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Play! By Sephora! Luxe Box Vol. 4 Coming Soon + FULL SPOILERS!

A new PLAY! LUXE by Sephora Vol. 4 is launching soon! Update: looks like it will be launching May 11th. (Thanks, Luna, for the heads up!)

The Box: Limited Edition Play! Luxe

The Cost: $25 and a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

The Products:

– La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream
– SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
– Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in Rosewood Gang
– AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel Cleansing Powder
– Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto Beautifying Lip Balm in 01 Perfect Pink
– Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt
– Special-edition beauty bag

Check my review of Play! Luxe by Sephora Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 to see what you can expect!

Are you going to get the new the Play! Luxe box? (FYI – these sell out quickly, so make sure to grab it as soon as it goes on sale if you want it!)

Play! by Sephora

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (82)

  1. I was able to have one I couldn’t believe my eyes that it had let me purchase it I had stayed up all night refreshing and nothing until I had woken up and just like reviewers had mentioned it came out out of nowhere then it just came today in the Christophe robin I love the brand but this product although it smells nice I wouldn’t buy it I had previously gotten it in allure the Givenchy lip balm doesn’t really have a color but apparently it plumps your lips I’m not sure I noticed a difference the YSL was nice but also had one like it an allure the sk-ii mask I have not tried I’m excited to try but it’s only a one time use thing. The only really cool thing was the La Mer which I was dying to try. I wasn’t able to get the luxe bag last time it was gone.. however it smells just like the dupe nivea from when I opened it has thin consistency like any store bought lotion nothing special I have never tried it though so this should be interesting I wonder if it will work for me like it worked for everyone that raves about it.

  2. Anyone get theirs yet and care to review?

    • I got it and the bag is as ugly as the picture. So far I’ve only tested the two lip products and love them both.

      • Get mine tomorrow, will see.

      • Get mine tomorrow, so will see

  3. I was able to snatch just one around 2 pm pst after many page refreshes. Hope they don’t cancel my order.

  4. It comes back in stock every 15 minutes without the actual ability to buy it. All the negative comments have been deleted. I can’t believe this circus.

  5. Wanted to come back and report that I was able to purchase one around noon EST, I didn’t think it was right to get more than one.
    I wasn’t able to get Vol 3., so I’m a little less salty. But I saw it went back to OOS quickly, and I see a lot of you still couldn’t get it. 🙁 Sephora should state that quantities are limited if this is the case. There were so many of Vol 2 that I remember it had been put on sale before I got one of those. I think the only reason I got one this time was that a lot of ppl thought it had already sold out, needed to sleep from staying up all night, and/or was irritated and had already decided Sephora wasn’t getting any more of their $.

    • Bingo. I looked for it, waited, refreshed, got mad at another one of these rounds of “limited supply” and decided Sephora was 86’d.. again. I hate em so mach!! IDK what is going on with Sephora but the past couple years they have gone down hill fast. Birchbox has WAY better set’s and kits than Sephora, at better prices and with more perks and free gwp’s.. Sorry not sorry Sephora. I doubt I will keep my Rouge status this year cuz you striking out all over the place! (Cancelled Play! too bc that was nothing but old boring bleh samples)

  6. Someone now has 3 to sell on Ebay for an extra $20 over the price. I hope that order gets cancelled.

    A lot of Sephora customers are angry and rightfully so. There should have been no way for people to buy multiples of this highly coveted item. If other companies can limit their stock to one per customer- why can’t Sephora? If this is part of the Play program, why not limit it to one per current Play subscriber? Or limit it to one per VIBRouge customer?
    Once again Sephora has dropped the ball. By including such high end brands like La Mer, AmorePacific and SK-II (albeit small samples), they had to have know that a lot of people would want to buy it. I always stood up for Sephora but after this stunt, I don’t know.

  7. Wow Sephora has become such a mess. After someone in the comments on wrote that she spoke to CS who confirmed it had immediately sold out I gave up only to now see they had listed the wrong launch time. I was online at noon and could have totally snagged one. Just the latest in a long list of customer service complaints I have. I’m gonna use up my points and shop elsewhere. Esp when I see fabulous deals on msa!

  8. As soon as I saw it was in stock I added it my cart and checked out. Not 10 seconds later i i recieved an email with confirmation on purchase along with sorry item is sold out. So i than go back and check it out and it says it’s in stock still so I add it to my cart and about to check it when states its sold out. Not cool Sephora you need to seriously have a limit on how many we can purchase cause I guarantee there’s those that bought a bunch to up sell. I read somewhere on a beauty page that some bought up to 10 luxe bags. That’s ridiculous.

  9. After constant refreshing, I was able to add this box four different times to my cart. It disappeared every time while I was getting ready to check out. What a joke! They had 5 of them made?

  10. It let me put it in my bag then snatched it out when I tried to checkout!!

    • Same.

