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Limited Edition J-Beauty + K-Beauty Allure Beauty Box Available Now

Allure Beauty Box June 2019 Box Available Now + Free Sunday Riley Oil!

The June Allure Beauty Box is available now. If you sign up today, this will be your first box. And new subscribers get an extra bonus of a free Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil (full size, retail value $80): UPDATE – Allure’s website lists this item as full size, $80 retail value, but the picture shows the 15 ml, $40 version. I’m reaching out to Allure to verify which is correct.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards.

Here are all the products that will be featured in the June box (no variations this month!):

What do you think of the June spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to save $5 off your first box and get the free full-sized Sunday Riley Face Oil!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (142)

  1. Am I the only person who paid for a June box and never received a June box? I emailed customer service but never heard back from them.

    • Click on the contact ipsy care link on the website. Their customer service usually gets back within the same day, or at most the next day. If you havent received a reply yet you should definitely contact them again and they will do what they can to make it right

      • Lol I didnt realize this was allure post. I’ve been reading my ipsy updates all morning. Yeah allures CS is awful and you’ll have to call them if you need help with anything. I cancelled bc July looks awful and I dont wear false lashes

    • They have the absolute worst customer service in the entire world. I have no idea how they stay in business. Take a peek at their Instagram, and see all the negative feedback they receive. I subscribed over 3 weeks ago and my first box hasn’t shipped.

  2. long shot buuut if anybody who is not going to use their baublebar gift card..send em over please??

    • What’s your e-mail?

  3. Just got my June box and I’m pretty happy with it. May was my first and I was impressed especially I received the full size BM perfume and the decent sized sample of Amorepacific essence. Really liking the perfume. Not something I probably would have bought full price, but it’s light and feminine.

    Would have rocked to get the SR oil with my June box, but I get why that’s for new subs only.

    I really loved the brow pencil. Mine was medium brown, which is a tad dark for me, but works well as long as I use a light hand. Love the sharpener on the lid, and the brush is fantastic.

    I think I’m going to like the eye cream. Lip gloss seems okay. Haven’t tried the dry spray or spring water spray yet, but I think they’ll work for me. I’ve always like the Moroccan oil so excited about that. The plastic bag is a bit of a waste, for me at least. Trying to think of a clever way to repurpose them for the future.

    All in all, I’m pretty happy with Allure. I can see how people get on product overload though.

    If you cancel and sign up later, do you qualify for the new sub product? Or is that truly for only brand new subscribers?

    • They used to send new sub products to people who resubscribed (I got a – truly ghastly – Cargo lip gloss the first time around, and then a Spongelle the second time), but they no longer do that.

  4. Am I the only one who is underwhelmed with the change to the plastic bags, the flap instead of the snaps?

    I’ve tried closing the flap by slipping it under the strap, but it just does not stay.

    • I don’t like either one to be honest. I skipped May and all of the other ones have either arrived already torn or starting to tear. They all eventually just come apart. I have had a hard time with the snaps lining up right. Me teenager has tried using them for various things and they all end up in the trash because they aren’t even recyclable. I can’t stand it that Allure chose to design and make an non-recyclable plastic bag. I can understand changing the box. It’s recyclable, so why couldn’t they just use recyclable packing??? So far, this green one is the only one that has not arrived somewhat split.

  5. So my box arrived today, I had gotten the shipping notification, so it showed about when I thought it would.

    Did not get the Baublebar offer, instead got a pamphlet with discounts for various activewear and such.

    Honestly not that thrilled with this box. The gloss, while generously sized, smells like cake and coconut, two of my least favorite product scents. The eye cream looks promising, and is also full sized. I’m not going to be using the hair styler, and I’m indifferent to Moroccanoil, The Brow Gal is a medium brown , but based on scribbling on my hand, will as usual be too dark. I’m oddly charmed by the sharpener cap; that seems to be something that no one had thought of, but should.

    • This is the first box that ik extremely unhappy with. Allure used to be one of my top 3 favorite boxes, but they have gone way down hill as of late. Clear lip gloss? A pencil a lot of people cannot use bc of their hair color, baublebar certificate that wont work on any item that is not full priced (I tried to buy an 18 dollar ring that was on sale, it rejected the code), the eye cream is alright although I’m not familiar with the brand, and the Moroccan oil is alright I suppose. The dry shampoo is more like a hair spray and now I have sticky hair that truly needs to be washed.

