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Allure Beauty Box June 2021: Spoiler #1

Allure Beauty Box May 2019 Spoilers – Complete Product List

We have full spoilers for the May Allure Beauty Box! Including all the possible items they have this month.

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The May box will include:

In all boxes:

Variant items:

What do you think of the May spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the April Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. Holy Crap! So first Allure sent me my June box first Then today I Finally received my May box – that was annoying since they charged me for my June box before I got my May box – luckily I cancelled and they refunded me for BOTH BOXES!

    But onto the Awesome part…

    my MAY 2019 box contained a 3.4oz BOTTLE OF EAU DE PARFUM BY BADGLEY MISCHKA!!

    Wow!! I wasn’t expecting that!!

    along with the Parfum, I received the 6 other items too!!!

    Wow! Thanks Allure!

    • and you feel good about that?

  2. I got this one variation minus the Lue not bad however Allure charged me twice in June I’ll have to call up I don’t need two june allure bags or do I need to be charged twice :/ oh boy

    Model Co Rose Gold Eyelite in St. Barth’s (full size)
    LUE by Jean Seo Erase Cleansing, Exfoliating & Brightening Powder (full size)
    Laritzy Lip Gloss in Vibe (full size)
    Laneige Waterbank Moisture Cream

  3. OMG! I just received my May bag and it’s june 👀 and it s*cked !!!

  4. Latitzy lip gloss is the worst! It makes my lips so do dry like I’ve been in the desert for days :/ please no more laritzy or self tanners !!

    I do like next months allure though June

    • No matter what, Allure is still SO much better than the other options. I am one bag away from canceling Ipsy. As soon as my 600 point award gets here in the July bag, I am out. Allure will be the last sub standing.

    • I actually like the Laritzy. I put it on after a good balm. Soft, pretty shade. Not old lady at all. In fact, most “old” lady’s I come across wear coral or red lips. I could not talk my mother in law into a beautiful rosy mauve color. Looked lovely on her, but the very next day, she was coral again!

    • 👍 second that

  5. I usually love Allure Box but I cancelled this month. Nothing coming in the May box appeals to me…not one single thing. Also, I liked Allure a lot better when there weren’t as many variations. Box envy is real y’all. Lol

    • Box envy is even more real with Ipsy. I should have taken that $10 a box for a year when my annual ended with Birchbox. At least you have curated to choose from. I wish Ipsy would have that option. One more highlighter and I am going to pop!

  6. Cancelled. I just received my box today and got the frizz sheets (+self tanner, concealer lips, half empty face wash), despite being a subscriber since December 2017. The Amore Pacific would have made it worth it for me, but I’m on product overload and not excited about June. Emailed to cancel and depending on future spoilers, may sign up through Amazon. Allure has really gone downhill.

    • I thought I was being picky, but I’m glad to hear someone else say A) the product packaging is often just about 3/4 full and B) CONCEALER LIPS. When the product doesn’t fill packaging that is already small to begin with, you don’t really get to try it well enough to really decide whether to fork over the big money to get a full size. As for the lip color, I agree 100%. If I wanted to look like I had no color in my lips, I’d just cover over them with other makeup. In my last feedback email to Allure regarding the BB, I said to start sending out lip products with some character. What are you referring to with Amazon?

      • If you go through amazon to get allure it’s easy to pause and put on hold I believe if I’m right .. without having to constantly cancel and resub 🙂

  7. I’m disappointed in this month’s box. I’m currently unemployed and in a financial pinch. This might be the month I finally cancel my Allure box after subbing to only this one for a few years (I used to be a Birchbox subscriber, but left around the time I signed up for Allure). Allure boxes occasionally feature some real treasures, but you’ll get lots of duplicates, a narrow selection in terms of skin care products, and limited colors with any makeup samples. I have received physical exfoliators repeatedly for years even though I don’t use them (I’ll use them in the shower but I dry brush my body so I don’t need this type of exfoliator). Most lipsticks have been from great brands like Nars — a couple years ago, Allure even gave subscribers a set of Marc Jacobs glosses (my favorite). This month, I got another nude lipgloss listed above (that makes your lips disappear, look chapped) that washes out your skin tone. I keep getting the same old lady pink shades of lipstick, an occasional red (those were good), but too many of these putty-colored, disgusting glosses, and the past eyeshadow selections this year have been decidedly in the orange family, a tone that doesn’t flatter me much. The makeup colors are where I’d want to play the most; Allure sends you numerous black or dark brown liners that are subpar. I think this box is no longer meeting my needs or curiosity most months and will probably cancel. I didn’t like one thing in this month’s box. The liquid eyeshadow seemed promising at first and has a high pay off color-wise, but if you sheer it out (if you don’t want metal foiled lids during the day), you are left with a sprinkling of coarse, gaudy glitter — what a shame. Not pleased this month. Most boxes would rate about a 5 or 6 for me (with 10 being the best — there have been maybe 3-4 of those in the past 3 years). This box rates a 2. I also don’t understand the move to placing everything in the plastic pouch vs the box (which is at least biodegradable).

