Create Your Own Tarte Beauty Box – Available Now!

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Tarte Custom Kit 2019

Today only! The Build Your Custom Beauty Kit at tarte is available now!

Get 7 items of your choice for $63!

The Box: Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit

The Cost: $63

The Products: A makeup bag, foundation, lip product, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and concealer of your choice!

Are you going to make your own beauty box? What items are you picking?

Here are all the options:


tarte custome kit foundation






Body & Brushes:


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  1. Got my box today! Happy with everything including the marbled bag.

  2. My order has shipped already! FabFitFun definitely should take note, still waiting for my summer box to ship. This is an amazing deal and I’m contemplating on getting a second box.

  3. Wowza! Soooooo many comments about manufacturing and stances and vilifying, that I walked over to my bathroom counter and picked up the last two Tarte items that I used, just out of curiosity, and flipped them over to see where they were made. Oh how I wish I MSA allowed photos, because I am holding them right now! “Tarteist pro glow to go”, And “tartelette flirt” palettes BOTH say made in USA . Now as it’s 1:45 AM in the morning I don’t have it in me to go through every single Tarte item that I own, but just grabbing the last two that I used is good enough for me. It looks like they are made in America. Will everybody please calm down and stop flipping out hating on this company. There may be some exceptions, although the website also says made in America, and anyone with any questions can simply click on the item and see where it was made before selecting there purchases for this deal, but I think a lot of the fears are blown way out of proportion. Enjoy your purchases ladies!

    • You can definitely tell one person regretted buying her bag and then when she heard a slight mention of it being manufactured in China it gave her the moral high ground she felt she needed to cancel even if it meant getting PayPal involved.

      • Bahahahaha! This comment literally made my day 🙂

      • Lol that’s funny! And soooooo very true!

    • I agree with your statement to research the items before purchasing and see if you can find out where the makeup was produced before buying if it is important to you.

      I’m a long time Tarte buyer. Not every product they have is made in America. I can remember a time when their blushes used to be “Made in USA”. I restocked a blush and it was “Made in China”. Their mascara that I use all the time lists, “Manufactured in Italy, Assembled in Taiwan” on the tube. An eyeliner I have lists “Made in Germany”. I have makeup palettes by them recently made in USA, China and Italy. Porefessional tube says “Made in USA”.

      • Correct! That’s why I suggest they just look at each individual item. I work in the cosmetics industry and all of our products for the companies I work for are made and manufactured in the USA or in Europe.(specifically Berlin, Germany)
        However a lot of paper/cardboard packaging that goes over the items is manufactured in China. This in no way, has anything to do with where the ingredients are sourced or the manufacturing process.
        I readily admit that I only grabbed the first 2 Tarte items that were on my counter, and in no way researched the source of every Tarte item I own, but for me that’s not a bad start considering I wasn’t looking to prove anything one way or the other when I grabbed the items. But a few commenters on here were blowing things way out of proportion and making blanket statements about the company as a whole that were simply inaccurate. That’s all I was intending to convey.

    • Yes! I completely agree! If you are THAT vehemently against products made in China, do your research first! 🤦🏻‍♀️

      • Well to be fair to the poster, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. If the company makes some products in the US and some in foreign countries, how does one go about finding out which product is made where? Are there strict guidelines that have to be followed to get the “made in America’ label? If the ingredients come from a foreign country but are assembled here, can that product be considered ‘made in America’? From what I could gather their holiday palettes appear to be made elsewhere. I used to use Tarte (their blushes are amazing) but their shade range doesn’t work for me.

        Often in the rush to get a ‘bargain’, people don’t stop to do due diligence (for fomo). Now that this poster knows that some of Tarte’s makeup is not wholly made in the US, she (and others) have the facts to make better decisions about where she chooses to spend her money according to her values and beliefs ( something we all should strive to do).

        • If you read my entire post, I said exactly that. If they care so much they need to check each item they purchase. Coming from someone who’s worked in the cosmetics industry for 20+ years, I can tell you firsthand: 90% of the time if the deal is too spectacular, there are going to be some, if not many, items made in China.
          ……Ok, really it’s more like 98% of the time.

  4. I received an email just now saying my order has shipped! That was fast. It is my first time trying this build-your-own kit and I’m so excited. Tracking says it’s gonna be here Saturday 🙂

    I got;

    Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation

    Rainforest Of The Sea Radiance Drops

    Glam On The Go Palette

    LE Fairy Lights 4-in-1 Mascara

    LE Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lip Gloss

    Ready Set Radiant Mist

    Flamingo Sequin Bag ☺️

  5. Okay so I originally told myself I wasn’t going to get it. But then I got the email so I was like I’m just gonna check it out just to see what the options were. Then I made a kit just for the hell of it to see hypothetically wat I would choose. And then somehow that kit was purchased.
    Oh well here’s to new makeup! 🥂

    • Been there, done that!

