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FYI – BoxyCharm March 2019 Shipping Delay + Cover FX Palette Update


FYI –  March 2019 BoxyCharm boxes are delayed:

Hey, Charmer!

BoxyCharm here! We are writing to you today with an update on your tracking email.

Because of reasons outside our control we experienced a slight delay with our boxes this month. We are doing everything in our power to get you your box as soon as possible. Stay on the lookout for your tracking email next week!

We hope that you love this month’s box as much as we do!

Thanks for being a Charmer!”

Your BoxyCharm Team

Check your email – some subscribers have received an email regarding the Cover FX Palette from the March box. Some subscribers will receive the incorrect shade:

Hello Charmer,

I wanted to personally apologize for sending you a CoverFX palette that might not match the shade you selected on your beauty quiz. We had a data issue and identified a small group of Charmers who were affected. We believe that you are part of this group.

My number one priority is to provide the absolute best customer experience and this time I fell short.

To make it up to you, the team is depositing 4,500 Charms into your account in the next 72 hours to cover the retail value of the CoverFX palette. Typically, we would replace your item but we don’t have replacements available for this product. We just updated our Charm Room with some fantastic items we hope you will love and we will add even more items next week. The Charm Room will remain open until March 22, 2019 and then re-open on April 5, 2019 with a new assortment of products.

Again, I apologize for this mistake and promise to keep improving things in hopes that this does not happen again.

The March box has sold out. If you subscribe now, you will receive this new FOMO box as your first box. (Current subscribers will not receive this box – think of it as a Boxycharm Welcome Box.)

This variation of the Boxycharm FOMO Box will include:

What do you think of the full spoilers for the FOMO box?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out our reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.


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  1. Guys, I just got my Allure shipping notification before BoxyCharm. Am I in the Upside down?

    • Me too! Right… super weird.. maybe it’s Allure for the win this month..

    • Prolly. LOL I can’t believe how late it is this month.

  2. So, if we didn’t receive the email that the wrong palette was sent, does that mean we can assume that we will get the correct palette? LOL!

    • At this point we can’t assume anything. Maybe they didn’t email everyone that will be affected but if I get the wrong color I better be getting the charms! I emailed yesterday about a tracking number and got the generic email saying they will get back to me 😳☹️

      • Did they ever get back to you?

        They sent me the wrong cover fx palette and I didnt get the copy and paste apology email or the charms! In fact I emailed them March 7th, got the generic response saying they would write back in 2-3 business days, and haven’t heard jack since then!! P.S. I filled out my beauty quiz in 2014!!! Like damn… my palette shade should have been correct!

      • Which palette did you end up receiving? I got the wrong shade also. Got the darker shade but would be willing to trade for the lighter shade.

      • I have the light/medium and would be willing to trade for the medium/deep!

    • OMG! Day 10 and I just got the tracking number that says label created info sent to fedex. Let’s see how long it will actually take to get to me! Also what will be in the box lol🙄

      • I haven’t even gotten my tracking number yet. Just about ready to cancel

      • Same, nothing for me since last week saying it’ll be late and to be on the look out this week. Well, it’s Friday and nothing!😒

      • I havent gotten anything ive been on top of things were customers and desevere what we pay for id love to have an answer whats going on i love BOXYCHARM💋

    • I didn’t get the email AND I got the wrong palette. I emailed them and they told me to check my spam for the email and make sure I filled out my Beauty quiz (which my initial email said I did)

      They said they’d “flag” my account for review. So why are they not believing me? Why not help me, too?

      Best of luck. You might need it like me.

