Allure Beauty Box June 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the June Allure Beauty Box!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

Here are four of the products that will be featured in the June box:

What do you think of the June spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free Natasha Denona Eyeshadow plus a Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum – a $46 combined value:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hi MSA, do you know if the June boxes will have the annoying variation issues the last few months have had? If this is the box that I will for sure get, it looks great and useful. But if it is like the last few months and they are going to really cheap out on the non featured version, than I’d like to know so I can cancel. Thanks.

  2. Question: Has anyone else been receiving free allure boxes…I got my may that I paid for, then I got a box not paid for last week , but is was last months box again..then today I received another free box, but this was a different box, some what was in may’s box…what is going on? I mean, i’m ok with free boxes just wondering if anybody else got this..

    • I have the opposite problem, I got charged twice and got one box of random ass products left over from the last few boxes. Oh well, what did I expect, lol

  3. I am always hoarding good eye creams, and with this one having Vitamin C, i really hope it isn’t a variation as this and the hair oil are all that truly interest me in this box. I still have 2 cans of fancy water from BF I haven’t used yet. With hot months ahead I am sure I will find a use though.

    I really wish Allure would go back to their old business model which had no variations. I keep holding on knowing that while some months aren’t great, other months are amazing. I figure as long as I can find one product I would pay $15 for it is worth it. Some months that is much harder than others. :S

    • Same. The eye cream and the Moroccan oil are the reasons I’m getting this box. I need to travel some but don’t have to fly. I need a small bottle of oil in my bag.

  4. I cancelled and Allure was very cool about it – didn’t try to hook me with a deal or anything. I’ve been pretty happy with the box but I’m just getting overloaded with product.

  5. Never heard of this glossy either cant find a single thing about it online! I only want the brow gal and the facial mist honestly… I love gloss but some info be nice…

    • is the site for the gloss

  6. I just received that hair spray in the target beauty box. Is it really allure box worthy????

    • Why would it not be? It’s one of those filler items. I’ve gotten Allure boxes with some drug store brands before. I also got that spray in the Target box so that’s one of the reason I am skipping this box

  7. Not my favorite month but still my favorite box! The only thing I wish they’d trade out is the brow pencil, there is no such thing as a universal shade, and it looks way too dark for most people.

  8. I just hope there aren’t going to be any variations and/or bait & switches.

  9. I’m excited for this box.

  10. I cancelled. Combination of box fatigue and this box just not having as much wow factor as before.

  11. I like this box. I’m considering subscribing again, but this time around via Amazon so I have more control. Just have to wait for June I guess.

    • Gabriela if you are really interested, the May box is available through Amazon right now…

    • Can you tell me why/how there is more control subscribing through Amazon?

      • Kristen: When you order through Amazon, you can cancel very easily and/or resubscribe at the flick of a finger. There’s no need to wrangle the issue with ALLURE’s very bad Customer Service or wait to talk to someone.

      • Easy to unsubscribe if you don’t like the box. Subscribing through Allure you have to call to cancel. You get tracking when your box is shipped. It usually shipped earlier than Allure

        • You don’t need to call. I have canceled through email multiple times. You just send them a message saying you’d like to cancel and they will either offer you a 4 for $10 a box deal (which you can then say no thanks) or cancel it for you. I have never had an issue.

          • I posted the exact same thing at the same time lol. I love this box and think about resubscribing every month, but I need to get through my drawers of products first.

        • I canceled via email twice without an issue. The first time, CSR offered the next four boxes for $10 so I took it. After that ran out and I was overloaded on product, I emailed again and my subscription was canceled within a day or two.

          • Haha! How funny! Yea it’s always super easy to cancel by email. I’ve had good luck with Allure, but I know it’s not the case for everyone.

      • Amazon charges you on the same day every month (the day you subscribed through Amazon). You know when the charge is coming and you can even arrange for it to be later month if you need to. I got so sick of never knowing when exactly Allure would deign to collect their money from me.

    • I was wondering to? How does it differ from Amazon to ordering straight from Allure?

  12. So glad May is my last box. This was my last sub. I’ll be sad to not look forward to a treat in the mail every month.

