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Allure Beauty Box April 2019 Available Now + Coupon + Free Gift!

Allure Beauty Box subscriptions now start with the April box!

The April box will include:

And if you are a new subscriber, use this link to save $5 off your first box (regularly $15) and get a free full-sized Mally eyeshadow stick!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Comments (133)

  1. This is my 2nd box since resubscribing. I used to be a subscriber for like a year but I cancelled a while back, now I remember why. The only 2 things I got on this spoiler was the Natashia Deona shadow and the tan towelettes.

  2. Loved the shadow and the brush but that was about it. I knew it was a mistake to use that Tan towel! I just spent 20 minutes trying to scrub the gross blotches all over my arms off!

    I use the Tarte tan lotion which is great but this tan towel was terrible!

  3. I received the Aubade eyeshadow but I really wanted the Morgana, in case anyone wants to trade.

    • I’m confused – I received neither.
      I received the Natasha Denona in the 124k Bronzage, which I’m sure is pretty on someone out there somewhere … But of which I’ll never wear. However, I see there’s a “pinkish” one I which is what I saw in my email and brochure, I thought, that I would have.. But they always send me orange /gold /yellow wild stuff. 🙁

  4. Disappointed with this month.
    Natasha Denosha eyeshadow (bronze color. It’s okay)
    Luxie eyeshadow brush (I have about 100 shadow brushes from sub boxes already)
    Briogeo farewell frizz sample (I air dry and don’t use heat tools…)
    Vita Liberate tan towels (I’ll probably use these at least)
    Lasplash Art-ki-tekt liquid eyeliner pen (Again, not the brand I was expecting. But I’m okay with it as I liked the last one allure sent)
    Juvias Place The Nubian pallette (just a repeat of the last beauty blogger colab. I haven’t even used the 1st one I got, why would I want a second pallette?)

    Missing the lippy, which, tbh was the only product this month I was super stoked on.


    • If you call them about the lippy, they will send it.

    • Yeahp, call them. I got the same things you did. Called them. They tried to tell me that lippie was only for new customers. I know that’s a lie. Anyways, they said they would send the lippie

    • I got the exact same products. I didn’t like a single product other than the ND eyeshadow but that’s only because I wanted to try the formula. I didn’t like the color much. I already had that Nubian palette too. I didn’t realize until I read this that my lip product was missing. I’m not going to bother asking for it. May and June spoilers don’t look good to me at all so I’m just going to cancel. Their boxes are so hit or miss with me. I’m sure I’ll resubscribe at some point.

    • I don’t think you’d like the lippy… unless they come in very colors this pure Hollywood color I got looks like makeup color. It’s gross. Not just that it’s a flat color when it dries. You absolutely have to put a gloss or some other lipstick over it. I really feel they’re starting to put Duds in kits.

      • Yeah…. They went from Sunday Riley to Walmart! I certainly will not use the lippy but I’m someone at the women’s shelter will be happy to have it. As a longtime, loyal customer, I got a “scraps” box. John Frieda?! Seriously?! That’s $0.99 at Walmart! What’s next? Ponds cold cream like Ipsy pulled? 😂 Maybe some Noxema and seabreaze? At this point, store brands would not surprise me.

  5. I am kind of disappointed. I didn’t get the lip color and I got a gold eyeliner. And I received a sample size John Frieda Frizz Ease. I guess to take the place of the lippie?

    • I would have been great with any color rather than the blackbird I received.

  6. I am an Amazon subscriber and I received:
    The Laura Geller liner in purple. Love it!
    A Natasha Denona shadow in a bronze shade that I am giving away. Just not for me.
    A Luxie 231 brush. I can always use a brush.
    Those tan cloths which I will also be giving away.
    Briogeo Farewell Frizz creme. I love this brand and happy to try this.
    John Frieda Secret Weapon Finishing Creme. Not crazy about this brand at all but I will probably give it a try.
    Rene Furterer Vegetal Texture Spray. Not something that I am jazzed about but I will probably use it.

    Not my favorite box but there are things I will use in here.