  11. I got one! And now they are gone again!

    • Yes, gone.

    • Yep out of stock 🙁

  12. It was still OOS for me after the newest post today. After I posted that it was still actually oos, was I banned from reading the post again ? I can’t read it anymore & I see comments on the side of the homepage that others posted but it says they are ‘private’ and won’t let me read them either. Is this happening to anyone else or just me?

  13. Just bought mine!!! Still available! I live in California and got one at 9am

  14. It’s back – I got one! Woohoo!

  15. It’s live now.

    @Liz- you might want to post an update. Apparently a lot of people stayed up all night looking for this. I thought it was noon but stayed up until midnight just in case. Guess it was noon. p.s. I bought exactly one box. Hopefully everyone who wants one gets it.

    • How did you know it was noon? I couldn’t find that info anywhere…..

      • A lot of people said that it supposedly sold out in 1 second at 3am which is impossible. So I waited until 9am est refreshed the page it was out of stock. I knew that they go live either at 3 am , 9am or 12 pm noon. So I waited until 12 and got it.

  16. The Luxe Box is now available!

    • Ha ha. I bought one and was worried I fell asleep on the computer and this was all a dream.

      • Woohoo got one!

      • Yay!!! I kind of knew that they gonna release it a noon so I just refreshed the page and there it was!

    • I ordered at 12:04 EST but it was out of stock by 12:13 they canceled at least one persons order.

  17. I was on the app since 2:55 am est, and saw it changed from coming soon to out of stock at 3:01…
    I’m pissed. Will not interested in being another year of rouge anymore.

  18. I guess I am not meant to get this box. There are a lot of pissed of customers on the sephora site for the product to be showing sold out. But I want it!

  19. I’m sorry but these releases are a bigger joke than FFF’s IT department. The first couple had Rouge-only first access for a day so I missed out on those. Then I became a Rouge and they stopped giving first access and I’ve missed out on every one since then. Heard vol 3 sold out in minutes and this one in a few seconds?? Starting to think there are no Rouge benefits except the extra 5% on sales. Whooopdeedoo.

    • I know, I became a Rouge last year and honestly haven’t seen any benefits. The sales start a little earlier, but that’s about it. Why bother?

    • I agree 100%

  20. 3:30 am mst and it’s already sold out 😤🙄

    • This will be my THIRD comment here trying to say it is out of stock. Per the Sephora forum, no one there was able to see it available for sale. It went from “coming soon” to OOS within 2 seconds and right after midnight EST. It’ ridiculous.

    • Based on the comments/reviews on Sephora I don’t think it ever went live. I cannot find anyone saying they actually managed to get it in their cart let alone buy. Normally there is at least one lucky person who is successful and tells everyone to keep refreshing the page.

    • And no one was able to buy it apparently.
      Per the Sephora forum it went from coming soon to out of stock in under 2 seconds. Ppl were stalking it and had no opportunity to add it to their cart.

      • I was one of the ones stalking lol, and I can confirm the immediate change to out of stock. What’s also interesting is that comments are disappearing. I checked back at 4am central time and there were 50+ angry reviews. This morning at 8am, the reviews somehow disappeared, showing only 4 total….

  21. Reportedly already OUT OF STOCK !!! This is ridiculous, the forum I read not a single actual person got one. I hope something happens and more are actually released, but it has sent from “coming soon” to OOS.
    Did anyone here get one?

  22. Anyone know what time this goes on sale on the 11th? I’m always missing out on boxes that get sold out so quick!

    • I don’t know what time it goes on sale, but I’d recommend checking Sephora’s site starting around 9pm PST on the 10th since it could go on sale at 12am EST. Also, check the app as it seems like sometimes these boxes go on sale first on the app.

      • Its already out of stock from what I can tell and have read. N not a single person on the Sephora forum got one.

  23. Why all the repeate products Sephora 🤷‍♀️ I just cancelled Play (again) bc of old products on repeat. They want us to buy this stuff, then offer that new product realness!!

  24. Says it’s out of stock

    • Not out till 11th.

  25. So are we really going to be able to buy this box (remembering last years fiasco when all the Play Luxe boxes were gone in two seconds)?

    • Looks like it happened again. Instantaneously went from coming soon to out of stock. Never was available to Add to bag.

    • And just like last time-gone in a minute.

      Sephora really needs to either limit the boxes or just send them as a one off to current play subscribers. This is beyond ridiculous.

