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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

Limited Edition J-Beauty + K-Beauty Allure Beauty Box Available Now

Allure Beauty Box May 2019 FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

We have the FULL spoilers for the May Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Courtney!)

If you aren’t familiar with Allure Beauty Box, it is a $15-a-month beauty subscription that was named one of the Best Women’s Subscription Boxes and one of the Best Beauty Subscription Boxes by MSA readers in the 2019 Subscription Box Awards. Sample sizes are usually good (typically at least one or two full-size items per box), and Allure does a great job of including new brands + products.

The May box will include:

In all boxes:

Possible Variant items:

What do you think of the May spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the April Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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  1. You can either get two hair sheets with $1.00 each or a sample size of a $200 cream or the deluxe sample size of a $44 self tanner AND mitt. I hope that’s a mistake. I’d love to try that tanner and I’d really love to try a $200 face cream but not so into a $2.00 worth of hair care.

    • Disingenuous of Allure to lead with a spoiler for May that turns out to be a variant, especially since we could end up with two $1 hair sheets instead instead of the St. Tropez tanning gel and mitt they featured as Spoiler #1.

  2. Why is Allure including a product in the May box that’s no longer for sale? Note in the product list above, there’s no link for the Model Co Rose Gold Eyelite. That eyeshadow is no longer on the Model Co website, nor any place else that I could find. Liz reviewed it more than 2 years ago, in February 2017, in the Look Fantastic Box. Sketchy.

    • i guess there giving us the last of it..

    • I had no clue the co. had DC’d the product. I’ll be contacting them if I get this ( and I’ll likely get 3 of them).
      They should never have promoted an expired product via Allure Beauty Box.

      I’m wondering if Allure is sending out old leftover stock now, and I’d never worried or wondered about this before now. Eye products have to be free of bacterial or fungal growth to be safe, and who knows about this shadow?
      ( I did think it was pretty when I got it in LF in 2017, though).

      Safety before beauty, always.

      • How interesting – I checked the ModelCo website just now, and suddenly, the Eyelite St. Barts is now there. The website labels it a “new” product [really?], and now the price is only $12, not the $19 it was when Liz reviewed it 2 years ago.

      • Wow! I just called to skip May. I expressed my dislike for the entire month of May, their false advertising of it and the whole variation thing. Not to mention never getting the February box. I was polite as it’s not the CSR’s fault, but I certainly expect that moroccanoil in my June box.

      • Who said the product is expired? Where are you getting that information?

    • The lue powder was also in glossyboxy about 3/4 years ago as well. Allure is seriously went downhill in the past couple of years since their last beauty editor/curator left. Espically since they seem to be recycling the same products. The hair oil sephora sent out a year or so ago…same size, brand etc. And the brow gal isnt a good brand that we got already in boxy and another box that slips my mind now….but allure is gettimg really nad.

  3. I ended up with a set of LaRitzy glosses from Ipsy for ~ $10, and Vibe, the one in the upcoming Allure box, is one of the shades. I must have been bored that day.

    It’s a match to MUFE Artist Liquid Matte #105.. Meaning, if you have MUFE #105 or find a better photo than LaRitzy’s, it’s a light nude with a non-pink undertone.
    Neither are wearable for me.

  4. The Model Co. Eyelite in St. Barth’s is gorgeous. It was in the Look Fantastic February 2017 box.
    This, the AmorePacific and the Laneige should cover the price of the box..

    Also, if ordered via Amazon, there’s no sales tax added on. It’s a flat charge of $15/ month, if that matters to anyone. $1.08 more expensive from Allure shouldn’t break the bank, right? 😉
    I get one box from Allure and 2 from Amazon, and the difference in sales tax has always been present.

    I hope Amazon omits the LaRitzy lip gloss. 😉

    • Do your boxes from Allure contain different products than the ones you get from Amazon?

