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FYI – Goodbeing Subscriptions Ending

Goodbeing Box June 2017

Unfortunately, Goodbeing is ending all subscriptions effective immediately. (Thanks, Nancy and These for the heads up.)

Important – if you are a current subscriber and paid for any boxes you haven’t received – Goodbeing isn’t automatically refunding you. Instead, you have to file a chargeback with your credit card company. 


First, our sincere apologies for the recent lapse in communication. It’s been a very difficult time as we explored all options to prevent this. It is with heavy hearts and deepest remorse that we write to inform you that due to many circumstances, among them, failed anticipated funding, a slow in business, increased costs and increased market pressure, Goodbeing is no longer financially able to operate and therefore has closed for business.

This is a heartbreaking end to our 7-year journey and mission to support healthier beauty & natural wellness and help customers find better products and companies they love. This is not how we envisioned Goodbeing’s end, but at this point, there are no other options available.

No further boxes will be shipped and no further dues will be collected. If you have paid for service that will not be received, you may be able to file a claim or dispute with your credit card company or bank for the amount paid for services not received, the amount paid divided by the number of months of service not received.

If it is determined that you have paid for services not rendered in full, you will receive further email and/or written correspondence in the coming weeks.

Thank you for the role you have played in growing the natural beauty & wellness market to help support positive change. We are grateful for you prior patronage and for your support and understanding.


The Goodbeing Team

Written by MSA


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Comments (89)

  1. Well now I know why I never received the box and they aren’t answering my emails! Ordered at the end of Feb.

  2. Got a snail mail letter today that Goodebox filed for bankruptcy.

    • That’s not good. I hope nobody is expecting a refund.

  3. So, today I got an email that my Goodbeing gift subscription was ending. And that I’d get one more box? Then it offered that I could subscribe to the regular or the mini. Which…what??? Out of curiosity, I clicked the link, but there is no option to subscribe on the site. Which is good, because what if someone didn’t realized they’d ended but gave them their money? Still, it seems they should update their website to say subscriptions have ended. There’s nothing on there about it.

  4. On March 11, I disputed the latest GB charge on my Capital One card via the app on my phone & was immediately credited the full amount. Got a snail mail letter today saying that Capital One considers the matter closed.

  5. I was once a vendor with Goodbeing and though they might have had great CS with their customers, I can certainly tell you being in their sub-box was a disappointment and based on my experience & my partner’s experience, we refused to do business with them again. They don’t pay vendors enough to cover the cost of the goods ordered. Instead, they offer a “shared cost” where they were upfront saying that they don’t pay the full cost, but their selling point is that in exchange, it would be a win-win as we would get the exposure, promotion and recognition a small business needs. Looking back, my company did more promoting the box than they did.

    I didn’t want to do business with them as I felt that it wasn’t fair for a small business to lose money, handing over a large quantity of products to them while the made profit off of the box. My business partner wanted to do the box so I co-operated. Also, I found it to be strange that they wanted us to ship our products to them and absorb the shipping costs to get it to their warehouse. When I questioned them on this, I was given a lecture that my question about shipping costs was not in good taste, but in the end, I was able to get them to pay for half of the shipping costs.

    I have to be honest here, time has gone on, and my business has done really well. There have been only a handful of bad experiences for me, but when I think of Goodbeing, I count them as one of the negative experiences. I don’t feel bad for them as they have profited from the vendors supplying the boxes. We learned our lesson.

    • How do you think sub boxes work? Of course they don’t pay full price for the merchandise.

  6. Aw, this is such a bummer! 🙁

    I just cancelled in January (luckily, now) but subbed for a long time and always enjoyed their box. Great value, generous sizes, and extensive personalization options. I did feel like a few brands were repeated often, but only cancelled due to current product overload. I’d hoped to sub again after a few months’ break!

    It’s sad to see a small box go under like this.. It seemed like they were finally gaining more traction lately too. At least, as others have mentioned, there are other new green beauty boxes out there – but none quite the same.