  26. I’m probably the only one who doesn’t like La Mer. I got an itty bitty sample once through Allure, and it was too thick, and soooo perfumey. I don’t think I ever finished it

    • Believe me, you’re not the only one 🙂 I’m personally a fan of La Mer as my skin responds really well to their products, but I’ve seen plenty of people who have a passionate dislike for the brand or its products for various reasons whether it be for the reasons you cited, lack of product performance, finding cheaper dupes (the 99 cent Nivea tin is the most common one cited but I’ve used that as a hand cream for years and my face would hate me if I dared to use it there! lol plus, I don’t think I’d like that for the reasons you didn’t like La Mer), morals, price of products, ingredients, or wanting to hate it just for the sake of hating it. Lol!

      • I’ve definitely been guilty of hating something just of the sake of hating it, but I really did give this a try lol

        I never thought about it, but the Nivea cream and LaMer do smell alike. I wouldn’t put it on my face either

    • I used it when it first became a celebrity thing. It’s really not worth the price.

    • Oh! But I thought I’d point out the sample in this box is their soft cream which is a lot lighter than their regular moisturizing cream which is the one I’m guessing you tried. But it still does have their signature scent.

    • i think it’s also an age thing. It works really well for my mom but it’s really sticky for me. Even the soft cream. The soft lotion on the other hand is great for me!

    • You are not alone. The smell lingers waaaaaaayyyy too long. I even use Sunday Riley Luna Oil which no one really is a fan of the smell but unlike La Mer the smell is gone almost instantly.

      • I love the smell of the Luna Oil!

    • I was glad I didn’t love the La Mer sample I tried—one fewer pricey skin care to pine for.

  27. I even have doubles of 2 products. Boring.

  28. I guess I’m kind of in the minority but this looks great to me and I even like the bag ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I’ve never gotten to try La Mer, I like the looks of the Givenchy balm, and excited to try the peel and mask. I’m indifferent to the YSL and sugar scrub but overall this seems like a better value than some Sephora kits. I got rid of my Play! subscription about a year ago and haven’t missed it but this kit and the Festival kit have been winners for me.

    • I’m with you! The bag looks fun and kitsch-y to me. Also I got the Givenchy balm in a previous Play! Luxe box and I loved it. Even considered buying a full size one, but even with a 15% discount, it seemed like too much to put down for just lip balm.

  29. I’m getting it but I hope Sephora lets people get limited 1 because I’m sick and tired of people buying more than one and reselling at jacked up prices than people like me can’t enjoy the items. I am still upset about the last one and I have tried to look for it all the time.

    • Or buying multiples to them put on swaps. I think it is selfish if you aren’t buying for yourself or as a gift. The Whole Foods bags really left a a bad impression on me. They were up for swap before they were even available.

  30. I wish they would stop including a beauty bag, I have so many, and instead include another product.

  31. The bag is so ugly I can hardly see the products. But I have not tried most of these items so I will probably pick this up.

  32. They are repeating so many items in these luxe boxes. I can’t believe I actually want to sit one out

    • I thought the same thing!

  33. I want!

  34. I’ve gotten most of these from other subs.

    About the only thing I don’t have is the AmorePacific product, but I’m leery of any sort of peel.

    They’re all good products.

    • Sensitive dry concerned with aging, the peel is really nice! But as much as I like the cream, I don’t need another YSL lip sample or the salt scrub, and the lip item is boring.

  35. Wow, truly shocked by how great this bag is. I’ve been very disappointed with sephora for several months now and unsubscribed from Play! This bag tho, OH HI, HOW ARE YA?!

    Definitely purchasing one. Possibly two lol

    • Just get one then people like me can’t get one to enjoy I’m still upset I could not get the last one.

      • I’m still upset also. But it looks like more ppl will be very mad bc they did the same thing again. It says out of stock!! I get to but new stuff at 2 am but it says out of stock. Well whatever to sephora. I can shop somewhere else!

  36. Nope! I will happily skip this one. I have the YSL and Christophe Robin sea salt scrub from Allure. I have tried the Amorepacific powder, so the rest are not worth it to me. It doesn’t help that I’m on product overload.

  37. I doubt i will be able to resist 😁

  38. This box looks so good. Does anyone know when it will be launching?

    • It says May 11th in the description

      • Thank you!

  39. I want this! That pink lip balm is calling my name.

    • I have that from a set.
      It’s very nice and will give your lips a hint of color.
      It’s a smallish sample; case and all it’s slightly shorter than my thumb, about two inches.

      • Wait, so are these itty bitty tiny sample sizes, that look bigger bc of the lip balm tube? When in reality the tube is a tiny sample size?

        If so, that just bummed me out lol

      • The la mer is usually a .25oz sample so use that as your guide. The christoph is the usual sample size they send out…think it’s prolly.5oz and the givenchy is about the size of a sample mascara tube cut in half. It’s little but these are light end so you’re not gonna get big samples. But they will go a long ways, especially that la mer…you need a super tiny amount! I would buy but the ysl is the same shade they sent in the last luxe play. Drats! It is beautiful though and I love the formula….I’d buy full size and I don’t like matte lippies.

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