      • They are unbelievable! I won’t go into too many details about all of my outrageous experiences with their terrible customer service department but there have been many. Including situations where I have not been believed or they have out and out accused me of things they knew were not true (like failed payment attempts that never happened). But this situation you’re in now is really something considering they already know this to be an issue. I am pretty sure I know exactly what happened with the beauty quizzes. Mine was definitely filled out, completely and correctly, right before this box. After I heard about the palette issue I went back to check my account (for the 3rd time), and all my answers were gone. They must’ve had an unintentional data dump where they lost our information. So I took it again and went back to check it and while there were answers, they didn’t match what I had entered 100%. CLEARLY there is a major data/system problem on their end. They KNOW this. To continue to question customers intelligence and truthfulness is shameful. I’ve never seen a company with customer service this bad. I myself will no longer send them my money as I have for 4+ years and continue to put up with their disrespect. This month I didn’t get the spoiler email that I ALWAYS get, I got nothing about the palette shade/charms, and still have not received a tracking number. I reached out to customer service to make sure I was still getting my regular box this month or should I expect a refund since I hadn’t received my usual spoiler or tracking emails and heard about them being out of the palettes (I was supposed to get Luxe but didn’t get charged for anything ither than the normal $21) and more than a week later got a response saying not everyone gets a spoiler email and that they do not offer refunds or exchanges under any circumstances. So…still didn’t give me a clear or complete answer.
        I hope they do the right thing for you but I wouldn’t bet on it. If you don’t already know about it, you should look into Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. They’re putting Boxy to shame (regular and luxe) in every way possible.

    • Nope!!! They sent me the wrong one and I didnt get the copy and paste apology email or the charms! In fact I emailed them March 7th, got the generic response saying they would write back in 2-3 business days, and haven’t heard jack since then!! P.S. I filled out my beauty quiz in 2014!!! Like damn… my palette shade should have been correct!

  3. Last month my box was shipped 4hrs away from my city after waiting the allotted amount of time… I was expecting it the next day. Nothing for nearly 3-4 days… I looked up the tracking # via FedEx and it was in Oregon? The tracking updated and it was again in transit to my city. I didn’t get the box until the end of the month.

    I contacted Boxycharm, was very polite because I understood they can’t control their shipping vendors. Instead of being thoughtful and kind back to me, they basically educated me on how their shipping works. It felt extremely rude and I didn’t acknowledge the issue.

    Now, I received an email telling me that by box is delayed for the month 5 days ago and I still don’t have any updates or tracking numbers.

    I was thinking about also cancelling and that makes me sad because I typically love their products and the value. Though, when you’re throwing more of the products in the — will not wear bin… because they’re the wrong shade or they’re not something you would use. The value of the subscription tanks for me personally.

    • Exactly!

  4. I still have not received my FEBRUARY or March box yet! Money was taken and I’ve been a member for years. Never had any issues with boxes before February. I keep emailing and I get a canned reply after days of waiting. If I receive FOMO boxes for both months, I’ll be very very upset and be forced to cancel.

  5. Has there been an update on when the March box is going to ship? I feel like they haven’t been keep current subscribers updated other than the delay email, and I have a suspicious feeling that the March box didn’t necessarily sell out, as much as they probably ran out of product and had to come up with a quick plan..

    • I think that’s exactly what happened. They are scrambling now, which is why we have no answers. My tracking has been stuck in “Label created” for over a week and I didn’t receive any email about delay or wrong palette. If I didn’t visit MSA, I’d have no idea what was happening.

      • Ok now things are getting really really weird!!! I paid for 3 months in advance and upgraded to boxyluxe this month and they took the money in the 4th. I got the email saying shipping was delayed and now 10 days later I got my tracking number. Now however I just got ANOTHER email stating they could hold my box for me for only a short time (a Boxycharm with 5 items for March) because I need to update my payment information!!! THIS PLACE IS NUTS! I upgraded I don’t want Boxycharm I want the BOXYLUXE I PAID FOR and I paid already in February for THREE MONTHS WORTH. This place really needs to hire some people that know WTH THEY ARE DOING this is ridiculous I’m not even going to respond to that email and keep watching my tracking. If I don’t get my box I will cancel and go to my bank about getting my money back! TICKED OFF in Utah!! Very very stressful unnecessary crap!!

      • Same boat. I’ve had tracking for a week, but no delay email or wrong palette email.

      • Same here I got an email on 3/6 with tracking, its been saying “Label created” since then. Still havent gotten the box and I recieved an email yesterday with a new tracking email with a completely differnt number that still says “Label created.” So I am wondering why i recieved 2 tracking emails with completely different numbers.

