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Luxor Box March 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have the spoilers for the March 2019 Luxor box! (Thank you, Joy!)

Each March Luxor Box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

(Luxor Box is $139 a box). Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about this box!

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Comments (82)

  1. Beware.. I received only the earrings as a “shipping error ” and a card inviting me on a new journey April 10th. Something is clearly happening with this box!!

    • I’m pretty sure they are ending the sub box and opening up a shopping website instead.

    • They are going quarterly and raising the price of the box to $175. They are not honoring the original grandfathered pricing and doubt they will honor the gilt deal. I have sent a request to have the money they took out of my PayPal account refunded. If they dont refund I will file a claim with paypal.

      • If it helps this is the email I just received from Luxor Box :

        We have some exciting changes happening over the next few months, and we want you to be the first to know.

        The first Luxor Box shipped in Spring 2015. In 2018 we implemented a plan to make your experience more streamlined and simplified, but we’ve identified some areas where we can still enhance the experience we provide, and that has us really excited about what we’re about to share!

        Starting in summer 2019, Luxor Box will become a Quarterly Box.

        That’s right! Luxor Box will ship every 3 months, with a total of four exclusive luxury boxes each year, starting July 2019. Our boxes will ship in July, October, January, and April.

        Now that March boxes have shipped, the next box will be the July box.

        Why the change?
        We want to give each member the attention they deserve by providing a world-class experience combined with the most sought-after luxury goods we can provide.

        What does this mean for my pre-paid boxes?

        ALL of your remaining boxes will be fulfilled as planned, but it will be on the new shipping schedule.

        For example, if you have 2 shipments remaining after March, they will be sent in July and October (instead of May and July).

        If you’ve already received all the boxes from your Gilt voucher, you’ll have the option to start a new subscription when the site opens for new members this summer. You will not be auto-subscribed to the new plan.
        You have to wait a little bit longer between your boxes, but you get a lot more value!
        After your Gilt voucher has been fulfilled, you can re-subscribe to the new membership if you would like to. The new membership will be $175 quarterly, and each box will have a retail value of $400+!
        ​​​​What to expect from us
        As we work through this transition, here’s what you can expect from us:

        Full transparency. We will be clear with details regarding recurring billing and when you’ll be charged for your seasonal box. All of your financial data is secure through our payment processors.

        Clear communication. We’ll keep you updated on our progress, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at what we’re doing.

        Customer service. Our team is prepared to answer your questions and assist with any account changes you need to make.
        Partner with us
        We want your input! We will be asking for your thoughts and opinions a few times this summer, and we greatly appreciate your input. Our goal is to provide you with a world-class experience, but we can’t do that without your feedback. We strive to make sure your next box is always better than your last. Stay tuned for these emails!

  2. Well something is definitely happening with them.. after multiple emails I finally got a tracking # but all that came today was a manilla envelope with only the earrings and a black sealed envelope with a card that states “We are redefining Luxury and you are invited to join us on this journey” details coming via email April 10, 2019. All that I want to know is where is the rest of the box that i paid for Luxor? Do you really think that I am going to join you on a journey?? I have not seen luxury in the 3 boxes that I have received so what is going to change? Call me a skeptic and a disillusioned customer

  3. Their website has changed where you can’t even subscribe until May so something is up. I’m really curious to see how they’re gonna honor people who bought the annual gift deal who still have two boxes left.

  4. This looks totally disappointing with overly inflated retail values. Just NO!

    • I like it. The bracelet’s value is in the small diamond piece; the bracelet wraps around and you push the ends through, like a belt. It’s delicate and actually pretty.

      The earrings are cute; about same quality as all box jewelry and not meant to go with everything.

      Votives are versatile; mine are holding sample eye creams and serums in medicine cabinet.

      Laritzy is okay; nice to have for summer.

      The box seems a bit “lighter” than the norm; but I’m much happier than any FFF box I’ve received for the same price.

      • I thought this box is $139, and FFF is only $50.

        This is underwhelming especially for the price point.

      • Oh never mind. I saw people’s comments that Gilt has this for $40. I would still prefer FFF though. And I prefer Testtube over FFF.

