Ipsy Glam Bag Plus June 2019 – Spoilers Update!

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We have more spoiler info for the June 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus exclusively for MSA readers! 

ipsters who get the June Glam Bag Plus are guaranteed the 111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster OR SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream.

And they are also guaranteed to receive 1 of these 2 exclusive ipsy X Tetris palettes:

Tetris x ipsy Palette

Tetris x ipsy Palette

What do you think of the latest spoiler info? Which items do you want?

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the June Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

GENERATION CLAY Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask


CIATÉ LONDON Liquid Velvet Moisturizing Matte Liquid Lipstick in Pinup


PÜR Big Look Mascara


111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster – back by popular demand! (Retail Value $180)

JOLII COSMETICS Luxe Crème Matte Trio in Scuro, Lilla & Amore


SUNDAY RILEY C.E.O. Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream

This subscription is $25 a month. Sign up here! (Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect each month.) The waitlist is back on, so claim your spot on the waitlist now for a chance to get the June Glam Bag Plus as your first box.

And if you are new to the regular Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes. And check out our Ipsy Spoilers to see what’s coming up in future boxes!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. If these products are for everyone then why do we bother filing out a personalized profile that is said to be filled more accurately then the $10 subscription? I’m honestly puzzled? Because in this case, size really doesn’t matter to me. I’m still just trying it for the first time.

    • This normally doesn’t happen with the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus (GBP). There are a couple of things going on making this situation unique for the June box:

      GBP featured the 111Skin Vitamin C Brightening Booster in a previous box (Dec 2018 maybe?); it’s a fairly expensive ($180), highly regarded skincare item from a good brand. Of course, this was just **one** of the 5 items for those who received it, so the total value of the whole thing was through the roof. I was lucky enough to find it in my box, but I imagine MANY others wanted it. It looks like Ipsy is trying to satisfy those who missed such an outlier in terms of quality/retail value. I know I would have been disappointed if I was in that position. I think it’s quite a good strategy for them and it’s fair, which is not necessarily the norm in this industry.

      So this leads to why they’ve chosen a similar item (Vit C booster) to offer as an alternative to the people who already got
      Skin111. The only slight nitpick would be the retail value of that alternative in comparison: Sunday Riley’s CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream (50g = $65) is less than half the cost of the 111Skin, but it’s still a hero item for many people so it’ll probably be fine. It definitely wouldn’t be fair for someone to get both, so the bottom line to resolve any major inequalities is for **everyone** to get one or the other.

      As far as the Tetris pallet is concerned, this is part of a larger Ipsy x Tetris collection and we’re all getting one of the pallets as part of this promotion. This doesn’t happen often, so I’m good with it. It’s a weird collaboration on the surface, but I think it’s a fun thing to try out regardless; who knew a video game company would hook up with a skincare/makeup website?

      There are still 3 items up for grabs in this box and I’m betting curation will go back to the regular selection process in July.

      As an aside, Ipsy GBP has followed my profile to the extent possible considering they are generally constrained by the total value of any particular box. It’s likely will they are forced to make certain choices based purely on what makes sense financially.

      I have received ~$335 boxes twice since GBP began, which is absolutely insane considering I only paid $25 for each. I don’t know if this will continue or if I’ve been lucky; however, as far as I’m concerned, even with an item or two I won’t use thrown in, this is the absolute best box for the money.

      • I’ve been extremely happy with ipsy large . I always find at least $25 of items I want and if I don’t like an item I have xmas gifts lol. Fingers crossed I get the green tetris!!

      • I absolutely agree with everything you said!

      • I am actually hoping I get the CEO as I received the serum already. I’m not upset about the price difference as they are both nicer items. I think I might actually be disappointed if I got another serum, though it can always go up for swap.

      • I got both, and the internet is Big Mad at me about it.