      Bummer. I wish they would go back to the better curation they had last year. Ever since the AMAZING January box, I’ve been fairly unimpressed by allure box. Hopefully it gets better bc I do not want to cancel; however, it’s stupid to waste 18 dollars on products that will never be touched. I’ve already gifted all the items except the eye cream and hair oil. 🙁

      • $18??? They charge you $18 your allure box? I’m just curious why??? I pay $16.48 right now

      • I assume its state taxes. Not really sure. It’s more like $17 and eighty something cents. But still. 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • Dang! Thought my taxes were high! I could understand Play By Sephora charging me the tax that they did given the fact that they have 2 stores quite close to me. So, federal & state taxes. I don’t get taxed on Ipsy and I didn’t get taxed on my Fabfitfun box either. We have an added city tax here as well, but that’s pretty specific area tax. When I started calculating the price I was being charged, it was above just the federal & state. They charge me the local city tax as well.

  6. I skipped May but got my June box yesterday. I only got this box for the Context & Moroccan. I did not have any variations. I did get an email from Allure that has a video of their unboxing. In fine print below the video, it says something about variations. I don’t always get this email so I’ve never actually noticed that before.

    • I generally get the unboxing videos, but don’t watch them because they usually show up before my box does.

  7. Has anyone signed up and gotten the CEO oil? I just subscribed, I’m wondering if they’re gonna send it with the box or separately.

    • I got mine in the box!!

      • Oooh, good to know, thanks!

      • What size was it, thanks!

  8. Oh wow! I finally caved and tried Fabfitfun. I just got my 1st box and I think I might just drop allure completely and stick with the quarterly FFF box… I need to see more spoilers for both. Either way, at this point I don’t think allure appreciates their loyal subscribers. So, I’m not inclined to purchase any month I don’t absolutely love. FFF is $49.99 quarterly and you get to pick 3 of your items?! If you’re an annual subscriber, you pay less and get to choose 5 of your items?! At this point, with the way Allure charges me for taxes when other subs don’t, allure is costing me $198 a year anyway….

  9. Heads up: there WILL be variations for the June 2019 box

    Allure’s June 8th email/newsletter titled “The June Box: Morracanoil, BrowGal, and more”

    “This month, there are several versions of the Allure Beauty Box. Everyone will get TK, along with 5 other coveted products.”

    • What is TK?

      • TK is industry lingo. It means when they drafted the email someone didn’t know what to put there, lol. It was supposed to be updated before the email was sent.

    • I saw that,too, and am puzzled because I KNOW somewhere I saw that June would have no variations. WTH!? I hope the variations aren’t bad…

      • I got my box today and there were no variations. It was the exact contents of the unboxing video.

      • No variations for me either! I am liking the earlier month arrival!

  10. Hi ladies! I’m thinking about subscribing. What’s the difference in getting the box from Allure vs. Amazon? Thanks.

    • Hi sheila,

      The only difference is the boxes ship much faster when you subscribe through Amazon, and it’s really easy to cancel . When you buy thru allure, the boxes arent shipped/received until the mid to end of the month.

    • Just a heads up that there have been product variations in the Amazon box past, and that Allure has said they cannot guarantee that the items spoiled on Ipsy will be in the Amazon bags.

  11. My favorite eye cream (more of a gel, but amazing – Ive bought several since first getting through Ipsy) plus more Morrocan hair oil (almost out of my currebt batch) plus a brow pencil! And the tumeric oil as a gift – wow! Allure is great this month, I’ll be signing up 🙂

  12. Honestly was debating on skipping this month but then I ran out of my eye brow pencil, so guess I’m glad I missed the cut off.

    I’m more curious about the full July box since it’s got Huda beauty – a brand I’ve been dying to try!

    • Hey! So I just signed up but I’m reading a lot of comments that say they skip a month or so. How do you do that?

