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Target Beauty Boxes Available In Stores – New Boxes!

We now have the info on all three beauty boxes Target is offering in stores only! (Thank you, Christi and Frances, for sending in these pictures for us!)

Look for these in the beauty section. They are $7 each. I recommend calling your store before making the trip just to make sure they have them. (FYI – last time Target did this, they also sold the boxes later online, so I suspect we’ll see these boxes on their website soon-ish.)

Here are all of the boxes:

  • Pixi Rose Tonic
  • Native Lavender & Rose Deodorant
  • Method Body Wash Pure Peace
  • Garnier SkinActive Rose Mist Spray
  • Garnier SkinActive Rose Water 3-in-1 Moisturizer Packette

  • Miss Spa Hydrate Facial Sheet Mask
  • Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack
  • up4 Probiotic + Prebiotic Gummies
  • Native Coconut + Vanilla Deodorant

  • Yes to Grapefruit Vitamin C Glow-Boosting Peel Off Mask
  • Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash
  • Up&Up Premium Cotton Rounds
  • Dove Dry Shampoo Volume & Fullness
  • Dove Derma Care Dryness & Itch Relief Shampoo

What do you think of these in-store Target Beauty Boxes? Are you going to grab any? Want to see them reviewed?

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Target Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (54)

  1. I wanted to try the Rose one, but not bad enough to hunt for it. I serendipitously found it this morning at a Target I don’t frequent as much, so picked it up.

    Let. me. tell. you…

    The sizes on these things are bananas. The size body wash is they typical travel-sized that we have seen in previous boxes, and that looks full sized next to the other three! The mask is a foil packet. The face hydration spray is in a perfume vial on a card, and the deodorant is about the size of a chapstick. I am not playing. I’m not even sure how I will get that adequately in my pits to try it.

    Now, I haven’t tried anything, so can’t speak to the quality, but after many, many Target boxes, I thought I knew what to expect…

    • Wow, and I thought the *spoilers* were disappointing! 🤤

  2. Targets by me don’t have them yet 🙁 I’ve been to 5 and 1 target looked at me like WTH? Are you talking about lol, I was like OMG NVM , I’ll go back mid April jeez .. wish they could just sell them online .. the Walmart beauty boxes were pretty good for $9.00 full size products I got the eyes , lips, and hair box there all pretty good for the price 😁👍

  3. I haven’t seen any of the boxes appear in any Targets near me. but, I think I re-call the beauty boxes appearing in my area mid-April. last year.

  4. I notice there is not any make-up like mascara or lip glosses etc…etc…I think that is the downer there is not a healthy mixture of products.

    • I agree! These boxes aren’t as versatile as the ‘18 Spring boxes. Last year one of the boxes had a full-Elf face pallet and brush. So, I’m also not liking the fact this years in store boxes have foil packets. Since, all the Spring ‘18 boxes with the exception of the all mask box. All came with travel size stuff. Not to mention these boxes are a re-hash of products sent within the last 6 months or so.

  5. Most of the products shown are available in Target’s sample section individually. You can pick which ones you want instead of buying a box with items you actually don’t want.

    • Where’s their sample section?

  6. My Target store said they won’t have these until April. FYI

    • So frustrating! Nobody at Target knew anything about these, including a young woman who claimed she would know since she was in charge of the beauty concierge. I showed her the display picture from MSA on my phone and she said they didn’t have them and hadn’t heard anything about them. It seems like something similar happened last year.
      Target — get on the ball! When you come up with a product and people show up at your store with money to buy it you should have it in stock. If for some reason your stocking process is running late your staff should at least know the projected arrival date. This is Business 101! With all of the other Beauty Boxes around you’d think they’d get their act together!

      • I am becoming very frustrated with Target selectively pushing things to stores. I get all sorts of recommendations or coupons, specifically to be used at Target, and the item is not at any Target within 100 miles.

      • I don’t think it’s running late. I think Target decided to sell them at different times in different parts of the country. More, then likely in some parts of the country the boxes sell better when marketed during Easter. And, sell better if geared towards Mother’s Day. That’s my guess. Because, last year my area didn’t get the beauty boxes until 2 wks after Easter. And, they flew off the shelves for Mother’s Day. And, once again this year they have yet to appear. So, I think it has more to do with Will the box sell better in your area for Easter or Mother’s Day?

  7. I think I’d rather take $7 and wander down the travel size aisle and curate my own “box!”

    • Right?! You can pick your own samples at Target.

  8. I was looking forward to these, but wow, they are sad! I’ve gotten the Native deodorant samples from other places (for free) and they are teeny tiny. Same for the Garnier rose stuff.