  2. As of today I will sadly Sunday-Rileyless 😕

  3. That 111Skin product was in my Dec bag so I guess I’m getting the SR CEO cream & I’m excited about that to use it w/ my SR CEO Glow Oil! For $180 I expected to see more noticeable results! The Generation Purple clay mask I’ve tried before & it burned the crap outta my skin & it’s also in the FFF Summer box but in tube packaging! I think it looks good, better then the lip pencils we got that weren’t even on my profile as a product or color I wanted!!! WHY CANT THEY LET US CHOOSE JUST 1 PRODUCT, JUST 1 PRODUCT, PLEASE IPSY, JUST ONE!!!!!🙏🌹

    • I agree. And if they won’t let us pick one, at least offer ALL the month’s products not in our box as add-ons. I’m thinking maybe they don’t do that because now even regular Ipsy subscribers ($10 bag) can add Plus items. I guess if they offered all the products some people would get rid of their Plus subscription and just add what they want to their regular bag. But if that’s the only reason, they should only offer them to the customers that are paying for the $25 Plus subscription.
      Hopefully they’ll keep it simple and just start letting us pick an item. I could be mistaken but I think I remember them asking about this exact option in one of the surveys they sent.

    • I asked ipsy why I kept getting items I don’t got selected there response was they want me to try new things. I told them I don’t them that’s why they were not selected I didn’t get a response. It’s like would u buy stuff at a store that you would use ik it’s a great value but it’s only great if u use most the stuff the may box was total opposite of what I would have wanted

      • With glam bag plus, there are much fewer items that go in the boxes than the regular glam bag. It’s much more likely you will get something you don’t want. I’m glad they added the skip option to both subscriptions. I skipped for June because I don’t want either palette, pur mascara (can pur just disappear for ever?) or any of the lip options as none are colors I will wear.

      • Wow. Shouldn’t it be up to YOU if you want to try new things? After all, you’re the one paying for the bag.

        • No. If you aren’t into trying new things, than any makeup sub is not for you. Period.
          In that case you should just buy what you want, from the store.

          • Unfortunately that’s very, very true. Even FFF which is arguably the most customizable box there is, still has things in their box that no matter what, everyone gets.

          • Totally agree. Be open to trying new things. Or stop joining subscription boxes and just go to the store.

          • You could also check out different pages like cratejoy, subscription box directory, or if you’re feeling super adventurous get a mystery box that’s specifically curated for you on Etsy or Ebay. If you do that, the seller generally will work with you to figure out what type of items you want and do their best to provide that for you.

  4. So everyone is going on and on about the skincare, but is it me or are we recieving 3 lip products!!! I really hope I am reading this incorrectly. I didn’t sign up for lip monthly subscription (well i did n that was a mess)

    • That lip trio one of the product options, but so is a single ciate lip color. Last month I got the two lipliners, but they were shrink-wrapped together and counted as one item.

      • Ohhhhh gotcha, that’s not so bad then lol

    • Their are two lip options we know about (the trio that counts as one item and the Ciate product) but I seriously doubt any of us will receive both. Plus they only released a few spoilers. There will still be several other products we haven’t seen yet. I do understand your concern because I have received 4 out of 5 makeup products almost every month. I’m subscribed to Ipsy Plus vs. Boxycharm because I want more skincare. Luckily I contacted them about this and they assured me they’d note that in my account and offered to keep out a few items (I chose eyeliner and eyeshadow) each month. However, I’m anxious to see if that’s truly the case since they’ve stated that everyone is getting one of the eyeshadow palettes. I have two drawers full of eyeshadow palettes, singles, liquid/cream eyeshadows, etc. most of which are untouched. That speaks volumes about the seriousness of my subscription addiction! 😄🤷‍♀️

    • Oh gawd I AGREE!! I hope I can just skip and it’s not too late. I kept hoping I was reading the spoilers wrong but based on comments nope, crap mascara and 3 lip items I don’t want or need or like. And the shadows are ridiculously not for me. Boooooo

      • Jennifer the 3 lippies are considered 1 item, just like the 2 lip pencils in this Month was considered 1 item. Yes there is also a Ciate lip product in the spoilers but it is highly unlikely you would receive the 3 lippies and the 1 Ciate lippie as 2 of your items.

      • Jennifer the 3 lippies are considered 1 item, just like the 2 lip pencils in this Months box was considered 1 item. Yes there is also a Ciate lip product in the spoilers but it is highly unlikely you would receive the 3 lippies and the 1 Ciate lippie as 2 of your items.

  5. I’d be happy with either 111 serum or SR, however I do see a true difference in my skin with my SR collection. I don’t always think b/c its more money it’s a better product. I think it depends on the product and how one’s skin tolerates that product. I rather have quality rather then worry about a the cost , however I can see why you compare the prices b/c you want the boxes to equal out in MSRP value.

