Allure Beauty Box July 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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We have the full spoilers for the July Allure Beauty Box! This box is curated by Huda Kattan!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The July box will include:

What do you think of July spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the June Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. I didn’t know there was a skip option, so I cancelled once I saw the June box. The July box doesn’t look amazing either. I’d like to try the lip color, but that’s it. I have tons of eyeliners, the same primer and a full size eyebrow color from Benefit that matches my brows. That color is way too dark for me. I also don’t want to put snail anything on my skin. I wish someone would offer magnetic lashes for those of us that are allergic to adhesive. I tried the Tarte lashes we received and the glue caused me to itch horribly. I had to take them off after about 15 minutes.

    • I would also really love magnetic lashes in a box! Surprised we haven’t seen any yet considering how much popularity they are getting.

      • Noooooooo. Magnetic makeup is all cool and fun until something happens while you’re out and end up in the emergency room. nope nope nope.

    • Rach: Being someone who also has allergies to Latex, you can buy eyelash adhesive latex free in most stores. Amazon has a slew of them.

      Also, I’m a bit of a skincare nut and have got to say that Snail Mucin masks are the best (for me) by far I’ve tried more masks then I can imagine and the snail masks are all fabulous. Try to get the idea of the snail in the mask and just try it, I would bet you might just love them.

    • Snail secretion is amazing! I am actually allergic to mollusks when ingested but it makes my 55 year old skin glow. You should open your mind to it.

  2. I would never wear a bright red lip, false eyelashes and black eyeliner. At least it seems to follow a theme for a particular look, but not for me at all.

    • Ditto! I cancelled as soon as I saw these spoilers.

  3. So, if I want to receive July’s box, when do I have to sign up if it’s my first time subscribing? I saw June’s spoilers and I really don’t want to receive June.

    • You will want to wait until at least July 1st to sign up.

    • sign up on july 1

  4. I hope I get the eyeliner or primer. Otherwise, the hydrogel mask is the only product I will use from this month’s box. I don’t wear red lipstick and false eyelashes. Allure always sends hair and tanning products that I don’t use.

    • Maybe it’s not for you.

  5. I’ll probably resub to Amazon for the month. Been dying to try Huda’s liquid lip and IIRC, this an Allure-exclusive color. I love me a TonyMoly mask and if I get the brow product, I’ll use it too. The rest I’ll put up for swap. Crossing my fingers that the perfume sample is a decent size and that I don’t get any cheap substitutions.

    • I am okay with this box. My daughter does a fab job with false lashes. These look very nice. I have my fingers crossed for the brow product. I have no use for black k eyeliner.

  6. Gah, I have enough Urban Decay Zero liners in both travel and full size to….. something.

    Though the other alternates for that are not enticing either.

    And more lashes— that I don’t use.

    The snail goo mask is intriguing, though.

    • Pink5: Snail masks are the best! I was a bit reticent about using them at first, but tried them and haven’t gone back. They work wonders!

  7. How do I skip this one? Won’t use any of these. Went online but don’t see option to skip or cancel.

    • You must email or call to cancel.

      • But I email them to pause , and cancel.
        So I believe you can cancel through email too.

    • You have to call them.

      • I cancel through e-mail.

  8. I just got an email from Allure asking me to rate 3 of the above products. Basically put them in the order you prefer… the primer, eyebrow & eyeliner

    • Same. Also, the brow is brown 3. I like this effort towards customization

      • I’m calling tomorrow to skip.

      • I also like that they are trying to customize. It’s a good effort. I wonder though if people will be more pissed when they don’t get what they want.

    • Same here. I picked the brow product, eyeliner, then the primer last.

      • Yaaaa…. that’s kinda what I thought too. I just called to skip the July box and the CSR didn’t even ask why. Just said,”Suuuuure. No problem. Just a friendly reminder that your account will resume with the August box.” Well alrighty then. Lol! 🤷‍♀️

        • Maybe because they see on your account that you’ve called multiple times to skip or “cancel” (receive free product) and they know it isn’t worth the hassle.

  9. This is any easy pass for me. In the over two years I’ve been with Allure, I haven’t gotten any thank you gifts from them at all except the bottom of the barrel boxes. After April, I had no problem skipping May’s box. I got June’s box but I never did get anything else from them like they said they were going to when I called to skip May. There isn’t one thing in this box that I want or that I will use. So, considering I’m not treated as a loyal customer, I’m not included to stay one. I’ll be skipping the July box for sure.

    • “I don’t get free stuff so I’m cancelling” I’m sure they are going to miss you as a customer…

  10. I would love to huda lipe huda eye lashes benifit brwo love love love

  11. What about the bonus full size perfume we were supposed to get? I still didn’t receive mine, what about you ladies?

    • Several people on reddit said they got theirs this month – so they are definitely going out.