      • Now I got a new tracking number last night, too! No movement on either. Can’t wait to see what’s in my box at this point, omg!

      • Same exact situation, and I’m still stuck in the “label created” stage for both tracking numbers

      • SAME! I got an email on the 13th with a tracking number, then yesterday (19th) I got another email with a *different* tracking number..

        So… are we getting 2 boxes?! (Lol.. just jokes… at this rate we’ll be lucky if we get 1 box)

    • Joanne moore i still havent heard a thing ive been emailing. Reaching out large no avail i havent got. March box i been overloojed as well i know im not important but im a customer and im a very avid BOXYCHARM lover. Why is this id love an answer

  6. I’m so tired of Boxycharm. I’ve been with them for two years. The difference in the substitution product prices compared to the ones they show in the spoilers is constantly so disappointing. You would think if you’ve been subscribed long enough they would try to get you the products they are showing. Now to keep people from canceling they are keeping hold of spoilers until after the first and close the charm room so you can’t trade them in and cancel before the next charge. I have more than $40 in charms and the stuff in the charm room is pathetic. I don’t even care about redeeming them anymore, I’m canceling. Ipsy Glam Bag Plus has been so incredible and actually looks at and uses the answers to my personalization quiz. Ipsy’s products are so much nicer as well.

    • I agree. I was so disappointed in boxyluxe this month. I ended up with an orange lipstick and then the dark face palette (I’m super pale with blue eyes and freckles). I was also disappointed because if they didn’t have enough light/medium face fx palettes then the people paying for boxyluxe should get them and they shouldn’t of put them in the normal boxycharm boxes also.

      So now I have a face palette I can’t use and hella charms (which are useless because there isn’t anything good in the charm store anyways). If they could let us use those charms for at least the fomo box or something I’d be happier.

      This was by far the worst boxyluxe so far, and I’ve been looking into ipsy’s $25 option and honestly if there wasn’t a waitlist I would of switched after this past disappointment with this months boxyluxe.

  7. I took off the boxy luxe subscription this time. It just didn’t seem worth it. The items that I really wanted was in the regular box. Still haven’t gotten it yet nor an email with tracking🙄 Did get a delay email however. I’ve liked the other Lux boxes tho just this one was not worth it. I’m praying I get the right palette cuz that’s the real reason I kept the subscription. Thinking about going to Ipsy glam plus. They seem to have their stuff together more. I will say that I generally am able to use 90% of what they send

  8. I’m over chocolate brown lipstick. This time it’s even called chocolate. The darkest color option. I’m light to medium. I did get the correct Cover FX pallet. Morphe pallet is days slayer so it’s all oranges- tried to use it. Big fail. I’m too cool to neutral for it and pale. It was a disaster.

  9. I got my box on time and Palette is correct shade. But, I’m so sad and angry for those who have gotten a shipping delay and/or incorrect palette shade. Boxycharm seems to always have some type of issue hen they roll something out. Using the beauty quiz for the palette and no surprise, a glitch even after heavily stressing everyone to do the beauty quiz and those who have would get the correct shade of palette for their skin tone.

    What makes them think that the LE skin care box they will be releasing for pre sale will go smoothly? From their last, it will be nothing but another headache for their subscribers.

    They need to focus on fixing what’s going on and stop biting off more than they can chew. It’s clear they can’t handle some things at the moment. But Inhope they can turn things around.

    • If they actually updated the charm shop after doing this then I wouldn’t be commenting to complain right now, but since they fucked up and then offered 4500 charms when there is nothing worth getting in the charm room ever seems like a slap in the face…

      • Why is the f word allowed in a post?

  10. 4500 charms?! Isnt that equivalent to 45$ as in full retail price for the pallet? I will gladly let them give me the wrong pallet. I can gift it or use it as eye shadow. They dropped the ball this month but at least they try to make it right. It’s still a great month regardless.

    • It is. The problem is, there is *rarely* anything worth buying in the charm shop with that many charms. And you have to pay shipping.

      • And right now there are only 3 items available in the charm shop!

      • You dont pay shipping. Your charms can be used for shipping.

      • And then I lose some of the compensated retail value in shipping a replacement item.