  6. I already received the 111 serum in a Glam Bag, I didn’t really notice a difference. I’m hoping for the Sunday Riley, but in all honesty I would be thrilled with either.

  7. I think it’s so unfair that some people get a $65 skincare compared to the $180 skincare product. That’s a huge difference!! I do hope I get the 111skin as I’m sure everyone does! Cross my fingers🤞!!!!

    • I’m wanting the Sunday Riley cream as I already have the $180, we can trade if you get what I want and vice versa

    • Eh, I’d rather have the SR. I had a different 111skin sample and couldn’t tolerate the scent, so I’m concerned it’ll be the same story if I get this serum.

      • The serum doesn’t really have a smell in my opinion.
        I didn’t find it impressive or worth the price point.
        Definitely hoping I don’t receive it again.

      • It doesn’t have any scent at all.

        • Thanks, Sunny and Whitney!

    • I already received the 111skin in a previous box.
      It’s Just ok but something I would not purchase.
      I’m hoping for the Sunday Riley cream.

    • Yeah a lot of reviews I’ve been finding say the 111Skin serum isn’t that great despite the price, and that those who got the serum before would rather get Sunday Riley. Guess high price doesn’t always equal high quality 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I have the 111 serum and am currently using it.

        I rather like it but then I don’t have high expectations of anything applied to my face.

        I feel the same way about moisturizers as well as I don’t expect anything going on the surface will have any drastic impact on my skin. If it feels nice and smells good, I’m good to go.

        I have the Sunday Reilly C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C & Turmeric and THAT really has an odor I find obnoxious. I am holding my noise (so to speak) because it was expensive but I certainly wouldn’t get it again. And I see no “magic” results with it either.

        It’s not that I expect “miracles” from anything over the counter – just that I find ALL of the products to be hype. All things being equal, I think The Ordinary Products are probably equivalent in quality to the more expensive brands. But if I get it in a subscription box, I’ll use it – I’m essentially a subscription box whore :-).

    • I don’t think that’s far! How is that comparable…

  8. I bought that 111skin product as an add-on when I didn’t get it in my GBP previously…..I hope i don’t end up getting it again. I barely used that one I have. Really, really want the Sunday Riley

  9. Ipsy csr did not correct the error despite my sending a screenshot stating I would be receiving the June Glam Bag Plus.

    • I’m dealing with same thing, told them when I signed up my email said I would be receiving June’s gbp but I’m still waitlisted. Emailed them about it and they said hang tight spots will open up each month. IpsyCare was no help at all.

  10. Does anyone know of a rough estimate of about how long it takes to get off the waitlist for the glam bag plus? No, I don’t mind waiting I’m just curious.

    • If you message Ipsycare, they will probably take you off the waitlist to receive June.
      Otherwise it could be 1-2 months.

  11. I received a response from Ipsy to the email I sent them which included a Screenshots that specifically said:

    “Yay! You’ll get the June Glam Bag Plus”

    Despite attaching the screenshot, this is what I heard from their representative.

    I checked our records and see that you’re a member for Classic Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus.

    Once you’re moved off the waitlist, your membership begins either the current month or the following month, depending on when it was activated.

    Our records show that your payment went through on May, and we’re busy personalizing your June glam bag! Rest assured you will not be billed again for next month’s bag.

    Also, the waitlist time varies, and will do our best to move you from the glam bag plus waitlist into an active membership as quickly as we can. Will shoot you an email when your slot opens, so keep an eye on your inbox.

    Can someone decipher if this means I am signed up for both bags after the waitlist?

    At least I paid with my Amex. The screenshot will be enough for them to reverse the charge and I will close my Ipsy account.

    I do read the comments on MSA for sub boxes and often it sways me one way or another. Over the past seven years I have subscribed to over 20 beauty boxes and I think I have had a problem only one other time where it has taken more than a quick email to resolve it. What a shame.

    • Have you checked under your settings and then membership profile? It’ll tell you whether or not your waitlisted and which month you’re receiving.

    • Yep they told me it was a oversight, and they can’t guarantee me a spot in the June gbp. Just a sorry no incentive to stay a member or anything. It really is a shame!

  12. I signed up for the glam bag +2 weeks ago and the screenshot showed I was in for the June bag but when I check my account it is still showing that I’m waitlisted and my card was billed $10. Thankfully, I screenshot it when I signed up. Hopefully they correct it.