      • I skipped May for the 1st time ever, considering skipping July. There isn’t a was to do it online. You will have to call them but be very clear that you only want to skip a month, not cancel and be clear which month you want to skip. 1-800-274-1603

  13. My box from Amazon arrived. It contains the 6 products spoiled plus a $20 baublebar gift code. The eye cream is a gel that melts right into my skin. Perfect for summer. The browgal included a cap with sharpener. Handy! The lip gloss smells like cake 🎂.

    • Hi Jacki, what color is the brow pencil in? Is it for dark hair? I have white hair and blonde eyebrows, so I’m hoping it is a color I can use. Glad you’re happy with the box this month! 🙂

      • I got a medium brown, which I assume is a variation.

      • I got medium brown as well.

    • Awesome! Thank you, I will re sub through amazon!

  14. I have yet to receive the May box! But I’ve been billed for it. In correspondence with Allure through email, they cannot give me a date that my box will arrive. First Allure Box; already disappointed by their lackluster customer service.

    • Happened to me too. Worst customer service ever, i’ll be cancelling this.

  15. Anyone been billed yet for June?

    • I was billed today

    • I was billed yesterday

    • I was billed twice for June wth? I don’t want two June boxes plus they charged me $10.99 and 15.65 what the heck ???? I just got my May box in June 👀 I will be complaining about being double charged I’m mad 😡😡😡

  16. It is saying $40 Value for SR on
    Allure beauty box website
    They changed it down from $80

  17. I wanted to thank everyone who responded to my concerns regarding the free gift. You were all very helpful. I bugged cs again (I’m sure they are sick of me!) and they assured me free gifts always ship separate. I asked for an email to show I was getting the perfume and they sent one the next day. It stated that the Badgley Mischka perfume was in the warehouse ready to ship. This was a birthday gift for my daughter so I feel much better! Personally, I had a great experience with cs the couple times I called.

    • I got the Badgley mischka perfume in my May box. Just FYI

  18. I contacted them on instagram myself and they said its the $40 bottle

    • Still so worth $10.09 bucks that stuff is liquid gold ( literally) lol

  19. I’m super confused ok so it says my membership is active on my account for allure however they did not bill me for June , does anyone know when they charge credit cards ? What time of month? Or does it mean I’m not getting June’s box ? Thanks

    • Me too! I just double checked my account since I haven’t seen the charge yet.

      • I was billed yesterday

    • I’ve been checking mine and it shows my start date, but nothing else.
      I will probably call customer service when I get a minute.
      All this runaround is starting to get annoying.

  20. The lost me at Tumeric. That stuff stinks to me.

    • Even turmeric stinks.

    • It doesn’t smell like turmeric at all! Smells a little reminiscent of rose hip oil.

  21. I’m at the “review” part of the order, but don’t see any confirmation that I’d get the oil as the gift. Am I not supposed to see that? How would I have proof if they don’t send me it??

    • Yeah good question rosette ! I didn’t see that either I emailed them bc I want the SR !!

    • It will probably come in your first box.

      • I hope so and thanks for reply 🙂 but I here people sometimes wait weeks or months is that how they rope you in for $15.00 bc if I cancel for next month I’m sure I won’t be getting no SR 🙁

      • Hey guys, I’ve received allure bonus items twice now (I canceled for a while and subscribed again) and I can tell you both bonus items came in a separate package and took about a month or so to receive. So do not be upset when it doesnt arrive in your beauty box, it will come in it’s own package. Also, there was no confirmation on the website that I would receive the bonus item. I was paranoid and emailed them just to be sure. It took a few days for a reply, but in both instances I was able to receive confirmation In writing that I would get the bonus item.

        So dont fret! As long as you see the deal on the website when you sign up for the box, you will get it! It’ll just take a little while for it to show up in the mail 🙂

      • I had similar experiences with bonus items. I had 2 ship with the box & one ship BEFORE the box. I also emailed CS all 3 times (since it’s never 100% clear, imo) to make sure that I was getting the bonus item. They answered me fairly quickly to assure me that I was getting the bonus item. I usually cancel to avoid beauty product overload, but get suckered back in by the bonus items!

  22. For some reason it would not let me use Paypal (I try to use Paypal) for the security and easy claims if necessary. I used my debit card. Hope everything goes smoothly.

