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CAUSEBOX Spring 2019 Box FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

Causebox spring 2019

We have full spoilers for the Spring 2019 CAUSEBOX!

Each box will include:

Cleobella X CAUSEBOX Silky Scarf – Retail Value $52

Glass Ladder & Co Megan Portfolio Clutch – Retail Value $120

Marina De Buchi Luxe Charm Bracelet – Retail Value $37

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Eye Mask – Retail Value $15

KALOS Mist Congeniality Elixir Toning Mist – Retail Value $22

COSMEDIX GLOW Bamboo Brightening Mask – Retail Value $54

WYLD French Pink Clay Konjac Sponge – Retail Value $16.90

ALTRU Macrame Plant Hanger – Retail Value $14

What do you think of the spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, this will be your first box. Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (86)

  1. When do they start showing summer boxes? This is my first time with it, just ordered the spring box, and FFF is already on summer boxes.

  2. The vegan clutch/portfolio smells like a tire shop. $120 Vegan leather should not smell! This one (made in China) is so flimsy…feels like it’s made from thin rubber. And it does not hold a 13″ laptop. Nice to look at from a distance, though.

    • Would you be will to sell your portfolio? What color is it?

  3. Really excited for this causebox!!! I personally am genuinely excited for all the items, especially the plant hanger!! How cute! Maybe it’s the inner hippie in me, but I like some of the 70s vibes of this box. Can’t wait!!

  4. I’m surprised there is so much negativity here; it really does take all kinds but this box looks awesome to me. I don’t really have a need for the clutch, but it’s cute and I love all the “pockets” inside, and the rest just looks great. I came over here looking for more info on this box when I saw someone mention it in the FFF community. I just signed up for that one as an annual member and although I think I will like my 1st box (I haven’t received mine yet, but from unboxings I think I will be good), I really wish I had known about this box before committing to FFF for a year. I would switch in a minute now that I know more. Unless things change, when my FFF sub ends I will definitely try CAUSEBOX.

  5. I love this box. I’m an annual member, and I like that I can customize their boxes. Every season I choose the colors I’d normally choose, then I log back in and go for the colors I’d never choose for full price, lol.

    I wear mostly black, and I’m getting the pink portfolio and marigold scarf. 😳 I’m really excited.

  6. Being Disabled by a Drunk driver and in the hospital this causebox brings me joy. This will be my first subscription with them

    • Deborah, I hope it’s ok for me to say that I’ll have you in my prayers. I’ve been through something similar. I’m so terribly sorry this happened to you.

    • Sending love and prayers to you! I’m so sorry you are going through such a hortible ordeal! I have a rare form of MD and just go out of hospital for a baclofen,pump/ morphine pump,and developed a severe spinal fluid leak! After a month,I’m hospital this time around,I feel the same way as you.causebox gives me joy!
      Will be keeping you on my thoughts and prayers 🙏!

    • Praying for you as well and hope things will get better for you.

      • Thank you so much. All of you are so nice. You are in my prayers also msa have the best caring Ladies

  7. 1970s great grandma called…she wants her scarf and plant hanger back. Please and thanks.

  8. I think I may try to buy the plant hangers off of some of the people who hate it,lol. It is soooo “70’s”, but as a child of the 70-80’s, it is so nostalgic for me. My first mother in law had the ones she put up – in the 70’s – in her house. In fact, although she passed away over a year ago, they are still up. Maybe she knew that they would make a comeback and passed the information into her family. My daughter will get sick a laugh and kick out of them that I would love to buy some to give to her. This will be my 2nd box. I recieved a winter box, as did my Mom. We both were pretty I pressed. She gave me her facial steaming stuff, and we talked about how she would steam versus how I do. Admittedly I am not happy with this box. I don’t understand why the people who are thrilled with it are becoming aggravated st the people who are not? The forum is ours to give our opinions of the box, our own reviews so to speak. Right? I mean that is all the lovers or haters are essentially doing. I could go over each item and say my opinion, but I do not have my box in hand to actually do it, so I will wait. What I do know is that if I had gone with my opinion of the first 3 items that were released on spoilers from Causebox I would not have allowed my subscription to renew. I just figured that if the people behind the box are honest and ethical then all of the items are in some way helping women help themselves. Now if I get my box, and I come to find out that is not the truth then I’ll be first in line for the class action suit. Y’all let me know how cheaply you would sell your plant holders!

  9. I decided to sign up. Yay!

  10. I signed up for a year to cause box and this spring box is not my favorite!I agree that may of the spring boxes are not there best boxes this is my last box of Causebox before I have to renew but I might be taking a break

  11. Does anyone know what the pink shell tray is (shown with the bracelet)? I really like it and wonder where it is from.