    • I’ve had great experiences with their customer service. I’d go ahead and email them now so they can fix it so you’ll get your box on time in June. I’m sure they’ll make it right.

    • Yes contact them! I have always had amazing experiences with their support team. Boxycharm in the other hand no way! Ipsy has by far the best customer service when it comes to sub boxes!

      • Yes, Boxycharm has the worst customer service. Pray you never have anything arrived broken. Also if there is some kind of mistake on there end it won’t be corrected. They told me they do not issue refunds of any kind or product replacement. Which is crazy because they did replace a broken item once, it was over 4 months later but it was replaced. Ipsy CSR has always been awesome as well as the csr w/ birchbox. Not sure about csr w/ beautyfix. I have never had any issues that required me needing to contact them.

        • I completely agree with you about Boxycharm. I finally reached the point where it just wasn’t worth it for me and I cancelled. As far as BeautyFix, generally speaking their CS was fantastic. As a matter of fact, back in February I ordered a box that I thought would be for March, unfortunately that wasn’t the case. However, I simply called and explained the situation. They credited me for the February box, while still letting me keep it. As for March, they did as I wanted and charged me for it when it was time. I would still be with them if they didn’t send so many samples. I am just not a samples girl. I did get some very good ones though!

    • Their customer support is amazing. Every single issue I’ve had they correct it quickly with no questions.

    • If you were only billed $10, though, that’s for the regular glam bag. GBP is $25.

  13. Sure hope I’m receiving the Sunday Riley considering I’ve already received the IIISKIN nit too long ago. And I’ve opted out of all mascara so dont see how That could b in my box either. I guess time will tell…

  14. I hope I get the Sunday Riley. I already have the 111 Skin. I am hoping for the pink/purple palette, the mascara and the 3 lippies. Don’t really care for the rest of the items. I am getting the mask in my FFF box.

    • I am hoping for the Yellow one.. if I get the pink and you get the yellow, we could trade.

  15. I would honestly take the Sunday Riley and 111skin and that’s it in my box…I don’t want any of the other stuff!

    • Same! Dont want any of the other stuff. Ugly lippies, cheap palette, dont care for mascara, mask is ok but if I didnt get it i wouldnt be mad. Id be happy with either but prefer the SR. Pondering if I should cancel or not, may not be worth the disappoint.

      • Lol why are you guys subbed to ipsy if you don’t want makeup?

        • I love my Ipsy boxes. This is the first month that I’m not crazy about the rest of the stuff. We are allowed to not like EVERYTHING. That’s the thing with sub boxes….still a good value

        • Don’t get me wrong. I love my $10 bag. Just with plus I expect better brands. I’m cancelling plus for those who want it : )

    • I would too but unfortunately, it’s one or the other.

  16. So if I already got the 111 Skin in a previous GBP I don’t have to worry about getting it again, right?

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I know they’re definitely trying not to send repeats. If you do get one I’d just email them. In all likelihood they’ll send a replacement product to make up for it. Their customer service has been stellar lately.

    • If you get the 111 Skin, I’d love to grab it from you! I have a few items that I have we can trade for 🙂

  17. I paused for June, and the I unpaused for June, and I just repaused for June.. the only thing I really want is the green Tetris palette, and I’m sure it will be on Mercari for like $12-$14.. I wanted the clay mask too, but that exact one is coming in FabFitFun.. I’ll see how July goes.. I feel like Ipsy Plus was going strong until this month (May) and June is looking like a flop for me as well.. fingers crossed for July..

    • What do people mean when they say “paused” like you cancelled it? Or is there really a pause option. I don’t want to be put back on the waitlist so I am nervous to cancel for a month.

      • You can skip a month without cancelling. I skipped June.

      • I just skipped June as well. It gives you a choice of skipping one month, two months, or three months.

      • I skipped May.

  18. Not interested in either pallete..glad we will definitely receive one of either serum or cream though. But instead of the pallete I’d rather have something else to try. I actually changed profile to rarely on shadows as I don’t like the options this month but looks like I’ll have to get one anyway so that sucks.

  19. I was wondering if anyone has had an experience where you don’t get any of the items on your spoiler page. I just received my box and that happened. Not only that but four of the five items are repeats.

