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Margot Elena Discovery Box Summer 2019 – Spoiler #3!

We have the third spoiler for the Summer 2019 Margot Elena box!

Each box will include:

Margot Elena Field & Flowers Handcreme

Field & Flowers Handcreme – $20


Imagine Travel Eau de Parfum

Imagine Travel Eau de Parfum – $30


Chinoiserie Glass Water bottle ($21)

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

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Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Comments (37)

  1. This box is everything to me! The experience alone is worth it to me. I’m disabled so the bubble bath, soap and candles create a relaxing environment that I look forward to with much anticipation. I loved the kimono but I missed out on the Turkish towel. I have liked everything except the face scrub. I can’t wait to get my box.

  2. I just ordered my Summer box and I’m SO HAPPY I got one. 😉

    I have dry, delicate skin and ONE shower gel from one of the ME brands was a bit drying a few years ago. I think it was in a PSMH box, and the label was yellow and white. Since I threw it away, that’s all I can recall.

    The more recent ones I’ve gotten in my ME Discovery Box aren’t drying, and the foaming bubble bath isn’t for my skin either. I wouldn’t call it oily/ moisturizing, but it’s not drying out my skin.

    I like their hand creams. I do not consider any of their products to be made with the quality ingredients of L’Occitane, but the price structure is lower for ME products.

    I bought a tiny travel bag of products on last week, a collaboration between L’Occitane and Rifle Paper Co., and it was $35. I didn’t see any real input from Rifle Paper other than a small design on the front of the bag, so it’s 99% L’ Occitane product.

    IF L’Occitane ( and a few other high quality skin care brands I have always loved) ever offered a quarterly or monthly subscription box, I’d be all over that baby, but I doubt they do due to their rather Old World provenance. It’s charming. ‘)

    • Make sure you get on L’occitanes mailing list. They send coupons which can be used in store as well. Their hand creams are amazing.

      • Thanks, I did sign up yesterday. ;).

  3. The hand creams are my absolute favorite things! I used up the Wish from the Winter box just before the Spring box arrived! Now I’m nearing the end of the Carrot Neroli and the Summer box will arrive just in time! I love Library if Flowers, and the scent description on this sounds great for summer. I’m just so thrilled with all three spoilers so far! Hoping to see one or two Tokyomilk items included, because that is my favorite line from ME. I could also definitely use some bar soap, because that always gets used in our house. This is still my absolute favorite sub box.

  4. I love her hand cream! I I horde them from this sub and anytime there’s a sale. I like/love just about everything I’ve gotten with ME. I could use less bar soap. They’re beautiful, smell great, but they sit in a drawer. I love the shower gel. I could also do without any fabric anything, no scarfs, kimonos, wraps, etc. This is my 3rd box of my 2nd annual sub. I’d like to reup, but only with somekind of discount.

    • I feel the same about my next renewal. I love the boxes but not enough to justify full price. I have this one and other subs that have caused me to be overstocked on everything beauty. I think I paid $170 for my last annual and I would likely pay it again (although $150 would be fabulous) but probably not more than that.
      This is the first time it’s looking a bit disappointing to me. I definitely don’t need another water bottle, even one as lovely as this one. Plus I have half a drawer full of hand creams, including some from her previous boxes. I’m pretty confident I’ll still be fairly pleased with the box once I see everything. I read these early few spoilers but then I wait until I get my box so I can enjoy some surprises.
      I understand about the soaps. I rarely use bar soaps. My grandmother does so they make nice little “fancy” gifts for her. The others I donate to charity and I’m sure they bring a little joy to people in need that are used to having only the very cheapest quality hygiene supplies. I hope it makes them feel a little better if only for a moment.

  5. Every ME discovery box has a hand cream so this spoiler isn’t groundbreaking. So far I’m not regretting canceling my subscription.

  6. They usually send tons of library of flowers stuff which I’m not usually a fan of. I don’t like the scents. I prefer lollia followed by Tokyomilk

    • I’m with you. Lollia is by far my favorite. I’ve loved their scents and products for many years. Tokyo Milk is pretty great as well. The other brands are okay and I don’t mind trying their products but I’d rather only get one in each box and more from Lollia and Tokyo Milk.

  7. Wow I have the exact opposite experience with the Carrot handcream in the last box. After my unbelievable experience with their customer service and then sending me six roller balls in order to sample their fragrances to make sure that I didn’t get migraines I am a diehard subscriber for life

    • The carrot hand creme maybe different than the perfume scented hand cremes. I’m actually looking forward to the carrot one, when I get to it 🙂

    • Wow! That’s amazing customer service! Good to know! Hope you found a scent you love that doesn’t give you migraines. I’m only sensitive to a few fragrances, usually the more spicy/musky ones but they can give me a whopper of a migraine when I run into them.

