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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Macy’s Beauty Box May 2021 Full Spoilers

Macy’s Beauty Box May 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the May Macy’s Beauty Box!

May’s theme is So Fresh & So Clean:

We’re getting ready for summer and clean skin is a non-negotiable necessity. So, we’re here for you with goodies for a fresh face and a flawless, summer-ready look.

The May box will include:

  • Makeup Bag
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet Eau de Toilette
  • Montblanc Men’s Explorer Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Boscia Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser
  • Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum
  • girlactik Invisible Shadow Primer/Eraser Liner
  • Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen
  • KORRES Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser

What do you think of the spoilers for the May 2019 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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Macy's Beauty Box

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Comments (58)

  1. Hmm No June spoilers yet?? Or did I miss them?

    • Nope, you haven’t miss them. May spoilers were actually kind of early. I am sure June will come out in the next few days

  2. I got my box on Saturday. All good products. The perfumes are just extras. I like that we get two, one womens, one mens. I use them for stocking stuffers. We always get a least one full size item. And some of the samples are larger than the normal sizes. All great brands. I have had this sub since they started and had contemplated cancelling it at first but then it got better. Sometimes there is an off box but I have been happy for the most part and what I won’t use is gift bagged. I have not had to deal with customer service and have no reason to at this time. Keep up the good work but bring on the bigger samples regularly. Fyi, we dont always get a cologne sample in the box. But there have been a few uh unexpected items like the walcoals underpants. However, please no substitutions. That’s for you Macys if you are reading this. It’s happened only twice since I can remember but two times took many.

  3. Got mine today. The bag is definitely bigger than I expected. I will be using it for travel. I will only use the skincare.

  4. I got my box yesterday. I think it’s great value for me especially since this is has stuff I would use like the Clinique eyeliner (although I would never buy Clinique a la carte) and the eyeshadow primer stick thing (never tried that company), and the skincare stuff is perfect for short trips when flying. I could have done without the 2 perfume samples.

    This was my first Macy’s box. I think I will subscribe one more month. Like many of you, I also experienced horrible customer service.

    • It’s not eyeshadow primer. It’s a makeup remover wax pencil for cleaning up winged eyeliner or eyeshadow ooopsies.

  5. Looking forward to trying the girlactik product!

  6. Macy’s has done this to me twice before. Customer service really never knows what’s going on. They’ll promise you that it’s coming but then it doesn’t. Then they say that you must have not made a payment or canceled your subscription! They have no clue! I complained to the supervisor and she said they have NO CONTROL OVER BEAUTY BOX OR IT’S WAREHOUSE. They are basically in the dark. I complained and wrote several emails that they should have a separate department that takes care of just Beauty Box subscription, item, and shipping issues or actually give CS the ability to do so. All I got in reply was thank you for getting in touch with Macys customer service and that we’re sorry for the inconvenience. So frustrating! There are so many beauty boxes out there that people are raving about. I think it’s time to switch because Macy’s doesn’t really care and is not organized at all!

  7. First bag n so not worth it i have so many sub as is n this was an impulse sub n i feel its def not worth it conpare to the other onesfor the same price i cant do perfume cuz i have crazy sensitive skin hella bad allergies but to have 2 perfumes in one box is ridiculous after this box im not staying im stuck for this box sense i payed already in beginingof april cuz i wanted tbat boxbut no got stuck with may i already cancell my card so they cant take no money n canceling the sub after i get the shipping notice

    • Yep! I feel the same. As a new subscriber to Macy’s, I finally decided to try it out in place of the Allure box for May. Unfortunately, with Macy’s, even though I canceled and said never mind, I do not want this box. The response was basically too bad, you didn’t cancel soon enough. I just got shipping info for it. 🙄 The other unfortunate thing about Macy’s is their spoilers come out after the cancellation cut off date.

      • That’s how it’s always been with the Macy’s sub since inception.

      • Sorry, obviously I’m new to the Macy’s Beauty Box. Their FAQ’s are not quite up front about that and are definitely in need of updating. Their FAQ’s are written as and read as if it is a brand new sub and you don’t know when you sign up if you’re on a waitlist or not because of that. Then when you try to call their customer service with questions, they don’t even understand what you’re talking about?

      • I feel like this box is so much better than Allure. I use most of the stuff in the box, while Allure sends me tan towels and duplicates as well as not sending me lippie that was promised. No sub is perfect. But Allure is way down on the totem pole. I’ve had smooth sailing with Macy’s for the most part

  8. Crazy that happened to soo many people. My box was already charged and shipped. I’ve been with Macy’s for 5 months now and so far so good with everything. I do enjoy this sub. so im really happy I haven’t had any problems. The only thing I would love to change is that I don’t always get colors for my skin tone. I have a fair complexion but I get makeup that is better suited for skin with deeper tones. So a little quiz would be awesome to ensure a closer color selection. .Love You Macys!!

    • My first box has shipped. Alisha, .I always give away products that are not for a deep skin tone. Lol.. if it is huge like a palette I skip that month … I’m super excited about trying this box as it is one of the ones I have never tried.