    • I totally agree with you about the obnoxious repetition with those awful pale-colored “nude” glosses/liquid lipsticks. The quality of the products are decent, but where’s the color? I also do not need yet another black liquid eyeliner or mascara to try every other box.

  8. Well I guess I’m opposite everyone… I’m hoping I don’t get the self tanner. I’d rather get the hair sheets… think I’m already dark enough. 🙂

    • Exactly. I am as pale as a ghost, but still don’t have the nerve to try them. Called off work today because I really need a mental health day. Still not gonna try them. I feel for women of color who received these. What a dumb product to put in this box. And another tanning product in June! I would really love to see more Korean skin care in these boxes. The Amorepacific is a wonderful cream. And ladies, if you ever receive face cream you don’t like for your face, remember that your arms, hands and tops of your feet can really benefit from it. So many have claimed to have tossed out products. It broke my heart to read how many claim to have tossed the Skinceuticals ce ferulic. I can’t afford that ham-smelling stuff, but if I lived near you, I might have dug through your trash to find it….lol.

  9. I’m hoping I get the frizz sheets, my daughter has crazy curls and she would definitely be using them.

  10. Call them they are very helpful on the phone and sent me a bunch of items that I wanted since I got 2 almost twin boxes 1 thing was diffrent but even that was a repeat

    • What?! They didn’t offer me anything except the lipgloss and Briogeo from April.

      • The girl I talked to added up 4 or 5 skincare items the ABH lip gloss and I think a hair item but I told them the past 3 boxes were all things I have gotten from them either the month prior in Dec. Or Jan. I don’t know the sizes or what I’m getting exactly except the tansy night oil she asked about a few others that were options and if I hadn’t gotten it she put it on the box. I called and was nice but told her I was upset that I cancelled other boxes to keep this one and asked if it’s normal so maybe she was being empathetic with me. I’d call again if I was you maybe since I had an issue with so many things that’s why.

      • Have you actually received these items?

      • No I just called on Monday I hope they come she said it would take 3-4 weeks but I would get a confirmation # when it was sent out

  11. I REALLY want the self Tanner to try! I love to be tan and I love the Norvell self tan products, they are “purple” based and matchy cool skin tone much better! So I love trying new tanning products. I used to buy St Tropez products but it left me too orange and I know how to apply etc so I am hoping with the sample I’ll like it! Sometimes I run out of my fave and I have to order it, but Ulta carries the at Tropez products so if this product works for my skin tone it’s a great back up

  12. Skipping May’s box, Proud of myself! April’s box was left in the rain so they’re mailing me another!

  13. This is so weird wasn’t this the collaboration box with Carli Bible? I got the Natasha denona single eyetshadow in a beautiful bronze and the ABH lippie why didn’t everyone else get that it’s what was advertised wasn’t it I’m confused!

    • No, the April box was her collab. These spoilers are for the May box.

  14. I just got my April box and was really disappointed to not get the Anastasia lip color OR the Laura Geller eyeliner. I got a black eyeliner from a brand I’ve never heard of and the Nubian palette from the December box.

    • That’s weird and really terrible. I just received shipping notification on my April boxes and I wonder if they are so late because they ran out of some of the products. I checked back at the April spoilers thread and it didn’t say those items were variants.

      • Yeah, they were in the printed booklet that came with the box, but definitely nowhere in the spoilers or the spoiler photo from MSA. If you look at Allure’s site now, it is a whole different April box advertised.

