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CAUSEBOX Summer 2019 Box FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

We have the FULL spoilers for the Summer 2019 CAUSEBOX!

CAUSEBOX is a quarterly subscription box that features brands and items dedicated to doing good all over the world. Many featured brands donate a portion of proceeds to charities and/or may employ local artisans, use ethically-sourced goods, etc. 

The Summer box will include:

Banded Scrunchie 3-Pack, Antra Svarcs Art Print, Tribe Alive Caftan CoverupHanalei Island Aloe Gel or Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser, Quagga Green Wet Swim PouchAll Good Reef Friendly Sport Sunscreen, Reduce Everyday Insulated Tumbler, Altru Straw Tote

  • All Good Reef Friendly Sport Sunscreen – $15.99
  • Reduce Everyday Insulated Tumbler – $12.99
  • Altru Straw Tote – $50
  • Banded Scrunchie 3-Pack – $10
  • Antra Svarcs Art Print – $10
  • Tribe Alive Caftan Coverup – $118
  • Hanalei Island Aloe Gel – $35 or Papaya Enzyme Powder Face Cleanser – $35
  • Quagga Green Wet Swim Pouch – $25

Here’s a closer look at the items annual subscribers can customize:


Tribe Alive Caftan Coverup

Introducing the Caftan Coverup from Tribe Alive! It is hand-weaved by artisans in Jaipur, India out of durable, heavyweight cotton and it was made in a silhouette that fits and flatters all body types!

Get this and 6 other full-size products in the Summer Box!

This caftan created meaningful work for hundreds of artisans and it was hand-crafted to last a lifetime. It comes in three colorways: Sunburst, Nautical, and Seafoam — and annual members get to choose their style! ⛱️

Here’s a look at the three colorways:




Which style do you want?

Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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  1. Love my first Causebox! I did the 4th sale for just $30 and I can’t wait for the next one! The straw tote is a perfect size, the caftan I got was in seafoam and its really nice, got the blue pouch, aloe gel and love the mug and sunscreen. I honestly got every of the choices for caftan and pouch color and aloe gel that I would have selected if I got the choice. Esp reading the aloe gel can be in fridge and a cooling mask! I am an annual FFF member and love that sub too. I hate hearing negative reviews on any of these boxes (I have subbed to almost all at one time and used to be regular Popsugar and GlobeIn when monthly and now just get one occasionally after I see the reviews and spoilers). I think all of them do such a good job and introduce things I would never get, or would love but wouldn’t get because of the cost so for the box cost you always get at least one thing that is fabulous so I can’t understand the complaints. I have gifts for my girlfriends, coworkers or family on hand at all times for things I don’t use so no more random last minute shopping which is a bonus. Happiness!

    • Love your positivity, and I want to echo your feeling regarding negative reviews. Not every product is always for me, but I appreciate the time spent curating each box (also subscribed to many others, including FFF). I have a space dedicated for those products I won’t personally use, and am always on the lookout for a friend, family member, or even an acquaintance who might love a random gift they can fully appreciate. I also want to send kudos out to Liz and her team at MSA for being my goto place for reliable, honest and kind reviews.

  2. I have to give a shout out to Causebox customer service. My wet swim pouch came with a “sticky” zipper that wouldn’t open all the way. I e-mailed them, got a reply and apology the next day, and they mailed me a new one. I got it within a week. SUPER customer service.

    • I’m glad to hear this! I just received and opened my first box. (It arrived while I was on vacation the past couple of weeks). The (seafoam) caftan arrived with a huge black charcoal-looking stain on the shoulder, despite it being impeccably wrapped. I just emailed [email protected] Hope they still have replacements they can send!

  3. Liz, dies the straw tote fit a water bottle, magazine, glasses and sunscreen and stand up on its own? Or does it need to be hung?

    • I’m not Liz, but I have the straw tote. (LOL) Roughly measuring, the tote is about 15 inches wide and 10 inches high. It has a rounded bottom to it that measures about 6 inches by 12 inches. It plenty big to a water bottle, magazine, glasses and sunscreen. It does stand up on its own. It isn’t big enough to be a beach bag, but think of it like a large purse. Hope that helps.

  4. I love how cohesive this curation is! I got my box today, and the quality is amazing on everything, too. I just wish the sunscreen was bigger

  5. I’m
    eagerly awaiting my summer says it will be here Tuesday,but it’s showing it made it to my post office. Last night.So,I think I’ll get it tomarrow.yay!
    I think I’ll be able to use everything in this box,even if it’s not to go to the lake and such! That wet bag will work beautifully for bath items in my travel bag,so things don’t leak..or to use as a large ice pack Holder,that won’t leak all over!that cover up..well,let’s just say I’m going,out to get my mail in my nightgown,but don’t want to put on a hot robe..this will go on fast to cover me up somewhat! Lol. The scrunches also work as curtain ties if your hair is too short to use them.
    Its all about using your imagination!