  9. The customer service for this company is ridiculous. I didn’t get a box one month and after 3 customer service calls I was told they would issue me a refund via a gift card. 3 people shifted to later in this story I was told I would get it removed from my credit card. Finally got it off my card but I still got a gift card for $15.90 in the mail a week later. When I tried to use it it had no value. Couldn’t complain as I got the refund on my CC. But why still send a worthless gift card?

  10. I didn’t get cancelation email. In fact, I checked my credit card transactions and the charge from Macy’s already pending.

    • If you want them to cancel you, just change your payment method. Every time I have legit done this, no matter if there’s time or not, no matter if the old method could still be used…they dropped me. The DID get me next month, but effectively I skipped the month. I think if for 3 months they can’t charge you, they cancel you. But if for any reason they can’t charge you once, they do NOT try again like most subs.

      And their customer service, unlike Macy’s itself, is horrible. Truly horrible. Whether you call, email, or go directly to their site, they answer you with a rote answer as if they didn’t actually read or hear what you said.

      • Uhm, no. I don’t want to cancel. I like this box. I was just posting to express my surprise that others got cancelation emails. I am good with this box. Just got a shipment email. Can’t wait

  11. After finally deciding to sign up, I’ve had nothing but issues trying to communicate with customer service. I finally found out that I would be getting the May box. Then the spoilers came out and meh. Then email cancellation thing happened and even more problems trying to communicate. I was perfectly clear at the end of the conversation that I am done. I have not even ever received anything from Macy’s yet but I’m done. I do not want the box and/or the subscription. Your company did it, I’m now perfectly fine with it. Do not bill me. Do not send me anything. I was told ok, you’re canceled. Then, early this evening, here’s an email with my billing info and order info for the Macy’s May Beauty Box! I could not deal with another conversation with there CS today. I tried chat, but was unsuccessful. Their best advice was to refuse the package? 🙄

  12. Sooo this is what i’ll be getting for my first box!?? Not impressed at All 👎🏻 Does anyone know if we can skip this month box and not get change rather than cancelling? This May box is just lame to me 😔

    • Same. Considering some things are not completely clear in their FAQ’s, I made several attempts with CS on the phone to find out if my 1st would be May or June. I was told they had enough stock, so, May. Then after the cancellation email fiasco and the spoilers, I called again and said never mind, I really do not want that box, and I don’t want to deal with y’all at Macy’s anymore. Cancel it, delete my info, don’t bill me, don’t send me anything. I turned around and logged into my account and canceled. Then yesterday evening, I got an email confirmation and bill for the May box. 🙄 I tried using live chat and there’s nothing they can do. Per there FAQ’s, I did not cancel prior to whatever date… idk… Their advice is to refuse the package. That means I will have to go pick the package up at the office where I live, take it to the post office and have them ‘return to sender’ and then call the bank. I think I’ll call the bank 1st.

    • Unfortunately with Macy’s box you can’t skip a month. Basically, they have it structured so that you’ll never know what you’ll get in your box. Sure they show spoilers, but they come out when it’s too late to cancel that month’s box (if you hate the products), and too late to subscribe to that month’s box (if you like the products). Although regarding the latter, I’ve read on here that a few people stated they subbed once they saw spoilers and were able to get that box, however I don’t think that’s the norm… yet.

  13. I didn’t receive any cancellation e-mail, but I cancelled the subscription for june. I’ve been receiving Macy’s and Sephora’s boxes for eight months and even though I am using up everything (moisturizers, eye creams, masks and mascaras) pretty quickly I still have too many products. Also, two cleansers and eyeliner and eyeliner fixer in a box, mmmm no, thank you!

  14. Update: I received the email at 3:50pm indicating my order has been processed.

  15. I got the cancellation email and I’m totally okay with it! This box is a snooze. I cancelled Sephora last month and now Macy’s might be next!

  16. It’s a nice box if people actually get it, lol.
    Considering there is a coupon in every box, I think the Macy’s beauty boxes are SO MUCH better than Ipsy, you really can’t compare!

  17. Love that bag !

  18. Hopefully the May beauty box issue will be fixed in the next 24hrs….

  19. My order seems to have gone thru. Thank goodness after my Post Office messed up delivery this month and I never got my box. Would have preferred to get this month, but I like this Korres cleanser and I like this subscription overall. Hopefully it will have another $10 off coupon. I have really enjoyed those.

  20. My order was cancelled as well. Called CS and got fed up with trying to fix it. No one knows anything about the beauty box. Guess I’m not going to get May and gonna have to wait until June? I really wish there was a CS phone number specifically for Macys beauty box issues and questions… So super bummed

    • The customer agent I spoke to said it was a glitch in their system and they will fix it and we will get our boxes.

  21. I was just now charged and also got the Macy’s usual email about the box shipping, so they are apparently not canceling all continuing subscribers for whom this is not a first box.

  22. I love my skincare, so this is a great box for me! My daughter loves the Clinique liners and she’ll use the pencil. And the bag (as usual) is cute! Maybe they’ll throw in something extra because of the glitch!!!??? Hope so!