        For their screw up.

  11. So glad I cancelled boxyluxe/boxycharm the last time around. I was so sick of all the variants, the wrong shades of lippies, the horrible customer service, and the month after month excuses. I was with them for 3 years, it’s obvious they only care about new subscribers.

    • Right there with you!! Canceled after 3 years because of content, quality, and customer service!

  12. I am a little worried because I got the email about the delay. I got charged for the boxyluxe. I have not gotten the tracking email yet and I’m worried if the box will even show up. I did not get the cover fx pallete mess up email and I’m not worried about it. I’ll just give it to a friend if it’s the darker pallete. I am worried about recieving the box at all. I have been subscribed for over a year and I don’t understand why loyal customers are told to wait longer for something that costs more. Is anyone having the same problem?

    • I am in the same exact boat as you MaryAnn. I’ve been a customer for over 2 years and super disappointed. I even sent them 3 emails and they haven’t replied at all.
      This is not customer service at all.

      • I’ve decided if I don’t get a tracking email by March 31 I’m canceling. This is the first time I’ve had a huge problem with them. I think I’m going to resubscribe to Ipsy and try for the Ipsy Glam Plus.

    • I too have paid for the Lux box yet have gotten no email or confirmation that its on the way. I paid almost 3 weeks ago and still nothing. I believe the boxes are really just becoming stale and you seem to see the same products over and over.

    • Me too I got the shipping delay email but not the palette mixup. It’s 10 days today from my payment clearing and still no tracking email. Then how long will I wait to actually get it. It will be the end of the month at this rate. 😕

    • This is getting frustrating!

  13. 7100 charms and only one ugly shadow color in the charm shop to spend them on.

    Thanks a BUNCH BoxyCharm. 🙄

  14. I never get the regular box if I get the luxe box that month so with the delay I probably won’t get either…just lovely! I never received any email about charms being added just about the delay..

    • The charms where for the people who got the wrong color palette.

  15. I am so aggravated with BC! This would be my first luxe box. No email saying shipping has been delayed or anything. I got an email after I contacted them informing me that my box is in the shipping process and I should receive tracking information soon. So far nada!!! Everyone around me has received theirs and I’m still waiting…. They didnt hesitate to take their $54 tho! Tempted to contact my financial institute and file a dispute. Until I receive the products I paid for in my hands as promised in 10 days after payment has been made it is THEFT!!! I agree that it appears they’ve taken on more than they can handle. They need to make good on subscribers still waiting before anything else. I also agree with what someone else stated…that paying subscribers should have priority over influencers who appear to receive their boxes WAY b4 anyone else. Definitely reconsidering my sub…. especially to the luxe box.

  16. I just unsubscribed after being a Charmer for so long…not because of this delay but because they always sent me the colors that did not match my complexion. Especially the damn lipsticks…always some red or dark gothic burgundy.

    • I unsubscribed over this as well. I got a box full of items I simply can’t use.

    • They always sent me bubblegum pinks and nudes when I prefer the gothic reds!😑they just do not care about their charmers

    • I got just 1 Lux box in December and canceled this time. I didn’t want much of what is in that box. I re-upped my 3-mo sub just in March. I didn’t see anything on their website (also didn’t look too hard) but I assume if you cancel within your cycle, it runs until the end and cancels or do you get your money back? I’ll wait to see more spoilers for April & May before I officially cancel but although I’ve only been getting them for a year, even I can see their have gone down hill.

  17. I think the irritating thing to me about this month is we PAID for the boxes. There was no problem getting them to influencers who didn’t…

    • Katie, I couldn’t AGREE MORE! The ones who hand over there money EVERY MONTH are getting delayed and or wrong color match! It’s crap, is there no loyalty to paying subscribers? Let the influencers get there boxes late!

    • Also, it shows month after month how shady those influencers are. They only care about receiving free products, they never talk about all of these issues with boxycharm. I stopped watching a bunch of them.

      How can you promote a product or company without doing research? Oh yeah, cause its free product, month after month.

      • I did too, I unsubscribed from all but two of my make up You Tubers – I’m over them. What or who are they really “influencing” with their free boxes?