    • I would contact customer service. That’s terrible. I’ve had excellent experiences with them whenever I have contacted them about Ipsy Plus. They definitely need to make things right. Your situation is worse than mine so I bet they’ll be willing to work with you on this. Good luck!

      • Yeah I have a feeling something happened maybe where their could have been even a mixup of labels going on the right boxes or something like that. I’m waiting for them to reply back on twitter

      • Btw thank you. They were great! Actually just one item the face glow wasn’t in stock but they sent me everything else so they made up for it!

        • You’re welcome! Glad to hear they fixed it for you! And now you have the 5 extra free products they sent by mistake!
          I’m so impressed with their customer service lately. I had some problems with Ipsy Shopper orders in the past and didn’t get great customer care but since Ipsy Glam Plus came along they’ve been great. Hopefully it’s a company-wide improvement and not just for Plus. Enjoy your products!

          • Yes and those products will come in handy. My daughter can get two of the which would be suitable for her!

    • Not the response you are hoping for, but you have given me some hope. I would love for this to happen to me. No experience with it happening, but I dislike all but one spoiler. Because of the DHL shipping I won’t get my box until June 10 – 15.

    • Two of the products I received this month were not consistent with the reveal. And one of those two products isn’t even a product from May’s variations. It’s a lipstick with no labeling, very confusing.

  20. I was hoping for both the Sunday riley and 111. 😂 I’m recalling hoping to get the purple pallet, I love the brighter colors.

  21. Excited to be guaranteed a Tetris palette! Already had the 111Skin and not a Sunday Riley fan.

    • Want to trade if I get the other Tetris palette? I am opted out of eyeshadow, so hope I don’t get it, but this makes it seem like we will for sure get one or the other.

      • I sure hope the palette isn’t a guaranteed item even if we opted out of eyeshadow palettes. I just opted out of them because I have received a palette in all 3 of my IGBP’s I’ve had since March. I’m on eyeshadow overload.

        • Every GBP subscriber will receive one of the two tetris palletes, it’s the spoilers. And also guaranteed either the serum or the SR moisturizer.

        • I really hope we both don’t get eyeshadow! 🤞🤞🤞

        • Same here. I have two drawers of eyeshadow palettes, mostly brand new. I’m a major beauty product /sub box addict. I am now opted out of eyeshadow as well (starting in June per Ipsy Care) so I’m also wondering if I will get one of the palettes anyway. Guess I’ll find out in 3 weeks or so.

  22. If I get the Sunday Riley CEO, I’d gladly swap it for the 111Skin!

    • Awesome, because that is how I feel about the 111Skin since I already have it and really want to try the CEO cream. I’d be happy to make this trade if I get the 111skin! jalexisgreene at yahoo

      • LOL, now we wait a month. 🙂

  23. If anyone that’s a BGP member that is going to pause this month wants to unpause and sell me their entire box, I’d be all for it! Then you have the option to check out the add-on’s too!

  24. I decided to pause the June glam plus but will get the regular ipsy so I can get the cute makeup bag. The Tetris palette is super cute but between my regular ipsy sub and glam plus I’m on eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss overload.

  25. You know it’s a great box when you’d be happy with any of the options! 😁

  26. With my 2 boxes I hope I get 1 of each variable.

    • Me too 😀

      • Me three! Or 2 serums. The Sunday Riley serum from that same collection as this moisturizer was way too rich for me so I imagine the moisturizer definitely won’t work. My sister has dry skin so it will be gifted to her. I just hope I won’t have two to gift! I didn’t get the 111 serum the last time so maybe my chances are better?

    • How often do you get doubles, when you subscribe twice? I’m tempted because the value is amazing

      • Open an account asap under a new email and get on the waitlist. I did that and it was confirmed I will get a June box!

      • Hallie I have two accounts and I got the same exact boxes this month for both accounts. One profile is set for all makeup and the other is set for all skincare. Go figure 🤷

        • I don’t feel they use the profile as much as they say they do. I got lip liners which I had on never, a face oil which I had on never, mascara I had on rarely, then I dont get the items like the primer which I have on often or the GlamGlow masks which I also have on often.

  27. I’m still on the waitlist for GBP. How long does it take to get the bag for sure? I only signed up for these June items!

    • Email Ipsycare to see if they can help you get off the waiting list for June.

