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Allure Beauty Box May 2019 Spoiler #3 + Coupon!

We have another spoiler for the May Allure Beauty Box exclusively for MSA readers!

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The May box will include:

LARITZY Lip Gloss in Vibe – Full-Size Retail Value $16


LUE by Jean Seo Erase Cleansing, Exfoliating & Brightening Powder – FULL SIZE! Retail Value $15

And in case you missed the first spoiler, we also know from Allure magazine, that St. Tropez will be featured in this box:

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Gel

What do you think of the May spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the April Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Where are you getting the other spoiler items from, I don’t see them anywhere? I have not gotten Laneige from allure ever, what is wrong with it?

  2. If the Amore Pacific they will include is full size then I’ll be ok with the rest but then again the value of the May box said to be $60.
    May box includes:
    AP youth revolution
    Model co
    NS anti-frizz sheets
    St Tropez

  3. Allure appears to be going the way of ipsy. Garbage brands. Another Laneige product, seriously? Glad this is my last month in my year subscription.

    • You’re right another Laneige for next month’s box.

  4. I got a LaRitzy liquid lipstick in one of my Ipsy bags. The formula is very drying and tastes like what I would imagine motor oil to taste like. Not a fan.

  5. I created a second account in November to get the full size SR (which I did), then cancelled both accounts in January. When I say February box, I wanted to resubscribe, so I did, but used the address that was in autocomplete, so it created a new account. Allure took my money but immediately credited my account but did not contact me at all. I finally called them and they cancelled it because I “had another account.” Even though neither was active. So CS said she could not send February’s box but would send me a gift. (La Mer). I looked up my account a few days later, still no account. Call again. This lady assures me she can send me the February box. Ok. Look a week later, still no account. I call again, finally get someone to set up my account.

    Just now got March’s box. Sent an email to CS last night and they shipped me a February box after I told them how unhappy and disappointed I was about it.

    But I know Feb and March are going to be near duplicates of each other.

  6. Super excited about the tropez, hoping it’s a
    Decent size sample will be awesome if it were a full size bottle!!! One can dream
    Love all the products so far for May!

  7. After thinking I’d never cancel this subscription, I did because I was a little tired of the regular inclusion low level/unknown cosmetic brands and the lack of variety in types of products included. While I, overall, think this is still a good value, and I realize there are some great name brand products that are included (have loved the Sunday Riley products!) , I felt like there were more items each month that I wouldn’t use or already had a good supply of from previous Allure boxes so there was little to get excited about each month. And then those “fall apart” makeup pouches…

    • Same here. Especially compared to the other boxes I get, Birchbox and Ipsy GBP, Allure has been consistently disappointing me. I only let it go bc it was $10, but now they’re raising prices,so I’m out.

      • How do you feel about Birchbox? I’m looking for something to replace Allure. I already have GBP and they are killing all the competition. When I first started sub boxes BB was really not that great, but it seems like they have really improved?

      • Try Boxy Charm!

      • I ditched Birchbox about six months ago, because I was not satisfied with the products and colors I was getting.

      • I was never impressed with BB, so I canceled it pretty much immediately after first trying it out 3-4 years ago, but lately a lot of people on this blog have been saying that it’s heavily hair care. I guess I haven’t missed out on much.

  8. Thanks for the spoilers! The exfoliator is a bit tempting, but for now I think I will pass on another month unless the next spoilers are great. I almost resubbed this month as I’ve never tried Natasha Denona. However, since it was a single color, I decided to skip it too. I may be in the minority, but I would’ve preferred a trio of the colors in smaller sizes to the full size in a random color. This is actually great though. I need to save money and no boxes have tempted me lately after FFF for spring. I kind of want Boxy for the palette this month, but probably won’t get it either. Looking forward to Ipsy plus next month though! I rely on spoilers to tell me when to sub, unsub, pause, etc. So thanks again!!!

    • i think i need to follow your logics because i am all over the place with these lol

  9. Oh I love it! I love the lipstick color too. Yayyyy

  10. I redeemed Ipsy points for a LaRitzy holographic lip gloss and it is very pretty and not sticky I am not sure why people hate it but I mean I guess that’s allowed. You do you.

    • Maybe they aren’t hating this gloss in particular but just glosses in general. That’s me. I love lipsticks, but I’m not big on glosses overall.