  23. I just chatted with Macy’s. The beauty box is having issues and is cancelling many orders for the May box. They do not know why this is happening. Hopefully, they won’t have promised all the boxes to new subscribers and will reprocess the boxes today.

    • Yeah I called them too after getting an order cancellation email. They don’t think it’ll be fixed today! Wonder what happened!!!???

    • I agree with you on that. That is one reason so many are leaving Allure. But, since I have signed up for the Macy’s box on April 21, it has been nothing but the run around since. This new Macy’s subscriber has canceled before even getting the 1st box all because of their lack of descent, understandable CS. There should be a line for the subscription and people that understand English when you call. It simply is not worth stressing over. Not for all sample sizes and certainly not these. Eyeliner?🙄 I’ve been intrigued by this box from the beginning but not now.

  24. Ok. So I signed up to get the Macy’s box to try and to hopefully replace the Allure box. For the 1st time, I finally skipped a month with Allure, May. I signed up on the 21st and was unclear as to when I would get my 1st Macy’s, May or June? Someone here on MSA said that since I signed up after the 10th, it would probably be June. I tried calling Macy’s to find out. It took 5 phone calls just to get someone who I could understand and vise verse. On the 5th call, it was over half an hour and 3 different transfers just to get one simple answer! FINALLY! After numerous people and most of which I could not understand and what I could understand, even then I had to repeat every single thing at least 3 times and spell every single thing using words to describe each and every letter! After all of that, I find out that yay!!! They have enough stock for May! I will be getting the Macy’s Beauty Box! But NO! No I’m not! I woke up to a cancellation email??? What the what?! So, again, I called, they could not find anything by my name, address , number or email. It took 5 minutes for this guy to get my email address right! Well, looks like a sign from above to me! The Macy’s box is not for me! Before any trolls get started on my post, I live in the 3rd most diversely populated area in the Midwest and I’m multicultural. But I’m not a linguist. I have conversations with people who’s native language is not America English with no problems. But it’s different on the phone. Can’t understand me? Shouldn’t be answering phones. Now that I have seen these spoilers, I’m fine with not getting this. I’ll take the $15+tax I’m not spending on Allure and now not on Macy’s and spend it on something I want, enjoy and that won’t cause me stress. 🤣

    • I’m sorry you had such an issue with CS. I just called them and got right through problem resolved in a short time.
      This is really unacceptable for you to have this much trouble. I would want to cancel my subscription too

      • It has to be a sign. I don’t know what else to say that isn’t full of unnecessary anger. If it has been THIS much trouble before I even get a box, it’s just not for me and/or it’s just not the right time. Now that I have seen the spoilers, I don’t really want this one anyway. Taking a deep breath and moving on.

    • Calling Macy’s cs is THEEEEE biggest pain in the…neck! I feel for ya! If you ever need to straighten anything out with them in the future, and you have Facebook, use Facebook messenger. I will never call their customer service again, because of the same issues you had. But every time I message them with Facebook it’s been so quick and easy!

  25. I really wish there was a Macy’s in NWA so I could rationalize trying this box out for a little while. It seems like every darn month lately I look and go Oooo!

    Never mind the near product overload, this one comes with fragrances! Brands you don’t see everywhere else! The cutest bags! Ugh! Lol Gotta be good though…

    • Have you tried scentbird? It’s like$15 a month for like a rollerball of perfume you choose. You should check it out.

    • Yeah I couldn’t rationalize this box unless I had to Macy’s to spend the gift cards at.

  26. This is a great bag. Can’t wait to receive it

  27. Just got email saying my order was canceled. Not due to non payment. Ive been on macy cs for a while now. No one knows what going on. Ive been with them since day one.

    • I got that same email. First I got August 2018 bag last month now this.

    • I got the same email this morning and when I called I was told the warehouse said it was defective and wouldn’t be sending any out. I’m hoping Macy’s sends an email to explain.

    • I received the same email as well “my order was canceled”. I contacted Macy’s and they informed me they don’t handle beauty boxes and that I have to contact my store. (When the heck does the store handle this?) Well, I have to wait for my local mall to open to contact them now. Let’s see what they say … I’m annoyed

    • That’s weird. I got an e-mail this morning saying “Thank you for your purchase” and it was my order confirmation for the box.

      • I got same confirmation email , estimated ship date by 5/6. I hope comes through (crossing fingers).

    • Ok, this timeI contacted the live agent chat on the Macys app. This was the reply: There’s a system glitch and our backline is fixing it right now. We apologize for the inconvenience. Once we fixed the issue an email will be send to you.

    • I got the same email. They said they were very sorry, but nothing could be done. I’m really annoyed that they wouldn’t at least give me an explanation or assurance that it wouldn’t happen again.

      • I got a follow-up email this morning saying my bb order had been processed.

  28. The OutKast fan in me wants this just for the bag.

    • Lol. Now I have the song in my head. So fresh and so clean clean…

  29. No boscia?

    • It’s the charcoal cleanser. It’s in the list.

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