      • Sounds like good news!
        Hopefully I’ll get mine.

    • I got mine yesterday! Smells like pears to me.

    • Mine just came in today.

      • Your July box just came? I barely got my June box yesterday

        • I think Morgan is saying that she received her free perfume, not the July box. She’s replying to Anna’s question on whether anyone received their free bonus full size perfume. 🙂

          • I had to email them about my promo Oribe. I haven’t received it yet….

    • I have not recieved mine yet, but I actually had to call in my order in May when I ordered the gift subscription and the customer service rep said I’m going to get it. I remember back when they were giving the full size CEO Serum it took almost two months.

      • My CEO serum came with my beauty box. This was my first box

    • I did get my SR when I resigned in June 🙂 but I’m skipping July . Surprised you didn’t get your perfume :/ I called and said you best be sending me my SR CEO since I resubbed I heard people weren’t getting their perfume ! They did send I’m glad I would of been heated 🤣

    • I got mine yesterday! 🙂

    • I got mine yesterday! 🙂

  12. I was completely BLAH about June’s bag. The saving grace was the $20 off coupon to be used at Baublebar. Ordered the cutest earrings n only paid around $20 with the coupon. N since I only pay $15 I feel I got my money back for it

  13. FYI … I just got an e-mail asking me to rank three of the products and they would do their best to send your first choice.

    • Thanks, Lynda!
      I also received the same e-mail from Allure.
      Hopefully I’ll get my 1st choice!

      • Good luck!

    • According to survey the brow color is medium brown.

    • I received that email as well.

    • Same! Thought it would be fore a further out box, but interesting to see how it pans out for July. I ranked: primer, brows, and then the liner last.

      So guess we’ll see what I get. All are pretty good options.. even though I don’t really need more eyeliner.

    • I got it too! I noticed it’s for the variant items in July’s box. That would be cool if they started to let us rank which variant item we’d prefer going forward. Like Em, I also ranked them as primer, brow, then liner. I’d only keep the primer, so I’m crossing my fingers I get that one!

      • Same here Luna ranked the same 🙂 and yeah that would be great, but maybe this is a pilot run towards more customization which would be great. They know their loosing a lot of customers ! A lot , they need a new strategy fast bc the beauty industry is a multi billion dollar business allure does not want to end up on the bottom – let’s see how this plays out .

        • Oops ! Sorry for doubles 🤣🤣

      • Same here Luna ranked the same 🙂 and yeah that would be great, but maybe this is a pilot run towards more customization which would be great. They know their loosing a lot of customers ! A lot , they need a new strategy fast bc the beauty industry is a multi billion dollar business allure does not want to end up on the bottom – let’s see how this plays out .

  14. This month’s box looks GREAT!
    I love the HUDA lippie, the TONY MOLY mask and the lashes I’ll stash for a special occasion. I can always use fragrance and heck…even the OUAI Hairspray looks good to me! I’m hoping I get the UD Pencil and then I will be one very happy girl.💖💄💖

  15. I have mixed feelings about this one. I love a bright red summery lip, and enjoy masking weekly. I wear black eyeliner pretty much every day, so that would get used. I don’t wear false eyelashes, but my girls love them, I am a ginger and don’t use brown eyebrow products, hopefully I get the primer instead. I have a few primers already I need to use, but at least I wouldn’t have to give it away. I have no need for a texturizing spray, nor do my daughters, but I’m sure they could find a friend to give it to.

    Overall it is an okay box, but I think I was hoping for more Huda products to try, not just things she likes. Really I am only excited about the liquid lip, the rest is kinda “wah wahhhh” to me 🙂 Maybe when I get it in my hands I will feel differently.

    • I just responded to an Allure email asking what would be my priority picks for the July box…and put in order of preference for the eyeliner, Ka-brow, and the primer….1st, 2nd, 3rd choice. So looks like we may have some say in what we get in our boxes for July.

  16. I’m passing. This box isn’t bad, just not for me. I hope August is better

    • Same. It’s way too “glam” for this simple gal.

  17. Looks like a lot of stuff I can use, so I just resubbed. 🙂

  18. Allure just sent me a survey to list products from 1-3 what I would like to see in the July bag , that’s a good sign if they listen to what we want , but all our opinions will be different in a way .

  19. June and July boxes are completely useless to me. Only good thing is that my annual sub was up in June, so I got to resub annually and got the Sunday Riley gift. Other than that, useless boxes! Hope to swap them both.

  20. What size is the perfume ? They make it look full size in picture ? And I dislike the smell of vanilla 🙁

    • My guess is that it’s a deluxe sample size. From what I can recall (I’m thinking back to the Bvlgari days), they would always send the miniature bottle version of the perfume.