      • Not until recently. We got a different variable in March (though the products everyone were supposed to get were included). In April, they replaced the ABH lipstick with two hair product samples, despite it being advertised as a non-variant item, and they are now telling Amazon subscribers (if you call and ask) that future boxes may differ from spoilers. Allure is very much trying to push people away from subscribing to Amazon. Since I had issues with shipping and billing when I subscribed to Allure, and I can no longer rely on spoilers for my Amazon subscription, I just dropped the Allure box completely.

      • I subscribe through Allure. I also did not get the ABH lipstick or the Briogeo. I received two drugstore hair products that a little card inside said was to replace the Briogeo product. I unsubscribed before due to this very same issue of all the variation. Just a personal preference to know what I’m getting is the same as everyone else.

  5. I feel like the Allure box has been inconsistent. Some boxes are awesome, some are meh.. I loved the Sunday Riley box and Kat von D box. Wish they would have more boxes like this. Especially for the price. It’s almost as much as Boxycharm and you only get good samles every once in a while.

    • This subscription is $16 a month. Not sure why I see people posting $10..

      • First box is $10.

        Also, if you call to cancel, the customer service people frequently offer 4 boxes at $10 each as an incentive to stay.

      • Good to know!!

  6. Just got my April box, and it’s full of disappointment. I’m sick of nude matte lipstick. I got a purple eye pencil and a bronze eye shadow, and both colors are awful on me. I don’t do self tan so that product is also wasted on me. Judging by the spoilers I got on the card in my box and here, next month looks like a solid skip for me. There’s always something I can use in each box, but this month it all sucked.

    • I got the black eye pencil. So sick of black. Wanna trade?

      Though I did use it once to see if I liked it and it’s only okay.

    • Got Bronze eyeshadow and Blue Jean eyeliner… wished I received Rose eyeshadow and black/brown liner 🙁 I think it’s time to sat goodbye to Allure. Birchbox at $15/MO is sending 6 products and since the price change Ive been my boxes.

      • I’ve been liking 😉

  7. OMG! LOL stupid auto correct on phone ahahah I meant I seen a lot people getting that deal * sorry stupid iPhone makes me sound like I’m drunk 🤣

  8. I just emailed them about getting the plastic, broken bag with subpar products for $10.00 a month for 4 months , hopefully they say yes or it’s adios . I see air people getting Thai $10.00 deal not to cancel so I’m jumping ship , what’s the worst they could say no . Then bah- bye allure it’s not worth $15.00

    • My plastic bag was broken too and they ignored me, I said I wanted to cancel but they didn’t reply and kept trying to charge me.

  9. Allure seems to being doing a lot of bait and switch lately. Putting out a spoiler then a week or so later they say it’s a variant. The last few boxes have been blah for me. But since I was going to cancel they are only $10 right now. And they are worth 10 bucks. Once the four months of $10 is over, I will probably cancel.

  10. l loved april box,,and can’t wait for may..i do love me some allure..

  11. I’m glad I skipped May for Allure , customer service was good emailed them so I can skip a month . There’s always gonna be a few duds in subs , and May wasn’t good for a few of them . So I skipped a few of my subs saved money and put it towards one time purchase boxes of stuff I’d really utilize .

  12. May looks awesome I can’t wait….

  13. May looks great to me! The cleanser sounds different and I like to try new things. I cannot get over that this box is only $15 bucks!! IMO it is one of the best subscriptions out there.😁😁😁💄💄💞

  14. meh. This is the most disappointing one to me in a long time.

    • This is the most disappointing one for me ever.

      • Me, too, but I hate to skip again. I just skipped Feb and April. They sent me gifts in the past for being a loyal subscriber, so I hate to keep skipping, but this year has been really bad. 🙁 That lip gloss looks hideous.