  6. I’m really only excited about the wet bag. I have short hair, don’t use straw totes, don’t wear ponchos, have no need for yet another insulated cup. So it’s pretty much all lost on me.

  7. My Causebox is “out for delivery” and should be here any minute. I’m literally like a kid on Christmas morning! So excited.

    I am hoping the poncho/cover up looks okay on. I loved the winter poncho and wore it all the time.

    I just started my sub habit in the fall so I’m somewhat of a new sub addict. I subscribe to FFF, Causebox, and Allure. I just signed up for Boxycharm/Luxe and Margot Elena. I’m going to have to say goodbye to 1-2 of them, but I just can’t decide. My hubby is going to start giving me some serious side eye. I love getting them and do my best to use everything or gift it, but I can see how overload can happen.

    If you ladies could only pick 1 sub box without knowing spoilers, what would it be?

    Hope everyone loves their summer boxes!


    • It would be a toss between FFF and Causebox. I like FFF because as an annual member you get to customize so much and have access to sales and add-ons. I like Causebox because of their mission and nice variety of products. I cancelled all my beauty boxes because I was on product over load. So I sub to FFF, Causebox, Pusheen, Fallout, and then pick up random boxes now and then.

    • I would pick Causebox. I love the curation and that the subscription fee goes to worthy causes. Often the materials are a little rougher. more earthy than you would find in a department store, but I’ve come to like that.

      I was a pre-paid FabFitFun subscriber for over a year, but I unsubscribed because the quality of many of the FFF items was poor in the past for me. Everything looks fine when you receive it, but usually after a few uses, it’s kaput. The add-ons are also not good for my budget. I use to love Allure, but after awhile they started sending me the substitute items instead of the preferred items they advertised. I thought this was totally unfair for them to do to a long-term subscriber.

    • I love FFF, so much that I talked both my daughters into subscribing. WE are all annual members, and get to pick most of what we get. The rest of the box is usually skincare items that make the box worth the price. Causebox is fun, but I find myself not using a lot of what they send. For example, this box had a straw bag that is too small for the beach and not cute enough for a purse. (Plus, it is WHITE–will gt dirty fast) The caftan is high quality, but the color isn’t right for winter, and it is really quite heavy to wear in the summer. Hair crunchies? Not too exciting. I’ll use the sunscreen, but it is only 3 oz. The tumber is only 12 oz., I think I would prefer a bigger insulated water bottle. A lot of money for a couple of things I might use. Margot Elena comes packaged so beautifully. But it is mostly skincare. Lotion, body wash, body oil, soap. Their packages are beautiful so I find myself gifting a lot of their items. Depends on what you want from a box.

  8. Does anyone know if better coupons will surface? I know For their spring box, they had $15 off and mystery bundle options. I’m brand new and biding my time for a coupon, but I REALLY want the products before the 4th of July…. ugh so torn. Any advice would be helpful!

    • The best you can *hope* for is a $15 off coupon. But you do run the risk of it selling out if you wait (last summer’s sold out). At best, you maybe save another $5. I’ve only seen the mystery bundle offered 1x-2x over the past 1.5 years I’ve been subscribing.

    • Not worth it selling out like last year just to MAYBE save 3.75 (@15 off per new sub divided by 4) if they are things you already know you want. Plus, the money all goes to really good “Causes” lol.

  9. Looks like a good box. The Past few years we’ve been getting a lot of Turkish towels and I thought I had too many of them but my children find endless uses for them and even fight over the patterns. So this time I conceded and just had my oldest daughter come in and pick which color she most wants with the poncho, since I knew she was going to swipe it from me anyhow.

    Also, while I do have a ton of long hair, I do not use or like scrunchies because it reminds me too much of my 90s high school. However, as a mother of two daughters I have to tell you ladies who are complaining about them, scrunchies are back in a big way! It was very on trend for them to include them in this box. If you won’t use them yourself, give them to any teenage or preteen girl and she’ll be grateful!

      • I got mine last week

  10. I can’t wait to get my shows I have a label created..yupppeee!
    I will get use out of all these items one way or handicapped and in a power chair,so I don’t go swimming,but that cover up will come in handy as just a cover up to go over my night gown when someone knocks on the door,and I’m not beach bag will be perfect for when I go in TBE hospital to put my bath items they don’t leak into my bag,and that tote..lord knows I’ll get use out if it! I love scrunches,and that cooling,gel will come in handy for when I’m sitting,outside and get too much sun..or that face cleaner..whichever INE I get.i will use everything! Great job causebox!