  6. Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation in 16N
    Amazonian Clay Blush in soft pink nude
    Maneater Self Sharpening Eyeliner
    Color Splash Lipstick in Popsickle
    Blot on the go Mattifiers
    Flamingo Sequin Bag

    I so was not going to get this but I caved when I saw it here.

  7. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I feel for you. It is so hard to lose our fur babies. I remember taking my angel out to pee when she got too feeble to walk.

    • Thank you, Amy. Huggs to you and God Bless. <3

  8. Does anyone know when the next one will be?

    • They have this sale every May (so it was kinda late this year) and November! Hope this helps ;D

  9. I may or may not have just purchased a second kit after seeing the new items available. 😳😂 I’ve wanted to try so many things from Tarte and this is an incredible value. I did have problems this morning trying to use Afterpay but it finally went through. I’m very excited to receive everything!

    • Were you able to use your same account? I am thinking about getting a second kit too. It says one per customer. Does it go through if you place a second order?

      • Yes it does! I ordered a second account because I saw they had a new eyeshadow and contour palette available haha I have no reserve oops You will then get 200 tarte rewards points, then, for both kits 😉 I think it’s just one kit per checkout bag or something like that?

        • *a second bag, not second account. Both orders were made on my same account 🙂 I hope this helps

        • ^this. It’s just one per order so I was able to use my same account.

    • I bought two.. self control? What’s that? Smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. This is a great deal! I am telling myself “I don’t need makeup save the $69!”

  11. Well I caved. Haha. Apparently not fast enough though because they were already sold out of a couple things I was eyeing. (Liquid eye liner) But here’s what I got:

    Amazonian clay airbrush foundation
    smooth operator™ Amazonian clay finishing powder : white
    sex kitten eyeliner : multi
    lights, camera, splashes™ waterproof mascara
    color splash lipstick : popsicle (bright pink)
    Rainforest of the Sea™ highlighting fan brush
    pink tassle bag

    I have a few Tarte products that I love, but in general, they aren’t “natural” enough for me. I prefer pure botanicals. But they got me with the value. #marketing LOL

  12. Interesting, i just went on the Tarte site and they have replaced a few things with new options. The Hampton face palette is gone, but there’s a blush/highlight compact, and the eye shadow palette I got is replaced by the Maneater palette. So looks like the people who didn’t get up early have good options too.

    • That’s nice 🙂

    • Looks like they also added a new bag (ZigZag) when the marble one sold out

  13. This was too good of a deal to pass up. I really wanted the concealer but by the time I ordered they were out of all but two dark shades. Also I would have liked to get 7 items from any category. I would have skipped the bag and mascara to get items from the Eyes category. Not complaining. Great deal. Thanks.

  14. Don’t care where it is made from, because you pay what you get.

    I purchased this kit only because tarte have cute packing, not because of their formula. I used Charlotte tilbury a lot, nothing can beat them.

  15. My first time buying this “build your own kit” from Tarte n was sooo happy to see an email in my inbox from MSA this morning reminding me about the sale. Bought it for myself for my birthday 😍
    1. Pink summery bag
    2. Tarte Shape Tape hydrating foundation
    3. Eyeshadow palette
    4. Blot n Go palette (already have one of these and LOVE it. Especially for the long hot summer)
    5. Lights, Camera, Splash waterproof mascara
    6. The contour palette
    7. The lipstick/gloss duo stick in Coral
    $204 worth of product for $68 to my door. Just cant beat this deal!

    • I got exactly the same!!! Awesome deal. Can’t wait. And that pink bag was so cute!!!

    • Happy Birthday!

  16. It’s always fun to see what options they offer and usually I deliberate back and forth, but this time I chose what I wanted and checked out fast.

    Water foundation
    Hampton palette
    Eyeshadow palette
    Lash primer
    Lipstick/gloss duo stick
    Highlighter moisturizer
    Marble bag

    I already have the pink bag and flamingo bag from doing these offers previously, and they are both very nice bags!

  17. I decided to skip this, the only things that grabbed my attention were the foundation and blush. Also, I’m on product overload. Reading some of the comments – you can still manufacture in China and it be cruelty free. Only when it’s for sale, they require animal testing. I’ve read a lot about it recently due to wet n wild being caught selling in China.