  7. I got my April box and am happy with what it. I will get use out of almost every product. I got the navy eyeliner and am happy with the color and how smooth it goes on. The bronze eye shadow is fantastic, and I can always use another brush. I was excited to see the frizz free hair product. The tan towels will probably get used. The only thing that will remain unopened is the lip gloss – I wish it had gone to one of you who got an extra hair product, which would have been great for me since I don’t ever wear lip product. Overall, I’m happy with Allure. The point of these subscription boxes is to try new products that you might not have otherwise purchased, not to provide everyone with products they already use – frankly, I don’t understand all of the complaints about not getting exactly what you want. If you want a particular product, why don’t you just buy it rather than subscribe to a service that sends out a variety of samples each month?

    • I’m with you Jtapp.

    • Then you should definitely try the lip product. It is always good to get the chance to try products you normally would not buy.

  8. I received ANOTHER Juvia’s Place Nubian Palette instead of the Anastasia Liquid Lip. I don’t necessarily care that I didn’t get the liquid lip, but I am extremely upset to be getting a repeat item! I didn’t sign up for left overs!

    I’ve been subscribed for over a year! I understand sending past items to new subscribers, but not long term subscribers!!

    Allure needs to get it together!

    • Same here, but I also got the December black liquid eye liner as well as the Nubian pallette.

      • Got the same. So mad a Allure. The December eyeliner and Nubian pallet

    • Same here! I got the palette which has unusable frosted eyeshadows and then a separate single frosted gold eyeshadow. Ugh. The tanning stuff, which is also no good for me. It’s like they designed this box for a bronze goddess instead of the average woman. Give us some neutral eyeshadows that we can wear on a daily basis. I get that it’s fun to have a sparkly bright color now and then for fun, but c’mon this is too much. I’ll be giving away 4 out of the 6 items.

  9. I also received different products than the spoilers. I didn’t get the Anastasia lippie. Instead of the Laura Geller eyeliner I got an LASplash one (black), and instead of the Moda brush advertised I got Morphe M433 Pro Firm blending fluff brush.

    I also got a Juvia eyeshadow palette. Then I go look at the booklet and it says your box will contain the eyeshadow palette ($20), or Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow ($80), or Sunday Riley A+ ($85). If you’re going to give me the el cheapo eyeshadow palette I’m not even going to use then please just don’t even tell me that I got that instead of a Sunday Riley product! UGH.

    I also still haven’t received my La Mer from last month. I emailed them a couple weeks ago and they replied to say I should have received it on March 25 but they’re sending another. Still waiting……..

  10. I didn’t sub through amazon and there is no lippie in my box. So it’s not Amazon box issue

    • Same here. I don’t subscribe through Amazon and I did not get the lip gloss and got 3 hair products, none of which I will use! This is getting ridiculous! What is happening to a once reliable and great sub box??

    • Same here. I’ve been a long-time subscriber directly through Allure and no liquid lipstick. Instead I received a note saying “due to an unforeseen supplier shortage” they’re including John Frieda Frizz Ease Finishing Creme and Rene Furterer Vegetal Texture Spray (grrr. the only product I wanted this month was the lipstick). I’m curious who exactly received the Anastasia product… perhaps NEW Allure-direct subscribers?

      • Hi Katie,

        I have been subscribed direct through Allure since November 2018, and I did actually receive the Anastasia lip. I actually didn’t care if i received lip personally, hair products are far more useful to me than that lip color, but that is just my own personal taste.

        You might be able to find it up on swaps, sounds like a few people find the shade unsuited to their skin tone.

      • If you call them, they will send it to you. It will take up to 6 weeks.

      • Thanks for the helpful posts. I called them today and they’re sending me the lipstick. I have to give a shout out to their customer service — they picked up the phone right away and after I lodged my complaint, the service rep immediately responded by saying that they would send the box with the lipstick within 20 days.

  11. For everyone screaming and complaining about variants and getting different items than are spoiled, please do yourself a favor and go look at their site. The items are different now. A company does have the right to change items without notice as there is NO GUARANTEE anywhere on the site you will get the exact items listed. Believe me I checked for you.

    It it seems to be absolute silliness all this complaining. The value of the box you receive far exceeds the value of the 15$ you pay for the box. You are still getting what you signed up for believe it or not. If you don’t like it, simply unsubscribe to the box. 1st world complaints…..

    • It does not matter what the site shows today! We paid weeks ago, when a completely different box was shown on the site. We have every right to be upset!

