Allure Beauty Box July 2019 Spoiler #1 + Coupon

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We have the first spoiler for the July Allure Beauty Box thanks to Allure magazine! And this box will be curated by Huda Kattan!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

One of the products featured in July will be:

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte in Alluring

What do you think of first July spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the May Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.)

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  1. the april box was such a downer for me. I got 2 dupe items from past boxes that I already am not using. I skipped May. High hopes for this box!

  2. Reds look horrible on me, whether warm or cool toned. But lipsticks in beauty boxes are so tricky- there’s no way to please everyone.

    I went through a period of getting full-size MAC lipsticks in my boxes, which should’ve been exciting, but every one was a shade of red, so those were a total bust for me.

    After a run of nude lipsticks in boxes though, I’m not surprised to see this color. And hopefully those who wear reds will love it. But I agree that a more universal color sure would be nice occasionally!

    • Oh my goodness I would love to get a nude

    • When I was younger, I wore bold lip color. After years of toning down the amount of makeup I wear. I tend to wear a more natural look. I do have a couple of shades if I feel like it. But otherwise, right now, I’m enjoying the shades of lip treatment Hanalie has now. Shear color. I knew I would have been able to pull off the dark blue based red we got at one point but I knew I would not wear it. There is no way I can pull off an orange-red.

  3. So this particular shade is an allure exclusive, is that correct?

  4. Nicole, Have you tried mixing shades? I don’t do orange reds well either but I find if it is a lippie I use as a topper over a matte. Or a matte, I will top with a different lippie. I got tired of giving away brands I wanted to try and found the formula nice but color UGH! It can be fun to customize a beautiful color from your own stash! I have this amazing 1930’s brownish red color that I made up and girl!!! I swear men hold doors open due to this shade. Even grouchy ones…

    • Tanya, you should patent this color that makes even a grumpy man polite. Lol! I have played with layering colors a bit. My problem with the color is that I’m cool toned. I look good in blue based reds, burgandy, mauves and purples or nude pinks. Even if I layer shades, it wouldn’t change that the color is warm toned. I think I’m just going to have to trade this one. Thanks for the suggestion though, I’m keeping it in mind for the others (ABH/Laritzy) we recieved recently.

  5. Great color! especially it is exclusive for Allure! I am excited for this box!

  6. I’m so bummed. That Huda lippie is one of very few colors I just can’t pull off. I have been dying to try a Huda lippie too.😭 I realise they can’t keep everyone happy all the time, but I feel like we always get shades that are just not going to work for half of us. In the year and a half that I have been recieving sub boxes, I have not recieved one universally flattering lip color. I always get those orangy terracotta nudes, nudes light enough to be concealer, or red. All shades I can’t pull off. It’s like they are not aware of the hundreds of shades that exist in between. It’s not just Allure, so I’m not complaining about them specifically…I don’t know, I’m just bummed. Finally get a Huda lippie and it’s in a shade I would never wear. Sigh, I guess I’m just going to have to go buy one.

    • I think the shades we get are the ones that nobody wants. The ones that everyone wants the supplier can sell without including it in the box

      • I think that happens w/a lot of sub boxes

        • Agreed. I also don’t think all subs actually pay for the products on their boxes. Maybe some, but not all. They work with companies to get them at pennies on the dollar or free as it promotes the brand and product.

    • Try using it with a lip liner, to shift the color. That’s what I’m going to do! Or as a cream blush, if you blend it with a little moisturizer..?

      • Or use one of those pale lippies from Anastasia and the one from May to lighten the RED. Pales and red are my no shades. Maybe my daughter can pull this one off with her blonde hair and blue eyes.

    • Totally agree! You would think they’d(all sub boxes) send shades that are universal, not ones that only 40 or 50 percent of people can pull off. I have maybe received 1 or 2 ever out of all my subs that would work for most people.

    • Nicole, Have you tried mixing shades? I don’t do orange reds well either but I find if it is a lippie I use as a topper over a matte.. I got tired of giving away brands I wanted to try and found the formual nice but color UGH! It can be fun to customize a color from your stash!

    • Preach it! Whatever happened to pinks and rosey tones? All the colors I receive are either so light I look half dead, or so bright they’re garish. The Sephora birthday gift a few years ago was the Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang shade from MJ. Now that was a hit for me!

  7. I was hoping that ALLURE would have worked with HUDA for last years December box (instead, we got Nikkie Tutorials). Now I love NIkkie and really liked her box, BUT I have been biding my time until they coupled with Huda…it was just a matter of time😊.

    So now that we have Huda leading our box curation, I am officially excited///very excited. Yes, yes aI know many will not be happy with an orange red lippie, but I happen to think that color works beautifully with a tanned face. As a matter of fact, I usually never use that color but have begun using it since I have a subtly [self] tanned body…it is a great compliment!