      • I’ve been subscribed for over 2 years and have yet to ever get one of those gifts. I did not even get my February box. When I was on the phone with CS about the refund for the February box I never got, I asked why some customers get necklaces and the rest of us get coupons. The CSR was snobby and stated that those customers are loyal long time subscribers and they are entitled to them. I told her that it does not seem so as I’ve never received the so called yearly anniversary gifts some speak of on MSA. Not to mention, a couple of subscribers are new and they got necklaces, I mentioned the fact that I’m not happy about the variations crap either. They did refund my February box. I did not get my March box until after the beginning of April. Nothing was offered for their mistake on both boxes except refunding the box February and resending March. I got my shipping email for this month, but just like last month, the tracking is invalid. 🙄 I’m going to call tomorrow to make sure I skip May but this time, I’m going to ask for a supervisor.

      • I’m pretty disappointed with this whole year too. It was my favorite one for a long time and cancelled Play and Birchbox. Just sent in a cancellation notice 5 minutes ago. I’m done with mystery boxes. My skin knows what it likes and it is none of the above.

      • Right? It’s not that my skin is so sensitive that I have to stick to one brand or product. However, there are a few things I just can not use. That powder cleanser has oats in it. For some skin issues, that’s not good, it actually makes it worse for me. No aveeno either. And like I said before, I simply do not understand using urea: purified animal urine, in any beauty product. I get it if it’s a perfume, but not on my face. Yep, for the 1st time, I’m skipping the month. I already spent the $ on mascara I want instead. 🤣 3 tubes of my favorite mascara for the price an allure box? No brainer!

      • Urea is just a chemical compound. It is synthesized on an industrial scale for use in mass manufacturing. They are not using animal urine in cosmetics.

      • Me too. And I have been a loyal subscriber through Allure, not Amazon, for 4 1/2 years, with no breaks. This box is absolutely AWFUL, and it was supposed to be such a special collaboration. I got the worst color of eyeshadow (Morgana), and a gold eyeliner – neither of which I’ll use. And no lipstick. Instead, I got a card that says due to a supplier shortage of Briogeo, I’ll get two other hair products. But the Briogeo was in my bag, along with 2 other hair products. (2 of the 3 are for frizzy hair, which I don’t have and won’t use). And no lipstick. And no explanation from Allure why I didn’t receive the lipstick, which was not supposed to be a variant item. I wear nude lipsticks, and was looking forward to it. This box has just totally nosedived in quality IMO.

  15. Has anyone tried the Lanige product yet? I’m wondering how thick it is.

    I could do without the pale lip gloss (I will say though, the ABH lipstick in April is very wearable. It’s MUCH more mauve than the pictures imply), but I’m actually interested in most of the rest. There’s several unique brands and some new products.

    I was debating cancelling, but I think this box will surprise me.

    • For me the ABH lipstick is the super close to my skin tone but I have the ABH vol 1 lip palette so I’ll use it.

      • *the shade is close to my skin tone.

    • I have oiler skin and use a lot of gel moisturizers and such. The Laneige Waterbank Cream I use and like though. I just use less in daytime and go heavier at night. I don’t find it greasy. Laneige can really do no wrong for me though, I rarely come across a product of theirs that I don’t like.

    • Laneige waterbank moisture cream is a big No for me, not thick but not enough moisture, my face gets oily the next morning, and in my country – Vietnam, it’s very cheap. So that nothing is tempting this month. AmorePacific mask is luxurious (10ml I guess) but I got it in New beauty Test Tube.

      • Xin chao em! -Another MSA reader in Vietnam (Da Nang)

    • I clicked on it and it took me to the Sephora page for it. The video is hilarious! I was looking for a reason to not skip a month for the first time ever and thought that maybe if the laneige was full size, it might be worth it. Then I read the ingredients. I don’t understand why urea is even an ingredient anymore.

  16. I hope they discontinue those plastic makeup bags they use to put products in now. Every single one I have gotten is ripping at the seam or broken when I open the box so in the trash it goes. Big waste…

    • Same. Out of 4 bags, 3 were torn and unusable. The one that isn’t torn I don’t use.