        Nothing and nobody.

        And yet us regular customers who pay for our boxes, get the short end of the stick.

  18. I received my BoxyLuxe box last week and received the correct Cover FX palette thank goodness!! I received my email for tracking one day and the next day I received my BoxyLuxe box, I’ve never received my box this early so I’m excited about that!! I received the day slayer Morphe palette but was hoping for the night slayer, the day slayer is full of orangish shades and I don’t think I look that great in those colors!! The Becca lip stick is to light for my skin tone and I received the nail polish as I hoped for!! So my only thing is the Morphe palette and the Becca lip stick, I’m so fair and the Becca lip stick is called “Sugar”, and it’s very light like sugar lol. Is there anyone wanting to trade there lip stick or the Morphe palette?? I’d want to trade my day slayer for the night slayer!! I’d like to trade my Becca lip stick in “Sugar” for a darker shade if anyone is interested!! I’m so happy with everything else in my box!! The Cover FX palette was what I was most excited for and I did receive the right one, the palette is GORGEOUS I LOVE it so much all the colors are just GORGEOUS!! I also have an account for the regular box and I received an email saying the shipping is being delayed which I’m ok with bcuz those boxes are probably gonna have the right shades of the Cover FX palettes!! Overall satisfied at the moment with my BoxyLuxe box!! I feel horrible for those that did receive the wrong Cover FX palette after they stressed so much about doing the beauty quiz, and then they went and messed it up anyway!! I wished they would have went by lip color and eye shadow palettes too, but I guess getting one product out of 10 is a good trade!!

    • Lucky! I wanted the day skater so bad. And i got night. Blah.

      • Ann, it says right in her post that she is looking to trade her day slayer with someone who has night.😉

    • I would be willing to trade the morphe palette D for N. I haven’t even opened it. Let me know! Adp219 Gmail!

  19. Boo! I got the email saying to look for my tracking number NEXT WEEK, so I might not even get my box until the last week of March:( Usually I get it in the second week of the month….

    • Just pretend it’s Allure and you won’t feel so disappointed. 😂💜

      • 😂 Love this comment!

      • I’m weak…😂😂👏👏

      • AH, BEST COMMENT hahaha

  20. Can someone answer this….. I have over $50 in charms and am trying to use them but when I go to check out it gives me a shipping charge. Their policy states any purchases made from the charm room will ship out with your normal box. If that’s the case then why is their a shipping charge? It was updated on March 6th 2019 too.

    • Anything I’ve ordered from the charm room has shipped separately, even though it says it comes with your next box. So the shipping fee seems fair to me even though they haven’t fixed the language.

      • Boxy told me it ships with your next box.

  21. I also received the wrong color palette and the lame email.

    Receiving charms is not making me happy – I have accumulated plenty of charms and there is never anything that I want or need – it would only be clutter to get rid of.

    I generally accept whatever appears in a box but it is inexcusable to muck up and send unusable products when there is a variant.

    • I got the wrong color palette and eye shadows (they are ORANGE) and NO email and no charms, even after emailing them and messaging them on instagram. I’ve cancelled my subscription.

      • Yeah – I also got the orange Morphe palette but since it was relatively cheap in terms of box value, I didn’t complain.

        The nail polish also seemed suited to someone with a completely different profile as the colors were brown and not flattering at all.

        While I also didn’t like the Becca lipstick, it wasn’t the usual crap brown – purple – just not a color I would reach for because I have much more flattering colors. It’s a pity because I tried it and the formula is lovely.

  22. Every box I receive this month I am having problems with. My Ipsy was suspose to be delivered yesterday, but tracking shows nothing just stops. Still waiting on my Allure box have not received February yet nor March. Now, Boxycharm has not even been sent. Thinking of canceling all boxes. I notice their never late taking the money out of my account!