    • Yeah send them an email and they’ll get you off real quick. I too wanted a 2nd sub for the Tetris collab so I made a new account. I had the same worry and emailed them about being taken out of the wait list and ended up getting a may bag lol

      • Thanks guys, I emailed them and they took me off the waiting list. Appreciate yalls help! I want all the Tetris things. I guess I’ll have to swap for the other bags and shadows after I find out what I’m getting.

        • Brandy I saw where you can buy the whole Tetris collection. It comes with 2 palettes, lippies, highlighter and chrome paint n stencils (? I’m drawing a bit of a blank but I think that’s what it said) Maybe check into that.

    • Me too! I love the Tetris collaboration!

  28. I just received the 111 Skin end of last year so, I’m really hoping for the other. Love SR.
    I have purples listed in my preferences not the greens so, am really hoping they go by our profiles. Was gonna pause but, the Vit C cream looks great and I love eye shadow palettes.

  29. I wasn’t subbed when they included the 111Skin, so I’m really hoping they send me that 🙂

    • Me too. I was subbed, but it was the only month I skipped. I have two accounts now and I already have the SR CEO cream picked on one of them due to a problem I had last month, so let’s pray I get the 111 Skin in the other one. Only in a perfect world would that happen lol

      • Even in a not so perfect world, you get the cream, fall in love with it and be glad to have two! Lol 🤗
        I fall in love with 99% of SR products. Sometimes the smell throws me off but, they are all magic on my 50yo aging skin!

        • I love All SR products too. I am hooked on Good Genes and I actually Love that smell. The Luna kind of throws me off a little but the benefits outweigh the scent lol. If I do get two creams my bf will probably claim one of them. I recently got him started with moisturizers at least, but he won’t go any farther than that lol…too much man pride.

      • I got my fingers crossed for you! 😀

  30. I have not used the 111skin yet because I’ve been using the Sunday Riley that I got from another sub but I keep hearing great things about it. I would love to get the Sunday Riley cream to try this time instead. I also wouldn’t mind getting the Ciate in pinup. That was the first matte lipstick I ever tried from a sub box and I absolutely loved it. Even though the trio is an unknown brand I wouldn’t mind getting that either. Some of my best products were unknown brands at some point so I’m open for new discoveries.

    • The 111 Skin is AWESOME! I love it and it has done so much for my face (I was scared to use it at first because I’m an oily skin gal). It does not make me oily and my hyperpigmentation is almost all even and my scars are faded, this is using it for maybe 3 or 4 weeks now! It’s so good, but I want the Sunday Riley cream to try because I love all their products. Definitely give the 111Skin a try, it may surprise you as it did me. 😊 hope you get everything you want in your box!

  31. Looking forward to June. Pleased with any of these options.

    • Same, very excited.

  32. I already received the 111skin from them in a previous month and haven’t even opened it yet so i hope i am hoping they dont send me that again.

  33. I finally opted out of eyeshadow palletes.
    I’m hoping that I don’t get one.

    • Same here

    • There was a previous announcement that all ipsy subscribers will receive a tetris makeup item for June. All GBP subscribers will get one of the pallets, and all regular glam bag subscribers will get some sort of other tetris x ipsy makeup product. So dont be too disappointed when you get the shadow pallet, we all are getting it.

    • How do you opt out of something?

  34. Hoping for the Sunday Riley and the green palette!

  35. I just want my box for this month! Their shipping methods are horrible. I’ll be happy with any of next month’s items, but I would really like this moths box.

  36. Sniff. I really want the Sunday Riley, but I’m guessing it will go to the subscribers who previously received the 111 skin.

    How is the 111 skin? I have used the eye cream and a different serum, and both are ok,but don’t seem to be worth the huge sticker. Would love to hear what others think.

    • I recieved it before and liked it, but definitely not worth the price. Other Vit C serums are much cheaper and work just as good.

    • I have used deluxe samples of 111 Skin and had no noticeable changes with them, but most of the time a full size product is needed before seeing any results with skincare. With that being said, I think results should be seen very quickly for the prices of all of their products lol

    • If price tells you anything it’s $180 for the 111 Skin. Yes you read that right!! I was subbed when we got it so i’m really hoping for the SR. But I have 2 accts so i’d be so happy with the Sr in both… I hope you get the 111 Skin!!