  11. April was the first month I got and I loved it! I got 3 what looked to be full-size products and another 3 deluxe travel size items and I liked them all except the lipstick which I don’t use. Truly, stop griping and cancel already! No need to bitch about what is in the box. If you don’t like it cancel and go to another! Lord knows there are plenty out there. I have subscribed to many boxes and if I get tired of the box or don’t like the items on a consistent basis I just do a little research and on to the next box! That is part of the fun of boxes, trying all the different ones.

  12. I don’t get it. Why all of the complaints about the box? If you don’t like the items they are offering, then try another box. It seems pretty simple. Heck, I have had big time issues with many subscriptions and will no doubt continue to have more, but if I don;t like some items, I either give it another month or two, OR I just cancel and move on.

    I love ALLURE and when I stop loving them, I will find an alternative, but in the meantime I find they offer me items that even if I didn’t want them, they make me break with my comfort zone and I have found many new faves in the groups that I thought I would hate. I think it’s always good to stretch and grow a bit…and when that doesn’t fell good, then find a new route to that end.

    • you are right Barbara…this is how I feel..i wish people would just move on instead of saying bad things..

      • Yes! Thank you! It really does seem like the comments sections on MSA has become a bashing ground for the holier than thows, so to speak. We all have opinions but God forbid if it isn’t super happy and positive! Y’all have a choice wether or not you read every single comment then take the time to comment on the comments you don’t like and try to put others where you think they should be. Scroll on troll, scroll on.

    • Just expressing the opinion. Are we all supposed to just post positive comments?

  13. Ewww, yuck! Laritzy!

  14. Anyone else think that Laritzy is the WORST BRAND? Anything I’ve ever tried from them has gone straight into the trash, where it belongs. Not impressed with this offering, and I can’t wait for this brand to just die off already. I hate it!!!!!

    Got a lip pencil of theirs, it was a MILLIMETERS LONG pencil TIP of patchy oil trash. Got a highlighter stick that was the perfect shade of jaundice with no reflective properties whatsoever. May is looking like a perfect month to unsub!!

    • I agree about Laritzy… and what’s up with the lip shade? I am actually a whiter shade of pale… this lipcolor is simply awful for my skintone. This is definitely a skipped month for me. January was such a great box… what happened Allure?

    • I agree with the Laritzy, they are garbage products. Also, I would never pay $16 for a lip gloss. It’s a freeking lip gloss, all it has to do for me is provide sheer coverage without being sticky. I can probably find a half a dozen of those at my local drugstore that will do that for half the price. If it were Doucce, I’d be happy. The lip crayon we got from them was absolutely beautiful and they make some really nice mascaras, but Laritzy consistently disappoints. I used to find a holy grail in Allure every month, now I’m lucky if I find one every 3 months. It used to seem like they prided themselves on bringing quality tried and true products, now I feel like they just look for a bunch of crap to put in their boxes. Some may think I’m being hard on them, but this box used to be a hundred times better and it’s went downhill so fast.

      • U should move on then. 😉

      • And maybe you should have just kept on scrolling Kat.😉 I’m a customer who is entitled to my opinion. I express it here because I KNOW these companies look at the feedback on this site. ALL companies need negative feedback so they know what to improve, just like they need positive to know what they are doing right. Your little comment is rude, unnessary and accomplishes nothing besides being Catty (no pun intended) for no reason.

    • Femmebrulee: I have used many (most) high end brands and yet have found Laritzy to be a good standby. I’m not sure why you are so down with this brand, but I have found them to be consistent in quality and value. Everything I have gotten from them, is a good piece and one that stands up in my [too vast] vanity collection.

      • I like Laritzy. I have several of their stick highlighters, a creme highlighter, and several lipsticks, which I have discovered thanks to subs. I carry around a couple of the lippies because they wear well.

        Just a thought for those of you who throw Laritzy in the trash, why don’t you save them and then donate to your local foster children organization around Christmas? Teenage girls love makeup and this would be very welcome in the non-profit world. Plus, better for the environment than just being tossed – doing good two ways and getting rid of trash to boot.

  15. I like all of it! YAY!

  16. these are all great items , I can’t wait to see more..i love allure they always do a great job on these boxes…

  17. For me and the Allure box, I can be not at all excited about what I’m getting and then I try them and end up loving most if not all the products. So even if May is looking whatever, I still am pretty pumped.

  18. Honestly, I have about 20 lippies in the same or similar color sitting in a box never used and I keep saying I should try to trade them. Then I see a lot of folks got the same color and hates them as much as I do. I only recently subscribed to Allure I figured I’d give it a few months and see how I feel. I will wait but so far I’m not that impressed.