  7. I am sad to read this. I’ve been with them a long time. Goodbeing will be missed.

  8. Was my favorite beauty box and introduced me to so many natural brands! <3 Thank you for what we had, Goodbeing! I haven't been a subscriber for at least a year because of too many products to get through.

    They were always straight-up with me and I look at this letter as more of the same — I've never seen a business tell customers to make sure they get any money they are owed, never been told to file a CC dispute rather than waiting months and wasting my own time finding out a refund wasn't coming. Telling people from the get go that they unexpectedly don't have their financing or the cash flow to do it themselves is remarkably honest. Goodebox indeed 'til the end!!

    Thanks for a great run guys — when I finally run out of products, you'll be greatly missed.

  9. I cancelled in October. I had other subs I stuck with instead. Thanks for the 4 years! (On and off relationship with box). I absolutely loved it. But thank goodness I dont have to go through the mess they left everyone else… Sorry gals.

  10. I don’t know about that. FFF just topped one million, Pop Sugar and Ipsy Plus have waiting lists. It seems to me the smaller boxes are being squeezed out by greater competition and the buying power of the major players. It’s sad but I tend to think there will be fewer boxes and less variety but that sub boxes themselves aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    • The smaller boxes limit themselves. You are comparing a box with exclusions (things must be vegan, cruelty-free, etc.) with boxes that don’t impose such exclusions. They are smaller, but cannot outprice themselves out of competition, and cannot subsist on the prices that they can charge. I am sorry to see them go, but it is not really surprising.

    • The difference is FFF had a successful round of funding. Goodbeing did not.

  11. Alternatives could also be, Beauty Fix or Nourish. I love them both but, am getting ready to cancel due to an overload only.

  12. My favorite sub, had it for at least 5 years and they always had great customer service and good curation. Read the email last night and checked my account; 3 boxes remaining. It’s weird but I can’t find it in my heart to pursue a chargeback. It feels like when you loan a friend money and know they just can’t pay it back, possibly ever. Guess I’m just sad over this, so bless and release.

  13. And this is why I never pay for a multi-month subscription. It’s too risky. Though I am a worrier by nature, so that probably plays into it.

  14. So sad. This has always been my favorite box! I prefer getting samples or deluxe sizes, rather than full sizes, so I can try more products. I canceled Vegan Cuts about a year ago, but may have to reconsider them as a replacement.

  15. Great box with awesome curation of products and wonderful customer service. It will definitely be missed!

    I am glad that I was on a month-to-month, though! Hope everyone can get their money back on what they prepaid!

    Makes you wonder what other boxes are having troubles/getting ready to stop. Ugh.

  16. Very sad, they were a great box. I canceled about a year ago bc of product overload, but was definitely one of my favorites.
    Never had any issues with them while I was subbing, customer service was great.

    Will definitely be missed

  17. I’ve received 2 boxes out of a 6 months gift subscription that I bought myself around thanksgiving weekend. My credit card (through chase) isn’t listing transactions earlier than Nov 27 and the charge is probably from about a week before that, so it may be just old enough that I can’t contest it. It comes out to about $70 of boxes that I didn’t receive so it’s not nothing, but it’s not the end of the world if I have to eat it. I’ll call Chase, but any thoughts?

    (As others have said, this makes me sad. I’ve tried a lot of different boxes over the last year and I really liked Good Being. They had a good array of products and real brands that were generally fairly novel for a subscription box.)

    • Well I called the CC company and they took care of it no problem. I’m still sad about all of it.

      For those of you who had only had 1 or 2 boxes remaining on a subscription you may not be able to contest through your card company. Mine has a $50 minimum.

      • I have disputed a charge of 7.99. I don’t think they even tried to get the money back from the vendor, they just put the credit on my account. I imagine it wasn’t worth their time. (But it was with mine, obviously)

    • Definitely call. I have never heard of a company refusing to process because the charge was too new. Sometimes they want you to try to resolve things with the vendor first but that’s obviously not applicable here.