    • Target. Someone posted the info on a FB page for CB members.

  12. At first I was like.. a macrame plant holder?! Lame. But then I realized I can buy a handcrafted piece of pottery at my local Farmers market and hang this on my front porch with seasonal plants. Won’t use the scarf, might use the clutch but everything else I am looking forward to seeing and trying in person. In fact I am considering jumping to an annual so I can customize the next box….

    • I so agree.
      I know years ago when I had 12-15 sub boxes I became hard to please because none of it felt new and then I realized I was the problem not them. Subs are great for trying new things but after you’ve tried a large amount of what’s new on the market it becomes meh. The boxes aren’t going to get contracts for every item we all individually wish we could try so you see a lot of repeats from companies with products that are willing to launch them in subs. I’ve taken four years off of every box but one, Cairn. Things are starting to intrigue me again now, though I’m forever past the giddy excitement you get for everything 🙂

  13. My goodness what’s with all the negativity!!!!
    Please consider giving the items you don’t want to a women’s shelter, or homeless shelter or maybe a Friend that can’t afford the box.
    This will be my second Causebox, I was completely thrilled with the Winter box the shawls were beautiful and warm.

    For the price I won’t complain it’s a nice treat for me as some of the items I wouldn’t be able to get.

    Please consider what your receiving and how you can repurpose it!!! Thank you

    • Agree with this sentiment. I feel like there is a lot of negativity, but this box looks pretty good to me. The macramé is unique, I’ve never gotten anything like this in a sub box. I’m personally thrilled with everything. Maybe a lot of people are on sub box overload and it’s hard for boxes to compete in this environment. Many things end up getting repeated in multiple boxes (scarves, clutches, beauty products). I would love to see more home items like the macramé and things they are not typical. A bowl for the fruit or a planter would be perfect!

    • I loved the winter box, too – in fact, I’ve loved the past several boxes. Just not this one – no offense intended to those who love it.

    • How do you know people aren’t donating the stuff they don’t want? Why are you making assumptions like that?

    • How do you know that people aren’t donating the stuff they don’t want?

  14. Good lord! Did Causebox,Popsugar, FFF and Rachel Zoe all get together to come up with the worst Spring boxes they could think of?! I think alot of these companies are starting to get old and tired.

    • I agree – this box seems like an epic fail. However, people are gushing about how great it is on their FB page, so maybe we’re just harder to please? I don’t get it…

      • Or Causebox like many companies these days deletes anything not glowing or downright pays for positive reviews.

      • I’m not paid off and I love it.

      • I don’t get how people seem to think everyone should have the same opinion or tastes. Not every box is going to fit you. There are plenty of subs I read about on this site that I would never buy. But that doesn’t mean everyone else must agree with me…or else they are just easy to please or getting paid off.

  15. I think these are nice items for a box like FFF, or Popsugar, etc. I have countless subs (Literally-I’ve lost count!) and I sub to this box because the companies were supposed to be small, or support good causes, are sustainable, and more artisan affiliated- things of that nature. I LITERALLY wanted my money to go to good ‘causes’! I think a reason, I and many people are disappointed is because there are so many unsustainable materials, unnatural & harmful to the environment.
    While the macrame plant holder IS a nice, unique idea, without a bowl to put in it, I have no use for this. They definitely should have included something to put in it, I believe many of the subscribers will find this of little use as well based on the comments. I will be able to use several of the items and it’s not a Bad box by any means, it’s just that I believe they can do better!
    I hope Causebox is reading this thread, and if so: Causebox we don’t want things you can get in every other box! We want smaller businesses, sustainable, unique, environmentally friendly, NATURAL, organic, supporting good CAUSES, etc.
    Petroleum is the OPPOSITE of supporting a good cause! Vegan leather is PLEATHER, no matter what name you give it.

  16. I am so glad I cancelled!! Sorry, Causebox, but this is an epic fail in my opinion! The only thing I’d be at all interested in is the mask. I would love a macrame hanger, but that one is so basic, it looks like the stuff Walmart sells! No thank you!! Macrame can be beautiful; this is not.

    • I really like everything in this box. If you do not like do not buy and make everyone else feel bad

      • She want making everyone else feel bad. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You like the box– great. I don’t like the box–move on.

      • Why do you feel bad because someone you don’t even know doesn’t like the box? Are you in middle school still where you need the approval of the other girls?

      • By the way I don’t like this box. I could easily say that it makes me feel bad that people are buying this box and liking it.

  17. I agree the only item that feels like causebox is the plant hanger. The rest feel like all the other boxes to me. I wished they had done an artisan bowl to go with the plant hanger that’s what I expect from causebox. I am just waiting for my annual subscription to run out then I have to say goodbye to causebox sadly.