    • Sort of! If it’s made in China but exported for sale to other countries, it doesn’t have to be tested on animals. Conversely, if it is not made in China, but it is imported to China for sale, then by law it does have to be tested on animals. The grey area that Wet n Wild is getting in trouble for is that if a product is manufactured in China and sold in China, it does not have to be tested to enter the market — companies can choose to test or not. The tricky part is that (& I think this may have just changed, not sure) if the Chinese govt receives complaints about the 3rd type of product (manufactured & sold in China), the government will pull those products from the shelves & do govt-funded testing on animals, and the company has no say over this.

  18. I just contacted Tarte and the confirmed that all their products are made in the USA. Don’t know why others are told differently…
    Amie 10:23 am
    are your products made in China?
    Silvana 10:24 am
    They are all manufacture in USA.

  19. It took me a SUPER long time to finally view my cart and checkout. I set an alarm to wake up around 7:30 eastern standard time in order to place an order before work and I chose everything I wanted in my kit but when I wanted to view my cart to check out, it kept giving me an error message and told me to wait a few minutes. I waited over an hour and it never worked.

    I checked back and some of the items I chose were gone and my skin shade for the water foundation was sold out already….

    I really do think they need to fix the technical issues, I understand a lot of people want to check out at the same time but I was having this issue for over an hour and nothing helped.

    • I had that same problem but when I checked my credit card statement, it was a pending charge. I just sent a message to CS. Hope this helps!

    • I always seem to have problems with the Tarte site when checking out. ESPECIALLY when I choose to pay with PayPal. The site gets hung up. So I had to choose pay with credit card and then it worked. That was around 7:00 am on the dot. But that PayPal glitch has been pretty constant with them for months I think. Sorry you missed out on what you wanted!

  20. Got it!! I get one every year and Love it 🙂

  21. If anyone wants to swap/sell their Lights, camera, action Mascara, please let me know! I have really been wanting to try it! *Bonus if you got the waterproof!

    Thank you ever so much!

    • I have the waterproof up for swap.

  22. I looked out of curiosity, and caved.

    *Water Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF15 12N Fair Neutral – Needed a new foundation, and like that this has SPF in it.

    * Rainforest of the Sea Radiance Drops – Why not?

    * Arch Architect Eyebrow Pencil and Gel – Nice that it’s a two in one, and I always need an eyebrow pencil

    * Lights, Camera, Spashes Waterproof Mascara – Even though I have at leave 12 tubes of mascara from multiple boxes, none are waterproof. This will be great for vacation!

    * Tartiest Glossy Lip Paint in Snap (Nude Mauve) – Can never have too much gloss.

    * Brighter Days Highlighting Moisturizer – really don’t need any more brushes or eyelashes, and this comes out to be $6 if you reduce the foundation price from the total and only split the balance across the actual makeup products. Figured I would use it more than wave spray.

    * Pink Tassle Bag because it looks like the largest, which will be great for packing. Really wanted the flamingo bag, though.

  23. I got this kit mainly to try the Shape Tape and just realized it’s foundation not the famous concealer 😒

    • The foundation is amazing, too, Lily!

  24. In case anyone else might want the info, their CS was very nice to cancel my order for the reason I stated- I don’t use makeup made in China.

    They were nice, I’m glad not to worry about this. 😉

    • Hi Lily. Just wondering, did the Tarte representative actually confirm their products are made in China? Or did they just refund you without any further comment? This is terrible news! I’ve always LOVED Tarte. But if this is for sure true I won’t purchase anything else from them. Thanks!

      • Assuming you don’t want to purchase items made in China because of animal testing. Being made in China vs sold in China has very different implications. Sold in China=animal testing. Made in China=up to the manufacturer if they are cruelty free or not.

        I would personally not purchase Tarte because while they are cruelty free, their parent company Kose, is not.

        • Nope, I do not object to made in China cosmetics and skin care because it’s tested on rabbit’s eyes. I object to using it because of the high contamination rates of the products as shipped to the US.

          My reply is below. I reference the kidney failure US dogs had from Melamine ( plastic) powder in dog foods and dog treats that were made in China. There was also a huge baby formula issue which I know less about, but I do know babies died because there were impurities in the formula AND a key amino acid for complete protein needs was left out.

          Infant mortality caused by tainted formula is not something I will ever accept. So, I put my money where my loyalties are- on the side of safety.

          BTW, I do think every batch of food, drinks, children’s food, vitamins, their soaps and lotions, and our makeup and skin care should be independently tested by a third party for those items I buy which have never seen China. Lab testing of the products before they are shipped is what has differentiated safe countries from China for decades.

          The issues of safe food, water, cosmetics and baby products were part of my educational degree study, so I am not overstating or making up any part of the need for safety in what is ingested, applied, or otherwise used as a personal product on a pet, baby or adult.