      • I use the ones that arent ripped and put them in my globe box of my vehicles and keep my insurence and the resgitration in it that way of i ever get pulled over, or something happens, i cant just grab the whole bag out amd its right there in one spot.
        I have also gave them to everyone i know and negighbors, to do the same thing with. Haha

    • I haven’t had a ripped one yet but I’ll tell you what if it wasn’t for that bag I wouldn’t have a April box because whoever’s the mail man was yesterday put my box in the rain! Mind you I have a huge porch my friend that works at FedEx now says it’s a delivery person’s dream! and huge mailbox! I’d be careful what I wish for! Someday it might save your allure box!

  17. Search that lip product on Google and then hit ‘images’… what is up with all of the super pale lip products in these boxes. I know that white lipstick was a thing in the late 60s and early 70s, but I did not realize it has made a resurgence….

    • Me, too, but I hate to skip again. I just skipped Feb and April. They sent me gifts in the past for being a loyal subscriber, so I hate to keep skipping, but this year has been really bad. 🙁 That lip gloss looks hideous.

    • It’s gross. I’m sick to death of these pale and neutral lip products.

  18. Ipsy is officially my favorite subscription. I received my April bag today along with my Allure April box. I have just now canceled Allure. Enough said on that. Although my curated Ipsy items were okay, the add on items are AWESOME. I added the Jelly Pong lop oil, the Seraphine Botanicals Berry+Juice lippie and a 111 Skin skincare item… Both of the lip items are really deluxe sizes! And they are both amazing! I wish I would have skipped the serum and added the other lip juice product. I am so happy with this bag! I LOVE ADD-ONS! So much better of a sub box than Allure!

  19. So I got my April box today and it was completely consonant with my drive home.

    Got ANOTHER accursed black liner. I don’t know why they promise a variety of shades since everyone reporting in has gotten black.

    Got a Luxie brush – which I already got from Ipsy AND BoxyLuxe.

    The Anastasia lip color is godawful – even my husband echoed my “IICCKK”.

    Got the Briogeo blow-dry cream – I air dry only.

    The tan towels are useless. I don’t use ANY kind of self-tanner.

    The only good thing was the eyeshadow. I got the gold one, which was what I was hoping for.

    The bag is clear and arrived undamaged (Still rather have the red box).

    • I haven’t gotten mine yet. How do you feel about the May box?

      • May looks okay. There are a lot of variants, so if the universe doesn’t hate me too much, I might get something I could use.

    • I got the rose gold liner. Laura Geller eyeliner are great!

      • I got rose gold and the gold eyeshadow.

      • Lucky

      • I wouldn’t mind except that Laura Geller eye products are hard to find. I can try the black to see if I like the formula, but since neither Sephora nor Ulta carry them, I would have to order directly.

        I can’t even find the rose gold anywhere.

    • I received the deep purple eyeliner.

    • I got a green eye liner. I’m sure someone out there would wear green eyeliner and rock it, but I would look like a clown.

      I always find that I hate the spoilers and then find cool things when the box comes. I’ve subscribed to six different boxes at various points. This is the first time EVERYTHING in the box went into the donate pile. Hoping for better luck next month.

    • I think I got a green eyeliner! When I got the box I was in a hurry and didn’t bother to open it to make sure, but it had a green stripe around the packaging. You just reminded me I need to go back and check!

    • I got the midnight blue eyeliner! I’ve received all of the plastic bags since they started without damage as well.

      Looking forward to May for hopefully TWO moisturizers! I can always find someone at work to take the stuff that doesn’t work for me.

    • I received my April box over the weekend.