    • I agree. This isn’t bad, but it feels like a run of the mill beauty box to me. Not what I wanted when I signed up for Causebox.

      • I feel like CauseBox is really focused on growing lately, and as a result, some changes had to be made. I had an annual subscription with them years ago (Summer 2016 through Spring 2017), and I wasn’t entirely happy with it. I loved supporting all the brands and good causes, but I got a lot of products that made me go “ummm… ok….” like a super frilly apron that I couldn’t even gift. Winter 2016 was awesome though, but had the overdone scarf and clutch combo (but with an actual leather clutch). I think they needing to start focusing on what might have more universal appeal if they hoped to grow. It’s nice to see some items in the box that pay homage to their roots though.

  18. Wow, yikes. The 70s want their sub box back… total pass

  19. Well, I’m not totally disappointed, but was hoping for something a little different. I’ve considered subbing to Causebox for a long time, because I have loved some of the older boxes. I really liked the portfolio, so decided to go for it! But there isn’t much else I’ll use, aside from the sleep mask.

    Feel kind of “meh” about the plant hanger (highly agree having a cool terracotta planter to go with it would have been a great addition). I’m very particular about skincare, so may not use the mask or toner. Don’t hate the scarf and bracelet, but unlikely to wear them. Overall I’m happy to get the portfolio, and have friends who may enjoy the rest. But it does seem like the last one or two haven’t been quite up to par with some of their first boxes.

  20. I like the items and purpose but the boxes always feel thin. I wish the hanger included a container.

  21. I am glad I am not the only one that feels this is a very underwhelming box. I subbed for over a year and cancelled after the winter box. I did like that box, but felt the need to see what Spring would bring. Glad I waited. If you threw FFF or PopSugar or Zoe on this I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see those labels. Doesn’t feel like the artisan brands Causebox used to be known for. Too much synthetic, which isn’t great for the planet. Too run of the mill items. I think Causebox has gotten too big to support the more niche companies. Perhaps, a way to continue that would be offer 2 boxes each with the same hero items (and make them quality) and the rest are more niche items from companies.

  22. What I really like about Causebox is they don’t over-inflate the value of their in-house brand products. They could have put any retail value on that plant hanger and they put a very fair value of $14 on it! Actually…when I search online most of the ones I find are $20-$28. If this were FFF that would be a “$49 plant hanger”! I’m glad that I’m an annual subscriber and that I’ll be getting this box!

    • Ha, yes! 😆

  23. A total miss for me. I was hoping for something exciting after a sad winter box. Not a single item I want/need. Money saved.

    I have bought myself a set of 3 stacking rings from gorjana with a $25 discount code from Allure box – could not be happier. Jewelry is just too personal.

    • How’d you get the code to work? Everything I try says it’s invalid.

      • I suppose it works on something higher than $50. My set was $60.

      • They told me it had to be on an order over $60, though some were able to get theirs through on much lower dollar amounts. That’s not stated on the coupon.

  24. I think my mom still has a macrame plant hanger she made in 1974, so I’m good.

    • 😂

    • Lol. I know exactly what you are talking about

    • That’s so funny, Christy.

  25. Well, it certainly looks like a lot of stuff. Honestly it’s not terrible but if someone showed me a photo of of all the items and asked me to guess the box I would for sure say FFF. It’s just not what I expect from Causebox.

  26. I’m bummed it didn’t come with a bowl for the hanger.

    • A nice artisan bowl would’ve been an awesome addition to this box. But I’m pretty sure the one in the photo is a blanda bowl from Ikea which is less than $20.

    • A bowl over the sleeping mask (another sleeping mask???) Or the clutch or the scarf would have been a win, but then the bowls would arrive broken and we know how that story goes…

    • Yes. Adding a nice bowl could have made it much more special!

      Everything in this box is okay. Nothing really grabs me. They’re just not special anymore. I’m really disappointed I subbed for an annual!

  27. This is honestly an amazing box. I’m surprised to see not many are fans. It’s so unique. I wish I had the budget for it right now.

    • I agree! I’ve been tempted by maybe one or two items from past boxes, never enough to sub, but this one looks like a real win for me!

  28. I’m glad I cancelled this month. I usually love their boxes, but this was a miss for me. Hopefully it will redeem itself for summer

    • Hoping you mean you skipped vs canceled. If you cancel, you lose your money. After the winter box came and ended up giving it away as gifts, I went to cancel and realized I am just out the money. Am using it as gifts now until I cancel after the summer box.

      • I believe I did cancel. I didn’t recognize there was a way to skip or I would’ve. They didn’t charge me for the spring though so I think I’m safe.