          • I understand some of what you said but on at least one subject I disagree, as does almost the entire science community. Study after study after study has proven as far as cosmetics go, animal testing is not necessary or reliable, relevant, accurate, etc etc. There are far better methods of testing to keep humans and animals safe. And alive. Plus personally, if torturing defenseless animals—because it’s not putting them through some mild discomfort, it’s absolutely horrific, unspeakable things that are done to them—was required of all cosmetics I’d just go #NoMakeup or make my own like women did centuries (and longer) ago.
            There was likely a time way way back before we had the sophisticated lab technology we do now, when animal testing seemed necessary for most things we put in or on our body. But times have changed dramatically and we’ve advanced exponentially and hopefully have become more humane and ethical as a society. Personally I do understand animal testing as far as trying to cure cancer, fatal childhood diseases, etc. I’m still horrified but I get that in some cases it’s a necessary evil. Or so we’ve been told anyway. But blinding, burning, maiming, and all the other abuses they endure until they die from it just so I can try a new mascara formula? No thanks. I’ll just settle for one of the hundreds if not thousands already on the market. My apologies for a rather dark and serious diatribe, but I feel strongly that people need to know despite old school thinking and policies, the saying “beauty is pain” shouldn’t have anything to do with animals.

          • What a huge overgeneralization. The country was not responsible for killing US dogs. It was the company that made the the dog food who engaged shady practices and did not properly check the health safety of their dog food. The company is not representative of a country, it’s not even a company owned by the country. You make it sound like China had an active goal to kill US dogs. And why didn’t the US FDA check its imported products before releasing it to the public? Why put all the blame on China? This also isn’t the first time the FDA has cut corners and endangered US citizens (see: pharmaceuticals) but I’m guessing you still take US-made medicine. *Not to mention the FDA has been known to allow US companies to sell unchecked/riskier drugs to Asian and South American countries while keeping the safer drug with more health checks in the US for sale. Since the FDA is a US government agency, does that mean the US is endorsing putting Asian and South American lives at risk?

            Where’s the 3rd party check in the US? What would you consider a “safe” country vs China? According to your own reasoning, the US would be considered a very unsafe country given the way the FDA cuts corners and their lack of a 3rd party check for products both coming in and out of the country. (Especially given the Theranos issue)

            The baby formula issue did not even affect the US. The tainted baby formula was made by this one company (again, not the entire country) and it endangered infants in China. Some people within the company were executed by law for their crime. Do you feel better now about the baby formula issue knowing that it was Chinese babies that were being killed rather than US babies?

            The crimes of these companies were atrocious and you should be supporting strong regulation to check the health and safety certification of these companies. However, I don’t see how a cosmetics company has anything to do with these issues. It’s not like Tarte’s products are being manufactured by the same companies responsible for the dog powder or the baby formula.

            Also, since you seem very prone to generalization, I hope you realize that there’s more than one dog powder company in China and more than just one baby formula company in China. Most of the other companies seem to be doing fine and not killing dogs or babies. There should be stricter checks and regulations to ensure that food and health manufacturers are checking their products and ensuring the safety of those who use them, from both China and the USA. But if you’re going to generalize that China, as a country, is producing poisonous food and makeup, the significant population of people (and dogs) in the US who uses Chinese-imported food and makeup should all be dead – according to you.

            Here’s some light reading, in case you want educate yourself

          • Lilly, this was your educational study but you don’t know more about the baby formula issue in China, than some general “also there was a problem with baby formula”?

            I am not a strong advocate for outsourcing manufactured goods, but I am guilty of purchasing those anyway.

            We can’t blame an entire country for one or two companies, when our own country constantly has recalls on food products, toys, and car parts. Please do more in-depth research before you spread propaganda.

        • Thanks for sharing this. I actually decided to do some of my own research after my last post and learned about the situation with Tarte and their parent company. It’s such a shame. I’ve seen other cruelty free companies go the same route. I remember Body Shop did it years ago. I can’t remember who bought them. Loreal maybe? I know they are the parent company to a ton of companies and I’m fairly certain at least some of their divisions still test on animals. You seem quite well informed on the subject, Jenny. Is there a particular website you use?

      • Quoting” Some, but not all, of our products are manufactured in China. I understand your position on this and am processing your refund now”.

        It seemed to me they must get a lot of comments on this because she was not at all defensive or surprised, either. ( I was nice, very nice, as well).

        This hurts me to the core. It’s worse than just TESTING products in China, they are using Chinese dyes, pigments, binders, fillers, etc.