    • I agree…but at least it’s not red or mauve! I have soooooo many of those!

      • Put them up for swap, then, because a LOT of us would love to get our hands on them! I’m OVER concealer lips.

      • I would do anything to recieve a mauve or burgandy lippie. All I ever get is the same ugly terracotta nude colors. I hardly ever come across mauve lip products on the trade site, sure wish I did.

  19. I just want the self tanning product. I wish I knew if it was full size. I guess I can always swap for it since no one seems to like them!

    • It won’t be full size. They had the St Tropez Purity mousse last year and it was travel sized… 🙁

      But…I still think the box is worth it.

    • YES! I’m excited about that, too! 🙂

  20. Oh nooo what have I done. I just read the reviews and realized it says it’s hard to unsubscribe. I didn’t sub through Amazon. I must have looked at the wrong box reviews before subbing, that’s usually the first thing I look at!

    • It’s not hard to unsubscribed, just takes a bit more effort than clicking a button. I’ve done it twice – I call them, they offer me four months at $12 to stay, I say no, and they cancel my subscription. That’s all there is to it.

      • Just a heads up…. If you try to unsubscribe from Allure they offer 4 months for $10.

      • Both times I did it, they offered four months at $12, not $10, and I didn’t try to haggle with them because I wasn’t interested in staying anyway.
        I guess it depends on the rep you get or the promotion they have going on at the time.

      • Is this 4 mo at $10 each or 4 bags for $10!

      • 4 month at $10 each. I got offered that deal when trying to cancel.

    • Hi Keri,

      It really isn’t hard to unsubscribe, You can call them or email to unsubscribe. Their customer service gets a bad wrap but I have always found the people I have spoken to are very friendly and helpful. I think the benefit of amazon is the ease of just clicking to unsubscribe if you plan on doing that frequently and the boxes ship much earlier via the amazon subscription.

      • Thank you so much for making me feel better! I don’t mind the extra work to cancel, but I started reading their customer service reviews on here and it seemed like people had horror stories. I’m not even ready to unsub yet, I just got worried. Haha!

      • They’re always really great with me. Never had a problem.

    • Just call them! It’s easy that way!

    • I signed up using my virtual Capital One cc and then deleted the number when they didn’t answer my email to cancel. 😝

    • I’ve only had to call their CS a couple times (to skip a month and a separate time to cancel). But the ladies I spoke with were nice and I didn’t have any issues. Email takes a while to get a response. I definitely recommend calling them.

    • It’s easy to unsubscribe. You have to email them, but it only took a couple days for them to respond and cancel. Haven’t been billed since I did it last month.

      • Call them and it is instant. Then you get an email offering $10. for 4 months if you stay.

    • I just email Allure directly to unsubscribe. Worked each time.

    • You have to call…. that’s the only way to have hopes of unsubscribing unless it’s through Amazon

    • You can call and ask them to skip the month
      The only issue is you usually have to call to unsuspend

  21. I think I’m canceling my last Allure box, Tbf I’ve had it for a long time but I’m using more from Ipsy plus than Allure and not enjoying them so much.

  22. Another concealer lippie. No, thanks.
    Still waiting to see if the last two items are amazing andc turn this box around. Then I will order on amazon.

    Come on, Allure. Jan and Feb were so good and now april and May 🙈 I really want to order in May, but you are making it impossible

  23. I just did the 4 for 10 deal but I really don’t want the May box – if I call and skip I don’t want it to somehow mess up my 4 for 10 deal. 🙁

  24. Yeah, looks like I’ll be canceling my sub (thru Amazon). Definitely not a good fit for me.

    • When do I have to cancel through Amazon to avoid this box?

      • If you open the Amazon app & go to hamburger menu “Your Account” & then under the “Account Settings” header, click on “Memberships & subscriptions” & you should see Allure Beauty Box there, with a “Next order on [date]” in the description.

      • Thanks- just did that.

        I might revisit this subscription at a later date- trying to juggle some new ones to see which is the best fit. Next to go might be Birchbox. Dropping some of these subs can be hard if you had them for a while but if they are no longer serving a purpose, making you happy or sending you stuff that doesn’t fit who you are now, they should be cut. There are plenty of other subs to try!

  25. I pulled my Lue out after seeing this and used it and forgot how much I loved it. It leaves my face smooth and bright.