    So hear hear to ALLURE for JULY’s box…now I am psyched!🎈🎆✨🎁🎈

    • I’ve never tried Huda or a red orange toned lip so I’m excited to be introduced to both! I definitely need something new for summer since I’m swimming in berry and nude shade lipsticks right now.

      • Better have super white teeth to pull off red-orange

        • Right!!

    • Good thing I’m pale as a ghost.. and that red orange will make me look like a clown 🙂

  8. I’ve nvr purchased a Huda lippie, but always wanted to try it. Just nvr got lucky enough to receive one thru ipsy-lol. Can’t wait to see the rest of the spoilers. Would make no sense if Miss. Kattan had other brands and no other Huda products were not included. It should be a Huda brand self promoting box!

  9. I see a lot of people complaining about the colour and I can’t feel sympathy, I have suffered the last 2 boxes with very pale nudes (laritzy & anastasia). Those colours made me look like I had a serious case of Anemia what with me being a medium warm skin shade, finally a colour I can wear without looking sickly.

    • I’m really fair but couldn’t wear those shades either! I looked like a corpse.

    • I didn’t like those either, so maybe spare a little sympathy for those of us who look bad in both shades?

      I do have some Huda Reds, so I’m not opposed to them – but they are pink/dark reds.

  10. Okay, I’m here for this! 💋💄

  11. I’ll be passing this one on. I can’t wear orange reds and I do t care for matte lipsticks. I wish they would give us color options.

  12. I hate nude matte lipsticks too! They make me look “dead & scary”. I am a natural redhead (though with age my hair got darker & grayer so now I’m dyed “brunette”. Lol) and ALL blue-red lipsticks turn PINK (from Pepto-Bismol to bright fuchsia) so I used the same “gold shimmer brick red” shade of Lancôme lipstick for 20+ years until they discontinued their classic “Cherrywood Luxe” in 2015. I’ve been trying to find a replacement ever since without result. Can anyone recommend me a satin red lipstick without any blue?

    I am actually going to try this orange-red Huda & if it looks good on me I’ll swap for a bunch of them. Lol

  13. Orange-red? Heck yes!!! First good spoiler in months! Perfect for bright summer days.

  14. Orange-red? Just no. I’m sure I will never wear it. Not sure I know anyone who would to gift it to. Fingers crossed for the next spoilers.

  15. Orange-red, no, no, no!!! WHYYYYYY?!!!!! This definitely is NOT a universal color for sure. Nudes and reds Always…

    • I usually never wear dark or red shades, but with a summer tan, this color works really well. Heck, I’ve used some of these self tanners going round and the St Tropez is t=really good! I didn’t turn orange in the least, just a nice healthy tan. Looks great and orange red lippies look stunning with the tan.

    • Right? Warm reds are not going to work for anyone who is cool toned, period. Why send out a color that isn’t going to work out for half of your subs? Like, send me shades that are universally flattering and I’ll go buy my reds and lighter colored nudes myself so I can pick the right one!

  16. I’m excited for this! I really like her lipstick formula, very comfortable. I can’t wait to see what else is in the box, hopefully something good for my birthday!

  17. I don’t wear lipstick anymore. So this will be given away depending on the actual shade of it or go up for swap.

    • The shade is Alluring, an orange-red

      • I saw that and tried to find it online. I doubt it will look good on me. If my niece wants it, she can have it. If not, up for swap it goes.

      • I see what you did there….😉

  18. I don’t wear lipsticks so this will be swapped but I’m interested in what the rest of the box looks like 👀

  19. When is this matte lipstick trend going to fall of a bridge and go splat???? I am so tired of matte lippies!! Call me old or just plain old fashioned, but I love a great creamy 💄…..

    • Agreed. Personally I prefer a satin finish (smooth with a hint of shimmer).

      Sure, you can top it with a gloss or balm, but it’s easier to not.

      • Satin 💄is awesome too!

    • I’m almost personally offended whenever I see a gloss, and wish that mattes had been more popular when I was growing up. I’m never going to outgrow or become tired of them.

      That said, I don’t think I use matte lippies the cakey way I see other people use them, more as a sheered out stain – either dabbing a few dots and blending out or applying from the wand and wiping off my lips on a tissue. Glosses, creams, and shimmers all look absolutely, completely, and totally horrid on me, though.

    • I agree so much. I might be old fashioned too but everything is backwards right now. People want shiny cheeks and matte lips. It makes no sense. Matte lips look dry and shiny cheeks look greasy! I don’t want dry lips or greasy skin!

      • Lol… when I was a little girl, I remember my Grandma powdering her nose… shine was considered oily and a no-no. This glass skin thing is a hoot. I can live without being shiny. And matte lip products are always started with a balm and followed up with some gloss. Buxom Dolly is my go-to lip. Love that stuff.