  5. This is hilarious! I can’t even imagine paying $40 for this, let alone the regular price. I used to subscribe to this box awhile back and I can truly say that I don’t regret canceling this one. The items in this box look like something my 70 year old grandma would enjoy… but for like $30.

    • i laughed so hard…

  6. Lost me at Laritzy.

  7. When I signed up with the gilt deal, I was hoping for the nice jewelry I used to swap from this box, mottaheda items and rose et Marius. This is my 3rd box and I have yet to be impressed by anything. In my first box, they sent the Halcyon watch, that I just saw last week has something on watchface, like a wrinkle. Second box was saved by the face cream and there’s nothing exciting in this box. I like delicate style jewelry. You need other person’s help to tie the bracelet. The votives look like from ikea and I don’t do contouring. It is a waste even at $40.

    • Check to see if it is a plastic film piece on the face of your watch. It is really hard to see but may be your issue

  8. This is definitely the worst box since i subbed for the gilt deal but it is what it is. I actually like the wrap bracelet(not for $120…) but how the heck do you wear it???? Do you just keep wrapping it around and hope it stays without unraveling?!! Seriously i don’t get it. Anyone know????

    • Yeah I don’t get it. It almost looks like a strip of velvet ribbon you could buy at a fabric/craft store. This particular box makes me feel a little better about missing out on that major deal on Gilt. 😄

      • Although if I only paid $40 a box I would’ve been happy with this box for the earrings alone. I’m not usually a pearl wearer but these are so unique!

  9. The earrings remind me of the ones that come in a set along with a matching “pearl” necklace and plastic “high heels”, in a little girl’s dress up kit from the Dollar Store. And the LaRitzy makeup is Dollar Store quality, as well… I definitely expected more from “a world-class membership to luxury goods”…how Luxor bills themselves on their website.

    • Ha! You’re so right about the earrings!

      They remind me of earrings I had to buy and and wear many years ago when I was a bridesmaid. We all had to buy a matching set of giant pearl and gold overpriced plastic junk…earrings, a necklace, a bracelet and even shoe clips! Ugggghhhhh…I had forgotten all about it until now. I was traumatized by the tackiness (and the price) of that jewelry back then and now I’m having deja vu. I guess if I try to find the positive, at least we didn’t get a whole set of this fake pearl stuff. So there’s that. 🙂

  10. On work trip – and the box is on my doorstep awaiting my return:) I bought the Gilt deal… so for $40 or so per box – I’m ok. Will not continue the subscription post the Gilt deal. That said – I’ve certainly gotten my $’s worth. The watch was gorgeous and is my “go to” casual. With this month – well…. maybe not what I’d consider “luxe” – but… fun pair of earrings and bracelet – certainly worth $40. I’ve been on the subscription box train for # of years now – and starting to think that all has run its course (at least if been on the train from the beginning!). I hate shopping – so still fun to get something in the mail – just not the value from days when there was little competition. Ah – for the “good ‘ol days” lol!

  11. So, I tried on the earrings, for trying sake.. It is so big, over the top, and so not me. But I will wear it in the casual weekend or party. They will be great conversation starter. I even turn it so it look like it’s climbing upward and it’s a different look. I did have to get a different back to properly support it. I mean I would not buy these myself, but since I got lemons, might as well make some lemonade with it.

    Other stuff, I guess someone in my neighborhood will get to enjoy them.

    Still do not know if I will stay with the sub…

  12. For those saying what do you expect with so many Gilt vouchers the answer is alot more than this. This box is not anywhere near the level of a FFF box. I was trying to be optimistic. I actually like pearls. But these are HUGE and seriously fake looking. Then you gave nasty makeup and a piece of velvet ribbon with o.o3 gm of topaz (I think that is what the website says). I agree the votive holders are nice but I’d pay $10 for the pair. Not often I get on to say something is worse in person than on the website. Now I really liked the watch from a few boxes ago…. I did 6 boxes and still have 3 to go :(. Rather go back to Oui Please

  13. Regarding the ‘Gilt City deal what do you expect’ comments… as a business sometimes you need to take a loss to make a profit in the long run. So while I am one who took the Gilt deal, they’ve lost the opportunity to keep me as a full-price paying customer after I stop getting the discounted boxes. I’m guessing others feel the same?