  11. Mine came today! The pouch went straight into my gym bag for my wet swimsuit. The tote…I like it so much that I’m going to find a time to use it. I was thinking of trying to swap the poncho (it’s not a caftan!) for last year’s kimono, but now that I have it I like its versatility – coverup, sarong, even a towel. The Hanalei aloe may go for swap, but everything else definitely used.

    • Any advise regarding how to tie it as a sarong? I hate it as a “caftan” but cannot for the life of me find any attractive way to tie it. I’ve seen some pictures of it tied and looking decent but cannot figure out how people are doing it. Thanks!

      • One girl stepped through the hole, reached down and grabbed the two striped corners, then brought them up and tied them around her neck. Looked fab on her!

      • Thank you!!!

  12. I love that straw bag, but I probably wouldn’t keep anything else, Not worth the hassle of getting rid of everything else oh well

  13. Just wondering how easy it is to cancel. For example if I just wanted to try this one box first as I am in Canada. TIA

    • Super easy, just a button you select in your Causebox account and you get a confirmation email immediately.

      I have done it several times, canceling and reactivating, it takes like 30 seconds and I’ve never had any issues. I like that you don’t have to call or email anybody.

      • Thank you…on the fence

    • Lol want all my stuff? I don’t think there’s one thing in here I will keep. Poncho looks silly and is quite scratchy, bag handles are too small to put on a shoulder while the bag is full so it’s useless. I’m not convinced scrunchies are back and I checked with someone cooler than me… basically I’m just feeling guilty that everything in this box will contribute to our already existing waste problem as none of it is useful.

      • Agree to all this, most of this box will be donated because I hate it.

      • I really like the summer box as a concept, but the poncho isn’t very flattering. I did like it tied more like a sarong. Trying to find a creative decorative use for it. I do wish the straw bag was a bit bigger, but I will use it. It actually looks super cute by the back door holding extra sunscreens, goggles, and other pool day items. I wear Scrunchies around the house and thought those colors were cheerful. I really like the pouch, sunscreen, and aloe gel. I would have bought those items. I give Causebox extra points for such a cohesive curation and supporting good causes. I know not everyone is loving this box, but it is pretty solid for me.

      • Thank you for the idea for how you are using the bag! It arrived, and I was so disappointed by the odd proportions / shallowness of the bag, knowing as soon as I saw it that I would not carry it. I am going to use it the same way as you :).

  14. Sooooo glad I cancelled

    • It looks like a great box of cool things, but there is nothing that I don’t already have. The tote is adorable, but not worth having the other cool items that I’ll never be able to use. I love how they curate their boxes and will watch them every season, with great anticipation!

  15. I love this box!

    • Me too.

  16. Nice box but that coverup does not “fit and flatter all body types.” I can’t imagine a body type that it does flatter, honestly.

    • I’m planning on giving mine to my husband actually (so I got the blue one). Ugly but functional. LOL

      • I agree the caftan looks functional…we spend lots of time outdoors hiking, canoeing, boating, sunning. It looks like it’d be a great multi-purpose item, picnic cloth or put it on when you’ve had too much sun – it would even go over a life jacket in the boat!

    • Agree – what a strange cut!!!

  17. really wish causebox (and the other companies as well) would give another option for things like hair ties or scrunchies as they are completely useless to anyone with short hair like myself and i don’t even have anyone to give them to lol
    i don’t use sunscreen either, never have and never will. so there’s another giveaway item and it’s in pretty much every summer box I’m getting this season lol
    i haven’t been really too impressed with the summer boxes this year and the only one that’s pretty awesome is boxyluxe… cause i will use everything in it…
    oh well, you win some and you lose some.
    just really wish they would have released all the spoilers before they charged for the summer box as I’m pretty sure i would’ve skipped causebox for this season.

    • I was entirely with you until “I don’t wear sunscreen.”
      Do you just live somewhere without sun? Like, how are you doing that and not dying?
      But yeah, it’s tough being a beauty box subscriber if you have short hair. There’s so much stuff geared towards it and not always an alternative.

    • I have the opposite problem! I have so much hair that often those sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner don’t even supply enough to do 1/3 of my hair! 😂 Maybe repurpose the ties in some way? They seem like they could be useful in a lot of different ways actually. And oh my gosh… I shudder to think what I’d look like without sunscreen! Although beautiful the sun can be a very unforgiving and toxic friend!

