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Can’t Clutch This Subscription – Should We Review It?

Can’t Clutch This is a clutch subscription box from Studio DIY! Each month features a new, exclusive design.

The Subscription Box: Can’t Clutch This

The Cost: $27.99 a month ($19.99 a month with an annual subscription)

The Products: “When you subscribe to Can’t Clutch This, you’ll get a brand-new, totally adorable clutch designed exclusively for you by Kelly, delivered right to your doorstep every month.”

Ships to: USA + International ($3 shipping for International) 

What do you think of this subscription box? Would you like to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (66)

  1. I think you should review it. There are some fun designs there, and I can see the use – I organise stuff in my drawers using different pouches, so it’s not necessarily a thing where people own one or two and don’t need any more. (

  2. No. Too expensive and juvenile.

  3. My thought is that there is not a lot to review here if you are only getting a single clutch each month.

  4. At first I was a no vote. Then I looked at the site and saw some of them shown on a person for perspective. The yellow sun bag went from too small to something almost too large for me. And pretty sure the strap is a separate purchase.

    They’re cute. I couldn’t afford it monthly but others might be interested. So now I’m a yes.

    Not that it matters but I’m 53 and I’d carry some of these.

  5. No, they seem very over priced and juvenile. I think the market for these would be very niche. I wouldn’t be interested at all.

  6. It definitely isn’t something I would consider. I vote do not review. It sounds too gimmicky.

  7. All the clutches for sale on the website are $30 each. The point of a sub is to give a large discount for moving quantities of the merchandise. So if you sub, you only get a $2 discount off the price of the clutch, and you don’t get to pick the clutch. This is not a deal, even if you do like the juvenile design of these clutches.

  8. I’d pass on the review. The time could be better spent on some of the new boxes and those with broader themes.

  9. I think it should be reviewed! I’m interested in seeing what any subscription is all about. I enjoy reading all the reviews on here so I feel like I would enjoy this one as well. This subscription is not going to be for everybody but I’m sure their are other people out there that would like something like this and it helps to be able to look at reviews so you know if it’s worth it or not.

  10. No

  11. I’d love to see Nicole R review this sub!! But as a style challenge, not out of real interest in buying. It’s just that she seems to make anything look great and It would be fun to see how she deals with these.

  12. I’d enjoy the reviews but I’d never buy 🙂 If I want the thrill of a new bag each month I’ll consider ipsy.

  13. i can’t imagine it being worth MSA’s time to review, and I wouldn’t be interested in the subscription.

  14. They’re cute and so retro. I love the disco ball. I would read the reviews but wont subscribe. For 28 it’s a bit much, I can get similar bags way cheaper than the offers price.

  15. I would be interested in seeing this reviewed.

  16. I would read the reviews, as I love all of the reviews, but I agree with others that the price is very inflated. I also personally do not like clutches as I need my hands and cannot carry it around all the time especially at a party or event.

    • You read mine thoughts😂

    • 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

      My thoughts exactly! These things are hideously overpriced. This is a subscription doomed to an early death! No way would they get my card information!

  17. I would read the reviews, the clutches look cute, just not $28 cute.

  18. It’s a tough sell to bring a clutch sub to people who are so overloaded with little zip bags from other subs. I will say though, I got a few of these clutches last year or the year before (they had a poptart one i was going to die if i didn’t get), comparing them to an ipsy bag is inaccurate. They’re huge and are very high quality.

    I’ve unloaded many ipsy bags and other junky makeup bags from boxes over the years, but these are still in use and loved.

    • That’s what i thought to!!

    • I was wondering how the quality of these clutches are. I think it’d be interesting to see this reviewed, just to hear about what the reviewer thinks of its size & quality. They do look cute!

  19. These are so cute and totally my style but they are way overpriced.

  20. The price would buy (or go a long way toward buying) a Betsey Johnson bag on sale or clearance. Similar aesthetic.

  21. No Thanks.

  22. nope

    • What? No! They are so cheaply made for that high price.