    • I feel you! I generally do not have a huge problem with recieving my Allure. January was my worst, when I recieved my box the last day of the month. I consider myself lucky, but I’m telling you, the first time I’m almost half way into the next month waiting for my box from the prior, they are good and gone, I don’t care how good the actual box is. I feel so bad for all of those still waiting on Jan/Feb boxes. Oh, and the lovely Boxycharm with their “I fell short this time.” Really Boxy? This time? Last I checked you fall short every single time you need a computer to do something for you. Special edition boxes, the Luxe start-up, this profile shade preference. Save it…and save those charms too, people expected a cover fx palette in the correct shade range that they can use and you should provide it to them, even if you have to go purchase more at a higher price and take a hit on it! It’s so insulting when companies treat consumers like this…so unprofessional.

      • This is the best explanation yet. I can appreciate a company releasing an apology , but at this point it’s just excuses …time & time again. They continue to bite off more then they can chew. It’s not just about the delays , the luxe, limited edition, wrong shades (many of times ) etc….it’s all combined . History continues to repeat itself….with the owners car videos and all. Yet they’re still pushing hard to gain new subscribers with these fomo boxes, when they haven’t even handled the situations with their current ones . I’m all for a company growing, but at a pace you can handle ….not at the cost of your current subscribers that have made you what you are . My friend canceled her subsciption because yet again she received a product that doesn’t work on her darker skin tone….it literally doesn’t show up on her skin!! And she isn’t trying to deal with swapping or shipping to someone else.

      • Okay, you nailed it and I totally agree 200%! The car videos, the guess what product is hiding in the room that might be in the next box that we will delay shipping to you, etc., videos are annoying when you are frustrated because you can’t even get your box. And, their BC In Session needs to be a class for themselves on how to provide better customer service and not repeat the same shipping delays EVERY quarter for Boxyluxe to the same customers. And, the only FOMO is Joe’s fear of missing out on more $ By the way, still no shipping label STILL!

  23. My box was supposed to be delivered yesterday and when I checked the trekking number again it was Spanish lol. So I translated it online and it says the postal service will deliver this shipment and to check in the office where is usually get my mail…..Kinda confusing ….

  24. I think I’m finally done after I receive this box. They just continue to keep biting off more then they can chew .
    Their social media is continuing to advertise the fomo box for new subscribers…..but how about we first focus on getting the active subscribers situated . The same thing happened with the boxyluxe with no regard to active subscribers. They push hard to gain new subscribers and cant handle it. That’s why there always ends up being random last minute variations not apart of spoilers. I can only imagine how this skincare box is going to go.

  25. I know there’s always been problems with boxycharm sending out tracking numbers. I learned that if I signed up my address with fedex, I could find out on my own if I had packages on the way. You can also sign up for text alerts from fedex. Same thing with UPS. Without these options, I would’ve had no idea my boxyluxe was shipping or arriving!

  26. My boxyluxe is still in the label
    Created stage with no movement since last wed. No email for me regarding late shipping.

    • Exactly the same situation I’m in with wherever my box is and no email.

  27. I’m so annoyed. They updated the charm room, I had the pretty vulgar setting powder in my cart and was checking out and it sold out. soooooo frustrating.

    • Can someone answer this….. I have over $50 in charms and am trying to use them but when I go to check out it gives me a shipping charge. Their policy states any purchases made from the charm room will ship out with your normal box. If that’s the case then why is their a shipping charge? It was updated on March 6th 2019 too.

  28. I don’t know if it’s just me but they plan to sell a skin care only box soon and before I’d resubscribe for a new one off box I’d love to see them customize at all. Especially after their throwing shade at Ipsy with the plus launch.

    Imo it smelled of desperation and left me rethinking why I subscribed to begin with.

    • BeautyFix is where it’s at for skin care. I always receive my Beautyfix box the first week of the month and it is packed with awesome products.

  29. I have to say this month there’s an improvement as far as I’m concerned. I received my box earlier than expected, all the relevant items were in the correct shades. I already used the Cover FX palette (gorgeous), and gifted the lashes to a very grateful friend.

  30. I was sent the wrong palette but I tan easily so it will work come summer. I got the email and 6500 charm points so, I bought the Vulgar translucent or illuminating (i forget)powder. Needed a good setting power.
    Then I get an email from Good being, they closed, no March box!! That’s it fight your bank for the refund! 2nd company I subbed with that closed. Not cool.