    • I know, that’s annoying.
      Ipsy lets me use PayPal, no problem.

  23. Dammit they reeled me back in with the Sunday Riley oil. I’m obsessed with it and had 2 subs when they sent it the first time, but can always use a backup.

    Plus I actually like this month’s box!

  24. not a good box allure. your going downhill..I’ve already cancelled one box..just about to cancel this box too…

  25. Was going to write BORING but then I saw they include a $20 gift code for baublebar… their jewelry is so fun and colorful! Excited for the code but nothing else 😬

  26. I’m not that excited about this month’s box.

    I have yet to get an eyebrow product that doesn’t give me Joan Crawford eyebrows. I have a fairly strong brow that’s faded a bit with age, so black or dark brown or even regular browns go on super dark.

    I don’t heat-style my hair and I don’t like the way argan oil smells,

    Another clear gloss – yippee.

    • I totally recommend Surratt brow pencil. Best brow product I have ever found.

  27. Sigh….This reeled me back in.

  28. @liz – I always appreciate the heads up, but the Allure links NEVER work!!!

  29. I signed up specifically for the perfume. The perfume was left out of my confirmation email so I called. I was assured I would be receiving it. My box just arrived with no perfume. I called and was told it shipped separate. Has anyone had experience with the free gifts? Do they ship separately? Thank you.

    • I texted them and they said they ship separately but I haven’t received any of them., 😔

    • Same here. They sent me this email after that:
      You may have received the incorrect new-member bonus in your May Allure Beauty Box. To make it right, in addition to the gift you received, we’re sending you a full-size fragrance by Badgley Mischka (a $115 value)!
      Keep an eye on your mailbox, and happy sampling!

      Not sure when they’ll send it, hopefully it’s gonna be sent for real

    • I also called and was told it will be shipped separately 🙂 now we have to have some patience it can take few weeks!

    • I signed up in the Fall to get the full size Sunday Riley C.E.O. serum. It shipped separate from my box and it did take a while (2-3 months) for them to send it.

    • I got the La Mer gift and it came separately 2 or 3 days after my box.

    • I signed up back in January and every month I call asking when I’m going to receive my free member gift. And every month it’s the same thing “it will come with your next box” or “it will ship separately,we are sending you one right now. “ And every month, disappointment! 😢

      • I also signed up in January and actually got my gift in my box. If I remember correctly, it was just a nail polish. Is that what you are expecting?

      • The nail polish was included with everyone’s box – it wasn’t a special offer people received for signing up, which I believe is what Ash was referring to.

      • Hmmmm … the Nail Polish was not listed in the little book that comes with the box so I guess I just assumed it was my free gift for joining. I guess then that I never got a gift either. Wonder what it was supposed to be?

  30. Back when I signed up for allure in the fall I didn’t get my free gift until a few months later. It shipped separately. I’m not saying it’s right, but if you haven’t received gift yet it still could be coming. On a side note, this is probably the worst box I’ve seen since I signed up.

    • Yeah, I am not super jazzed about waiting for months to get this Sunday Riley OR get a replacement product that sux because they “run out” of the SR.

      And I agree – this box is one of their worst.

  31. For those who are concerned about Allure actually sending the new subscriber gift: I received the Badgley Mischka perfume as a new subscriber gift with the May box this week. It was the full-size, new-in-box, shrink wrapped 3.4 oz. eau de parfum that retails for $115.

    • Did your perfume come in the box or a separate shipment? My box arrived with no perfume. I called and was assured I was signed up for the perfume. I was told that it would be coming separately and would ship out this week. This was a birthday gift for my daughter and I’m really worried I’ll be told they ran out of stock

      • Sorry for the delayed response! It came in the same box as the May shipment. I’ve read the comments about the subscriber gifts shipping separately, but mine did come in the same shipment as the May “box.” I received a confirmation e-mail immediately after purchasing that stated that a new subscriber gift would be shipping “with” my first box. (It didn’t say which subscriber gift, though; it was just generic.)

      • Anyway, I hope you receive the perfume soon! Hopefully, you’ve already gotten it! The subscriber gift shipping inconsistencies are very odd.