  26. Not thrilled with this one so far. I don’t self-tan. As a 2 time survivor of melanoma thanks to childhood burns, I’m pale and proud of it. And I am SOOO over the nude lip/over contoured & bronzed face look that is so popular right now. I’m reserving judgement on the Lue until I’ve given it a try.

  27. I hope this lippie is just a variant item. Im not too excited about Allure spoilers anymore since they started doing large amounts of variations. This month is pretty “meh”, I may end up joining the cancel crew here.

  28. I clicked the link for the lip gloss and looked at the swatch of the color Vibe they will be sending. Folks it is not the color in the picture above, it is a “Sheer brown with peachy undertone” but the swatch on the gals wrist just looks like a sheer brown. Hope everyone was not expecting it to be pink like some of the comments!

    • There may be some variance in monitors. To me it looks peach.

    • Just looks nude to me

  29. Oh, God, no, just please no! Laritzy is a crappy brand and a “nude” lipgloss is not something I’ll ever wear.

    • Thank you. I love nude, even concealer, lips, but I have yet to try anything from LaRitzy that I like. LaRitzy and Hakari are the two sub-only brands I cringe when I see in my boxes.

      • And Manna Kadar, for me.

  30. So far. So meh.

  31. I clicked the link for the gloss, and the photo cracked me up. Reminds me of the people who sell Younique on IG and always have photos of the products in their mouth. Why??

    • Well after that I just HAD to go look! LOL No clue why they do that, but some of the pictures look extremely unappealing in that the gloss looks super thick and gloopy. YUCK

      That type of advertising almost seems geared more to men than women. YMMV

      I don’t think my reaction is what the advertising execs had in mind. 😉

      • Omg, agreed! Sooooo gross. And yes, I think they are counting on the fact that these images are shoved down our throats (no pun intended!) so often that we accept it as attractive and buy into it. UGH. Like internalized misogyny.

      • Oh wow! Y’all are so right! It’s very suggestive! Vibe?! Another one is called Trick?! 🙄 Well, sex sells everything I guess…

      • Yes, agreed, it’s really gross and unnecessarily suggestive.

    • I know, lol. I saw that and all I could think was how gross and germy that lip gloss would be. There’s been a proliferation of sexualizing makeup products.. both in the advertising and in the names of the cosmetics. Just look at Too-Faced and Tartes products.

      • How about the Nars orgasm line? Subtle, haha!

      • Right?! I got an email from Allure last night that has a story about that. In my opinion, if your product isn’t that great, you give it weird names and hype it up. I will go order some good old Mary Kay before I buy any of that!

      • Except that all those products ARE really good.
        Well, I personally don’t care for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (the brush is too messy for my eye shape and size), but I know many people consider it their holy grail.

  32. And I just cancelled – thank you for the incentive to get rid of this box.

    I still have the self tanner and Lue unused from last year and a clear gloss is completely not desirable for me.

  33. I am just glad I am paying $10 for this and not $15. Was going to cancel after seeing April, but Allure convinced me to stay and gave me 4 boxes for $10/each deal. So I’ll stick around. However, if we ever get another masks box like last November, I’ll be gone and no deal will make me stay.

    • Too funny – that was one of my favorite boxes.

      • same here, one of my favorite boxes.

      • I loved November’s box also!

    • I took the 4/$10 as well and I’m seriously questioning my own judgment for doing so. If there isn’t at least one item I’m ecstatic for, I might just cancel anyways because I haven’t been happy with my boxes since February.

      • Me too (or three, or however many of us there were). This box isn’t even a little bit worth it to me. I’d like the gloss fine in pink, but not in peach.

    • Me 3. I missed out on the November mask box and I am still kicking myself. I love sheet masks!

  34. Meh. I like glosses, but in red or berry shades. Light colored lippies make me look like a corpse. And I’m tired of Laritzy in sub boxes.

    • i’M not digging the lipies that are the same color or worse, lighter than, my lips. I have other lippies that can mitigate that, but why should I? and self tanner? I thought the 70’s were over.

    • Back to back nudes with April’s Anastasia in Hollywood? 🙁 I look like a corpse too. My family asked if I was sick if I wear it. I look better in a colorless lippie as I have naturally berry/mauve lips.

  35. Gosh, yet another “concealer lip” product… 🙄
    At this rate I’ll never resubscribe.

    Still surprised how inconsistent this box can be in quality month to month.