  18. They were one of my favorites. They offered really high-quality products – I always wondered how they did it. They were also very sincere. Sad for the owners who put lots of heart into this.

  19. After years of seeing this box I finally subbed in November and it quickly became one of my favorite boxes as every item each month was new to me and natural. It does seem like some of the better subs are closing down.

    I always charge everything on my Amex and they make it so easy to file a dispute online. It took me all of one minute to complete the process and Amex immediately issued a credit to my account. Peace of mind is the main reason I always reach for this card. For those who have not filed a dispute before, it is not too difficult and usually can be done online.

  20. It is sad to see this one go. I had just canceled my 5 year sub at the end of February due to cutting back on everything. I can honestly say that the customer service I experienced the two times I had issues was beyond my expectations. I hope that those who are owed money are able to get refunds.

  21. I was wondering why my March box hadn’t shipped yet and their website hasn’t been updated since January for my box contents. This is sad, it is supposed to be the last box of my 6 month subscription. I’ve never filed a chargeback with my credit card, how do you go about it?

    • I was supposed to get the last box of my 6-month subscription too 🙁 I’m not too hopeful since the charge is from September 2018. Since the charge was over 4 months ago (limit from Chase), I couldn’t automatically file a dispute. I sent a message and will call if that’s not enough.

    • I have called my credit card company in the past. They may ask you for some sort of documentation showing Goodbeing is closed, so you’ll most likely have to email them as well with either a screenshot of this post, or forwarding the email you got from Goodbeing to them citing your case #. Generally (in my experience), the process is very easy & quick.

    • Chase is usually great with that kind of thing, probably best to call and talk to someone. I found out the hard way when I got burned by little lace box…also the reason I usually only do month to month now.

  22. What?! So they are not refunding people, and everyone will have to do all the work themselves to dispute the charges? That’s dirty! Goodbeing must be all out of money and will probably file for bankruptcy.

  23. This is so sad! I was going to get a 6 month sub as a late bday gift to myself as I loved my last sub with them!
    I mean I am glad I didn’t already get it but I wish they hadn’t gone under D;
    I may try vegan cuts again though it just wasn’t my fave and boxwalla is too expensive for me goodbeing was that perfect in the middle box! 🙁
    Also – not a fan of this trend of good boxes going under!!

    • Maybe try Kinder box, the Organic Bunny, the Detox box, or Pearlesque box?
      Goodbeing was my fave so totally disappointed by this news when I got the email.

      • In addition to those options, there’s Petit Vour, Beauty Heroes, Art of Organics Clean The Beauty, Love Goodly, etc. MSA has a post for clean/vegan/specialty beauty.

      • Petit Vour is super-fun, especially since you earn points for reviewing products in the box.

  24. Sad, they had far and away best customer service I’ve ever received from a sub box and great products, too. I was just looking at the site today, wondering if I should sign up.

  25. Vegan Cuts has a Beauty box and a Make–up box all natural I have gotten some very nice skincare products and make-up from them shipping is free to USA they are in Canada

    • Vegan cuts is awesome!! Love their CS team too!

  26. So sad, I loved this box. I had a bad feeling when I never got a shipment notification last week, and I noticed their Facebook page was gone. I had already disputed the charge with my bank when I got the email tonight. My credit card company is really good about disputed charges so hopefully it will go smoothly, but this is the first time I am asking for a partial chargeback so we’ll see.

  27. Basically they are saying they will not be refunding anyone so it’s up to the customer to try to get anything back from the bank.

    • No, second-to-last paragraph says they will communicate with people who are owed a refund. However, it is easier for the company and safer for the customer to do a charge back.

      • They just said that they will not automatically refund people what part of that don’t you understand?

      • The post I replied to didn’t say “automatically”. Obviously it’ll be a process, Karen 🙄

      • Rude.