      So according to your logic, it’s ok for them to change what you’re going to receive after you pay for it? In what world do you live in? No where ever, has this been ok. Who are you to tell others ? Let people vent, they have every right to!

      • Agreed! The video they sent me in my email CLEARLY showed the contents that I could expect, including that AWFUL lippie. This is not acceptable that Allure changed the contents after boxes were purchased.

      • I am new to allure – 3rd box. So, I’ve allowed for varied items of course. But I have to say, I’ve never seen so much potent “gold” and orange, or stuff that’s so not neutral or even close for most people. I’ve also noticed that (& I’m a direct subscriber) I am not getting the “good stuff” either that I see are options that “could be” according to the email, video & pamphlet when it comes. I tried. I canceled. Dissapointed.

      • Again a company does have the right to change items without notice as there is NO GUARANTEE anywhere on the site you will get the exact items listed. Believe me I checked for you.

        And I live in the real world, where companies do business. Please don’t be upset with me for saying the obvious. They substituted items due to a shortage with products or equal value. They have the right to do this.

      • Their right to substitute items doesn’t mean I lose my right to be upset about that. In the real world, customers have voices and can choose who to do business with.

      • Completely agree, Allanna. This month finally convinced me to cancel. Allure is just overwhelmed. There are people who order multiple boxes through both Allure and Amazon. On another site, a woman said she had received TEN of the January box. No wonder some people never received their boxes.

      • Exactly. That was my point. If people don’t like it, it’s a choice. Just unsubscribe and move on.

      • Unsubscribing does not right the wrong of receiving a box of repeat crap and items which were not even mentioned on the initial “baiting”… That is exactly what allure does, they bait you with appealing teasers and then then give you the royal bend over. May you never have a first world problem….

      • How to spot an a$$hole: they start their sentences with “again” and claim they “checked for you.”

      • Agreed! Lol

      • 🤣 LMAO!!! 🎤

    • Wow….just wow.

    • I hear your opinion and point of view. You are entitled to it just as much as the rest of us are entitled to ours. When someone has been subscribed to a subscription service for a long time and they get emails from that subscription service showing and stating what they are sending in the box, yes, we have a right to angry about getting “bottom of the barrel”, “scraps” & “leftovers” instead. I have actually spoken with Allure on the phone about it and I was told the same thing I just said. They need to be more clear about things and make sure loyal customers don’t get the scraps.
      As far as your “first world problems” comment goes, please check yourself. Even in the USA, we have children that go hungry every single day. It’s not just some “first world problem”. There are 3 shelters near me. One is for families and another just for battered women and children. That is were a lot of the items I won’t use go. Have a lovely week.

  12. I didn’t sub through Amazon, but I also didn’t get the ABH lippie or the Laura Geller eyeliner. I got a Juvia’s place little palette and a liquid eyeliner from LA Splash instead. Everything else I received was from the spoilers. I’m dissapointed that I didn’t get what was advertised.

  13. I got mine today and in a clear bag came:
    Luxie brush (okay)
    Briogeo Farewell Frizz sample (pass)
    Laura Geller eyeliner in violet (gorgeous)
    Natasha Denona eyeshadow in Bronzage (GORGEOUS!)
    Vita Liberata tan cloth
    and Anastasia lippie in Pure Hollywood (the color is so much lighter than my lip color that it makes me look dead)

    Overall I love the Natasha Denona and the Laura Geller products so it was worth it.

  14. I received 3 items, none of which were the spoilers, and they came loose in a paper mailing envelope. Wtf?

    • If I had to guess, this was probable a free gift, you should get an actual box from them. I just received mine today.

  15. I received THREE hair care samples, the same pumpkin orange shadow as everyone subscribed through Amazon, the shadow brush a green eyeliner and the tan towels… no lippie! Really pi**ed!

  16. I am so angry. I bought my Allure through Amazon and it did NOT include the ABH Lippie. I wrote the them right away, but (again) they did not respond.

    I have been buying through Amazon along with my regular direct account through Allure and never had this issue before. So now, they are not responding and not including one of the promised items. Bah humbug!

    • I received THREE hair care samples, the same pumpkin orange shadow as everyone subscribed through Amazon, the shadow brush and the tan towels… no lippie! Really pi**ed!