  31. I’m light skinned so I would assume I’d get the lighter palette but I really want the darker colored one. I’d use the blush for eyeshadow and add some highlights when I’m all nice and tan in the summer for a bronze goddess look. But who knows if I’m even getting the palette……

  32. My Boxyluxe arrived today and I received the face palette in the wrong shade, Light-Medium. I also received the email stating that I may have been sent the wrong shade. The palette is very beautiful. I was really looking forward to finally receiving a face palette in my skin tone. Very disappointed. However, I did receive the eyeshadow palette in one of the shades I wanted. The Becca lipstick is in a shade I like, Mocha. I’m happy I received the nail polish duo. I appreciate Boxycharm for acknowledging their mistake and attempiing to make it right.

    • I received the palette CoverFX palette in medium-dark (wrong shade for me). Would you like to trade palettes?

      • Stavroula A, I’d love to trade with you. I’m darker skinned and got the light medium!

      • Osha, I would love to trade with you. Please send me a message at sassimac2 using google mail.

    • I have the dark palette but need the light. Please direct message me at gwen.bernecker using google mail if you want to trade.

    • I’m looking to trade my medium/deep palette for a light palette. If anyone is interested please let me know!

  33. My Boxyluxe was delivered Saturday. Luckily, I got the right shade of the Cover FX palette. I also received the Deborah Lippmann nail polishes which is what I was hoping for. So happy!

  34. I am over Boxycharm! Same lame-o email in December with Boxyluxe shipping. If you had a problem three months ago and you sincerely apologized, you should have corrected the mistake so you didn’t do it to the same people the hext quarter. I never got an email that my Cover FX palette was wrong, so that doesn’t explain the delay, either. They won’t and don’t respond to emails, dm’s, etc. They aren’t getting a third time.

    • That’s not even the only problem they had a third time. I was assured I’d get the March BoxyLuxe and they only charged me $21. I emailed and was told it must’ve been because the second charge (the $28.99) didn’t go through. Big fat lie. I knew it, they knew it, credit card company knew it. They never even tried to charge it. I went off on them and the next day or so got a group email sent to “all of us” that didn’t get Luxe. They ran out. Again. I call BS. Tons of people canceled Luxe as soon as the spoilers started coming out. They were just so much more unorganized this time with trying to add the customization that they messed it ALL up. And even with that one change they couldn’t get that right. I don’t know if it’s the employees or the computer systems or both, but they are a hot mess that just keeps getting hotter. Meanwhile, Ipsy Plus is KILLING IT. Running circles around them. Why? Because they didn’t take on or promise more than they could deliver. They’re slowly but surely adding people to Plus and that’s making it possible for them to deliver a great box with some personalization (they don’t have a bunch of products each month yet) AND an add-on feature to get the items or colors you didn’t get. And Boxy was/is talking smack? That’s rich. Meanwhile I never got the spoiler email for my regular box like I always do, so I emailed to make sure I’m at least still getting my regular box that I paid for just like I have every month for years. No response. Then all the fuss about the failure to customize the ONE product started but I got no email about getting charms to make up for it. Nor did I get a tracking number. So I emailed again. Just politely asking if I’m getting the box or not. They already lied about Luxe, the least they can do is answer a simple question. But nope. After this box I’m done. I used up my charms last week the second they had something decent. That skincare box is tempting because I prefer it over makeup but but come on. They can’t get Luxe right, they’re now messing up the regular box, their customer service is getting sooo bad. Think they’re capable of 1.) launching the sale without technical issues 2.) not running out before assuring everyone that paid actual gets one, 3.) delivering ALL the advertised products to ALL buyers and 4.) least importantly, getting it shipped out on time? All while still getting the regular April box together? What are they thinking? If you can’t do A and B right, why add C and D to the mix? Yeah, they’re just desperate to announce something to bring people back (from Ipsy) and keep people from leaving (to Ipsy). Although their #1 priority is always NEW customers. I guess if you’re new to their company you don’t know how bad they run things.