      Anastasia Lip in Pure Hollywood – I can’t wear it, but hopefully one of my daughters can/will.
      Laura Gellar liner in Black Gold – actually very pretty, and one I will wear.
      Briogeo Anti Frizz heat protectant – I air dry, but will try it and see if it stops frizz without being heat activated.
      ND eyeshadow in Gold – wearable color, goes well with the eye liner
      Luxie Brush – I love getting brushes, less washing for me! 😀
      Tan towels – I don’t know anyone that will use them offhand, but will try to pass them along.

      Out of everything received for April, 4 I am keeping to at least try, 2 I am passing off to others. I consider that worth my $15. 🙂

  20. from this box i wish to get thee things, but unfortunatlly, two of them are in possible items:( I dont’t have fizzy hair and i absoutly don’t neet this sheets. i hoped than may will be better than april. For me skincare products are more interesting than makeup.

  21. There really is not a single thing I want in this box, variation or not. For the very first time in over two years. Not one thing makes this box worth it to me. I’m definitely skipping May.

    • Me too.

  22. Wonder what size the laneige cream is? And this month again is “Meh”, two months in a row! Really hope the next month or two picks back up!!! I am ONLY interested in 2 things in this box.

  23. Easy pass for me, box should have atleast 1 must-have guaranteed item.

    None of the full-size products interests me. Not worth staying for a “chance” at getting AmoreP.

  24. The only thing that I would be happy getting is the Laneige which I already have. Skipping this month.

  25. I’ve really liked Allure for a long time been subscribed since it was part of beauty bar sample society. They’ve recently been shipping Amazon subscribers different items and leaving out items that aren’t listed as variants like the ABH lipstick, it seems sketchy to say the least.

    Their system is bad and kicks out additional subscriptions and there are issues for people that were once subscribed resubscribing and being canceled. I totally understand why people use Amazon but their treatment of the Amazon Allure subscribers is making me want to cancel. I still get several beauty boxes but may cancel this one on principle.

    • Do you get your box through amazon?

    • I thought the sub through Amazon was an alternate box, was it typically identical? What is the advantage through Amazon besides earlier shipping? Thanks!

      • I’ve never subbed through Amazon, but from what I’ve heard… ease of cancelling is another pro. You can cancel through your account with Amazon, but with Allure you have to either email or call Allure to cancel.

      • The Amazon boxes were usually all one variant but the main items were always included. This time Amazon’s subs didn’t get the ABH lipstick and received two hair products instead.Renee Furterer texture spray and John Freida finishing creme both 1oz samples.

        The lipstick wasn’t listed as a variant, and the Amazon subscribers are paying the same price.

    • Wait, they didn’t include all the products for Amazon subscribers this month? (I canceled for April, so I didn’t receive a box, but I’m curious as to what I would have received.)

      I do feel like Allure is trying to force subscribers away from Amazon; in February, everyone else got a full size lip or eye product while Amazon subs just got a deluxe serum sample, and in March Amazon subscribers again got a wildly different variant with multiple products different from the spoilers. It’s really shady on Allure’s part, because a big reason people subscribe through Amazon is because Amazon actually ships boxes on time. Also, you can skip a box, something Allure won’t let you do if you subscribe through them.

      Kinda think I’m done with Allure for a while.

    • If you call Allure and complain, they are agreeing to send the ABH. Don’t ask me why they didn’t just send it in the first place if they had it, but they will inform you Amazon boxes will vary in the future and if you want to be sure to get the advertized spoilers, they suggest you sign up direct. But they will also agree to send the ABH.

    • Second time trying to post this answer. In short this time, contact Allure (phone is always better) and complain and they will agree to send you the ABH.

  26. I got that card in my box today also. It appears to me as if we will be getting all of those items.

    • That’s what my card made it sound like, too.

  27. Weird to me that the first spoiler for this box (the self-tanner) also turned out to be a variant item. Feels like a bait-and-switch.

    Anyway, nothing about this box is really ringing my bell. I canceled for April and don’t feel the need to renew for May. Maybe June will be better.