    Poor business decision.

    • Totally agree – I had prepared myself (and my wallet) for absolutely loving Luxor and renewing at full price once my Gilt offer ended based on previous boxes. But after this, my money is safe!

  14. I received my box today and not my favorite but I did like the votive holders and the bracelet. I received the black version and love the little diamond accents. Not sure about the earrings and will give the makeup to my granddaughter. I was curious about the card inside stating they are redefining luxury coming April 10th.

  15. I think they are going to change their subscription model. In addition to the junky items, there was a black envelope stating “we are defining luxury and you are invited to join us on this journey. Details April 10th in email. I think they are going to up the price and give choices for items and call it a deal. Can’t remember the last time they introduced a new brand in this box although I would be happy with all halcyon and mottahed items but no more poor quality items like this March box.

    • My guess is that they are ending the sub model starting next month and will just do a web store or a build your own box model.

      • Since they haven’t announced a spoiler yet and they usually announce the spoiler for the next box before the current box is even delivered, I think you are right that they are probably ending the subscription box. Given that a lot of people did 3 box GILT city deals, it makes sense that if they were going to end it that they would end it after the3 box GILT city deal is completed.

      • Some ppl still have 2 boxes left for the gilt annual deal.

    • I am so curious about this. I’ve only stayed because I am loocked in at $95. If they do away with the sub model, I’ll be kicking myself for sticking with it instead of doing the Gilt deal!

  16. Ewwwww. Wow! Opposite of Lux! So happy I did not buy!

  17. I had watched this sub for awhile and jumped at the Gilt deal to try it out. I feel awful for the people who pay full price for this. I hope they aren’t diminishing quality because of the Gilt City deal. I, and I’m sure others, would be willing to pay full price after the deal if the boxes had been quality. This feels more like a “we’re going out of business, but we need to fulfill our obligation to these people first,” sort of thing.

  18. Also since the majority of their subscribers don’t pay full price and with so many using the Gilt deal what were people expecting? You’re simply not going to get a super high end luxe box for 40.00. When the Gilt deal was announced many of us warned that the quality was going to drop.

    • I actually thought the same thing would happen when OuiPlease offered a huge discount and I chose to let me subscription lapse. But that appears to have been a bad move as OuiPlease has actually gotten better since they offered the discount. I sooooo wish I had reupped that sub instead of this one. (Sigh)

      • Exactly how I feel. OP has been killing it and Luxor hasn’t even been worth the $40/box I paid for it. This one is worse than any of the old Popsugar boxes that were $40 full price.

      • You can Sign up now with the OUI Please deal! This next box looks awesome & I just reupped last night myself!

    • You expect what’s advertised and these guys claimed luxury at a cost of $139. And as long as they are still selling this sorry excuse for a box to a single person at $139 then they need to step up for them.

    • The problem is I wouldn’t pay $40 for this box and get rid of nearly everything in it.

    • Sally, A discount is a discount, don’t offer it if you can’t afford it. It shouldn’t have affected the quality of the box at all, considering they have actual subscribers that pay full price, not just people who signed up with a temporary discount. This box isn’t $40! It’s $140. The temporary discount isn’t their price. That logic seriously makes no sense. That’s like your favorite luxe skincare going on sale, but they take out all the good ingredients in exchange…That’s Not how discounts are supposed to work.

  19. After the travel voucher mess I’m truly stunned that anyone still subscribes to this box. Looks like FOMO and the obsessive need for more stuff overrides common sense around here.

    • That’s not very nice

  20. I’m assuming these boxes are so bad because of the Gilt deal. I mean really why would they do amazing high end boxes if most of the subscribers are paying only 40.00 or so. I predict once everyone’s Gilt deal expires the box will either end or go back to being a little bit better. I’ll be honest though and say after the travel voucher debacle I am truly stunned that anyone is still giving them business. Looks like FOMO overrides common sense around here.