    • I got the 111skin serum the last time it was I. The GBP and I really like it; however, as a few people have mentioned it takes time for any product to truly shine and show visible results. The serum feels almost like water. It is extremely thin and absorbs almost immediately. You can mix a few drops in with your moisturizer or put it directly on your face under any other serums or items you may use. I wouldnt mind getting it again because I definitely use it and a little goes a long way, but ultimately I do hope for the SR moisturizer.

    • I use timeless vitamin c serum daily but on days were I do my makeup I use the 111 skin serum. It does better under makeup but I get better results overall from the cheaper option. It’s a nice serum though

  37. My May box has been stuck on ship for 13 days now does seem to happen more than I would like
    I paused June do not want a cream oil I already have and do not want to chance a second product that didn’t work for me
    Mature skin need eye cream and didn’t get Murad last month so will just pause

  38. I’m pretty excited! I didn’t love what got last month but was thinking about pausing…glad I didnt!

  39. I just paused my June Glam Plus. The only item that intrigues me is the Sunday Riley cream. If I was guaranteed to receive that one particular item, I wouldn’t have paused June. However, I do not need or want another face oil and don’t want to pay $25 and then be disappointed. I hope July has better items.

    • Exactly my thougts! I don’t need unknow quality generic palette, unusuable lipsticks or anything from PUR. I would like to get cream but not ready to pay for lottery $25. thank you, next

    • I think I will pause too. I won’t use either of those palettes and I feel as a new subscriber I’ll get stuck with the serum. If Ipsy starts filling up boxes with pur crap we have already seen in boxycharm, I’m out for good.

  40. I’d be happy with any of them 😁👍

  41. Lol, ipsy must’ve saw the comments on the last spoiler post

  42. I’m excited and pleased to receive any variation. I love them all 🙂

  43. I guess I’m getting the Sunday Riley since I already got the 111Skin.

    I wish they’d do more “guaranteed” spoilers like this so we can have a better idea of whether we should pause or not.

    • I hope so!! I just finished my serum…it’s pretty good too!!

  44. I am hoping for Sunday Riley! Received that other serum last time too. They have been known to send repeat products though so can’t depend on that but I have good chance since I have two subscriptions cause I love Ipsy so much. Love the eyeshadows with purple and the Ciate lipstick hope I don’t get that trio of lippies from unknown brand! I’m wondering what the addon opportunities will be!

  45. I received 111 skin. But, I’m happy with either skin product and I love purple but I also love green so whichever palette I receive, I’ll be happy with. I seem to be more excited with Ipsy Glam Bag Plus than Boxycharm. But, I think it’s because they seem to be paying attention to the beauty quiz. Boxycharm really hasn’t utilized their quiz until more recently?

  46. I want both palettes! Purples and greens? Yes, please.

    • Me too!!!

      • Me three! I’ll have to find one someone sells.

  47. I love the 111skin serum so I’ll be happy with either Sunday Riley or the 111 skin. The palettes look interesting…. all in all June’s box looks promising so far

  48. Both palettes look fantastic…. and I’d be happy with another 111 skin and the Sunday riley… not super impressed with any of the lip products shown though

  49. So glad I am getting the Sunday Riley since they sent me the 111Skin last December.. Even if I don’t like any of the lippies or pallets it still is worth the price of the box 🙂

    • How do you know which one you’re getting? I thought they didn’t reveal until after the 1st of each month.

      I also was lucky to receive the 111Skin last year, so I’m hoping for the SR. I’ll be happy either way, honestly; love 111Skin.

      • They usually don’t send you the same product twice, so if you got the 111 last year, you will probably receive the SR.

        • I wouldn’t count on it but I hope so I got SkinII last time too and want Sunday Riley so bad. I’ll email and tell them they sent me duplicates if I get it again but I have a good chance since I get two since I have two subscriptions cause I’m nuts! Lol! I hope I get that Ciate lippie I don’t want that other brand lippie they are offering. I love Ipsy. I wonder what the add ons will be!!??

        • I’m hoping for Sunday Riley too really bad I also got that SkinII last time but who knows they have been known to send duplicates before. I’ll complain if they do though. I want Ciate lipstick not that trio of I know brand lippies! What an amazing box though! I wonder what the addons will be.

  50. I’m not real excited about these so I’ve paused for June.

    • Opposites! I actually unpaused for June 🤩

    • I’m with you. June seems like a washout for me. I just paused June, as well.

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