  18. They keep getting better and better!! So love this box and all the items! Especially because it’s so different to other subscription boxes with unique brands and their own touch. It’s perfectly curated for the summer too can’t wait to get mine!! Just renewed my annual membership <3

  19. I think this box looks amazing! I will use everything and I appreciate how functional, cute and useful these items are!

  20. this is such an awesome box. Every item will be used. This is my last box and I was thinking to cancel, but now I changed my mind. I love causebox.

  21. This looks like a solid box with all usable and fun items. But I think that cover-up is just pretty unflattering. If it were sheer I think that might be better.

    • Agreed! And the color (of 2) is unflattering for cool skintones.

    • I’m
      eagerly awaiting my summer says it will be here Tuesday,but it’s showing it made it to my post office. Last night.So,I think I’ll get it tomarrow.yay!
      I think I’ll be able to use everything in this box,even if it’s not to go to the lake and such! That wet bag will work beautifully for bath items in my travel bag,so things don’t leak..or to use as a large ice pack Holder,that won’t leak all over!that cover up..well,let’s just say I’m going,out to get my mail in my nightgown,but don’t want to put on a hot robe..this will go on fast to cover me up somewhat! Lol. The scrunches also work as curtain ties if your hair is too short to use them.they also make cute napkin ties.who can’t use a face cleanser or aloe? Aloe isn’t just for sunburned..its for minor cooking burns too! Sunscreen should always be worn no matter what.i also was one who didn’t use it faithfully..until NY sister Dianna developed a deadly skin cancer.she battled it for 3 sister died unexpectedly 2 years ago.she was only 56! So,to avoid a bad sunburn or possibly skin cancer.use it! You’ll save yourself some pain and suffering later.Not to mention the costly price tag to fight cancer! The straw bag makes a cute bag to go to the farmers market,or if your a gardener,use it to put your gardening sheets,gloves,etc in it and carry it outdoors to tend to your lovely garden! Yes,I’m one of those gals who can find a use for just about anything! 😆 even the pretty boxes!

      Its all about using your imagination!

  22. Really pleased with this box! Even the lower-ticket items provide a lot of value to me. Supporting good causes is the cherry on top.

    • I agree! Some boxes wouldn’t put a $12.99 tumbler in their box when another brand offers the same thing for $30-$40…but this box has SO MUCH VALUE for $55 (or $50 if annual).

      • Exactly! And if I fall in love with a $12.99 tumbler, I’m much more likely to buy a set than a $30-40 tumbler. Everyone wins 🙂

      • Yep!

  23. Causebox just keeps getting better and better. I think this is the best box I’ve seen at this price point by far. The only thing I’m meh about is the scrunchies but I have a little girl who will love that. Everything else is a win for summer things and that tote is just beautiful. I’ll use it all which I can’t say that about for many subscriptions and it all supports a good cause which I love.

  24. I honestly think I may subscribe after my FFF annual runs out. This box looks great, I would get way more use out of it than my FFF summer box!

    • True, fff go downhill these two seasons. And even their add on is not appealing to me either.

  25. Another great box from Causebox! Not only do they kick a$$ over other lifestyle boxes, their products support causes! Can’t ask for more!

  26. I am pretty happy with this box, I think the average value and quality is the best among the sub boxes I received this summer, including Pop sugar and FFF.
    I love pop sugar because their big ticket item like towel, sun glasses and hat is really premier, but their low price ticket item can not beat with the cause box.
    I actually like every single item curated in this box, the only thing I am not pretty sure is how the coverup will look on me, but I can always use it for other purpose, so that should be fine.

  27. First, AWESOME BOX!!! And second, I just calculated the full price of the box as $277… For a year I kept receiving well over $300 (heck, even over $350!!) boxes from FFF and they all seemed to be of a lower ACTUAL value. I’m so so happy with Causebox and just signed up for another full year.

    • I can appreciate what you’re saying but if we’re going to address “ACTUAL” values, I HIGHLY doubt this coverup/lightweight poncho shouldb valued at $118.00 😂.
      Dont get me wrong, I love this box. Think its great for summer. And great for $50-$55 no doubt about it. But I can find a much more flattering & higher quality one for $118

      • I don’t totally disagree – but since they hired women in India and paid them a fair wage to do these by hand, I think they’re work more than just $55. I appreciate the value in paying women in third world living conditions fair wages in order to bring this quality caftan to us, and for me that’s worth something.

      • Exactly. I think a lot of the commentators on this thread have forgotten the purpose of this box in the first place. It’s called CAUSE box for a reason. I love supporting worthwhile causes. What I don’t use I’ll gladly give away as quality gifts!