  21. Looks as though they are about to fold and just putting out boxes to fulfill obligation & without regard to keeping customers. Or they over extended themselves like Oui Please did a while back and don’t have the funds to get quality items. Laritzy is in far too many budget boxes and I’ve had enough of their products to say they are definitely not Luxury. Oui Please bounced back FINALLY but I don’t know if Luxor will.

  22. This whole box is a bust! The awful ‘pearl’ earrings, so cheap looking, $138, just no.
    Laritzy, both I’ve gotten and donated before.
    A velvet bracelet with miniscule diamond, that I got in tan. I don’t do tan/taupe/beige anything. $120 is ridicules.
    The only thing I do like is the pink votive holder, the clear will go to my daughter or donated. I’d be seriously ticked off if I paid full price, since I’m really unhappy spending $39.

  23. You can get a bracelet exactly like that at Michael’s for 11.99… And they have a 40% off coupon

  24. BTW on their website the bowls are referred to as votives but they say you can find other uses for them.

    So breakdown of what LUXOR feels is worth your $139. (I’m doing it off that price because there are still people paying that and in my opinion that is the box price they should be delivering at if it is still listed).

    Lelet NY Mercury Pearl Studs – $138.
    You Pay $58.79
    Kosta Boda Bruk Anything Bowl in Clear & Pink – $9.95 each
    You Pay $4.24 each
    La Soula Jewelry Velvet Topaz Wrap Bracelet in Navy, Black, or Tan – $120
    You Pay $51.12
    Laritzy Cosmetics Aloha Shade Stick – $24
    You Pay $10.22
    Laritzy Cosmetics Fuel Light Stick – $24
    You Pay $10.22

    So you pay more for Laritzy in breakdown than they entirety of numerous boxes you received Laritzy in…

  25. Omg, those earrings look like something the grandmother would wear and I am a grandmother myself. Would of never worn in the 80’s. Over 100$ for a sliver of velvet. Can’t even give this junk away

  26. Adding to the general sentiment of this being a huge ripoff. Hopefully someone from this box reads these comments. I’ve been interested in this one before, but based off of this quality and over inflated prices, I will not ever trust these people.

    • As one of the fools who got totally ripped off by this company last year when they had that box that included a travel voucher (the terms of which were completely ridiculous and never clearly disclosed) I’ve felt a sense of obligation to warn people off this box and this company. Out of morbid curiosity, I do look at spoilers/reviews from time to time and boy oh boy is this a bunch of overpriced junk.

  27. Ohhhh my goodness.
    I am truly sorry for any subscriber, most especially for those that have more than $40 tied up in this box.
    I have been wanting to see a lifestyle box from anyone that I love and will use the majority of and I it seems to be slim pickins this spring! Rather sad because I’ve never had the $ to get more than a $40 box (I’ve been able to get a few FFF boxes) and that was a big commitment/deal for me. I always want full spoilers before getting a box, it is just too much of a risk for me otherwise.
    I hope somebody comes out with a box I love and can afford soon!

  28. I did the 3 box voucher which just ran out and I’m happy to say that i don’t regret not having resubbed. Why is it that the quality on so many of these subs has plummeted? Play! youre next!

  29. Just got my box – atrocious! I think I’ve had these Laritzy products from a $10 Birchbox before.

    Bloody glad I did the gilt voucher because if I had paid $139 for this I’d be fuming!

    • Oh my god, I’ve just got the earrings out. My 5yo has toy earrings that are better quality than these! I wouldn’t pay $5 for them, let alone $138.

      • I have to agree. I just opened my box. I was trying to be hopefully optimistic that I would love the earrings when I saw them in person, but they are not my style at all. They are huge!

        The votive holders are actually quite nice in person, but they remind me of something I have seen at IKEA for just a few dollars.

        The La Soula bracelet is actually my favorite thing in the box, I got the black version, and I think I can wear it as a choker. I’m not a fan of the make-up at all, not a luxe brand or item in my opinion. Sadly, I am going to cancel this sub. They were once very nice.