    • I thought it all looked small, so thank you for letting us know!

  9. This is at least the second round of the instore beauty boxes. I found some instore on clearance a few weeks ago. They were different than these but still only had only 4 products in them. Nobody was buying them at $7 and they went on clearance for $4 something. They weren’t even worth $4 imo.

    • Good to know…

  10. The rose box looks good but I would not make a special trip for it. The other two and the display stand are not impressive. The amount of packaging & promotional waste is unbelievable.

  11. Liz if you feel like doing a review I would enjoy that. Its really up to you. Thanks for all you do here!

  12. I wish they’d do another dermstore box. That one was great.

    • You mean the BeautyFix box? It comes out every month.

      • Target did a dermastore box at Christmas time. It was awesome! Hopefully they do another one this year! Until then I love beautyfix!

      • Oh I missed that box, darn. Yes BeautyFix is awesome!

    • Seconded!

    • I’m still sad I didn’t jump on that one right away!

  13. I don’t even care what the price is. I’m not going to give these a glance should I see them in my Target. That they actually think we will spend money on these is insulting. Especially after those AWESOME boxes Walmart recently had!!
    Wow, never thought I’d see Walmart one-up Target!!!

    • Which ones were those? I canceled my Walmart box awhile back and the last spoilers I saw were bad.

      • They weren’t the Walmart subscription boxes but big boxes with full-size products in store. I bought 5 of them! Having two daughters, I didn’t think we’d waste much if any. We loved the products so much, I wish I’d bought more.

      • Everything is still available, only the salon hair care and the skincare ones are sold out.

      • The Walmart boxes weren’t the subscriptions ones. Walmart released some favorites boxes maybe 1 month ago or so. You could purchase them in store for $9.99. Those were awesome. I bought 3 different ones. Lots of full size products and some samples

      • MSA posted about them in early February. You can search “Walmart” to get an idea of what was in them. 🙂

      • Most of them are actually still available, at least online.

      • Ah, that seems so long ago in sub box time, hahaha! I saw those but wasn’t excited by them. Thanks, everyone!

  14. Really Target?? That last one with the one Cotton Round and the Men’s Body Wash is almost insulting. Of course the one with only 4 items one of which is a gummy prebiotic is equally terrible. They aren’t even trying.

  15. It’s a pass for me. Too many packs and not enough items. Hopefully they have a better one in April or May.

  16. I’ll pass on all of them. More of them for the people who love it!

  17. Is it just me or they have been getting worse?

    • Yea I haven’t been impressed lately either but it looks like most people still love them.

    • I agree, Elizabeth. I use to look forward to these boxes each month. Sometimes, I’d get up early to make sure I got one. Now, they are “meh” to me. I definitely wouldn’t make a special trip to get these in-store boxes.

      • I’m the same. I’d set alerts to remind me to check, but they have went downhill, I haven’t bought one in months.
        My nearest Target store is 100+ miles away so I certainly won’t be making the trip.. Lol Though when they come out online I may get some for the other bridesmaids and bride, they would be handy for us on the wedding day.

    • Twins! This was the First thing that came to my mind as I scrolled down to look at the comments–LOL

  18. I won’t be making a special trip after work to Target for these, but Target is on my way to the grocery store, so I’ll check it out then to see if they have the rose one in stock (it won’t be until this weekend, so I wouldn’t doubt if they’re sold out by then). I love the Pixi rose tonic, and I’d love to try that Native deodorant. I’ve tried a few samples of that Garnier face mist and liked it, and I wouldn’t mind trying everything else in the box too!

  19. I’d like to get the rose one. Want to try deodorant and rose tonic. I have used that body wash and I like it. The other boxes, I just don’t see the value. Especially red one.

  20. meh. i suspect they’ll be in the clearance bin soon. they used to have at least one full sized makeup item, now its just a few sample sizes and how many samples of shampoo/conditioner does anyone need?

  21. I was excited until I looked at what was in them! Easy pass on all three

  22. Eh 😒
    I don’t think the value is even there.

  23. These are light on a couple items each.

    • Yep.

  24. If I see them at my Target (I doubt it, we’re semi-rural), I’ll get the rose one. *Thank you* to the ladies who obtained the details on the contents!

  25. Absolutely not! These are terrible compared to their monthly boxes. Wtf are they thinking????

    • Last year these boxes were so great, i bought two of each. These are terrible! Strange.

      • No kidding, I found so many great hair products from last years batch of themed boxes! This year, these dont even compare favorably to the walmart favorites boxes that were out a couple of months ago.

  26. Cool! I’ll check my sure tomorrow!

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