    • Call them. I have much better luck that way.😁😁

  17. As an extremely fair skinned person, I can’t begin to say how excited I was to receive YET ANOTHER black eyeliner and bright orange shimmery eyeshadow (Morgana) !! Uggh, totally unwearable for me. Given the range of colors for Laura Geller, what are the odds I would receive black again, amirite?? Shelters near me wont take unsealed products and I am tired of trying to unload these products off on friends and acquantances so into the trash you both go!! So disappointing, I was so excited to try these both. PLEASE PLEASE STOP with the black eyeliners, we are swimming in them!! End rant.

    • Totally agree!!! I was so excited to get a charcoal color one time, and then realized it just looked like a black that had run dry. How about no more eyeliners at all?! I have a drawer full of them! I’m even starting to feel that way about liquid lipsticks….!

      • I would trade all of my highlighters and white face powders for liquid lip stuff…lol

    • I got the blackbird too.

  18. I just received this month’s bag (from Amazon) and have to say that there was NO ANASTASIA LIPSTICK! This is not acceptable and if this is how they do business without correction…it is not OK.

    If Allure will not guarantee their monthly goods in an AMAZON subscription, then what good is it? If they do not correct this wrong, I say why even buy their bags from Amazon???

    • An email from Allure today tells me that my beauty box has shipped… this is the text from that email “This month, star beauty vlogger Carli Bybel helped us stock your Beauty Box. She’s well-known by her six million (!) YouTube subscribers as a master of the smoky eye, so get ready for some sultry eye-makeup essentials, along with their perfect companion—a nude liquid lipstick. We’re also including one of the most innovative self-tanners we’ve tried, because (let’s face it) most of us could use a little help glowing into the new season.”
      So everyone who gets a variant box through Amazon should contact Allure. I plan on doing that.

      • Dawn, I did just that this past week (3 x actually) and they still have not responded. This just riles me no end. I love the box, but this kind of nonsense ruins it…

      • I agree. My Amazon box arrived today. What a disappointment. If that lip color is even remotely pretty when my regular box gets here, I am calling and insisting that they send the lip product. The box reveal on the Allure site clearly indicated that the Anastasia was one of the core items

      • It is not even a smidge wearable. I swear they get these free because almost no one would ever buy this color.

      • I got the lip color and I love nudes but this is just slightly lighter than my skin color and does NOT look good. But you cant please everyone, I love the rest and the lip color will go up on swap!

      • I received the lip color and it is such a light shade that it is not wearable for me. It looks like I’ve rubbed an ivory foundation on my lips. I have lips that look dead. Horrible.

      • There’s no way I’m even going to open it and try it on. With my skin tone, it’s just going to make me look like a corpse. I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that. Then the one for May? Yuck! 🤢

      • I agree. I want to here from those happy with the lippie and/or the orange eyeshadow and/or the BLACK eyeliner… all in my box.😥

      • Hear

  19. I just received my April bag (via Amazon) and there was NO Anastasia Lipstick!

    This is just NOT alright and I am pissed. I wrote to allure about this but have not yet heard back. If this is how they are going to do biz…well, it ain ‘t good!

    • Regardless of where the box was purchased, the Allure site indicated that EVERYONE would receive the Anastasia lippie. These boxes are all assembled and shipped from Allure. I see no point in calling Allure on this. It will get you nowhere. I will take this to Amazon. They need to have Allure up their standards. Amazon should have a lot more pull than subscribers. I think Allure must have set aside all the orange shadow and black eyeliner for Amazon subscribers. So sorry I ordered a second box through Amazon…not!

    • Call them.

      • Call the 800 number. At least you can talk to someone.

  20. Thoughts on subbing through Amazon? What should I expect. I really want the ND eyeshadow but could care less about the other items. Is Amazon more reliable? Please tell me all you know, thanks!!!

    • If you go to reddit on r/beautyboxes you can see posts from some folk who’ve already received their Amazon-ordered boxes. It looks like so far all the Amazon boxes have the shade Morgana for the ND shadow. They also have the tan towels and eyeliner, and seem to all have received the Luxie brush. However none of them have had the Anastastia liquid lip and instead there are three hair products in deluxe sample sizes. Not sure of any of the Allure-direct subbed boxes have shipped yet as haven’t seen any of those posts!