  28. I’m so excited about this box! I will use everything. This is the best Causebox I have received.

  29. I love everything in this box. The coverup and scrunchies will go to my daughter – she will be happy. I hope the sunscreen is not sticky nor white. I do wish it had a higher SPF, as 30 is not high enough. The tumbler will be used instead of the huge Swell bottle they sent some time ago, I wish it was a Rifle Paper one, though.

  30. I do not use scrunchies (pixie cut) but everything else looks great! So pleased with the Summer box. I have an insulated tumbler similar to this one and I’ve been wishing for a second one because I use mine constantly!

    • You could use the scrunchies as bracelets.

  31. I just got rid of a kitchen cabinet worth of reusable mugs and what not. I was trying to downsize. Hehe. Also, my hair is short and the GF I would gift the scrunches to just chopped all her hair off too. Sunscreen I am saving for the cruise next year. I was already happy with everything else. Overall, this box is a hit for me.

  32. This is my favorite of all the summer boxes this year – I’m getting this and FabFitFun, but only because I bought an annual sub to both. Next year I may just keep Causebox. Their curation is very thoughtful and their quality of items, in my opinion, is far better than FFF and even Rachel Zoe Box of Style. When I look back on sub box items that last the test of time Causebox items are the ones I use most and hold up so well!

  33. This will be my first box and I’m excited to see the rest of the spoilers. Not crazy about the art print, but this looks like a great box!

    • These ARE the full spoilers.

      • And I’m excited to see them here! 😀

      • I’m pretty sure she meant that she was excited that she was seeing the rest of the spoilers.

  34. Question… are annual subscribers the only ones that get to customize?

    • Yes.

      • Thank you

    • Yes, I finally joined annual in order to customize. I like the box, don’t love it, but I realized that all the things I never use from it (which feels wasteful to me) are things that I could have customized. Example – of a necklace or earrings, I was given the earrings which were too large for me ears, (but I would have loved the necklace). Of a black poncho or pink poncho, I was given the pink, and I am *not* a pink girl, (but I would have loved the black). Kind of bums me out to have had to go annual to pay annual to customize for this box, but I guess they have it set up that way in part to make people like me commit to annual? I think their boxes are somewhat hit or miss, and their customer service when I’ve gotten damaged products in the past has been terrible, so I’m hoping I don’t spend a year regretting going annual!

  35. Liz,

    Will the tumbler come in assorted colors or everybody is getting a white one?

  36. Anyone else tempted to sew the sides of the coverup? I am thinking 4 or 6 inches on each side because I know the slits and openness will drive me nuts

    • I’m actually tempted to sew the sides and cut the middle (!) If i feel confident in matching the current seems I might try it. Or sew the neck and keep it more as a blanket. I know I won’t wear it as is, which is a shame because I like the color ways

    • If you keep it open you can use it in more ways, like they do in the photo. The poncho is what I’m least excited about – might try to swap for last year’s kimono. I’m happy with the last spoilers so I feel better about not skipping.

    • If I could sew (which I can’t at all), I’d use most of the fabric to make a cute fabric tote. From the photos, it looks a bit thick, so it seems like that would work. I really need to learn to sew one day.

      • You can learn how to sew from YouTube. There’s not much to it, especially to make a simple tote bag.

      • It’s amazing how much stuff you can learn on YouTube these days lol. 🙂 I was actually going to learn one time and went out to buy a sewing machine, but there were like 100 different ones and I didn’t know what anything meant. I’m one of those people who won’t buy something for entry-level tasks/hobbies because I know pretty soon down the road I’m going to regret not buying the item I would end up needing later on. You know? Like the whole buy it once thing, not sure if I’m making sense or not lol. Like sunglasses, I’d much rather buy 1 good pair that will last and that I can wear every day instead of like 10 cheap pairs. So yeah, I didn’t really know what kind of sewing machine I would need. I know that I’d never really get into quilting, so I wouldn’t need whatever fancy feature there is for that. I often get overwhelmed and just can’t decide; although not with sub boxes haha.

  37. Nice! All the items go so well together. Can’t ever have too many scrunchies and sunscreen. I am excited to get this box!

  38. Everything looks great – excited to get it!

  39. Nice box. But I hate that they consider the “print” aka “post card” as one of the items. The cup is the only thing I won’t use. I literally have a ton and rarely use them.

    • Woah, 2,000 pounds of cups is CRAZY! Where would you even store a literal ton of cups??

      • I have a really big house.

      • LOL

    • Technically I don’t think they are…it’s a “bonus” item. I saw Causebox advertising 7 items in this box. The items listed above are 7 items plus the artwork….

    • Why wouldn’t the print count? It’s an item.

  40. Very tempted

    • Same!

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