  8. The hand cremes smell pretty at first, but then you can smell the cocoa butter as a bottom note which takes over. To my nose it is a ‘coconut’ slash cocoa smell which I don’t care for. It takes away from the floral smell…

  9. I agree with a lot of posters here. I believe I will be stopping once my year is up. I love the products and packaging, but I actually don’t have a bathtub. So some products don’t really apply. I do use some things for hand wash or to gift, but I think I’m good for a while. My favorite things are the post cards and greeting cards. The hand cream is basic. I want something to wow me in this box!

  10. I love the Tokyo Milk hand cream scents and usually I don’t like scented hand creams as I have very dry hands. I give away the scented ones and am extremely popular for sharing my goodies. Really don’t understand the complaints – I love this box. Funny I did not like the Udder Cream – my favs are Kiehls and Neutrogena,

    • It’s not really a complaint. Just that the lotions don’t work for my skin, and udder cream works miracles for me.

      You can’t really say that you don’t understand the complaints when you’re then saying that you don’t like another product that other people swear by… it’s ok to have preferences and, like facial skincare, to have things that do or don’t work for one person or another.

  11. Similar to some of the comments here, I feel like these products are not high quality. The packaging is gorgeous, but that’s about where it ends. Handcreme feels sticky almost and all their scents give me headaches! Bummed, but- easy pass for me

  12. What is the scent of this particular hand creame I’m on the fence subbing this box right now The only spoiler I’m excited about is the pretty bottle. If I knew the scent of either the perfume or hand creams I might take a chance

    • Handcreme says Field & Flowers, perfume says Imagine Travel

      • Perfume is just “Imagine”, travel is the size – sorry 🙂 You can tell I need a vacation 🙂

      • I love your better. “Imagine Travel” sounds like I need a vaca as well 😀

    • Lynn, on the website, the hand cream is listed as:
      Top: Apricot
      Middle: Honeyed Blossom
      Bottom: Wildflowers

      In the picture of the perfume it mentions Coconut Blooms, Vanilla Orchids and White Musk. I couldn’t find that one the website for a better description.

      • Thanks everyone for your replies🌺 For some reason I didn’t think of the website for info.

  13. I want the box to ship out! I want to see all the contents of the box and I want to smell & touch them. I’m not a perfume or hand lotion person, but I love this box. There has always been enough included that I completely enjoy.

    I hope there is a candle in it (I need a candle every quarter Elena Margot!!!)

    • I keep thinking I have water bottle in my apartment already. Then I go to look for it and remember that the box hasn’t even shipped yet.

  14. I liked her hand creme, it dried down nicely.

  15. I don’t like them either. They make my hands feel….squeaky? I’m a hand cream fanatic, and my go-to is Udder Cream (drug store for less than 5 bucks). I am glad that my sub is up, because I don’t think I can give away any more of these tubes. I enjoyed the bubble bath and bath oils and salts, but no more lotion or perfume for me

    • Agreed. Although the last bubble bath was super drying. The packaging is beautiful but I find the items low quality.

      L’occitane is my go-to for floral scents and the quality is top notch

    • Ahhhhhh! My contractor introduced me to udder balm and you are SO right. It’s unbelievable. It’s hardly luxurious (after all, the name makes me feel like a cow and a woman never ever wants to feel like a cow!), but the stuff WORKS!

      If anyone is truly suffering from crazy dry hands, I’m talking “working folk” level dry…scaly, split or cracked skin…utter balm is the answer.

      I love all the flowery, pretty stuff too, but as far as actually solving any major dry skin issues, nothing is better.

      • Thank you Amber and Karen! I have seen the udder tubes in stores but never bought one. Now I’m intrigued and will pick one up!

  16. I was disappointed in her hand cremes. The scents are lovely but the texture is meh. Not a hand creme I would reach for (and I use hand cremes every day).

    • Curious – what’s wrong with the texture?

      • Like Amber said above – squeaky. And not nourishing. It’s not the rich, lasting feel that you get from a good hand creme. If you want a good hand creme with a nice selection of floral fragrances, I recommend Tocca (Birchbox carries them). If you like the “food”/candy smells in hand creme, then I recommend the products of Cake Beauty.

      • I love Tocca hand cremes, especially Stella and Florence!

      • Greasy. They don’t absorb and some are even drying.

      • I’ve found most the products to be drying and very scented. Gonna take a break from this box once my annual is done.

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