  35. I got the email with the delay… Now I wonder how long this delay will be because I really want by box!!! And I really hope mine ia the correct shade… I think I need dark because I am tan but dont want it to be too dark since I am only tan from using the spary tan weekly….🤔

  36. I was so disappointed to get the wrong shade cover fix in my boxyluxe it was what I was really looking forward to. And we do quizzes so they should use them. Especially if I’m paying extra for boxyluxe. I emailed them and got an email back saying they couldn’t do anything about it and I pretty much had to live with it then the next day I got the email about the charms. There is nothing at all in there now that I would want so I am definitely kind of sad with boxycharm right now.

  37. That’s disappointing. The charm room never has squat. I’m still waiting to see all of the good stuff they are offering.

  38. I got screwed on my regular Boxycharm and my Boxyluxe,both have the shipping delay and both sent me the wrong shade,I received both the emails to both of my accounts….I would be ok with it happening to one of my accounts not both of them,oh well you can not win at everything.

  39. FYI for anyone wanting to swap and can’t find one on the swap site here, or for those not approved for the swap site, Reddit has a ton of people who got the wrong cover FX shade wanting to trade on the bbexchange page

  40. I received my tracking info on 3/5. It said I would receive my boxyluxe on 3/8 but my zip code was wrong in the email. I then received another email stating that they knew my zip code was wrong but not to worry that they just misprinted it in the previous email and my box should not be delayed. I have not received my box yet and now the tracking info is pending.

  41. Nice to see a company own up and notify their customers! I don’t sub to this box but have been on the side with other boxes where delays and issues aren’t communicated. Nothing is more frustrating.

  42. I gladly received my BoxyLuxe last week with an appropriate light colored CoverFX palette and love everything I received.

    Excellent box, great selection!

  43. Hmmmmmm. Not a good time for Boxycharm to be having these problems. Well, it’s never a good time, but I think lots of subscribers have been upset in the past because of luxe problems and getting repeats. Also, I left BC because of the product and brand variants lately and because I like Ipsy GBP a lot better. I know some things are out of companies control, but they seem to have a lot of problems lol

    • Boxycharm has always had issues. The only thing they are consistently good at is taking our money on the first of the month. I’ve has to get my credit card involved twice for non shipment. I’m on the waitlist for glam bag plus. It looks way better than boxy with the products offered.

      • Glam Bag Plus is way better. Better item selection, no shipping delays, and better customer service. The mail person put both my Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and Boxycharm in the wrong mailbox in January and when I contacted both companies about getting them replaced, Ipsy was super nice and Boxy basically said “You only get one replacement and this is it”.

  44. Mine arrives tomorrow so I’m happy (It typically arrives around the 18th) I didn’t receive either of those emails for my BoxyLuxe so hopefully I get the right shade!

    • I never got an email either, other than my tracking email. I’m supposed to have my box by Friday. With my skintone, I think either palette will work for me, so it’ll be interesting to see which one I get.

  45. I got e-mail with shipping tracking but it still says “waiting for item”. I have not got e-mail with shipping delay notice.

    • Same here. I wonder what will happen, the suspense is delicious, haha!

  46. I got the wrong shade CoverFX palette-I can salvage it though. It’s actually a beautiful palette, the right shade would’ve been nice, but I can definitely find use for the deep one. I’m just glad mine shipped on time.

  47. I got the delay email, but not the wrong palette one thankfully.

  48. It was for boxyluxe for me. They sent me a medium/deep CoverFX.

  49. I got my March Boxyluxe last week and received the correct Cover FX palette, my daughter received hers too with the right palette, so idk. Are they talking about the regular boxycharm? Because my other daughter hasn’t gotten hers yet.

    • I get boxyluxe and got the wrong color palette. So I don’t think it’s just the regular box.

  50. I still haven’t even gotten a shipping tracking number email and I’m a Boxylux customer. I’m getting upset because I live in Alaska, and it already takes forever for me to receive my charm box as it is.

    • No tracking number for me either. I did get the email about my CoverFX being wrong & credited charm points. I just wish they would get some more things in the charm room. Nothing in there I have any desire spending them on

    • I haven’t received a tracking email yet as well. I norm recieve my box around the 12-15th

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