      • My box arrived on the 26th and I got the Anastasia lippie and the Laura Geller eyeliner in lavender, so they must not have run out of these products. So happy I didn’t receive the Nubian palette and the two hair frizz samples like others have!

      • Lavender Laura Geller eyeliner! Lucky, that sounds fun! My daughters name is Lavender, love purple!!! I got black…

      • Lavender does sound fun! I love that you named your daughter “Lavender”, too. I hope she likes it!
        I love Laura Geller products. I got the Emerald color and couldn’t be more stoked because my eyes are hazel 🙂 LG eyeliners have always gone on and stayed on beautifully, and I work a sweaty job as an EMT. I also highly recommend Thrive products. They’re very good quality, and for every product you buy, they give assistance to women in third world countries looking to find work.

    • That is unfortunate. It doesn’t help that some people order multiple boxes every month. I think Allure is stretched pretty thin with these boxes with having Amazon selling them too. As a subscriber for nearly two years, I have finally decided to cancel.

    • Update-I’ve never had much luck with their customer service via email, but they are so nice and helpful by phone! They apologized for sending me a repeat item (the palette from my December box) and are sending the Anastasia lip product instead.

      • The abh is awful… It’s the same color of my skin.

      • Try wearing a darker lip liner underneath, or a gloss on top, to add some dimension.

      • Try throwing it away…. that will be better than adding layers

    • I received the same thing, Nubian pallet and an eyeliner I’ve never heard of. I’m super disappointed. Definitely feel like I got some leftovers.

      • I got the same. The eyeliner I got was also the one from December box. So now I got 2 Nubian pallettes and 2 of the same eyeliners. I am so mad at Allure. I don’t understand if they are sending the lippies after you call and complain, why are they not sending them in the first place. UGH! I am on the 4 boxes for $10 each. But I don’t think that’s even worth it. I sign up to discover new things not get repeats.

      • I have been with Allure for 2-3 years and have always considered Allure to be one of my favorite boxes but I decided to cancel due to money and when I did they offered me the 4 boxes for $10 and I must say this is the worst box yet! Now after reading all these comments I am going to just cancel, very disappointed!

      • I called and told them I got almost the same box March & April the only difference was the Nubian pallet I got in Dec and the other item in March I had received in Feb’s box so they are sending me a box full of other items I think 6 or 7 items she asked what I would like and sent it out and was super nice by far the best customer service on the phone

    • I also didn’t get Anastasia lip color. Instead I got sample of J Frieda frizz ease (30ml) and Furterer hair spray (30ml). What a disappointment!!!! I cancelled Allure and signed up for Macy’s box.

      • I also didn’t get the lipstick, but got those crummy hair samples instead. Along with the worst color of eyeshadow of the three, and a gold eyeliner, neither of which I’ll use. I’ve been with Allure for over 4 years, with no breaks, and this was easily the worst box. And it was supposed to be such a special collaboration. What a joke.

      • I received the exact same box. They were out of the Briogeo hair products, so we received the other 2 instead. I didn’t receive the ABH lippie either.I have been a member for over 3 yrs. The eyeshadow is a bright orange color. The LG eyeliner I received had silver glitter in it .

    • That’s the new member variation for April. If you’re not a new member it’s pretty weird!

    • The same thing happened to me. Typically I love the products but I wanted this one so bad. I emailed them and they’re sending abh lip and Laura Geller, since I didn’t get the full Carli box

    • I didn’t either was livid!!! They advertised this box as a collab. There were not any variant items listed so everyone should have gotten then and it’s not like I subbbed just to get this box…

    • Me too, so disappointing not to get the two products I really wanted!

      • Call them they are very helpful on the phone and sent me a bunch of items that I wanted since I got 2 almost twin boxes 1 thing was diffrent but even that was a repeat

    • I feel ya. I didn’t get the Anastasia lip product this month or the Tarte lip paint last month. So yea not really digging all the product variations. I don’t mind paying a little extra than I did for BB, but the box should be a consistently better product every month. If they don’t wow me soon, I will go seek another subscription box.

  15. I can’t decide if I want to skip next month or not. I’d like to try a few of these items but I’ve received low end variants in my last 2 boxes which has really put me off. I didn’t even receive the ABH lipstick and I ordered directly from Allure. I don’t want to end up with frizz sheets lol

  16. This confirms that I’m going to cancel before May. I really wanted this box to get good again 🙁

  17. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling about this box now, and I have paid for 3. Hoping it will really be great!