        The country killed US dogs with plastic in dog food and treats. They have poisoned babies with tainted baby formula and many infants died.
        I cannot in any way use their products on my skin or body after the deaths of innocent pets and precious babies. Never!

        • I wouldn’t think it’s because they “get a lot of comments like this”, but more likely that the CS person doesn’t want to go back and forth and explain to somebody who has taken a particular stance on something outside of her control. She cut her time losses by hust canceling, because what does she care?

          • ^this.

        • Lilly,

          Again, please check your stats before you spread fake news. SIX infants died in the Chinese tainted formula scandal, which is six too many, to be sure. Thousands more were hospitalized with kidney issues.

          I understand you don’t like Chinese products, but if you’re going to talk human deaths, get the numbers right, when there’s such a disparity.

    • No disrespect Lily but do you realize how much of our products come from China. I would guess about 80% of your home is from China, if not more.

      And here’s the kicker, if you have American made goods then their probably made in an American prison where the workers are getting paid peanuts.

      • I’m not rubbing made in China goods on my face or into my skin in other ways.

        Actually, we are a household who buys mostly Scandinavian/ European home goods which are durable goods, if they are not made in the USA. Our hardwood furniture comes from High Point, N.C. from one of the few remaining bastions of US furniture making. It costs more but it’s worth it.

        My cosmetics/ skin care come only from the US, Europe or S. Korea.
        Our dogs’ food not only is made in the US, it is made in our state of residence.

        I do not wear any lingerie, activewear or shoes which were made in China.
        Not sure what’s left, but I am as careful as a person can be, for safety’s sake, so you really are preaching to the wrong person here.

        I am sorry but this rumor about US prisons making luxury goods is a myth. They may make license plates and some leather goods for men, but they don’t make the types of products I buy.

        • Please tell us more about your fancy things, it sounda fascinating!

          • Where do you get fancy? I buy American and not China made too, and I do it on a budget. Just depends on what’s most important to you. We have our priorities, you have yours.

      • I spent the past 3 years living in Germany and it was very hard coming back to the US, for many reasons. One big part is the food industry and the amount of crap that is put into our foods here! There also also many food, and cosmetic ingredients that are deemed “safe” in America but outlawed in Europe(BHT, many dyes, farm animals drugs, etc)

        I guess what I’m saying is that I also don’t trust US made stuff either. Everyone is always trying to make a buck, even if it’s proven to cause cancer.

        • Agreed

        • Some things that are disallowed in Europe have no valid scientific reason for being disallowed. The more common scenario is that the US FDA does not approve drugs/products that are allowed in Europe and Japan, and for good (safety) reasons. Also remember that European countries are smaller and therefore more limited in their economic and buying/developing power.

          Yes, I am a scientist, not a blogger with a soapbox and zero science education.

        • agreed

  25. I was happy to see they offered the water foundation. I’ve been wanting to try it. I was also pleased with the different offerings this time around. I was able to select 7 products I will use. In the past I have always given away the eyeliner. Anyway, I got

    Water foundation
    Filtered setting powder
    Fairy mascara
    Arch architect brow
    Lip architect lipstick and liner
    Dry shampoo
    Black bag

    I changed my mind at the last second on the marble bag. The black one looks bigger.

  26. Thank you so much for the email notification Liz! I have only used Tarte foundation over the years. I have tried other brands (some more high-end) but I always come back to it. Finally got a bag without everything being sold out!

    • Yay! 🎉

  27. After two years of getting there when they were already sold I finally got one. I chose the hydrating Shape Tape, mascara and curler set, pink bag, lip sculpting pencil, eyeshadow and contour palettes. Thanks for the early announce MSA! 😊

  28. I was on the fence last night whether or not I would get this. I came to alertness a few times between then and 4 am and decided I wasn’t going to. I had to get up anyway though because my doggie is approaching the end of the road and I had to check if he wanted to go out to pee. I cajoled him into going out and trying, while he was out I cleaned the floor where he had been laying. (He likes the cool of the tile floor I think. The last couple days or day and a half when he sleeps he wakes in a puddle. I also have beach towels laid out over the carpet where else he likes to sleep.) Then I cleaned him up as best as I could with the no-rinse pet shampoo and a warm, dampened towel. We’re going to go to the vet again today and see if we can help him one way or another.

    After all that, I was completely awake so I decided to just go take a look at what all was being offered this year. I went through and picked one of everything but I felt like meh. I think it helped me a lot yesterday to say ‘out loud’ that their foundations don’t really match me. So then getting a kit just felt wasteful. I did kind of enjoy going through the process though. Maybe in the future, they could offer other skin care options in the foundation category for those of us who are hard to match or already have enough foundations, etc. That would be awesome. I saw there were glow drops but I already have those from last time, lol.