  13. I think the issue with the box is that, for those of us who subscribed in the early days, are seeing a wayyyy different allure box than it used to be. Amazing brands, albeit smaller sizes and everyone got the same thing. They used to include hero items like foreo and high end luxury deluxe samples. I think I just miss that box. This feels more like a Glossybox now.

    • My Foreo still works, but then I only use it occasionally.

      I like it, but not enough to shell out for the full size.

  14. I am excited for June box. I will use everything.

  15. All in all, this is worth about $85. that’s an amazing value imo. The eye cream-$35. Brow-$23. Gloss (Which took me forever to find because a LOT of brands have products called Floss Gloss, including a nail polish…this brand is -$16. $74 value in those. The oil is worth about $7, since the full size is $34 and this is 1/5 the size…the other two are worth maybe $2.50 each.

    • Thanks for doing the math <3

    • Katie: Thanks for the FLOSS link, I was looking all over for it and then finally gave up.😘

      • Same here! Thank you!

    • Actually the Avene is $9 retail. I only know because I keep that in my travel makeup bag. I love it but that’s just me. I know a lot of people think it’s just water in a can (it is) but it’s also so much more. And thank you for doing all the math. You’re awesome.

  16. I’m baffled at many of the comments here…I think June looks to be a great box. LOL I had to go back to the top of the page just to check the items again, but yup, I think it’s an appropriate box for one of our hottest months of the year. A light spray to keep you hydrated, a great full sized eye cream for my aging (and sun stressed) eyes, a pencil for my ever unruly brows, a moisturizing gloss for my lips or to top one of my lippies, and a couple of hair items. 3 full sized products and a few deluxe samples sounds pretty good to me.

    What’s going on here? Y’all do remember we only pay $15…yes?

    • People are hard to pleased! Just ignore them and order your box!

    • Trolls

    • I think a lot of the people here have, over time, developed very high expectations. I suppose if you subscribe to multiple boxes over years you aren’t super interested in anything that isn’t high end (Allure ruined it for themselves by having a couple of boxes with Sunday Riley). They also didn’t help themselves with the variations – although I suspect that the constant canceling/resubbing cycles don’t help with planning. While I don’t think this box is particularly interesting I am still allowing for my sub to average out over time – but I have only subbed since last summer, so what do I know?

    • I think people forget they are only paying a fraction of the value of the box. Allure is still my favorite sub and I have a few. I have found some great products through them. Maybe the people complaining are the same ones trying to sell the high valued items and buying multiple boxes to make a profit.

      • People are aware of how much the box costs in relation to the items.

        They may be objecting to receiving the same type of makeup product month after month or that Allure just featured that brand last month or that they are not interested in this box this month.

        Nothing in this box appeals to me so I am not going to get it.

        • That. I understand the retail equivalent of the box. But if I’m not going to use any of it, its value to me is zero.

          • Exactly.. it’s not that people are being ungrateful.. sometimes the monetary value of an item isn’t the most important thing. If we aren’t going to USE the items given then they pretty much have zero value.

      • I’m not forgetting the value of the box at all. My gripe is that we see these spoilers, get excited and then don’t even get these products! For April, I never got the Anastasia lip nor the Laura Geller eyeliner (I got stuff from a Dec box). To me, getting old stock is not exciting nor of value to me.

        • Flora, understood and I agree. Last month was particularly bad in that respect. I get 2 subs from Allure directly (1 had the lippie, the other one not) and then I tried Amazon and none of those had the lippie. BUT after emailing them AND calling Customer Service, they sent me a lippie for my Allure box….got it a few days ago. You should call them for that item!

          • What?! They told me it would take 3-6 weeks!

          • Hi Barbara, thanks for letting me know. I did ask them to replace an eyebrow gel that was dried out and they were great about it. I just wish that they would get it right the first time around and not mess around with variations. Then we don’t have to hassle with asking them to fix it and wait for the products to get shipped to us weeks later. I’m sure it’s not cheap for them to have to send a second round of products that they should have just sent in the first place. If I want variations, I look to my Ipsy glam bag.

        • That’s exactly how I feel. It’s my money. I know what I signed up for. I quit Birchbox over not getting boxes that match me at all. I quit play by Sephora over watching how they play, variations in boxes but you don’t get the one that matches you? The biggest reason I finally decided to pay $15 + federal, state and local taxes, $16.48 to be exact (the only sub I’ve ever tried that charges local tax too. Even Sephora didn’t charge the high local taxes here and they have a store locally.), was because of the value, and because they sent what they said and did not do variations. I think they have done some variations in the past, but they were pretty clear about it. Not now. They are now treating new customers like gold and treating long-standing, loyal subscribers like scrap aluminum foil.

