, then let it be Make-up Geek!😁

    • Thank you! As soon as I saw Pixi as the first spoiler I was like, HARD PASS! I don’t even care whats in the rest of the box, if Pixi is in the mix- I’m out! I feel like these are brands on repeat anyway and I would LOVE to see some new ones!

  39. Can we PLEEEASE have a month that’s not lip heavy!!

  40. Oh, this looks like possibly a much better month. I want the Huda and the Purlisse. June is kind of a dud for me other than the Sunday Riley.

  41. I have a question, I have been a customer for almost three yrs now! Never had a problem, well I had problems with my bank card (lost) had to cancel it, then I forgot to update my new info, so I submumy new info late in May and was told I would NOT be getting my glam bag or my glam box plus for May so Iupdated my card info still and right away my card was charged for BOTH SUBSCRIPTION S. I did receive the Ipsy bag last week but never the glam plus box ($25) and have been charged for both AGAIN FOR JUNE WTH is going on??? Please contact me and let me know ASAP or I’ll cancel for good thank you

    • you’ll probably get better results writing this message to ipsy, not to mysubscriptionaddiction

      • Oof lol

      • 😂

    • You have to contact Ipsy customer care through email – just go to their website then account info and bottom of page you’ll see contact Ipsy customer
      Care – this is just a subscription addiction site sorry hope that helps 🙂

    • I went through something similar a few months ago, and the customer service representative responded that they had extra quota for the month I signed up in, so I would be getting that month’s bag (in your case, May bags) as well as the next one. But do contact ipsycare!

    • I have not received my June glam box( it’s been with DHL for 20 days😢.) check your IPSY account to see if it has shipped.

      • I just sent Ipsy an email this morning, because I still haven’t received my regular May Ipsy bag. I last checked the shipping status on 5/31, and it still said USPS was waiting for the package, and now that it’s June I can’t seem to find the tracking info on my account anymore. Do you happen to know where I can locate it?
        I’m also still unable to see my regular June bag’s contents too! 🙁 I swear when I cancelled my subbed a few weeks ago, then changed my mind a couple of days later things have been off with my Ipsy bags. I guess I shouldn’t have messed with a good thing. lol

        • Luna, once the new month begins you can’t find tracking info on their site, for the previous month. Do you still have the email? I always keep that until I get my bag/box. (All online subs & orders!)

  42. Thank you for posting spoilers today about next month, because I’m not 100 percent happy about my bag reveal earlier today. I need a distraction. This is a subscription addiction site, after all, haha.

  43. Uggg Honestly, The pixie is full of bad ingredients…The Huda is way overrated. Their liquid lipsticks are the worst I’ve ever tried, and the obsession pallets were terrible. I love the Purlisse Blue Lotus Mask…But this “Priming moisturizer” I can’t even find any info on at all..like it was just made because ipsy needed to fill a gap… I may be in the minority, but I am hoping to not get any of this.

    • Agreed!

    • That’s so wild, Huda liquid lips work so well for me, and those obsession palettes are amazing! Makeup is like that though, whatever works for one doesn’t work for the other. I’ll see people loving stuff that makes me look like a broken clown lololol

      • I loved the Huda palette (got Mauve) and the liquid lip lasts on me, all day! I don’t like anything from Pixi though. It is funny how one person will love an item, while another doesn’t want to ever receive it.

    • I so agreeee! I dont want the high lighter or cheap pixi 😒 I may be ok trying the primer but im not excited. I sure hope more spoilers later reveal better products or Im skipping July.

  44. Love love all ❤️❤️❤️

  45. Finally! May and June were awful, at least to me. So excited for July!

  46. Okay! Now this I’m here for. Skipped June but right off the bat I’ll be wanting July’s.

  47. Now.. how to rearrange my profile to receive the huda beauty highlighter

    • In the past I’ve always gotten exactly what I want by selecting only that item as something I want.

    • Try marking highlighter as often and all other face products (primer, blush, bronzer, powder, concealer, brushes) as rarely.😉

  48. Yesss give me all three!

  49. Amazing Spoilers!! I’ll have to resub for July, I skipped June’s box.


    • This comment made me LOL. We have the same spelling of our name!

      • Me too ❤️❤️❤️

        • Well, I feel left out.

          • Don’t worry, I’m here (lol 😀 )

          • I do too 😢

    • Yay for all the Rachaels (and Rachels lol)! ❤❤

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