    Hope everyone was able to get what they wanted, it is a great deal if you can use most of your picks. 🙂

    • I’m sorry to hear about your pup. My mom just went through this with her pup and I know that’s so hard! Sending hugs!

      • Thank you, Whitney, it is so hard and I’m constantly worried he is suffering silently because he is such a good boy and a trooper. Huggs! ty:)

    • Thinking about you and your doggie today! Sending happy and positive thoughts to you both!

      • Thank you, Aileen, we can definitely use those! <3 🙂

    • Aww I’m sorry about your pup! I’m literally going through this with my dog Sophie right now 😞 She’s likely only got a couple weeks to a month before I have to send her over the rainbow bridge 🌈 Your pup can keep her company when they get there 😊

      • Awww, that is such a sweet thought, Nina, thank you. <3
        I hope the transition isn't too terribly hard for your Sophie. Hang in there and huggs!

    • I’m truly sorry to hear about your dog Apricot. I experienced the exact same thing 6 years ago, but it seriously still feels like it was only last year, so I understand how hard this is for you. Much love & hugs to you and your doggie during this difficult time.

      • Hi Heather, sorry for the late reply. I want to thank you for your kind words, they really meant a lot to me. Much love & hugs to you, thank you.

        Really, all of you were so incredibly kind and supportive. <3 <3 <3

        We did end up seeing him to the end of his journey that day. I was so worried about if he was suffering and how my kids would handle losing him (he saw them through some tough times) that I didn't think much about what losing him would be like for me. He was a beloved family member, I couldn't have asked for or imagined a better four-legged friend. We still talk about him and we all miss him.

        Thank you so much everyone.

  29. This is my first custom kit, woohoo! Tarte products have been hit or miss for me, so crossing my fingers I love what I get.

    *water foundation (I’ve tried their hybrid gel formula and not the best fit for me)
    *amazonian clay concealer (about to run out of concealer, so perfect timing!)
    *glam on the go eyeshadow palette
    *picture perfect eyelash curler & mini mascara (I’m needing a new curler; mascara will go up for swap)
    *lip sculptor lipstick & lipgloss in cartwheel
    *foundation brush
    *marble bag

    I hope to one day try their shape tape concealer as it has lots of glowing feedback. I was originally deliberating between the shape tape and the water foundation and after some research (plus trying some samples of the water foundation I had on hand), went with the water version.

    Excited to try everything out!!

  30. The marble bag is $15 and the black bag is $35. I wonder why the diff in price. There are no dimensions listed. One year I bought this deal and the bag’s RV was $9. Then when they ran out of those bags they offered a different bag with a higher RV. I bought 2 that year so I received one of each bag. The higher RV bag was so much bigger, much wider. Even though I like the marble bag print more I went with the black bag with the hope that it’s the larger size.

    • The black bag sounds great. I chose the pink bag, what was I thinking lol. I wonder if we can go back to change it.

      • I picked the pink bag as well. If you zoomed in (after right clicking each option) the pink one is the largest. The material looks of a softer canvas so may get dirty quickly? Ill see the material once it arrives but thinks this would be cute for the beach or light traveling etc.I have a few black bags similar in size/harder canvas/fake leather etc. Not that the black bag is a bad choice, but if youre going for the biggest (my case) and something different I went with the pink. Plus it’d be a cute gift etc.

    • Got mine too, so excited! I chose:
      – Water Foundation
      – Contour Palette
      – Eyeshadow Pallete
      – Waterproof Mascara
      – Quick dry lip paint
      – Foundation Brush
      – Pink bag (it looks bigger than the others, I was going to get the black one, but I have same exact one in purple from 2 years ago pick your kit, so I go with the pink this time)

  31. Wow! There’s actually stuff I want this time! I’ve never pulled the trigger on this deal due to being forced to choose a couple types of product I didn’t want. The only thing I didn’t want this time was mascara — the only Tarte mascara that I like is Lifted, & I didn’t get lucky & have it offered this time. So the mascara I’m going to swap, but everything else is a new-to-me formula (besides the shadow).