      • The comment they’re replying to doesn’t say anything about “automatically”. What about that don’t you understand, Karen?

  28. They’re basically saying they don’t plan to refund anyone so if you want even a small chance of getting any money back then deal with your credit card company. What a shady way to behave.

    • Well they literally don’t have the money, not a lot they can do at this point.

    • Some boxes go under and never even say a word. I think Goodbeing is trying to be upfront with us and are probably doing the best they can, under the circumstances.

    • I agree. I subbed to them for one month. Because they didn’t have good funding, they charged me one month ahead for each box. I’ve never had another box do that, so I cancelled right away. That to me was a clear sign there was trouble ahead!

      • Meaning they charged me right away when I subbed at the end of the month and then the 1st of the month charged me again for one box that I received for said month. It’s sad they went under because I know a lot of ppl liked this box. I liked the reviews, but I didn’t trust the company.

  29. As someone who saw the writing on the wall with Little Lace Box, I requested (well, demanded) my money back from them about a month before they folded. They told people they’d give money back but never did. I would suggest filing a chargeback ASAP if you’re a current subber to this box.

    • Llb did me shady as well! The charge was too old for my school bank card to refund the money and llb never answer.. its fraud plain and simple but nothing we can do about it, which is why I will never again do a prepaid sub

      • yeah, because LLB kept making us think they weren’t going down and just late with the box… I also was too late to file a chargeback with them. They were awful!!

  30. Very sad news! This is the only beauty sub I still subscribe to. Having natural products delivered for 25/month was awesome and I found so many great brands through them.

    People unfortunately want Made in China stuff with overinflated RVs. Very sad.

    • I agree with people wanting the made in China crap. Lots of low quality items for the cheapest price. Filler items.

      • I only somewhat agree. I subscribe to multiple boxes that provide ridiculous value and many of the items are not made in China. I know because I immediately separate the ones that are and swap or sell them. If the ratio starts swinging too far in Chinese-made good’s direction though I would have to cancel.

      • True. But a lot of celebrated boxes do use ridiculous RVs. Just looking at my FFF box…the assigned value is laughable. And it’s understandable because I think we are trained to appreciate quantity over quality.

  31. Kinda crappy about not automatically refunding? I’ve never have had to do this… Has anyone done this before?

    Is my bank out the money if they can’t collect it back from them? Or they file bankruptcy?

    • I’m actually really shocked they said this. I worked in banking for awhile and I’ve never heard of a company placing that obligation to the customer to contact their bank and get it back from them instead. My only assumption is they are declaring/have declared bankruptcy and simply don’t have the resources to pay customers back. But then that leaves the bank out of money to cover the chargeback.

    • Call your cc or just dispute the amount online. This letter should be enough proof to get the money back ASAP. Yeah, sucks they did that…

  32. Do you guys have any tips on how to get a chargeback in the most seamless, successful way?

    I always seem to have trouble. They either state that the 2 month dispute period is over or they don’t understand the concept of a sub box. I have had such a hard time and usually end up leaving money on the table. I would love to know if any of you have had better luck than I?

    • I would try showing them the email/letter from good being. Proof the company has no intention of delivering on what they sold you.

    • I know what you mean about them not understanding what a sub box is or how they are charged. I had to do it recently with my credit card company with the added difficulty of speaking with someone who didn’t have the most solid command of the English language.
      If you paid thriugh a bank debit o credit card and it’s at all possible, I would try going to a branch office to speak to someone in person.. It’s a hassle but it’s so much easier to explain things and you have the ability to pull up any emails, records, etc right there on your phone. If it’s a credit card they can’t personally do the refund, but they can contact someone for you while you’re there to save you the frustration. Hopefully it’s through your bank and this will work. If not, best of luck however you end up going about it!