    • I canceled the end of last month and I’m sure I’ll be back at some point but it will not be next month

    • I agree. Very shady! It was the one thing I wanted – and now that it’s not guaranteed I won’t bother re-subscribing.

    • They’ve done that with several products the last few months — they posted it as a spoiler and then made it a variant item.

  28. Meh…although there are a couple of skin care samples that look interesting. Come to think of it, how come no full sized items this month? Well, this is not a very happy month for me, so I suppose I will cancel my extra Amazon sub’s until things look a bit brighter.

    • The Model Co eyeshadow, Lue exfoliating powder, and Laritzy lip gloss are all full-size, according to the spoilers.

    • There are actually 3 full size items, the lip product, the eye product and the face scrub. 🙂

  29. I started my Allure sub in January because of Sunday Riley. I get my boxes from amazon and was very happy with jan, feb and March variants. Skipped April and will wait for spoilers on what people are actually getting through amazon in May to decide. I think it could be good with these options!

  30. Love love love that Amore Pacific. It’s delicious! Really hoping I get that in my bag

  31. This might be ok box but I will wait until I see someone unbox Amazon box so I know what to expect before I subscribe again . I would hate to get dry shampoo instead of lip gloss.

  32. I think the May box looks good! I have fine hair, so hope I don’t get the anti-frizz sheets. I’d much rather get the Amorepacific, but probably so would most folks. 🤞🏻

  33. I hate that none of these interest me this month. I’m think I’m gonna skip this one. 🙁 Maybe June will have me coming back!

  34. This looks like a solid box… I’m happy with everything except the tanning products. I’ll gift them to somebody who will enjoy them.

  35. Love the box and I would be happy with any of the variants, though wishing for the bronzing gel the most.

    I received a sample of Amorepacific in NB Test tube and it was beyond amazing. Truly a luxury skincare face cream. And I’d be happy with the hair wipes as I get fly-aways all the time.

  36. Sigh, no comment, since everytime I make one that’s not 100% positive people chastise me like I’m not entitled to my opinion. I don’t tell people that love this that they are not allowed to feel that way, but I digress. Excited for the Laneige. I can trade the rest, so not a huge deal. I would like to see these boxes improve, I was extremely happy from June of last year up till February. I’ll give it another 3 months, I’d like this box to live up to their past again. Maybe next month.

    • I never chastise people for stating facts. It is a fact that you are disappointed in this box. That’s fine. Hang in there! Hugs from another non-Pollyanna.

    • Nicole: Never ever be afraid to cite your opinion on this blog…after all, this is all about opinions; be they about beauty or our feelings on such. I adore ALLURE, but talk about disappointments or aggravating issues all the time. LOL, take this month for instance😉

  37. The Amorepacific was amazing! I got a sample in TestTube but there’s no way I can bring myself to spend $200 on a face cream. Nothing else really excites me though.

    • I am waiting patiently to use my Amore Pacific from NB TT. I always have to finish a product I’m using before I will open anything else at all lol. I won’t even open a sample til my current cream is gone! This box is actually ok for me, but I see others frustrations.

    • If you like the Laneige face cream, you need to try their lip sleeping mask. I can honestly say that between a weekly lip scrub and that product every night, I never have chapped, dry lips. Korean beauty has some great products.

      • I tried the lip mask and was not crazy about it, but their Water Sleeping Mask is nice.

  38. I’ve never used Amorepacific, but I will definitely want that over anti-frizz hair sheets

    • I would love wipes that cure staticky hair and I love amour pacific. There are no guarantees of receiving those items so, I’ll probably sit this one out.

  39. Really hoping for the Amorepacific! Received it in new beauty test tube and it was amazing, but super expensive 😏

  40. I’ll skip May. That’s OK. I love how full spoilers allow me to opt out of months that are not a good fit for me. I do this for FFF and BeautyFix as well.

  41. Fingers crossed the self tanner is a variant! I truly won’t use it and I’d love to get more of that amorepacific!

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