    – Shape Tape matte foundation in Porcelain Beige
    – filtered light setting powder
    – glam on the go shadow palette
    – fairy lights mascara
    – creamy matte in Yas
    – dry shampoo
    – flamingo bag

  32. I chose;
    – Shape Tape Matte
    – Setting Powder
    – Glam and go eyeshadow (Nothing interested me with so picked the most giftable item).
    – Lights, Camera, flash mascara ( I picked the limited edition but it’s not reflecting that for some reason)
    – Tarteist glossy lip paint in hella
    – Brighter Days highlighting moisturizer
    – Black bag (last time around the black bag had a really pretty purple liner and I love it. Use it everyday)

    • Plus I got 4% back

  33. Does anyone know the size of the bag? (the marble one). Thanks!

  34. I caved. I figure since the foundation is included, the rest was cheap. Somehow I was running out of brow pencils, too (not sure how with sub boxes) and I do like their powder. Nothing exciting, but things I will use.

  35. Because of these sales being quite regular, and Tarte’s constant inclusion in beauty boxes, almost all of these items can be found on ebay for close to the same individual price – or cheaper. Yeah you have to be careful of knockoffs, but that’s really just the shapetape concealer, because it’s never included in this sale!

    And somehow knowing Tarte is mostly made in China is just a turn off!

    • Tarte is made in China? OMG no.

      I paid with PayPal. This is going back whether they want it back or not. I don’t use made in China products.

      I had no clue a brand with this high name recognition was making things in China. I have some makeup bins to clean out now too.

      Thank you for telling people like me who didn’t know this. I’m really shocked.

      • It states when you purchase it that there are no returns. You can’t send it back, regardless of whether you paid via Paypal or not.

        • You might have said ” I don’t think you can send it back” and left the rest out because those who have valid reasons for returns or refunds do get them issued via Paypal.

          I mean no disrespect, but please do not tell others what their outcome will be when the person you are replying to may or may not CHOOSE to return the items once they arrive. Again, I know PayPal’s terms inside and out and they have helped me many times when other people were stuck with charges or bad merch. or both.

          Thanks, and have a great day. 😉

          • Thank you for the clarification. Also, I read somewhere that Tarte is cruelty free?

          • But it’s not bad merchandise. Likely, there will be nothing wrong with it, it’s a personal choice of yours, and not the fault of the company. If you call and try to cancel now, maybe they would let you. But it states very clearly that the custom kit may not be returned.

          • No disrespect at all either but if you are that vehemently against products made in China, so far as to file complaints and reverse charges via PayPal then how do you already own Tarte products that you need to discard? Don’t you check before buying??

      • If you ordered very recently, you can give them a call and cancel your order, but there’s a small window. Otherwise, you won’t be able to return or exchange this particular custom kit.

      • Oh nooo! I didn’t know that either, I’m calling to cancel right now I hope I still can! On top of the regular objections to makeup made in China, the Yulin Festival is around the corner it hurts my heart and soul.

    • A quick google search says that Tarte IS cruelty free, on many sites. Where did you get this information, that they are not???

      • I saw the same thing, that they are cruelty free, that they don’t test on animals.🤷‍♀️

  36. Shape tape hydrating foundation

    Amazonian clay 12 hour concealer

    Clay pot shadow liner in rose gold * I cannot use the colors in that palette*

    Opening act lash primer

    Color splash shade shifting lipstick ( don’t recall color but not a weird one)

    Brighter days highlighting moisturizer ( I was at a loss in this category as well)

    Flamingo sequined bag

    Not at all sure why I bought this. Maybe FOMO???

    I don’t really like what I got unless it’s some kind of awesome when it gets here.

  37. Love these sales! I was afraid that they weren’t doing them anymore since they’re usually in May.

    I also got in early. Here are my picks:

    -water foundation
    -filtered light setting powder
    -glam on the go eyeshadow palette
    -picture perfect eyelash curler & deluxe lights, camera, lashes mascara
    -tarteist glossy lip paint
    -ready, set, radiant skin mist
    -marble bag

    I love the marble bag and am excited to try the foundation and setting powder. I already wanted this lip paint, so I’m glad it was an option.

  38. Does anyone know how any of the foundations are for women over 50 ?

    • I would think the hydrating shape tape and the water foundation would be good choices for over 50.

    • I’m 51 and have tried to use the Shape Tape concealer in the past but it was too heavy for the skin under my eyes, so I’m not interested in the Shape Tape foundation. I’m going to try the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation. Last year they had the hybrid gel foundation and I do enjoy that one when my skin gets too flakey from retinal, but it’s not one of the offerings in this year’s bag.

      • I’m 40 so my underwyes are not as firm and right as they used to be, however Tarte’s creaseless concealer works great for me! It is heavy but it’s also hydrating and doesn’t crease 👍

    • I am near your age and have used the hydrating shapetape foundation. I do like it but hate the bottle! Its a pain to get product out of there. I wouldn’t get it again, simply due to that. It is that much of a hassle.