  32. I still have this serum from January’s box. It’s fantastic. I have since canceled. Not interested in June’s box. If I ever re-sub again, it will be through Amazon. Sadly, you can’t get free gifts subscribing through Amazon, but it’s worth it not having to deal with Allure CS

  33. Is it possible to sign up for a 2nd box? Would love the full sized oil!

    • If you have another address you can have the second subscription shipped to then it’s possible. Allure is notorious for cancelling the second subscription if they see two subscriptions going to the same shipping address even if you create a second account with a different email. And they won’t tell you about it either.

      • My daughter also has a subscription (she’s 15) and both of ours are delivered to the same address. We have never had a problem, they always arrive.

      • Cool! Is the sub under her own name? If so, that’s probably why. But if you set up two different accounts with the same name and shipping address, Allure likes to cancel the second one. I know a lot of people have had that experience. Maybe others have been luckier. The good news is that it sounds like putting a different recipient name on the box looks like a good way to get multiple subs.

      • I can attest to this. 😡😡

      • I can attest to this as well 😂

      • Thanks for the heads because I did a 2nd acct via Amazon and they cancelled it.

      • That’s weird – they shouldn’t have. I had two accounts through Allure and Amazon for nearly a year and it wasn’t an issue. A lot of subscribers do this. Amazon runs subscriptions through their own service – Allure sends them the boxes and they take care of the rest, so Allure has no reason to know you’ve got a second sub. I’m betting your subscription was cancelled for other reasons.

    • Try ordering through Amazon. Search for “Allure box”. it ships much faster through amazon and it’s easy to cancel later.

    • Yes. I get 5 to my house lol…
      Just add an espresso letter to your last name and put something like apt 1b under your address. I have all diff spelled first/last names and use faux addresses (even tho it’s my actual address, I just add an apt #)

      • Lol! Good hack!!

      • This is hilarious 😂😂

  34. @lizcadman can you verify this is actually the full size rv of 80 and not the smaller. 5oz valued at 40. Allure only has it in under full size but no retail value is shown.

    • Hmm…when I go to the Allure site link from this post and click on the picture of the SR oil, it says “Price: $80,” but shows the picture of the 0.5 fl oz bottle. However, if you watch Allure’s beauty box demonstration video, at the very end it says the SR oil new member gift has a retail value of $40, and again shows the 0.5 fl oz bottle.
      My guess is that new members will receive the $40 bottle and Allure just put in the wrong price on the main beauty box page. I hear it lasts a long time though, so still a good offer! Here’s the link to the video if you’re interested (the oil appears at 2:00):

    • If you look closely at the photo listed on their page, it says 0.5oz. That’s still an amazing deal for a $10 box, but yeah, I’m thinking it’s not going to be the bigger bottle.

      • That’s too bad, I signed up hoping it would be the bigger bottle. I can’t even blame allure because for once its actually not their fault, but an msa error 😭 hopefully liz changes the post.

      • Why do you think it’s an MSA error and not allure’s? When I go to allure’s website, they have the photo of the smaller bottle, listed as full size with an $80 value.

      • Maybe I missed it but when I look it says full size but no value is shown. Where do you see the value?

      • Just went back to check I will paste what is in their site: New Member Gift: Sunday Riley C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil (full size)
        No retail value is shown.

      • Allure always does that because compaired to the sample sizes, it is full size. This isn’t MSA, when Allure sent this out in their January boxes it was also listed as full size. It was the $40 size. If it makes anyone feel any better, unless you plan on bathing in it, this size will probably last you a year with once a day use. You only need 2-3 drops, my bottle from January is still 3/4 full.😉

      • Strike that comment, I’m sorry, I hadn’t noticed that they had put $80 value on the post. I can see why that would be confusing.

      • Del, when I click on the photo of the oil, I get a popup/overlay that says more about the item. There’s a full description and the last line says Price: $80.

  35. Hmm the SR oil isn’t showing up in my cart?

    • Allure bonus gifts never show up in the cart when you order the box.

  36. Still haven’t received my May box with the free perfume. Now I’m roped into June box for full price. Worth it if I like the perfume 😬🤞

  37. I still have never received the full-size Sunday Riley serum they offered the last time back in November so as much as I want to believe this I just don’t think I’ll ever get it

    • They have a way of luring people in. I was promised a gift but it never came. They never provided tracking for it, so it’s hard to know if they really send anything out.