    I’d love the AmorePacific if the product size is larger than a quarter, LOL. Also, since Laneige is a budget-priced AP brand, I’d love to see the Waterbank Moisture Cream sent out in a box as a full sized product, not a teeny sample. I’ve never had a sub box which sent the full sized product.

    Someone said the hair frizz sheets are for Amazon boxes, but I don’t think the hair sheet things are directed specifically only to those who sub through Amazon. That makes no sense, as the Amazon boxes have the same value ( sometimes greater depending on what the variation is) than the ones shipped directly to customers from Allure. Also, the boxes Amazon warehouse ships contain nail polish, aerosols, liquids, lip products, the whole thing is usually the exact same group of products except for the first box in a subscription. I think the first box in a subscription is also different when a new subscription is opened through too.

    The only variation I’ve had was the Anastasia lip gloss last month, and didn’t care whether I had 3 hair products or 1 and another light lip gloss from a brand I don’t love. I’ve gotten boxes from Allure direct shipped for many years and from Amazon for about 2 years.

  18. I have cancelled. The April box was simply awful. The eyeshadows were not colors I would wear, if I even wore shadow. The ABH lippie was a horrible shade. The shade for the May lippie is just as bad. Google search the product, and then hit “images”. I have FOUR of that LUE stuff that I cannot give away, don’t need another. I am SO disappointed in what Allure has become. DONE!

    • I think I have to cancel, too. The only really great thing I’ve gotten from these boxes was the Sunday Riley products. I’ve gotten two of the same shade red lipsticks – two months back to back. Now, I’ll have two of basically the same shade nude lipsticks – two months back to back. Also, the ND eyeshadow I received is basically the same color as the Mally eye shadow stick. All of the makeup is the same color and the skin care is just a bunch of moisturizers.

  19. Why is Allure including a product in the May box that’s no longer for sale? Note that in the product list above, there’s no link for the Model Co eyeshadow. That eyeshadow is no longer available on the Model Co website, nor any place else that I could find. Liz reviewed it back in February 2017, in the Look Fantastic Box. (Thought it was gorgeous). Did Model Co discontinue the eyeshadow after Allure planned the May box and got the product? Or is this a dump of excess, discontinued inventory? Hmmm. Sketchy.

    • Update- I just checked the ModelCo website today, and suddenly the Eyelite is back, but only in the St Bart’s shade, and labeled as a “new” product. Really? And
      now it’s only $12, not the $19 it was when Liz reviewed it in 2017.

  20. I’m really not thrilled with self tanners. not everyone wants to tan! and I’m SUPER annoyed with the insane amount of variant items lately. I love Allure because its essentially a fixed box with no surprises, no praying you get one item vs the other. I don’t mind one item being variant, but when half the box is variables I don’t see the point. It seems really lazy to me, especially if people are saying some of these items are recycled. I am excited about the eyeshadow though!

  21. Oh man, hopefully the eyelits are not expired!! Looks like new packaging but I know we have all been there done that with some of the beauty boxes — if you google the makeup and take googles “did you mean?” pick that and you’ll see someone selling that shade from 2 years ago

  22. Opted out of this box. I hate self-tanners. I end up giving them away to my niece. I also don’t like the plastic pouches they are giving now as they are such poor quality and arrive ripped or rip upon the first use. I hate tossing them straight into the landfill. Not cool, Allure. Please find a better way.

  23. Those frizz sheet shouldn’t even be in play.

    • Exactly. They don’t do anything!

  24. The products are ok, (I don’t tan; I’m pale and proud, but my girlfriend might use that stuff.), But ever since the switch to crappy vinyl bags, I’ve missed the nice two-piece boxes. Since January I’ve received exactly one bag that wasn’t split down the side and unusable. The boxes were sturdy and a great size for organizing my beauty products.

  25. Two makeup products made in China with the only decent stuff as variations? Not what I’m interested in. For $15/month, I can buy makeup at the drugstore that’s not made in the PRC. Between that and Amazon subscribers not even getting the Anastasia lipstick last month, this isn’t even interesting anymore. It was fun for a few months, Allure! Thank you, MSA, for saving me money with these spoilers.

