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New GMA Discover The Deal Box Available Now + Full Spoilers!

Good Morning America has a new one-time-purchase box available now – Discover The Deal Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Wendy!)

Each box is a mix of 27 FULL-SIZE items across four popular categories: KITCHEN, HOME, BEAUTY & ON THE GO

  • No sample sizes
  • Plus exclusive discount codes for future purchases
  • Kickstart (or maintain) an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Enjoy a wide variety of every day products to go green and live clean
  • Share items to spark conversation with family and friends about easy eco choices
  • Upgrade your skincare routine with good-for-you clean ingredients
  • Feel great about supporting brands devoted to protecting our planet

In every box you’ll receive these 27 items to help you take easy steps and make simple swaps to Go Green & Choose Clean – with no hassle or headache

The Box: GMA Discover The Deal Box

The Cost: $139 + free shipping

The Products:

  • Food Huggers ® Set of 5 Sizes
  • GIR: Get It Right 9×6 Suction Lid
  • LunchSkins Navy Boat 2-Pack Bag Set
  • Softy Straws 10.5” Silicone Tumbler Straw 5-Pack
  • Wet-it! Swedish Sponge Cloth
  • Nano Towels Nano Sponge 2-Pack
  • Grove Collaborative 20 Drawstring Recycled Plastic Trash Bags
  • Ever Bamboo Drawer Deodorizer & Dehumidifier 8-Pack
  • The USB Lighter Co. USB Candle Lighter – $30
  • Urban Leaf Window Sill Garden Kit – $22
  • Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Liquid Lip – $24
  • One Love Organics Love + Charcoal Masque – $49
  • Grace + Tonic Botanical Beauty Eye Serum – $30
  • Skinny & Co. Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover – $25
  • FORK & MELON Fine Cleansing Wash for Body & Hands
  • Bare Republic Mineral SPF 30 Face Sunscreen Lotion
  • MakeUp Eraser The MakeUp Eraser Original Pink – $20
  • Rinse Bath & Body Peppofoot Stick
  • Rinse Bath & Body Peppermint Pucker Stick
  • Dental Lace Dental Lace Refillable Floss
  • Patch Strips 25 PATCH Strips
  • Ice Shaker 12oz Stemless Tumbler
  • Knork ToGo Reusable Dishwasher Safe Utensils
  • Lifefactory 16oz Glass Water Bottle – $20
  • RockFlowerPaper Blu Bag shopping tote
  • RuMe Baggie All
  • ShoreBags Medium Classic Boat Tote – $28

Good to know: “In keeping with our green mission, every order ships in a plain recyclable box with no printed promotional materials included. About 10 days after your order, you’ll receive an email with discount codes for future purchases on select items included in your GREEN LIVING DISCOVERY BOX.”

Will you be getting the Discover The Deal Box?

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Comments (39)

  1. Has anyone received their discount code email?

    • Hi Amy,
      My box arrived late (first one was lost) but the discount code email was sent to me as soon as the box was delivered. Did you ever receive yours?

  2. I’m almost glad that I didn’t see this box until it was sold out. Don’t get me wrong, I love every single box that I had purchased before from GMA. The reason that I loved the smaller boxes were that I preferred the majority of the contents and I thought they were an amazing bargain. The latest box was way more money, for mostly items that weren’t useful or interesting to me.

  3. I religiously check this site daily for deals. Today however I was trying to beat a video game level and didn’t. Now sold out. But I beat the level 🙂

  4. I guess this is what they call an “investment box” lol

  5. I was just thinking there had not been a Discover the Deal box in a while.
    I prefer the smaller ones, but probably would have bought this one. Guess I saved some cash.

  6. I love my Makeup Eraser, it’s great for when you don’t want to mess with opening bottles. I also have a full set of Knork silverware and my family and guests all were impressed. I signed up for Knork’s Eco set Kickstarter (plant based cutlery) so I their plasticware isn’t as exciting. I have those nano towels and they are well-made and do work well.

    I did miss out, but my wallet is thanking me 🤑

    • I missed out too, but not really overly upset. I just have too much “stuff”
      I just wanted to add to your comment about Knork. We’ve used ours for over six years (before there were multiple finishes to choose from) and it’s really an experience the first time you use them. They’re so substantial! Without fail, every time we’ve had company, the second they pick up a “Knork” (or a spoon or knife) for the first time you see a look of surprise on their face. They’re really that different. After my brother used them for the first time at my house he bought a set for himself the next day.
      I have four sets (two still in the box… I’m not sure why I hoard them) and a serving set. I insanely count them every time I put them away and yell at my kids to find any that are missing.
      I don’t work for Knork, it’s just if it’s possible for a flatware set to be loved, this is it.
      That being said, I don’t really get the appeal of the plastic or eco sets.