      • If you sign up for “usps informed delivery ” it will greatly help in keeping an eye out for any packages. Also, anything that says “one stop mailing ” is always Allure for me… Its a good way to track Allures packages that they send me, and anything else really.

    • Have not received May box yet either!

  38. The oil it’s full size yes but it’s $40 since it’s the 15ml. Sephora has the 2 sizes.

    • Are you sure? The 15ml is 40, this one says 80rv

      • Yeah, but the picture us of the 15ml.

  39. I am dubious about this full size CEO Glow gift for only $10 but it looks like a good box and it is only $10 so why not give it a shot… sigh… it’s been a long hot Saturday.

  40. Thank you for the info!
    I love this offer because I still have the one from the January box. I did it with Amazon so hopefully I get the box earlier in the month.

    • Pretty sure you need to have subbed directly with Allure to get the free gift offer. They changed it about a month ago so that Amazon subs are not longer listed as getting new subscriber gifts, but even before then the gifts were never the same as the special offer ones Allure advertises.

      • Jen: Amazon does NOT qualify for getting new subscriber gifts, for that you need to subscribe through ALLURE directly.

    • I always order through Amazon and when I signed back up through Amazon after several years, I did get a free gift. You should get one in a separate package after you receive your box. I’ve never had an issue with Allure through Amazon.

      So, yes, you do get the free gift through Amazon as well. Or, I did. 😉

  41. I caved. I love SR and had an old account they kept sending me promos for so it was an easy choice.

  42. I re-subbed in the hope of actually receiving the SR oil. At least I like most of the June spoilers so it won’t be a total bust if they never send it. Needed more eye cream anyway…at least that’s what I keep telling myself as justification…ugh.

    • I got the full sized Caudalie serum back in February with my box! So maybe they are getting better at sending the sign up items.

  43. Everytime I order this box… the next month, I never know when I’m being charged so then I don’t have enough in my account. Then they don’t email me or anything so i don’t get the box & they cancel my subscription. I would stay subbed to allure forever but there’s no communication. And I’ve never actually recieved any of these promo items that I was supposedly guaranteed. So, it just doesn’t work out for me. Too bad

    • You could try subscribing through Amazon. It might be easier ro obtain the dates you need. If not it’s SUPER easy to cancel. No need to deal with a phone call or await an email response, it’s INSTANT!

      • but you wont get the SR oil promo with amazon right?

      • Nope. Amazon stopped free member gifts

    • Budget the $15 (plus sales tax) in your accounting and you’ll always have it in your account.

      • Exactly!

      • Emergencies happen. And I can’t speak for OP, but I have an ongoing issue with my bank where the balance I see when I check my account online doesn’t always reflect my true balance (the better to charge me overdraft fees, but that’s another issue entirely…). When everything is budgeted down to the last dollar, and you check your balance daily to game out how you’re going to make to your next paycheck, it matters when money leaves your account. It seems simple until it isn’t.

    • I hear you…I have a few auto-payments set up…God forbid something slips my mind…so I now have 2 separate checking accounts…one for my auto-pays…I know I need exactly $279.97…so toss $300.00 in it…I really had to devise a plan that worked for me…I use my debit card like a crazy woman, and it’s easy to lose track, so maybe you need to have a game plan for your spending…those over draft fees are miserable.

      • A separate checking account for auto-pays (or monthly bills with a fixed amount) is a GREAT idea that never would have occurred to me.

    • They cancelled my box last month and supposedly refunded it all the while I’m wondering why I haven’t recieved it yet so I call them today to find out it was canceled and they can tell me why …. I never received an email or anything,,, I’m so upset I really wanted the may box and for them to not tell me why it happened is frustrating….. you are so right about them not communicating like they should….

    • This is why I let my sub with Allure lapse and started subscribing through Amazon instead. Amazon bills you on the same day every month (I even had it set up so that it charged me the day my second paycheck of the month was direct deposited). I hated waiting around for Allure to deign to take my money whenever they felt like it.

  44. I can’t wait for this box!

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