      • Oh – and as for reliability – yes, never had any problems plus it is super easy to sign up and then cancel, and re-sub if you want a future box. Amazon bill you every month as at your sign up date as opposed to start of month etc.

      • BUT AMAZON is not guaranteeing Allures curation.

      • That is exactly my experience. NO ANASTASIA lippie…this should NOT be tolerated. If you buy through Amazon and they cannot guarantee their product curation, they should advertise it as such.

    • Amanda: Buying through AMAZON should not preclude a substandard curation! I just received this month’s bag (from Amazon) and have to say that there was NO ANASTASIA LIPSTICK! This is not acceptable and if this is how they do business without correction…it is not OK.

      I’ve not had this concern before, but for something as substantial (and expected) as an Anastasia Lipstick, well that should be noted and protested.

  21. Let me try this one again. ;).

    The booklet in the Amazon box doesn’t list the Anastasia lip product, so it seems to me that it was not supposed to be in the box from the start.

    I received 7 products in my Allure boxes from Amazon, and for people like me with sometimes frizzy hair, I’m sure I’ll use at least some of the products ( there are 3 hair products including the Brigeo anti-frizz product._)

    I likely will not use the Vita Liberata product, but that’s personal preference and a history of not getting the product to look evenly applied.

    All my shadows were Morgana, and it’s a lovely color which should be a pretty pinkish- peachy shade with some sparkle for summer.

    My Laura Geller eyeliners were either dark green or dark blue. There was some sort of internal issue at Amazon, and I ended up with 4 boxes from them.
    I also got the La Mer little green boxes with the samples, and the products are sweet.

    I’ll likely donate 3 Allure and 3 La Mer boxes to the local women’s shelter, IF they’ve changed their policy of disallowing non-full sized products,since Amazon didn’t want anything returned.
    Overall, I REALLY like this month’s box, and love the shades of the variables I received.

    • Anyway you’d want to trade some items with me?

      • The booklets are different based on the box you receive. There is not only one version. The Allure online video of the April box featuring Bybel points out the eyeshadow as her face item and the lippie as the second favorite. I am of the opinion that EVERY box should have included the Anastasia product, regardless of where the box purchase originated. They are ALL shipped from Conde Naste.

  22. Wow, my mail carrier put the Allure Beauty Boxes on our front porch, but when hubby unlocked the mailbox, there are 4 La Mer green boxes with the samples of their signature products. Cream and serum. Yay for Amazon. 🙂

    • I thought they said you don’t get the signup gift of La Mer if you signed up with Amazon, it had to be from allure website so I’m ready to cancel.

  23. Hi,

    The Amazon box was not curated to ever include the Anastasia lipstick.( Personally, I’m happy because I like the brand’s brow products but not the other things).

    The boxes– I received 4 due to a shipping error or errors—- contain the following:

    1) Laura Geller eye pencil . I received 2 in shade ” Green River” and 2 in ” Midnight Blue”

    2) Natasha D. eye shadow single in a closeable compact . I got 4 shades of Morgana and luckily do like it very well.

    3) Luxie brush

    4) Pack of 2 Vita Liberata tan towels

    5) John Frieda Secret Weapon Frizz Ease Finishing Creme

    6) Rene Furterer Style Finish Vegetal Texture Spray- this is an aerosol can.

    7) Briogeo Farewell Frizz cream

    *** The variant products are both ADDITIONS, since the booklet shows the Briogeo product but the glossy full color heavy stock ” note” says it’s not included and the other two hair products are substitutes. They did pack the Biogeo in all 4 of my boxes

    One thing to note: If your box also has 7 products instead of 5, there will be an ORM-D sticker on the box end,

    I know some people have issues with receiving the ORM-D labeled boxes.

    This is a FAB little box for $15 shipped, and no tax. 🙂

  24. I received the Amazon box. There is no lipstick. A note states an unforeseen supplier shortage of Briogeo… but I got the sample tube of Briogeo Farewell Frizz. Instead of the lipstick, I received .88 oz Furterer Vegetal Texture Spray and 1oz Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Cream.
    Completing my box are the eyeliner in After Midnight, eyeshadow in Moranga, 2 tanning towels, and Luxie brush.