    • I know what you mean. When Luxe Pineapple went under with everyones’ money, I had 2 prepaid subs with them. But a few months had passed and they took 6 months in ADVANCE. I didn’t have the energy or time to go back and try to get all the credit card statements and go through all the hassle of chargebacks.

  33. Things come to an end but i just wish theirs didn’t come this way.

  34. So sad, February’s box got me to re-sub. This was one of the earliest subs I had, I guess I will be going through my credit card company too.

  35. Nooooooo!!!!! I fet two of these boxes a month! How am I supposed to spend my $50? What box out there is this awesome?

    • Boxwalla beauty is an amazing box. Next month full size moisturizer and mask from indie brands.

    • Vegan Cuts is a very nice natural beauty box or they have a make-up box

    • If you were already spending $50/month on this sub, then you might want to check out Organic Bunny Box. It’s about $10 more though, but that box does provide a nice variety of products and brands like Goodbeing did. Or you could get two Vegan Cuts beauty boxes, whose curation also seems to be in line with Goodbeing. There are a lot of other popular green beauty boxes out there (Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla, The Clean Beauty Box, Detox Box), but for the most part they all tend to focus on one brand per month, and only include on average about two products per month (one is usually full size with the others sometimes being full size, sometimes generous deluxe samples).

      • I will check them out. Thank you.

  36. I’m sad. I just resubbed to this box after a hiatus, & only got 1 box.

    It was a good box with great customer service.

  37. Well this is a major bummer. I really liked this sub. People are getting harder to please- expecting sky high values with rock bottom prices. It’s no wonder it’s not sustainable for so many sub companies. I am sad to see them go 🙁

    • I agree 100%. And there are a lot of huge brands out there that can deliver that. As a small business owner, I find people don’t understand why my prices are higher. So seeing things like this makes me sad.

      • I did bookkeeping for many many years and people would be so surprised at how many expenses small business owners actually have. Our economy is set up so that small businesses struggle to survive while the 1% biggies get all the tax breaks and kickbacks. I feel for you. It’s really sucky.

  38. Another one bites the dust!

    • Yep. It seems like the glory days of sub boxes are, sadly, long gone.

      • Oh yea the entire sub box trend is ending. Pretty soon Liz will need a new business name and topic.

      • It feels like you’re enjoying this too much.

      • I doubt that, but thanks for your input, Jen!

      • I don’t know about that. FFF just topped one million, Pop Sugar and Ipsy Plus have waiting lists. It seems to me the smaller boxes are being squeezed out by greater competition and the buying power of the major players. It’s sad but I tend to think there will be fewer boxes and less variety but that sub boxes themselves aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

  39. Oh wow, Goodbeing was one of my favorite subscriptions that I’ve had for the past 2 years! I didn’t see this coming. My 6 month renewal just occurred in February this year so I guess I’ll be one of the lucky people disputing the charge with my credit card company.

    • I was shocked too! I never heard a bad word about the box’s curation or their CS, so I would never have guessed they were struggling. 🙁

      • I thought they had great CS and curation too. I’m sad to see they ended and just hope my cc dispute is approved. 😕

    • I agree. This was my favorite box, by a mile. I cancelled all my other boxes due to product overload, but I still kept Goodbeing, because I liked them that much. I had no clue they were struggling. Very, very sad to see them go.

  40. How sad. They were on my list of boxes to re-sub to soon. Their wording’s confusing though about getting reimbursed. It almost sounds like they’re encouraging people to file a chargeback, but at the same time if they owe you money, they’ll be in touch soon.

    • That’s the impression I got. As if they don’t want to or legally can’t say it directly, but they may know they are definitely past the point of being able to refund the money themselves. I used to get this sub and customer service was always great. I think it’s their way of advising you to go ahead and get started on the surest, and perhaps only, way to get your money back.

      What a shame. I was actually thinking of reactivating recently. They started offering to let customers choose several items in their box each month from a wide variety of products and brands. I think they really did give it their all.

  41. Noooooo!!

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