      • Thanks

    • It’s sample size. I’ll try to get the exact size ml from Allure.

      • Thanks

    • I found samples online and they were 1.5 ml / .05 oz however you want to look at it.

    • Dot: it says it is a SAMPLE sized bottle. Since it is quite pricey, I’m sure it’s just one of those small sample sizes you get for free when shopping.

      • Thanks Barbara 🤣 and your probably right ! I can get one at Sephora for free – I dislike vanilla anyway 🤢

    • States its only a sample size

  21. This box looks so great! I can’t wait to use it, the only thing I probably wouldn’t use is the hair texture cause I have a few but I can give it to my daughter. I never wear fake eyelashes so I cant wait to try these. I’ll just have to buy eyelash glue

  22. This box looks amazing! I’m crossing my fingers for the primer and brow stuff over the liner, but it looks like a great box. Hopefully it comes before my birthday, lol

  23. Uuuummmm. No thanks. Skipped May and have no problem skipping July. Considering I had been a loyal subscriber but not treated as one, I’m definitely not included to waste my money on this box. There is not a single thing in this box I want or will use.

  24. Hope they send glue for those lashes. Website says the glue is sold separately!

    • They definitely won’t send glue

      • They would have sent a spoiler for it…. we did get glue with the tarte lashes a few months back.

        • Yep last year we did. Which
          Remind me I need to order more Eyelash glue

        • That tarte glue was amazing! Forgot they sent that out.

    • Wondering the same thing. The lashes would be useless otherwise.

    • Lynda, unless they say they will be including glue, they won’t send it in the box…so get a small bottle of glue now, so you can play with the lashes when you get them.

      • Yah. I know. I was just being facetious. But I will definitely pick some up so I can try them. It just seems odd they would send a product to try and not provide the tools to so. Not everyone wears lashes like they do shadow, mascara, lippies etc. So not everyone has lash glue hanging around. I would bet that there are many that won’t get used.

        • Ya, I don’t have glue cuz I don’t wear lashes. I wouldn’t mind trying a pair to see if I like it, but not planning on purchasing something to be able to use them.

  25. Which items will be full size?

    • Huda lipstick and the eyelashes are.

    • The HUDA Liquid Lipstick, the eyelashes and the TONY MOLY Snail Mask are all full size.

  26. I can see how this would be a nice box for many people but it’s pretty useless for me. The makeup items are all terrible colors for me. I already have a mountain of hair texturizing sprays; will never wear false eyelashes. Unless I get the primer instead of the too-dark ka-Brow, that leaves the perfume and the mask, which I will use (although I find sheet masks annoying). If I get the primer I will use it, but I do have a box full of primer samples, so it certainly does not excite me.

    Allure has not been great for me lately – may be time to say goodbye (have been a subscriber since it was Sample Society). I’ve been happier with the Macy’s box. I let my Birchbox subscription expire. One beauty box is probably enough by now.

    • I believe I speak for most people on this thread when i say we all find your long winded pointless paragraphs about as annoying as you do sheet masks.

  27. Love the entire box; especially the UD eyeliner! It is the best waterline liner!

    • Good to know 🙂

  28. I’m looking forward to this one. The Huda lipstick alone is worth it to me, but I also want to try the perfume and I love Urban Decay pencils.

  29. Yikes this whole box is a swap for me. I won’t use any of it. Thank goodness I only pay $10. a month for this box.

    • You should call them and pause it. I’m thinking about it.

      • Except they only tell you they are pausing your account, when they actually cancel it. This has happened to me and many others. I “paused” May and in June they sent me a “We miss you, sign back up and we’ll give you a free new subscriber gift” e-mail. You’re best to just cancel and resubscribe when you see something you like, because “pausing” does not hold your place as a current or long time subscriber, since they don’t actually keep your account open.

        • That is true same thing happened to me and then when I resubbed they charged me twice for the June box in different amounts :/ now I have to call them

        • Oh wow, I was just trying to find a way that she could keep her $10 a month status without wasting a month. I didn’t know they did that.

  30. I was really hoping to sample some of her eyeshadow but I’m excited for the other items in the box. There’s definitely some things that will get gifted to friends but the overall value seems pretty great!

    • Ipsy Glam bag Plus July has her Obsession palettes again!

  31. So, is this for old subscribers? and at what point are new subscribers no longer “new” and recieve the spoiled box?

    • Huh? I’m not exactly understanding the question. This is for ALL subscribers for the month of July. Customers who sign up in July should receive this box, and so should all who are already subscribed. The only time I’ve ever seen people get completely different boxes was a couple months ago and that’s because Allure screwed up and ran out of ABH lipsticks that were shown as spoilers.