    • Hmm … so you got 2 hair product samples instead of the full size lipstick. That’s not great, but I didn’t like the shade of the lipstick anyway. I was looking forward to the Briogeo in travel size since I use and like it. I haven’t tried any of the 3 other hair products you got, so okay. Laura Geller’s eyeliners are outstanding, but I was hoping for any color but black.

  25. I subscribed in March. Per my tracking, my March box had arrived yesterday. Well it actually didn’t. They seriously sent me a small “La Mer” box with the little bonus items and that’s it. Like I was just going to be cool with that. I got charged for April, which would be fine if I had received March’s box instead of two microscopic samples labeled as bonus items. This company sucks. I wholeheartedly regret resubscribing and advise anyone considering subscribing to Allure to browse through comments in respect to their customer service. It’s lacking.

    • I don’t blame you for being annoyed – BUT I love the La Mer set! I would never try La Mer product$ on my own bc I have plenty of more affordable brands already so I was happy to receive that Allure gift.
      If you don’t receive your box soon you should definitely dispute the charge! (Yeah, it’s l a total pain.)

  26. I got charged today, I probably won’t get it until the 21st, since there are so many variants to pack.

  27. My sister in law already has her shipping notification. This is why I tell people to sub through Amazon. She taunts me every single month with a screenshot of her box shipping on the 1st.😂

  28. Im a little bugged, I subscribed to Allure on the 15th of March and still havent received my box. How long does it take to ship?

    • The April box will probably be your first box.

      Or if they said you will get the March box, give it another couple of weeks. They’re slow with the first box.

      Personally, I thought the March box was a disappointment.

    • I did as well. I called yesterday and was told the March box would ship this week and then I would get an April tracking next. I was charged again last night.

    • i´ve been subscribed to allure beauty box for over a year. I have yet to receive my march box even if i got an email 15 days ago claiming it had already shipped. I emailed customer service and their only response was ¨give it another week¨.

    • The first box takes 20 days from when you subscribed. I had the same issue and I actually received the next box first, but just be patient. I know it can be annoying because I’ve been in your shoes.

  29. I’m passed on last months box and I’m still unsure about this box.. i want to try natasha Dennis eyeshadow ,but everything else I’m not excited for… I do want to try the anastasia butnitsbto light for my complexion and will not work for me.

    • Nothing is ever too light. As a POC who leans more towards NW50, you can get away with the palest pinks and roses just by Investing in a lip liner. Personally NYX’s lipliner in Espresso is an exact dupe for MAC Chestnut and the quality is their too.

  30. I just now noticed this is another variation box! Possiblity of two eyeshadow shades, two different eyeshadow brushes and two different Briogeo products! If I don’t get the leave in conditioner, this box will be completely useless to me. Too late to cancel.

    • Actually 3 different eyeshadow shades

      • And various eyeliner colors

    • If you watch the video posted today, the extra item in the box will be one from past boxes. But it won’t be something you have already received? How’s that? I am hoping for the Sunday Riley retinol… fingers crossed. No eyeshadow palette please, Allure.

      • I watched it multiple times, and I take it mean that returning members might not get one of those items (not sure which) but one of those alternatives instead. So, I guess, if we have received all of those items already we won’t get the alternative items. It really was vague. I didn’t hear that returning members would get a bonus. Would be nice though! Even if it was a duplicate, I could regift it.

  31. Liz, I’m kinda lost on this page. Do you have the last format? Can we switch the format? I’m not sure why I feel kinda lost here. Or maybe I’m just not use to it.

  32. Other than the tanning towels I won’t use and lip color that will wash me out, this is an okay box. I can always use another eye brush, keeps me from having to wash my brushes as often 🙂

  33. As a dark-skinned person, this is a hard pass. My Feb box turned out to be pretty good so I was hoping something would be added for this, but the tan towels and lip color take the excitement out of this for me.

    • I actually almost did skip this box for the very 1st time ever simply because of the products and shades. I’m too dark for self tanner and the lippy. I’m not quite sure what the deal is with the “pink eye” looks in eyeshadows and I honestly do not need another black eyeliner or eyeshadow brush. The only item I would use is the Briogeo but my mom loves it so I’m giving it to her. The rest is going to be gifted or up for swaps.