      • It is my understanding that these bags are not cheap not like Ipsy are large and they’re actually quality

  23. Not interested. Too expensive. I can’t see the point of getting one of these monthly!

  24. Nah. The most exciting thing about this is the punny name of the subscription.

  25. I would read the reviews but this type of sub is something I would never consider buying.

  26. Though i wouldn’t be interested in purchasing for myself, i would still read the reviews if they were posted. This could make a fun 3 or 6 month gift subscription for my daughters.

  27. I’d like to see it reviewed with suggestions on how to use the clutches that aren’t just “carry them”. I’m not buying them but I read lots of your reviews with no intention to purchase them. 😁

  28. Not interested, price point more than double too much. But in the 10 dollar range ….possibly as an occasional purchase for my little nieces.

    • I agree! The price point is way too high on this.

  29. Well my post disappeared again… Surprise!

    • I see 2 posts from you.

  30. I feel like the price is a little steep. My youngest daughter carry’s all her things in makeup bags and she also carry’s my Ipsy bags, she carry’s very little and does not carry a purse. For a young girl this may be a good box, yet for me, I really would not carry these and the price seems a bit high. This would be a no for me, yet other’s with young daughters or the young at heart may enjoy them. I see ladies that are 60 carrying snow white purses, that is a no for me, but heck different strokes for different folks!

  31. Absolutely not! Just because a subscription exists doesn’t mean it has to be reviewed.

  32. Also, the MSA pictures make the clutches seem really small (like an Ipsy sized clutch). In reality, these are quite large and could be used for a wide variety of things. They look to be high quality as well

  33. Yes please. They fit my Modcloth esque style well

  34. I am intrigued. Would love to see it reviewed. Probably won’t subscribe as our family just incurred some unexpected hospital bills. I might of…

  35. I want to see this reviewed.

    • Want to add to above comment*

      I noticed some have a place for a strap too. I’d probably try this subscription because I’m boxes I don’t get any choice in the clutches I receive.

      • I saw on their site they had a “strap” for sale. Not sure if it came with a bag and this one is an extra. They also have cute little key chain type things to dangle from the clutches.

  36. I’m in the minority here, but I think these bags look really cute and interesting. I want to see more about their quality and what bags they would have each month, so I’m totally about it.

  37. Pass

  38. My cousin subscribes, and it’s actually a fun subscription that I look forward to hearing about. The clutches are very high quality; my cousin uses them as clutches, makeup bags, and pouches while traveling. They’re also great to incorporate color into your wardrobe if you’re looking for that.

    I personally don’t subscriber since $20/month price is a tad steep for me.

  39. Wow. Do people really carry clutches often enough to need or even want a different one every month? Perhaps I am just too old and practical to appreciate this particular trend. I understand the elegant or fancy ones that look more sophisticated with certain clothing, like suits or cocktail dresses. I just can’t imagine actually walking around in public with my everyday belongings in a plastic globe. Plus, I’ve always believed the point of a handbag/purse is to free up your hands, not add something else. Perhaps it’s more about artistic expression or fun with color these days. 🤷‍♀️

    • I agree completely with your comment. I love my crossbodys too much. I don’t have to worry about holding on to something and possibly putting it down and forgetting it. I don’t get clutches?? And I’m way too old to carry ones that look like this but it may appeal to some people.

    • My thoughts exactly. Not even remotely interested in this…other than the comment section. 🙂

  40. If it was cheaper or came with matching straps in case you want to wear it as a purse would be a good idea. I would like to see it reviewed though! Some of them look cute enough to buy with a discount 😉

  41. Maybe if the price was around $10-15.

  42. No. That’s a lot if money. Does anyone use that many clutches?

  43. Reminds me of fun pencil bags for school🙃 would use money for another subscription

  44. Nooo, thank you. Pass!

  45. Cute, but no. For that price, I would want more than the clutch.

  46. No. More cheap product that no one, or the earth needs.

  47. These look super cute, but not really practical, I would love to see how whoever reviews this sub is able to make use of the clutches

  48. Honestly no i have no interest in it what so ever

    • Me either.

  49. 30 bucks a month for what looks like an Ipsy bag? Pass. I wouldn’t mind seeing a review though.

    • I thought “ipsy bag” too, but half of the ipsy bags actually look adult.

      • Agree on the Ipsy part. Too expensive and redundant, as well.

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