      • My problem is, the last three months, I got repeats from past boxes. I got cancelled for having multiple subscriptions – which I did not, I had one active subscription – and then got three of the same items in March that I had just received in February. Oddly enough, I received my February box the day before my March box, and my April box, a week later. The April box had three items from the December box. I think that’s part of the complaint. I cancelled and don’t know that I will resubscribe because I am afraid too many variations exist now.

    • I’d be happy with these products but the last few months I’ve been stuck on the second run shipment time (they aren’t even shipping my box until mid-month) where I only received one or two of these items and the rest were of items from previous boxes. I’m going to cancel if that happens for May (which I just got my shipping notice yesterday)

      • Hi Flora! You’re going to IBE tomorrow, right? If you are (and I’m not mixing you up with another MSA commenter), I hope you have tons of fun and find a ton of goodies!! 😀

        • I am! Thank you! I’m so excited, and I get to leave work early! 🥳

    • Here is why I am canceling: We got a brow product in Allure a few boxes ago. Same brand, different product. That hair texture spray I got in both Walmart box(full size) and also just released May Target box. Water to spray in the face I got from the BeautyFix box. We just got Laritzy gloss in previous box. This month it’s another gloss. Umm, can’t be that much different from last month. Well this one is clear, last month it has a tint. So a lot of this box to me are products I already have or similar

      • That’s exactly why I’m cancelling too

    • I think people can hate items in a box and that is their right. I hate all these items I don’t care their worth. To me Ipsy is so much better which is fine that’s my opinion you don’t have to agree just like I don’t agree this is a great box does not make any of us any more right or wrong. Luckily I subscribe by Amazon so I can cancel and resubscribe easily since I cancel quite often . I joined in Sept but only have received 4 boxes since then December was my favorite.

    • I totally agree with you! 😊
      I’m cancelling my Sephora PLAY! Box and signing back up for Allure Box! Sephora PLAY has just gone stupid 😂 for lack of a better term! I realized I’m paying $11 a month ( tax in TN is 9.75 %) for tiny samples that I can walk into the store and get for free! Some of the samples they give you an extra layer or actually bigger than the ones in the PLAY! box it self. This is probably old news but you can walk into any Sephora and get a sample of pretty much anything in the store. I got a sample of the Dior dream skin, I think that’s what it’s called and it’s like $150 a bottle, they gave me a huge sample for free. Just this weekend I went into Sephora because I received some gift cards for Mother’s Day and I’m wanting a perfume but I’m not sure which one I want and they gave me a ton of samples. So for me just going into the store is the best way to go. By the way, if you haven’t smelled the Prada Night, it is awesome! If you like the sweet and fruity fragrances. 😊

  17. Don’t know how these bad comments come from. Can you get these value from other sub for 15 dollars? People are really hard to pleased!

    • It’s not about how much money the products are worth.. if I can’t use them or have similar products they are worthless TO ME

  18. June is just absolutely awful in my opinion. I called to cancel and found out that they can suspend your account for a month without canceling completely. Allure is normally my favorite sub so I didn’t want to cancel. Here’s to July being back to normal!

  19. I am happy with this box so far, really excited for the June box. At least I will use these stuff!

  20. April was the staple for cancellation. Allure was one of my favorites. Those who like May, cheers.

    • people that didn’t like may just didn’t understand how good the Amorepacific cream is…

      • Yeah, if you were lucky enough to receive Amorepacific. I got two frizz sheets…. Horrible variation.

        • Exactly!!! I would love for someone to speak up and say how great their box is because they got two frizz hair sheets. And BTW, Allure should NEVER release spoilers and just let people buy a mystery box.

        • I would’ve been happy with the Amore Pacific, except I got the frizz sheets and bronzing products… I don’t bronze. Their box variations should be equal in value and they’re not even close. That’s why I cancelled.