      • Supposedly, the eyeliner will vary, as will the eyeshadow color.

        Agree on the lip color. That sort of pink seems to only look good on people who are Malibu Barbie color. I’m pretty pale and I really do not need another matches my natural lip color, if it’s matte.

      • I can’t afford to shop at Sephora very often but, at least their website allows you to use a pic of yourself to try stuff on. I noticed there’s 3 shades of eyeshadow, not 2. I’m getting really tired of the variations. I’m lucky our family is a rainbow. Once I get my box, I’ll take pics and start asking who wants what. I’m not at all happy about the last minute Briogeo varient.

      • So does L’Oreal. It’s starting to get more common.

      • Yay! I just noticed it Cosmetics does too!

  34. Isn’t it amazing how different we all are? There’s only one item I will use but my loves the Briogeo so she can have it. I won’t be able to use the other items. I’ll be gifting or swapping the rest due to my color and preferences. The eyeshadow color is a shade that will make me look ill. The lippy will make me look like a corpse. I’m saw to dark for any self tanner ever! I don’t need another eyeshadow brush or another black eyeliner. Good thing our family is like a rainbow!

  35. I am completely over eyeliners, Have a enough eyeko to open my own kiosk…lol And the tan wipes im not sure about..I’m a white ghost redhead. :-/

  36. I skipped this month. Nothing exciting here.

  37. Does anyone know if the LG gel liner is good for the waterline? I need a good liner for the upper waterline.

    • Urban decay 25/7 or too face perfect eyes are very pigmented for waterline

      • I love the Urban Decay!

    • Kelly, I have been using these Laura Geller eyeliners for a few years now and they do great on the waterline. All in all, I think they are a hidden gem.

  38. Most I’m seeing I like pure Hollywood. I’ve been looking at lipstick blogs for real life pics of it being worn

    • For my fairer skin looks like a nudey pink. For WOC it might pull differently.

  39. That color for the lipstick is really misleading; Pure Hollywood is a pale zombie nude. (I’d LOVE to receive a lippie in the terracotta color pictured!)

    The only thing I’m excited for here is the Natasha Denona eyeshadow; still thinking I might skip this month.

  40. OMG!! Awesome box!! Really looking forward to the Natasha Denona shadow. I like seeing something super high end.😁😁😁😁

  41. This box is awesome I am so excited for it. A lore is always killing it I love it.

  42. This box is useless to me. I’m waiting for May!

  43. I hope the liner I get is not black. Please no more black liner. Not sure about the lipstick. Hope I can wear that color. Sometimes the real color is different then what is pictured.

    • Nat: The colors of eyeliners in this line are many. I have about 5 of them and they are really a great liner. Don’t knock it till you try them…I would bet you’ll like them.

      • Except for black….

  44. What’s up with the Moda brush? I certainly hope that’s for new subs considering the rest of us already got it in February. The only thing I was slightly excited for was the Luxie brush, I’m going to be pissed if they send the Moda instead.

    • The Moda is for new subscribers.

      • Good to know, thanks Becca!

  45. I still have not received my March box! Cs keeps telling me they will let me know when it ships. Is this happening to anyone else? It has never happened to me before. It is always late but not this late.

    • First time for me, too! I got my Amazon March box weeks ago!

    • I got my March box super early (like before anyone else, it may have even been the last week of February), but no February box at all. CS said don’t worry, Feb is definitely coming. It did, I literally just got my Feb box, so they are having shipping craziness…which is kind of as usual.

      • This is super annoying! But thank you both, this gives me hope. Lol! I’ll keep on waiting.

  46. I’m happy to try a new eyeliner and a ND eyeshadow. Both items are new to me. The rest is just icing.

  47. Yay! I love all the makeup in the box.

    Only thing I’m not excited about is the eyeliner as I have enough of these already from subs to open a small shop.

    • Steph, I have about 5 of LAURA GELLER eyeliners and they are great. They work in the waterline or on top of the eye. They are smudgeable at first and then if yo let it sit for a bit, it becomes pretty unmovable. Try the one you get, I would bet you will like it (and take it from someone who has far more eyeliners than any one person should have).

  48. Not happy this month is mostly makeup I won’t use😕

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