  30. LaRitzy? In a luxury box? Nope, nope, nope.

  31. Wow. This is horrendously bad. The “bowls” seem out of place here, the wrap bracelet’s RV is comical, and I would be furious if I got Laritzy in a box I paid $100+ for. At that price point it should be a full size nice skincare item or something.

    I feel for y’all who paid full price for this hot mess.

  32. I….just…don’t know what to say. This is depressing. 😔

  33. They have finally convinced me to cancel my subscription even though I am grandfathered in at the original price. This box is just awful! Overpriced and junky. Well I guess I am now going to save $47 a month.

  34. I paid full price, and I am very disappointed. La Ritzy is about as luxe as Manna Kadar (obviously, I think Manna Kadar is trash). This may be my last annual subscription to Luxor.

  35. Glad I ended this sub long ago. Meh – pass

  36. This box has finally pushed me over the edge to cancel. Even though I am grandfathered in at the old price, this box is so bad that it is time to stop wasting my money.

  37. Nothing screams “luxury” like made-in-China cosmetics, LOL 🙄. So glad I’m already finished with my Gilt deal…there’s not a thing in here I want, and the “values” are ridiculous—$120 for a suede bracelet?

  38. Ha ha ha ha ha *wipes tears* ha ha ha ha! $139? Hard pass.

    • Yeah, totally.

  39. Just got my box and very disappointed. The bowls are essentially votive holders so of the entire box the only items I’ll use and found alright. The main item which are the pearl earrings will be a gift because they are not my style at all and they look cheap. The gold is very gaudy and reminds me of something I would’ve used back in the 80’s. Maybe is the look they are going after but not my preference. The makeup I don’t need since I have other beauty subscription boxes that have sent me other highlighters. I also don’t contour so these will be a gift also. The wrap bracelet I am still on the fence it’s just I can’t figure out how to wear it yet. But there is no way this bracelet is worth the price they claim. For $40 I am not happy with the items and for $125 I would be livid. It’s a shame really for customers that pay full price. Once my yearly Gilt voucher is over I will definitely be cancelling.

    • How can you tell when it is going to be over? Do you have to cancel or will it ask you to re-new? Thank you! I plan on not renewing as well. This box was a joke.

      • If you log into your account it should tell you the date your account is set to renew. I did the annual so mine says June1. Make sure to cancel before then to avoid being charged again!

  40. Maybe they’re about to lower their price point? The new $20 box category?

    • Yeah, totally.

  41. I absolutely LOVE the earrings, but holy cow no way would I pay $140 for this box. No suede bracelet is worth over $100 and the rest of the items are filler.

    If I’d gotten the Gilt deal, I would have been semi cool, except I feel like their old boxes were much better? If they’re changing their business model, they should just do it, and not phone it in like this. I think the writing might be on the wall for this one, guys.

    • That bracelet isn’t suede, it’s velvet. Yuck, and of course I got the tan one, which is awful. $120?!? Yeah, no.

      • Interesting. I didn’t open mine because I listed it for swap. When you click the link it says suede….

  42. Yikes. This is disturbingly bad. Thankfully it’s my last month for the gilt deal…

  43. I wonder if they decided to really cheapen this box after the gilt deal? This is my third box and I’ve not been impressed by any of them yet. Thank goodness I only paid $40 a box because I would be furious if I had paid $125 for this.

  44. Those “bowls” are so tiny. 2 inches high by 2.3 inches wide.

  45. I’d be pretty mad to spend $140 on a box and get LaRitzy items… Just saying, not saying they’re bad; but I’ve only heard of them in the sub box world and they’re not good.

  46. That is… unimpressive. And enough with the Laritzy in every sub box already.

  47. Do they even care about keeping customers? Seems like they’re putting boxes together just because they have orders to fill.

  48. I paid about $40 and I’m questioning whether it was worth it. I’d be really unhappy at $139!

    • No kidding I’m literally keeping the $10 “bowl” and donating the rest!

  49. Dang – wouldn’t pay $25 for this box. Yikes!

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