      • Thank you both!
        I went with the water foundation since i like my chantecaille water based foundation and I’d be frustrated with a difficult bottle as well. I’ve been wanting to try it anyway & my daughter needed mascara primer and a new gel eyeliner so it was a good deal.

        • Yay! Glad we could help. It does seem like a good deal. Hope you like it. 🙂

  39. – Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation
    – Hamptons Palette
    – Arch Brow Pencil and Gel (never heard of this before but need new brow product so figured this was a great time to try a new product)
    – Delux Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and eyelash curler (I just threw away my eyelash curler so perfect timing)
    – Color Splash Lipstick in Vacay (dark cool rose)
    – Radiant Skin Mist
    – Marble Bag

    If I did the math correctly that’s $146/value. I haven’t tried much of Tarte makeup but what I have tried I’ve really liked. So here’s to hoping that I find some winners in here.

  40. Shape tape matte foundation
    Hamptons palette
    Eyeshadow palette
    Amazonian clay mascara
    Matte Lip paint in Exposed (Rosy Nude)
    Blot Party mattifiers
    Marble bag

    First time doing this deal. Interested in trying the shape tape foundation and the Hamptons palette looks so pretty.

  41. Super excited to get in early. The last couple of times i didn’t get to it right away and the things i wanted were sold out in my colors.

    I got:

    – Matte Shape Tape Foundation
    – Radiance Drops
    – Rose Gold Shadow Liner Clay Pot
    – Lash Primer
    – Lipstick and Lipgloss in Coral
    – Liquid Foundation Brush
    – Marble bag

    • When is the next time, i can find the subscription tx

  42. I needed foundation so this was a no brainer.

  43. Are they all sample sized? Or is anything full sized? Foundation too? Not sure if sample sized it worth $63.

    • All full size

    • Full size, but there is an option to get a deluxe mascara plus an eyelash curler instead of a full size mascara.

  44. Got on thirty minutes early and it was live! I got:
    -Water foundation
    -Hamptons palette
    -Eyeshadow palette (both these palettes seem like ideal solutions for travel)
    -Lash primer (I like the lights, camera, lashes mascara but currently have four unopened deluxe samples of it and an unopened full size of it so really didn’t need any more!)
    -Glossy paint in the cool mauve shade
    -Radiant mist (their face sprays are so refreshing)
    -Marble bag

  45. I choose
    water foundation
    Radiance drops
    Eye shadow palette
    Fairy lights mascara
    Pink sand color shifting lipstick?
    The rainforest dual ended brush
    Marble bag

    Super excited. I did this once before and still have some stuff but am out of the foundation. Couldn’t pass this up!

    Now I’m going back to bed it’s 4:30am for me

  46. So excited! This is my first time getting this tarte kit. I logged into Tarte website 10 minutes early and I was able to select:
    -Tarte shape tape hydrating foundation
    -Weekender contour palette
    -Eyeshadow palette
    -Picture perfect eyelash curler/mascara
    -Tartiest lip paint mauve
    -Limited edition brush
    -White marble bag

  47. Woo-hoo! I got mine!
    -clay stick foundation
    -finishing powder
    -eyeshadow palette
    -maneater mascara
    -glossy lip paint in cool mauve
    -radiant skin mist
    -marble bag

    Mostly staples for me, but I’ll be trying the mascara and skin mist for the first time. (Lights, Camera, Lashes is my go-to.) I’m happy about the palette too!

  48. I got the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation (my absolute favorite foundation), the Hamptons Weekender Contour Palette (SOOOO EXCITED), their sex Kitten Eyeliner (I’ve tried all of their eyeliners except for this one), the Amazonian Clay Mascara (my favorite mascara. Ever.), the Lipstick/Lipgloss Duo in Raspberry (I love the bullet lipstick’s formula), the foundation brush, and the black bag.

    I was so torn between trying the matte foundation, but I love the Rainforest of the Sea Foundation so much I decided to go with that! And there were so many other beautiful blushes and lipstick shades it’s was so hard to choose omg I love this kit it’s such a great deal, especially for the foundation

  49. I chose:
    water foundation
    radiance drops
    eyeshadow palette
    fairy lights mascara
    Matte lip (my everday rosy nude)
    Blot party mattifiers
    Black bag

    Great options this go around.

    At checkout it said RV over $200. Wow!

    I skipped the last 2 times they did this so I woke up early. I don’t *need* any of it yet I’m very excited to try some new things.

    • Lol. I’ve done the past 4 or so in a row so I’m skipping this one. Or trying to. It’s nice to see some new items offered though!

  50. How often does this offer happen? Can’t do this time, but I’ll start saving up if they do it again.

    • Usually every 6 months: May and November

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