  36. I sub through Amazon, too. You have to unsubscribe, but it’s super easy to re-subscribe again with just a click of the button. I’ve done it once with no issues.

    • Thank you Sevengrace!

      • Beware of this because nobody who subscribes with Amazon is getting the ABH lippie,, they got 2 extra hair products instead.💁

      • Great! I’d rather have more hair products than an unusable (for me) lip product. 🙂

      • I got the hair products and I was subscribed directly to Allure. Was

      • You already got your April box from Allure? I wasn’t aware they ship this soon.😂 Well, I’m going to be pissed if I get the hair products, a tiny texture spray and a frizz control gel that’s available at the drug store. How’s that fair? I will cancel if I don’t get what they promoted this box as having in it, it’s getting ridiculous with them and their bait and switch antics.

  37. This reinforces my decision to cancel Allure. I’m sure I’ll be back eventually, but I’m really glad I didn’t pay for this.

  38. Yay! Yay! YAAAAY!!! Most sub boxes have this mauve or darker color which is suitable for the majority but doesn’t work for me. I wear like colored pink lipsticks. Soooooo I’m so excited for April and May’s box which feature the color lipstick I always wear. Bravo Allure!
    So so excited.

    • You might want to follow the link and look at the gloss color, its more light brown than pink and hardly showed on the persons are they swatched it on.

      • It’s beige.

  39. The lip gloss isn’t a color I can or will wear, but can pass to one of my daughter’s thankfully. The self tanner is another no, no one in my family uses it. So far the only thing that piques my interest is the exfoliating powder. I have a couple Lue products that I have been sampling, it will be nice to have an additional item to try out.

  40. Awwww, meh. This makes me sad. I skipped April, figuring it was just an off month, but this looks equally bad. Hope the other spoilers are better.

  41. Not a lip gloss girl at all. This will be swapped.

  42. I cancelled for April and it doesn’t look like I’m coming back for May. I’m really surprised — Allure used to be my favorite.

  43. You can never go wrong with a basic, neutral gloss. I have a few Lartizy glosses from ipsy. They’re really nice. Great spoiler. 🙂

  44. I put this bag on hold don’t want to waste my money , just emailed customer service , will resume in June if their bag starts carrying quality products like they used too , if not cancel button it is sadly , oh well they need to go back their old great bags I’ll take another full size Sunday Reilly please 😁👍

  45. Only thing I’m interested in so far is the self Tanner and it’s not full size so I think I’m gonna cancel my last sub. I had three Allure subs going into April and I’m down to one now, but I think I’m gonna cancel all together and get another Ipsy Glam Bag Plus since it’s open now. I’d rather get two of those every month instead of what I’ve been getting from my three Allure subs lately . Just my opinion.

  46. I’m on the lookout for a new lip gloss..this color looks good!

  47. I’m oddly excited for May.. like, I’ll use all three of these spoilers.. I hope there aren’t a ton of variations..

  48. Can I pause or skip a month? My Allure sub is through Amazon.

    Thank you ladies for any advice!

    • You can easiely cancel and resub again when you will be ready

      • Thank you!

  49. What even is this brand? If the June box is as bad as April and May, I’m cancelling for good. The quality of this box tanked so quickly.

    • I’m thinking the same thing …

    • I was considering this box for months, and now that I finally subscribed (March), but the quality has been bad since February (which I assumed was an off month).

    • No kidding. I can’t readily find where LaRitzy manufactures their products, so I have to assume that China is a potential location. ☹️ I also can’t fathom two of their glosses equaling one Chanel gloss in price or quality. I can’t even believe that it would be as good as one Wet n Wild lip product (and WnW is cheap!)

      But it’s all about perceived value. LaRitzy doesn’t scream value, quality, trendsetter, elegance, glam, etc to me. But maybe Allure has feedback from subscribers that says people like and want LaRitzy products.

      • Some Wet N’ Wild products are really good though. The WnW foundation I use isn’t any worse than my Estee Lauder one. The Catsuit liquid lipsticks I think everyone is familiar with, and have you tried their gel lip liners? They are amazing!

      • I haven’t tried the gel lip liners, so I’ll take a look at them next time I’m in the makeup aisle. 🙂 The Catsuit lippies are definitely great for their price point. I’d rather get one of those in a sub box than this LaRitzy stuff.

      • They are made in China. It says so on the product packaging I have.

      • Thank you for the confirmation. How disappointing.

  50. I like the lipgloss color

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