  7. I calculate about $430 for everything (yes I’m procrastinating!)
    I kind of agree I wish there was a just kitchen or just beauty option. I am SO tempted by some of the reusable kitchen stuff. And almost bought some of these exact items a few days ago in store!
    I guess if the cost of the things I’d happily buy full price to try out and use and reduce waste is equal to the cost of the box, it’s a good deal.

    But I also just bought a bunch of glass straws after getting one in goddess provisions and falling in love! Sigh… decisions decisions 🙂

  8. It is sold out! No more debating! Probably a good thing.

  9. Too pricey for me given the number of items I probably would not use. $59.99 seems like a more reasonable price point.

  10. I definitely want this one, but will take a day or two to think it over. If I still can’t resist I’ll go for it. Everything would get used, and for the amount of items, it is a good value.

    My wallet might disagree however. 😉

    • Sold out!

      • LOL Then my wallet is definitely safe! 🙂 Until another box catches my eye anyway. The addiction is very real!

      • I hear you. I was debating this one as well. Decision made for me. Yay! 😜

  11. Too expensive. I see many uninteresting filler items. Pass.

  12. I bought one. wow, some items in there I have been wanting for a long time. Some are dupes from Mighty Nest which I love and want more of. I will use every single item in the box except the boat tote as I have so many of them from Bean.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  13. I’m also dealing with product overload but after reviewing the contents more closely, I asked myself if I saw the majority of products at Target for $5/ each, would I buy most of the stuff. Given my answer was ‘yes’ for over 75% of the products, I ordered it. I like the balance between beauty and non-beauty products

    That said, $150 (with tax) is a lot to drop on one box. I appreciate the full spoilers, so I won’t risk regretting my purchase

  14. Theh could have skipped the glass water bottle, shaker, and makeup/skincare and this box would be something I didn’t already have a bunch of but with those additions it just adds to the hoard I have from other boxes which is the opposite of the box goal and mine.

  15. Crap! It would take me days to put all that away.

  16. I wish they had a $50 small box option.

    • Totally agree with you Angie! I took a closer look and the value is there and I like several items but do not “need” it all for that price!!

  17. trash bags, band aids, floss, dish sponge, straws, plastic forks and spoons? Pass

  18. I don’t necessarily think it’s overpriced. That is a lot of stuff. But that’s also the problem….it’s a lot of stuff…and the last thing I need at this point in my sub box addiction is more stuff. LOL. I have a feeling if this was broken down into 4 boxes at their previous price point, I’d actually be more inclined to buy them than all in one. Perception is everything….

    • I agree with you, LB. I don’t think $140 is a crazy price to pay for this box, but I’m only *really* interested in a few of the items and the $140 price tag won’t be worth it FOR ME.

      I think this is a really nice box, though. However, I think they were foolish if they thought people would happily pay for a $140 box when they’ve been throwing $40 boxes at us every season for years.

    • This is exactly it. I already subscribe to beauty boxes so it was easy for me to go…but I already have eye serum. I also don’t want more “stuff.” It’s harder for me to justify adding items to my home than things I can tell myself are consumables.

  19. When I clicked the site it is over $400 value!

    • So are most FabFitFun boxes. The cost of this box is nearly an annual FabFitFun sub. Although FFF doesn’t send overpriced garbage bags.

  20. $139??? They’ve lost their daggone minds. lol

  21. Crazy price.. their box is usually what $29 or $39? Too much stuff to figure out and too pricey!!

  22. Wow, totally overpriced

  23. It’s a nice idea, but sort of all over the place. I’d prefer to have four different boxes (KITCHEN, HOME, BEAUTY & ON THE GO) at lower price points instead of one more expensive box with everything thrown together.

  24. Seriously?

  25. Not in the slightest bit tempted.

  26. That’s a lot of stuff. Kinda overwhelmed looking at it all.

    • I ended up buying this. I have been wanting to try some of these products. Looking at their website got me all excited. In a few days they are supposed to email us codes to repurchase some of the items at a discount. I had none of the kitchen things already. Were I live there was no taxes!

  27. HOLY JUNK! I was super stoked for this because this is thoughtfully curated and fantastic – I thought “How can they offer this much amazingness at $35??” Because they didn’t.

    I think the GMA boxes are usually $35-$40, right?

    I would LOVE to have this box, but I don’t think I want to blow this much money. Oh well.

  28. I want it, but not at that price point. Not mad at the price I just don’t need all that stuff. I want it though. FOMO usually gets me, I must resist!

    • Same! I love the box, but for the price I need to see a few items I can’t live without. They do have interesting items, but I think I need to pass. I could spend that money at home goods and get things I know I will definitely use. So disappointing because I was waiting for this box.

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