      • You can cancel as a seasonal subscriber and not lose any money as long as you do it before the billing date.

      • If you cancel, your subscription continues for whatever you have prepaid. For example, I have an annual subscription and cancelled after fall because I have too much stuff, and I still received winter and spring because those were already paid for. I didn’t lose any money.

  29. Well this is my first and probably last box, it was the folio and scarf that got me. At least the more than cover the cost of the box.

    • that was my thought exactly! my first one, and last. the macrame plant thing is especially disappointing.

      • I actually think the plant hanger is cute. Macrame is really “in” right now. Plus it funded 8000 trees being planted in California after the wildfires ❤️

  30. Lol sorry this is going to be long, but I’m SUPER exited for this. I actually canceled my sub when I saw the scarf, only to turn around and get an annual subscription when I saw the next two items. I can live without the scarf completely, but the Portfolio would be PERFECT for work and my laptop – and black and gold are 100% my color scheme. I LOVED that star and moon bracelet and needed it in my life. I plan to use the scarf as a headband for lounging around and when doing makeup, so I picked the yellow one, which I think we be cute in my red hair! Now that I see the rest of the box, I’m, even MORE exited. I have an eye mask obsession – I have a cooling eye mask and a silk one from Slip, so I’m exited to try the Etuttude mask. I just ran out of my toner, so I’m happy to try a new brand! The face mask and sponge look fun and are something new, and I feel so completely over the moon exited about that plant holder. CAN’T WAIT!

    • Your excitement is refreshing. And I agree, the marigold scarf will look very cute with red hair.

  31. I am strangely excited for the plant hanger

    • Me too… weirdly enough, the plant hanger was what pushed me to buy this box… I was thinking of getting one anyway for my office, realized I’d spend ~25$ on that and for 20$ more (I got the 10 off), I could have some other things I like- but not love… I’m hoping I don’t get the pink portfolio, otherwise I’m goid with this box…

  32. What a bummer. I was expecting a book. The plant hanger is totally useless for me. And well.. too bad I rushed and payed already.

  33. I am really looking forward to this box! The portfolio and plant hanger are unique inclusions, which I appreciate. I’ve been impressed with the Kalos products I’ve received in earlier boxes and look forward to trying the toner. 🙂

  34. This is rare swing and a miss for Causebox. Hopefully they’ll get back on track for summer.

  35. Yes! So excited for this box! The plant hanger is such a fun addition and something I would not have expected but will def. use. I’m easy to please. It’s less about RV for me and more about practicality and uniqueness. I will absolutely use every item in this box and that’s a good feeling. 🙂

  36. The scarf ruins this box for me. Enough scarves….Box of Style -> scarf… Winter FFF-> scarf…. it’s over done. Plant hanger is a unique item and I could use the portfolio I just wish it wasn’t the “vegan leather” the clutch they sent me in the winter box had a horrible chemically smell to it. I hope this isn’t going to be the same.

    • Definently try a putting a reusable dryer bag in the clutch! I got some from Trader Joe’s an set them in that clutch. The smell totally goes away.

      • That’s a great idea! Thank you. I currently have it sitting way back on a shelf by itself the smell gives me a headache! It smells like sharpie markers or something. Why do you think it smells like that?

      • Most likely it is the petroleum material off gasing.

  37. Just signed up for annual this morning, and I’m still happy with my decision. I loved the spoilers and I’m liking everything else so far. I will happily take all the masks, and I will get plenty of use out of the toner. I have never used a konjac sponge, but I’ll give it a try. I have loved the eye mask I got from FFF a little while ago, but I think one that’s a little lighter might be nice in the summer, so I’ll enjoy that too. I cringed a bit at the plant hanger since my apartment gets so little sunlight, but I really like the way it’s used in that picture with the fruit bowl, so I’ll have to give that a try.

    • I have a fruit bowl like the one pictured, and the people who used to live in my house installed a hook in the kitchen ceiling for something like this! It’s perfect.

      • I was thinking the same thing about about the bowl in the kitchen – smart idea! The one in the photo looks like same cheapo bowl I have from Ikea…which I think are still available.

    • You can get a konjac sponge from the dollar store or Daiso.

      • Awesome, thanks. I’ll keep that in mind if I get another one. But seriously, for $50, I still think this box is a decent deal. Some nice skin care items, cute scarf (I love scarves to add personality to an outfit), a cute organizer for bouncing between offices, and a few other goodies. All of it better quality than the dollar store shopping spree that is FFF.

  38. Omg I LOVE the plant hanger!! I think it’s a great box with a great variety of goodies! Can’t wait to get mine!

  39. The plant hanger is unique. I like the portfolio but I have enough skincare so I’m not pushed over the edge.

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