      • I love that Amore Pacific cream (got it in Testtube) BUT I didn’t get in my May Allure so I didn’t like May…
        And I just ran out of it too!🥺

        • I didn’t get Amorepacific either. I got two frizz sheets. Really?? I also got the two cheap hair products last month instead of the Anastasia Lipstick. I feel I have a right to be angry. Those of you who got the Amorepacific would feel the same way if you got frizz sheets instead……
          I would love to know how Allure is determining who gets what. I have been a loyal subscriber for 3 years, and have never skipped a box. I subscribed to Allure because they didn’t have variations in the boxes. Now you never know when you see the spoilers if that means you will get those items.

          • If I got frizz sheets instead of amorepacific, I would be so angry. My sub is through Amazon and I was praying for amorepacific.
            Luckily I got it. Sorry you got frizz sheets. I think it’s totally random who gets what.

          • THIS is exactly why I cancelled. I got some cheap variations and repeat products in April and cancelled. When I saw May the only thing I would use/need is the Amore Pacific and that was a variant. Not worth the gamble to me and now June looks pretty uninteresting too. For people who don’t have a lot of monthly boxes coming in, share/gift things or are new to subs, this is great. But for us long time sub junkies, we’ve burned our selves out LOL

      • They didn’t send me amorepacific. Instead, I got two static hair wipes worth about $2!!! Some of us aren’t happy because we got 💩

      • Count me in on not getting an Amorepacific product and being upset about it. And I’ve been an Allure subber for years. I would have been happier if I got the cream instead of cheap, useless frizz sheets… 🙄

    • AdamsEve: I liked May so much that I am actually going to get another one from Amazon. That cream is incredible, the lipstick is gorgeous and I can always use a little color this time of year. You know, all of this is so subjective and depends on what we actually like to use or need. For me, May is pretty great and June looks good to me too. Heck, even when I’m not thrilled with the box some months, I always find something that I can use.

  21. These are good. I’m happy with the June box.

  22. Move along nothing to see here.

  23. For anyone on the fence with this box and had a little interest in the SGX NYC Dry Texture Spray that spray is also in the May Target Beauty Box. It is a cheap Drug Store product that Target sells for $7.99 Full Size. Just thought I would give you all a FYI. I haven’t tried it yet so I don’t know how good or bad the product is. Have a great day.

  24. Thank you! I was waiting for these spoilers. It’s pass for you. Hopefully July looks better.

  25. What in the birchbox is this?

    • XD

  26. Cancelling both my boxes. No Fomo here. Have multiples of some of these

  27. What do I think of the Allure spoilers? What spoilers? This is a total mystery box!!! Very cheap little “unspoiled ” variations show up when the boxes start shipping. So purchase at your own risk. It’s probably not even worth it to look at the so-called spoilers….you will most likely not get the items you want. But hey, $1 smoothing sheets for frizzy hair will save the day, right? I’m officially out (been loyal customer since red box began). If I see something I really want, I’ll go the Amazon route. No more Allure lies or bait and switch.

    • I am with you. Canceled last month when I got a box full of stuff left over from last December. Allure used to be my favorite box. What happened?

    • I when I started back with Allure the last 5 months I had gotten the same exact spoilers then the last couple of months I have gotten the cheap drug store variations and not the spoilers I was upset I got a hairspray sample and Frizz cream instead of the lip gloss that was full size and over $20 bucks the 2 items didn’t even value $6 so I took a break for Allure I totally feel it was a bait and switch
      Allure could get in trouble f they continue to use Bait and switch

    • I started subscribing to Allure when it was part of sample society and after no email to update payment information but snail mail for it. I decided I’m not going to update. I’m done with Allure for now.

  28. I will skip this month. Looking forward to July. I heard it’s another collaboration box

  29. Easy pass on June. Same for June’s ipsy. That’s $25 to spend on BeautyFix! Yay!

    • Funny I did a skip on both boxes also .May GBP I wanted the Murad eye cream because the eye cream I got last month is horrible .I am not getting the Murad so skipping June Cause they probably only have 20 Sunday Riely and I won’t get it any way.
      My profile by my age alone I should of gotten eye cream LOL

      • I think because you already got the eye cream on April GBP, you didn’t get another eye cream on May. It also happens to me.

        • First time in 3 months not happy with box don’t really like anything…

  30. I actually kinda want this! Should I sign up June 1st?

  31. Nope and nope.

  32. Think I’m going to sign back up before the month is over

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