  32. This is an easy pass for me this month.

  33. Are we getting the 8 items?

    • With the brow gel and primer there is a bold “or”. There will be variants, so no not all 8.

  34. I can’t wait for this box! I really like the color of the liquid lipstick and the eyelashes look amazing and I just started using them so I bet these will be great addition. I love Ouai products and can easily gift the black eyeliner or use it even though I usually use liquid. I’m excited to try the perfume I don’t think they have ever sent out a perfume so it’ll be interesting to see how big of a sample this is. I wish it was July already because I want this lipstick right now because it’s perfect for summer. I’ll be wearing it to the pool everyday

  35. Good job Huda! What I can’t use I won’t have a problem gifting. I saw her tips on reuse for lashes in Allure email.

  36. Nice variety of products and it’s nice to see perfume included, BUT, I hate that lippie color and eyelashes just NO for me. They also just had a brow product this month(I skipped it as well) So skipping once again. No FOMO

  37. Zero. Good, no debating about whether to take this one or not.

    • I’m disappointed because I saw a different spoiler elsewhere so I decided to go ahead and hop back on my subscription after taking a break since March. But this isn’t impressive at all

  38. So tired of comments that don’t post or show up hours later. At the risk of repeating myself since my original comment isn’t showing, it says get 6 of Huda Kattan’s favorites. There are 8 item’s listed, expect variants!

    • Yep me too. If you say anything that isn’t glowing they don’t appear right away.

      • I have a theory that they have a watch list for trouble makers like me and you! 😂 No, actually it happens pretty random with me, sometimes on positive comments too, but it irritates me less when I think they’re just punishing me for being a rebel.😉😂

  39. I have not subscribed since March but this box looks tempting. I sub with Amazon so I hope everybody really means everybody with lipstick this time. Orange reds are only reds I can wear so yes it is a wearable color . I am losing my eyebrows due to chemo so I don’t care what color brow gel is I have no hair on my head so its not like it has to match my hair color anyway. Curious how large perfume will be.

    • Found sizes of perfume sample 1.5 ml so kinda disappointing. Samples Ipsy sends are usually 5-10 ml.

  40. For everyone super excited and thinking you are getting ALL of these, look again. It specifically states “Get 6 of beauty boss Huda Kattan’s favorites.” There are 8 item’s listed, so unless there are 2 bonus items, which I highly doubt, you’re looking at variants.

    • Nicole: The above text states that you will get the Primer OR the Benefit Eyebrow OR the Urban Decay pencil…so if you add them up it will be 6 items, The 8 or just the variants for the last box addition.

    • Based upon the email I just received, I am betting the 6th item is one of either: brow, primer or eyeliner. They had me rank them based upon my preferences.

  41. Easy pass. And with all the hype about Huda curating the box and how she designed this lipcolor shade for the box, why give a photo of her with a nude lip?

    $16.05 saved here, and I’ll happily wait for August spoilers.

  42. Are they all FULL SIZE???

    • No not full size. The Huda lipstick is and the eyelashes are.

      • I cant wait for samples of lashes. You get half pick a spot you want full lashes in and imagine how much better the full size will make your lashes look?!

        • 😂 🤣

        • Imagine that, lol!😂

  43. All depends on brow color… hope for brown.

  44. Wooooo! This is the first Allure box since January that looks good to me and I am SO here for it. Looks like I’ll be resubscribing soon.

  45. Yay! This box looks amazing. I’m genuinely excited.

    The perfume sounds so good too! Has anyone tried it? I’m curious on how strong it is.

  46. Oooooh this looks so much better than this months box! Thank you Allure 🙏

  47. Never use black eyeliner, fake lashes, or matte lipstick. The brow color would have to be the correct shade in order to save this box. I think I should cancel

    • Yeah, not interested in matte lipstick, especially red, even worse orange red. No black eyeliner or false lashes. This is a huge miss for me.

      • Same. June was my first month with Allure and I think I’m already gonna have to tap out. The mask is the only thing I’d even use. Maybe the brow stuff if it’s the right color, but what are the odds of that. Most people seem excited about it though, so maybe this box just isn’t for me. If they had a skip option like Ipsy, I’d at least stick around, alas…

        • Ipsy has a skip option?

          • They do now.😊

        • Same for me, June is my 1st month after like a year and I’d probably only use the mask from this box, lol.

      • Same here.

  48. Oh daaang! Heck, I’d grab THIS month with pretty much any sort of sign up bonus that looked decent since I might actually get it this time…

  49. Ooh that does look nice. Think I will wait and see if they do a gift with signing up soon.

  50. Excited for this box! Finally some good items 🙂

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