    • Ugh. Turns out it wasn’t just Amazon subscribers 🙁 I sub through Allure and no lippie. And John Freida sub and some wretched hair spray subbed for one of the Briogios. Blah. So it wasn’t just Amazon people that got the no lip variation on this box, not sure it was much of a loss if the color was so bad, but still irritating. I also love the great planning to include a product (the tan sheets) that say store under 30c (86f) since it was sitting in my box at 95 degrees here in Arizona today. Send those things in cold weather sheesh!

      • It sounds like you got a box of odds and ends :/ I’m sorry. As for the lippie, I’m not sure what your skin tone is, but I honestly don’t see this color working on anyone. I’m pretty fair-skinned, so the color in my eyes and lips are pretty important… wearing these damn nude colors wash me out!!

  26. Nope.

  27. What’s up with a duplicate of April’s for me: Tanning sheets, nude lipstick, shimmer goldtone eyeshadow and Farewell Friz. I think I’m going to put on hold.

  28. I may be the minority but I actually like this box more than April.

  29. Wow… disappointing. Just cancelled.

    • Me too, I am done with mystery boxes. I have used maybe 2 products this whole year. Tired of wasting money.

  30. Hoping for the Amore Pacific variant. I generally like their products. The frizz sheets might be useful at work, it;s been bone dry lately.

  31. I like everything except the laritzy and the hair sheet foil packets. Kinda lame that it’s either the hair sheets or the amorepacific 🥴 I feel like the hair sheets should just be a free extra.

    Otherwise the box is good to me. I’ve been looking for some self tanner and haven’t tried any since high school (2007 orange oompa loompa types 😂). Love that the gel comes with an applicator mitt. I’d be fine with the mist or gel.

  32. Saving $15 next month I’ll probably spend on ipsy add-ons no doubt lol.

    • Same. Ipsys been making a lot $$ off of add-ons! Nice move by Ipsy. Other subs should start doing this.

  33. My guess is Amazon subscribers get the frizz sheets.

    • Why would you guess amazon subscribers get the frizz sheets? That’s an odd thing to say. 🤔

    • Why do you say that?

      • Amazon allure subscribers almost always get exactly what the regular subscribers get. They are not the discounted beauty box. A lot of you thru allure are actually the discounted beauty box so maybe those who pay 10 dollars a box will get the frizz sheets. 🤷‍♀️

  34. All I want is the eye shadow, and I actually rarely wear eye shadow. They sent us those anti-frizz sheets like 3 years ago, and the Laneige has been in a bunch of boxes also starting about 3 years ago. The first box I got it in was Target, so Target is more cutting edge than Allure?

  35. I canceled. The St. Tropez was the thing I was most excited for, so finding out it’s a variation promoted me to just cancel.

  36. the model co eyeshadow was in a look fantastic box from FEB 2017 !!! not exactly a new product. no wonder i cant find it anywhere

    • exactly! and that worries me about it being repackaged and expired.

  37. Actually, I want all the variant items.

    Allure, if you’re reading this you might consider having an add-on option. So let’s say for $2.99 more we get all the variant items in our box.

    • Whoo hoo!! You have nailed it!

    • Great idea but their boxes are already so slow, you’d be at 2 months later if you got add-ons lol!

  38. I have one from a box awhile back you can have. Sferry79 gmail

    • Sorry, this was in reply to the ladies wanting the fake tanner item.

  39. This is horrible! I’m out!

    • Ditto

    • Same, just emailed to cancel. Not a single usable guaranteed product for me except the Laneige and I’m overloaded on similar products for the time being.

  40. Just emailed to skip May… not really wanting any of it except the Amorepacific and that’s not even a given.

    • Same. It looks like there will be a huge value discrepancy with these box variations, and that’s a major no for me.

  41. Super stoked I cancelled.

  42. If I get anti frizz sheets instead of Amorepacific, I will be LIVID.

    • I agree !!!

    • Right? Those variant items are wildly unequal in value.

    • Same here😒

    • Me too, since I have super straight fine, no frizz hair. And it’s not like you can swap since the value is so whacked.

  43. I hope I get the ST. TROPEZ Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist, I have been wanting to try this for a long time now..

    • I really want the studio. Tropez too! Hopefully we both end up getting it! I’m sad it’s a variant.

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