      • Yes!! 😀

    • Totally agree! Can’t stand matte lipsticks. It’s like my lips are crying for moisture. 😂

  20. This box is hanging by a thread on the chopping block after the last 2 months of disappointment. This spoiler isn’t helping their cause any.

  21. It’s a no for me so far. But I am holding hope that other spoilers will be better

  22. I can’t wear any red lip with orange undertones ever since I read that orange will make your teeth look yellow. It was in some beauty magazine years ago, but it stuck in my mind. Hoping for something I like and Allure usually is a great box!

    • It will, which is why blue-reds are popular.

      However, there’s another study that shows that men pay more attention to an orange-red because it subliminally reminds them of fire trucks.

      • Tee hee! Thank you making me giggle today. 😊

    • Very true. Blue-toned reds will make my teeth look brighter, but orange-reds compliment my complexion like no other shade. I’ll take a little teeth-yellowing if it makes the rest of my face light up

  23. Finally after months of meh boxes a good spoiler. I just hope Amazon sends the lippie like they are suppose to. I look great in orange reds and liquid lipsticks are all I wear and I rock them. Right now my go to red is Ofra Ultimate Red which is described as bright coral red so I am sure this will look ok on me. I have received Huda lipsticks in my regular Ipsy and I like the formula.

  24. wait, is this a huda collaboration box? or is it just the lipstick

    • Seems like the founder curated the whole box. So excited!

    • Stacy, it’s being curated by HUDA, so I suspect that means a collab….and a great one a that!

  25. I’m super excited about this. Hudas formula is great and I only like orange based reds on my complexion. I’ve never received one in a box. They’re always sending blue reds so this is exciting for me.

  26. Oh orange red would not look good on me – oh well I could always give it to someone at work , I never look good in reds .

  27. Uhm, no. Hate matte liquid lips, and could never/would never wear an orange red color. Hope the rest of the box is better.

  28. Thank you for the spoiler. So far it’s a pass for me.

  29. Is it as flattering as that $120 “nude” lipstick they had everyone in the office try for an ad that was anything but?

  30. I have filled a shoebox with red lippies, why is that all boxes send red or concealer lips…

    • I think it’s because they are colors that will not work for everyone, therefore they sell less of them and we end up finding the overstock of these shades in our subscription boxes. There is never a nice flattering in between shade in these boxes, because they sell. There aren’t any left overs to be snagged up at a fraction of the price.

  31. Since when is orange-red anyone’s perfect lip color?

    Too bad – would love to try Huda

  32. Oh, look…another red liquid lip. 🙄

  33. I think that Huda Beauty has one of the best liquid lipstick formulas around. They are long-lasting and also less drying than any other formula I have tried. Plus they smell awesome.

  34. Would love to try the brand but not the color, ugh.

  35. I’m beyond ready for the matte lips to take a seat for awhile. Give me some hydration, some summer glow, a long wearing formula that doesn’t kill my lips, please!!

    • I’m with you! I’ve had severely chapped lips my entire life so I have never been able to pull off a matte lip.

    • Me too. Lips with a little shine like they were just licked are sexy. The dry lip trend is a favorite of makeup makers, not the real human psyche.

  36. I only wear matte liquid lips they are the only kind that stay put. Color pop are the cheapest and good quality. Haven’t tried Huda yet. I am excited

    • Huda is my favorite lippie now..never dries my lips out and the color stays amazing all day

  37. I’ll join the group of ladies who don’t like the drying feel of matte lip products and look garish in orange-undertone-anything, and wait patiently for the next spoilers. If the other spoilers are a good fit for me (no self-tanning anything, please, and I’m overloaded on black eyeliners and mascaras too), I’ll resub and give the lippie to my husband’s wonderful daughter, who has the complexion tone to pull it off.

  38. I don’t care for Huda, detest liquid lipsticks, especially matte, don’t look good in orange-y lip colors – a total miss. Bring on a sheer berry bullet lipstick!

    • A sheer berry would be so nice.

  39. Yay! Excited about this. I paused for May and so far quite happy with June and July.
    It says the box is curated by Huda Kattan as well – can’t wait to see what else is in there!

    • Yes!! I am psyched for that. Finally a worthwhile collab 🙌

  40. Orange on my pink undertones is not good. Mattes suck all the moisture from my lips and my wrinkles don’t need enhancing 😂. But just because it’s spoiled doesn’t mean I’m getting it.

    • Same. Same and same. And same! LOL.

  41. Oh I LOVE a good red lip, sick of the matte trend, but with a good balm over it, it works fine. 🙂 Bring on the color!

  42. I’m down for a nice red lippie. Huda… yes, please! Nice way to start off July’s spoilers.

  43. Yesss I’m not mad at that. I’ve been trying to find the perfect orangey red forever!

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